Of Salem And Covid

It is believed the Salem witch hunts kicked off when two families - the Porters and Putnams - began to feud which bitterly divided the town as people picked sides between the two feuding families. 

Sound familiar? 

Media and politicians dividing society in to 'pro and anti vaxxers', "essential and non-essential", "pro and anti mask" and "asymptomatic people being a threat."

We're primed for a contemporary Salem witch hunt except this time we replace witches with a virus.

While this went on, the first person to be accused of being a witch was Sarah Good. A person of lower class status. 

Sound familiar? 

Who is paying the biggest price for continued lockdowns? 

Good was accused of, among other things, not following Puritan values. 

Sound familiar?

Lockdowns and masks are seen as a (false) virtue installing itself in the value system framework.

Politics, naturally, also played a role in Salem. New England was to be a 'Bible-based society' when the Puritans landed. The original Charters of 1629 and 1684 were eventually replaced through the efforts of Increase Mather in 1691. Mather wrote a book on, you guessed it, witch craft.

In 2020 and into 2021, the friction between national sovereignty and collectivist oppression through international structures seemed to reach a boiling point. The health panic exposed this reality and it has been revealed that unelected global elites - often supported by elected political officials - there was to be a 'Global Reset' in order to 'build back better' culminating into a science and technology driven  Fourth Revolution. 

Within this vacuum of chaos, major pharmaceutical companies and possibly all those interests (ie Bill Gates, Dr. Anthony Fauci and others) connected to it, saw a great opportunity to capitalize on the pandemic through mass immunization. The pandemic has exploded the profit motive.

Follow the money as they say.

But evil always over plays its hand. Power corrupts. Greed overtakes senses.

Where feuding families the Imperial College models and PCR tests kicked off a health panic. In Salem, mysterious "fits" in Salem were investigated. [Theories ranging from hysteria around Indian attacks to rye infected with fungus to sleep convulsions attempted to explain convulsions experienced by people. 

Enter another fabricated panic  and the "crime" of the asymptomatic helping fuel a panic along with Imperial College model and PCR testing. 

Witch hunters went from preying on easy targets like outcasts and the poor to eventually accusing upstanding and well-regarded members of society. People, slowly emerging from their trance, realized if they can go after God-fearing Church goers, they can could come for them.

With the theory of asymptomatic spread, we're all vulnerable to being targeted, since being asymptomatic in of itself is not threatening. Healthy people are not drivers of outbreaks of diseases. 

Notice the assault on people who question the mask narrative based on sound judgment and data. Notice the rhetoric on the faulty premise about the asymptomatic. People have been conditioned to believe they're a threat to them. They can't see the perniciousness of this foul accusation for we are all asymptomatic of something all year round. In this way, are we to self-isolate, social distance and wear masks for life? 

Even the narrative on masks has shifted. The original protocol was to wear masks where social distancing was not possible. A one or the other offering has now been combined. It then went from 'it's just a mask' promising people with medical conditions would be exempt to companies changing policies where all people must wear a mask. No exceptions.

Masks are the equivalence to superstitious witch cakes that were baked in an attempt to ward off witches. Another is the "Touch test". If a person accused of being a witched touched someone having a fit and it ceased, this meant the person was guilty. 

There is no logic. No respect. No dignity. Just blind authoritarianism. One can just imagine how many miserable people afflicted with various issues including anxiety, asthma, claustrophobia, migraines etc. are these days. To be dismissed and discarded in this way points to how easily we can abandon compassion in a fit of hysteria. 

Accusations were wild (think modern snitches) and warrants issued (think Quebec's warrant mandates and the approval of the Ombudsman stating the measures enacted were 'reasonable') during Salem.

Prove you're not sick. Prove you're not a witch.

Different cause. Different setting. Different era. Same irrational behavior human nature. 

The question is, what will be the cost to all this? 

Eventually, if history is any indication, hysteria gives way to truth. 

Slowly people recover their senses.

The problem is, we're losing many of our freedoms and this may be harder to regain than our senses.


Types Of Covid Data Manipulation

You may have noticed Quebec officials will say 'there were 10 days today.' But what they won't tell you is eight of those deaths occurred between X and Y dates.

This is a form of emotional manipulation to gain an outcome. For example, 'wear a mask'.

This may seem as 'normal reporting' but it isn't. It's unconscionable because it heightens fear unnecessarily. As such, t's a crime against humanity. 

Two deaths doesn't sound as scary as 10 and 10 on its own is a statistically negligible figure.

Another type of cynical statistical manipulation those not completely swept up in the hysteria already know, is how deaths are recorded. It's hard to know what's going on Quebec and Canada because we have an uncurious if not useless media, but in the U.S. past Covid deaths can be 'reassigned' as 'suspected' and 'probable' causes of death. This allows them to retroactively play games with figures. We should all know by now the difference of dying 'from' Covid and 'with' it. I suspect the same happens here. 

Be aware of how they play on your emotions. 

The question is: Why?


Cui bono? 


Meet Dr. Kali Barrett: Covid's Latest Fear Monger

First her spiel. 

Now mine:

You do understand the economy is made up of people right? It's not just money. You can't just say 'we will help to rebuild the economy' as if it's Lego. A store can be reopened but the families shattered by dubious measures won't be. There will be scars. Bricks and mortars will take years to rebuild; bricks and souls may never be repaired. 

Do you understand the pain lockdowns bring or not? 

And not sure who you mean by 'we' because I doubt you will be part of that proces. 'We're in this together' is an empty platitude. Lives will be ruined. It shocks me how we persistently refuse to consider trade-offs and the obscene assault on civil liberties. 

As for deaths, every death is tragic. Remind me what the survival rate for this virus is again? Every death we create not considering trade-offs is worse. I find it incredible for every life we save pouring all human and capital resources into one threat, we refuse to consider the collateral damage.

If you care so much, then I hope you're fighting to use early treatments like Ivermectin and HCQ. Have you explained to people the necessity for healthy immunity which you get through sleep and exercise as well as consuming Vitamin D and C?  

From the literature I've read, lockdowns and especially this ridiculous amulets called masks have done little. In fact, where's the evidence for any of this? 

Yes, I do consider masking children to be child abuse.

Sick of these myopic people who pick and choose what collateral damage they want to focus on.

Canada: A Nation Of Pussies

Author Robertson Davies once called Canada a 'nation of losers'.

Give how we're acting in 2021 losing our collective minds over variants, I'd also add we've become of nation of weak men and women.

A nation of losers and pussies.

The people in charge aren't leaders nor are they men and women leading a proud nation. They're undermining our liberties in the most foul manner possible. And there's room for more draconian madness. The virus is officially controlling Canada. 

They're weak and lack courage and empathy. They're nothing but scoundrels protecting their useless political lot. Arrogant, incompetent and dim-witted they all are. 

I'm flabbergasted and stunned by what I'm seeing in Canada. A country that is giving up all its reason and rights for a mild virus.

Mask up! Your mask protects me! We're in this together! Ca va bien alter. Stay home, save lives! 

13 months and counting.

Stolen by idiotic empty platitudes, stupidity and a class of morons who proclaim they 'believe in science' as if it means anything.

Nazi's believed in science too, pal.



A nation of losers indeed. And pussies. 

So many pussies.


Covid-19: Crime Of The Century

 Mark it down.

Are you paying attention?


Then you can move along.

How about you? The guy in the tin foil.


Then you understand what I'm saying.

This thing stank rotten fish from Day 1. And when '15 days to flatten the curve' became lockdowns, masks and endless moving of goalposts and whatever other nonsense that simply doesn't follow the evidence.

The Corman Drosten PCR test lies at the heart of all this. Then comes the outrageous and spectacular modelling error of Imperial College and IMHE. 

I'm sure they can find the he smoking gun that incriminates the W.H.O., the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation (Gates is not doing this because he cares about you), and all the other corporate criminal oligarchs behind this criminal madness. 

I've read lawyers are really digging their heals into exposing the greatest medical-complex industrial scam and hysteria in history.

Pharma, scientists, Fauci,  China, WHO, political leaders - all of them. They must account.

