I Will Never Forgive Quebec

Tomorrow the unethical and obscene passports go into effect here.

I've struggled with the fact this wretched province chose to take this path. The first on the continent among 60 states and provinces. I think they will remain an outlier with a couple of other idiot provinces incapable of doing the right thing. 

It's segregation without scientific fact. Period.

I will never forgive this place.

As a family, we've decided within five years to move. Hopefully sooner.

A place that goes this far relishing every possible dubious measure is a broken one. It has acted undemocratically posing as a dictatorship. The courts have done sweet little to defend the rights of people. 

Imagine how theoretically bad it can get here in the future.

No. I will not subject myself to what I endured under the tyrannical regime of a buffoon like Legault ever again.


The Mask Lie And Deception

The fact this virus is aerosolized means the masks and social distancing are dead.

We should all be happy if not celebrating because after 18 months - guess what? - we're still alive.

Covid is not a killer deadly pathogen.


But they committed to vaccines in early 2020. Even though they were telling people they knew little about Covid-19 they knew enough that only a vaccine would save humanity. And magically, despite not knowing much, they still came up with a vaccine.

Smells fishy.

So now, they have to see this through or risk a public backlash. Eventually the truth will prevails and Fauci and Tam will be exposed for the incompetent liars they are. In the case of Fauci, we may hopefully one day see him face justice for having created the virus.

Both Fauci and Tam know very well masks do little. The WHO, CDC, Health Canada et al....are flat out LYING to the world about masks.

It is unconscionable and unacceptable officials have not educated and informed the public of the aerosolized fact. A crime in my opinion.

18 months on and we're still subjected to politicians cynically sporting masks like idiots. It's the ultimate act of contempt.

There's no way by now they know about all this. Which leads us to a slew of other questions. Stating with: WHY?

Industrial hygienist Stephen Petty lays down the law.

Russia And Romania Are More Free Than Canada And Nations Of The West

How absurd have things gotten in Canada?

Putin has basically outlawed forced vaccination in Russia and Romania has ended their campaign with 25% of the population vaccinated. The result? No explosion in cases.

Time to look a little harder at what's going on with the vaccines.

I find it very odd and troubling only a handful of countries are pushing the vaccine dogma on people.

In just 100 years (from the time of the Russia revolution in 1917) the tables have turned.

We're more totalitarian than Russia and former communist states.

Let that sink in.

Congratulations Canada. You've proven to be nothing but a scared pampered self-entitled nation crying for the government to protect you like a bunch of babies.

All you people downloading the vaxxcode app, SHAME ON YOU.

Shame on your for consenting to an illegal and immoral act all because you have so little convictions and no principles or dignity to even just draw the line at this. Just to go to the restaurant. You have no regard not only for yourself but you neigbbours and society as a whole. You're only thinking of yourselves. Spare me your faux-righteous 'I did it for society' garbage. You did it because you want to travel and couldn't be bothered to fight. You're weak and pathetic. You can spin and dance all you want spinning false-virtue gibberish but in the end come September 1 one the society becomes two-tiered, you will be on the wrong side of history. In a simple act of consent, you will not be able to ever extricate yourselves from this fact. You made your choice. For those of you who are still undecided, uncomfortable and see this is all wrong, there's still time and hope for you to do the right thing. It will be hard but worth it in the long run. You will not have bent to tyranny. You will be able to keep your head up when the day comes. You will be able to say 'I stood up and did the right thing'.

The rest of you can go on and lead a life of false virtue. We won't need you when we set course to fix this mess.

Every single time you show the app, a piece of our liberty disappears. You deceived yourself into believing you're free when in fact all they gave you was access to a bigger part of the prison yard.



Hope the Merlot and all-inclusive trip to Santa Banana were wort it. 

You should all hang your heads in shame for being so weak, arrogant and idiotic. 

We Will Regret The Day We Did Not Leave The Kids Alone

The "war" on Covid fought by clowns and buffoons will and can not be won. The virus is here to stay and possesses one ally in its pocket we can't seem to grasp: Mother Nature.

Man's hubris is at a point where it is now counter productive and a threat to humanity.

Two areas that fall under the domain of Mother Nature - climate and viruses - man seeks to not only tame (which we never could) but defeat.

This futile quest will end in catastrophe.

Since 2020, adults have had their cowardly eyes set on the children prepared to sacrifice them at the altar of vaccination to achieve herd immunity despite all literature and data clearly showing kids and schools are safe and not in danger.

It has been a constant drumming of 'get the baby' that has left me unnerved and angry.

The schools should never have closed. It was the biggest miscalculation - in a sea of them - in medical history. Covid should have been allowed to burn through the kids and in tandem with the vaccines, we would have been where Sweden and Norway sit at the moment. Open and free while managing the virus.

Instead, the geniuses who run and influence a crisis they've made worse prolonging it through fear, continue to psychologically terrorize, antagonize and now segregate society along vaccine status lines. Kids are still in masks and now we have passports. Either this is a crime or an episode of incompetence so great, reform would obviously be needed. Alas, the corruption is so profound and the conflicts of interest so deep, nothing short of a collapse is in order.

