It's Because It's Working

Covid (allegedly) deaths 2020:

1 941 647 

Covid (allegedly) deaths 2021:

3 475 060.

Without knowing who died 'of', 'with' and 'from' Covid. Numbers mayhem. 

What was introduced in 2021? Right. The 'safe and effective' vaccines. 

So effective, deaths doubled and Quebec is headed for a curfew - the only jurisdiction on the West to impose one.

So effective, they blame people who don't take it for the rise in *cases* that threaten to collapse all of civilization. Wonder if Bill Gates writes the memos himself. 

Legault admits it's based not on science but 'intuition;.

If this doesn't wake anyone up, let them sleep. Hopefully the more logical and sane among the normies recognize just how bad a situation this is and by that I don't mean the virus.

The government and its vaccine roll out is the virus.

When the next protest happens, you'd better show up and stop making excuses.

They promised get vaccinated and you'd get your life back. 

What life?

You call this a life?

Who died from Omicron?

Are you prepared to lose your liberty to protect a public health system politicians and the orders of physicians refuse to fix?

Again. We're heading int a curfew for MISMANAGEMENT not a virus. 

Collapse Of Reason, Science And Logic

My God Quebec and Canada lie in shambles.

So we're right back to March of 2020. Lockdowns, curfews and deferral of the school year in 2022. For three weeks they tell us. More comically, it's based on 'intuition' of Francois Legault. The same clown who fired nurses and is applying pointless measures to protect the system he never bolstered but in fact weakened. He had TWO years to bolster it and didn't. Now people are back in curfew to protect his sorry ass.

The vaccinated were promised 'liberty' and the restaurants no lockdowns. Both got neither.

You can't tell people get vaccinated 'to end the pandemic' and lock them down. It undermines the claim the claim you can 'vaccinate your way out of this' and the vaccines as being effective. 

So clearly the vaccines aren't working. No only are cases shooting up to record levels, hospitalizations are rising among the vaccinated.

The world is taking dead aim at the unvaccinated but it's not them overwhelming hospitals. Nor do the vaccines halt transmission. So we're looking in the wrong places clearly. But it's much easier to scapegoatf people, right? 

Either you kill the roll out and come up with a new game plan or expect this misery,  mayhem and madness to continue. Omicron is a mild virus which makes me wonder why are people going into the  hospital and for what medical reasons exactly? 


Daily Derp: Step Right UP! Get Your PT Barnum Booster Shot To The Moon!

I'm once again way behind so here we go. These are a bunch of nuggets worth linking to during this hysteria. It's all about sharing and leaving a digital trail so that hopefully one day the people who perpetuated these crimes and those who were complicit in them will face justice. The truth was always out there.

-Crimes of the millennium. 

- Doctor spreads outrageous lies about Covid and kids.

-Timeline of the events in this crime. 

-Climate change waste.

-Vaccine mandates not based on sound science.

-Wait. You actually thought this was about public health? NIH, CIA and Gates. What can go wrong?

-Pharma, psychology and genocide.  

-The moment the vaccines threatened our liberties and medical autonomy. 

- I have been through this before. We all have.

- Corrupt NIH/FDA/CDC.

-Athletes collapsing. It's worth noting super stars like Rodgers, Djokovic, James and I believe Ronaldo are all questioning the narrative. We need more to strep up....like now.

-Can the vaccines damage the immune system?

- Pathogenic priming becoming real? Well is it?

- Modes of redress in international law against vaccine mandates.

- The "left" are anti-human establishmentarians now. 

- It's probably nothing. Or  more guilty consciences will reveal themselves. 

- 40 places where the shots have failed to stop the spread.

-The unnecessary battle for Ivermectin. We're told the vaccines are just a tool in the tool box (no it's not. They're being coerced into people as a means to a medical end), so why not add successful therapeutics that have little to no downside? After all, it's about saving lives, right? Right?

-Taiwan: Deaths from vaccines exceeds Covid.


I keep waiting for cooler heads to prevail. Still waiting, It's getting worrisome.


Random thought:

I happen to fall in the camp of people who believe Nuremberg 2 is upon us for new crimes against humanity.This time it goes well beyond Germany. The charges are: 1) Knowingly imposing measures such as lockdowns and masks were unscientific and without merit thus costing the lives and jobs of millions while damaging the psychological well-being of millions more. 2) Rushing of an experimental gene therapy for a possible man-made virus leading to adverse events, deaths and injuries greater than all previous medical procedures in history. 3) Suppressing the dignity of rights of people and creating two tier societies through unethical and illegal methods such as green passes, vaccine passports and mandates that are an affront to inalienable rights. 3) The suppression of known treatments which led to the deaths of innocent people 4) Those charged included the national governments of, but not exclusively, the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Norway, Denmark, Israel, Switzerland, Austria South Africa, Chile, Lithuania, Latvia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, and China. Various regulatory agencies and bodies and their leaders including, but not exclusively, the FDA, CDC, NIH, NIAID, Health Canada and equivalents, and those found to be connected to, in other countries including SAGE. Academic institutions and professors and scientists active in promoting an atmosphere of fear, medical boards and international NGOs and organizations including, but not restricted to, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, GAVI, George Soros, Imperial College, Johns Hopkins, Rockefeller Foundation, independent laboratories, the World Health Organization and World Economic Forum. As well, courts and judges who refused to defend the rights of peoples everywhere. The pharmaceutical industry led by Pfizer and its officials for alleged fraud and misleading of the public. Media, both traditional and social, for purposely and deliberately suppressing and censoring opinions and facts contrary to the established narrative, propaganda and orthodoxy. Each conspiring to cynically capitalize and profit from an international health crisis. Incompetence and claims of 'we weren't aware' will not be a defence. In this day and age of where information is readily available. The pleading of ignorance and 'doing one's job' will not be a defense.


-Auditor-General is not impressed. Neither are we.

-Dozens of politicians profiting from mandates.

- What happens in the first two weeks after vaccinations?

-Omicron is not normal.

- Selling sickness. Pharma relies on disease mongering. Just like NIH.

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- Passports and mandatory vaccination makes no sense.  And governments know this.

-Passports make no sense. You think? 

-BMJ calls out lame-ass loser fake fact checkers at Facebook.

- Oh look. Fauci and Francis doing what they do best: Act like bullying criminal fascists. Can anyone point to a single achievement these bums have pulled off? 

- Pfizer: More harm than good from the CCCA.

-Dr. Mel Bruchet black-bagged. This is very disturbing. 

- Some quick math on mass vaccinations.

- Bounty on your life and the Covid incentive programs in hospitals. 

- Omicron spread by young, healthy vaccinated people.

- VAERS telling a frightening story. 

- Bayer exec describes *vaccines* as gene therapy. By doing so, they violated informed consent off the bat.

-Follow the money. Please. This is the company connected to Van der Layen's husband. More here.

- You think? Gee, I wonder why?

-Breaking the Covid spell.

-BioNTech CEO Sahin is not vaccinated. Surprised? You shouldn't be.

-Time to pause the vaccine rollout and revise policy. 

- Idiot Canadian landlord in Calgary be like a Nazi.

- State of emergency and coercive medicine. 

- George Soros has blood on his hands. You think? 

-Theresa Tam must resign. You think?

-The vaccinated created Omicron. 

- Changing and winging it as they go along: "Our definition of 'vaccines' is problematic" I said our definition of 'vaccines' is.....

-Kenney's Alberta is fascistic. For public health. 

- Oh, come on! It's for your health! 

-Microwaves and brain injury. 

- Australia's prison camps. Inside the quarantine camps. Canada has camps too. By the way.

- Don't get sick.  How to reverse mRNA cell damage.

-Rath and Company serves Trudeau.

- Groups like CEDH are essential in this fight against medical tyranny. 

