Time For Those Who Consent To Remember Where They Were When They Remained Silent

Three disturbing developments in recents days (and weeks) should concern every single citizen in the liberal West.

First, is the denial to access of essential services such as food and gas in Europe. New Brunswick, naturally, is the first (and hopefully last) jurisdiction in Canada (and North American to give businesses that option). Since the summer Europeans have taken to the streets to fight the 'health pass' (which has nothing to do with health) and Canadians need to get off their apathetic laurels and stop consenting to short sighted and wholly unscientific measures - remember people always claim to 'follow the science'. Except here, they're exhibiting a Stanford experiment cruelty. This can't be stressed and said enough: The vaccines do NOT halt transmission and you're not protecting others except giving yourself a chance (albeit a waning one at that) at lowering symptoms. In that vain, you also potentially become an asymptomatic spreader. The idea of passports is the very definition of pseudoscience.

It's sole purpose is to coerce people into taking this experimental medical procedure and its result will be to fracture society likely for good.

Which brings us to the second development. As Austria and Germany (summoning their inner fascist) attempts to menace people with obligatory vaccination (though there seems to be some psy-ops in place to to panic and take the shot. Mandatory vaccinations is ILLEGAL), Ursula Van Der Leyen, head of the EU Commission, has stated she's in favor of scrapping the Nuremberg Codes (which goes to show they're well aware it applies and may have to face a second trial) in order to force vaccinate all of Europe.

A more sinister, maniacal cunt you can't be. This will not only potentially plunge Europe into civil war, it will hasten the dissolution of the EU. Perhaps, if this is the cockroach scrap that infests it, then it may as well be. I reckon she has some serious conflicts of interest and there's some following of the money to be made here.

Nonetheless, very troubling that we're at the point where officials are directly assaulting our most cherished documents meant to protect all humans. Recall, Fauci mocked people for asserting the medical rights calling for them to submit to the collective because of public health.

Recall, what was just said about the vaccines up top. Also note, we're onto the booster portion of this scam. You're protecting no one so get off that high horse.

We must guard against tyrants. It's not enough to push them back. We must chase them down and haul them before an international tribunal for crimes against humanity.

And last but most important is the swift transformation of Australia into a totalitarian regime. If one country will be at the centre of history books explaining the mass psychosis and sheer delirium of fear it will be Australia and New Zealand. A people who somehow allowed fear of a virus to topple their liberal democracy. Both countries are amending their Health Acts and managing to pass through Parliament orders that give the government extreme powers. 

I can sympathize because this is what's happening in Canada in slower motion. Like our cousins in Australia and New Zealand, we do have people resisting but a good chunk of the populace remains stupidly obedient and apathetic. Luxury is the bane of liberty.

I don't know if Australians fighting back can prevail. These things have been passed. There no longer seems to be political recourse. In Switzerland (another majority Germanic nation) the people voted (2.2 million to 1.3 million) to accept more restrictions in another example of psychosis and fear prevailing over reason and science. In Belgium, a court deemed the passports illegal, but the government ignored the order to end it. The Biden administration routinely ignores court orders it doesn't like (remember when they use to say Trump was a tyrant? Another example of projection. Trump never did but Democrats do), In Canada, judges have yet to step up and defend the Charter and Bill of Rights cowardly hiding the 'it's an emergency' cop out.

We are trying to convince people intellectually, philosophically, ethically, spiritually and legally.

We have made some inroads but the government is set in an authoritarian mindset reinforced by populations quaking in fear. They deserve each other.

It looks like we must fight.

When it ends, where will you have been?

Will you be able to look your grand children in the eye and say 'you were on the right side of history'? Or that you consented with draconian measures every step of the way leading to a loss of liberty?

What side of history do you want to be on?

The one where you show proof of vaccination to eat or the one where we are FREE?


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