B.C. Doctor's Open Letter to Bonnie Henry

 Afuckenmen. DO NO HARM. This applies to Dube and Arruda. The harm they're causing is real. 

OPEN LETTER from a medical doctor to BC Minister of Health
From: Dr Stephen Malthouse, MD
Denman Island, BC V0R 1T0
Email: scmalthouse@zohomail.com
October 2020
To: Dr. Bonnie Henry,
British Columbia Provincial Health Officer,
Ministry of Health,
1515 Blanshard Street,
Victoria, BC V8W 3C9
Dear Dr. Henry,
I am a physician who has been in family medical practice in BC for more than 40 years and a member of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC since 1978.
I am writing this letter with the hope that you will be able to clarify the basis of your decision-making that has led our provincial government, health ministry, regional health officers, hospitals, medical staff, WorkSafe BC, businesses, and everyday citizens to follow pandemic policies that do not appear based on high-quality scientific research and, in fact, appear to be doing everyone a great deal of harm.1
The early intent of mitigation measures to “flatten the curve”, when we knew very little about SARS-CoV-2, its mode of transmission, and the severity of COVID-19, was reasonable. I believe that most physicians in Canada, myself included, whether active or retired, prepared themselves to take part on the front lines for the expected COVID-19 tsunami. Very soon it was apparent that the expected overwhelming of the hospital system was not going to occur, and now BC physicians have questions about the appropriateness of your public health policies.
The epidemiological evidence clearly shows that the “pandemic” is over and no second wave will follow. The evidence has been available for at least 4-5 months and is irrefutable.2-4 Yet, in spite of this substantial body of research, your office is perpetuating the narrative that a pandemic still exists and a second wave is expected. This false story is being used to justify public health policies that appear to have no health benefits, have already caused considerable harm, and threaten to create more harm in the future.
As you are aware, Sweden took an entirely different approach and, as of mid-September, their infection rate reached an all-time low and Covid-19 related deaths were at zero; 22 of 31 European countries, most of which enacted strict lockdowns, had higher infection rates. Sweden has also largely escaped the financial ruin and catastrophic mental health problems experienced in other countries, including Canada and the U.S.A.
Dr. Lawrence Rosenberg, Montréal’s medical officer, has stated “this COVID virus is much like the seasonal flu”. A group of over 400 Belgian doctors have stated “COVID is not a killer virus, but a treatable condition”. Eighteen Canadian doctors wrote the Ontario Premier,
Doug Ford, stating “your policies risk significantly harming our children with lifelong consequences”. The Ontario policies are very similar to those of British Columbia.
In 2011, a review of the literature by the British Columbia Centres for Disease Control that sought to evaluate the effectiveness of social distancing measures such as school closures, travel restrictions, and limitations on mass gatherings as a means to address an influenza pandemic concluded that “such drastic restrictions are not economically feasible and are predicted to delay viral spread, but not impact overall mortality”. [Italics added]
Specifically, there appears to be no scientific or medical evidence for5-6
1. Self-isolation of asymptomatic people
2. social distancing
3. facemasks
4. arbitrary closure of businesses
5. closure of schools, daycares, park amenities, and playgrounds
6. the discontinuance of access to education, medical, dental, chiropractic, naturopathic, hearing, dietary, therapeutic, and other support for the physically and mentally disabled, particularly special needs children with neurological disorders
7. the closing down of or restrictions on religious places of worship.
According to the CDC Pandemic Severity Index, none of these measures have been warranted.
The Great Barrington Declaration, signed by more than 30,000 health scientists and medical doctors from around the world, adds support for this statement.
Surprisingly, the recommendation for reducing COVID-19 morbidity and mortality by supplementing with vitamin D, a measure that is supported by high-quality research, has been absent from your frequent public broadcasts and professional bulletins.7 Optimizing nutrition is a convenient, inexpensive, and safe method of improving immune resistance and has been confirmed through numerous studies for both prevention and treatment of COVID-19. As far as I am aware, you have never mentioned something as simple as vitamin D supplements for our most vulnerable citizens. Yet, it was the promise to protect these same citizens that was used to justify the lockdown of a healthy population and the closure of businesses.
Why are you still using PCR testing? The Deputy Chief Medical Officer for Health in Ontario has publicly stated that the PCR test yields over 50% false positives. A New York Times investigative report found that PCR testing yields up to 90% false positives due to excessive amplification beyond the recommendations of the manufacturer. The PCR test was never designed, intended or validated to be used as a diagnostic tool. Even the Alberta Health Services COVID-19 Scientific Advisory Group has stated “clinical sensitivity and specificity values have not been determined for lab developed RT-PCR testing in Canada”.8 Despite expert consensus, you continue to use this inappropriate and inaccurate test to report so-called “cases” and justify your decisions.9-18
The public health definition of a “case” is very broad. As all experienced doctors know, a “case” is a patient with significant symptoms who is often hospitalized. A “case” is not a person who simply has a questionably positive PCR test and presents with no symptoms or an unrelated diagnosis. Pictures of healthy young adults standing in line to get PCR tests, with a cell phone in one hand and a Starbucks coffee in the other, are everywhere in the media. These are not sick people and do not need testing.
Nevertheless, your public announcements repeatedly emphasize that the “case” counts are rising and we are in big trouble. Recently, “out-of-control” case counts were used to justify a second lockdown in Ontario and Quebec. Curfews have been put into place. People are being asked to risk their livelihoods to make sacrifices for the general good, based on Public Health’s misrepresentation of “cases” as sick people.
Meanwhile, hospitalizations, ICU admissions, and deaths from COVID-19 have dropped to pre-pandemic levels. Where are all the patients?
Why not simply tell the public that
* the PCR testing is not reliable and is meaningless for diagnosing COVID-19
* positive PCR test results do not represent sick patients,
* rarely are people now becoming ill from SARS-CoV-2,
* provincial hospitals are essentially empty of COVID-19 patients,
* decisions should not be based on “cases” in the news,
* the morbidity/mortality of COVID-19 has not exceeded seasonal influenza,
* the median age of death from COVID-19 in Canada was 85 years,
* the pandemic is over, and
* no second wave is coming?
It is your duty as the provincial health officer to provide facts, not propaganda, and make every effort to stop the public panic. The only reason for emphasizing “cases” is to induce more fear and thereby compliance in the name of promised safety.
Why are children being pursued with a new rinse-and-spit saliva test that is also based on a worthless PCR test? Children have been terrorized and are being given the message that they can never be trusted not to infect their family and friends -- essentially, that they are naturally bad. The insistence on covering their faces with masks, a proven useless and even harmful measure, only worsens this sense of shame. The psychological fallout from such messaging is going to be horrific.
One only needs to walk down Main Street to already see the catastrophic effects of these messages on the mental and emotional health of families.
The excess death toll from partial lockdowns, social distancing and other public health measures is staggering. The Canadian media reports that provincial measures have been shown to create 12:1 more deaths than the virus; there has been a 40% increase in heart attack deaths in Canada from fear, anxiety and cancelled hospital procedures; suicide and drug overdose deaths have increased and outnumber COVID-19 deaths by a ratio of 3:1; suicides have doubled in BC since April; and anxiety and depression, food insecurity, domestic violence, and child abuse have skyrocketed. With unnecessary school closures, the ability of teachers to identify children subject to abuse and malnourishment has been curtailed. Many of our friends, family and patients died alone, terrified, and isolated against their will in facilities and nursing homes. That cruel policy was unjustified and inhuman.
How is it possible that a doctor with your previous training and experience did not anticipate the collateral damage of your public health policies – the economic disruption, the psychological and physical health consequences, and the deaths from despair?
The mainstream media has created a religion out of public health, one based on superstition, not science, with the power to rule over an obedient public. The news channels have raised you to almost saint-like status. Tea towels, shoes and murals have been designed to celebrate your accomplishments. Yet, your public directives do not make sense, contradict the research, and are causing people a great deal of harm. As a fellow doctor, I appeal to you to re-examine your policies and change direction before Public Health causes irreparable damage to our province’s health and economic well-being. That about-face will require you to meet the obligations of your office.
Stephen Malthouse, MD
Member, College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia,
Denman Island, British Columbia
Email: scmalthouse@zohomail.com

