Don't Mock A Government Infested With Vindictive People

It wasn't the best of weeks for the CAQ. After 20 months of sheer unopposed domestic terrorism under the guise of 'public health', the good guys won a tiny reprieve when the government blinked and pushed back the deadline for mandatory vaccination for HCW. 

It's hard to get a number but anywhere between 10 000 and and as much as 27 000 workers aren't 'adequately' (how's that for a word as a throw back to Nazi Germany?) vaccinated with these utterly shitty injections. 

Don't expect for the government to take this lightly. As I've often written, this is a small man this Legault. Egoism personified and he will look at this as a loss to be avenged. This is how he sees things. He lacks any kind of compassion and human empathy. He's just a machine fulfilling a failed policy.  He's as low caliber as they get. As for Dube, he's just, well, a dumb man. Listening to this guy these past several months has been brutally disheartening. It's not possible to speak so flippantly of human rights. These people talk like totalitarians but have never put a bullet in person's brain. In other words, they cowards and bullies. 

That's all they are. As news filters in that this virus is likely on its way out, Canada doubles down on the measures. 

Never laugh at such weak people. They take this as a cue to step harder on the necks of people.

I worry now the next target will be schools. He needs blood to show the public he's in control.

The sad part about all this is there never was a need for any of this. Literally. This is a disaster of their own doing. A catastrophe. 

This can't be about a virus. It can't. Or they're just that incompetent and despicable. 

19 months and going.

When will this hysteria end?

The long-term negative consequences are all but assured at this point.


Notice how no American governor is acting like Canadian premiers. The only people acting like them is Washington D.C. run by a moron with dementia. Notice how American life has continued. We're slowly sliding into an Aussie nightmare. Such is the price to pay when you have a gutless population still trembling before a virus (Delta is 17 times less deadly than the original strain) and soft leaders.

Cowards feed off each other.


Remember. An agenda was rolled out before your eyes. They gave you three tests: One was the mask mandate which you accepted without a peep. Huge error. Two, was the acceptance of the vaccines without question. Massive error. Three the QR code. An incalculable error that will cost you your liberties.

These were steps to get the population closer to accepting the 'global reset' which is just the NWO expedited. 

This may all go away soon. But the imprints are there.

We failed. 

We failed to defend our BASIC RIGHTS.

They laid down the rules of engagement. You now have to decide if you will fight. 



I accuse government, media and health officials across North America of manslaughter and murder for continuing to deny the protocols set by the top clinical care doctors in the world.

These doctors figured out coronaviruses do not kill and give the impression of not being treatable but in reality is.

I further accuse officials of likely being aware of these protocols but denying their use. Why? It's simple: To sell vaccines. The play was the only way out were vaccines and they succeeded in creating enough fear to make people believe this claim.

That NIH, CDC and PHAC have ignored this makes them complicit and we will need a massive reform and overhaul of such institutions who have failed the people. 

Masks, passports and vaccines are largely unnecessary. 

And it certainly does not warrant this preposterous plan in Saskatchewan to detain people who don't follow mask and passport orders! 

The Sask. Health Authority are clearly run by the very incompetent and dangerous lunatics I accuse here. 

We have treatments and vaccines. The virus is on its way to becoming endemic. Why the over reaction? Where's the wisdom? Whisking people away to 'isolation camps' is public health?

This in  CANADA!


Canada is a straight up idiocracy. 

Once again, this country repeatedly shows its true colors. From its racist past, to internment camps, to mistreatment of First Nations, it once again reveals its cruel soul. Canada is nothing to be proud of.

This whole 'we need more Canada' nonsense was and will always be a lie. The world needs less Canada. The world doesn't need weak peoples lecturing the world about human rights. We've lost the moral high ground. It would be the height of arrogance and hypocrisy if any Canadian official goes abroad to ever speak of liberty again. We're not a nation of free peoples. We're a nation of obedient conformists who pass this off as a virtue. And brag about it.

What more evidence of the ignorance and incompetence of Canadian public health officials who have created such an atmosphere of confusion and fear that it lead to such utter draconian orders. It's unconscionable. 

We must not waver in hunting them done and having them face justice. I feel there are enough of us who have chronicled and archived enough of their crimes to achieve this.

There is no doubt in my mind we can do so if we have the will.

A lot of people died who didn't have to all because of a gigantic plot with a man-made virus to sell vaccines. 

Bill Gates Digital ID Plan: Conspiratorial, Yes. Theory, No.

Bill Gates has laid out his plan for everyone to see since March of 2020 at least.

He wants the world vaccinated, under a monitored Digital ID system and - as the biggest owner of farm land in the United States - in control of the food supply.

Bill Gates is Mr. Burns.

And every bit sinister.

This was thought to be conspiracy theory. Like everything else, the theory becomes reality. 

There is no hiding the plan.

The question is, what will we do about it?

It's no too late. Step one is to become aware.

Now you are.


All part of an awakening. Hopefully Gates and Soros and the gang at the WEF and WHO get pushed back. We have more power than we think. Don't let them steal our lives because none of them will be part of the nightmare they create. You think for one second Gates, Soros and Klaus were a mask ONCE while children did? 


I'm not religious or spiritual, but I think there's some truth the thought that people have lost their way. When Christianity ceased being a part of our lives and ethos, people slowly became unfulfilled and aimless. They can't see outside the self. Just the self. Mental illness is rampant. Robots are a natural progression for people who lost their souls. There's nothing good in this. We lost our humanity. Covid made sure of that.

An Ideological War Is Upon Us

Anyone who thinks what's going on is about a virus needs to step aside. Stay asleep.

It is time for the lions to rise.

Our governments and academics and journalists who support them have declared an ideological war on the people. Why do you think the U.S. government has turned peaceful law-abiding citizens as 'domestic terrorists'? Why are the once again weaponizing agencies like the FBI and IRS as tools of repression? Now I can see why they scapegoated the unvaccinated. Brandon's (Joe Biden) recent C-Span speech was perhaps the most appalling and spine shaving speech I've ever heard since Hitler. Go and listen and try and tell me it doesn't fit the assertion perfectly. It was inhumane and insane. Justin and Joe are two maniacs steering a ship aground.

They have done their work. They've been prepping the population since 2009 (H1N1) and 2015 (Measles) outbreak ensuring people understand who to blame during an outbreak or pandemic the criminals unleash. 

If it sounds conspiratorial it's because it is. Follow the events. Go back to January 2020 and closely follow what was said and done. Then match that to planned events like Agenda 21 and 2030. It all fits.

This is a global reset and you're being resettled for their gain.

We are racists and a danger if we dare to question and challenge their illegal actions that serve as direct attacks on not only sovereign nations but strikes at the core of personal liberties. It is the same crime being set upon the peoples of Australia, the UK, Canada and elsewhere in Western Europe.

We are being told to comply.

Or else.

This is the biggest crime against medical freedom in history. They've tied a medical procedure to OUR FREEDOMS. You can't work or attend a graduation or dinner unless you present 'proof'? WHAT IS THIS? It's not ethical and it's worth fighting to remove from our lives.

For 20 months unelected bureaucrats, the mainstream medical establishment either serving as useful idiots or are on the take, and public officials have done nothing but move goal posts and erode our rights.

Our nations bleed.

When will it be enough? Celebrities parade around without masks served by people in masks, politicians do not wear masks and neither do doctors in hospitals despite the propaganda. Yet, we have children, then demographic not in danger, in masks 12 hours a day? 

How has it come to be we've become this weak and compliant to allow the 'elites' to assault our children in this manner?

How much is enough? 

No, it is NOT OKAY to coerce people into a medical procedure. It's preposterous to state or think otherwise. 

You feel safe because you're vaccinated? Are you this disconnected to the realities and arc of this story?

You're not safe. Remember, 'we're not safe until we're all safe?' Well, you're not free unless we all are. You understand? 