Canada, as usual, got duped and roped into it. Unless, well, given their recent idiotic crackdown behaviour (imagine one year in and the buffoons who are entrusted with our lives for proper governance still insist on cruel, borderline illegal and unconstitutional actions. Sick of the entire bunch of clowns), they're complicit. It's worth noting Dr. Tam is still part of the W.H.O.. 

Here's just a taste of this global crime perpetuated on the free people of the West who have been terrorized by public officials for over one year now. Unfortunately, the United States has some explaining to do and have to accept some culpability:

Here's a nice run down on the situation in Canada.


Fear Sells

Masks are amulets of fear. 

Remember this.

The media and officials love masks not because they work (they don't) but because it keeps the fear going.

Everything is fake now. They're just beating a dead horse. 

The masks aren't protecting you or others. They're just there to keep you in line.


Or else the snakes and busy bodies will plot their next move to make them permanent on some level.

Don't live in fear. 

There is no pandemic. Did you see the excess deaths? Do you see bodies piling up? That a virus is out there and you don't want to catch it while the government keeps you under house arrest because we lack nurses isn't a damn pandemic. It's just cruel incompetence capitalizing on what is now an endemic situation.

It's over.

Get your lives back. 


Breaking: Brave Quebec Youth Rebelling Against Curfews


Remind Legault is NOT king and that his measures are NOT reasonable or proportionate. They're cruel and punitive.

A foolish approach only a foolish mind could apply.

Watch it here. and here.

I've never been more furious with what these clowns have done to the province.

A shithole for all of North America to see.

The Harder The Restrictions; The Higher The Cases

For those of you who get your information outside government babblers and media shills, you know in the United States there's a trend showing where restrictions remain cases keep rising (ie New York, Michigan, Pennsylvania etc.) Massachusetts had 2300 cases today. Texas 2700. MA has nearly 7 million people. Texas 25 million. MA is restricted. Texas is open. I expect the trend to be the same for Georgia which opened April 7.

Quebec and Ontario are like blue states. Stubbornly restrictive and in the case of Quebec the most restrictive on the continent. What does it have to show for it? Nothing but rising cases since September. It hasn't really showed down except for a small period earlier this year. 

In fact, Quebec is obtusely doubling down on its measures in an effort to fend off variants. The government took out a sign in Montreal with the dictatorial tone "Respecter les consigne. Sans exceptions.' 

So much for exemptions. These sorts of bits of specious sanitary propaganda make mockery of Legault's claims of 'balancing mental health' with his political decrees. Remember, we're in a curfew not because of the virus but because of the lack of nurses largely thanks to years of mismanagement as well as to keep people distracted from the nursing home scandal.  

We see this time and again where charts show no measurable difference between lockdown and non-lockdown states. We've known this for months and has nothing to do with vaccinations. The coronavirus is seasonal and endemic so whatever measures in place will be redundant and counter-productive. And it will be the case with Quebec and Ontario. The virus will decide and so will the season to which it operates. 

Measures in low prevalent environments - especially when in an endemic environment - are only fodder for manipulative opportunists.

There's little doubt masks, curfews and social distancing have reached their usefulness (if it ever was) and are now exacerbating the problem. This is the case in Quebec. 

Masks in particular will prolong the pain. 


Update On Covid Links

I haven't posted much on the 'pandemic' including the hundreds of studies I've read so far largely because I've been offering my services to various groups fighting the Covid measures.

Believe you me when I tell you the science and data DO NOT support these measures. What's been disappointing, disheartening and very troubling is the lack of robust defence of the facts. The media, if they're not censoring views not in lockstep with the narrative, they're not putting in proper context the news, data and statistics. 

Media is busy manufacturing consent and fabricating consensus.

You're not getting the full picture. 

Not even close.

And it's by design.

I hope to make one large 'Derp drop' one of these days. I just simply can't keep up with the reading, dissecting and writing of the studies. I search and research and hand it off to our Trello to be archived. 


Quebec: Most Corrupted Place In North America

Par for the course in one of the most corrupted places in the West. Yes, you head me, the West.

Rejoice Quebec. This is how you're viewed. 

What did you expect? Their  bosses are criminals and punks. 

Goons and thugs with badges. Legalized hoodlums 

I can't believe what I've witnessed these past 12 months here. It flushed out the soul of Quebec - and it's a dark one. 

I look forward to more details into this story. 

Quebec is hiding something. Very strange for police to target the free press in this manner.

For all intents and purposes, Quebec is under a form of Martial Law but worse.

It's actually LAWLESS. 

This place needs to be placed under trusteeship. I wish I could say the Federal government could intervene but they're not on the side of free and sovereign citizens either.

What a mess.


Hello: Earth To Francois Legault: You're In A Trap Of

In the U.S. a strange but obvious thing is happening. 

Beaches in Florida are filled and maskless.

Baseball games in Texas are filled and maskless.

Case counts dropping.

Conversely, places with continued restrictions like New York, Michigan and Massachusetts, cases keep rising.

Can it be masks and other useless measures are not only not having any impact (laws of diminishing returns applies here) but probably adding to infection rates?

It's mind-boggling how Quebec, Ontario and Canada aren't looking at this and asking some hard questions. Instead, it's the continued blind hope of 'doing something is better than nothing.'

Sadly, we're tripling down and all the wrong ideas.

It's a sort of Bridgman Point we've arrived at whereby you reach a point where you can't cogently or coherently explain your position. Basically, at this point this is no longer about a virus. 

With all  Canadian leaders, we're seeing sophistry and little else. Meanwhile, it's working because the population is experiencing Stockholm Syndrome leaving them vulnerable to a sustained fear campaign.

There's no way to discuss and debate anymore. If the government is eschewing science and evidence, then we're adrift and at the mercy of mere men.

When the government admits there's no evidence or science to back measures and still extend them, there's a serious problem. Does it make sense to anyone with functional critical thinking skills that one year out and we're still seeing measures and mandates being added? Sorry, but 'highly transmissible' variants do NOT justify any of this. 

Rumor has it police now have 'Covid-19' ticket quotas. Slowly we morph into a type of place we may not recognize soon. 

What we need here Gandalf to come and knock Gremia Wormtongue and Sarumon from Theoden.

Ie Medical bureaucrats from the politicians. Then again, this analogy falls short because politicians aren't brave like Theoden.

Let's Be Clear About 'Vaccine Passports'

This little scheme being pushed by the travel and culture industry, business and idiot politicians, is an excellent example showing how we're living a 'it can't happen here' moment.

Demanding a health certificate is not reasonable. It's unethical and borne from a moment in panic. 

It's wrong on so many philosophical level, it's hard to believe people actually got for it. Just the foundation to which it exists is rooted in evil: Government stole the liberties of people and now are extorting them with vaccines to get it back.

And if you're blessed to live in Quebec, you have an intellectual giant who elegantly waxes Orwellian poetry with memorable classics such as, 'masks are liberty' and 'vaccines are the passport to liberty'.

Only a dictator at heart is unaware of his cognitive dissonance as he holds a neck at the necks of people. Francois Legault is not only a failed leader but of weak mind. And quite arrogant about it.

Whenever I watch Quebec politician - and not a single one of them has impressed - I think of when Gandalf told Grima Wormtongue:

"I have not passed through fire and death to bandy crooked words with a witless worm.”

People are indeed blind, self-absorbed sheep. They can't see when they've been played and manipulated. Still a great many of them have failed or refused to see this endemic situation in proper context and perspective.

They tolerate stupid things like curfews in places like Quebec. Do stupid things, win stupid prizes as they say, and this province easily wins the biggest stupid prize on the boardwalk. Among the sixty states and provinces, Quebec wins for being able to take all the worst ideas and applying them with coercive gusto.

But this is not focus of my post.

As I watch from perched from above this pure incoherence, one thing must be made clear to people.

If you support passports for flimsy reasons because you 'want to travel', the point you're not seeing is you'd be the very same people who allowed for 'papers please' in Nazi Germany to happen.

It doesn't matter you think it's for 'public health' because it's not about that. You've been manipulated into a corner to believe that. 

If people would just stand up, walk out, straighten up, and drop the mask, they'd be released from the fear mongering madness being promulgated by 'infectious disease experts' ranting like lunatics about this virus.

