The Liberal Problem

The Liberals have a corruption problem. Just like any major North American political party. The PQ seem to be capitalizing on it according to polls; as well as idiotically and cynically giving the hope there will be "free" post-secondary education.

If someone votes on the premise A) the PQ are ok for finance and real estate values and B) aren't corrupt, they should have their voting privileges revoked.

Eastwood More Coherent Than We Think

I liked Eastwood's speech. I liked that it wasn't scripted. I liked the fact, heck, appreciated that he didn't go up there and wag his finger trying to be a smooth faux-intellectual you see with the leftist celebrities.

It was him ad libbing away. We have enough scripted bull shit out there. In fact, he was merely cutting through bull shit. Spare me your story and do your jobs, punks! 

Sure, it was uncomfortable in parts ( I couldn't figure out if he was losing his focus or just acting. No matter, it only added to the drama) but there were some salient points made and he was funny. Politicians are employees of the people is one part I liked. We forget that.

Loved the "he can't fuck himself" bit. Loved the empty chair routine. It was a nice metaphor for the empty suit angle.

Enjoyed how he irreverently talked about how everyone cried when Obama was elected including Oprah and himself at that "thing" referencing the speech in the park. He knew what he was saying.

He was more coherent than The Enabler who himself has sounded loony off script at times.

Hey, if the left are freaking out that's good enough for me.


Joke of the day. From ventriloquist Todd Oliver on 'America's Got Talent.' Asking his dog if he prefers "Obamacare or Romneycare" the dog answers, "I-dont-care."

More Tales From The OPQ Crypt: Prejudice By Other Means

Until September 4 election day, my goal is to chastise and expose the PQ for the prejudicial party they really are.

Pauline has refused to engage in a political debate in English on CJAD radio on the grounds Quebec is a "French place."

What the frick does that mean? Because she's French, she doesn't have the class and decency to speak to taxpaying Quebecers who happen to speak another language?

Funny gal.

How awful a thinker and person must someone be to stick to such antiquated and belittling of thoughts!

She is a reminder that the path to true liberty is one where we must diligently expose the intellectual rust that seeks to rot it.


Who's Your Daddy?

Not your daddy. It's the government!

Excerpt from link:

The government got that statistic from a poll asking Americans what helps them the most during tough times. Here are the results:
  • Savings 44%
  • Family 21%
  • Credit cards/loans 20%
  • Government assistance 15%
This is exactly how it ought to be. But the state would love to shake this up and be first no doubt. The government should be the "helper of last resort if at all."


Ferguson v. Krugman: Unless Lions Are Involved...

Historian Niall Ferguson is taking some heat for his recent article in Newsweek where he lambastes President Obama and asks him to "hit the road."

It was surprising Newsweek, of all publications, would publish a piece that criticizes Obama so strongly. The Atlantic breaks it down here.

The main protagonist demanding a retraction and apology is none other than Paul Krugman.

Kroooogman is upset that Ferguson - who have a long-standing feud - not only played with facts about Obamacare but alleges Ferguson lied.

Dems fightin' words.


It's not like liberals never lie and make shit up. Never. Nah.


One is a historian and the other an economist. Neither are political science experts but pretend to be. Krugman in particular should cool it given he's seen as nothing more than a sometimes shrill Democratic shill. As such, he lacks the very "substance" he accuses Ferguson of not having.

There are plenty of academics, youtube videos, and websites out there that take on Paul. 

"Hey, big spender" Krugman, by the way, possesses an ego large enough to permit him to delete comments on his blog.

As for Ferguson, he's a conservative historian. I recently watched his documentary on how the West got rich. It was ok but I was perplexed by his omitting Italy's role. In fact, I was disappointed but par for the course with British historians when it comes to Italian history.

Italy - well, the entities operating within Italy since it wasn't unified -  was the wealthiest, most prosperous nation in Europe between Rome and 1600. They were bankers, traders and merchants often funding European projects from behind the scenes. Venetian businessmen were already dealing with Russians on the Volga by the 12th century and were exploring Asia establishing lucrative key trade routes that would help make Europe a super power centuries later. Florence led with its commercial interests during the Renaissance, while Naples was one of Europe's largest cities; to say nothing of Italy's superiority in cultural activities.

And this is just a glimpse. So, yeah, I don't get why Ferguson would basically gloss over this. Instead, he chose to place England - surprise - as the main engine of European success. Which it was, much later. By the time the Brits got in the game, the Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese and French all had a leg up on them and behind it all were the Italians.

Where I agree with British historians is how they interpreted the Risorgimento. But that's not the point of the post here.

Not sure how this fits into his Obama piece so I'm just gonna end it here.

Krugman can suck on a non-pitted olive.

End non-sequitur.

Don't Get It

There's a lot - and I mean a lot - of literature, books, essays, articles, commentaries and even movies (on both the left and right) discussing the failure of Barack Obama. It feels as though, when you listen, hear or read about it, Obama will not just lose but lose bad and get a big Aussie kick in the ass as he whimpers out of the White House.

Yet, he still leads the electoral votes. Polls show he's slightly ahead of Romney.

Clearly there are more people who think he's better good than bad?

Mind you, the same thing happened to Bush.

Age Old Question: Are We Over Or Under Regulated?

Well, I don't know how to even begin empirically proving either way so I can only go with impression, observation and experience.

At which point, I fall in the "over regulated" camp. Most, if not all, businesses or industries are heavily or tightly regulated. There is no "pure capitalism." That's nonsense.

Go start a business and deal with all red tape then come see me.

Let's start there.


I appreciate and applaud CRA's efforts (Revenue Quebec is in desperate need of becoming more professional and courteous if you ask me) but I'm not so sure we're "partners" per se in as much as we're necessary joint entities in a society. The least we can do is be equally professional. Quite frankly, I'm a little tired of dealing with snarky bureaucrats.

He said they would like to see the CRA treat “business more as clients.”

“To treat them with a little more respect and courtesy, so its not quite an adversarial approach always that is being undertaken,” he said. “We would appreciate being able to work with them as partners rather than someone that’s seen as an endless source of revenue for them.”

And yes, I do perceive this.


Bunch Of Fagsissies

Am I the only one who likes getting (some of) my U.S. news through the Brits?

Interesting that he (California legislator) used the term "sissy."

Are we allowed to use it or is it one of those "niggar" deals where only gay people can use it?

Fuck it.

I'm gonna use it.

It's not as powerful as "fags" but it'll do...for now.

Good Question

How can a person with dementia be allowed to represent Canadians in the Senate?

Nonetheless, it's a job, to be honest, largely based on voting along party lines.

Gotta feel for this woman. Dementia is brutal.

Other than that, how is this any different than "normal" politicians who often behave like they have dementia?

Message To The PQ

And their ilk:
"The tools of conquest do not necessarily come with bombs and explosions and fallout. There are weapons that are simply thoughts, attitudes, prejudices -- to be found in the minds of men. For the record, prejudices can kill and suspicion can destroy, and a thoughtless, frightened search for a scapegoat has a fallout all its own -- for the children and the children yet unborn. And the pity of it is that these things cannot be confined to the Twilight Zone."

-Rod Serling

*Cue Twilight Zone theme*

Yeah, But Will They Blame Capitalism?

I'm always awestruck, to borrow a sentence from Obama, by people who on one side demand are outraged, for example, if a religion like Islam is "pigeon-holed" but have no problem asserting blanket statements about capitalism should it suit their purposes.

It's a few years Swedes have been worried about their banks and the housing bubble. It seems they're waiting for the inevitable.

Socialist (not in the parts where growth is necessary; then it's decidedly and pragmatically capitalist)Sweden


OSW Have It Backwards: Persuasion vs. Coercion

Capitalism is not to blame. It's also irrational to hear politicians misdiagnose and enact "regulations" in feeble attempts to "control" the free-market.

An explanation here.

"...Only in this way, they believe, can war and social disharmony in the world be eradicated forever -- and only then will the "economic power" of corporations be stifled.

The Left's fear seems excessive or misplaced. Why do I say that? Neither corporations nor any other business in the market can actually force (use violence on) people to make us deal with them, buy from them, or work for them. It's all by voluntary choice and consensual contract. Whatever their faults, businesses -- even big corporations -- have to rely on persuasion -- advertising, marketing, attractive alternative pricing, new products, fancy packaging, etc, not coercion.