The world is divided into two camps: Mentally ill and not. Those who download apps to 'get their freedoms back' and those who do not.

I know where I am.

I'm now willing to fight.

I can see a beautiful restoration of our lives on the other side. 

But we can only get there together.

Now the slogan 'we're in this together' actually has meaning.

Start to push back on masks. Stop being manipulated. Defer your outings until we end the passports. Do not go the United States this year if they demand vaccination and vice-versa.

We're about to lose much more than a week-end in Lake Placid or a week in Florida.

We're about to lose our right to live our lives in peace, freedom and prosperity. 


From The Top

These vaccines aren't going to create herd immunity and they don't last.  

Stop pretending that they work that way and trying to make policies that only make any sense if they did.

It's getting to the point of immoral obscenity now. 

Unvaccinated people can't enter, get this, nursing homes to see family anymore. This from settings where we've seen outbreaks among the fully vaccinated and people act like we're supposed to ignore this?

And doctors can grow a pair and call it out rather than remain silent. It's sad and troubling watching Canada's courts and medical establishment abandon their duty to uphold our constitutional and medical rights. 

In the United States, we're beginning to see court rulings flood in defence of the people. The state of Oregon is set to investigate Gov. Kate Brown for manipulation of Covid data. We need all states and provinces who suspect there was such antics to investigate.

End the mandates, measures and passports.


It's fucking embarrassing.

Is It Time To Question The 'Safe And Effective' Mantra?

I think it is.

I know this is heresy but it's time to revisit this claim.

I'm not so sure anything in nature and life is ever set in stone. It would be foolish to not heed this fact of Mother Nature. It strikes me as the height of hubris for the medical world to not maintain a healthy dialogue with those who question the 'safe and effective' claim.

How did I end up on this topic? Prior to Covid, I went along with the vaccine narrative. Greatest thing since sliced bread. I was indifferent but I did think there was more good than bad with vaccines. The probabilities were vastly in its favour. 

I just accepted until I started to meet 'anti-vaxxers' and listening to the other side of the argument. Like anything I do, I invest a lot of time and money researching a subject. I felt the anti-vaxxers had valid points. It didn't change my mind, but I certainly wasn't hostile to their arguments and always kept it tucked away in the back of mind. For me, it was a simple choice. Want to vaccinate? By all means. Don't want to? By all means too. We're a free and pluralist society and this includes the right to medical autonomy.

Full stop.

Then Covid hit.

A moral panic ensued.

Suddenly, it became permissible to toss out decades of medical ethics and standards out the window. Experts from physicians, infections disease specialists, ethicists, politicians and a host of other authority figures decided it was ok to trample civil rights, disrupt the civiil oder, cause confusion and promote fear because of a health threat.

Not very wise. We failed to maintain calm and reason convinced this was the plague. Within a couple of months we knew it wasn't a plague but pretended it was and we've been living in an Orwellian charade for 20 months now. One in which citizens have been stripped of their agency and forced to submit to the collective.

It's no longer about public health but about compliance.

This is what happens when we ignore the science.

Now it's all political and it's ugly. We've permitted a man-made virus with a hight survival rate (a fact long before the vaccines came along so be wary of any claims of vaccine triumphs) to set this country onto very  troubled waters that threaten the very idea of what it means to be free.

We have not snapped out of our fears.

The push for the vaccines has become so unbearable and irrational, it triggered my natural 'cui bono?' instincts. Why are they pushing so hard?

Why do we find ourselves in a situation where we're completely obliterating the right to choose while denying people certain rights including the inalienable right to earn a living!

It's the latest stage in the hysteria but there's no excuse for it. Several countries and states are doing right by their citizens and refraining from psychologically traumatizing them and trampling on their civil liberties. Sweden is the poster child for such sober wisdom. North America is the opposite with Canada leading the charge.

My skepticism has led me into a world I never thought I'd enter. Quite frankly, I don't even want to be in it. But I'm driven to get to the source of how we got here.

There's a lot in play. Egos, greed, power, corruption and dogma when it comes to vaccines. 

I'm not going to preface saying 'I'm not anti-vaxx' because to do so is to give into the presumptive and predictable attacks that come with challenging vaccines.

No. To those who read this they're ostensibly their own agents of logic and can take the assertion like adults. If they choose to act like petulant children going on some ad hominen tirade, so be it.

I don't care.

If Galileo stuck with consensus...well, you know.

I'm not going to delve deeper more than I have to because this really is a topic for real experts to hash out. As a human and citizen, I expect healthy debate from the experts and I'm not getting it.

I'm seeing two sides refusing to debate. And the side doing most of the refusing are the ones sticking to their beliefs which strikes me as dogmatic. 

From the readings and lectures I've watched, there's sufficient evidence to warrant revisiting vaccines. During the pandemic, I've come to the uncomfortable conclusion that vaccines are seen as a means to a medical end. Take this injection or else you can't eat here is not scientific nor is it ethical and moral.

No matter what some pop ethicist on TV says.

Go with your instincts. When they spew nonsense about it being 'ethical' to not invite an unvaccinated friend to a wedding or dinner, look into your soul to see if this is right. 

It shouldn't. Prior to 2019 our personal morality would have reacted this. But suddenly, because of a virus, we ordain it to be permissible? 

I don't think so and we should voice opposition. 

Those who utter such divisive rhetoric fool themselves into believing they may not one day be on the wrong side of that low-quality assumption.

Stay kind and human to one another. Jesus treated lepers as humans. 

As frustrated and angry I am towards Canadians these days, I'd like to think that at the very least the moral code of the nation remains in tact. At some point we have to say, No.

The cure is way worse than the disease now. Way.

Safe and effective' is what they or you want it to be. How many vaccines got pulled over the years? So that puts a dent into the 'safe' part does it not? With these experimental injections, the deaths and injuries are staggering yet we try and rationalize them based on percentages. Yet, we do not apply this to the fact the vast majority of people survive this virus. 

The yearly flu shot has been miserable by any standards. It's in the 30-50% (if they're lucky) range. So what's so 'effective' there?  It's a fair question and explains why we may never have made it mandatory. Thankfully. Seems like reasoned mind prevailed during influenza season.

They seem to conflate the current injection with MMR vaccines, but those are a different group of vaccines for different diseases with proven track records conferring lasting immunity. Inlfuenza/Coronavirus vaccines don't have this kind of profile or record of success. In fact, the search for the universal flu vaccine has been elusive. 

Too many people think the shot they got is like a polio shot and that's a problem. Proof or poor messaging and the lack of informed consent.

Right now, the medical world and sciences in control of the narrative, are driven by a blind faith in vaccines.

We have every right to question them considering it's not a sure bet, we lack any true data and people's lives are being ruined for merely choosing to exercise their rights.

Let's be adults and discuss. 


Ivermectin And....Aspirin

Have been shown to be able to cut hospitalizations and death.

Yet, they keep on the vaccines as a means to an end. Where there are treatments, a vaccine must not be use. Let alone mandated as well as segregate people along medical choice lines.

Now, they're ramming through unethical measures and rules.

Wake. Up.

This has nothing to do with public health.

The science is filled with great news about the virus not being the deadly plagues we once believe. It is endemic and on its way to becoming a common cold. Its death rate is .09% according to the latest stat from Britain.

And that may even be over stated.

So why is the UK brining in passports and why are we still acting like it's March 2020?

Something is sinister among us.

Quote Of The Day

 “Wake up, sleeper, rise from the dead, and Christ will shine on you.”

Ephesians 5:14.



Don't Let Them Flip The Script On You!

As time moves forward, the experimental injections are proving to be a dud as the virus moves towards the endemic stage and natural herd immunity continues its biological course despite the best efforts of officials to deny its reality.

They failed miserably and spectacularly. 

If we had a modicum of decency, intelligence and courage we'd end this immediately.

But we won't. Too much money and reputations have been spent and staked during this moral panic.