We're closer to Australia and Israel than we need to be. 

Monsters and gargoyles are in full control.

The children shouldn't be vaccinated. Not with an experimental vaccines with no long-term data when they're healthy and not in danger. The calculus is so simple in its poetic beauty. 

Yet, the barbarians at the gates led by paediatricians and that runt Dr. Mengele Fauci keep on this march.

With each passing day, it gets more and more sinister in North America.

I cringe and hold my heart every single time officials come out and speak. 

This is not good.

It only ends when people see there are other options and opinions that show this virus is not a reason to hand over our rights for.

This is not an emergency. It's a challenge we can manage.

I wish it was as simple as a kiss to wake everyone from their nightmare. 

Leave the kids alone or else they will pay the ultimate price. Vaccinating them confers little benefit and will not lead to herd as the cases of Israel, Iceland and UK show.

At which point society will have to decide, will it double and triple down on masks and boosters and other measures that come with medical tyranny as we see in Australia or Israel, or do we for once show humility and pivot towards Sweden and Norway - and now Iceland which did just that? The UK is in the midst of deciding which route to take it would appear.

To shift is to be intelligent, courageous and honest. Our officials have done nothing but lie for 18 months. Only a change in governments can this hopefully and potentially shift. Fauci has to be relived of his duties. He is leading a nation over the cliff. The CDC has to be ignored. 

Interestingly, Putin has banned forced vaccination while protecting workers from being fired for not being vaccinated.

Ladies and gentlemen, it took 100 years but things have reversed themselves. The West is now more totalitarian than Russia.

We have forced vaccination policies and passports.

They don't.

Think about that.



The Covid Lies In Two Charts

Still think the vaccines are necessary?

We are being LIED to.

What Does Madness Look Like?

It's hard to see madness. It comes in many forms. It can be blatant and obvious in the form of a violent crime perpetuated by, for example, a serial killer or the extermination or genocide of a people like we saw with Jews, Armenians along with those seen in places like Rwanda. Madness of war is obvious.

Less obvious is an invisible war.

Covid-19 presents itself as such.

I've told my daughter to take in as much as she can for she is witnessing madness. I remind her this is what a hysteria looks like and she must draw lessons from it.

It is a moral panic like we've seen many times throughout humanity. This one, though, can be especially devastating to how we live as free peoples moving forward.

If I had to choose a phrase that describes the vicious state of affairs it would be Arnold Schwarzenegger's "Screw you freedoms' and the oft repeated Orwellian line 'passports are liberty' here in Quebec. 

It seems like everything is crumbling as we abandon all codes of ethics, laws and standards not just in law and politics but across all disciplines and industries. We have completely cowardly fallen before Covid. 

And the symbol of this madness is the fury of the vaccines.

Things are in disarray at the moment in not just Canada but the West in general. The people in charge aren't leaders. They're incompetent rodents.

People aren't thinking straight. They have deceived themselves into thinking they're getting their lives back through an app.

They've accepted living in a mad house so long as they can keep to their shallow existence selfishly incapable of what world they're leaving behind.

Few see the trouble ahead and are willing to hold the line and attempt to fight it.

Alas, they are too few in number. But plough and fight they must.

We have no choice but to prevail.

It's that dire.


Bad Science And Doom = Panic

Once again, people are being easily herded into a fit of panic.


Several bits of information and studies have been coming in that show there's little reason to fear Delta.

'OMFG THE HOSPITALS!" once again is the rallying cry and as usual, without proper context fear becomes weaponized.

It's been exhausting - absolutely exhausting - fighting this off. The more those of us pleading people resist falling into the trap, the more it feels we take two steps back.

First it was lockdowns hurling society and the economy into a tailspin. Canada and the United States set spending records to 'fight' off Covid. Canada has created a debt that is the largest in the G7 - and we're not going to come out of this for a long time unless we commit to lying it down. But what do people care? It's YOUR kid that's gonna pay for it. The future of Canada's economy is bleak. One way to stave some of this off, is to fire the very people who have made a social and economic mess of this country. Justin and the Liberals. Their dogmatic stance on Covid has boarded on demonic. There's public health and then there's outright manic panic.

Next came the masks. Slowly my greatest fears are being realized. People are accustomed to it and there's now a blind adherence and belief they have any scientific use. We're now ripe for some derelict expert or politician to propose we mandate them permanently. This should have ended in the summer. 

Now, it's the passports. To have to explain why this is a very bad idea that can spiral into several dangerous directions to people - including deans and politicians - proves humans are condemned to a cycle of repeating history so long as they allow fear to guide their minds.

There is NO, like the masks, scientific evidence to justify any of these measures.


And any data or study that has looked at the results almost exclusively confirm it failed. Spectacularly. The collateral damage is catastrophic.