There is no question, with each passing day cementing it, this is the greatest medical hysteria. 

We can limit the damage if we do one simple thing: Hold the line and say no.

Or else.

We lose the single most cherished but obscenely forgotten value we've taken for granted to lazy and apathetic levels:  OUR FREEDOM.

All I ask is you take a step back and think about what it means to be free.


Legault Manages To Get It Backwards

It just never ends with Francois Legault. He's winging this management of the latest over hyped variant 'surge' without any consistent logic or intelligence.

Quebec is managing to get everything wrong. It has a knack for this sort of stuff.

How no one in Canada isn't looking at Texas and Florida and not putting 2 and 2 together is beyond me.

What Canadian officials seem to be missing is curfews, masks and lockdowns are COUNTER-PRODUCTIVE. There's endless literature on this and likely counter-productive.

What you should be encouraging is people to be OUTSIDE as much as possible since spreading happens indoors. So in reality, you should not have a curfew because all you're doing is increasing the chance of raising cases or infections.

What the heck is this government thinking? Assuming it is at al.

More important, and for some reason not an issue for the average Quebecer, no man should have such unilateral power on this scale. It's not only bad for democracy but just plain immoral. Legault doesn't seem to grasp the ethical question of 'because you can doesn't mean you should'.

In order to compel people to not enjoy what should be an INALIENABLE RIGHT BESTOWED BY GOD, he must present evidence to back up his decision. But he admittedly has none and no one questions him. 

How is this a proud and free society?

I can't accept this.

No one should.

What was comical was him droning about 'balancing mental health'. If this is his idea of balancing mental health, he'd be a great torturer. I do question his motives. For such an alleged smart businessman, has he ever heard of the laws of diminishing returns regarding his useless measures? 

Variants and lockdowns. A horrible toxic mix we allowed to be concocted. 

Quebec is going in a bad direction.

What about Texas? 40 000 people enjoyed a ball game maskless under the Texas sun.

Where's the explosion of cases? On this alone Canadians should wake the fuck up already. 



The Immoral Madness Of Immunizing Children For Covid

The assault on kids during Covid has been devastating as it has been immoral.

Frightening even.

Here we are, in what is now an endemic virus that poses little threat to the vast majority of people other than its transmissibility and we want to vaccinate kids?


Children pose no threat and are not in danger of this virus.

Fo the love of God, will ANYONE look at the data? Schools have been open since last year and multiple studies have shown not only are the kids safe but the teachers as well. No vaccination required. 


I'll keep repeating for anyone who will listen. Myopic iInfectious disease experts are destroying our civilization. Stop listening to them. They're turned the precautionary principle into a cautionary tale of immorality under the guise of 'public health'. 

Infectious disease doctors are more dangerous to our health than the virus. 

We have to take back our common senses. 



There's No Pandemic

Cases aren't proof of a pandemic. 

Covid is now endemic. 

That's why they talk about the variants as if it's a pandemic.


As Canada Continues Its Panic Lockdowns; Data Showing Sweden Was Right All Along

Sweden had lower spike deaths than most of Europe.

Sweden was right all along. And by right, all they did was follow established science.

In Canada, the USA (not including states who wised up like South Dakota, Georgia, Iowa, Florida and Texas) and most of Western Europe we panicked, followed pseudo-science, saw deaths anyway, added to the mortality through lockdowns....and were arrogant about to boot.

The media shunned Sweden and made them a sinister pariah. Yet, the growing steady stream literature shows lockdowns don't work. 

Who will get the last laugh?

Hint: It won't be the bozos who run Canada.

From the mailbag:

"But T.C. aren't you being too hard on Canada? I mean, come on! We're Canada!"

And here I thought I was being too lenient!  I've never been more embarrassed about this country than I have this year. 2020 was 2020. But the behaviour in 2021 has been simply breathtaking in it cowardly incompetence. 

Not a single shred of courageous and enlightened leadership has been shown in Ottawa. Canada has been desolate like its mass of wasted tundra space. 

Political Correct Variants Word Games

We have the Brazilian, UK, and South African variants. And many more sure to come! 

But don't you dare call it the Wuhan or China virus.

Don't Brazilians have feelings too?

/sad face.


I'm no anti-vaxxer. But I don't like any of what's going with these vaccines and the way government and health officials are ramming it through. This is not a health emergency but they're acting like it is. 

There are way too many VALID questions surrounding the safety and efficacy of the vaccines.  Including there's no reason to mass immunize children. From the onset the science showed schools and teachers were safe and kids weren't vectors of the disease yet we hear calls to vaccinate them.

Did I miss the part where this virus is as dangerous as the measles or small pox? Why the constant assault on children? 

But that's one side of the problem.

The bigger issue at stake is the sudden attack of free and informed consent. I don't like or appreciate the propaganda and extortion tactics being used. It's despicable and immoral.

A disgrace.

These so-called vaccine passports are abhorrent and you should absolutely not support them. 

It's simply NOT RIGHT to divide society in this manner for a virus with a high survival rate.

You give this part of your liberty up, we're done as free individuals.

For this reason, if you don't need to take the vaccine (and that's millions of us) DO NOT take it. The more who don't take it, the more we preserve our liberties. 

There's a reason why they keep extending fake emergency powers. They need you to take the vaccine under what I regard to be false pretences. And remember, we still have RIGHTS. Don't let your bosses or anyone else bully you. Do what's right for you.

This whole damn 'pandemic' which is now ENDEMIC (that's why they push variants) has gone on long enough and is now in crimes against humanity territory.

Take names. Remember the politicians, health officials, epidemiologists on TV etc. who masked you up.

They will have to be forced to explain themselves soon. If enough of us show strength and will, they will not prevail in keeping this going. 

People are acting out of pure fear and hysteria. Let this pass. Don't do anything under duress because what official are doing is exactly how cops sometimes extract confessions out of innocent people under duress. 

Hold the line. Let the clowns and criminals in media and elsewhere scare you.

Be free.

Be informed.

As we speak, after weeks of terrifying people about the variants (remember the CDC and their 'doom' talk), Quebec has seen a slight uptick in cases (whoopee) but hospitalizations have NOT increased and deaths remain in LOW SINGLE DIGITS.

Yet, the U 0f T epidemiologists mafia keep telling us 'wait you'll see!' The media needs to stop giving this  group attention. They're not helping us.

They're damaging our country.

Cui bono? 

Get Out! Send The Bastard Packing

B.C. restaurant patrons kick health officials out of a restaurant.


So far this incompetent, tyrannical country has featured on Tucker, Rogan and Rubin. More recently, a Calgary pastor kicking cops off his property made TMZ.

We're popular for all the wrong reasons. 

To police forces across Canada and especially Quebec, do you really want to continue this and risk tarnishing your reputations for this overblown virus? Can't you see the medical tyranny at play?

Military and civilian police in France threw their badges down and we need to do the same.


Enough already! 


How To Deal With Nazis - Ontario Police Edition

Despicable what's happening in Canada. 

I don't see how intimidation and coercion helps anything. 

The state is force as libertarians say.

They also say police aren't your friends.

They're willing tools of oppression.  


Epidemiological Mafia Of Ontario

I'm certain it's the same concerning problem in Quebec.

This is highly troubling.

It's not just a tragedy and crisis. It's a nightmare to which we may not emerge if we don't take a stand once and for all. Start by dropping the masks. The masks are the source of their power. 

What is Wrong With Doug Ford?

 “This is a new pandemic. We’re now fighting a new enemy,” Premier Doug Ford said Thursday. “The variants of concern ... spread faster and cause more harm than the virus we saw last year.”


Who is advising Ford exactly?

I mean, has there ever been a variant that created a new pandemic in history? Has the W.H.O. declared a new pandemic? How is it the UK announces they will treat the virus like the flu moving forward as the USA opens up but Ontario's Premier chimes in with this gem?

What is wrong with Ford?

What's going on in Canada?

Are things that bad and incompetent?

The Most Destructive Messaging

The Canadian government and the provinces have failed in spectacular fashion.

They have created a monstrous and appalling mess through their campaign of fear and messaging.

One year on and the so-called leaders infesting our public ranks have not evolved an inch.