-There are many out there like Solidarity Movement. 

-Pandemic of the vaccinated. Unlike the unvaccinated scare, this one is provable.

- Former pharma sales rep says no to the experimental serum.

- Like Dr. Vanden Bossche, Dr. David Martin is incredibly thorough, articulate and well-sourced. They are either spectacularly right or spectacularly wrong. Right now, it looks like the former. If Martin is right about Trudeau (and quite frankly, it's plausible), I have no idea where we go from here. 

- Interview with Dr. Steven Pelech on the Iron Will Show.

-Stigmatizing the unvaccinated not justified. 

- Indian Bar Association goes on the offensive against medical officials and social media.

- Ethics and practices of pharma. Or lack thereof.

-The Socratic Academy founded by Dr. Christian et al.

- There are better ways to treat Covid.

- Canadian academics discuss cruddy Covid narrative.

-VigiAccess. After consenting, type 'Covid-19 Vaccine'.  Click on ADRs. Remove filament. Enjoy! 

-Boosters a slippery slope. You think? 

- Autopsies showing vaccines are dangerous. 

- Who are the real conspiracy theorists? Hint: It ain't people who don't wear masks.

- Equal part stupid and evil.

-Protecting the people from the perpetual pandemic.

*If you think waiting for the government and experts to *end* this, you need a booster shot for the brain.

-Media gets it wrong every single time. On purpose. 

- What is 'The Great Resert?'

- Expert has some Covid questions.  Excellent. Dr. Bhargava is her name. 

-BMJ's Dr. Doshi has always fought for truth and science. Here he questions vaccine efficacy. 

- Simple. You support vaccine passports, you're an authoritarian at heart and will be on the wrong side of history. Without doubt.

-The Fauci Dossier.

-Vaccination is state sponsored religion.

-Baber is one of the few courageous Canadian politicians out there.

-Delta, like Omicron, driven by the.....vaccinated. /cue scary music.

- UK funeral directors speak out.

Good little monkeys....


Always Remember....

How they lured people as part of a campaign strategy to get people to not be "vaccine hesitant'.

They bribed people with burgers, fries, candy, ice cream, beer, doughnuts and lotto tickets.

All stuff that is bad for our health and contributes to the underlying conditions the virus preys upon.

Welcome to 'public health' of the 21st century. Where extortion and bribery is seen as legitimate methods of coercion to achieve a desired medical outcome.

Take this junk for this junk trade. 

Vaccine Fetish Rampant

The vaccines are all good and not bad.

All work and no play make Jack a dull boy.

Vaccines can do no harm.

Vaccines all good. 

It's a mantra that has seeped deep into the psyche of minds.

A cult has been formed around an artificial pharmaceutical that is proving to not only not be effective but according a couple of recent studies, even have negative efficacy.

The vaccines are nor as successful as being claimed. It may have had an initial positive impact for a few months, but it's become clear the laws of diminishing returns have kicked. But what are officials who have stupidly staked all their money and reputations to do? Tell the public they took a questionable experimental injection with possible long-term effects for no reason?

The one saving grace for the ruling classes is they pumped enough propaganda and manipulated fear so effectively (ironically, more so than the vaccines) they've convinced people they do prevent sickness and death. 

What's entered the mindset is now "I got Covid despite being double or triple vaxxed but it could have been worse!" and "if only people would take the vaccine I would not have caught it!"

Man's ability to engage in deception knows no bounds.

This is all authorities have now as a reason to get these low quality products That is, "You don't want to catch it'' 

Logical fallacies abound. 

Let's explore these on a basic level. 

Post hoc/high survival

A vaccinated friend of the family knows of an unvaccinated young healthy colleague who died of Covid. 

She immediately concluded a) had the person been vaccinated, she would not have died and b) is convinced the vaccine is saving her life.

Both can be true and both cannot. Or one can and the other not.

The latter (B) is more supported by data than the former (A).

The key data point escaping people and has not entered the public consciousness is the survival rate is extremely high at about 99.985% for the overall population.

So chances are, if you get Covid you will indeed catch a mild form of it and the chances of death are slim to none.

The rate is even higher for kids under 19 and still more so for those under 12 hovering close to 100%.

In this manner, the vaccines serving as a net benefit is limited as there is no way to know who would have caught and died from the disease.

A blanket assumption of 'I got the vaccines I'm safe' is a faulty one as vaccinated people do die. Another fallacy is assuming if you are vaccinated but caught a mild form it would have been worse without it. 

The data shows if you're within a certain healthy demographic you would have had a mild form of it anyway. So we have to be careful with this. Studies also show the vaccines are most effective among the age groups least susceptible to the virus leaving the most vulnerable demographics with less than effective protection. It's a glitch in the system.

So once again, the people least impacted by lockdowns (and its biggest supporters) are benefitting from a vaccine meant to protect a demographic in danger of it.

God's sense of humor is dark.

Omicron is now raging and what would you say if it's been asserted this is definitely a man-made variant both scientifically and artificially induced through mass vaccination as well as mass mask wearing? The vaccinated are leading the way on this one. The attempt to blame the unvaccinated is without base or fact.

The virus doesn't appear to be deadlier. Yet, deaths in some nations are slightly hire. Is there something more at work? Can it be the masks and ADE?

Just something we need to keep in mind. 

We've known for decades masks lead to higher infection rates. They're bacterial traps and are useless as protecting from viruses. 

Now, to return to my example this is a post hoc ergo propter hoc.

So I went into wiki to just check in on how they explain it.

As we know, Wiki is now highly ideological and to be taken very carefully.

And the entry only fuels this suspicion.

Buried in their exanples of this fallacy is the following:

"Reporting of coincidental vaccine adverse events, where people have a health complaint after being vaccinated and assume it was caused by the vaccination."

This is correct.

However, they deliberately neglect a couple of things. 

First off, if you look at their preceding examples, one will conclude, superstition plays a role in this fallacy as well as overplaying coincidences. This can be true.

In my view, this was cynically slid in giving the impression an adverse event can be any of being rare, a coincidence, or even superstitious. Or as has been reported by people who suffered a legitimate injury by doctors, 'it's in your mind'.

The key to logic is the strength to which the argument is based. In other words, it can't be weak to the point it leads to circular logic.

Which leads to the second point, this claim is easily refuted by the simple fact adverse events do take place (e.g. myocarditis and blood clots - which lead to deaths) and in the case of these vaccines, more so than any vaccines in medical history. And as a researcher at Columbia as noted (and well known in general) the injuries and events are likely under reported by a factor of 20. We also know, through a study from Harvard Pilgrim, only 1%-10% of events are reported to VAERS. 

Another mistaken view about VAERS is 'anyone' can go into the system and report which is simply not accurate. It's far more involved than this. But this is not the point of this post here.

The entry is less about logic and more about dogma. It essentially is attempting to claim a logical argument that is false and demeans the millions of people who have been injured by the vaccines often within 28 days and even 4 days of receiving one or two doses. 

This should not be an example and was inserted as pure propaganda.

It's an example of where we dogmatically stand in this moral panic with a dubious medical procedure posing as a solution. 

The other day I learned no studies have ever been conducted looking into whether 'mixing' vaccines is safe. Yet, Fauci is out there basically saying. 'Sure. Mix it up. Take a booster. Have a ball!' 

The last man anyone should trust is Fauci. He has a tyrannical history of irresponsibly manipulating drug development data and ignoring or outright denying studies into the safety of his products going back 35 years.

Tony Fauci doesn't do 'safe and effective'. He does 'patents and profits'. 

By ignoring the potential dangers and shortcomings of these injections serves no one.

No one.

And it's the very definition of anti-science.


The Pandora's Box Is Already Open

Godwin's Law has to be amended because the analogies between Nazi Germany and contemporary nations is becoming blurrier by the day.