Passports are segregation by other means. Nothing more, nothing less.

You support it, you're a segregationist not unlike those of the American south.

Own it.

You can run, dance and hide spinning all you want that it 'makes sense' and it's for 'protection' but remember, slave owners made a lot of valid points too.

It's often said 'be on the right side of history'. I never liked that phrase. But in this case, you will absolutely be on the wrong side of history.

In fact, history is already showing it.

That being said, a couple of points need to be made.

Japan announced they will be moving towards a treatment protocol signalling vaccine isn't the only option. Look it up.

An important study out of Israel shows - quite convincingly - natural immunity is indeed way better than vaccines. Yet, Israel, despite a stream of data showing the vaccines are somewhat over rated, keep to their plan unlike Iceland who decided to pivot. Israel is a nation living in contradiction at the moment. Another study here concluded the same.

Europe too, already not smitten by the vaccine, is intimating they're going to ween off the vaccines and go towards treatment.

It all makes sense as Delta is showing itself to be transmissible and contagious but not more deadly.

In other words, Covid is now looking like it's endemic and acting like the flu. They call this the 7th strain of the common cold.

Yet, everyone once again - led by the doctors of course and our astrologers (aka epidemiologists) - is screaming 'DO SOMETHING!'

And that something was passports.

Interesting data coming out of the UK - and it's not good for the vaccinated. The more conspiratorial minds wonder if officials knew this was going to be the outcome which is why they set up the narrative to scapegoat the unvaccinated. Right now, they're the ones being singled out but eventually this game of deception and pointing fingers will catch up with those who perpetuate it as the truth will eventually come out. 67% of Covid deaths since February are among the vaccinated.

Safe and effective. 

Last, the American Association of Paediatrics a couple of weeks ago recommended the jab for kids. On the 26th they concluded there's no evidence Delta is more dangerous to kids.

Good job AAP.

Paediatricians also need to take their precautionary principle mania down a notch.

Quebec plans to stab U-12 children with a syringe starting in January.

Why not? It's not like Quebec's decisions have ever been backed by a shred of scientific evidence from lockdowns to curfews to masks to passports.

Quebec will have a chapter dedicated to it in my book 'Wrong in every possible way.'


Canada Is A Vaccine Cult

I always thought Canada was a sensible, erudite and stable country.

Well that's been obliterated since Covid landed.

This country has lost its common sense and logic and has completely succumbed to irrational hysteria cloaking as science.

The incessant stubborn belief vaccines are the only way out of this mess is not only faulty but will likely add to public mistrust about vaccines. Possibly even erode trust with the medical establishment.

Canada - led by Quebec - is refusing to acknowledge there are other options to combat Covid with treatments and basic strategies we've always used throughout the decades. Covid is not some magic killer. It is, at the end of the day respiratory illness - or a vascular disease as asserted by the Salk Institute.

Canada has ordered 293 million doses through 2024. Make what you will of this boost in boosters.

It's the move of a country incapable of adjusting to the reality the vaccine is no more effective than your average flu vaccine. But we act like it's a boon to our lives.

It's not.

And never will be.

In fact, I stand by it's already a failure and we already see it be the case in other countries. 

Vaccines will not give you your lives back.

Only once you realize and finally grasp the statistical probability remain vastly - VASTLY - in your favor can we finally truly get our lives back.

Until then, we've being run into the ground by snakes and opportunists.

Canada has become a wasteland for a vaccine cult.

If we don't watch it, the consequences will be sweeping. From potential long-term damage to a mass exodus of Canadians moving abroad.

I myself won't be tolerating this. I will await my daughter complete high school and CEGEP (roughly 3 years) and begin the process of moving to the United States.

New Hampshire harkens.

Three years is a long time. Especially if Canada continues on this track. However, it will take about that long to prepare for such a big move.

And make not mistake about it, we will do it. We're not interested in living a life in masks, passports and endless babbling about vaccines. We're heading into retirement and don't want to live in fear and at the mercy of a cynical government and terrified population.

America has its own problems and we will monitor it, but we're calculating America offers a better chance at a quiet life in freedom. We thought Canada could at least match America on that front.

It can't.

In Canada, individual rights aren't absolute.

And that's a huge conflict of values for me.


Be Fearless And Courageous: Simply Don't Download Vaxx Passport App Or Consent To Mass Vaccination Of Children

Quebec is just about the worst place around these days.

Under this rogue and incompetent government, the province is essentially under the tight grip of one dim-witted man obsessed with vaccines and drunk on power.

The vaccine passports are a waste of money. It will prove to be as useful as masks which makes me wonder why are they even doing this given what we know about the vaccines and waning efficacy? 

In fact, I'm of the opinion the vaccines are already a failure.

People think they have no choice. BUT THEY DO.

We can easily form a non-compliance block. It's as easy as just not downloading the app. What is the government going to do if the majority simply refuse? 

Nothing. All they can do is just threaten a lockdown. 