It's going down as the greatest medical miscalculation and hysteria in history.

Don't allow them to turn around and say 'Well, it was better to be safe than sorry and maybe we should treat influenza similarly'. Already you're hearing some quack doctors call for masks during flu season. Even though the vast body of work stretching decades showing masks as ineffective were specifically for INFLUENZA! 

Someone has to break the cycle.

Be that person.

A return to full normalcy.


This was not the virus to end our lives.


Israel is the very definition of madness.

Sweden sanity.

Netanyahu recently said people will need endless boosters (chalk up another win for the conspiracy theorists) until a vaccine that last 20 years is developed.

Sure thing Netty. They've never succeeded in developing one for the flu barely getting to 50% efficacy in its best year and they're going to find a long-term universal vaccine for Covid (which will soon be a common cold irritant)? Surely you jest and aren't this corrupted. 

Or are you a clown?

Like I said.

It's up to the people if the politicians are simply too corrupted and weak to do so.


The passports have nothing to do with public health. 


Passports do NOT protect anyone except to concentrate power into the state. Can't you see this was the play all along and that conspiracists were nothing but truth sayers? Open your damn eyes already and FIGHT. You've already consented so now you'll have to get off your comfortable asses and get your hands dirty. It could have been simple if you wrote your MP, join the protests, let people know you didn't consent. Instead, you let yourselves be manipulated by Covid lies. Worse, that somehow you're the 'good guy' for being coerced into a vaccine. Guess what? That won't be enough. They want your MEDICAL AUTONOMY gone.

The odd part about all this is they're rolling out these idiotic and unethical passports right as scientists are saying this virus is going to indeed be the common cold come spring!

The government knows this so what's the point of the passport? CUI BONO?

It's just sinister people taking advantage of a largely exaggerated threat to impose a system that erodes fundamental rights of mobility.

What don't people understand about this?

Regardless of vaccination status or where you stand on the issue about Covid, we must stand united and join forces to BEAT THIS TYRANNY BACK.

Nothing good will come out of this.


So the next time a protest is organized, JOIN IT. Don't fall prey to the media's evil and twisted lies about 'anti-vaxxers'. WE ARE NOT ANTI-VAXXERS.


Join the fight.

Videos Of The Day

Dr. McCollough speaking at the 78th Annual of the AAPS.

In America, they've been debating and discussing Covid. 

Canada has been a dead waste land of one-sided narratives and dictums. Why don't we have the equivalence to such meetings?

Right. Canada is superior to America and we don't need debated because our flunkies and quacks know better. 

This should embarrass all Canadians. But it won't.

It's one of McCollough's best.

Here are two courageous Canadians attempting to beat back the mass hysteria and unethical pseudoscience wreaking havoc in Canada in talk with the Liberty Coalition of Canada. Dr. Bridle is an immunologist and Dr. Julie Panasse an ethics professor. 

Good talk on The Iron Will Show with author Julius Ruechel and the coming lawsuits.

There are good Canadians fighting the good fight. Stand with them.

Alberta Never Was 'Texas North'

Canada is an arrogant place.

And a scared one as you can see.

It combines the worst traits of mediocrity, arrogance and fear.

It's not a strong and free. It's weak and obedient.

It takes conformity and vaults into pride.

Canada is a geographic expression. Nothing more than an outpost in the hinterland inhabited by a nondescript people with no identity.

The pandemic flushed out who we are.

Where Quebec attempts to distinguish itself as a 'distinct society', Alberta claimed to be 'Texas North'.

Quebec is hardly distinct, in fact, it's wholly predictable and typical. It just happens to speak French. Remover the language crux to hide behind and it's just like mill-toast Ontario and its woke infested population. Do pray tell what ideals, values and imagination did they display during the pandemic other than to behave unethically and stupidly?

Canadians are so blinded by their abject ignorance and laziness and sense of entitlement (I need to travel!), they don't realize we currently have among the worst restrictions in the West. For 'public health'. App up Canadians! You deserve nothing less than your slide into serfdom. 

Alberta disappoints me greatly. Here was their chance to prove their label and they fell flat on their faces. 

Like everything with Canada, it's always all talk and no action. 

It may as well. Texas is a way of life. Texas is a symbol of true identity and independence. Texas is about freedom. It has guns and oil and it dares you to fuck with it. And we believe it.

Alberta thinks because it has oils, the Stampede and beef it equals Texas. But what Canadians can never seem to grasp is you need to bind that into an actual value and belief system.

Just because you say you are something doesn't make it so. 

A country doesn't bend like it does to passports and other obscene measures. This is not a nation of men. It's a nation of authoritarian pimps and whore with scant a respect for the sovereign human.  Alberta could have stood strong and be like Texas and Florida and say no. 

Instead, it ran from a virus and let an unhinged lunatic in Ottawa boss them into submission.

Alberta isn't Texas North.

It is to laugh.

It's just another province in the frozen hinter and waste land of a country history ordained 'Canada' by happenstance. A country that could not possibly defend itself against mightier people dulled by a culture of apathy and cult of mediocrity.

Covid Propaganda; Know Thy Jargon

How the Covid psy-ops managed to manipulate lives:

No vaccine is 100%.

Safe and effective.

Flatten the curve.

Wear a mask, save a life.

Stay home, stay safe.

We're in this together.

Needle in every arm.

Pandemic of the unvaccinated.

Wash your hands, social distance, wear a mask. 

"In unprecedented times".

"Unprecedented virus'".

"Build Back Better"

"The great reset"

"This is a time to reset our values"

"This virus is like no other virus"

"Trust the science"

"Trust the experts"

Misleading phrase: "Covid-19 did (insert human decision here)"

No. WE frayed the economic and social order. Not Covid.

Get ready for Marburg. This cycle of criminality only ends with us. The power is within us to send the message that enough is enough. 


Chinada: If The Shoe Fits

A popular reworking of Canada has made its entrance into the popular lexicon: Chinada.

A stab at this country's slow descent into Chinese CCP style authoritarianism.

Indeed, nothing we've seen in the last 19 months remotely resembles freedom and democracy.

For your health of course. We will take it all....for your health.

Rule of law? Pft.

You will do as we say or else we will steal your freedoms and jobs.

Chinada in all its inglorious and grotesque stupidity.

But what did you expect from weak Premiers and a lunatic PM?

The Heinous Denial Of Organ Transplants For The Unvaccinated

As the hysteria moves across our civil society, it is wreaking immoral havoc on our collective conscience.

The latest is the trend to deny people of getting life saving transplant if they don't take these shitty 'vaccines'.

I'm just going to say this. I know names are being kept. Every single one of you criminals taking these decisions are committing murder straight up.

Not only are you criminals you are monsters on the level of Nazis.

May God have mercy on your souls.

And we're coming for you. You WILL face not only justice before man but before God as well.

You sons of bitches. 

Illogical Incoherence About Children

Of all the lies about Covid, the assault and propaganda against children should outrage everyone. 

I've done nothing but defend the kids for 19 months now but the authoritarians in charge of this vaccine gulag are too blinded by their fear and dogmatic commitment to low quality experimental injections.

I'm at peace.

I noticed a contradiction in the logic from people who kneel before the altar of 'vaccines'. The ask us to ignore deaths and adverse events as being 'rare' but ignore that children dying or having long-term complications of Covid are exceedingly rare. 

All we're doing is sacrificing children to soothe mentally ill and cowardly adults.

As data comes in, the vaccines are damaging children far more than Covid. The vaccines are NO SOLUTION because the kids never needed it in the first place.

I will continue to plead with parents to stiffen their spine and stop being pushed around by physicians and politicians. They're not infallible. Sadly, in Canada, the soft obedience of its population has already begun to run to inject their children. We failed them. Now it will be about the boosters. We have to stop the booster scam. Canadians have failed at every turn from masks to passports. The boosters have to be our last stand. 