Despite some tepid rulings in a few countries attempting to reign in monstrous government over reach during this medical health crisis now turned into a full blown constitutional crisis directly threatening our democracies (people who believe this is normal and reset itself are out to literal lunch. Not after 22 months it will. We have to jolt it back into place), the courts as a whole have failed to do its proper job and protect our rights from executive abuse.

We've allowed the rhetoric to fester, grow and marinate now for a few months without a single push back from the intellectual and political classes. There have been exceptions where scientists in The Lancet, Premier Scott Moe of Saskatchewan and most recently the President of Japan all cautioning against engaging in discrimination against the unvaccinated. Either others quickly follow to end it or this will continue. 

Here in Quebec, there is no desire to do so. The expansion of the QR code into Churches (perhaps it is time to re-examine secularism. If they state interferes in matters of spirituality in this manner while the Church easily bends, we have a moral crisis to go along with our constitutional crisis), is highly troubling and should concern every citizen. Would Jesus ask a leper for a QR code? The Premier, without providing facts (as he's apt to do becoming an expert of disseminating cherry picked data without any evidence), asked unvaccinated people to be careful. Yet, this virus originated in young healthy double vaccinated person. It is a virus that is burning through mostly the double and even triple vaccinated population. Hospitalizations from December 1 to December 20 have been mostly among the vaccinated - 329 in that group and 299 classified as non-vaccinated. Indeed, according to UK statistics and other countries like Denmark, it is abundantly clear the vaccinated are most vulnerable and are visiting hospitals. Canada, for its part, is not as transparent with the data. So we're forces to extract and make educated guesses based on what we see in places like the UK, Scandinavia, Israel, Australia and the United States each providing far more detailed and open transparency.

But all this is besides the point.

This has now become truly a war for our freedoms.

The narrative has been set up in a manner such that if things go awry.

And let's be open and frank about this: The vaccine experiment has been a complete catastrophe. Don't think so? Still believe it magically is saving more lives than not? Well, first we need to cull the data on that so I won't touch it here. Rather, for now, go with what we do now without doubt and has been explicitly admitted by officials and confirmed in several studies: The experimental mRNA injections have not done what they were expected to do. Even though they were never designed to halt transmission public officials and doctors mislead people into thinking it would, This has led to confusion with people who conflate static diseases like measles with highly mutating respiratory illnesses - I know, it's been claimed it's actually a vascular disease but again let's try and not go off track here -like Covid-19. They have not done so and in the process obliterated the notion it can achieve herd immunity prompting experts including the WHO to declare you can't 'booster or vaccinate your way out of the pandemic'. Yet, politicians are deliberately ignoring this reality burying their heads and continue to ram this program down the throats of people. In the process increasing their threatening tone to mandatory vaccinations. The other failure of this vaccine is the vaccinated do contract the disease and are transmitters of it at the same rate - if not more based on the viral load mechanism - as the unvaccinated. What's left to encourage people to take it is that it could lower symptoms and in doing so prevent death and lower hospitalizations. 

However, in this context, it is NOT justified to segregate society along medical lines.

And it's certainly not acceptable to listen to journalists and politicians threaten people saying they're 'losing patience' with people who have the MORAL and LEGAL right to decline a medical procedure.

They're lying by ignoring the low-quality products do NOT halt transmission. This alone destroys their positions and violent outbursts. They are violent because they are passive-aggressive attacks on fellow citizens.

Which brings me back to Nazi Germany and the Kristallnacht.

Are we on the line where we begin to round up Jews smashing up windows? 

Not yet but the stage is set for one. All we need is for a leader to 'release the hounds'. The unseemly and unconscionable fiery and blustering rhetoric of Trudeau these past few months has not abated. He recently overtly said he will deny Charter rights to citizens through a cotton mask.

We're are swimming the pond of tyranny of the majority - of mob rule.

This is where it can take a dark turn for the worse.

Europe has a history of such things but we North Americans are not without our blemishes. Recall, we did intern Japanese, Italian and German Canadians during WWII.

We have a most atrocious record of mistreatment of First Nations.

We have also engaged in anti-Semitism and of course, a history of slavery in the United States.

So not be fooled into thinking it can't happen here.

It can.

In fact, I'm afraid we're in the early stages of it happening.


A Colossal Catastrophe Of Bad Policy

All the dubious measures are conspiring now to prolong the pandemic.

Mass vaccinations, masks and lockdowns have unwittingly created the latest strain. 

Keeping to this strategy will go on forever in a destructive cycle of "lockdowns and waves".

None of this has anything to do with unvaccinated or asymptomatic people.

It has much more to do with vaccinated symptomatic individuals. 

Yet, we continue to deny reality and punish the wrong people freezing them out of activities with health passes.

Despite all this, we're at record numbers and it's mathematically impossible to pin this on the unvaccinated. 

This is a pandemic of stupidity.

Justin Trudeau: The Sad, Malignant Evolution Of A Broken, Weak Individual Posing As Prime Minister

Some of you may have noticed the diabolically decrepit descent into dreary divisive dystopian discourse Justin Trudeau has sunk deeply. He has become a master of dehumanizing Canadians.

The fall was short given he was already operating from a shallow state of being to begin with. 

If you recall, early in the medical health crisis, Canadian officials were actually playing it cool aiming to keep calm among the population to keep crazy people at bay. They went from it would be racist to shut down air travel from China, 15 days to flatten the curve and 12-18 month estimates without too much insanely irresponsible rhetoric causing rife to the civil order.

But then the vaccines came in.

Those damn stupid vaccines. 

They took over the minds of people everywhere like an invading alien organism eroding at any bits of common sense and decency, and critical thinking people may have possessed.

He went full unhinged from those earlier thoughts straight to a place where he overly - through a mask - and publicly state he will suppress and usurp the Charter to bring people under his authority.

THIS is what totalitarianism is.

It's the face and ramblings of tyranny.

Justin Trudeau is a treasonous tyrant for saying such polarizing and anti-democratic things.

And still, staring back at us is the gaze of cows munching on hay and grass.

This person has said so many offensive, shocking, and ignorant unimaginable things that a country with a strong moral fibre and conscience would not accept.

Instead, they gave him a minority. Not a majority because Canadians are docile that way in their pseudo-righteous false virtue. 

We went from 'we're in this together' to 'othering fellow citizens' in just 18 months. 

Look in the mirror.

You helped allow this to happen.

What's The Difference?

Otter (to Hoover): Take it easy I'm in pre-law.

Boon: I thought you're pre-med?

Otter: What's the difference?


You may have notice during the moral health crisis the branch of science hogging the spot light are epidemiologists (germ chasers as it were).

Meanwhile, other scientists such as virologists, immunologists, vaccinologists, and industrial hygienists have not been given prominent TV dinner space.

So what is the difference between each?


An immunologist studies and is an expert in understanding how the immune system works. 

A virologist studies the structure of viruses and how it interacts with cells and other organisms within the immune system.

A lesser known sub-branch I suppose of science, vaccinologists create and designs vaccines.

Industrial hygienists - or occupational hygiene - "is the anticipation, recognition, evaluation, control, and confirmation of protection from hazards at work that may result in injury, illness, or affect the well being of workers" to lazily steal from ideological-captured Wiki. This includes expertise in masks. 

Epidemiologists follow the path and determinants of disease and as such can provide important if not crucial insights and recommendations about how a disease will impact people and society.

The problem with the epidemiologists on TV is they swing in each of these lanes like a drunkard. And in my view, have been less a voice of sound, calm, and  rational thought and more just about pushing discredited and dangerous measures.

Epidemiologists are not mask experts but are out there peddling them despite the known fact of their ineffectiveness. 