In Moscow, that's what Moscovites did. They didn't play ball. The ghosts of Soviet communism remains present in their lives.

Westerners have come, for their part, to take for granted their liberties and have surrendered their rights without a fight for a virus that despite 18 months of incessant fear mongering does not pose a threat to us as a species.

Just say no.


Quebec is coming for the children. There is absolutely ZERO reason to do so. How parents would take an experimental vaccine and jab children who aren't in danger from Delta and Covid in general is unfortunate.

Quebec will without a doubt be a text book case on what not to do during a pandemic. On the opposite page will be Sweden.

I've lost colourful language in describing this government. It's been 18 months of harsh criticism to the point of exhaustion.

I stand by the history books will not be kind to Quebec and Canada.

It will be their legacy.

It will go down as the greatest medical catastrophe in history. 


Put An End To The Corrupted FDA

Not only is the FDA ludicrously not to administer Ivermectin, they approved a drug by avoiding the basic process and protocols usually applied for drugs. Standard practices were ignored and missing information abounds. 

The FDA is being controlled by outside sources be it pharma or Gates.

It needs to be investigation immediately.

If it is found there is indeed regulatory capture, it must be considered for disbandment. 


Mass Civil Disobedience: NOW

Vaccines are a choice. 

That being said, the state is robbing millions of this right.

They're misleading, misdirecting, coercing and confusing the public about the vaccines on so many levels, it's no wonder people just bend.

The government of Canada is ABUSING and psychologically traumatizing its citizens into taking an injection many likely would have declined had it not been for the relentless badgering and threats of segregation via abhorrent tools like vaccine passports.

Millions across North American took the vaccine out of sense of duty and humanism. They believed it was for the common good.

And the state abused the public trust.

Now it's 'not good enough you need the booster'.

The slow moving of goal posts is nothing but officials lying to the public. There's an end game.

Many have told me they will not take a booster. Better hope they won't mandate it. This is why EVERYONE must engage in CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE and DO NOT go to any establishment while there's a vaccine passport. They speak as if this will be here to stay but we can stop it. Already we see our privacy and medical information is NOT SECURE.

All we need to do is not play along for, I think, a few weeks. Will it kill you to not go to Vermont or a restaurant for a while to do the true right thing? If the passports become a part of our lives (look at how easily they fooled people into thinking masks work. Now people cling to them and won't let go. It was my biggest fear and it's now being readied. I was in Ottawa yesterday and the way people live now is depressing. It's not a life. It's living in fear in perpetuity and this is where psychopathic officials want you) at that point they have full control of your medical autonomy.

You will not have a choice about what goes into your body. Look BEYOND Covid. It will be the boosters next.

And what after that?

If they have passports, why would they relinquish it? It's a 'subscribe to play in society' scheme and scam.





Something Is Seriously Wrong In Australia

Are we witnessing the fall of a democracy in Australia?

Can it be the people in charge of that country are this mad and delusional?

You have health officials telling people to not talk to each other, Dan Andrews telling people to not enjoy the sunset, dramatic and draconian rules about wearing masks outside and alone in the car, no gathering of any kind, turning homes into sterilizing units, terrorizing children with forced vaccination, and the police not only speaking as though they're medical experts but relishing their role in not just keeping order but assaulting the very citizens their supposed to protect. People have a right to protest. A public health crisis is NOT A REASON TO SUSPEND those rights.

It gets worse and worse down under for a 'variant'. 

Imagine a broken down population is looking for solace in simple pleasures in watching the beauty of the sunset and this is being denied.

Not only is this not about science or anti-scientific, it's beyond the pale cruel.

The sun setting is a good metaphor for what we're seeing in Australia.

What a tragic travesty.

And Canada is not too far behind. I ask people if they're aware of what's going on in Australia and New Zealand (often laughably lauded in the media for having dealt with the virus correctly) and they have no clue.

It's incredible how misinformed and inattentive people are.

It's disheartening.


It's all I can say.

Sweden has been right from day one.

Australia (and Canada) are plain wrong.

And will pay the price for its shallow and incompetent handling of this moral panic. 


Sweden Best Positioned Nation; Canada Failed

Anders Tegnell deserves some sort of award.

As we suspected all along, the Swedes were the most logical and sane of all nations understanding that a respiratory virus can't be eliminated. They allowed for natural immunity to play a role.

And with that simple, straightforward and scientific strategy, they will be the best positioned nation to deal with Covid moving forward.

It is a shame and a travesty nations didn't follow their lead.

Instead, they clapped and cheered on Israel, New Zealand and Australia who have done everything wrong and will never get out of this mess. Or at least, when they realize Sweden (and Norway) were right, they can pivot but they will be almost TWO YEARS behind.

The loss of time and the exaggerated reliance on vaccines will damage all nations.

Know who else will pay a price?


Nations with low immunity will regret having listened to the quacks who advised them.

This includes Sante Publique, the Ontario Science Table and of course PHAC under Tam.