Mark it down. When the day people will be held to account for this disaster, the 'We didn't know' will be the 'I was just doing my job' of our times.

That will not be an excuse. A gigantic digital trail of information is being amassed as we speak because we know that's exactly what the excuse will be. Except it will be untenable and preposterous because for 19 months there was plenty of people who offered different perspectives that went ignored and was censored. 

Politicians and public health officials. We will not rest until justice is served.

Teach Your Children Well

I've taken the opportunity to teach my child that what she's witnessing is a moral panic. She will have had the benefitted of watching before her eyes how hysteria and propaganda conspire to murder reason and common sense.

I'm guiding her to see that this is not about public health and that in times of great chaos and corruption, all we have left are our principles and values. Losing them can only be resisted by maintaining calm and clarity.

As the government ever increasingly becomes more tyrannical, it challenges our resolve. But resolute we must remain. The societal pressures are great and suffocating and may still become more repressive and stifling.

But it's important to remaIn resolute. 

Where people are teaching their kids into believing by complying to authoritarian action is to be unselfish, I teach that it is never acceptable to consent and comply to obvious assaults on personal civil liberties.

'Making the best of it' by wearing masks and downloading digital apps only herds people into a neo-feudalist mindset and system. 

There will be pain. I can but forge ahead. Hope for the best and pray for the worse. The next couple of months will be the most challenging faced as a Canadian citizen. This is not about science or public health.

This is about power and control and money and racketeering and a resetting of the global and civil order.

No one gets out of here alive unless we stop letting propaganda divide us. We must ALL now form a common bond and restore our civility. There is no civility at the moment. 

Teach your children not to be cogs in a wheel.

But to be free and independent thinkers. 

Take a stand.


Canada Hits Its Low Point

 In Quebec and Canada, the 'unclean' can't:

-Go visit someone in the hospital.

-Go the restaurant.

-And travel.

Russia is more free than Canada.

Let that sink in you dumb scared fucks.

Congratulations Justin.

But you're faux-reign of tyranny and pseudoscience psy-ops will flop.

Your arrogant flouting and bludgeoning of the rule of law and despicable divisive rhetoric will come back to haunt you.

That goes for every single Premier. The Sword of Damocles hangs above you.

The truth is coming. 

Vaccination Is NOT The Solution For Children

One of the key areas of research I've focused on during the past 19 months is Covid and children.

If there's one thing that is crystal clear is that children are not in significant danger as their immunity has proven to be durable and immense against the virus. We also know they're not vectors of the disease. Which explains why schools were and are the safest place to be 

The scientific literature on this fact has been available since last spring!

Nordic countries did not close their schools or mask their children.

Our actions in North America belies the science. It ignores it for an unhinged vaccination agenda. There is no justification to vaccinate kids.

The cold hard reality is adults projected their fears onto kids and used them as shields like cowards. The irony is if anything, tenuous masks studies actually show teachers should wear masks since adults are likely to infect children and not the other way around.

Instead, selfish teachers only thought of themselves. 

Another area of consent and irritation is how experts speak about the negative fall out of school closures and the measures that were imposed as if they had no choice. This is incredulous as it was our panicked over reaction that ruined a generation of children. The science was always there but they chose to ignore it preferring to obsess over their own fears. You don't get to pass off one of the worst decision in contemporary Canadian history on the kids or Covid.

Now, they talk as if the only way out of masks is though vaccinations which is another strategy that will end in disaster. Lockdowns and vaccinations. On both occasions these could have been avoided if we just listened to the facts and sensible minds. Instead,  we remain in a frightful state of panic and fear. 

I would hope lawsuits will be launched once this madness passes. The obscene manner in which the authorities undermined parental authority and coerced children with bribes must be explained.

Take names people. Hunt them down. Hold them to account.

Anthony Fauci: Please Go Away

That's it.

Just go fuck yourself. 


Quote Of The Day

 "Blood is thicker than water. Values are thicker than blood."

T.C. Montreal, 2021.

Quebec's Continued Non-Scientific Aggression

Just a daily reminder of the clown show here.

Quebec won't allow unvaccinated people into public spaces including hospitals except for care.

But vaccinated people are super spreaders. Somehow, without proof (as usual), it's the unvaccinated who are keeping the 'pandemic' (which is really endemic) going. Even though the vaccines aren't effective against infection. Follow?

As you were.

Meet The People Who Manipulate You

Canada's Nudge Unit.

Be aware. Know who play you.

Their sole job is to induce a hehavioural outcome.

A low-character politician's wet dream. No shortage of those here.

This Is Not Unprecedented

I hear this nonsense a lot. That Covid is "unprecedented".

It's not.

Humanity and history have experienced several pandemics some of which were far deadlier. To listen to 'experts' continuously say this points to straight up propaganda and emotional manipulation. 

What has been unprecedented is our response. Particularly with respects to the vaccines and lockdowns.

Anyone stating otherwise is full of shit. 

As you were.

Of Covid Consent And Nazi Germany

T.C.: Are you free?

Covid believer: Yes I am.

T.C.: Are you compelled to wear a mask still?

CB: Yes.

T.C.: Must you produce proof of vaccination?

CB: Yes.

T.C.: Do you still accept the Covid narrative?

CB: Yes.

T.C.: Then you consented to tyranny and are not free.

CB: It is I who can go to the restaurant and travel. It is you who is not free.

T..C: I'm more free than you'll ever be and more than you think.


I'm noticing more articles consulting ethics in the media. The line goes something like 'No, the Nuremberg Codes don't apply because that's different' and 'it's acceptable to not invite unvaccinated people to Thanksgiving. 

As atrocious this is to a sensible mind endowed with a properly calibrated moral compass, it is not so for people gripped by fear.

This is where we're at in Canada. And the Nazi Germany analogy absolutely applies. Only an ignorant and arrogant society thinks they can never wallow in barbarity.

The very venomous rhetoric spewed by Justin and reinforced by a despicable propagandistic media and foolish academics all but condemns this nation into this realm.

After all, is this not how Hitler started? He prepped and primed the population by scapegoating Jews. Here, we scapegoat the unvaccinated. Hitler removed their privileges. What do you think Trudeau and Premiers are doing with the unvaccinated?

Oh, it's for public health you say?

What do you think happened in Germany? The health of the public was more important than the health of individual. Once you strip people of their personal medical autonomy, you are free to do as you please. In the case of Germany, they murdered 'useless feeders' such as the mentally handicapped and other people afflicted with diseases that threatened 'public health'.

Oh, but the doctors and nurses wouldn't allow for it!

Without the complicity of doctors and nurses, Nazi Germany could not achieve the horrors it did. Doctors and nurses in Canada are following the orders of the state and their governing boards that clearly violate ethical standards no matter what bioethicist from an institution will spew to the media.

Do you actually believe, assuming you've done any thinking during this appalling event, we're not in the realm of sending people into gulags? Are you certain our collective moral code and values would prevent this? Then, I submit you are naive. Absolutely Canada is on that track.

If it happened in an advanced society and culture at the height of brilliance like Germany, it can happen anywhere including Canada. We have to learn to read and accept the signs. 

Hello. We're denying the right for people to earn a living. Once you cross that line, all bets are off and we head into darker places. This only stops with a population alert to the unethical methods used and call for its cessation. The methods used by the state is coercion and this is unethical. It's not unlike extracting a confession from a suspect under duress or threats. It's not valid in this case so what are we validating such coercion for vaccination?

How do you know if something is wrong? Your conscience tells you. If it hurts someone, then it's immoral. Simple. So encouraging people to accept it's ok to segregate along vaccination lines inevitably leads to human friction and hurts people. Ergo, you are immoral. 

Once you start one thing, it leads to something worse and worse and so on. This is human nature. 