They also, without proof or evidence, are enthusiastic proponents of lockdowns. In this way, they seem to enjoy watching futile measures burn shit down like an arsonist. You almost get the sense if they could pull a Toobinator (ejaculating on screen) they would talking about locking down restaurants. 

Which reminds. Public health experts they are not.

Now, there are scientists that sometimes do have backgrounds or possess expertise in two or maybe three of these, but in general, we're talking about the specificity of these disciplines.

That is not to say immunologists aren't out there pumping up masks but the biggest hoggers spreading panic and fear of the public space have been epidemiologists. 

Another bunch that garner even more scorn are these mathematical modellers governments seem infatuated with. Has there been a more dismally inaccurate group than them? Garbage in, garbage out. Which explains why Tam sounds all gobbily gibberish when she speaks.

Anyway. That was just a brief breakdown of the players. Prior to the pandemic, we all had a scant and clouded view of who they were. Quite frankly, I would have preferred it remained that way.

That goes especially rriple for shill physicians and paediatricians playing out their quack vaccine fetishes bullying people into submission with their mental illness.


Sue me.

A Star Is Born: And It Is You

We're living in a novel right now.

Two competing visions of the virus not unlike anything else in the culture wars.

It's this intense friction that has us characters in a play; a story.

We live in limbo uncertain where the next chapter takes us.

This is no longer about science and facts. Or even politics.

It's purely psychological.

As I've mused about since March of 2020. From the onset my position was lockdown and masks only triggered our most primal emotion: Fear. And that coming out of it would be a long process. At that point, we allowed hysteria and a moral panic to set it and policies and rhetoric attached to it have followed.

I warned the cure would inevitably be worse than the disease and that the 'unseen' were entirely foreseeable for astute observers of history and human nature. The longer government kept people in masks further giving the impression they work, the worse it was going to get. Now we have a situation where a Prime Minister openly and overtly says he will over turn the Charter to attack a segment of the population who wish not to partake in this irrational escapade. They do not want to star in this play.

I made two predictions. That this was going to be the greatest medical hysteria in history and later when it was evident the experimental vaccines gave the impression they were working, my senses told me the laws of diminishing returns was about to kick in. I declared early in 2021 the experiment was a failure. But the disaster was the fact so much money and reputations were staked in them. It was obvious a scapegoat was going to be needed for them to avoid blame.

At every chance, we look to increased to tonal dramatic bear of fear. It's a hurricane of madness and no one knows how to reign it in. Perhaps there is no way. After all, we're dealing with a deep psychosis largely driven by mental illness. 

This is what makes it frightening. We've crossed the Rubicon of having eradicated established ethical and legal codes of conducts and standards. Now we wander around delicately but the whispers of atrocities are gently beginning to enter our minds.

Anyone who has used divisive rhetoric has made themselves into sowers of discord.

Tyranny of the majority - mob rule - is now writing the script.

Salem has already arrived with the unvaccinated cast as witches. Nazi Germany also tells us the unvaccinated are scapegoat just like the Jews. 

Will there be a Reign of Terror? The reactionary period of the French Revolution where Robespierre ran amok murdering dissenters all over France with the Jacobins.

I don't know. But officials have not moderated their rhetoric. In fact, they continue to be irresponsible and immoral only adding more fuel to the fire. People have no kept up with any information or data. They remain firmly entrenched in the fear developed in March of 2020. Not even their fears have changed much.

There is nothing to do now but wait and hope, We can but continue to speak the truth. Challenge the official orthodoxy.

It won't be heeded but we must.

Our duty now is to collect and transcribe all the information that has been ignored. A time will come when it will be vital to have access to these truths. Like the Monks diligently preserved the classical works of Ancient Greece and Rome, we must be vigilant and do the same with lost knowledge during this period.


The Incoherent Cowardice Of Francois Legault

Francois Legault is set yet again to hold a press conference. 

Since August, both he and Justin have done nothing but stalk and harass the population stoking fear and division with measures that are spectacular failures both by simple observation and based on evidence and facts. Hundreds of studies have shown lockdowns have had no effect on mortality and transmission.

Yet, none of this matters to Canada and Quebec.

It's stunning really.

And now we're set to head into another round of lockdowns and curfews.

Two years on.

What makes this all the more impossible to digest is the fact he has the arrogant audacity to say it's about protecting the second rate public health system. The very system he helped to weaken. He spent FIVE months fighting nurses when instead he should have been bolstering the system with staff and beds!

A more incompetent buffoon there is none.

Even in New York state they're drawing the line at lockdowns understanding it will devastate the economy. It can't take another round of lockdowns.

What is wrong with Canada and Quebec to be this hysterical, impractical and irrational?

This has definitely put a permanent dent on how I view this place to the point we're now looking to move when the time comes.

Notice how they're doing this during the Holidays. The time where people can rejoice and recharge. 

Oh. It's worth noting hospitalizations are down 1/3 from last year. They expect a surge and don't have the staff to deal with it. This is the fault of Legault. Squarely.

And let's not bring up the academic doctors in hospitals. They're just a ranting bunch. 

Two years and all they've got is "No staff, wear masks and lockdown!"

Sad, pathetic and useless.


Not even masks, vaccinations, passports and restrictions were enough to avoid this and not hear from this guy.

Think about it.

Another Conspiracy Theory Come True

Remember the Liberal Leak?

Right around now it said military would be deployed.

Guess what.

Quebec asked for military help. Ottawa already responded.

This is all planned folks.

The question is: What's going on?

Omicron looks like it was leaked.

Things are looking vVERY troubling now.

What a joke of a province, country and people.

Military. Fucking military/! 

Just how shitty is this public health system? Oh by the way, the government let go of 500 nurses for not being vaccinated and then have the audacity to say they lack staff.

I've lost words to describe the utter stupidity of Francois Legault. 

Quebec Takes A Bow; Declares We're In A 'War Against The Virus'

The geniuses running Quebec never cease to amaze with their constant naked cynicism and condescension. 

We all knew Francois Legault was lying out of his teeth - he's a natural - when he said he didn't expect restrictions in December. That's a Lego tactic. Pretend he has no intentions and then hits the population with measures claiming he had no choice and blaming 'variants' as panicked Tv dinner experts egg him on and the dimwitted birdbrains in the media salivate for more destruction of the civil order.

What a combination these three.  

Just a reminder. Anyone notice how America is basically done with this the idiocy? Where here we have panic whores like Colin Furness and Don Vinh screaming for 'mo' lockdowns' the NFL and life continues in the USA. That's what happens when you have more courageous people in a population. You just move on.

No masks. No lockdowns. Just move on.

They say we're in a 'war against the virus'. I hate war sloganeering. 

One, because everyone who says it, notice, is a coward. Like Dube. War Pigs as Black Sabbath sang. Two, a war that is giving us trench warfare with Dube and Legault acting like Joffre and Haig.

It's almost the experience of the Great Society contracts of the  'War on Drugs' and 'War on Poverty' in the United States resulting in cultural and societal catastrophes doesn't register in their brains. 

When the state declares war on an invisible enemy (an aersolized respiratory illness at that) you should worry.

It can but end in failure and disaster.

But people have bought into the propagandized lies that the measures worked because it 'could have been worse'.

No, they have been a disaster. 

Omicron is gonna burn through faster than Legault's ability to think with any substance.

Other than that, how do you feel being betrayed by your government? Oh, you actually thought the government was going to honor their 'Covid social contract'? Yeh? Where did they sign? You do realize they got you to sign a contract they had no intentions of honouring right? It's what dishonourable psychopath do.

First they said masks = Liberty.

Then they said it was the vaccines = Liberty.

And of course the passports were a 'psychological' perk for the you good little obedient soldiers. A Scooby snack if you will. The passports, see, they assured would avoid lockdowns.

Here we are.