A complete moral, legal and scientific break down. We're going to need an inquiry and complete overall of the medical bureaucracy. 

It will go down as the greatest policy failure in Canadian history.

And they haven't stopped! They keep doubling down sounding crazier with each  passing day.

We failed.

I'm not looking forward to the fall. It's going to be a disaster. Mother Nature is going to remind us on how foolish we were in 2020.

The Push For Mandatory Vaccines And Testing: Everyone Will Lose

With Ontario and New Brunswick ludicrously mandating vaccination for all public sector employees (B.C. just for health care workers) and the Liberals doing it for all Federal employees, Canada is fast becoming a unique vaccine gulag in the West.

As Europe quietly winds down the vaccination program (with about half its population fully vaccinated, Canada is attempting to double down on it despite achieving far greater rates at around 75%. Why is it good enough for Europe who have been hit far harder by Covid (as well as the adverse events from the injections) relenting?

Norway declared the pandemic over. Denmark ended all measures. Romania is closing down vaccination centres. Spain is essentially open again. Finland is open. Sweden and Belarus were open all along. 

Iceland and the UK declared herd immunity can't be achieved through vaccination and are pivoting. These countries represent 20% of the EU. 

Now we wait to see what the other nations will do in the upcoming days and weeks. I get the sense it's all unravelling there.

The same with the United States.

That will leave Canada (along with New Zealand and Australia) a lone vaccine frozen tundra of panic. 

Medical bureaucrats continue to hold leaders in a trance. It is this class that is pushing for mandatory vaccines and testing. They and the epidemiologists peddling this don't need to consider the law. They should consider ethics but they've been unethical for some time now. 

The government should be aware that while they can mandate vaccines, they will face a fight. Unions and workers will fight it. Some may quit and sue. In Quebec, 50 000 public sector workers are unvaccinated. This province can not afford a single person quitting. After all, we're constantly told how the system is fragile and can easily collapse because we already lack staff.

It should never have come to this.

The media is once again pimping the laughably 'safe and effective' nonsense. The the government said they wanted 75% vaccinated. They got it. It is not acceptable that they're pulling the rug from under people and now saying 'yeh well it's not enough'. Preposterous and breaks the public trust. Again, Quebec is the leader in this kind of loathsome behaviour. All of a sudden they want 95%. For Delta? For a vaccine that wanes and will not matter in six months? Testing with the discredited PCR set at high cycles still pumping out false positives that the FDA ultimately did not give approval to? Canada still doesn't have rapid testing. 

It is incredible we do NOT offer rapid home testing as we see in Europe (at a cost of 7 euros) and the USA. Our politicians are too busy psychologically abusing citizens to get vaxxed. 

And worse still, politicians have used dangerous and divisive rhetoric threatening people. Canada is acting straight up like a 2nd rate tin pot dictatorship. Not like a mature and advanced democracy. 

What is going on here?

Keep fighting Canada. It's unfortunate Canada proved itself to be cruel and incompetent to this level but we'll have to deal with this later on. A housecleaning of the medical bureaucracy will be needed. All top doctors will have to be investigated and potentially fired. We will need to investigate to what degree GAVI and Bill Gates were involved behind the scenes.

None of their messaging makes sense any more and that's why they'e doubling down on coercive action.


Just resist. 

Vaccinated people may feel indifferent about this but this goes beyond the self. It's about the nation and where it's heading. Vaccinated and unvaccinated people will meet up further down the road because mark my words, we're all gonna be on the same road. The government will come for everyone because after six months they're gonna come for the boosters.

Everyone will lose at that point.


Another Explanation Of How Masks Are Pointless

13 months.

That's how long I've been strenuously pleading with people to stop thinking the masks work.

They have little to no impact. I've set up a website pointing to major studies. A resource for people to visit. It's all there.

Yet, it has had no impact whatsoever which has left me disheartened and disappointed.

This has to stop. All of it.

Masks were a portal to a more troubling situation. While people sit home pretending they have most of their lives or liberty back, it's not the case at all and definitely for millions of Canadians. There many who have decided we have to fight and protest because the state has increased and pumped up the volume of Covid fear mongering and panic.

Delta is not a variant to fear but once again officials have managed to pull the wool over the eyes of people with the same trick of overwhelming hospitals. This time filled with kids. It's a double whammy. Last year it was granny. This year it's Timmy.

It has allowed them to introduce some of the most anti-democratic and anti-human measures we've seen yet through denial of mobility for people who decline the vaccines and vaccine passports. These are absolutely in violation of our moral and ethical codes and standards. Legally, I'm sure it's more illegal than not but the legal system has simply failed to protect the rights of Canadians. It should have happened by now but judges simply have not wanted to get involved. Worst of all is the dogmatic push to mandate vaccines despite growing evidence they're far from the solution and offer but a very temporary reprieve. 

There's a false belief and misconception that 100% vaccination will suppress a constantly mutating virus. No, vaccination will not end the mutations. 