Teachers, Parents, Government, Media: Look At What Your Cowardice, Ignorance And Selfishness Is Doing To Innocent Kids

Every stupid action by leaders has a consequence. 

All of them foreseeable.

For months they have been badgering people to wear masks and wash their hands.

What did you think was going to happen?

But nothing angers me more than what adults have done to children.

It's digesting and they should be ashamed.

End this before it gets worse. I've had it with this hysteria and all these lies. How can parents and teachers not exercise any damn common sense? At this point, and I've told and instructed my daughter to do this, do the OPPOSITE of what the authorities are saying. 

Tricks: Every store you enter, pretend to depress the sanitizer tap and wring your hands as if you did. Poke holes in your mask because it DOES deprive you of oxygen among other things. Don't social distance at every turn. We need human interaction. Don't allow this social engineering to change what it means to be human. You need exposure to germs and bacterias. Eat well and sleep. And for the love of God don't watch the news and ignore the press conferences. 

Sounds drastic but they're zapping the life out of you. They're talking about keeping you in masks indefinitely. They won't allow for you to go to a concert free and in peace. You should not be placing blind faith in public officials. This is NOT THE PLAGUE. 

Stand up and say no.

And this is absolutely on the parents, teacher's unions, Legault, Ford and Tam.

All of you did this:

The Psychology Of The Obedient Mask Wearer

We all know fear is the main driver of this virus.

That's how they got people to wear a mask. Once they're scared, you can get them to turn any facet on for the chambers so long as they think they're protecting themselves and nation.

Obviously, a rational and sober mind doesn't accept the fear. They let their reasoned mind to drive their senses.

But there are other dimensions and traits to consider.

For example, virtue. The propagandists did a great job of assuaging fear by furnishing people with a sense of false virtue. Wearing a mask save others. It keeps businesses open. It shows you care. You're doing it for nation.

It's a form of virtue-indulgence like Tesla is an indulgent for the wealthy who want to look like they answer to Gaia. 

Plus don't under estimate the trendy aspect of it. How else to explain all the fashionable masks?

It's an exercise in self-absorbed nonsense.

Strip the veneer of virtue and fashion off and all you get are people in fear doing nothing but following orders.

Killing Halloween

So officials killed Thanksgiving.

Then they turned their pseudoscience ire onto the kids and Halloween killing the spirit of handing out candies. We put out a table and are leaving kids to take candy. Part of the fun for kids is to show their costumes. But Francois Legault and the sowers of kill fun made sure they stole that. They sent out protocols that essentially made it not worth the hassle.

All day and week long we're touching all kinds of crap. But somehow that Kit-Kat will spread the virus.

Absurd beyond belief. 

We must do our bit to stop the spread or else we will lockdown to avoid overwhelming the hospitals! 

What a scam.

Next up. Christmas.

They will rape and kill Cindy Lou Who.

And you adults handing out candy with fucken tongs who placated this garbage. Shame on you. 

Some people can't be helped:

How do we know the gloves weren't infected?

You do realize it's safer to use your hands, right? You know, that part of the body that help make us human? If you're that scared, maybe the best way to make sure sanitizing works is to cut off your hands.

They say shame people who don't wear masks.

I say mercilessly mock people who do and pull this kind of stupidity. 

UK Joins The Lawless Ranks

Hard lock down for the UK. They join clown countries Wales, New Zealand and Australia. One can only hope Canada doesn't follow this retardedly anti-science path.

There's violence and unrest in Spain and Italy now. Comment:

"I honestly believe peaceful open civil disobedience will work. The fines aren't actionable even if the piece of shit politicians threaten it.
A lawyer here said you can't create laws through decrees. Hence all tickets tend to get thrown out when contested.
Just open. Take a chance with the tickets. What's the alternative? Starve?
Gyms who had the balls to reopen that is. And restaurants need to man up to.
A politician that deprives a person of their right to earn a living is a CRIMINAL.

One can hope somehow they will all face justice including the son of a bitch public health officials and epidemiologists advising this crap."

I agree about the medical technocrats. They need to face justice. There's no doubt in my mind these are crimes against humanity. 

Trump must win on Tuesday. He stands alone as a voice of reason in this crazy hysteria.

We need to stop.

A Message For My Fellow Canadians: If We Stand Up They Can't Shut Us Down And Steal Our Liberties And Lives

While I recommend watching this in its entirety, the last 10 minutes are important for businesses that have been forced to shut down for NO REASON.

We can fight this. Take it to the courts.

We can win. 

Push back on the Lockdowners.

This has gone on too far.


Legault is not going to stop unless we stop him. 