All vaxxed and masked up,captured by a QR code and nothing to show for it.

Not even a t-shirt.

Remember. Quebec is the hub for telemarketing scams. 

You were scammed.

You should be angry. Regain your dignity. Pass on the boosters until life is restored full stop.

Stop making excuses. 

This is not a life.


Quote Of The Day

 "Science should be punk not settled". T.C.

Expect Lockdowns In Canada


The people who will once again lockdown businesses who have yet to recover from 2020 and were forced into taking Federal loans and debt, told you the reason if you wear masks, social distance, vaccinated, boost up, and use a passport was to avoid lockdowns.

It was your ticket to "liberty".

Feel stupid yet?

You should.

Oh, Omicron - OMIGOD! - you say?

You're a double idiot.

If you cannot see this is ineptitude to levels of criminality, you are lost and hopeless.

This doesn't end until we put an end to it.

Hopefully, small business owners and chambers of commerce realize they already signed their Faustian deal. Any other agreement they enter with the devil will seal the seeds of their own demise. Churches have now allowed themselves to be strong armed by the extortionist bullies in the Quebec government. 

Just like how fascists attacked the Church in Italy.

We've seen this act before. 

Stiff resistance is needed.

We must fight together. All of us. Nurses, police, business, rebels, anarchists, and NORMIES. 

We're not enemies of the state. We're doing our duty to preserve the sanctity of our liberties and democracy.

Civil disobedience in this instance is not only justified and necessary, it's our MORAL DUTY.

Be Careful: Wiki Peddles In Lies And Propaganda

Wiki is dead.

It is a den of poachers of truth and promulgators of lies.

Where they will smear good and honest people with misinformation and propaganda, they will take bad and dishonest people and keep their entries clean.

For example, the case of Luc Montagnier.

Montagnier first identified the retrovirus known as HIV found in the lymph nodes. 

But this seemingly straight forward fact has a deeper aspect.

Scientist Robert Gallo essentially stole Montagnier's work and claimed credit while at NIH. In fact, Gallo was a rampant serial poacher of other people's work. Gallo played no role in the discover of HIV. He outright stole it. 

Wiki makes no mention of the fact that when he led NIH, the lab was a monstrosity of seedy sleaze and lies. They have not set the record straight. 

Gallo (and Fauci) are the biggest culprits in turning science into a religion having destroyed careers and lives of people who refused to bow to their pseudoscience. 

In tangent with this, Wiki takes a stance where it views the solid scientific claim HIV does not cause AIDS as heresy and conspiracy theory.

It's worth noting, the mediocre mind behind the dubious claim HIV causes AIDS is...Anthony Fauci. He has NEVER explained or proven why this is the case.

I discovered where Gallo was a psychopath plagiarist and homophobe taking credit for things he didn't do, Fauci himself ruined at the time Peter Duisberg who at the time was the world's acknowledged top virologist. His crime? He challenged Fauci on the claim HIV causes AIDS.

Where Duisberg published his findings and backed up his claims, Fauci simply silenced and unpersonned him.

To this day, Fauci never proved his case and we don't know for sure what the answer to this question. Aa long as Fauci is in charge, don''t expect any. He has a racket to protect. 

You will see none of this on Wiki. 

Look it up.

And then research it.

It's the easiest fact checking thing you can do. 

Canada Is One Party Rule

Other than a couple of parties (like the PPC but they're too young to judge), has anyone noticed that whether at the Federal or provincial level every single party thinks and acts the same?

During this pandemic, they all closed ranks and worked in lockstep with no official opposition of any kind thus throttling meaningful debate. We've blocked all information not just in traditional and social media but in government as well.

It's one massive wall of protecting government propaganda. The true fake news and misinformation.

They're feeding us lies and garbage. 

What's the point of the NDP, Liberals and Green parties? In business we'd streamline them into one party. The Progressive Ideologues. They are nothing. They have no principles of values. They just have a set of ideological talking points and progressive plans. Diversity, climate, repressions of freedom of speech and expression etc. They all support these kinds of ideas.

The conservatives are marginally better but get a tool in there, and well, you get the same as the above.

Useless. Call them Canada Inc. 4218-1867.

Again, outside a few politicians, Canadians have no mass of citizens and politicians creative, courageous and intelligent enough to challenge this sad, sordid state of affairs. The population is too small. So they can literally herd and mould an already bland, ill-informed and obedient (and arrogant, never forget Canadians are proud of their ignorance and misplaced pride) into what we're seeing during this Covid nightmare.

The situation is worse at the provincial level. In Quebec, the CAQ is just a party made up of people with no coordinated ideas or principles, the Liberals are run by the establishment and a Bildeberg woke nut job, the PQ are playing on the pond by themselves without an identity and the far left QS think it's 1873 handing out socialist leaflets. But they all fell in line during this debacle. They all were complicit - perhaps even conspired - in holding the Quebec population hostage like a bunch of bandits and mafiosis.

The conservative party of Quebec has been steadfast in its opposition and claims to have grown substantially since this over blown health crisis began.

Ontario too has seen a couple of parties splinter off Ford's fake conservative government (which is really an authoritarian right-wing party of sorts). 

Alas, these are small crumbs in the current affairs of crummy Canadian crony politics.

The PPC garnered 850 000 in the last election. I bet it's more as it's likely they did get swindled out of votes. Nonetheless, they have to keep going and growing. There's no way there isn't a growing disillusioned base outraged by what's happening.

They need an out. 

Let's remain vigilant and diligent.

The fight for Canada has begun my fellow Canadians.




They Lied To You; Time To Fight

Canada is a very corrupt country.

The country with a pristine image of 'peace, order and good government' is a complete myth.

A lie.

I've been part of several lawsuits against the government. 

What I'm learning is troubling and sad.

The country I thought was democratic and just is nothing but a banana republic.


A joke.

A clown justice system run by compromised clowns and buffoons. Constitutional lawyers? Useless cowards on the take. 

Criminals run Canada.

Europe is over reacting to Omicron. They're now moving into harder lockdowns than the two previous strains that NEVER sank our countries. Omicron is said to be milder than both. A majority of people are vaccinated.

Canada will absolutely lockdown in January. That is a given. Listen to the incompetent hacks peddling their lies and junk science. It's what they're aiming for. I swear, when this is all said and done, we will drag them by the collars if we must and into a court. We will not rest until we find an honest judge and they will damn hear the evidence we have. And WE WILL GET JUSTICE.

The truth WILL prevail.

But for now.

Now do you understand something is off?

Now will you join the fight?

Children: Leave Them Alone

The hysteria has spread like a disease far worse than the virus. People have lost all capacity to think straight and have let themselves be manipulated by people in white coats shouting and barking orders from their academic Ivory Towers and dingy government offices.

And of course, paediatricians. The Bambi's of vaccine pushing. 

The other day I watched the megalomaniacal pathological liar incompetent bullying hoodlum Anthony Fauci command people go jab their kids to 'protect them'. Yet, in the very same interview saying severe illness among kids is extremely rare. But it didn't stop him from saying 100 kids have died from Covid while providing ZERO context about those deaths. For example, that's 100 over 22 months. And what was the nature of their health status at the time of death? We know, a good number of them usually have under lying conditions. The rate of healthy children simply an insignificant data point. 

If kids basically have a 99.99% survival rate, what are we 'protecting' them from? Ah! They can 'catch it' and 'spread it' to granny!

See? That's how they manipulate and LIE to you.

Children are NOT vectors of the disease and are likely to contract it from adults.

All this adds up to is TWO things. One, adults are cowardly pieces of shits and two, adults are sacrificing children for no net benefit.

We're literally putting a dangerous, novel mRNA experimental serum in them for no good reason.


Do you understand?

Do you need stick people drawing?