Bureaucrats like Fauci (he should know since he invented the virus) have been lying and directing the nation (and indirectly the world) in the direction he wants.

Yet, we have so-called leaders (I do not regard them as such) who have increased the rhetoric of threatening people as Justin has been doing. This is not a normal state of affairs. 

We have an election now. I harbour no confidence that Canadians will do the right thing and fire Justin Trudeau. An attentive population concerned about the future for their children does not case a vote for such an intellectually and morally broken individual. He holds the population in contempt. 

Canada is a nation of cowards. We're letting medical bureaucrats systematically dismantle our laws replacing it with a medical tyranny as thoughtless buffoon politicians play along.

In the end, we will ALL lose.

We didn't stand on guard for thee.

Unless something happens, like some sort of black swan (particularly with the increasingly ineffective vaccines), Canada is just about done.

We've arrived at our Munich moment I fear.

I've made the decision already that as soon as it's feasible I will move from Canada. 

This is not a country I share values with.

But allow me one last gasp and grasp to explain how masks do not effing do anything. The time to stop with 'yeh but it's better than nothing' is now. 

It blows my mind despite formal education how so many people simply can't grasp a simple logical premise regarding the relationship between masks and viruses. 

The mesh of a hockey net is smaller than the size of a puck to keep it from going through the net. Imagine now the puck being smaller. It will go through the mess. Now transfer this to the particle size of a virus. It's SMALLER than the filter mesh of the majority of masks.

IT ACTS LIKE A VAPOR. So to the millions of people out there calling for more masks, it is YOU being anti-science AND anti-mathematics AND anti-physics.  

Since the masks do not stop the vapour like virus it becomes a leakage issue turning masks into bacterial and infection traps. It is all about physics and airflow. A virus will simply and effortlessly navigate around the mask. It's just a mere nuisance to the virus. Imagine masks being the Maginot Line. Nice in theory but wrong in practice. 

What is so hard to understand?

Fear has turned people into legitimate dangerous idiots.

Not 'anti-vaxxers' or 'anti-maskers'. They're following the science by ignoring the violent rhetoric and orders of medical bureaucrats and officials.

More people are needed to understand this.


Man's Hubris Kicks In: 2.0 Vaccines For Variants; Canada Will Never Reach Herd With Vaccine Extortion Racket

Right on schedule according to conspiracists, the booster train has arrived to the station. 

Described as 2.0 vaccines, they're designed to take on variants.

This is where we begin to shadow box with variants. Our hubris is going to get us in a lot of trouble.

We'll be chasing variants endlessly with no point.  But we're in a panic and there will be a price to pay.

The vaccines in of themselves seem to have some benefit inside six months (long-term benefits we''ll just have to wait) but they're not as effective as advertised. They dissipate. Quickly.

Hence the boosters.

The question is how will authorities handle this? I for one think it's time to fire Tam and marginalize the medical bureaucrats and epidemiologists to a pure advisor role. That's it.

They've done enough massive damage to society and liberty.

They're quacks.

So how will people respond to being told the two shots they took for society and get their liberty back require a third shot? Perhaps definitely. We keep hearing permanent lockdowns may be the way to to go which is so staggeringly appalling to even utter, it leaves me in a fit of rage.

Science my ass.

The other issue is Canada is on the slow mandate vaccines horse. Despite all the continuing mountain of evidence increasingly showing the vaccines are 'leaky', do not halt transmission, do not fully immunize, the government is moving in the opposite direction of reality. 

There's more than enough literature now to slow down the vaccine roll out.

The UK, Iceland and Israel are all showing the limits of the vaccines. With the first two countries, they have declared herd immunity will not be achieved with the vaccines.

The same fate will come to Canada. We will have pummelled and coerced a population to the point of easing basic civl rights for nothing. 


My bet for schools.

Up until now, we know kids aren't vectors of the disease. Instead, they're more likely to catch it from adults. But we made last yea a miserable one for them and now we're about to repeat the same mistake. Nothing schools did had any significant impact on the spread. All they accomplished was to likely damage their psyche. 

This year will be just as miserable and if this past week was any indication, it will be a brutal close to the year with the government likely over reacting. They call this being 'pro-active'. It's reactive.

So what will happen is vaccinated adults will spread the disease to the kids because of leaky vaccines. There will be panic and they will shut down schools and perhaps even bring back lockdowns.

Justin: There Will Be 'Consequences'

Among the many unethical and troubling comments made by Canadian officials non-stop for 18 months now (with the rhetoric being amped up in August), Justin's recent threat of coming consequences who choose to not get vaccinated is among the most concerning.

I observe what's going on in the world.

Among the nations in the West, other than Australia and France, Canada has been the most abusive towards its citizens. In Europe there are debates and the population aren't subjected to the kind of brutal psychological terror we're seeing here. As bad as it is in the United States, it's not as hyper either. 

And they're getting worse by the day obsessing over these vaccines.

I don't know where this is heading and one can only hope legal and constitutional lawyers are at the ready because the government of Canada and the provinces clearly have one foot over the line and they're now looking to bring the other over.