As long as a businessman confines his behavior to purely market means (non-violent persuasion), no one is forced at the point of a gun to deal with him. Any coercive power a corporation may have comes from its association with or privileges from . . . . ta-da! . . . interventionist government (political statism)!"

The Ethanol Mess

Type in 'ethanol scam' on Google and you'll find no shortage of articles and essay discussing the subject.

Here's a link I settled on.

GOP Stake Their Fiscal Health Claims

Are Republican run states healthier fiscally?

I heard many speakers say they cut spending and balance budgets (or reduced debts) without raising taxes. However, I didn't hear exactly how besides claiming the cuts in taxes stimulated growth.

The Real Extremists

It's not the PC.

It's the NDP.

Quite frankly, their pathetic pandering to nationalist language zealots in Quebec and love of expropriating your money is disgraceful.

How people buy their "progressive" narrative as though it's in line with Canadian "values" I don't understand.

There. I'm taking back the narrative.

The Real Protestors

Are the Ron Paul delegates!

Now there's talk of a shift to Gary Johnson.

Oh, Shut Up

Apparently Bill 101 "saved" Canada.

If this be true, then Canada wasn't worth salvaging.

Bill 101 is a law rooted in tribal xenophobia written by minds that could only be considered "intellectual" in Quebec.

The truth is if one were to apply the rhetoric of the PQ anywhere else on the continent it would be exposed and summarily refuted by great minds. Nowhere in the West does any jurisdiction look to Quebec for inspiration on how to run a proper society with a great, noble vision.

The PQ would be a fringe party in American politics with little mainstream appeal.

That Canada actually believes this to be a "great compromise" directly shows how the idea of liberty is really absent here.

When votes are scant, we turn and pander to tribal instincts. It's frightening to hear the things coming out of the PQ and Liberals. No (true) self-respecting Democrat with a sense and commitment to the idea of liberty can tolerate this.

To us "ethniques", it was always curious how a law that came at the expense of one group of citizens as well as restricting choice, could be seen as a success. How precarious, indeed weak, is the majority to need such laws?

After all, the great communities of Quebec thrive with little or no help from the state.

It's a feeling I've heard be expressed over the years.


I've already made my decision for my daughter. We will encourage her to be educated elsewhere. To perhaps also begin a new life in a different place free of all this nonsense. I dare say, my allegiance to Quebec as grown so weak to the point it won't take much for me to leave.


Loathe as they are to hear this here, the world looks to the United States for it to move us forward.

At the peak of anti-American feelings during the invasion of Iraq in 2003, letters to the editors were filled with absolute anger towards the Americans. In response to it, a person wrote in from Texas and I never forgot it. The crux of his point was that the United States, rightly or wrongly, by choice or not, is the world's great super power and nation-state. It is both looked to and away from all societies from all corners of the globe. As such, its responsibilities; indeed sense of responsibility, considerations, leadership, values, beliefs, and (imperfect) decisions are such that no middle-sized nation of inconsequential size could ever understand. All we can do is criticize.

He closed by saying, "lucky you."


My Day So Far

Blog thoughts from a seven year-old:

I went to metro (grocers) with my dad. Before that I went to my dad's daycare and played with my friend Adriana. :)


Eradicate The Evil

I just wish, in the case of the Taliban, the forces of civility would round them all up and exectute them publicly broadcast on television for the world to see.

Or just nuke them for cripes sake and move on.

There's hope. Someone should support the National Uprising Movement...for the good of mankind.


Moon Hero Dead

Neil Armstrong dies at 82.

Astronauts explore a part of our existence shrouded in mystery but likely hold many truths.

NBC erroneously reported Neil Young had passed.

Campaign Ad Vandalism

With political parties putting up their ads across the province for the upcoming election, I've noticed a lot of vandalism on the North shore and Montreal. The targets have been Liberal and CAQ signs.

No surprise. PQ, QS and Union Nationale signs remain untouched for the most part.

The UN ask questions like "and what if we considered free university education an asset?"

I guess they like diluting things.

Things Pauline Marois Wishes She Could Ban

Since Pauline 'Ma Tante' Marois is on an anti-liberty binge-fest, I thought it would be amusing (for me) to think up some other things she could ban if only the law and those pesky minorities weren't in the way.

She's been so obsessed with language it makes me wonder if the PQ have a secret love of English so as to lead to self-loathing.

Each time Marois opens here anti-linguistic mouth I can't help but think of the scenes in A Fish Called Wanda when Wanda (Jamie Lee Curtis) loved to be spoken to in Italian from Otto (Kevin Kline).

Pauline's new slogan: Talk English to me!


- The Internet. Duh. The PQ totally wish they could control Al Gore's invention. Alas, there's is an ambitious dream.

-No English can be spoken in cars with less than one person. This includes not being allowed to listen -to English music. Cheap American culture demeans Quebec culture, bien sur.

-Change Trademark laws so as to make Home Depot; La Maison Depot. Canadian Tire; Pneu Canadien; Michael's; Michel. Pepsi and McDonald's would remain untouched as they are way too embedded in Quebec dining habits. Thank God trademark laws are internationally protected!

-If you're a small, family-run business with more than 3 peopl, you will be compelled to speak French. It's ok to speak your language; just don't let one of snitches hear it!

-Increase their French content 60% in English schools. No big deal or concession.They're being killed off anyway, right? Besides, those Anglo-speakers are so well-treated.

-Blogs must write in French. Bill 23 will ask that bloggers (even those with American audiences) to write in French. She'd be willing to grandfather those with one blog who went to blogging school in English provided they make the English font half the size of the French ones. The Quebec government will not cover the costs of eye care for all the resulting squinting.

- No English pamphlets of any kind. Payback for Eaton's.

-Turn the OLF into an actual government agency as a means to create jobs.


Reseize Control And Be Clever

We focus so much on "corporate greed" but what about consumer greed?

We have a credit card problem in North America. People say they need credit to buy basics but I know for a fact (experience) a lot of the debt goes to buying needs and not wants. Consumer greed is something we should discuss more. Banks may make credit loose but it's not them that walks into Apple to buy the latest gadget you can't really afford.

Remember: If you have solid cash flow to justify the purchase to pay the bill then by all means...go ahead. If you're in school and don't work and buy furniture for an apartment to rent? That's a tough situation so you'd better go and find a job. If anything to cover the minimum balances and a bit of the principal or else you will sink. If you don't your credit score will be ravaged.

Think about this before you sign on for credit. When I was a teller living at home, they approved me for a $30 000 line of credit. I never used it and when I did, I made sure I saved some money in case I needed to pay it down. An RCL is beautiful because the interest is ridiculously low and you can get away not paying it down for a long time.

You can't with credit because of the criminal interest they charge.

My advice for anyone starting out is to get a job,, prove income, show your stable, and get an RCL. That's the only way to start off on the right foot - that and saving as much as you can where possible, I understand expenses play a role but ask yourself: Which expenses can I take on at this time?

Contemporary faux leaders believe the problem starts elsewhere. They think this because it's an easy target and good for votes.

Personally, I think it starts with the individual. Government intervention and regulation is useless. You can't legislate against greed, ignorance and stupidity. You can't.

There's a fundamental lack of understanding of how credit works in modern society. We're more financially illiterate than we've ever been - but boy we can sure download things!

It doesn't help that the government has all but eliminated "cash business" now that it sticks its coercive, greedy, robbing hands (I love doing that) into the affairs of the economy. I honestly believe the fall in wealth is linked to the demise of cash business.

They control all the purse strings now. And people don't realize it.

The government likes to enslave.


Did You Know?

A B-25 bomber crashed into The Empire State Building in 1945?

Yeah,  yeah. But why didn't the building collapse a conspiratorial mind may ask?

Explained in link.

Medals Per Capita Doesn't Tell The Story

Am I the only one that views "medals per capita" as insufficient to measure the success of a country at the Olympics?

Looks like I am because when I do a google search everyone under the Mayan gods does so.

Seems to me you need to consider other important factors. Namely there are only a finite amount of medals available. Specifically, 670. 302 of those gold.

Simply dividing medals into population will always distort the figures in favor of countries with small populations. Hence, why we ridiculously see countries like Grenada and Bahamas topping the list. Conversely, countries with larger populations like the United States, China and Russia are impacted negatively.