Just look back at the trajectory and the arc from 'flatten the curve' to where we are. Don't look at it in blocks fooling yourself into thinking you're evolving with the 'facts on the ground'. Look back. Remember when they said '70% is enough to get to herd' and arbitrarily shifted it to above 90% using the false fears of Delta? This was manipulation at its finest and its indicative of psychopathic behavior. 

'Conspiracists' had warn we'd end up right where we are and it was not all that difficult to plot it once you understand not the basic facts of the situation but human nature as well. Has it gotten better or worse? I submit worse and if people remain asleep, it can can get worse still. This worries me because the state is showing no signs of acting with any common sense or decency. It has charted its course. And it's a highly dangerous one.

"Public health". For your own protection.

It's hard to admit you were made a fool. It's easier to dismiss the people who warned you as cranks and conspiracists. But fooled you were. 

As already cited, we know where this can go once the individual is dehumanized. When you cross the line of 'uninviting' people, you have crossed an ethical barrier you will never be able to reverse. Odd given vaccinated people are super spreaders no? Not only did you act unethically, you coupled this with ignorance and arrogance. 

This pandemic revealed the true colors of nations. We saw what Canada is. Cowardly and cruel. Incompetent and just as vulnerable to pseudoscience as any barbaric group of the past. 

I do think the Nuremberg Codes apply and I hope to expand on this in a later post.

Canada has moved onto legitimizing dehumanizing people. Run by clowns, live like clowns I say.

Quacks and fools abound in a time of moral panic.

And we will hunt down the people who have frayed the civil order. 

Lies. All Lies.

I should start a segment called 'Covid Lies'.

Even if you buy into the Delta scam and are vaccinated, you have to concede Canada's behavior in the past two months is unhinged, unethical and largely illegal.

Never mind what whatever flunkie constitutional lawyer or scholar the media pimps out says spinning and twisting these draconian measures. The courts have failed the Canadian people. Miserably. And it should give pause to every single Canadian about what's' going on. I've seen a side of Canada that leaves me with the sobering thought that this country is all a sham.

There is no justice here. Just corruption. It's a playing field for crooks and liars. Full stop.

There is no justification - scientifically or logically - for any of the measures. 

Let's recap to remind you all how you're being lied to and emotionally manipulated. 


-The vaccines wane. Big time. Now the latest study show the RRR is actually much lower than 66% (Moderna) and 39% (Pfizer). Remember, the ARR (the absolute risk and the more accurate figure) is 1.2% for the gene therapies. Meaning, 99% of people injected will get Covid. And the news isn't getting better. Where the average length of 'effectiveness' was thought to be six months may even shorter. The latest data is showing it diminishes after just four months (as Dr. Bridle has asserted. If there's one actual expert in Canada you should be listening to it's him) and by as much as 20%.

Pfizer is selling junk. 

No vaccine is perfect! Heard this sloganeering bull shit going on. Yeh, except you degenerates sold it as the only way out and extorted people's liberties for it. So, um, go to hell?

My advice? When Canadian officials - who have created yet another catastrophe damaging the civil order (potentially permanently) - come knocking demanding it's booster time (remember the FDA voted 16-2 to not administer it to the general population, Sweden, Denmark, and Finland have halted Moderna (another company that made out like bandits during this medical hysteria) and now Israelis slowly daring the line at four booster), as a condition to be 'free' you say NO. It should be free of coercion and forced under duress. I will tackle the ethics of this in another post. Ethicists, like judges, are another class who have been hypnotized by the hysteria. 

Remind me how this is effective again? Other than reducing symptoms and potentially avoiding a visit to the hospital, they're not effective in any other manner. Good enough you say? Fair enough. But that's a personal choice since it does literally nothing for your neighbour (and let's be frank most people couldn't care less about their neighbours no matter what they declare on social media. We all know most people just comply and others took it because they 'need to travel' as a family friend said to us. Right. You 'need' to go to that all-inclusive). Also, and most importantly, this concern is tempered by the fact this virus has a 99.985% survival rate. The images you see on TV are what we call outliers. If they're effective, why do you care if someone doesn't take it? The harsh reality is this experiment on the population has failed miserably. 

I stand by this an epic miscalculation and the vaccine roll out is a failure. 

-The injections do not halt transmission.  I want people to think about this one. If the they don't halt transmission, how could it possibly 'end the pandemic'? How can it achieve herd immunity? So explain by any rational measure why you would risk the health of children who pose no danger to cowardly adults as their natural immunity clearly has shown it is more than capable of dealing with whatever his virus is (and I'm starting to wonder if governments can't prove they've ever isolated the virus. We have a computerized genetic composition but not much else from what I gather). Remember how they used to talk about this but no more? That's because it won't. So yes, they're lying to you to your face when they say this. Specifically, that pathological lying mentally ill megalomaniac Justin. Sick, weak, corrupted people on the take are driving this madness.

-Natural immunity is superior to any vaccine. That sound was the thud of a million MDs fainting. How dare you challenge settled science! We will send the MD Hit Squad to eliminate you! How dare you question our dogma! Bow before our vaccines! 

Fuck off.

Mother Nature will always prevail over man. Man's hubris fools himself into believing he can tame and conquer Mother Nature. It is to laugh.

Natural immunity, to no one's surprise, does matter. In fact, it confers superior immunity. 

Mother Nature devours Pfizer and spits out its bones.  

-Vaccinated people spread more than the unvaccinated. No, you're not misreading. Studies are showing the vaccinated carry higher viral load and have become asymptomatic super spreaders. The theory goes, the therapies work well enough to hide symptoms so people go out showing their papers like good little compliant sheep feeling good. Except they're silently spreading it. It's not a 'pandemic of the unvaccinated'. It's a pandemic of the VACCINATED. It's mass vaccination that's allowing the selection of present variants to become dominant and potentially deadlier. This is what more and more prominent scientists, virologists and immunologists are concluding. Some even warned way before this would happen. 

So do pray tell you incompetent jackasses how fucking bloody passports do anything other than the squash civil liberties and coerce people into taking something they don't need or want?

Explain away all you lying sons of bitches. 

And you all damn know well who you are. 

To physicians and hospitals I echo Dr. McCollough's warning:

"To hold on to the position of denying compassionate care to patients, and to create fear, suffering, hospitalization, and death is immoral. It’s unethical and in civil court, it’s illegal. And all of you will be hunted. Every single one of you listening right now will be hunted and justice will be served. These are considered crimes against humanity."

Let us pray for what you've done.


No, You Can't Vaccinate Your Way Out Of The Pandemic

Who ever says this is a LIAR or an ignoramus who is not following the facts.

This is simply not a virus you can eradicate. In fact, it's likely already endemic and part of the coronavirus landscape now.

Deal with it.

And no amount of vaccines will change this.


So this insane bull shit the Liberals are pimping will only lead to one outcome: A divided nation.

This claim Justin is gonna end the pandemic with his empty bravado and excessive and unethical measures is going to fail.

As if people haven't paid enough of a price in 2020 through Canada's failed lockdown strategy, let's now throw the very heroes we venerated into the streets.

Hey you the unclean! Can't travel because you're not conforming and pose a threat to us even though there's no proof of this and we're vaccinated. Don't mind we have higher viral load and are super spreaders, you're the one who make us feel guilty for being so weak and scared. Stop telling us the vaccines won't stop transmission. We just want to feel good like we did #bakingbread in our cocoons of laxity and abject fear and idiocy as we kneeled before our masks. Get jabbed so we can get the liberties stolen from us back and that legal scholars and other flunkies have failed to uphold. 

This is Canada in all its infinite inglorious retardation.

Scary part is Canadians are so disconnected from the facts, they think this is all good.

What an obscene joke we've become.

Go. Jab the kids Canada. You ain't winning this fight with Covid-19. It's not a gamble I would take but then again, as one person smugly told me, I'm in the 'minority'.

So be it.

I ain't following this insane crowd. 

MD's Are NOT Vaccine And Mask Experts

 It's called science and medicine.