We know so much about this virus to the point it's pretty clear at this stage the pandemic has given way to becoming endemic. You don't need to be an 'expert' to see this.

So right now, any lockdowns is literally just treating people like nails to a hammer. It makes no sense and destined to fail. 

We know a targeted approach - as been promoted by several experts from the onset - is the best approach. We know the virus spreads indoor with poor ventilation and not outside. Which makes wearing a mask not only stupid but extra stupid. You're stupid - hear me clearly - for your continued compliance with masks be it in closed or open settings. 

There are known and effective early treatments like Ivermectin and HCQ. 

We know diet is king. Always was. Vitamin D deficiency in particular. Eat well. Get exercise. Sleep well.

Instead the government continues to focus on all the wrong things. Notable cases and hospitalizations. 

If you promote actual PUBLIC HEALTH this is the best way to mitigate against the respiratory disease. If we don't jolt ourselves out of this rut we're forever going to be condemned to media and politicians slamming our societies shut permanently disrupting our lives. 

The vaccines should NOT be positioned as a means to an end but part of an OVERALL strategy. Extorting people into taking it is unethical and possibly a crime. It's not selfish to question the ethics and legitimacy of this.

Social distancing and masks are PRECISELY the WRONG strategies at this stage of the game. Basically, the government is - hopefully unwittingly and incompetently - conditioning people to think it's ok to live this way with an endemic virus we largely can fight against with a strong immunity.

What they're doing is driving your stress and angst to dangerous levels. Again, pray it's out of ignorance and not design. 

Think of it, they're forcing you inside not allowed to see friends or family under the threat of fines. I don't care who you are or someone who claims 'they don't mind because (insert BS false virtue excuse here), this is NOT how human nature is hard wired.

You're complicit in your own loss of liberty and deterioration of your health. 

You're complicit in the violation of other people's rights and health ironically. 

YOU'RE the selfish one having looked at this entirely backwards refusing to accept data to help contextualize the threat.

Now you're all going out there getting your shots, showing off your papers and bragging like a bunch of narcissistic fools. You're not sheep. You're cows out lazily chewing on grass. And  cows can't be herded. They're just there. Sitting and chewing. Like you in the break room eating your lunch in a mask with dead eyes. 

You could care less about other people otherwise you would have adjusted and considered the catastrophic collateral damage we've done.

Lemme take it a step further, since herd immunity is not likely, taking the vaccine if you're healthy is useless. Pointless. The average age of people dying from the virus is close to 79 years-old. It cuts down people with various underlying issues including obesity.  Hello.

Start putting two and two together. Connect those dots. 

On what planet do you have to be that you think stopping your life - or demanding we stop life of others - to 'save' people that can easily be targeted for protection?

Yet, this is what public officials (and the clowns at Sante Publique here in Quebec) keep peddling. 

About these damn vaccines. For the love of God, do you not see that game in play?

Never mind all the obscene conflicts of interests, warnings from major non-crackpot experts, and the suspicious Bill Gates, the very idea NIH is in bed with Moderna should raise red flags left, right and centre.

And who heads NIH?

One Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Someone who is at ease with unethical arrogance and hubris. Let's be frank. 

Folks, can it be that we're being manipulated? Is it possible they can't 'end' this pandemic because they need to sell the vaccines?

Let me restate. A government agency is in partnership with one of the key manufactures of the vaccine. Merging of such entities is what we call, anyone? Bueller?, fascism. How is this not a conflict of interest?

Knowing this, is it surprising Fauci denies the use of Ivermectin and other treatments? I'll take it a step further. All physicians, media and 'fact checking' organizations who have penned 'there's no empirical evidence' of its effectiveness are either lying, incompetent or complicit in this fiasco. 

One may say but don't state-corporate initiatives happen all the time in all industries? Yes they do. It's called cronyism and it's not right. But in this case, it's especially problematic. 

We are NOT doing everything in our power to save lives. The people in charge are playing politics and looking to expand power on the back of this hysteria. 

We let a lot of people die by not doing the right thing. There is blood on the hands of every bureaucrat, public official and individuals who did not allow for all treatments to be used. I'm looking at you: All Premiers of Canada and Governors of the United States (with notable exceptions of course), Fauci, Tam, Biden and Trudeau. Look at you hands: BLOOD.

Never say never and let's not be naive. If you're gut instincts have made you wonder about all this, congrats. You're thinking. Go with your hunch.

You don't find it odd the propaganda campaign and seeing the herd doing what they do on social media? 

I do.

The lessons of history compel me to do so.

I have free will and will let sit this one out. They can threaten me all they want with 'restricting' my life. In the long run the truth will prevail. We're rushing into things and since when is this a good idea? Everything we do is less through reason and logic and more through fear and irrationalism. 

My intuition says hold the line.

If you feel stressed or second guessing yourself having arrived to a similar conclusion know that you're not alone. Millions of us see.

We're an army. Don't you forget it.

Canada: I Don't Like Where This Is Going

With USA and UK moving towards reopening fully (the UK has stated they will now treat Covid like the flu), Canada is going into a strange and troubling direction. Remember that Liberal leak that was allegedly debunked? Yeh, well it seems to be moving along as stated.

With Ontario's latest and preposterous hard lockdown and Quebec placing its people under what is basically house arrest, Canada is currently under severe duress. The irony of course we're far better off than the USA and UK when it comes to this virus.

The virus is endemic now but it's looking like they don't want to end it because it means people won't take the vaccine and they can't have that. We can't afford to open up because then the jig is up.

Quebec and Ontario are the only two placed in lock down on the continent. Which makes me very suspicious.

Canadians have proven to be one of the most useless people in the West rolling over like they have still incapable of understanding this virus is NOT A THREAT to us. 

Now what remains to be seen what the incompetent criminals in charge have in store once this latest variants scare subsides.

Canada: Will you stand on guard for thee?


When The Truth And Light Comes Out It Will NOT Be Enough To Say 'I Didn't Know'

I truly believe when we take stock of what we've done, history will record this as a medical catastrophe. The biggest in history. 

The question is, will the people have the courage and will to not forget but hold accountable all officials who perpetuated this assault on our lives including those who were silent and complicit.

This is serious. There's no end in sight with this madness. Masks, lockdowns etc. remain very much in the public dialogue despite the clear failures of such dubious and unscientific measures. 

Masks are turning out to be exactly what we've been saying all along: Useless and dangerous to the collective public health. 

I don't know what it will take for the public to continue listening to the obscene and appalling doomsday rhetoric of the Quebec, Ontario and Canadian governments.

The virus is here and not likely going anywhere. If we're going to be chasing variants for the rest of time, we may as well give up our rights; our lives.

Trade-offs. Think of them. They matter as we've been saying from the onset. We're not selfish for thinking of liberty and the big picture. The selfish ones are those completely ignoring the damage and destruction that is transpiring before our eyes.

This will be inescapable once we assess the mess.

Those who will say 'I didn't know' will be the same as those who said during the Nuremberg trials "we were just doing our jobs'. 

From the police who assault kids to Canadian Tire security guards attacking people with mask exemptions, to corporations, to epidemiologists and physicians, teachers, politicians, and everyone in between you are all COMPLICIT in this abhorrent situation.

Nor will '20/20 was hindsight' be accepted. We were warned from the beginning to not go down this route. Of course, we will see those who quietly accepted this madness also claim they were part  of the 'resistance'. It's WWII all over again. They want to believe they're in a war well there's your analogy.

You were fed propaganda and you ate it up choosing to suspend reason and perhaps courage for fear.

I want to see justice.



Quebec Should Be Placed In Trusteeship

I think at this point the incompetence here has reached a point now where Quebec may have to be placed in trusteeship including Montreal.

No region on the continent is behaving this way. Excessive fines enforced by cops acting as tools of oppression, continued talk of lockdowns (completely absent from the vast majority of places in North America one year later) despite evidence showing they don't work, rhetoric designed to keep people in fear and accept loss of civil liberties, recalls of cancerous 'grey' and N-95 masks, the fact the government still hasn't bothered to prepare surge capacity despite constant fears of third waves and variants (it's almost as if they want us to fail) that could and should normalize life since the hysterics centres around not overwhelming the system, continued issues in nursing homes and now the decision to not administer Astra-Zeneca to people under 55 (which they were warned about) makes me wonder, think and believe the entire Quebec political and health apparatus is acting in dereliction of duty.