If we accept the premise of limited medals available, medals won into the number of athletes each federation sent feels like a more appropriate measure. How many athletes a country sends is on some level related to its population size and so is discounted. Looking at the top 14 countries (USA, China, Russia, Britain, Germany, Japan, Australia, France, Korea, Italy, Netherlands, Ukraine, Canada, Hungary), the USA gets a ratio of .19 (104/539). China, by contrast, hit a .22 ratio (88/396) and Russia .19 (82/436). Canada chimes in with a .06 (18/277).

The rest of the sample received the following: Japan .13; Korea, Britain .12; Netherlands, Hungary, Germany .11; Italy, France .10; Ukraine .08; Australia 09. Already we see it's absurd to claim Canada "outperforms" the USA. It finished below the sample size in total medals and in ratio relative to the size of delegation it sent. Besides, for me anyway, the discussion end with the fact the USA won 46 gold medals to Canada's rather meek 1 gold.

But do other measurements tell another story? Well, one way to "level" the figures is to reduce the fractions so as to get as close a common denominator we can get to rationalize them. For example, America's 104/539 becomes 26/135 or an assigned figure of 26 whereas Canada's would become 9/139 (with 135 and 139 acting as imperfect common denominators. Still, you get the idea. America's 104 medals is a 26 and Canada's 18 is a 9. Again, China slight edge over the USA 29 to 26 while Russia 24. All other countries hover in the 11-14 range. Canada, turns out, is at the bottom - again. In a per capita model, Canada would outperform the USA.

However, there's something to be said of the fact that the USA wins many medals at team sports that count for one. If each athlete were counted into the overall count, the USA would surpass everyone (in this case, China) without much of a contest.

Any astute sports fan wouldn't believe Canada is "better" than the USA.

Moreover, many athletes from around the world train in world class U.S. facilities. I'm not a mathematician. I'm sure there's a far more efficient equation (perhaps even including population) that can be created to make these figures more accurate. Yet another way to look at things is to divide number of medals won into number of medals available. Let's use the USA as an example again. 104/670 means they won 15% of the medals.

Ok, so what?

What does 15% mean relatively speaking? One way to look at it is to measure it against USA's economy which represents about 26% (wasn't it about 50% once upon a time? Anyway) of the world's economy. On this level, they "under perform." But if we look at the percentage the USA population represents globally (4%) then they "outperform" by a factor of 3. China represents 19% of the world's pop but it certainly didn't win 19% of the medals. However, its economy makes up just 1% of the overall total whereas they managed to win 14% of the medals.

And so on. You can do the exercise yourself if you desire. Suffice to show per capita on its own is not a good way to calculate things.

I guess one can still argue, relative to its wealth, power and talent base, the USA should and can win more medals. But it's a competitive world. Everyone wants to win (except for Canada, snicker, snicker). Then again, the Olympics offer many sports. Different cultures excel at more than others. For instance, the Americans are strong at track and swimming, Asia badminton and martial arts, Europe team sports etc.

This conspires to reduce the amount of medals a country can win further.


Atheists Threatened By The Cross

Atheists are clowns? Who knew?

If it was a Star or David or Vishnu or whatever, I wouldn't mind either. I'm not afraid of religion like these folks.

"...It appears based on the arguments of the lawyers of the museum," he said, "they're arguing from pretty solid ground - that a museum cannot be prohibited from displaying a historical item merely because the item has religious significance or is in viewed with religious significance by others. I think the lawyers for the museum were also right to condemn this as an attempt to revise the very history of the site by trying to keep the 9/11 cross out of the museum."


Methinks censorship may be taking root here.

CAQ Option Tempting But Not Ready?

What's a guy like me - who hails from the school of Les Nessman - to do on September 4?

I wanted to believe I had an option but I don't. There are no options but the Liberals. The CAQ generally say things I like but I don't think I can make the jump...yet.

I entertained the CAQ but Legault is a separatist. Voting for him would betray my lack of patience; even respect for separatists.


Legault, I heard on the radio, wants to copy the British model on public health. What planet is he on? Britain's NHS is, from what I hear and read, probably worse than Canada's system. Besides, as Charest retorted, "We're not in England."

Or Scandinavia for that matter.

Why he didn't say France, Germany or Italy - which seem to top various lists studying health systems - but settled on the British?


Speaking of the Brits.

Bunch of radical, cross-dressing,...royalists. I got nothing.

Traditonalists my ass.

Obama Not Impressing The Swiss

It's funny because when I saw this article about Switzerland taking official offense against how the Obama campaigned used its banking in what they determined to be in negative fashion, I had just asked myself "who cares where Romney puts his own money?" What's the obsession over that? As for his tax returns, if he had anything to hide, I would think the IRS would be on the case, no?

Dude cares more about what Romney (I assume) legally did with his money than how he wastes taxpayer dollars.

English Language Will Continue To Dominate Business

A student from a university paper made the following assertion about English being the primary global business language:

(I paraphrase): We shouldn't overplay that here in Quebec because Chinese (Mandarin) will be the language of the future.

Sounds exactly like what I heard when I was in school back in the 1990s except professors then were advising us to learn Japanese.

English, in my perspective, will remain the first language of business for the foreseable future and Quebecers should not be swayed otherwise.

Private Conversations In Bed

Tax, Me...More

INT. Late morning. Bedroom.

Two losers sitting around. A few communist posters hang around the room.

T.C.: You know, they oughta change the sickle and hammer symbols.
Gordon: Why? I think it projects a certain proletariat nobility. It reminds us of how the rich class...
T.C.: Shut up. This from a guy who can't keep a job at Tim's.
Gordon: I kept getting mixed up. The tag said "maple" when I started reaching in but by the time I grabbed one, I was in the chocolate row. I don't get how I got the trajectory wrong.
T.C.: How about a fork and a spoon? It can symbolize nourishment - or lack thereof in a communist regime. Or you can have two hands ripping a piece of paper with the caption, "it's not rationing if you believe it."
Gordon: You really are brainwashed by Faux News.
T.C.: Like what you read is any better.
Gordon: Hey, Confiscation and Coercion Quarterly is damn good reporting.

T.C. looks over at a poster that says Tax me...More!

T.C. (points to it): You believe that?
Gordon: Of course, man. It's why everything is so fucked up. No one pays enough taxes; especially those rich pigs.
T.C.: Your father is the wealthiest man in town.
Gordon: I denounce it!
T.C.: More taxes, eh?
Gordon: To progress. I think.
T.C.: But the government already takes half your money. Not including sales, investment and gas taxes. ETC.
Gordon: See that out there, you right wing extreme Tea Bagger? That's my ride. It needs new hub caps. (beat) Why should I pay for organic milk? Who gonna pay for it, bitch?
T.C.: Right, I'm the extremist. Right.


Obama's New Slogan

Hope & Pray.


Right, like Hope and Change was any better.

Legault Loses The Plot

I really wanted to believe the CAQ. But Norman Legault's last five minutes revealed his old PQ colors. It was face palming all around.

All the boogey-men rhetoric we hear from the PQ came crawling back into his mouth. Charest was right, there was a stench of xenophobia there and I didn't like it.

Now I'm stuck.

I don't know if I have the guts to spoil a ballot.

Music: Piece Of Canadiana

Staying with the haunted theme, Montreal's 1960s band The Haunted gave us this neat track.

The 1960s were definitely formative years for Canadian musicians, prior to that there was Paul Anka and The Diamonds, for example, as legends like Joni Mitchell, Neil Young and The Band kicked off their careers during that decade. On the French side it was acts like Rob Charlebois and I believe Michel Pagliaro.

Still, it was pretty hard for Canadians to get any real shot next to their American and British cousins. But they forged through and eventually left their own mark on music.

Still Creepy 104 Years Later

The Haunted House from 1908.

Dr. Day's Fight Has Support Here

I like keeping informed on the trials and tribulations of Dr. Day - a lone, rational, free-thinking voice against an inflexible, monstrous, often illogical government health care apparatus.

"..McPherson, who calls Day a "profiteer" and wants his clinic shut down, accused the Liverpool-born surgeon of breaking his oath of doctor-patient privacy.

"There was no confidentiality breach there - I'm just talking about generic groups of people," Day fires back.

"I've said all along that politicians of all stripes - NDP, Liberal, Conservative - union leaders, including leaders within the nurses' union, high-profile people of all types - they've all been to our clinic for treatment.

Yet, at the same time, many of these same people will say they don't support the private sector in health care. There's a lot of hypocrisy that goes on."