It's all odd timing for such comments giving there's an election.

If you're concerned about all this, please, do NOT vote Liberal.


Boosters Prove The Vaccines Are A Dud

Is there any other way to look at this?

Actually there is.

This was part of the plan and scam all along.

To get people on this shitty schedule set by criminals.

Chalk one up for the conspiracists again.

I've paid close attention to the them since last year.

Gotta say, they're practically batting .1000.

Now we'll see how people react to this.

They say they won't but will they capitulate to whatever manipulative coercion the criminals use on them?

The vaccines are as useful and legit as this fake administration. 




World, We Need To Have A Serious Talk About Bill Gates

In a recent interview on CNN with Anderson Cooper, Bill Gates said the United States needs to be more like Australia.

For those of you unaware, Australia is a large prison camp pretending to be a free nation.

Bill Gates has been a vocal figure since the beginning of the pandemic calling for Q-dots, immunity passports and mass vaccinations.

This alone should give everyone pause and ask: Just who is Bill Gates and what is he really up to?

Prior to the pandemic, I had come across several articles in various outlets discussion GAVI and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and its operations in Africa and India as well as Gates' ties to the eugenics movement and depopulation.

At the time it was more of general interest and while I was aware of Gates being a convicted felon and wasn't convinced of his altruism seeing his make over as a superficial sham, I could but read this information hoping it wasn't accurate.

In the last 18 months, however, I've come to realize there's more to this sinister man than we think.

He's a real life Mr. Burns who must be scrutinized. 

Bill Gates isn't looking for a better world. He's looking for profits while reshaping the world in a manner where he will be in control. He's now the largest farmland landowner in America which only adds to this plot. If I were to try and corner the world, I'd do it through health and diet which vaccines and farms accomplish. 

Canadians should also be aware our universities receive millions from Gates including U of T, McGill, UBC and University of Saskatchewan and Manitoba. The schools that have been echoing Gates' message throughout this 'pandemic'.

If people would wake up, we can stop him. 

Leopards do no change their spots.

Gates' nice sweaters were an attempt to deceive people into thinking he was the exception to that rule.

He's not.

Legault Suffers From Foot In Mouth Disease

I don't think Francois Legault knows what he's talking about or even is aware of the incoherence he and officials spew on a near annoying daily basis.

Today he said only 16% of Quebecers have not taken at least one jab/shot.


So why the vaccine passports then with such a high rate of vaccination? 86% is staggeringly high and by any standard would be considered a success.

Yet, they continue to press forward with punitive and pseudoscientific measures.

It's the most bizarre form of stupidity.

Worse, he has a whole class of infectious disease doctors, academics, epidemiologists and the like egging him on. For a 'safe and effective' vaccine with massive injuries (internal leaks show Moderna death with 300 000 adverse events of which they only reported 190 000. By law, drug companies are to report all such findings to the government) and deaths that doesn't halt transmission or confer full protection.

Does this sound like these vaccines are what they claim they are?

We're about to find out if Quebec will be like Iceland or Israel.

And if they do, I don't want to think about what they will do because they lack the humility, intelligence and courage to reassess and pivot.

They set up their next batch of lies. If things get worse - as predicted by censored virologists - it will be because of the unvaccinated. But in reality, it will be the opposite.

Legault in his brain thinks he's controlling the plot and narrative just fine.

That's what he tells himself in the mirror.

'And gosh darn it, I'm good enough!'

Closer to truth, Legault should sport a t-shirt that says 'Foot in mouth'.

Concordia University Strikes Appropriate Tone

This past week Concordia announced that they were not going to mandate vaccines as it's none of their business and will look instead to restore a sense of normalcy for their students already under enough stress and duress.

It was a refreshing, honorable and courageous stance given the zeitgeist and as an alumni I can but applaud and support their stance.

By contrast, McGill University unfortunately took the opposite stance ordering masks be worn at all times and students be vaccinated.

One school gets millions from Bill Gates.

The other gets zero.

Guess which?

Just saying. 

The Pandemic Of The Vaccinated; The Irrationality And Immorality Of Fearful Canada; U.S. In Crisis.

 I can no longer keep up with my thoughts anymore.

This past week was a stunning one that has left thoughtful Canadians concerned.

I don't know where to begin piecing this on-going plot in any sound and organized manner there is so much information to parse through.

What the Canadian and Quebec governments are planning to do is simply immoral.

There is no other way to put it.

It's incomprehensible as it is irrational.

The  vaccines do NOT halt transmission and do not confer full protection to the vaccinated. What we're seeing is the vaccines are causing spikes and the vaccinated acting as, ironically, super spreaders. It's not the unvaccinated alone catching it. It's both. But worse among the vaccinated because they took an experimental vaccine that we won't know how plays out in the long-term and may be forced onto a booster schedule.

Is this a life they want to live? Because that's not a life. What do you want to be? Like those nut jobs in Australia? 