Quebec always seems to think itself as more clever than everyone else. 

The erosion of trust for me has been reached.

Quebec should be placed in the hands of trustees. 

When Will Quebecers Wake Up?

Despite the province of Quebec being in a decent and stable situation, it is mired in an incoherent state of authoritarian existence with not just hard restrictions but the worst on the continent. Even within Canada, Quebec holds the torch for its excessiveness.

And its rhetoric isn't shifting which is equally troubling. 

The incompetent buffoons in power still speak as though it's March 2020. We're being told of this big bad third wave that's passing through yet cases remain stable, hospitalizations dropping, and deaths low as vaccinations are on-going. Once the most vulnerable are taken care of there is NO JUSTIFICATION for this continued idiocy.

Rather than lift the spirts of Quebecers we hear of stories of 35 cops raising a Tim Horton's parking lot where kids on the first day of beautiful weather after a long winter went hang out OUTSIDE and just have a doughnut. You know. Normal human existence. Instead, they were traumatized with $35 000 in fines. While the media called them 'crazy'.

NO. The crazy people are the journalists, editors, doctors and politicians dragging this madness on with their irresponsible, immoral and criminal rhetoric.

Truly despicable.

This is where we stand in Quebec.

It's not pretty. 

As for the this wave, Florida and Texas PROVE it's all bull shit.

Miami beach is wide open. But our kids can't hang out in a parking lot?

What the fuck is going on?


Cancerous Masks Used In Schools; Not A Fan Of Told You So, But Told You So

I'm not sure I can reach higher levels of anger than I am at the moment.

My utter disgust and disdain for all public officials has been made clear for the past year but it's reaching new heights with the call back of 'grey' masks IMPOSED on kids in schools determined to be cancerous.

What have I been saying for the past year? What have REAL PPE experts been saying? These stupid amulets are USELESS and potentially HARMFUL. I posted here about the carcinogenic materials that go into manufacturing masks. But the people were too gutless and accepted the lies and fear mongering to care. Apparently, Covid has displaced cancer as the biggest threat to us all.

This is where we're at as a society. Forcing kids to where cancerous masks that provide MARGINAL (if lucky) BENEFITS.

This is the trade-offs the criminal delinquents from Tam to Trudeau to Lecce to Williams to De Villa to Ford to Legault to Arruda and every one in between - especially the derelict media - who promulgated this nonsensical pseudo-science bull shit. What will it take for people to grasp they're being misled and that these horrible decisions can now actually hurt them MORE than Covid ever could?

How many more examples of 'the cure is worse than the disease' do we need? 

They're burning our society to the ground and showing no signs of relenting. Worse, now they want find ways to restrict your liberties on a potentially permanent basis. Nothing is as permanent as a temporary measure.

Now the narrative will be to double and triple down but parents who truly care need to call their schools and PRESSURE them. The unions need to face accountability for forcing masks on kids. The government as well. Do not accept 'nothing to see here' and 'we're changing companies'. The point is a) kids shouldn't be in masks and b) ALL masks are made with the same materials. They have no idea who these companies and labels don't come with 'ingredients' like they do food. We foolishly assume government bureaucrats are dutifully studying masks but nothing is further from the truth. This was just a government decree and we were forced into without any kind of consideration for overall public health. And you'd better think twice if the cretins mentioned above give one rat's ass about the health of your kids. This is all politics now. They're not going to do the right thing and put an end to the madness. They have a script and game plan to stick too and they 's'em calisse' as they say here. 

They have to keep you in fear. That's the strategy.

At the moment we have a burning economy, a caged up school system, nursing homes still not under control (because the idiot so-called leaders are wasting time and precious resources in all the wrong placed because they're incompetent buffoons too busy continuing a campaign of fear to get as many people vaccinated as possible) and a health care system that's about to be truly over whelmed in the fall and in the future due to delays.

As for the medical and science professions? It lays in tatters in my eyes. 

We made a catastrophic mess of things. All because we panicked and handed the keys to moronic physicians and wildly irrational epidemiologists as the media produced more fear porn than porn hub pimps out gangbangs.

Indeed, this was a gangbang on the people and our liberties.

In front leading the charged were the doctors and the coward leaders. Both used children as scapegoats.



We should all be angry, ashamed and disgusted.

It's War Folks: This Is NOT Consent

You really need to take a step back and truly look and ponder what's going on. Your life is being stolen right from under you.

This pandemic is being used as cover for the powers that be to consolidate all sorts of power into their hands. The vaccine passport, for example, being one of these ends.

Wake up. All you need to do is say NO. Just say no. Draw your line. 

They're erasing one of the bedrock principles of privacy in INFORMED CONSENT without public hearings or consultations. All being done behind closed doors away from the public. 

Why would you put blind trust into a small group of people to decide the degree of liberty you have?

Is this what we fought for? To just fall back and apathetically say, 'take it just give me my jab?'

People. How can you not by now see through the lies and propaganda? Kept short: This is not a deadly virus. The high survival rate and the nature of who it does kill TELLS us this. You are not an 'asymptomatic killer'. The science shows we are not deadly to one another. They've conditioned - and continue to condition - you to believe preying on something worse than the virus: Your ignorance, fear and laziness.

There's NO EXCUSE for you to not hammer on the keyboard and once and for all RESEARCH the truth.

You don't need the vaccine. They're compelling you by other means to do so. How is this consent? If you want to take it, go ahead. It's your right. But it is equally the right of others to refuse. Without punitive reprisals in the form of restricting their lives and FREEDOM. They pose NO DANGER to you if they do so. The narrative is dictating this. Do you not see this is no different than the scapegoating we saw with Jews in the war? Do not fall into that trap. Don't.

Why in the world would you allow politicians - many of whom who are no different than your common criminal and won't even follow their own rules - to rob you of your life and liberty? Of your soul? 

The key is to help CONTEXTUALIZE so as to bring perspective to this hysteria.

If you don't, you will star in your own dystopia like you see in the movies.

It's war folks.

They declared it on you.. US. 


On a personal note, I've largely changed my life and dedicated it in my own small way to fight and change what's happening. I no longer watch TV and reduced my junk consumption. Already, I wasn't much of a iPhone guy but now I find myself planning to dial back this nonsensical obsession over the phone and all these apps. Sure, they're fun and even convenient but we need to really first see how this is being used against us. Are we not better off a life of sitting outside with a drink, friends and other simple beauties than this madness? Think of it, they're telling us to be afraid of one another. 

I spend my days reading, contemplating and listening to classical and jazz music these days. Thinking about the world I'm about to leave my daughter and it worries me greatly. The people in charge are incompetent buffoons who don't care about me, her or YOU. They only care about how to leverage you into MORE power. It's the story of humanity. And this friction remains to this day. 

I refuse to act like this is all normal and don't assume things about to get better. Snowden is absolutely right. You have - we have - the power. It simply starts by saying no. I won't be taking the vaccine because I see it as EXTORTION. Don't give into extortion. They will say it's 'selfish' but it's not. That's a form of bullying and compulsion. It's them saying 'We can't go back if you don't take this'. How insane is it for us to consent to this kind of extortion? Once they get this, it's game over when it comes to your  health privacy. Everyone will know all about your medical conditions. When politicians claim it's 'safe and secure' you have to be some kind of hopeless naif to believe that. Edward Snowden is living proof of how much of a ridiculous lie this is. You're privacy is NOT SECURED. It's being STOLEN.

Wake up.



Question For Our Covid Masters

For all public officials - including our dear Dr. Doom Bad Boy Arruda - who promulgated an exaggeration of asymptomatic spread and the idea if you don't wear a mask you're responsible for the deaths others I have a question.

All these years you lived and potentially were asymptomatic of influenza, how many people you figured you killed?

How To Tell It's Hysteria

Imagine telling someone pre-2020 that if they showed no symptoms they were sick.

We'd all agree that person should seek therapy.

Here we are.