Leaders are NOT following the science. 

Here's the data from the CDC (which I presume can safely be applied to Canada) on the survival rate:

0-69 years-old: 99.83%

0-70: 98.5%

AVG. 99.2%

We're under stress and fear for a virus that has a similar survival rate to the flu? And officials are out there telling us to be scared, take flu shots and expect 'dark days'?

What's going on?

They Know Masks Don't Work

I don't know why the dictators are forcing masks on us.

Social engineering seems to be one of the reasons but why?

I know about the 'Lockstep' protocols in a study from the Rockefeller foundation and this could very be the reason along with the Global Reset.

But let's bring this down to a basic logical level.

Masks are constantly scientifically studied by organizations like OSHA. There's endless data pointing to how masks have to be approved after rigorous testing. They MUST BE APPROVED. They don't just allow for any mask to be used and they all come with their own set of issues and potential harmful effects.

The data is clear on this. Masks aren't effective for the following: Loss of oxygen, moisture build up and pathogen retention. 

So why did we become so cavalier about it? All of a sudden it went from a serious field of study to one where there are youtube channels showing people how to make home made masks! 

Does this strike you as remotely logical? Skeptical eyes should be cast on what's happening.

How can an artisanal mask possibly be useful against airborne diseases?

It's asinine. 

Masks: Governments And Public Health Around The World Are Putting YOU In Danger

Masks ARE NOT MEANT TO BE WORN in the manner we're being forced.

Watch this.

Francois Legault, Theresa Tam, and Doug Ford are directly threatening our health by forcing these idiotic things.

End the mask mandate before it's too late.



Medical Bureaucrats Serving Leaders Poorly

As you know, I've been very hard on Legault and Ford. And will continue.

But for one second I will cut them some slack. If the medical officers are giving them bad advice, then the ire should be directed at public health officials.

Nonetheless, they need to figure this shit out on their own.

It's evident they're being given stale data and advice. They need to understand Tam ain't gonna shift from her position.

And it's not a good one.

In Ontario, Brian Lilley has the courage to challenge doctors who are given way too much reverence. They're not gods. 

For example, Dr. David Williams is calling for the shutdown of restaurants based on shoddy and weak evidence. This technocrat is showing no concern for the people he wants to put out of work.

And it's enough with this notion we'll just put them on some sort of dumbass expensive program and package it as something noble when we shouldn't be putting people out of work to begin with.

People like Williams are under the misguided impression Covid-19 is putting people out of work when in fact it's people like him.

Which is why we need to stop listening to their message as I've been saying since May. He does indeed owe Ford and apology.

In Manitoba, 11 doctors are calling for a complete lockdown for weeks. The Premier must resist.

It's enough of this garbage. 

Time for Premiers to put on their damn big boy pants and take this nation off this irrational path paved by medical bureaucrats. 

How Far Are Civilized Nations Willing To Go To 'Fight' A Virus With A Very High Survival Rate?

We know that New Zealand and Australia are willing to abandon any semblance of adhering to principles of civl liberties and science.

Australia has employed drastic and draconian police state measures and New Zealand has set up quarantine camps.

What's their end game? Are they going to do this indefinitely? Are they waiting for a vaccine?

Sweden, for its part, has used the exact opposite approach.

A more realistic and enlightened one.

Everyone else, Canada included, are in between the two with most leaning like Australia.

Disappointing. Bitterly so.

One day this will pass. But when we take stock of our actions, I don't believe we'll be particularly proud of  what we did. 

I have no respect for New Zealand and Australia and do not wish this for Canada or the United States.

There has to be a better approach. One that first demands we remain calm and stop panicking. 

One that would take courage and leadership.

And that's The Great Barrington Declaration assertion. That's the Swedish way.

Sweden and Norway are back to normal.

Don't people want this?

If so, stay away from NZ and AUS and even Wales. We have nothing to learn from them.

What do New Zealand and Wales have in common?


That's what they are. Punchlines to a joke. 

The Biden Scandal The Media Ignores

It's a pretty big thing this Hunter Biden mess. Sounds like it's real too. Lotsa of facts and evidence it would appear.

More than what we saw with the fake Russia collusion story and impeachment anyway.

But just as big a story is the painful silence of the legacy media outlets. They're ignoring the story. Gee, I wonder why.

Plenty of fine investigative journalists vouch for it but they find themselves facing a wall of editors who are rejecting it. Glenn Greenwald has resigned from The Intercept over this.

It's quite an astonishing situation. Media (temporarily) dropping their masks and going full in the tank for the Democrats. 

Already media had become a running joke (look at their behavior during the pandemic which has been abysmal), and this only adds to it. In fact, it should once and for all toss this profession into the junk bin.

NBCABCSBSPBSWAPONYT should just amalgamate already and stop pretending they're all independent news organizations. 

11 Manitoba Doctors Beg For Lockdowns; That Would Be A Waste Of Precious Human And Capital Resources

Yes, I just said it.

It's enough with the 'we must shut everything down to save a life' mentality.

It's rather outrageous there are doctors who are still refusing to understand the pernicious impacts of such demands. 

This is not enlightened thinking. It's one-dimensional panic.

We can't close off millions of people because they believe or predict a calamity is around the corner. What kind of irresponsible and unwise thinking is this?

We MUST consider the unintended consequences and trade-offs to EVERY MEASURE we do.

Eight months on we have EVIDENCE showing what lockdowns have done. And they don't work.

All because these damn doctors play on our emotions.

Here's what the response should be: DO YOUR JOBS.

We're eight months into this and the idea we still act like it's March is bananas and infuriating.

Stop putting fear into people. The virus is impacting a tiny portion of the population.

All our limited resources should be focused on protecting the vulnerable. Not preventing people from living with all these pointless measures from masks to idiotic contact tracing.

And I have a sneaking suspicion we're still not protecting the vulnerable choosing to take this irrational one-size fits all approach. Somehow the idea we have to ruin kids to protect the elderly is the worst kind of logic one could possibly employ. 

No, I don't want granny to die. But it looks like you want everyone else to suffer and die though. 

Very stupid.

Prediction; Scammers Moving Goal Posts

I've been saying since May we need to stop listening to public health officials. All they do is preach a precautionary principle without considering impacts. It is the job of politicians to do that but they clearly have not and shown themselves to be gutless authoritarians.

Now we need to start questioning epidemiologists who keep hammering at insidious lockdown measures.

Not only that, it's time to critically assess Dr. Tam.