MD's fall under 'medicine'.

They're doctors.

Doctors and physicians are not experts in immunology or PPE.

But they talk as if they are.

Know the difference. 

It's an important distinction to make. 

So whenever you hear an MD (or an epidemiologist) fervently defend the use of masks, you can safely ignore them. They are no more qualified than you are to talk about masks. 

If you want to learn about their effectiveness, industrial hygienists, anesthesiologists, and physicists are far more qualified. In the case, of IH's they are the authority. Even construction workers are more qualified to talk about masks or different PPE experts from OSHA or workers from 3M.

Not doctors or epidemiologists.

But who do we see on TV? When did you ever see an IH talking about masks to the public?

They don't get the chance.

Media is too busy running to an epidemiologist at an academic institution speak outside their lane about masks so long as it fits the narrative.

It's the same with vaccines.

Neither are as qualified to speak - let alone call for mandates and worse - about vaccines.

MD's just follow orders. Sure some may keep up with data but for the most part the story line is: Here are your vaccines and the schedule. And in many cases, it comes with a cheque.

Vaccines fall under the dogmatic category of 'settled science' and don't you dare challenge the crown jewel of modern Western medicine.  I fail to see how this is different from any cult out there.

Pfizer and Merck couldn't ask for a better playing field. A captured medical and regulatory class as well as immunity makes for complete dominance in this sphere. 

Good for this group. Bad for the rest of us.

I'll keep on this topic moving forward. What this continued hysteria has done for me is focus my lenses on the players in the game. 

I started with the MD's who we've long established have implemented and imposed a precautionary principle medical tyranny with epidemiologists at their side.

Next up are the religious leaders who have abandoned their followers and instructed them to obey as well as ethicists and legal scholars.

Each of these groups have allowed themselves to fall into the fog of fear caught up in the moral panic.

According to them, there are no rights or acceptable moral objections.

We must hit this head on.


How Spectacularly Stupid Is Canada?

 Quite evidently.

It's been a staggering and shocking two months. While the average Canadian continues to be duped refusing to acknowledge they've been duped, the rest of us quite aware of the scam in our midst weep realizing this country was nothing but a deceptive entity run by corrupt buffoons.

And I mean this with every fibre in my body.

With my soul.

A country for and by fools and knaves.

A country that has revealed its true colors in the face of adversity. One that is cruel and without compassionate. One that is hypocritical and lazy of the mind. One that is easily scared and gullible enough to accept manufactured scapegoats.

On the day the resident jester in power announced unvaccinated people - who pose no threat to anyone - won't be permitted to board airplanes and trains. It's communism through and through and has nothing to do with public health. It's an illusion of safety and you're a complete ignorant jerk for supporting it.

Admit the reason you applaud is because you didn't have the guts to stand your ground and you expect others to just comply and come down to your weak status.

You have neither science nor ethics on your side.

All you ddi was submit and obey orders.

You somehow absurdly let yourself be misled (and I can just imagine the propaganda you poor soul was fed by quacks and criminals in the media) into accepting we can stab our way out of this pandemic despite mounting clear evidence this can't and won't happen.

I repeat: The vaccines will not end the pandemic.

Why, how dare you T.C.?! You're not a scientist!


But I can read and can deduce and digest information. God gave me a mind and a brain as well as free will so I can exercise to assess things.

I'm confident in my ability to process any information. One need not be an expert to research vaccines.

Know how I can arrive at this conclusion? Two reasons.  One, these experiment injections were never meant to halt transmission. Hence, if this is the case then how can you reach herd immunity and therefore end the pandemic?

Use your head.

Two, we see mounting evidence from several countries the more vaccinated the population (ie gullible and corrupted) the HIGHER THE CASES. Record cases as we see in Israel and Singapore. We see the same thing in New England - the most vaccinated region in the USA.

No. This doesn't mean the vaccines are 'working'. Nor was this expected.

You can't spin this. It's in your face.

Just like 'mystery' heart attacks aren't mysterious at all but directly correlated to these low quality leaky vaccines that idiotic countries like Canada decided to uproot the civil order over.

The cold hard fact was the only approach should have been here are the vaccines and together with natural immunity and therapeutics we will managed.

Instead, the criminal incompetents in power (Justin, Tam, Legault, Ford and the horror show of academics from institutions taking unholy grant money from a convicted felon who does not have humanity at heart named Bill Gates) have decided to make up the lie that the only way out was through this injection.

It should never have come to this.


This is a direct consequence of an apathetic population, corrupted and weak politicians, and authoritarian  medical authorities to whom I'd never let treat a wart.

On the very day we learn about exploding cases among the vaccinated and six Australian politicians resigning because of a - you guessed it - a kick scheme with pharma lobbyists to the tune of $65 million as well as the resignation of a powerful NIH director in Francis Collins, this party of clowns and smug arrogant losers announce yet another restrictive, illegal and unethical policy punishing a segment of the population.

Good luck getting the other pack of frauds at Human Rights Commissions and constitutional scholars who have rolled over just like the bought and sold cowardly courts.

Hell doesn't burn hot enough for these people.

Stupid country.

Accept it.


You're in a mask and took a leaky, low quality vaccine because too many people are making money off it.

Cui bono?

You have to shift your mindset. 


Daily Derp: Oh Canaderp!


Let's see.

New Zealand is now pivoting from Covid Zero after a seven week lockdown saw Kiwis begin to protest. Last week Ireland announced lifting of restrictions. 

Australia is in the middle of a quasi civil-war as corrupted politicians on the take are resigning so expect Australia to shake off the trance they're in. They recently announced December 1 people will get their freedoms restored. 

Why does this matter?

Because in the case of NZL and Ireland, this is where the irrational Covid Zero cult originated and found its biggest supporters and it all came crashing down. Australia also subscribed to it so I await the authorities to shift and then resign. It's the only honorable thing to do at this stage.

As I felt had to. Things built on lies, deception and pseudoscience cannot stand for long.

That will leave Israel as the only Covid Zero gulag and its obsession with a vaccine policy that is clearly not working. 

Currently, the countries still mired in dubious and absurd restrictions are France, UK, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Holland and Belgium. The United States is a mix but still not leading the way out and of course Canada. Strange bunch no? These are supposed to be the scientific meccas and they're acting anything but.

There are small states like Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia that are veritable Covid gulags. On the flip side,  the Nordic countries, Spain, Croatia, Belarus, Croatia and Bulgaria are free. Russia too is more open than Canada. 

The issue of the Covid injections, on the other hand, will prove to be a much more difficult nut to crack as it involves different dynamics including dogma and obviously bribes.


Here you go. In their own words of what they planned to do.

How Fauci is still out there yapping is above my pay grade to comprehend.

I rather enjoy the grotesqueness of watching criminals plot their schemes at an institute founded by a felon....on C-Span. Quite the timeline here.

2) Bright went from BARDA to....you guessed it.....Pfizer.

3) The flu vaccine has been a colossal failure. In its best year it's only 50% effective. It's around 30% on average. But let's look for a universal version of that mediocrity.

Know what else has been a failure?


Wait. This means it's working right?

Highly injected New England sees case surge.



85% of deaths in NSW (Australia) among....wait for it.....the fully vaccinated. 

Deaths in teenage boys in the UK up 63%.

Note to doctors pimping the injection and spinning propaganda: Shut the fuck up. 

"It's work..".....SLAP!


Interesting protest on Parliament Hill.

He's the opposite of the self-entitled, elfish person who took the injection and downloaded the app to gain permission to live because they need to go for dinner and an all-inclusive vacation. 


Children are practically immune from Covid.

Hang your heads in shame parents and 'experts'.

Your cowardice and bull shit failed the kids.


New definition of anti-vaxxer.

Merriam-Webster. Making shit up to do its part in the Covid deception.


Oh Deena. You can run but you can't hide.

Here's hoping the people who can make people face justice don't relent.