Masking and vaccinating, on the supposition and tenuous premise, asymptomatic people are a threat. 


The Immorality And Stupidity Of Concentrating Power In One Person

Among the many disconcerting and troubling impacts on liberty likely to last a very long time - well past this virus -  the idea of populations permitting and accepting leaders t flout and abuse the law under the guise of public safety has to rank among them.

How is it we've come to apathetically concede power into one person? The age old, time tested axiom that power corrupts was suddenly forgotten as people insidiously looked to mediocre politicians to 'protect' their health.

It's all so very galling.

People who, in normal times, railed against political corruption suddenly embraced those very corrupted people to take charge of their health.

It's all so very absurd.

Several governors and premiers failed on this count and are still operating in direct hostile opposition to their LEGISLATIVE LAWS.

No person should be given such extraordinary powers.

It's all so very naive.

Politicians who enact laws 'because they can' aren't just acting illegally but immorally. 

None of the measures are rooted in science or have shown to work but commit this madness and obvious pseudoscience we must! 

People who blindly and thoughtlessly accept this have abandoned their duty to protect and defend their God given rights having been manipulated into thinking their liberty is 'selfish'.


The only selfish people are the ones clamouring for more ineffective draconian measures and projecting their cowardly fears onto kids. And weak individuals who are leaders in name only because people put an 'X' next to their names are acting as all cowards have in history.

It's all so very shameful....and immoral. 

If They Truly Cared

They'd be administering hyrdroxychloriquine and Ivermectin to every single person who need it.

Instead, we get the usual obfuscation regarding these successful treatments while politicians are making sure they milk this for all it's worth including one of the great tap-dancing, flip-flopping, unethical cynics of our times in Dr. Anthony Fauci.  

It's all political.

Let's recap.

Officials failed to secure nursing homes leading to thousands and thousands of deaths despite having advanced warning from Europe.

Then, Health Canada and the CDC prevented safe and effective treatment options thus likely leading to still more deaths that could have been saved.

Now we're vaccinating the elderly despite pharmaceuticals advising not to administer it to the elderly, pregnant women and children 16 and under. Yet the fog of fear has gone ahead and vaccinated the elderly and plans to vaccinate kids. Despite several unknowns including long-term impacts. 

But don't you dare ask questions and deviate from the narrative. You must obey the 'experts'.

Because government officials never make/made mistakes.

This whole scene, scenario and ordeals s obscene and appalling.

Not only was our reaction testament to the greatest medical panic in history, we're doubling down.

They don't care.

They're panicked. 


Masks Are A Failure Reason 495969669797

Germany, with its 90% and over mandated mask compliance, is now in full lockdown mode.

I thought masks help to stop the spread? 

Masks DO NOT work.

End this charade for the love of God.


Pure irrational madness. 

Something Very Sinister Is Going On

Europe has lost its mind.

They're gearing up to lockdown - again - despite the vaccines. Despite the facts I posted below in  previous post. Nothing is making any sense.

People simply aren't dying from it. There is no rhyme or reason to all this. By now, the old people should be firmly protected. The rest of life must go on.

Now they're coming for the children. As if they have destroyed a generation enough they want to senselessly inoculate them because natural herd immunity is a conspiracy theory now. 

They KNOW: Reinfection low, long lasting antibodies, kids not vectors.

 This is medical mayhem and criminality on a scale never seen. 

Who is pulling these sinister strings?

Cui bono?  

Remember. This isn't rational or science. It's pure chaos and hysteria. 

If you supported masks and lockdowns - and still do - you helped create this dystopian-like world.


Ask Yourself

Ask yourself.

If asymptomatic spread is rare and it's known healthy people should not be wearing masks, then why are you wearing one? For the highly low probability you *may* be the one with infected droplets that may or may not be stopped by a mask? The odds of masks doing anything are so low you're better off not wearing one because the ill-effects could be more costly. 

Moreover, children aren't vectors of the disease and aren't in danger of it. So again. Why are they in masks exactly? 

By that , I mean SCIENTIFICALLY. Not the usual run of the mill pseudo-science bull shit peddled by liars, control freaks, and pant shitters. 

The kids are the perfect demographic to get the society to herd but because we fucked them and locked down schools, now vaccines are being considered. A gross miscalculation we've made it would appear. 

Add that the evidence keeps mounting reinfection is not a concern and we do have lasting antibodies so....why again the rush for vaccines? 

Sure, use them - despite the lack of long-term data - but can we do so without the lies and theatre? We get it. Government's made their play with vaccines. Envelopes and cuts are being exchanged. 

And if your vaccinated, and the virus has a high survival rate and largely impacts ONE demographic in ONE setting despite the likelihood of reinfection is low and we have antibodies, why the abhorrent push for passports? 

Nothing is making sense in any of this. 

And you should be asking questions.

For those of you letting yourselves be extorted. Remember. Your trip to Jamaica can be deferred. Jamaica ain't going anywhere. Neither is your favourite singer who needs to tour. They need you more than your need them. Your liberty won't come back if you give into immediate self-gratification. It's very easy to push back and say no to this egregious violation of human rights. They're conditioning you to believe you're being selfish for thinking of your rights.


Your rights DO MATTER.

Fight and stand your ground. 

Doug Ford Is Incompetent And Should Resign

In the clip Doug Ford admits leaders aren't going to stop listening to medical officers letting them dictate policy from behind the scenes.

So what is Ford and other leaders who are elected by the people good for then? To use the police to go ruin lives because the doctors - who quite frankly have been an abject and embarrassing failure. Yes, Doug  I based it on the crap spewed and the results I've determined using my own noggin. I don't listen to authority because they say so. People are fools for letting themselves be trapped in this manner -  made the hand gesturing motion to cut things off? What do these clowns care about overall public health right? No sense of common sense on any level. 

Are you this gutless and useless Doug?

Let me be frank with you and Francois, Doug. You're acting above the law without justification playing your part in history's greatest medical hysteria because you are both cowards. 

Open the provinces up you criminals. There's NO JUSTIFICATION for it. Not scientifically, legally or even morally. It's abhorrent and appalling what you have done and I bet and trust history will judge you clowns accordingly. All this is just being done 'because' and everyone is protecting their own asses. It has nothing to do with a damn virus and those of us informed know you all abandoned the country's official pandemic protocol pandemic handing your duties off like bozos to doctors who have no business being in this position of power. 

As for the doctors, they're the little trouble makes drunk on power we see in sci-fi dystopias that eventually get their comeuppance. I've not been impressed by ANY of them in this country.

If the whole lot of ya had a single sense of honesty, dignity, courage and respect for this country, you'd all damn resign. 



Quebec: Worst Place In North America

As it stands, Quebec is one of the worst places in North America and in the West when it comes to restrictions and the court system.

The courts are there to defend the rights of the people. But in a stunning decision, a judge threw out 14 claims against the Legault government including masks on children saying that though it may be true masks aren't effective, they have to be used because it's a health crisis. Essentially, what this gutless clown judge (and honestly, the whole system and institutions that produce these half-wits has to be gutted) said and ruled was the state can keep doing this indefinitely as long as they say it's a 'crisis'. Worse, logically, it goes as step further because it leaves the opening to do this during flu season.

The judge refused to look at the evidence presented which is stunning in of itself considering it came with expert testimony from Stanford's Dr. Jay Bhattachayra - one of the founders of The Great Barrington Declaration. Imagine that. One of the top epidemiologists, public policy expert and economists around is not good enough for Quebec. 

The precedences being set around the West is going to be catastrophic for democracy and liberty. And people just take it.

The damage to psyche and economy down is going to take years to repair - if at all.

Watch the response here.

Disheartening. It sealed my decision actually to move from here as soon as it's feasible. 


The CT Cycle Threshold Are Too High In Canada

Quebec is at 37. Anything above 30 is considered too high according to CEBM, WHO and Fauci. The WHO also announced new requirements to determine a positive case in January. Ontario has the highest cycles above 40-45 in some places with an average of 38. Insane.

This means we're getting an inaccurate picture of the state of affairs. My suspicion is we're keeping it superficially hight to ensure people take the vaccine.

We have cases but low R-values in Canada. Technically, Canada is in good shape. Just my layman's guess.