Virologists are on TV telling how things need to be done that are having delirious effects on social and economic life. They have no training in psychology or economics so why are we even listening to their advice? Give us the science on viruses and back off. They have no better idea on how to handle or 'control' a virus than anyone else it has been revealed.

What's even more preposterous is the notion that we haven't done enough and 'need to act now.'

Are these people on drugs? All it's been for the last eight months is a series of pernicious measures that have done very little.

Yet they keep on with these crazy ideas. It's a nice luxury to have to not have to deal with the consequences of their assertions directly, eh?

Now it's the outright obsession of not overwhelming hospitals.

They never got overwhelmed. They were stretched for a period but from where I stand, North American hospitals did a good job at the peak of managing care. We never fell.

What makes officials think they will now? My prediction, simply based on the fact hospital stays will likely be shorter and the fact the IFR has dropped rather dramatically, is that we won't see them get overwhelmed. Here in Canada, it's looking like a low flu season. That's good.

That means the scammers ruling us will need to find another fear tactic peddled by their lackeys in the media.

What lie will politicians come up with to once again move goal posts next?

Stay tuned. Third waves are-a-coming. 

Non-sequitur relevant thoughts: 

99.92% survival rate.


Watching Europe In Horror

You think you're living in a democracy represented by rational and reasoned people of honour looking out for the best interests of all?

Think again.

This 'somethingdemic' should have raised some skeptical eyes.

Watching Europe over react in sheer panic to this virus is mighty disheartening.

And the worst part? This viral panic is coming to Canada soon.

What a mess.

One can but hope these perpetuators of a hysteria will face some kind of justice if not in this life in another.

We're in this together. Except not in the way you think.

Tyranny Of The Subjective Good Has Arrived

Did you know you're no longer free?

Did you notice what just happened?

Did you not notice the how strangely coordinated everything is?

Did you notice this is not a plague?

At every turn since this panic took off, governments have taken the opportunity to slowly erase civil rights while adding more and draconian restrictions as you slept in fear.

And the recipe for this was impossibly simple and timeless: Fear. No garlic necessary.

Just plain old scare the hell out of people and you have them. The Nazis knew this better than anyone.

A population cowering in irrational fear is prepared to give up agency thinking they're handing it over to elected officials when in fact it's going straight to the unelected medical technocrat.

The dream can easily turn into a nightmare.

Health passes and contact tracing where you will have to give your name everywhere you go is tyranny.

Not liberty. They will describe it as liberty but that's Orwellian manipulation. They will extort you. Give us your privacy or business dies. Granny will die. 

They will prey on your sense of decency, manipulate your emotions and exploit your naivety. 

They will beat you down - slowly but surely - until Stockholm Syndrome sets in.

For the public good.

Is it by design or a consequence of our utter stupidity? 

Does it matter?

They already gave a quiz and YOU FAILED through the masks. You still haven't woken up. You still haven't looked into whether they work. You just blindly accept. You believe. 

There is no evidence they work. Just when doubt begins to set in, the media makes sure to bring in one of they flunkies to set you straight. Wear the mask peon.

Have you no dignity? You don't need to be an 'expert' to make your own decisions based on your own research. You don't need Skippy the Epidemiologist or Dr. Needles to tell you masks are necessary. They're no more PPE experts than Homer Simpson is a nuclear scientist.

Get that through your thick fucken skulls.

The 'subjective' angle is key. As we see with the masks, if there's one way to get people to be obedient it's to couch propaganda with notions of 'doing good'. Ergo, the mask isn't to stop the virus silly. It's for you to protect others. If you can fool people this way on a simple, small scale, you'll be able to do so with any agenda. 'We're redoing life because the last one was bad. You don't want people to suffer right? So sign over your life. For the good'.

Start shifting how you view this virus because this ain't no plague. It's not a threat to you.

We have found our enemy.

And the enemy is us.

The call is coming from inside the house.


What Do Lockdown Fiends Wales And New Zealand Have In Common?


What The Political And Medical Class Has Unleashed

These are just United Nations reports. The situations is far graver.

Wait until the debts kick in.

All for a virus with a 99.92% survival rate.

The worst is yet to come for poverty.

Decades of progress on poverty lost.

Millions pushed into hunger.

Aids deaths on the rise.

WHO: 80 million kids at risk. Yet, the WHO is NOT aggressive enough on calling nations to end lockdowns.

TB makes a comeback.

From the AP: 10 000 dead kids per month.

Daily Mail: Reduced access to care kills.

Deadly on the young.

See kids? This is what we call TRADE-OFFS.

Something your incompetent pseudo-leaders can't quite grasp. 

And we're barely scratching the surface.

Remember this the next time some pencil neck from a University on your TV calls for lockdowns. 

That person and the political class are complicit in this.



"Communication on the COVID-19 pandemic has been distorting the emerging scientific evidence and has led to the unprecedented closure of societies (‘lockdown’). The ‘collateral damage’ caused by Corona control measures is affecting the lives and livelihoods of billions of people world-wide, especially the vulnerable, and most probably costing the lives of hundreds of thousands. This has promoted a new mental disorder, ‘coronaphobia’, an epidemic of fear, spreading faster than the virus itself, and permitting a surprising degree of acceptance even of very harsh control measures. It is argued that societies’ reaction to epidemics should adapt to the emerging evidence, and that they should more strictly adhere to well-established public health principles."

The Incoherent Stupidity Of Public Officials

Let's see.

The NHL, NBA and MLB all concluded their seasons with very little problems.

Soccer leagues in Europe completed their season in the summer and are back in action.

Professional cycling is currently in gear. 

College football and the NFL is in full season.

So the pros got their fun.

But what have we done?


Make sense to you?

Me either.

Stupid people are making decisions.

The kids have paid a disproportionate price for this hysteria.


Covid-19 Context; How PCR Test Works

With the flu.

Food for thought.

Physicians for Informed Consent calculate Covid IFR at .26%.

Flu season in the USA:

Between October 1, 2019 and April 4, 2020, the flu resulted in:

  • 39 to 56 million illnesses
  • 410,000 to 740,000 hospitalizations
  • 24,000 to 62,000 deaths 
  • 169 pediatric deaths 


Good video on how PCR testing works.

Canadian Public Officials In Action


Stupid psychopaths are in control. 

Liberal Pandemic Logic A Path To Sure Destruction

If this is how the Liberal party thinks, then we're just as good as done.