And what about the so-called caring health officials? Did you not see the appalling and criminal lies and propaganda saying 'kids get strokes too?'

Really? Never heard that.

And that children's hospitals are preparing for a surge in stroke and heart incidences?

Here in Quebec, the ''p'tits monstres' are set to "devour" the virus. The only monsters I see come from public officials and paediatricians selling this monstrosity. 

But it's ok. The media has your back. These aren't related at all to the piece of junk vaccines. No. It's CLIMATE CHANGE destroying your kids health.

You may as well pour Castor oil down their throats that's how pointless all this is.

The people behind these ads. We must track them down. We must NOT RELENT when this is done to bring EVERYONE who was complicit and had a hand in promulgating this insanity to justice. From hospital admins to ad campaign managers to shill physicians to crisis actors to hack journalists - everyone.

Kids will be the new 'Never Forget' victims.

Mi ricordi.

Parents. Be brave. Be strong. Your kids need you. All this stops when we all stand together and push back.

It. Will. Not. Stop.

The government will stalk and harass us like psychopaths forevermore. You will NOT get the freedoms they stole back. It's not their intention. There is no POWER in that.

No money either.

Ask yourself cui bono?

Research, read and research. And read more. Stay on top of things. 

The TV is LYING to you.

Don't make be bring out the stick people.

I can't be more direct than this.

The kids are our last stand. Let's have a better outcome than the Alamo.

If we fail, the consequences will be grave and irreversible.

Here's a summary pleading to not vaccinate. 

I made my peace.

Good luck, God speed and may God have mercy on the souls of the people who did this.


Ask Yourself

By now, if you're not asking questions, you really are asleep or are sheep. Perhaps you need to sit this one out and maybe not offer an opinion - or even vote. Because you're hopeless. If you still think this is about a virus, you need to stay home and let the rest of us get on with it.

Some questions to be asked - on top of the dozens upon dozens built up the last 22 months:

Why are Sweden and UK suddenly giving into measures? Sweden got on well without them and is now jumping on this train? Why? Omicron looks like a mild disease does it not? A large portion of the UK population well over 80% if not 90% have antibodies. So why the passports? Same with Russia. 

We know the vaccines are barely effective with Delta (and I do think they're playing with the efficacy data) and may be evading Omicron. And don't tell me they're going to have a vaccine ready because this year the so-called experts once again guessed wrong this year's strain of the flu. 

I notice 'cases' are shooting up here but hospitalizations are not rising. In fact, they're dropping. The government is once again deceiving the public and whipping up fear based on 'cases'.

How do you feel dear vaccinated? Because you were lazy or too scared buying into all the propaganda you erroneously calculated you would take your two shots and get your liberty back. Anyone who believed that is a naif.

Many of us on this side warned you that's not how they were going to play it. They were going to continue to move goal posts so long as you keep complying. Power is an aphrodisiac.

The only way you get your liberty back is if you call their bluff and tell them to fuck off.

None of this is legal, ethical or scientific.

I keep repeating. 

Now you have another test. Boosters.

STAY AWAY from the boosters if it's coerced. That means they will force you onto a fourth and a fifth and so on. All tied to your stupid passports you idiotically support. Passports that DO NOT keep you safe. But they do reveal how cruel and myopic you are thinking you did the right thing while sticking it to those people who chose to not get vaccinated.

Someone told me she and her boyfriend say they were lied to too and feel stupid for taking the shot. She was forced to take it because of her in-vitro plans to get pregnant,

This is the caliber of our system we have. Not very compassionate or enlightened now is it?

She now has persistent numbness in her thigh. Of course, the quacks claim they don't know what it is but they know it's not the vaccines.

This lie has to come crashing down. 

And we need to find our courage to push back and demand a debate about the concept of vaccines.

It's Not Omicron That Threatens Global Public Health - It's the G7

 Health officers from the even largest economies have taken their lies and deceptions to a hire level claiming without fact - as is customary - that the Omicron variant 'threatens global public health".

Yet, according to South African public health experts, the variant is mild. Western scientists say it's too early to panic as more data is needed to complement what's being observed and experienced in Africa while already noticing for itself the variant seems to be highly transmissable but far less deadly than Delta.

IF, Omicron - which likely originated in young, healthy fully vaccinated people - evolves into a deadlier strain it will have done so because of a irresponsible mass vaccination campaign applying unnecessary evolutionary pressure on the virus according to several prominent virologists, vaccinologists and immunologists. In other words, the it will be man-made - just like the original virus itself which originated in a lab in Wuhan.

In case you haven't noticed, the vaccines are a spectacularly and catastrophic failure. Not only did the laws of diminishing returns kick in, we're now in negative efficacy territory. Universities, of course, incubators of cowards and mass hysteria, are reverting back to online teaching while they ruin the lives of unvaccinated students. Several institutions, Cornell for example, have 97% vaccination rates plus wear makss.

And still no one asks questions. Still people are too afraid to stand up to the bullies in control of our medical lives and ask: Why 2020 2.0 if the vaccines and masks work?

Of course, we know they don't. This is the great lie and deception.

Which really doesn't matter if Omicron ends up being a dud.

But don't expect world leaders to begin to prepare their populations to learn to live with a low circulating and endemic virus. 

No. They have taken fear mongering and hysteria to a whole new level. As the virus weakens, Western democracies are ploughing ahead with low quality vaccines and unethical passports. Makes you wonder what the end game was about all along.

So it is. The leaders of the wealthiest nations are doing what they do best: Engage in destructive and anti-science behavior for power and greed. 

It's not Omicron the threat.

It is the G7 and G20.

We have seen the enemy and it is us.


An Apology Is Owed To Conspiracy Theorists

Funny how it all unfolded exactly as the conspiracy nuts predicted going back to at least February of 2020.

It was the conspiracists who warned:

1) This was a man-made virus.

2) A ploy to get the globe on a permanent vaccination schedule.

3) That harmless variants would be overplayed and a incessant campaign of fear propaganda would ensure people comply.

4) Passports would be introduced. 

5) Governments would illegally consolidate power and usurp the rule of law and remove civil liberties under the guise of 'public health'.

6) A permanent state of lockdowns and masks transitioning into climate change propaganda.

7) The elites would not abide by a single decree or order.

8) Quarantine and isolation camps would be set up. 

9) PCR was a sham.

10) This part of some sort of global agenda as flatly stated by Agenda 2030, Event 21, the WEF, WHO, Bill Gates under the terms 'global reset' and 'build back better'.

And I'm just scratching the surface. All of this was foreseen. 

Now look at the hyper over reaction to Omicron which is a mild strain within 97% of the original Alpha and Delta strains. 

More restrictions. More loss of liberties.

We owe conspiracists an apology. They tried to warn the people. Now we're in official trouble. Look at Australia. This is coming to Canada very soon. Stop thinking the measures are 'appropriate'. They are not. They're failures and only accomplish eroding civil rights. Wake up. WAKE UP. I feel like shaking every single person until they snap out of their Covid Stockholm Syndrome smacking their masks right off their faces. They need to be jolted back into sanity. 

What will it take for you to stop buying into this outright lie?


Connect The Corrupted Dots And Follow The Money

And boy is the money trail staggering.

This is quite possibly the greatest corporate-medical heist in human history.

Everyone is getting a cut - except you.

Leaving aside the WHO-WEF-NIH-PHARMA-academia-media-Gates-Collins-Fauci complex and connection to all this, there are plenty of 'major players in Europe involved as well as as an endless stream of second-level' minions in academia and the medical and science fields cashing in. 

The corrupted obscenity is staggering.

The problem they have though is they got too greedy and power hungry. Where they could no content themselves with just stealing money through selling drugs, they wanted to reshape the world order and bring under control the entire world.

It's just like in the comic books. This chapter in the story of man has yet to close.

