No, There Is No Genocide Of Natives

Justin has decided indeed there's a 'genocide' going on in Canada.

Without a shred of proof. Not there is any since, you know, it's not true.

Justin is just about the most foul and cynical coward to ever run this country and he'll say anything so long as it fits his ridiculous ideological narrative that doesn't represent Canadian values.

It's worth noting he foolishly and unwisely (a talent for this guy) removed The Transparency Act installed by Harper in order to begin the process of having Band leaders account for the billions they receive. The pockets were getting lined up a little too thick.

This reversal hurts Indigenous people since they're the ones who get screwed with no health or education....or as we recently found out running water.

Imagine that. Instead of commanding that running water be set up in Indigenous communities - which he can easily do - rather he chooses to play vapid virtue signalling games.

Some kind of compassion is on display here, eh?

Above all. Canadians have a right to be upset by the PM saying, in effect, we commit or are accessories to the genocide of a people all to please his personal ego.

Boot the bastards out in the fall.

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