Unless they somehow get booted out, their play is so bad it will permanently wreck this country.

They will only turn off the debt taps until the pandemic is over?

How irresponsibly dangerous are these buffoons?

When this pandemic started I told my wife of all the people to be in charge.

I used to watch the McLaughlin Group since the 1980s. Freeland made some appearances in the 2000s. I would watch her and wonder how such a person who was obviously out of her league could possibly get on. She was editor of The Financial Times (again, no clue how she landed that gig) at the time.

But she was just an editor and thanked God she was nowhere near actual power.

Now she's Finance Minister of Canada. A dunce with a remedial mind is talking exactly as I'd expect this person to speak.

Freeland is an air head.

What are you going to 'defeat'? A virus? You're mental. I see a 'plan' designed by and for lemmings to keep people in fear indefinitely.


The True 'Recalcitrants' Is Francois Legault And His Supporters

Legault claims his measures are working. 

Legault is quite the funny guy.

Insulting but amusing nevertheless.

But his little attempt is a facade.

Remember, the PCR was never invented to be used as a diagnostic tool and doesn't look for infections so we should cast cases with a skeptical eye.

Let's briefly look at the four targets of his specious, non-evidence based restrictions:

Of those places that constitute 'closed settings' restaurants and gyms have been the favourite targets of authoritarian public officials. Despite the fact the data has been unclear as to how the virus may transmit in those places (including from the WHO),  governments still thought it wise and prudent to shut them down. Which means they were probably wrong because, well, it's the  government.

A major study published in CISION concluded:

"After nearly 50 million check-ins over that three-month period, the study found that a nominal 0.0023 percent tested positive for COVID-19. Gyms nationwide have robust COVID-19 safety measures in place and there is zero evidence that the positive cases originated in gyms themselves."

One of the key things we can do during this period is to keep healthy. Legault robbed people of their ability to do just that based on lies.

As for, restaurants, there aren't any major studies conducted but it's generally understood the situation is touch and go with many variables determining whether there are outbreaks or not. However, for the most part it's thought they aren't main drivers of outbreaks to justify draconian measures.

Here, Legault did them dirty by getting them to invest $30 0000 to $40 000 in conforming to excess protocols and then shutting them down again.

Schools. We've known for months that children aren't vectors of the disease. Studies from Denmark, Holland, Norway and now Italy have shown keeping schools open is SAFE. Alas, we've given into the fear mongering of the teacher's unions who haven's exactly impressed during all this as they look out for their own interests and not the kids.

But Francois Legault has them masked up and even added a grade in Secondary three to assault with his pseudo-scientific bull shit.

Legault's measures aren't working because these aren't the problem.

Of the closed settings, restaurants and gyms have the lowest outbreaks and homes have the largest - which should come as not fricken surprise. We all catch a cold from someone we live with. I'm surprised he hasn't ordered families to social distance from each other. He's already featured the emotional state of Quebec so why not push a little harder? Come on! For the nation! 

No one knows what the problem is. It's a virus that is blazing through and it couldn't less about Francois Fricken Legault and his measures. He just copied other idiots in the West and chose these places to show an ignorant and scared population his doing something.

That's not a leader. That's an opportunist.

All Legault has achieved is to create angst, false pride and virtue, uproot lives and foster resentment.

Not following data and science can do that.

It's not people like me who is a recalcitrant. I demand proof for such measures to which they have given none.

It's Legault, the CAQ and his supporters who are the true recalcitrant as they REFUSE TO EVOLVE WITH THE DATA still acting and talking as if this is still March.

Legault is just manipulating the population and is stringing us along indefinitely.

Buffoon Logic At The New Brunswick Human Rights Commission

Let's get one thing straight here. HRC are unelected bodies that DO NOT defend human rights. I've et to see any of these sorry bums ever side with the people. What they are is a group of people peddling identity politics. 

They will NEVER defend free speech or any other negative rights. They will defend propaganda.

If you assert an opinion that is deemed 'wrong think' no matter how innocuous and someone complains, they will rule against you.

So it's not surprising that the HRC ruled New Brunswick's laughable mask mandates didn't violate human rights.

Of course it does. Anyone basted and well acquainted with rights knows it's a flagrant foul.We know masks don't work. Even some officials who support them are honest about the fact there's no evidence backing they work.

It's the precautionary principle run amok.

The funny part is NB has in the area of two cases per day. We may have to shift Newfie jokes onto New Brunswickians.

Know what territory we're in?

If the government tells you to wear garlic to ward off a virus, the HRC will conclude it's reasonable and doesn't trample on civil liberties.

For Now Dogma Prevails Over Science And Reason

When you have people saying herd immunity is 'genocide' you know we're in a very bad place.

Is it a surprise though? For the past five years faith, reason, and logic has been under direct attack from the progressive left. Gender isn't binary after all. All is welcomed in the dogmatic world of gibberish.

It's then no surprise low-IQ opportunistic politicians are behaving as they are. It's an outgrowth of the pseudo-intellectual and scientific upheaval we've been subjected to. The rug has been pulled right from under our feet.

Many sound voices have been strenuously trying to push back on the lies peddled by media and politicians pushing public health officials and they're erroneous read on Covid-19.

No one - and get this though your heads - is 'following science'. This thing is a hysteria with its own cruise control dogmatic system in place.

Reason and science is being drowned out. We can but let this pass and hope the damage is limited.

We will remember the people who assaulted liberty, reason and science.

And they all know who they are.

For the rest of us, keep fighting. Keep tying to push back and providing sense to people who are lost and gripped by fear.

The funny part about all this is the people who claim to be 'following science' are just following orders. They'd be the ones to lead the mob against Galileo and Copernicus and other great minds.

I read about hysteria in books and often prayed I would not witness one because I always knew I wasn't likely to side with the mob. And here we are.

The masked up mob and their malignant belief in pseudo-science waiting to collect their orders from Gates and Fauci out to mash into oblivion truth.

Forgive them Father perhaps.

But we must never forget because once this passes, we will have to restore truth.

Our work is only beginning. 

You're Not In Control

Public officials say that restrictive measures means we're in control.

We're the intelligent ones, see?

When in fact, we're not. We're in control of nothing.

In fact, all they're showing you is how to let a virus CONTROL us.

Walking around social distancing and masks is an illusion.

What it says is you're in fear.

Media Propaganda; Health Officials And They're Malignant Precautionary Principles

The propaganda peddled by media through this sordid ordeal questionably steered by lab coat academics and science-technocrats, continues at a fervent pace.