Here are some examples that only scratch the surface.

Canada, of course, is among the hub for this Covid money and racketeering scheme. We unfortunately do not not have famed and courageous investigative journalists like they do in the USA but we do have some citizen journalists and some organizations digging up some dirt. But we need more. The news that Eileen De Villa's alleged connections to pharma through her husband is welcomed, however, there are many more bigger fish to catch.

In case you didn't notice, despite having mostly escaped the Covid hysteria and the futile measures and illegal decrees that came with it, Sweden's new government ditched this strategy and joined the ranks of failed and corrupted nations. Now they're embracing the full gambit of Covid nonsense from lockdowns to passports. That leaves Florida on its own to lead some some U.S. states away from this racket. Who is the new leader of Swede? Why, a WEF disciple and graduate of course.  Just like our own Freeland and Singh. You can explore Canadian corruption here at Canuck Law.

Connecting the dots and follow the money = not in your best interest.

The latest to scrape up is this Ursula von der Layen and her husband. A power-corrupted couple Hillary would be proud of.


Canada: Still A "Nation of hewers of wood and drawers of water"

Some cliches never die.

Despite 80% of this economy now in the services natural resources still play an important role in the economy here. The country is fairly competitive on the high-quality manufactured production front 

But aside from this, I draw attention to the mindset that grips Canadians.

We maintain a post-colonial attitude that borders on the immature.

It's ok to be a nation of hewers but can we at least build a national sovereign fund and domestic manufacturing hub around it? 

During the Covid crisis we can amend this old line to:

Canada: A nation of hewers of wood, drawers of water and pharmaceutical products". 

Friends, Family. We Need To Talk. Don't Take The Booster. The Cost Is More Than You Think

As the usual assortment of miscreants, cretins and deplorable degenerates seek to capitalize on Omicron by further dividing society even calling for families to turn on each other (this whole narrative really has to collapse at some point, no?), it should have occurred to you by now that when the boosters became a thing (as predicted by conspiracists) you've been punk'd.

Look at this way. You're sold a medical product that only works if everyone takes it. If you take it, then you should be fine and protected. It's the same irrational nonsense with masks. Everyone has to wear one for it to work. Except, it doesn't. You can have 100% masks and 100% vaccinated and still Mother Nature and her virus (well, we all know it's man-made courtesy of one megalomaniac that lurks the halls of NIH who goes by the name of Faucimodo - no disrespect to Quasi) will still swirl around. You've all been fooled by a bunch of quacks and criminals - some of whom are held in high esteem - into believing their alchemic potions and amulets can lead to your freedom.

Meet Lyle Pfizer:

Freedom ! Hallelujah! Prrrrrrraise the Lord! Pfizer and Dr. Hotez (that little bow-tied passive aggressive twerp) have come to save us all! 

Look. This blog has always been about opinion and telling it like it is. And the is is saying the experiment with spike protein injection has been a spectacular failure. One that came with an enormous amount of pain, injuries and death. 

But what do the quacks in white coats say? It's ok it's still good! 

At this point, we should all be reacting to these serial harassers and condescending tyrants with a Foghorn Leghorn 'Aaaaaaahhhh shhhhaaaadap!"

You had 21 months to make a real difference. Instead of supporting treatments and devising real plans to help and save people all your did was divide (if you're listening to these buffoons and complying by not inviting unvaccinated people into your home then you deserve to be subjugated like the useless slave you are), shame and pin your hopes on your money and racketeering product that after a few months wane.

But here's the thing. And here I talk to my friends and family.

They've hooked you up to a retarded passport to control you. If you don't take the booster you're 'cancelled'.

If you don't show personal dignity, the government won't respect you. Now is your chance to say no to the booster as a matter of choice and principle. A strong message should be sent that we will not consent to coercion. Drop the intimidation and extortion tactics - ie passports - and the boosters will be seen in a more positive light. 

And if you want complete trust, stop threatening people and force Pfizer to disclose their evidence and tell the FDA to actually serve the people and stop seeking to delay any information we're entitled to to 2076 and beyond.

The booster is the end gravy train for the drug cartel and all the no-gooders hijacking its tail.

Say no. Not only because they suck (dude, they're telling you to take it every three months now) but because you're the helpless drug addict at the mercy of the peddlers, pimps and pharma cartel at the top.

There's no telling what they'll want you to put into your body once they get full control and fake consent.

What's so hard to see here?

If you still need a booster, wear a mask, social distance, asked to alienate unvaccinated people you know, wear a mask, show a test, still can get hospitalized and maybe die AND a passport just to go to Chili's or The Keg despite just getting two shots then maybe, just maybe (and I'm just spit balling here) you should smile because you're on....CANDID CAMERA! 

Now it's our turn to do the shaming and attacking.

We will no longer tolerate your apathy and senseless obedience to authority and second-rate physicians and paediatricians. It's not funny anymore because we're on the brink of losing what it means to be free and left alone. You're being conditioned to think the government cares about you and should take care of you.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Government is power and control.

Government is force.

And the medical bureaucracy is part of that sinister and shameless power dynamic.

But you know who has more power?




Stand by your conscience, principles and values.

Stand by your friends, family, and neighbours.

Stand by your community and country.

Stand by and kneel before God.

God and country. 

Do you understand? 

Masks, Masks, Masks And More Stupid Masks

For the 55th time, masks are having NO IMPACT on the virus.

Yet, the same tired epidemiologists with stale messages (because they don't know what they're talking about) continue to babble about stuff they know nothing about - like masks.

One of our favorite - aside from Isaac Boguch - epidemiologists is Colin Furness - who like his colleagues continue to promulgate the notion of lockdowns if you could believe it despite the massive literature showing its catastrophic results with NO BENEFIT.

But there was Milhouse the other day on CTV once again screaming for the closures of restaurants and mo' masks. 

It's astonishing to witness. 

Makes you wonder at this point if they're any good at what they do or if they're on the take.

And plenty of people are on the take on this vaccine scam. It's massive.  Journalists and citizen journalists alike have uncovered and continue to uncover how deep the racket and corruption runs.

This will be for another post on an on-going basis.

In the meantime, we can but continue to try and get the truth out and wrestle the power away from public and academic health officials who have made a complete disaster of the Covid response. 

Hopefully, they will have to one day explain themselves. That Neil Ferguson and Tony Fauci are still out there doesn't give reason for too much hope but we must not relent.

Here's a six part series on masks by Ty Science Guy.

Faces Of The Covid Mentally Ill, Hacks And Quacks

Meet Stephan Lewandowsky.


Step One: Ditch Your Smart Phones

There's a coming tyranny and the authoritarians will achieve this through our weakest most addictive point: The smart phone.

All roads lead to Rome. All things lead to your phone. They can control you without breaking a sweat. They can hook you onto a system of totalitarianism where medical tyrants and political dictators will enslave you in the name of 'public health' and 'democracy'.

It's nothing more than neo-feudalism and they're your new Lords and Dukes.

You can stop this. Revert back to a simple phone. Deprogram yourself from believing you can't live without your phone. You can transfer stuff over to a tablet or PC or whatever.

Phones should be for TEXTS and CALLS and that's it.

Now, government want to use your phone as a weapon against you and put you on a digital ID or perhaps social credit score. Resist this at all cost.

Draw a line in the sand.

No good can come from this. All it will do is cage you.

Step one to stop this insidious situation and whatever it is Agenda 21 or the WEF or Gates or whatever have in store is to not live vicariously through your phones.

It's easier than you think.

I do it.

Fight to be free. It's worth it.

Trust me.


Not Our Finest Hour

I'm of Italian heritage and not impressed these days with the clan.

Between Italy's unethical and futile Covid measures, the delinquent Cuomo brothers, megalomaniacal Fauci, and the utterly despicable Pelosi, this isn't Italy's finest hour I must say.