Before You Do

It's important to contextualize and understand before you consent to anything.

Ask yourself, is all this talk about vaccine passports justified? This virus will become endemic - if it already isn't - and become part of life like countless other viruses. Do I want to give up my persona health rights for this? For a virus that overwhelmingly preys on the elderly over 75 years old and with an underlying condition? The rest of society is more than capable of handling this virus through innate immunity - and sure vaccines. 

Look at the statistical probabilities. Do you want to waste another single moment cowering in fear behind masks anymore? Why would you?

As for the masks, if you wear one and believe you didn't get sick is because of masks best to remember we're in a low prevalence environment. Meaning, the odds are you weren't going to get sick without one anyway.

Learn cause and effect; causation and correlation.

It's what's going to keep you FREE and SANE. 

Anti-Science, Psychological Abuse In One Picture

From the Ontario Ministry of Health:



Live Footage: See For Your Own Eyes Legault's Quebec

 Francois Legault is a GUTLESS man.


Quebec: A Laughing Stock

Quebec are masters at looking like jack asses on the continent.

If it's not idiotic language laws it's the insufferable excessive Covid restrictions. 

You know things are bad when you make Joe Rogan for the police antics and warrants while Dave Rubin mocks the curfews - and he's in Los Angeles!

My American friends like to tease me about whenever they feel things are bad in the States (and they're not that bad anymore save some spots and the masks)  they can look to Quebec and feel better. Another friend emailed us in the gang, 'How are things in Quebec?'

You mean, other than continued restaurant closures, the masks, masks on kids, no gatherings and warrants?

Great! We're led by a solid group of leaders.  

We always manage to become the butt end of jokes.

Of course, Quebecers will cry it's 'Quebec bashing' but stop doing stupid things and no one will bash you. 

My decision is made. Will leave this place eventually. 

Florida v. Quebec

In the past, I put Sweden up against Quebec and Sweden won. No lockdowns. No masks. Better numbers.

Now we have a region closer to us in Florida. And Florida at the moment is open and free will dealing with an older population and variants. Governor Ron De Santis says all the right things. Here, we're over reacting to variants and still remain closed. In fact, Quebec has the most restrictive measures on the continent. It's baffling as it is absurd.

Forget the statistics. Florida is simply acting with common sense and established science. 

It's not just Florida we can use. We can look at places like Georgia, Iowa and the mid-West, and Texas as well. We have examples of what open is.

And we have examples of what the stale strategy of the past year entails. 

I stand by Canada, Ontario and Quebec have failed. 

In fact, here's Canada's Public Health Measures annex. Not only have Quebec and Ontario acted illegally and against their own laws, they run afoul of the WHO, UN and our own recommendations. 

"2.1.1 Factors Influencing Public Health Measures in a Pandemic

When planning public health measures, decision-makers must weigh not just the costs of implementation but also any secondary impacts. Social and economic impacts on individuals, families, communities and businesses due to, for example, closing schools or cancellation of public events, should be considered with any intervention and weighed against its potential benefit. Individual behavioural measures, such as practicing hand hygiene, respiratory etiquette and self-isolation when ill, are promoted during seasonal influenza and should be encouraged in any pandemic scenario. Other measures, such as school closures and border restrictions, are complex, costly to sustain and likely to have unintended societal and economic consequences.

2.3.2 Scientific Findings

Public health measures studies conducted during and after the 2009 influenza pandemic produced many key findings that have informed Canada's public health measures strategy and are further discussed in Section 3.5. The key findings include:

Masks worn by ill individuals may protect uninfected individuals from virus transmission, but little evidence exists that mask use by well individuals avoids infection.

For masks to be effective, individuals must wear them consistently and correctly; these actions can be challenging. Masks must be worn only once, never shared and always changed when soiled or wet. If not used properly, masks may lead to a greater risk of pandemic influenza transmission because of contamination, or they may make the user overconfident and hence neglectful of other personal protective measures, such as hand hygiene, respiratory etiquette and self-isolation when measures that have been deemed important complementary actions to the use of masks for the reduction of disease transmission. Finally, given that masks cannot be used when eating and drinking and may make communication difficult, wearing them for prolonged periods may be impractical and ineffective. It is important to present the limitations of mask use to the public.

 Advice on proper disposal of used masks should accompany any recommendations for their use in the community setting. "


Quebec's Untenable Legal And Moral Position

Three things to my mind will stand out after this health panic passes. One, will be the psychological trauma unleashed on people via masks. Masks are problematic on multiple levels: They're ineffective pseudo-science, condition people to accept pseudo-science,  and remind them to remain in fear. One of the most irresponsible actions to inflict on people on these alone.  Essentially, at the moment, the way some officials are talking, the masks will linger for no apparent scientific reason other than because they say so. There is NO justification for this continued theatre particularly since the vaccines are in full motion and rolling-out. The United States is already reaching high levels while Canada is ramping up. 

The other will be the damage done to science. Throughout this ordeal, all people heard were a select view voices. Most notably here in North America Dr. Fauci from the CDC and of course Dr. Tam from PHAC in Canada. The other voices were the ones media allowed to speak and together they all gave the appearance of consensus to help herd people like sheep. But there were many, many dissenting views and quite frankly armed with more persuasive arguments. On year out, they've been battered and censored from social media and colleagues alike. Thankfully, they have persisted. As the dust clears, a serious introspection of this discipline must be conducted. It has become politicized and corrupted beyond recognition. 

Then comes the legal aspect. That is, what will be the fall out of leaders abusing their powers? 

In Quebec and Ontario, Legault and Ford have made a complete mockery of the laws they are bound to and the hallowed grounds of civil liberties people like them are entrusted. 

They broke this sacred covenant under the guise of an emergency public health crisis for the 'greater good'. But there are prescribed limits to how far a premier can go and they simply ignored and abused this privilege for several months now and showing no signs of relinquishing let alone relent the powers they illegal usurped from our laws.

The state of low affairs can't be ignored. The people are subjected to two leaders who have declared a medical tyranny while imposing dubious and possibly illegal edicts and measures all the while they ran afoul our the very laws that govern them!

To whit:

 « L’état d’urgence sanitaire déclaré par le gouvernement vaut pour une période maximale de 10 jours à l’expiration de laquelle il peut être renouvelé pour d’autres périodes maximales de 10 jours ou, avec l’assentiment de l’Assemblée nationale, pour des périodes maximales de 30 jours. Si le gouvernement ne peut se réunir en temps utile, le ministre peut déclarer l’état d’urgence sanitaire pour une période maximale de 48 heures. »

Au Québec, si l’Assemblée nationale ne peut déléguer ses pouvoirs législatifs, cela ne peut se faire que dans des limites raisonnables, rappelle l'avocat en citant l’arrêt de la Cour suprême du Canada dans Re George Edwin Gray, (1918).

« L’article 119, al. 1 L.s.p. ne prévoit aucun processus permanent de discussion, et outrepasse le principe d’un gouvernement responsable devant l’Assemblée nationale, a fortiori lorsqu’un état d’urgence sanitaire est déclaré pour une période maximale de 10 jours et renouvelé ad infinitum », indique-t-il dans sa requête.

That adds up to 42 days a leader has to manage an emergency. We're well past this and into 'what is reasonable?' territory. This is the part where they keep moving goal posts...overwhelming systems, variants, my dog ate my homework etc. Interestingly, measures during the Spanish flu laster six weeks. Or, 42 days. 

Of course, the words 'limited' and 'reasonable' have become nebulous and can be interpreted as 'infinite' or at least 'on-going until we feel like it' in the former  while the latter can sway as the social habits adapt and goal posts are moved. A combination of the two make it deadly for liberty and democracy. 

How is this remotely tolerated and left unchallenged? If anything Francois Legault is acting criminally and should send himself an emergency alert signal. It his actions that make him a threat to freedom. Not the virus. He's the cure being worse than the disease. 

In Quebec, it becomes more and more untenable to keep this going. It matters not that there are people still afraid who clamour for more restrictions. At some point, the sanctity and sanity of our freedoms and laws must prevail. It is as much a legal issue as it is a moral one.  As an aside, notice how Quebec is following Europe and not North America. Every single possible wrong move to me made, Quebec did it.