McPherson is everything this blog rages agaisnt - as Tom Morello would say. Yes, we get it. People in the private sector are profiteers. I suppose union leaders are parasitical thugs, then?

No. Fucking. Kidding. Politicians don't want to wait weeks and months for treatments but it's ok for normal citizens to do so. All to satisfy a collective ideology.

Hypocritical. And people who tolerate this deserve to wait in line.

But Canadians are simply not ready to handle the truth.

"Day says he wants to preserve public medicare, not destroy it. He says allowing people to spend their own money at private clinics will reduce demand on the overburdened public system, eliminating wait lists for everyone.

And as the government threatens to sue him for breaking the law, he's suing the government right back, arguing patients have a constitutional right to private health care.

Case in point: On Thursday, Day performed surgery on 79-year-old Erma Krahn, who has lung cancer, and was told she would have to wait 18 months for surgery to repair torn cartilage in her knee.

"She may have terminal cancer, but she still goes for walks and even plays a little golf," Day said. "Then she injured her knee, and all she wants to do is enjoy the quality of life she has remaining. She wants to go for her walks.

"But the government says, 'No, you have to wait.' They handed an 18-month sentence to a woman who may have only 18 months, or less, to live."

Indeed, the government would prefer to eliminate free choice and force her back into the queue. It's all so compassionate, you see. Dattll learn her.

People who are terrified of Day don't seem to grasp that we who think like him don't want to destroy the health system; we just want to offer alternatives. Are we not all free-standing citizens capable of making our own decisions?

It's a little like when liberals assert libertarians want to live in a world absent of rules. Not true. Libertarians accept there's, albeit limited, a role for government to play - pave roads, security, enforcing contracts - that sort of thing.

Where they jump ship is the government can't, for instance, tell you what to eat - if you want to drink raw milk that's YOUR business. It can't be doling out permits to cut fucking hair. It shouldn't prevent street vendors from selling damn hot dogs because some restaurant lobbyist groups argue it's not good for them. It shouldn't be involved in bail outs that leaves them principle shareholders in private companies. And so on. This is the Leviathan we should all guard against.

Claiming his actions will lead to the demise to universal health is false and absurd.

I use private care; to the extent the state "permits" what can be private. That too should change. Baby steps. I'm not ashamed at all. In fact, it brings back sanity into our lives rather than wait 15 hours at a hospital where one doctor is available. I'm not a god dang idiot. This "just be glad we have it" logic ain't cutting it for me any longer.

If people want to crank out their credit cards to pay for a service that's an exchange with the doctor the government has no business interfering in; laws be damned. No federal or provincial bureaucrat should ever actively interfere with the activities of private individuals.

I hope Day wins in court and kicks the government's ass.

Oh, Dear

Watching the news about Augusta admitting women into their playground, one got the sense that liberals (predictably enough) weren't going to be happy about Condoleeza Rice's selecion.

It didn't take long for The Nation to express derision. If you're gonna take these sort of stances, don't make it so lame.

This from a guy who once linked, if memory serves me correctly, the lack of popularity in soccer in the USA to - surprise! - racism.

I laughed hard at how dumb that take was and still laugh hard at any jackass who takes that position. Clearly, not soccer fans.


Imagine if Condi was white. Oooo nelly, the anger.

Do I sense another Condi song from Steve Earle?

Yawn, Tom Morello

What are you so "enraged" about?

I rage against a machine that permits me this life and style, dammit!

*Shakes fist like an old man*.


Par for the course I suppose for artists. In the post-war era, as Italy entered a wicked good economic boost between 1950 and 1970, leftist artists were busy fawning over communism. It brought Italy a certain artistic flair sure, but the average Italian never really took to Pasolini and neo-realism in film, for example, or literature for that matter.

In fact, left-wingers were so tyrannical they suppressed any type of art that didn't conform to their views. The classic case is the novel The Leopard by Lampedusa.

It never got published because of left-wing censorship, but when it did, it was enormously popular and soon became one of Italy's greatest novels of the 20th century.

Ironic stuff.


Changing Values

A rule of thumb I was taught over the years was if you planned to buy a car - especially a luxury car - you should set aside anywhere between 1 1/5 to three times the value of the automobile. For example, if a car is worth $50 000, you should have $75 000 to $150 000 dollars in the bank account or be earning a salary worth more than the car you're purchasing.

Of course, these "rules of thumbs" are arbitrary. Nonetheless, these notions seem to be gone these days. Granted, once upon a time leasing and loose credit were not popular as cash was king.

These days you have people earning $50 000  a year leasing a $60 000 vehicle. Between you and me, this is fiscally illogical. But with credit set up as it is, the temptation is all too great to feel entitled to that BMW or Audi.

Few people "save" up to buy anything anymore. It's a lost noble art and value depending on discipline that's killing our ability to make sound fiscal decisions.

Spend, spend, spend.

Recall, spendthrifts had a place in Dante's Inferno.


Sign Of The Times

The kids of today I tell you.

Let me see. Showboating and ridiculously talented Eagles receiver Desean Jackson admits to not giving his all but at the same claims he deserved his $51 million contract?

Bah. If the Eagles feel it fit and Reid has no problem with his attitude so be it...I guess.

One of those "we'll tolerate bad attitudes from game breakers" scenarios.

Quote Of The Day

I saw this in the comments section at Reason. If Libertarians could explain their foreign policy position it would be "knock it off."


As for Maddow, not a fan; nor impressed. All I will say.

Our State Of Affairs

The media and people are fawning all over Francoise David of the QS mostly because she was "articulate" and "coherent" and was able to "make her case."

Gee. Now we judge people on the ability to complete sentences without sounding like idiots? It's the least we can expect, no?

Never mind that she's a sovereigntist and a socialist.


Charest had a rather uncomfortable smirk last night. I wasn't sure if it was one of arrogance or a guy who wasn't sure of his position. I got the feeling he kept saying to himself, "boy they came prepared! Who knew?"


I don't like ideologies predicated on the necessity of using other people's money through coercion. That's just me.

However, I'm not sure of there's logic in the argument that socialists would be bad with money. I think it's possible to be able to build a social-welfare state while being fiscally responsible. I don't believe socialists are financially illiterate. It's just that, at the moment, there aren't very promising and prominent examples of socialism doing a good job.

Vermont under Democrat (socialist) Bernie Sanders ran balanced budgets back in the 1980s and 1990s but I'm not sure if that was an exception and still the case. VT is a small state with a small population (about 620 000) with a rather straight forward economy. I would think that should be the case or else there would be little help for the social-welfare state.



Why does SNL not spoof Joe Biden and Obama more? Seems to me there's plenty of material there. Fey and Ferrell milked and continue to milk conservatives like Palin and Dubya, so forgive me if I'm a little suspicious here.

That's assuming, of course, SNL matters at all.

Love Rex Murphy.

Biden is a clown. Heard The Unchained speech on the radio, again, in Boston. It was outrageous. Now. Sit back. And think what the mainstream media would have done had a Republican said that.

Personally, Ryan may be risky from a Medicare perspective (the left are claiming Ryan's proposals will lead to the gutting of the program. This is false. Who says the left are all rational and not subject to fear mongering? Everyone knows Medicare in the States is in bad shape. Besides, didn't Obama divert Medicare cash to Obamacare to the tune of $716 million?) , but in terms of "marketing" Ryan is the perfect choice. Although Marco Rubio could have fetched the Latino vote for the GOP. Some pundits argue the GOP will have to make inroads with them sooner or later.

In fact, if the economy will be the key issue in November, then I can't see how Americans wouldn't give Romney-Ryan (two big spenders who pretend to be fiscal conservatives) a shot. The timing is perfect for them. Seriously, they can't be worse than Frick and Frack.

American Small Businesses Flex Big Muscles; Public Servants Confused Of Their Role; You Know You're Back Home When...

Heard this story on the Howie Carr show (here's the article) on our drive into Massachusetts.

We tried to find some Ever so humble pie in Cape Cod but to no avail. I love pie and always look out for some new ones.

I have to say, on what planet do you live to allow someone with an EBT to buy luxury foods like pie? Milk I get. Eggs I get. Fruits and vegetables I get. Cereal I get. But anything beyond that shouldn't be allowed. Nor do I think it's all that hard to enforce.

Small business are making (conservative) news ever since Obama's dumb, convoluted speech. They, well some anyway, seem to be prepared to no longer stay silent.