I don't watch or read much of the 'news' because it's mostly falsehoods, emotional manipulation, appeals to authority and misleading rantings without context.

It purposely attempts to cast doubt on people's ability to think straight and critically.

'You don't want people to die, right? Now shut up and listen to Isaac Bogusch who sits nicely at his university school desk and wear the mask.'

It's a nauseating attack on reason and science.

So someone sent me this piece of lovely communist-inspired propaganda from The Toronto Star.

Remember, media has to answer to government, not you. They rely on government candy now to survive so they will not rock the hand that feeds it. That's why they sat idly by like an abused puppy as Doug Barney Rubble Ford rammed through Bill 195 declaring himself an emperor with no clothes and are doing the same as he attempts to absolve him of any litigation for any government errors causing harm through Bill 218.

Crimes and against the rule of law and humanity.

This is where we are and the media is NOT defending us.

Hence, they are mortal enemies of the people.

The sucker people start to grasp this, the quicker we can end this pandemic charade where liberties have been usurped under the guise of public health.

And public health is in the hands of the 'People's Doctor'. 

Meet Toronto's head White Knight Eileen De Villa. The 'People's Doctor' as The Toronto Star so proudly proclaims. 

She's the 'people's doctor.' She will fight and defend the people with gems like:

“the cloth masks are not proven to work but they could help stop the spread”

While I'm glad she admits the body of evidence proves they don't work, Dr. De Villa is a fan of the misapplication of the precautionary principle it would appear.

This may sound like a throw away statement but it points directly to a pernicious malaise.

It's not just a mask.

It's much bigger than this.

It's the triumph of superstition over reason.

And People's Doctor contributes to this.

She is purposely masking people despite knowing full well - as all public health officials know like Arruda - the masks don't work and likely lead to all sorts of harms and higher infection rates.

She is breaking the single oath she swore to uphold: Do no harm.

Yet, we have KIDS IN MASKS.

She is contributing to a perverse world where masks are mandated furthering a false sense of security while keeping people in fear.

The People's Doctor lacks wisdom.

And she's not alone.


Epidemiologists Loving Their 15 Minutes Of Terrorizing People

Boy are the experts loving their time in the sun smacking the living fear into everyone.

CTV, CBC, Globe they all have their resident narrative pimping junkie spewing the same old tired nonsense of pushing for 'behavior change' in the form of social distancing, masking and, of course, lockdowns or whatever else they dreamed up in their myopic heads.

They all have the same message so as to give the impassion of 'consensus' but in fact they're selling propaganda with the badge of being an expert.

At least they really are experts unlike Gates - remember people, if you think Gates is a good guy, he was already found guilty of anti-trust laws before and hopefully he'll face justice for his vaccine shenanigans he's maniacally selling like a comic book villain - they lack wisdom. 

Bill Gates Pulls A Good One

Gates called Dr. Scott Atlas of Stanford a 'pseudo-scientist'.

A computer geek scientist who was a bully and a monopolist now turned philanthropist looking to vaccine the world, called an actual EXPERT, a pseudo-scientist.

Bill, you're no expert. You're a money bags with an agenda.

My hope is that you fail and become public enemy #1 like you were with Microsoft.

Gates attacking Atlas makes me question what he's up to.

The arrogance of this man. 

I hope Trump wins.

Let's get this war over and done with. 

The True New Totalitarians

Mandatory vaccines, health passports, contact tracing, cashless society, censorship, identity politics etc.

The increased wealth of the 1% (imagine this blog using that term!) from Jeff Bezos to the devious Bill Gates. Where small business has collapsed, major corporations have thrived.

This is the Global Reset and this isn't a conspiracy theory. It's an actual game plan and governments seem to be either playing by choice or as useful idiots.

These are tools the New Totalitarianism.

And people are walking right into it. Some embrace it. They'd look to cancel Galileo and Copernicus if they were around in those days. 

If you download an app, you are consenting to a world you won't recognize down the road.

And none of this is attached to Trump.

The alleged New Hitler Fascist Nazi. It's the hard progressive left who are the Germans. Not Trump. They worship Fauci and wait for his orders. They want to live in some kind of 1984 dystopia for some reason.

Not Trump or his supporters. They don't want any of that. Neither do libertarians - the one group that has always been right and on the vanguard of political thought. 

It finds its greatest support in academia, media, the DNC and Liberal party of CANADA.

Trump gets attacked for merely telling people to live their lives and not let the virus control them. They want you to be afraid.

Reject it.

Regardless of your political leanings. I believe we can find common ground on this pandemic health authoritarianism with progressives, liberals, libertarians, conservatives and even socialists.


We can go back to debating debt and welfare.

But for now, there's a bigger problem at our door.

Contrast: Sweden And Quebec; Of Truth and Lies

Every single time we have to watch The Liars in the CAQ, they talk only in negative; of how things are dark. 

Stay afraid. Stay in masks. When you have a dictator like Legault spewing off lies as if we suffer 10 deaths per day without specifying it was for the week, we can but call him a LIAR. 

A liar with an agenda he's not telling.

They have beaten people down with their wicked bad science.

Same with the epidemiologists who have helped set fire to our lives.

Quebec has worse numbers than Sweden. We have the restrictions and masks. And restrictions that Legault will continue if YOU DON'T PUSH BACK. He's already planning it because he's gutless and protecting his own ass.

He doesn't care about you or the society he's burning.

He cares about his power.

In Sweden, the virus is a PUBLIC HEALTH ISSUE ACROSS THE BOARD. That is, they will not lockdown if it means collateral damage.

Here in North America and Europe, the psychopaths clearly don't care about collateral damage.

Sweden is truth. Canada is lies. 

Now watch an Italian in Sweden.



What are we waiting for?

Why are you listening to these liars who are misrepresenting and distorting facts to keep you in fear?


Francois Legault and his gang of bums, Doug Ford, Justin Trudeau and his gang of corrupt bums and Theresa Tam are LIARS.

I've had it with these irresponsible and incompetent deceivers. 

They have stolen your dignity and your LIFE.


Burn the damn masks already. 

Film it and send it to Legault and Ford.

Take Back The Narrative; Don't Back Down From Questioning Propaganda

As you can tell from governments from around the world and our very own Legault, politics and propaganda is driving the pandemic now. 