There are lawsuits that have been filed but the Premiers need to be called out. This has gone on way too long and now they worry is what precedent has been set and what are we going to do about it?

Now listen to how a real leader speaks. I recommend watching at least 50 minutes of it. It should anger people. Listen to De Santis closely. Then listen to how the clowns here in Canada and Quebec talk.


Lockdown And Mask Supporters Are Closer To Nazism Than They Realize

To those of us well heeled and nourished in the facts and realities of history, the reaction and subsequent actions undertaken during this health crisis has been appalling but not surprising.

Anyone who has kept in mind the lessons of Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four and Animal Farm, Lewis's 'It can't happen here', Huxley's 'Brave New World', and has read Hayek and Nock and several other books covering the topic, knows how human nature works.

Then comes the infamous Milgram and MK-Ultra experiments. 

Never under estimate the radical inclusion aspect of the greater good. It doesn't matter if it's Nazism or feeling threatened by, say, asymptomatic people. Both visions are predicated on a vision without evidence.

And this is dangerous. We're playing with fire at the moment. 

No matter how much we believe ourselves to be more advanced than previous eras and generations, at the end of the day we're no better or worse. Time and again, we're all too willing to drop our humanity and cease to enjoy what makes us human to submit to our fears and collective group think.

This is all so painfully obvious at the moment. A blanket infected with a virus has covered our rational senses and minds.

We have huddled into a collectivist hive of terrified naked apes without a shred of cogent coherence. 

It shocked me at not just how easy it was to convince people to wear a mask - though illegal mandates under the threats of fines played a huge role - but how persistent and long it has lasted. A lethargic inability to challenge authorities on the dubious use of masks means it leaves this population prepped for more measures and restrictions should it be commanded. We're in a death embrace with the state.

It doesn't take much to scare people.

During this sad spectacle people blindly cheered on lockdowns, masks and social distancing because it was commanded. Not because they were persuaded by science or logic. There was no science and data to speak of to back up these measures. And even now as the evidence mounts, still people refuse to pay any heed or attention to the results which have been a fiasco.

They played their part and the bad guys are ecstatic. A really bad precedent has been set here not just in terms of how government officials ignored and abused the law like petty tyrants and banditti, but in terms of how easy it is to manipulate people using the same old tired and true schemes of propaganda.

Leaders have cynically used this pandemic to consolidate power into one person. This is unacceptable and must be reversed immediately. They used a program of fear to steal superficial consent from the people. They then made sure the masks symbolized conformity and turned people into snitches. Sound familiar? 

If you have gone along for these past 12 months, congratulations. You would have turned Anne Frank in. Ok, ok. You don't like the Hitler analogy. Fine. You would turn in Kulaks to the communists. Better.

Regardless if it was a little girl or a productive farmer, it's for the greater good and your security. 

'Wear a mask, save a live'. 'Masks are liberty'. 'Be part of the army. Get vaccinated'. '15 days to flatten the curve'. 'Do your part to stop the spread'. 

All empty and useless jargon people swallowed whole because they failed to properly put in perspective the threat by, in part, contextualizing the data.

People have lost confidence in their own ability to critical think and assess the situation having been bludgeoned into thinking only 'credentialed experts' count; that their opinion is invalid and they must just follow the rules. If they don't, people would die and we'd never get out of the cycle of pandemic fear.

Media, politicians and health officials have no incentive to do that for you. YOU must do it for yourself. 

Start working those muscles atrophied over years of inactivity. I understand. You still want to watch Grey's Anatomy (is that still on?) and hockey or football.

But forget that for the time being. We're in a serious situation at the moment.

If we don't rise up and start to question and push back, we will lose hard fought liberties gained through blood, sweat and tears.

Entertainment can wait. You need to start to ask some serious questions - and those questions are VALID. Do not be bullied into thinking otherwise. Your senses and intelligence won't fail you.

Shake yourself from the shackles of Stockholm Syndrome imposed and stop snitching on your fellow humans. 

Don't Ignore Klaus Schwab

 History is filled with nasty, brutish, ridiculous men with absurd ideas.

It would be foolish to assume those ideas never come to pass.

It happens often enough. Think Nazism and communism. 

Here's what the head of the WEF has in store for the world. Some of this is already happening and the continued shut down of civilian life under the guise of public health is indeed very likely part of a 'Great Reset' program to get humans closer to this world described. 

Does any of this worry you? Does this sound like a good life? Does this sound like how humans are meant to live? Good because it shouldn't. And we need to learn how to reject such manipulative and evil thoughts.

Schwab is a stupid villain not unlike those we see in comics and the movies. 'I must destroy humanity to save it!' In other words, he's insane. 

But if we continue to let ourselves be duped into accepting pseudo-scientific nonsense from wokism to masks, we're easy prey. This goes with how easily they went along with the 'variants' scare. Do people not grasp this is a low prevalence environment? That SARS-CoV2 is a mild infection our natural innate immunity can handle? Don't you see 12 months out there has been no calamity as promised? Do people no understand the high survival rate? Do they not sit and ponder as long as we disguise deaths FROM Covid as if they're deaths WITH Covid, we're stuck in this vicious cycle of irrational lockdowns. It's like when elk and moose get contracted with the parasite that mauls their brains and they run in perpetual circles. This is us at the moment.

People are not being extorted with vaccines. Take the candy and we will let you roam free!

It should make people feel sick to their stomach. But we're in a weak lull at the moment led by weak people. 

One step towards liberating yourselves from what's coming is to become AWARE. To accept it's a possibility. People didn't believe Hitler and Mussolini could do harm. Only a minority did. It's not an excuse to pretend Schwab is not gaining some influence. We should assume that he is. Look around you. Does any of this make any sense? The cancel culture. The persistent fear mongering. For the love of God, the continent is led by a drama teacher and a man with possible dementia. 

I can no longer intellectualize how 12 months on people are this scared and lazy to research and use half their brains to realize all these measures are PSEUDO-SCIENCE. It's utterly disheartening and is bound to come at a high cost.

Will it be the so-called 'Great Reset'?

The world we're about to enter isn't a good one. It's a NIGHTMARE. It's communism but worse. It's a dystopia. It's Blade Runner. It's Gattaca. It's Escape from New York. It's Mad Max. It's Demolition Man.

Don't believe me? Here you. In Dr. Strangelove's own words:

"Instead, the Great Reset will remake the world -- in Schwab’s words, “to create a more inclusive, resilient and sustainable world going forward,” all the platitudes neatly packed into one sentence. Private property deforms the natural relations between human beings and must be abolished. Private transportation will not be allowed. “Contrary content” in the printing or production of materials will not be permitted, at the cost of access to social media and Internet domains. Fossil fuels will be replaced wholesale by Green technologies. Home gardens will be outlawed. The Christian faith will be gradually suppressed (as is happening today). Vaccines will become mandatory. 

Society will become “cashless” and all standard monetary transactions replaced by digital currency and governed by electronic means, which can be cancelled by reigning authority at the slightest provocation. Debts will be forgiven and creditors will face the prospect of bankruptcy. The middle class and small entrepreneurs will be wiped out. Commerce will become progressively “contact-less.” 

The United States must be neutralized via social isolation, lockdown-induced poverty, and facemask conformity and passivity. Constant surveillance will be employed to ensure compliance. The human being will be “enhanced” through biosecurity, synthetic biology, implantable microchips, cortical modems, nanobots, genetic editing and designer babies. Everyone will be equal, everyone will be secure from the ravages of competition, risk and chance, and everyone will be happy -- as they are today in the political template for the Great Reset, Communist China and its fascist business model..

I want to believe people aren't this weak and stupid and that we will avert this madness.

But seeing how easily we bought into masks. I've become pessimistic.

12 months onto this mask idiocy, we still see nasty articles giving parents pointers on how to tach their kids to live with a mask. Is this a sick game hoisted upon us by design? Is the media in on this racket or are they just useful idiots?

Parents should recoil in anger but where they seem powerless (which posts to the fact direct representative democracy is dead) they seem to embrace the paternalism. 

Don't be a useful idiot.

Gently push Schwab over the cliff. No one will miss him.