A few months ago I had a conversation with someone who is a "chef" at the STM. We talked about customer service and how public servants are no different than any worker in that they face all sorts of tough situations with the public.

Though I didn't say so, I disagree with this wholeheartedly. Once you become a public servant (I presume of free will), you serve the public. You do not have the right to expect to be treated like gold but you do have to treat the public as such. It may be unfair but that's what being a public servant is.

Here in Quebec, the quality of our services are mediocre at best (and there's been improvement in recent years. I always found it amusing hearing the head of any public service say. "we strive to ensure our service is of high quality." How about you hire good people to start with?). I loath having to call any of our departments. Yes, there are some great servants that are polite and helpful but for the most part, they remain petty, impatient and condescending.

Personally. I can't tolerate being spoken to rudely on any level. Let alone some indoctrinated 20-something person making ignorant off the cuff remarks...but I won't get into that.


You know you're back home in Quebec when the second you cross the border you have to deal with impolite drivers speeding, cutting and changing lanes on solid lines, driving in the left lane driving well below the speed limit (a disease I saw in Massachusetts), and speeding up in slow traffic so as to not let people in a lane. It's who we are.

As for service as a whole, I don't think there's much of a debate in stating they're superiour at offering quality service (mostly on the retail side. I think Quebec does well with restaurants in comparison to the Americans) to Canadians. It's almost a black and white thing with me.

Quote Of The Past

"We felt our country was the country of the Risorgimento; of democracy and liberty."

Carla Capponi, Italian Communist MP.

It's a quote that always perplexed me. I wrote it on the side of Trevelyan's Rome.

I don't remember if it's from the book exactly; nor do I remember where I got it. I just remember enjoying it. Then, by pure luck, I was reading David Gilmour's The Pursuit of Italy and found it there too.

In any event.

Nothing cries contradiction like a communist.

I understand communists opposed fascists in Italy, but there's something unholy in claiming to be both a commie and for liberty.

PQ And QS Stuck In The 19th Century

Quebec's intellectual class does not respect the sanctity of the sovereign individual.

It's not surprising since it doesn't possess in its intellectual heritage men of high brilliance akin to Franklin, Jefferson, Madison, Paine and Locke who eloquently spoke of the rights of man. The ideals of The Enlightenment have no place in Quebec's "fonctionnaire" intellectual culture.


Quote from a commenter on Volokh about GM. The question being asked is what should be the purpose of GM?

A dumb question only leftists would ask. It's mandate is to make cars and fill demand. That's it. It owes nothing else to anybody and it certainly isn't in the business to "make jobs." Nobody goes into business for "jobs."

"Now some will argue that I present a false dichotomy. An automobile factory should do both-- make cars and employ people. But what happens when the two come into conflict?
Wrong. An automobile factory should make cars. That's all.
People who advocate "job production" have their economics completely ass backwards. We have jobs so we can produce things that satisfy human needs. We do not produce things so we can have jobs. If you aren't ultimately satisfying some sort of actual consumer demand, you are doing make-work, and your productive capacity has been wasted.
This fundamental misunderstanding underlies the entire problem with the modern Keynesian program."

I agree with this.

More On The Debate

Mme. David of the QS in exchange with Premier Charest: The universal health care system doesn't exist anymore.


She's just unreasonably freaking out people have private options now.

Free choice! Horrors for socialists!


I noted, though the debate was heated, it was rather civil. I noticed the parties, where relevant, admitted where they agreed on certain (or parts of it anyway) policies. It's an interesting thing. Normally, politicians focus on their differences. You certainly won't see that in the States; even though the two parties over there are one and the same on a few issues. Like spending.

The Rule Of Law And (Illegal) Immigration

Is the U.S. testing or bending the rule of law with President Obama's new immigration policy? A policy which didn't have the support of Congress and the American public the last time he proposed it.

Back From New England

We're lucky to live so close to New England. Over the years I may have visited every state that comprise the region at least 25 times including this summer. 

Yes, I'm back from vacationing in Harwich Port, Cape Cod. Or as I pronounce it, Cape Cudd.

Worry not! I'm ok. Thank you all for your concerns.



Cape Cod (nanny-state laws notwithstanding. You have to be 21 to drink at a bar in a restaurant. My daughter couldn't drink her Shirley Temple. It certainly isn't Quebec) was lovely. It was our second time there. The last time we did Falmouth-Martha's Vineyards-Boston

Sleeping at a charming inn on the beach run by a great guy helped. The water was nice, calm and warm making it easy for swimming - though I didn't get to do as much as I would have liked.

Other highlights include taking in a New England Patriots practice at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, the outlets in Wrentham and visiting Whitehouse Field home of the Harwich Mariners of the Cape Cod League. Unfortunately, the season was over so there was no game to watch at this wonderful park nestled in the forest. San Francisco Giants freak hurler Tim Lincecum played for Harwich. For the record.

On our last night, we headed to a cafe eatery called The Box Office for a cappuccino. A talented singer by the name of Casey McQuillen was performing that night. My daughter was soon all over her like a monkey on a banana. We bought her CD - along with a bag of Speedwell organic espresso - and off we went.

On the way back to Montreal, we stopped off in Montpelier. We'd never been there before (it's about 30 minutes south of Burlington) but discovered it was quite nice. Had an excellent espresso at Capital Coffee.

All in all, a cool way to end the night.

And the vacation.

Quick Thoughts On The Political Debate

Watching the live political debate in French. The tart of the PQ refused to do one in English. Marois says " pour les Quebecois." I know she doesn't mean us "non-pure laines."

The CAQ under Legault are long on ideas (and I like the general structure of their thinking. It's part of a larger movement among North Americans demanding true fiscal responsibility) but need to refine their plan to sell it to the public. They don't need to do much to get my vote. I'm thoroughly not pleased with Charest and the Liberals.


Watching them talk about corruption is hilarious. Quebec is but about corruption. We're right up there with the notorious Chicago (to which Obama hails), the old Tammany Hall and the deep south.


There's a candidate for the Quebec Solidaire named Will Prosper in the east end of the city.

Prosper. How ironic given the party he's running for is a sure bet to not reaching it.


Anyway. The Red Sox-Yankees are playing. May have to switch over. I just can't digest the PQ.

Quote Of The Day

"All roads lead to home." t.c.

Get it?

Get it?


Red Sox Great Pesky Gone

Johnny Pesky dies.

Pauline Marois Is A Nasty, Little Piece Of Work

"She’ll slap new French language regulations of any company with more than 10 employees — that’s some 54,000 businesses in Quebec. Until now, only companies with more than 50 employees were subject to Quebec’s language cops ­— which is why so many companies stop growing at 49 employees. Marois has already said she’s going to hire new language inspectors to bully them."

Yes, my American friends. This is the society that believes is more "progressive" than the United States. For the life of me, I don't see how this crazy nonsense is any different from what we used to hear from the pre-Civil Rights south.

What rational, intelligent person who respects their fellow citizens and cherishes liberty would vote for these buffoons?

Look at the PQ for what they are: A xenophobic, anti-liberty, anti-business, pro-union, corrupt, parochial gang of paranoid, wannabe socialist tyrants who see one too many monsters under the bed.

It would be right of a comical Monty Python sketch if it were not so sad.

Society Of Dependency?


I'm guessing this is not a good thing.

Unless you're Obama.

"Over 100 Million People in U.S. Now Receiving Some Form Of Federal Welfare."

Communism By Other Means

You can't do that!

"The regulation has numerous exceptions where owners of commercial property may consult with Quebec’s department of labour as to how to proceed with regard to minor renovations. However, the existence of the regulation provides a precedent for other areas of “do-it-yourself” economic activity. Governments are usually eager to extend favours to large organized groups that could deliver votes at election time, including new regulations that target the “do-it-yourself” segment of the population."




Fucking incredible.

Big Education, Little Ideas

I just discovered Rachel Maddow is a PhD and Rhodes Scholar.

Then why is she so unwatchable? If that's a product of such education, then we have bigger problems than we think.

I don't think I've ever came away from her show thinking. Just nodding my head.

But that's me.

It's a shame because it's not the first time I notice smart people not showing their smarts. Sports announcers sometimes have a wealth of knowledge but are slaves to a formulaic method that often makes them look like they're just drones of a myopic system.

I would like to see Maddow outside her left-wing MSNBC bull shit and see what she's got.