Legault is clearly cherry picking information and selectively and arbitrary enforcing dubious decrees on Quebec. It's mono-maniacal dogmatic in its strict believe in only focusing on Covid deaths. We must end everything for Covid. If not, we get overwhelmed and worse.

Meanwhile, there's a global elite push to bring us into some kind of technocratic-tech feudal system where people serve essentially a single suprastructure (ie the UN). Leaders are selling their sovereignty because debt levels are so high they're entering a Faustian deal with agencies like the WEF and IMF. They call this a 'Global Reset' and it's well-documented. 

I've taken this casedemic as a teachable moment for my child. Not to feed her with mask propaganda or to be afraid of a virus with a high survival rate. Rather to tell her to ALWAYS QUESTION AUTHORITY.

If there's anything going on at the moment it's they'r tying to rob people of their ability to critical think and assess what's going on.

I told her no matter how hard it gets or how aggressive people are or how they may insult you: HOLD THE LINE.


In order to restructure my social network and who I associate with, I will be asking people: Did you wear a mask and did you do so willingly?

Bonus: Did you think you were saving anything?

If you answer yes to any of the questions, the door is dataway.


Wearing a mask isn't strength or shows virtue. It shows ignorance and fear.

They shame and attack people for not wearing them?

I say hit back. We have the facts and truth on our side.

They just have superstition.


I'll let you in on a secret: I poked many holes in my daughter's mask. They don't work anyway so I may as well make sure she's safe from potential harmful side effects - like headaches and Strep infections or whatever. I don't want her breathing that way. I also instructed she lower the mask OFTEN during the day. I mean, every chance you can.

Government are always wrong so if they say wear a mask, you can bet your bottom dollar you should be doing the opposite. 


Just Connecting Dots

Bill Gates smirks that s second wave is coming. They've been saying it's coming for months. Legault is frightening people with third waves.  They have people masked up and likely weakening their immune systems while telling them to get flu shots as Ford is begging people to do in Ontario Now there are studies from Bergamo in Italy questioning if that actually makes people more vulnerable to acute respiratory disease. Add that they all creepily use the same propaganda jargon (flatten the curve, overwhelm the system, wear a mask, save a life etc.) and we have a very strange situation.

Either these are all coincidences or it's actually a planned attack.

Remember. Positive cases mean nothing. The infection rates are low.

This is one of the all-time great propaganda coup and medical hysteria. 

Be aware. Keep your eyes and ears open.

The next 60 days will be something to monitor. 

Legault Can't Accept 10 Deaths; Maybe He needs Context Goggles And To Loosen The Mask

People die in a car crash on our terrible roads and bridges. Meh.

People die of the flu every year. Yawn.

Suicides on Native reserves and general population. La, la, la.

We've had the on-going mistreatment of old people in nursing homes literally stewing in their own feces. Whaddya gonna do?

People gamble their lives in Casinos owned by the state. Ka-ching!

Smoking kills. But we need those taxes!

Legault has said some stupid things throughout this pandemic. 'Masks are liberty' and 'we have to be more intelligent than the virus' (peddling masks) and 'if not one group it's another' in defending his assault on children.

Of the 10 dead, did the worthless, gutless, uncurious, ignorant, shameless, sacks of shits who call themselves 'journalists' bother to ask for a BREAKDOWN of who died and what was their profile? 

For example, what this liar and manipulator didn't tell you is ten dead spread over from the previous week.

You should be angry at being manipulated in this manner. Everyone should be. He's forming he's idiotic decrees based on distorted facts. You're in a mask to PROTECT FRANCOIS LEGAULT'S ASS.

Not because it works but because it's a useful propaganda ploy to make sure he doesn't get blamed for something. 

He's mocking your intelligence. 

Here are some statistics on mortality to provide context because you sure as hell won't get it from this government or the media:

There were 67 800 deaths in Quebec in 2019. That's 5 650 per month. 188 per day. 

Did Legault think this was 'unacceptable'? You can't stop a virus anymore you can stop a cancer death.

Simple damn logic. We all understand the risk/reward calculus to life. 

In 2016, there were 1108 suicides in Quebec for an average of 92 per month. 3 per day. The rates are much higher among Natives.

Will Legault spare a moment for them? The number is sure to increase this year. 

32 people per died of heart disease. 80 per day of malignant tumours. 

Where are you Scooby-Doo?

Smoking claims 45 000 people per year (125 per day) in Canada costing our health care system and economy billions.


Last year in Canada (figures for Quebec not available) there were 8511 influenza deaths for a 24 per day average. 

So far with Covid? 9400 dead for an average of 26.

Remind me why you didn't wear a mask last year cheered fo lockdowns?

I can't believe this is what passes off as 'leadership' in the West.

And this public health officials and virologists constantly interviewed by the media spelling doom. They're crazy lunatics. 

Stop being a misleading and disingenuous politician Legault.

Face the people with facts and honesty.


Liar And Incompetent Legault Rolls Restrictions Another Month

Oh, look this is my surprise face.

I don't listen to the press conferences. I don't listen to maniacs who lie.

But it was forwarded to me that Legault claimed the measures were working. Without fact of course. We just have to take him at his word, see? He also made his usual ignorant and stupid assertions that people 'don't listen' and blame spikes on families getting together on Thanksgiving. The even he BANNED people from having while sticking the police on the population to keep them in line.


I say good on the families because that's a bunch of baseless government propaganda.

Even as I type this my blood boils about this man. 

.012% of the population is impacted by Covid yet the anti-science buffoons in charge continue to fray the social and economic fabric. 


Wake up you idiots already. WAKE UP.

I've no more words for the cruel and unusual punishment on display. This is NOT about a virus anymore. The system is under duress and the death rates are low.

This is pernicious and punitive madness. 

Legault has no business mocking The Montreal Gazette.

He's a joke onto himself. 

Another 30 days of threatening our immune system and health.

People. I don't think you realize how dangerous these measures are.

Instead of telling people to sleep and eat well they keep you in masks and fear.

There is NO QUESTION the masks are contributing to the infection rates. No one will tell me who I can and can't allow into my home. 

My disgust for this man and leaders who push and peddle this onto us and kids runs deep.

Appalling display of stupidity and arrogance.

May they all rot in hell.

Politicians, health officials and media who lie to the people deserve no less. 

Here's my flair to Legault and the gutless Quebec political establishment:



Government Measures Are Making It Worse

That should come as no surprise.

Here's an excellent explanation of how viruses work and why masks don't do squat.