Nursing Homes Remain A Disgrace In Quebec

Instead of pouring his energies into securing our old age facilities, Legault has been sticking his incompetent fangs into all the wrong places including harassing kids to get a useless vaccine that will have no impact on Covid.

A report came out in a French-language paper discussing the low quality food being served the elderly.

21 months on and you'd think he would have a) increase the bed capacity and not piss off nurses to ensure stability and integrity in an already fragile second-rate public system and b) fricken bolster the quality and security of long-term care.


Instead he's too busy virtue signalling out of his ass in his mask and holding conferences showcasing his incompetence only he's too arrogant to see how pathetic this charade has become.

Hey Frank. Stop listening to Klaus and Bill. They're not your friends and they're ideas are communist dystopian nonsense.


Canada's Travel Ban On African Countries A Travesty

This country is a fucking disgrace.

Our behavior during this Covid hysteria will be a stain on our history.

Vote clowns in, expect clown responses. 


Quebec's Three Stooges Looking To Ruin Christmas

Frank, Chris and Horrrracio keep holding these completely bonkers conferences. Who even watches these shit shows? If I want to watch The Three Stooges, I will watch the real thing. 

They're trying to pull some restrictions dividing the society up between the unvaccinated and not.

That's what evil cocksuckers do.

Hopefully, Quebecers don't lose sight of the fact Christmas is about celebrating the BIRTH OF CHRIST.

So if they listen to a single word these bozos say, then they should NOT be celebrating.

No, Francois - you poor man's Grinch - I won't consent. And tell Christian to fuck off already. 

Heck, I haven't consented to a single stupid fucking thing you morons have pushed. Science died with your irrational measures.

I will continue to challenge you and all these lame 'experts.' In fact, I now look forward to you  trying to pull more shit. 

Tired of your cynical politics. 

I'm ready to fight for my freedom. 

You're gonna need more support from Bill Gates to stop me.

That's how ready I am. 

They Call You Names

If you've been labelled, called, attacked as being: Hesitant, extremism, anti-vaxxer or any other word, wear it with a badge of honor.

It means you're a critical thinker free of propaganda.

If you've survived possibly the greatest onslaught on free thought in human history, you are a warrior.

The human race will proceed and progress because of you.

Keep fighting.


This is not over. 

How The Media Lies To You

A Covid break out in a restaurant in Windsor where no unvaccinated are invited and all patrons are vaccinated. 

"...A co-owner for Elite Restaurant told CTV News Windsor that staff followed public health guidelines during the party, such as ensuring all patrons provided proof of vaccination.

About 50,000 people in Windsor-Essex are eligible for the vaccine -- but have not yet received it.

"If we can get more people vaccinated, it’ll be one additional step on top of the public health measures to try and bring COVID under control," said Nesathurai."

Notice what they did.

The outbreak was among the vaccinated but they deceptively shift the blame over to the unvaccinated.

The health official seems to be under the delusion that the vaccines will achieve herd. Nope.

Look around the world. Where do you see this remotely being the case? Jab 100%. Knock yourself out. You ain't getting herd. 

Now, a person will say 'Of course! An unvaccinated person gave it to the vaccinated!"

Which is utter bollocks as BOTH transmit the disease.

More vaccinations will not bring this under control.

Only natural immunity and Mother Nature will.

And the numbers show it. Only dogma is in the way of the truth.

I don't mind saying the truth: The vaccines are a failure. Go make a better one if you're all so smart.

Sweden And Florida Win

Heard this interesting fact:

The USA had more deaths due to Covid than 2020.

Which means, whatever Biden tried failed. 

Meanwhile, 2021 will be the least deadly year in Swedish history.

Sweden got it right. Just like Florida.

Yet, we keep hearing deranged people like van der Leyden calling for the end of the Nuremberg codes while Austria and Germany become ever more irrational. Canada is no better as New Brunswick loses its sense of humanity and British Columbia potentially heading for a lockdown.


Sweden and Florida are right.

The rest of the world is WRONG.


Time For Those Who Consent To Remember Where They Were When They Remained Silent

Three disturbing developments in recents days (and weeks) should concern every single citizen in the liberal West.

First, is the denial to access of essential services such as food and gas in Europe. New Brunswick, naturally, is the first (and hopefully last) jurisdiction in Canada (and North American to give businesses that option). Since the summer Europeans have taken to the streets to fight the 'health pass' (which has nothing to do with health) and Canadians need to get off their apathetic laurels and stop consenting to short sighted and wholly unscientific measures - remember people always claim to 'follow the science'. Except here, they're exhibiting a Stanford experiment cruelty. This can't be stressed and said enough: The vaccines do NOT halt transmission and you're not protecting others except giving yourself a chance (albeit a waning one at that) at lowering symptoms. In that vain, you also potentially become an asymptomatic spreader. The idea of passports is the very definition of pseudoscience.

It's sole purpose is to coerce people into taking this experimental medical procedure and its result will be to fracture society likely for good.

Which brings us to the second development. As Austria and Germany (summoning their inner fascist) attempts to menace people with obligatory vaccination (though there seems to be some psy-ops in place to to panic and take the shot. Mandatory vaccinations is ILLEGAL), Ursula Van Der Leyen, head of the EU Commission, has stated she's in favor of scrapping the Nuremberg Codes (which goes to show they're well aware it applies and may have to face a second trial) in order to force vaccinate all of Europe.

A more sinister, maniacal cunt you can't be. This will not only potentially plunge Europe into civil war, it will hasten the dissolution of the EU. Perhaps, if this is the cockroach scrap that infests it, then it may as well be. I reckon she has some serious conflicts of interest and there's some following of the money to be made here.

Nonetheless, very troubling that we're at the point where officials are directly assaulting our most cherished documents meant to protect all humans. Recall, Fauci mocked people for asserting the medical rights calling for them to submit to the collective because of public health.

Recall, what was just said about the vaccines up top. Also note, we're onto the booster portion of this scam. You're protecting no one so get off that high horse.

We must guard against tyrants. It's not enough to push them back. We must chase them down and haul them before an international tribunal for crimes against humanity.

And last but most important is the swift transformation of Australia into a totalitarian regime. If one country will be at the centre of history books explaining the mass psychosis and sheer delirium of fear it will be Australia and New Zealand. A people who somehow allowed fear of a virus to topple their liberal democracy. Both countries are amending their Health Acts and managing to pass through Parliament orders that give the government extreme powers. 

I can sympathize because this is what's happening in Canada in slower motion. Like our cousins in Australia and New Zealand, we do have people resisting but a good chunk of the populace remains stupidly obedient and apathetic. Luxury is the bane of liberty.

I don't know if Australians fighting back can prevail. These things have been passed. There no longer seems to be political recourse. In Switzerland (another majority Germanic nation) the people voted (2.2 million to 1.3 million) to accept more restrictions in another example of psychosis and fear prevailing over reason and science. In Belgium, a court deemed the passports illegal, but the government ignored the order to end it. The Biden administration routinely ignores court orders it doesn't like (remember when they use to say Trump was a tyrant? Another example of projection. Trump never did but Democrats do), In Canada, judges have yet to step up and defend the Charter and Bill of Rights cowardly hiding the 'it's an emergency' cop out.

We are trying to convince people intellectually, philosophically, ethically, spiritually and legally.

We have made some inroads but the government is set in an authoritarian mindset reinforced by populations quaking in fear. They deserve each other.

It looks like we must fight.

When it ends, where will you have been?

Will you be able to look your grand children in the eye and say 'you were on the right side of history'? Or that you consented with draconian measures every step of the way leading to a loss of liberty?

What side of history do you want to be on?

The one where you show proof of vaccination to eat or the one where we are FREE?