Another intellectual disappointment of the left is Fareed Zakaria. I remember when he burst onto the scene years ago and reading something he wrote in Foreign Affairs.

Turns out, he's just another plagiarist with little ideas of his own.

Seems to a bad moment these days for so-called "liberal" publications these days. So much for "Faux News." 

Liberals often mock the right for their "tired" ideas.

The left are worse in my view.


You just never know who to trust with "ideas" anymore. Often, you just have to rely on your intellectual instincts and do your own research.


Quebec Elections September 4

I will talk more about this as we approach the date but I noticed a couple of things as the campaign hits its stride.

One sign from the hard core socialist Quebec Solidaire read, "Debout pour notre pays!" (Stand for our country)!

News to me. That Quebec is a country.

Olympic Hangover: We Need More...



As I watched Lisa Laflamme interview Mark Tewksbury I was left with a sudden urge to punch someone in the calf. Aside from Laflamme insanely proclaiming "Bronze is Canada's new gold," the interview was just plain lame.

I couldn't accept what Tewskbury was selling. Notably that, in response to Laflamme's question about what we need to get better results, we need "more luck." It was long on "feel their energy" and short on specifics on what this country needs to do to improve.

Or cow bell. I can't remember.

Combined with Laflamme's spinning, it was too much to digest. I changed the channel and moved on from London. I'm not into sugar coating things. Bottom line is Canada won ONE gold medal and that ain't cutting it.

Every country can claim to needing more luck. Duh. It's a silly thing to say. The Americans had over 20 athletes finish in 4th.

Right, right. "At least we're not American! We prefer to put our money in health care!"

Nor is it my job to feel empathy for an athlete who feels happy with 43rd spot. What was pitiful was watching a few of our athletes break down and cry in front of the camera apologizing for poor performances. That was tough to swallow.

I don't blame the athlete. No way. They try the best they can with little resources (although, from what I understand there was more money in London) in a nation that simply doesn't demand excellence - except when it comes to hockey. Then everyone loses their fricken minds.

The COC has to become more realistic with the number of athletes it sends relative to what they think they can win. Otherwise, as someone put it, "I'm not interested in seeing my tax dollars go to pay for what amounts to a holiday. If we don't want to commit to winning then stay home."

There's nothing wrong in aiming high. Sport is a competitive contest. It's about winning. Yes, it's about sportsmanship, fairness, and all that but in the end an athlete wants to WIN. Or else, why would they want to be there? Life isn't fair and there isn't a whole we can do about that but glossing over this performance doesn't help anyone let alone the athletes who deserve better. They, after all, represent our nation.

Yes, it's hard to win but in Canada the problem is we accept mediocrity too easily. Notice the first page on the CBC comments pages. I'm betting these are the casual fans. Sanity is restored on the 2nd page.

Lower Tax Extremism Smart Policy!

It's all backwards if you ask me.

Most people make money on investments and not income. That is, the income they earn they save to invest. That's how you create personal wealth.

So why is income taxed so heavily vis-a-vis investment income? Why not take less up front (the less the government has the less it can spend, the less the government knows where the guns are the better) and leave more in the pockets of people.

That way, it frees up cash for smart people who want to increase their wealth. The ones that choose not to and spend it on other things, that's their business.

Alas, in these political times, adovcating for lower taxes makes you an "extremist." Check that. "Right-wing extremist."


Interesting Link Of The Night

Texas Transportation Institute (from Texas A&M).

The Olympics Are Done

All I have to say for now is:
1) Thank the Lord the British didn't win in soccer.

2) I still can't make sense of sailing.

3) Olympic boxing once again takes the cake for bad results. I don't know what's worse. Figure skating or boxing.


Mexico Wins Olympic Soccer Gold

All I know is if Brazil (now ranked a remarkable 13th in the world) is planning to pin its hopes on this team they ain't winning the World Cup in 2014. That's my prediction.

You don't win playing individualistic. Past Brazilian teams were great at individual flair but working as a team - barely mind you, but enough to win.

Star player Neymar trying to dipsy-doodle around alone without utilizing his team mates won't cut it.

Mexico for its part was strong all tournament. The Mexicans have won tournaments of some repute - including the Olympics for the first time - and will be using this result as a spring board to 2014.

Brazil still has never won Olympic gold.

Romney Chooses Ryan

Why not? He can't be worse than Biden, right?


Poor Romney. Obama and the Democrats are ludicrously trying to tie his time at Bain with the death of people Bain laid off.

Of course, it's a dubious attack ad but I do find it ironic that Obama is going after a man who introduced Romneycare to Massachusetts. Maybe Obama The Enabler is pissed Romney beat him to Obamacare.


Bronze The Parliament

Depending on how you look at things, there's good and there's bad news when it comes to Canada's performance in London.

Let's start with the good. There's the 18 medals of course. This matches Beijing so the country didn't take a step back on that. So far, this is good for 12th overall. 12th is not bad considering the larger nations - who pour more money into sports - ahead of us. It would be nice that Canada would be kick as to the point of passing Great Britain, Germany, France, Italy, Australia and South Korea (USA, China and Russia are an impossibility) but we have to be realistic.

Canada needs to perform within itself and aiming for 20-25 medals in my humble opinion is feasible given the nation's wealth and population.

The other good piece of news is winning the bronze in women's soccer. Coulda hadda a chance at gold but it wasn't in the stars. I have to say it's one of our most impressive medals in history.

There was almost an equally impressive (bronze again) medal when the 4x100 relay team came in (a distant) third behind Jamaica and USA only to be disqualified because one of the runners had his foot on the line.

Canada doesn't do team sports (except for hockey of course) well at all. This should change if you want to improve your medal count and stature as a sports power.

So Canada, for now, ends up with 1 gold, 5 silver and 12 bronze.

Now for the bad.

With 1 gold medal - in trampoline - Canada's ranking drops to 35th. Jamaica. Poor Jamaica crashes in with 4 gold medals for heaven's sake. Good on them for picking a sport they excel at and mastering it. Maybe Canada should do the same? It's useless to send a fencing team that never wins a medal.

Other sports notables ahead of Canada? Turkey, Ethiopia, Iran, Belarus, food-starved North Korea, Kenya and Azerbaijan.

We're tied with, just saying, Grenada.

This not only not good enough. It's unacceptable. Would it change if the medal were in the 100m dash? It would be a start but still not enough. Would you trade the 18 for, say, 4 gold, 2 silver and 4 bronze?

We're the Bronze Nation. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Let's celebrate it. No sense in crying over our gold medal demons.

Start by bronzing parts of Parliament. 'Welcome to Canada where we do bronze better than most! We're not the best because that wouldn't be "Canadian" but we sure know how to be third!"

Congrats to out medalists.

We're close. One day those bronzes will turn to silver and then gold! Like in Vancouver.

Always remember folks:

At least we're not American!

That's what she said!

How A Cynic Views Phelps

"Phelps has 22 medals! 20 gold!"

"Yeah, well, he didn't win 22 now did he? What's the point?"

Silly Plastic Bag Fiesta Taco Special

Three of the six grocery stores I shop at are owned by Italians and Lebanese. Aside from offering products not sold in the main grocery chains, they also haven't taken to the plastic bag hysteria.

When I go to a main chain now they'll literally leave you going out without a bag unless you ask for one - or several. Assessing how many you need is an irritating new reality in shopping. Usually, I low ball it. For example, if I know I need closer to 10 bags, I ask for 7. I then ask for the other three - sorry! I missed counted! - because they usually don't charge after you've paid.

It's a stupid process given that the majority of food is packaged with plastic.

But hey, the "green" revolution is here.

Not in the ethnic places though where they practically use one (free) bag per item. And thank God for that! They, like me, have no time for bull shit. Bag 'em and fuck off.

God Bless The Internet (Not The One Invented By Gore): The More The Better

Does anyone believe that whoever writes for big publications (Harper's, The New Yorker etc.) are actually the "best" writers out there?

I no longer do.

Not by a long shot.

I see a lot of great writers who wouldn't get a second look from the "old Grey Ladies." They had their time. Times have changed.

With the internet, we get to see great writers and thinkers who wouldn't otherwise get a fair shot in mainstream publications. Not only that, we're finding out a lot of crap has been stolen and plagiarized. No one is original. Not as we were told anyway.

At Least We're Not American!

This could have been a "Quote of the day" but why not have some fun?