Bring them all to justice. They've not had to defend their measures once. They must at some point.


Experts are examining blood in the vaccinated and not. And they no like what they see.


I requested the Covid-19 Immunity Task Force provide evidence to back their mask bull shit.

They pointed me to PHAC. 

I responded not good enough as there are no links or sources to examine. I asked them for the evidence and where they base their claims on.

Canada remains one of the few countries in the world continuing to mask kids. Impressive. 

So tired of this.


The lies against  Ivermectin just a part of the many lies during the Covid scam.

Where treatments available, the story goes, you can't push vaccines. Hence, the war on Ivermectin. The case of India is quite remarkable and blows another hole in what we're told about Covid.

Problem for authorities now is when the truth comes out  - and it will - what will the people do? They obeyed the government. No one likes to be a made a fool.

But then Pfizer went on the viral track (because nothing screams the vaccines are awesome than the criminal enterprise that produces it goes off track), with their own 'Ivermectin' (inducing The Babylon Bee to call it Pfizermectin) medicine. Not to be outdone, Merck (who lied about their own drug because the margins are too thin) pulled a scam out of their ass with molpuvinir. 

These people are shameless as they are dangerous.

How about we stop being hypochondriacs to get off the meds?

Anyway that's an excellent article from Zero Hedge.

"Maybe it is time to ask why Dr. Pierre Kory’s peer-reviewed narrative review of Ivermectin ranks #38 out of the same 18 million publications. 

He concludes, “Finally, the many examples of Ivermectin distribution campaigns leading to rapid population-wide decreases in morbidity and mortality reduction indicate that an oral agent effective in all phases of COVID-19 has been identified.”

If Dr. Lawrie’s paper is ranked in the top 5% of the top .001% of all such published medical articles of all time, then Dr. Kory’s is not far behind.  His is 38/180 of the top .001% or the top 21% of the top .001% 

Thus, both articles would rank in the rarified atmosphere of nearly one in a million.

Therefore, the reader must now ask why two magnificent independent reviews from two different continents, coming to the same conclusion, are both ignored by our world’s medical leaders?"

Some 'horse dewormer'. Nobel prize for human medicine, billions of doses given,  WHO list of essential medicines.

Keep pretending docs.


What do you think the people will do when it all goes down in flames?

What you gonna do when things go wrong?
What you gonna do when it all cracks up?
What you gonna do when the Love burns down?
What you gonna do when the flames go up?
Who is gonna come and turn the tide?
What's it gonna take to make a dream survive?
Who's got the touch to calm the storm inside?
Who's gonna save you?
Alive and Kicking
Stay until your love is, Alive and Kicking
Stay until your love is, until your love is, Alive



We shall defeat the madness. 




All of it.


Be Prepared Canada

The next couple of weeks and months will be very difficult. 

Tens of thousands of our fellow Canadians will be without work soon. The government of Canada is denying citizens of their inalienable right to provide for their families. Yes, this is where we are in Canada.

What YOU'VE become. Not me. I've been fighting every way I could against all this hysteria.

I single you out because it's 19 months and you still think nothing is wrong.

But that's where you're wrong.

This is all real and all very immoral and unethical.

By you downloading stupid Covid apps, it's tacit proof of the ultimate selfish act.  How no one can be disturbed by what's happening shocks me. 

I saw this quote somewhere:

"AHS is about to create the biggest crisis we have seen so far.... Only 59.7% of AHS workers in Calgary are jabbed... in Edmonton only 55.5% of AHS workers are jabbed. Stand strong. Everyone else had better take care of their health to the best of their abilities in the meantime... because once these workers are fired... Our healthcare system ceases to function."

Indeed, across North America, we will be seeing hospitals collapse and in Canada health systems.

If we were already stretched and under staffed, how did it come to be politicians thought firing thousands of HCW was not going to cause the ultimate collapse? Is it by design so that once it does collapse, they use it as a reason to triple down on mandates and other horrible measures? 

Why not? You've already consented and signalled your bodily autonomy doesn't matter. All it took was a virus (man-made and only sequenced on a computer) with a 99.985% survival rate to scare and fool you.

I know it's hard to accept but you were made a fool. 

Are the this corrupt? Stupid? Obsessed with injections? It's all very creepy and disturbing.

No Canada. You are NOT better than any country including the USA.

In fact, you've shown your true colors: Cruel and cowardly.

For the rest of us who have protested and did our parts, may God protect us and may he shine the light on truth and justice.

Covid-19 Immunity Task Force Peddles Tiresome Debunked Pseudoscience

Recently heard a Dr. Kellar from Canada's Covid-19 'Task Force' claim things are good in schools because of social distancing and masking.

Could you believe this?

We're literally flooded with literature that emphatically states otherwise. That the measures have had little to no impact on Covid-19. But we do know the collateral damage has been devastating.

Still more, Canada is still one of the last countries still masking children during physical activities contrary to the data and facts cautioning against doing so.

What the hell is going on in this place?

We have so much information comparing countries with little to no restrictions to those with several (Canada is among the most restrictive) concluding quite clearly measures literally have had no impact.

Indeed, I'd like this task force to explain the Nordic countries which have the opposite approach to Canada. Few Western countries even bother to mask children anymore.

This goes back to what was my original concern when these futile and draconian measures became mandates. When something is not rooted in sound judgment or science, it becomes social engineering for its own sake and then becomes a norm without any scientific basis. 

Well, it's pseudoscience. 

I stand by health authorities have not only been irresponsible erring excessively on the side of a distorted version of the precautionary principle (while others are on the take no doubt) during this ordeal but have shown themselves to be authoritarians and in several cases cowards.



Canada's Covids Approach In A Clip

Yes, this is exactly how stupid you look to us normal people.

You being public officials and expert quacks and people who support these idiots.

Recap Of Key Covid Lies And Deceptions

- Asymptomatic spread. We always knew it was rare. The W.H.O. knew it and so did Fauci when he stated 'in the history of infectious diseases asymptomatic people were never driver of outbreaks'. They said you were a 'silent killer.'  Dr. Doom Arruda said if you didn't wear a mask you were responsible for the death of others. Which begged the question: How many people did you asymptomatically kill during flu season over the years Horacio? Quackery at its finest. The reason we're mired in this mask cult (which never has and never will have a net benefit impact on stopping a virus. Decades of research and studies make this just about as emphatically clear as these things can get) is because of these lies. Worse, children are wearing them 10 hours a day.

-Natural immunity. Nothing screamed 'war on science' than the attack on the biological reality of natural immunity. The 'experts on TV' (many of whom had an agenda  likely on the pharma payroll or worked for an institution receiving grants from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation) completely ignored its existence as they incessantly peddled vaccine (gene therapy) propaganda. People were conditioned into believing there was only one way out and that was an experimental injection that never was designed to, you guessed it, stop transmission. So how does the claim 'take the vaccine to end the pandemic' make any sense? Its impact at slowing down infections has been modest. It's been better at weakening symptoms. But whatever claims made about effectiveness is tempered by the simple reality efficacy wanes on average between four and eight months. Hence, the call for boosters. For this, we've ruined people's lives by coercing and mandating them into a vaccine regardless of individual choice and circumstance. We've introduced passports even though the viral load of vaccinated people is higher than the unvaccinated. The irony? Man made them asymptomatic spreaders. Left to nature, asymptomatic spread is rare. Left to man, it becomes a feature. 

'It means it's working' is another deception used by officials. Let's rework this. If it works, then why are unvaccinated people being scapegoated? Why the mounting adverse events including deaths? Why the masks and measures? Why the boosters? Why the mandates? If the only credible benefit to this rushed injection is it may prevent hospitalizations, then why do people care if others decline it? 

Which bings us back to natural immunity. Millions upon millions of people have it. Denying this basic biological fact is ludicrous and anti-science. So much so it should be investigated into whence this nonsense came from.  If natural immunity played no role, then how did we survive as a species before the arrival of vaccines?