The government is managing to get it all wrong. Who are the public health officials advising politicians on this disastrous path? Before March of 2020, herd immunity was not considered a 'dangerous concept. It was - and is -  natural biology.  Before March of 2020, the vast body of evidence showed masks do NOT work. Before March of 2020, we never locked down society and health people. All of a sudden, these three bed rock facts were turned on its head - and without scientific backing. 

It's pretty damn clear neither of these measures worked.

On a personal note, I do hold Legault and Arruda accountable for directly threatening the health of my wife with their anti-science and idiotic mask mandate.

And Arruda knows damn well they don't work so he's especially malicious. 

The virus isn't the threat.

We can survive this virus.

The government is the threat. And they can do worse damage.

As I completed reading Kroops' article, Legault has warned of a 'third wave'.

The ship of fools needs to be anchored. 

Covid-19: Context And Hypocrisy In A Meme


Media Lies: Conflating Covid-19 Messages

A frustrating ploy used by people and media during the immigration debate in the USA is to conflate anti illegal-immigration with anti-immigration.

It is perfectly possible to think immigration is good but illegal entry as unlawful. 


But the media purposely groups people who logically and reasonably assert this as 'racist' anti-immigrant.

It's a logical fallacy and a dangerous one at that.

The same thing with the Covid-19 virus.

People who question the measures in place for being disproportionate to the threat are described as 'denying' Covid-19 exists.

Not true at all. 

While there are some who indeed don't think it exists, they're a tiny minority. 

Others, like me, think the reaction and subsequent measures aren't justified because the virus isn't a lethal threat to 99.2% (or thereabouts) of the population.

Virus is real. Measures are fake.

In fact, the measures are DETRIMENTAL to overall public health. 


Fauci Should Shut Up About The Masks And Talk About Immunity.

Fauci is a passive aggressive narcissist who is well past his sell by date.

During his exchange with Senator Rand Paul last month was embarrassing revealing he's not keeping up with the literature on T-cell immunity.

Fauci should do less idiotic interview with basketball players and guiding a suffering nation with the full force of his knowledge.

He has failed since February and perhaps it's time he steps aside for good. 

Shut up about the masks already. 

That's the last thing we should be babbling about. 


Question For Legault

If you're that afraid of the system being over whelmed - and we really need to rethink our system if it's this fragile - then instead of dicking around getting warrants to fine people in their homes and hiring a bunch of workers to make sure companies comply and whatever counter-productive measure you dreamed out of your head, why don't you spend the money on beds and getting a help for nurses and doctors? 'Sous-aides' or aide-technique. 

Once again, Quebec shows what NOT to do and showcases their knack fo inefficient waste of resources. 

Don't Do It. Don't Trade Liberty For Health Protection


A Song For Public Officials Ruining Lives

"I wish that just one time you could stand inside my shoes, you'd know what a drag it is to see you."

The most poetic, beautiful fuck you and betrayal song in history.  

And I dedicate it to you all.

Donald Trump Must Win The Election; The Real Dangerous People And Politicians Are Pushing A Pandemic Hysteria

The prevailing public perception is that Trump is the devil and a threat to America and the world order.

For three years it's been nothing but a steadfast pile of fake news and shocking misuse and abuse of the public trust through scandalous (and treasonous I submit) and false investigations and impeachment. 

We were told a pack of lies about Trump like we do about climate change and now this pandemic.


You heard me.

At the moment a bunch of hysterical drama queens are burning down our economies, psychologically terrorizing our populations, and abandoning all sense and science.

It's not Trump who is a threat.

It's the politicians of Western nations.

They're the ones taking us on a calamitous and ruinous world. 

This virus is not a plague. The more the data shows it's not the more intense the restrictions. 

We're over reacting and there's no end in sight. It keeps going and going. It's the misapplication of the precautionary principle gone haywire.

We have foolish and ignorant people in masks demanding others to fall into their superstitious behaviours going around snitching on people. It has happened at my workplace and quite frankly wish nothing but ill on such imbeciles. 

Imagine being so ignorant and uncurious as to not even grasp two basic examples that make them useful idiots. One, politicians aren't wearing the masks. They do so in front of the camera. This is how idiotic you are for buying into it. Politicians KNOW these things don't work. 

Which brings me to point two. They LIE to your face. Remember when people were so frightened they began to look for ways to protect themselves and that source of protection came from masks? And experts and politicians - including Fauci - at the time correctly pointed out they don't work? Some 180 degree turn, no? It's not like any major study actually over turned the body of evidence. Nope.

It was just declared so. 

That's how superstition works.

We believe ergo magically delicious.

This is where we're at. On one side, the forces of stupidity and darkness. That is, ignoramuses who continue pimp and believe these evil measures are necessary without a shred of evidence. Recall, we've NEVER attempted to throttle human activity like we have in history. WE'RE AN EXPERIMENT.

And the results are plain and obvious: A disaster.

YOU allowed for this. 

While a courageous silenced group of people attempting to knock us back into sanity based on SOUND SCIENCE, are being censored and ignored by media. This side (which includes Sweden) is roundly mocked and ostracized for being 'dangerous'.

It's not them the danger.

It's the clowns doing the pointing and laughing.

YOU'RE the danger to our well-being. They say they want to save every life but completely ignore the lives being killed DIRECTLY DUE to their actions. I don't understand what people aren't grasping here. For every life 'saved' for this virus with a 99.92% survival rate, it's costing us well over that. Perhaps in the area of 4 or 5 or more! How is this remotely rational or compassionate?

Here in Canada, Ford and Legault pose a greater threat than Donald Trump ever could. It ain't Trump pushing the madness. It's the media and the sheep.

The hate on Tump is beyond any level of reasonable thought. It allows for a faux-righteous indignation and hysteria that I think is in part tied into this Trump Derangement Syndrome. It is not normal to think you're normal in a mask. To hell with all these 'experts' who make this evil claims. 

These same people will defend their actions when all this madness passes saying, 'we didn't know! We were being cautious!' At which point, we MUST NOT let them off the hook. There was enough evidence to not be hysterical. They DEMANDED we over react to soothe their pathetic fears. 

Jobs must be lost and people should be jailed for this attack on civilization. 

May the all rot in hell.

This isn't a normal U.S. election. It quite literally is indeed a choice between sanity and insanity. Trump may be an off-colour, unlikable, uncouth man of action but he's the one holding the line of health civilization.

The dirtbags and nutjubs are on the other side.