Based on a true conversation. Part fiction.

A Canadian woman was telling her friend about giving birth to her daughter in Kansas. The friend asked how the experience went in an American hospital to which the woman answered, "Hospital? Try hotel! I didn't want to leave!"

T.C. interjects with a non-sequitur, "At least we're not American!"

*Gives thumbs up*


Canadian Olympic Thoughts

You know, Canada should be - now that I think of it - dominating canoe racing at the Olympics. I mean, all we do is talk about how "it's part of the Canadian experience" to ride in one - I've been on a canoe twice in my life. I'm no coureur de bois that's for sure. Anyway, we're the home of Mr. Canoehead, dammit!

So I'm not sure how I feel about watching Hungarians, Norwegians and Germans take (heck, steal) medals from us Canucks.

And where are the Natives anyway? Didn't they invent the canoe? Shouldn't we be bringing them in as ringers?

If white Canadians can't bring home the Gold then scoop up the Indians, eh, and stick a Maple Leaf on their backs and row away I say.

If I were a Canadian canoer and didn't win Gold tell you what I'd do during one of those "how do you feel?" interviews.

"How do I feel? I'll show you how I fucking feel." Then I'd start up a chainsaw and cut my canoe in half. "I lost to some no-name from a country so unknown the IOC rented it for the Olympics!"


Canada has a total of 17 medals in London. Not bad I guess. Not great, but not bad either. It would be better if the country earned more than the one gold medal (in trampoline no less).

One way to do this is to apply "own the podium" like they did in Vancouver 2010. That worked out great with 14 gold medals. Give money, get gold. Simple as that.

Alas, as one guy on a sports show claimed it was "Un-Canadian" to do that. I always wondered what the shit that meant. What, winning bronze and finishing 4th is? Sorta like what we hear down south with the "take back America" and "that's un-American" rhetoric in politics.

It's one thing for Joe-Shmo casual sports fan to take this position but quite another for a host of a sports show to say it. Sports is about competition. Competition is about winning. Without aiming to win you're a loser.

To deny this is to keep Canada mediocre.

I'm a big fan of 'Own the Podium.' Give the athletes the best we can offer. If we want to send 284 athletes then I think it's important we bring home more than a couple of gold medals. Or else scale back the size and focus on a couple of sports. Why spread yourself thin?

Conspiracy Corner: Lightbulbs


"...Attempts have been made in Europe to circumvent the standards set by Phoebus. In 1975, German watchmaker Dieter Binninger invented a light bulb with life expectancy of 150,000 hours (in other words, 17 years of continuous use!). However, shortly after finally finding a manufacturer for his bulbs in 1991, Binninger died in a plane crash, which was officially regarded as an accident. His patent has since sunken into obscurity and oblivion..."

It's ok. We now have those curly "green" bulbs now.

What's Greenwashing?

Greenwashing Index.

I'm suspicious of cleaning products. The only thing I trust is javel/bleach with water to properly disinfect. Plus another product that smells very alcoholic but it's effective.

Holy Crap!

He forgot to mention Ron Paul eats babies and drinks the blood for sport.

Man, talk about specious.

Olympic Favoritism For Great Britain? Canada Wins Bronze In Soccer

What? The British are not cheering for other countries? What shock.

Anyway, perception of favoritism for host nations have been around since the invention of the wart. It's no different in London. Although, I do get the feeling they're getting some homer calls. France certainly thinks so.

Medal hauls always tend to be very high (except when you're Canada) with the host nation usually well above a nation's historical average.

The most blatant homer calls I've seen actually involved Korea - twice. The first was in 1988 when Roy Jones jr. beat the shit out of a Korean and three corrupt judges gave the win to the Korean. Poor guy. I wonder if he even looks at the medal if he has any sense of honor.

It's a shame because Park has to carry that mess next to his name for the rest of his life. My friends and I remember watching that fight and looking on in utter disbelief when the winner was announced. Park shouldn't even have been in the fight to begin with as Vincenzo Nardiello of Italy had him beat in the earlier rounds.

The other boxing scandal was in 1984 when Italian Francesco Damiani pummelled American boxer Tyrell Biggs. That one too was hilarious in its outright cheating.

The second incident involving Korea was at the 2002 World Cup. I never saw such blatant cheating and corruption in the flesh. Korea reached the semi-finals when they clearly were not a semi-final caliber team. They had their lunch handed to them by Italy but somehow the ref gave them not nine, but ten lives in that game which ended when Tomassi scored in extra time. But the goal was called on a phantom off side. The shenanigans didn't end with Italy as the same thing happened against Spain in the next round thus fans were deprived of a possible Italy/Spain against Brazil final. Either side would have been better than what Germany put us through in that final won by Brazil.

That World Cup could have been Italy's 4th World Cup (giving them five) and Spain's first as both teams were capable of beating Brazil.


Speaking of corruption - or claims thereof. Canada regrouped and won the bronze medal 1-0 over France. Good for them. Now I just hope everyone can stop whining about what happened against the Americans.

I keep hearing local pundits on the radio who know soccer about as much as I know botany, go off on their usual inferiority complex driven "opinions."

On the balance, Canada got lucky too. As I mentioned in an earlier post, the Canadians played rough. And prove of this was seen on replay when Tancredi stomped on an American player's head and was fortunate to have her butt kicked off the field. That's a serious, very serious, offense in soccer. The ref's call has nothing to do with the Americans, but Tancredi's actions are hers alone.

I don't see Canadians talking about that. If they go down to 10 men, that's a different game folks.

The USA is a better soccer team. The Canadian girls, as well as they played, didn't seal the deal. The call, while questionable on some level, was an unfortunate fact of sport. I doubt there was any "cheating" going on.

The other fact is France was all over the Canadian team but couldn't capitalize. Canada emerged the victor in any case.

What is it, yin and yang or something?

On the balance, Canada got what it deserved and what it got was a fabulous bronze medal.

Good for them. It's a medal worth being proud of.

What Does A Schmuck Look Like?

See here.
This Chick-fil-A thing is over the top. When it was discovered the founder of IKEA was a NAZI supporter, I don't recall people going goo-goo-gaa-gaa over that.

Pick and choose. Choose and pick. Truth is, people don't give a shit so long as a company offers any combination of good quality and prices.

Montreal Student Protest Finally Makes Reason Magazine

Nadeau makes me laugh. What a little neo-socialist punk. Notice how the other people interviewed actually respect democratic rights. Now observe Nadeau's justification for using force. It's all socialists have. Force. They don't have that to back them up they have nothing. They have nothing because their arguments are vapid.

Cops Taser Deaf Woman Who Called 911 In Tacoma

I wonder how often this happens.

At Least We're Not American

Welcome to the first installment of  'At least we're not American.'

About ALWNA. Loosely applying Godwin's Law,  as conversations on message boards or threads (or plain conversation with mates) grow it doesn't take long before a Canadian a
makes a reference to "at least not being American." It can be about anything. Losing to Americans in sports, discussing health care, politics or even porn stars. Before you know it, someone will say it.

In a discussion about the frivolous student protests, a friend said to me, "Well, what do you want? The American system? I don't want that." Acknowledging it made little sense to offer free or excessively low tuition in the current economic climate, and being a man of good means and intelligence with education, he couldn't refrain from the "at least we're not American" position.

Of course, I reject this as a means to making a point about Canadian issues. I harbor no fear or obsession against all things American. I see no point in that. Nor do I think it has any merit.

How does it work? I'll take something in the news and merely adjust it to ALWNA.

"Canada dropped to 79th spot in the FIFA soccer rankings (marginally better at 65th with the ELO ranking. The United States are at their lowest I've seen in years at 36."


At least we're not American! We have free health care! They don't!


About the rankings. It has England at #3. #3! It's laughable given the decent performance at Euro. Although they were completely cleaned out and outclassed by Italy (ranked #6). I actually got angry at England for the way they played in the quarter-final. It was awful. I know the Brits felt it was "heroic" and a good "defensive" performance but that wasn't a result of tactics but more out of them clinging on for dear life. I understand FIFA has a formula for such things, but really, it's hilarious because England is NOT a top three soccer nation. No way. Top 10 maybe, but not ahead of the likes of Italy and Brazil. No. Just no.


Boxing Bull Shit At The Olympics

There have been a couple of controversial boxing calls in London. One of them involved Custio Clayton. Dude damn near took the British blokes head off and he gets eliminated?