The idea of preventing natural immunity play its natural role as Mother Nature intended has actually led to catastrophic outcomes. The claim was natural immunity was too long and would kill people. The alternative was to sit, wait for a vaccine that may or may not work, and keep measures in place indefinitely. The trade-off of each, when considered and calculated, clearly show this action has proven to be a spectacular failure.

-As noted, masks have become the symbol of this disaster. Study after chart after research after essays show they have not had an impact but may indeed prove to be pernicious as we continue to cling to this madness. 

-Lab theory. From the onset, it was warned by virologists that the virus had the markings of coming out of a lab. But media, in its infinite laziness and corruption, stood by Fauci's lies and refused to investigate. For months, the 'natural' theory allowed officials to chart a course implementing completely ineffective measures that had no impact on the virus but directly impacted the lives of millions. 

The lab theory basically points the finger back at NIH and Fauci and Collins along with a couple of other shady characters. We now know with almost certainty this is a man-made virus. All we need to find out is was it released on purpose from the Wuhan Lab? Chinese officials likely knew about this virus as early as November of 2019. When did they know it and why did they wait to notify the world? In short, the key player in this - Fauci - created a frankenstein virus and is still on TV shouting directives, calling for more mandates and giving advice on the very virus he created! 

How is he even permitted to be on television? Why isn't he being invesitaged? How deep does the Pentagon's tentacles run into this? They apparently gave $39 million to the lab.

Nothing short of a full investigation is in order.

-Other scandals in this includes the use of the PCR test which should never have been allowed. The refusal to consider therapeutics. Physicians boards and organizations across the continent conducted a campaign of terror and censorship threatening to suspect and revoke any medical practitioner who dared to challenge their mafia-like dictums. The persistent lies with empty claims such as 'pandemic of the unvaccinated' and senseless and constant assaults on children. The calls to ruin people's lives by denying them the right to earn a living for not following and kneeling before the Covid-cult.

The fall out from this moral panic will be epic. It created the greatest medical disaster in history. 

My God. End this unethical and illegal madness! 

The Covid narrative has unravelled.

What we see is a human catastrophe.

We know who did it.

Will they be held to account? 


Quote Of The Day

 Heard on a report at a health care workers rally in Minnesota:

"We went from 15 days to flatten the curve to three shots to feed your family'.

Stanford Digitalizes The Nuremberg Codes: Sunday Reading For Trudeau, Tam And Legault

On the 75th anniversary of the Nuremberg Codes, Standford has transferred the files of the Nuremberg Trial into digital format.

Now public officials and physicians who are partaking in the Covid panic can read for themselves the crimes they are committing.

Academics claiming this is not a fair analogy are part of the problem and complicit.

Last chance Canada. 

The Vaccines Are Not The Way Out

An Alberta physician's excellent run down of this mess.

From the NEJM. The vaccines aren't a panacea nor do they justify passports.

Again Canada. You claim to 'follow the science'. Now's your chance to prove it. End the madness. 

We Got It All Wrong

All of it.

And the way governments and pharma are acting with the idiotic measures and new products, they know it.

We always knew The Great Barrington Declaration and Sweden who followed the LAWS OF MOTHER NATURE and established science were going to win the day in the end.

Canada. You have one last chance to get it right.

Vaccinating Children Is Wrong And Unscientific

This mad push to vaccinate children is just that....mad. Incoherent and without justification. 

Every official and physicians peddling this should resign and be investigated. 

I am stunned by this as I explore the literature. Horrified even.

Never mind the vaccine roll out should come to a halt immediately in general, the children need to be spared. We're losing our mind forcing this onto them.

More and more experts are growing concerned by what they're observing. For example, they not:

-A real concern for cancer growth.

- Changes in the blood.

-Strange particles in the vaccines.

-The spike protein leaving the site of injunction thus acting as a toxin in the organs and potentially crossing the brain-blood barrier. 

-The presence of prions which leads to neurological damage.

- Concerns with fertility.

In addition, to the known side-effects including myocarditis and blood clots and others.

All this for an injection that is NOT performing as advertised. Government and pharma are winging this in real time.

Listening to the government here speak about vaccinations is reminiscent of listening to cult leaders. They're in a fantasy world. Except this fantasy is constructing a vaccine gulag.

I see no scientific reason to do this.

This is so wrong and immoral.

It must be stopped. 

Quote Of The Day

It takes a long time to understand nothing."

Edward Dahlberg.

No kidding.

Essence of this blog.

Daily Derp: maRBurG! DERP ALERT! Vaccine Gulags DERP ALERT!

 Here we go. The Gates Health Organization (aka the W.H.O. headed by a Marxist terrorist) is now "warning" the world about Marburg. Remember when Fred's screaming for 'Will-Maaa!" Yeh well, 'Mar-BURG!'

I will be blunt here. If you buy into this crap you are spectacular gullible idiot with mental illness or an inability to think. Your brain is made of mush. 

Get off that fear of being called a 'conspiracist'. Spot the scam.

It's been asserted that the Marburg 'symptoms' suspiciously mirror those of the adverse events reported with the experimental mRNA gene therapies being administered.

Is it a cover up?

Given the dizzying amount of lies and deceptions for the last 19 months, it's plausible.

Anything is at the moment.


North America is a vaccine gulag. 


Man recounts his experience driving over the border from the USA into Canada.

Still think Canada makes any sense?


Note to Quebec businesses. YOU DO NOT NEED TO COMPLY WITH THE PASSPORTS. Stand up for yourselves against these bullying tactics that would make any mafia outfit proud. Know your rights and stop listening to those assholes in power. Bluntly speaking. 


The Federalderptards in Ottawa are sending in the cavalry into Alberta to help out with the charade emergency in the hospitals. Makes you wonder how Canadians keep falling for this Vaudeville act. What a bunch of dullards we are. In Saskatchewan, the head Quack says he will act if Premier Moe won't. Congratulations Canada, if this unelected bureaucrat does act, you have a full blown medical tyranny.

The worst part?

People support it!


God bless Gab. The owner is a bad ass who survived the purge. 

Anyway, the NYT is reporting what we all knew about January 6 being staged. It was a false flag organized by the enemy of the USA the FBI.

I bet you fell for that one too.

You know, because Trump.


It looks like it's not being administered properly with severe consequences. According to this doctor with expertise in this procedure, this is what causes myocarditis. This is what you get in a moral panic. Don't take the injection in a mobile van with creepy 'Old man with injection candy' splashed on it.

Daily Derp: Please Present Your Proof Of Derp To Read

Standard disclosure: Canada is stupid.


It means it's working!

After spending months bullying and terrorizing people into getting the experimental jab, Quebec is already finding out what other countries before them experienced.

Of course, Quebec and Canada are too arrogant and stupid to observe the warnings and ploughed through. Mostly because there's a money and racketeering pharma scam in place I reckon. They staked all this money and reputations (whatever level it was at) into the 'vaccines are the only way out' nonsense. 

Now prepare for them to present and pummel boosters into your minds and souls.

Not because they care but because they've painted themselves into a corner. Idiots.

Anyway, 60% of new hospitalizations are fully vaxxed. I'm surprised it got reported (in the English press no less. The biggest Branch Covidians around). But I expect the spinning to commence n 3....2....

As those of us paying attention to global events already knew was likely going to happen.

This after two fully vaxxed nursing homes saw outbreaks.

Keep wearing those masks.

Keep complying with public health orders rammed down by clowns.


The vaccinated are more likely contract Delta.

Dr. Perronne has taken it a step further. He suggest vaccinated people are the ones who should stay home during the flu season because they pose a significant danger to the unvaccinated.


Physicians Declaration from Global Covid Summit Rome.

Over 6700 scientists are demanding a halt to the vaccines.





Strange timing of the RiVax vaccine.