What a joke boxing at the Olympics is. I'm a little tired of the homer calls.

T.C.'s Olympic Corner: I Believe This Is Annoying

Good Lord, could someone put an end to the 'I Believe' Olympic theme song.

I see myself muting a lot of the fake syrup the media feeds us. It's almost as if the media demands a "defied all odds" and "overcome obstacles" story. It feels forced.

Screw the media (especially the British press) and their pointlessness.


Heard Freddie Coleman on ESPN sports ask "are the British disappointed because they haven't won that many medals?" I paraphrase this question from last week and at the time the Brits had 28 medals or so. They currently have 43. I don't know what's to be disappointed about. It's a good haul thus far. Even with the "homer" calls.


I was going to do another "T.C. is better than (fill in the blank)" with this but decided against it.

Bill Simmons of ESPN/Grantland came up with this stupid line:
In the span of 12 short years, it was hard to say what changed more — the Olympics or us.

Butter knife. In eye.

In the span of 12 short (but long) years, it was hard (sometimes easy) to say (through a translator) what changed more (or less) - the Terrorists or us. Or them. Or you.


Was Canada "robbed" in a 4-3 semi-final soccer loss to the U.S.A in added extra time?

Not really.

First off, allowing goals like they did off a corner kick is simply unforgivable. That's one problem. Second, we Canucks got a lot of calls our way. We're lucky Tancredi and a couple of others weren't carded off the field. Third, a penalty could have been called against Canada too.

However, that was a pretty cheesy call to make at that point in the game. I don't know if the ref warned the keeper (refs warn all the time) but rarely do they, if ever, call that infraction. The rest is cause and effect I guess. The ball hitting the arm of the defender is because of the call made by the ref. Even the hand ball call, I suppose, could be argued since there was no deliberate intent.

Canad had the lead three times. They should have shut that game down but didn't. End of story.

In my 30 plus years of watching and playing soccer never seen it called at a high level.

The Olympics, indeed sports, are filled with all sorts of controversial calls.

It's too bad it went down that way since it was one of the best games I've seen.

Both sides did very well. Canada needs to regroup and go claim the bronze against France. If they do, it will be Canada's first medal in team sports since 1936.


Target Tokyo

Narrated by Ronald Reagan.

From PBS.

"Individual Freedom Tied To Development"

Who does this guy think he is? Hasn't he heard? Obama doesn't think this at all so he'd better catch up with the progressive lingo. Cuban punker Gorki Aguila ain't buying the commushit line. After all, he should know, he was arrested for "pre-criminal activity." Ah yes, welcome to "progressive" Cuba. I would absolutely love Michael Moore to try his shtick in Coooba! Nick from SE and I are in absolute agreement: There are more phony liberals than real ones.

Ted Cruz Crashes In And The GM Myth

GM's stock is down 40%...and the future don't look too bright.

Obama using GM as a success story for his economic plans is a joke.

"...GM appeared to roar back from its government-assisted, union-greasing bankruptcy. It has been turning a tidy profit. Second-quarter results come today. But Toyota surpassed GM as the top car manufacturer for the first six months of 2012. And GM’s stock has lost more than 40 percent of its value over the last two years..."


Did you know Ted Cruz was born in Canada of Cuban-Italian-Irish descent?

Not only that, the surprise Republican Senate candidate, is a Tea Partier with quite a substantial background and resume.

The left already hates him.

I'm going to take that as a positive.

Curtis Martin's Redemption

I don't think I've ever quite seen a speech like the one Curtis Martin did at the NFL Hall of Fame induction ceremony.


Assessing Canada At The Olympics

One week into the Olympics Canada stands at 10 medals. One of them being gold. The USA leads with 54 medals and 26 gold followed by China with 53 of which 25 are golden. The rest of the top ten contains the usual suspects of Great Britain, Russia, Japan, France, Germany, Australia, Korea and Italy.

Predictably, some Canadians on the call in shows are not happy with the medals won so far. It seems to them, it's unacceptable Kazakhstan (population 16 million/GDP per capita $13 000) has 4 gold medals and New Zealand (with a tiny population of 3 million) 3.

A popular comparison is with Australia (similar size, wealth, part of the Commonwealth, a little crazy in the head etc.) who consistently outperform Canada at the Summer Games. The interesting thing about the Aussie's is that while they have 20 medals only one has been gold - equal to Canada.

The major reason for this is that the Aussie's didn't do so well in the pool - the backbone of Australian Olympic success. China and Japan have eaten into their cut. Only the USA remains supreme in the water.

I tend to be hard on Canada when it comes to results myself. For example, we send large contingents with little returns. I don't know but sending 260 athletes to get two or three gold medals isn't very efficient in my eyes. However, this time around, Canada is actually performing well. I was watching the women's gymnastics (a sport Canada has historically been mediocre) and was actually impressed with the performance.

The Americans, Chinese and Romanians were simply better. The Americans in particular were just plain fantastic. In this instance, finishing 5th was quite an accomplishment and something to hopefully build on.

Gone are the days when Canadians were "happy to participate." That naive attitude is slowly (mercifully and thankfully) slowly changing as Canadians actually want to be on the podium now. I think they just got tired with the "I'm happy with my 11th place performance." People expect more and this is not a bad thing.

Nonetheless, 10 medals (11th overall) is bound to raise questions. Or as my wife put it, "we get an 'A' for effort but not much else." The question I like to ask is "ok, you're not happy with 10 at the moment. How many do you reckon we should be at?"

I don't know myself.

But how "bad" is 11th?

The only real metric to determine if Canada does well is to measure itself against traditional sports powers Canada likens itself to. Canada isn't a top 10 country at the Summer games (more like top 15. We're top 10 or 5 at the Winter games as it should be), but that doesn't necessarily mean failure. There are 200 countries in the world you know.

Canada, as I mentioned, is currently in 11th spot. That's pretty good given who is ahead of them.

I went back and looked at the medals won since 1992 for major Olympic powers. Gold medals/Total:

1) USA -  190-515
2) Russia - 153-429
3) China - 143-325
4) Germany - 95-293
5) Australia - 63-221
6) France - 54-148
7) Italy - 50-145
8) South Korea - 49-144
9) Great Britain - 45-140
10) Japan 36-117

Hungary: 37-95
Romania: 31-91
Netherlands: 29-97
Poland: 22-70

Canada: 19-84.

Clearly, there's room for improvement. Canada under performs every single country on this list except for Poland (who still manage more gold medals) but asking Canada to crack that top 10 is unrealistic unless there's a major shake up and commitment to excellence.


Quick word on Germany. While the results of the USA, France, Britain and Italy have been steady, there's been a slow downward trend with Germany. Consider:

1992: 82 medals
96: 65
00: 56
04: 49
08: 41

Between 1992 and 2008 the German medal haul is down 50%! I'm guessing funding is down?

Germany is at 21 medals at the moment.

Another country not having the usual success is Russia. China, it looks like, are poised to be replace Russia as America's main rival. It will be interesting what direction Australia goes into.


Meanwhile, Americans are asking if Ryan Lochte's performance in the pool was disappointing relative to the expectations.

He won five medals/two golds.

Half of Canada's totals and double the gold production from ONE guy and the Americans are wondering if the guy "choked."


Only in America.


Watched the boxing match between Zou of China and Veiteia of Cuba. All I can say was what an outrageous outcome. Zou committed so many fouls I lost count yet he won. Not only that, he got clocked in the final round but the ref (who was terrible) didn't give an eight-count. But when Zou delivered a harmless head shot, the Cuban boxer was given a standing eight. Final score 14-11 for Zou who hugged his way to a controversial victory.

Not a first in boxing of course.

Just terrible.

Cut Deficit In Half. Ha,ha.

President Obama in 2009 sezzzz: Cut the deficit "we inherited" in half, that is.
Ha, ha.

The Economist Is Funny

When did The Economist go comedy?

"..So we get “Joe the Plumber” lecturing Barack Obama on socialism, and Irish pop stars lecturing heads of state on humanitarian relief in Africa. Even card-carrying members of the elite, such as former President George W. Bush, are keen to play down their Ivy League educations and play up their love of clearing brush on the ranch. Punditry reflects the diversity of every other sphere of public life, and few need fear being called “queer” on national television."

You mean, like, you invite movie star celebrities (because they're indispensable to intellectual life)  to write for your paper?

Boy. Cynics them.