And if they're vaccinated, why are they fearful of the unvaccinated? Even vaccinated they maintain pseudoscientific control over people.

Either these damn vaccines work or they don't. On top of all that, we see countries with high vaccination rates are seeing 'cases' shoot up.

If anything, if you care to pay attention to what's happening in other countries, it's the vaccinated who pose a greater risk to the rest of us and should be considering playing it safe or even going into a self-imposed lockdown. 

Healthy, unvaccinated people who show no symptoms do not pose a threat to humanity.

To think this is to be really stupid.

At what point do we come to the realization official are LYING? Here in Quebec, our press conferences will be studied for years to come It was a combination of intimation, fear mongering, contradictions and outright manipulative lies on a grand scale. Legault is taking his globalist orders a little too seriously.

What will the passports accomplish exactly other than to divide the population? What's the real reason for this?

For now, B.C., Alberta and Ontario are all thinking straight and avoiding this nonsense leaving the fools in Quebec alone to be a laughing stock. Something they excel at. 

The Canadian government is now actively segregating millions of tax paying Canadians for a program that will not work.

There's a lot that no longer makes sense in this Covid arc.

What is happening in Canada should worry ALL Canadians. 

This is a miscalculation and catastrophe of epic proportions. 


Those of us who have followed U.S. politics throughout the years knew what happened in November of 2020 was a watershed moment in American history.

And not in a good way.

We all could see Biden was going to be a train wreck like we've never seen.

In just eight short months the United States is in full blow crisis. Chaos at the Mexican border, a continued hysterical and idiotic Covid terror campaign and now a looming international disaster may very well tip this administration led by a man not in control of his faculties that goes AWOL every so often into pure crisis.

Still better than Tump though!

Something is off. Things are brewing.

This is all not normal.

There was a coup d'état on November 3.

Trump won that election.

Now he has to get it back. 


Canadians Need To Learn It's Time To Live With Covid-19

Canadians need to understand, we will not be able to outrun or outlast the virus.

Do you not see the vaccine campaign is already pointless?

Vaccine efficacy is waning against Delta and not likely to be effective against Lambda. Which explains a sudden shift to antiviral drugs from pharma companies including Pfizer.

Are you willing to live in a ridiculous world of masks, boosters and passports that will accomplish nothing? It's literally going to be for naught. Cut your losses for the love of God.

Plenty of virologists warned the vaccines would be obsolete before they began. Dr. Racaniello at Virology. ws wrote back in May of 2020 this was going to be another strain of the common cold and that money was best spent on antivirals not vaccines. It would have have been more expensive up front, but the pay off would have been better. 

Vaccines cost a lost and there will be no pay off.  Not only that, with the way government and medical bureaucrats behaved, they fractured the social order coercing people into taking them.

To this day Canadian officials and academics are acting clueless and clinging to the vaccine urging everyone to get jabbed. You still see politicians playing the idiotic mask game. 

Get stuffed. TIME TO LIVE WITH IT.

Shove your fear mongering up your asses already.

The UK is slowly arriving to the same conclusion as Singapore and Iceland. Germany stopped mass testing. There is no point to keep testing of mild symptoms or the asymptomatic people. All it does is give a false sense of doom.

Once again, Sweden called this in March 2020.

Sweden was right all along.

Australia is so wrong it's going to cost them dearly. 


A 'Fight' Lost Before It Began

Canada and Quebec; Trudeau and Legault have lost.

They just don't know it.

As they put one of the most intense vaccination campaign in my lifetime - and probably in history. Likely at the behest of Bill Gates - they vaccines are floundering as we speak.

They're forcing people into a product that isn't effective.

Or all that safe.

It's the mother of all gambles and my hunch is they will owe the house a lot of money.

Everything points to it. 

The incoming data is dripping in and it's not all the impressive.

They want to jab you to protect their asses and for no other reason. They want you to ensnare you in their gamble. They want to make you a victim of their racket.

I care little they 'mean well' or it's not malicious.

Though at this point, using coercion based on lagging data is indeed malevolent and negligence.

On the balance and on the whole, the risk/reward of the vaccine is barely on par with natural infection and immunity. 

A vaccine needs to offer 100% protection and halt transmission in order tot truly be effective. It's simply not the cases. It's fallen to under 60% efficacy (and as noted before it's much lower than that in reality) and wanes after six months. It may go beyond that but that remains to be seen. It won't likely be effective against other variants and seems to be causing the variants as ADE also is now in full swing.

On top of all that, they took away rights from the unvaccinated leaving people outside gatherings thus giving a perverse disincentive to vaccinate. What's the point if chances of infection diminished still further by not being part of society? They're coercing people into a vaccine in the hopes of averting of a Delta wave. Guess what? They're still going to get the wave. Does anyone in the fricken Canadian and Quebec government not see what happened in Israel, Iceland and Gibraltar among the most vaccinated populations? Delta infections shot up regardless and contrary to the weird narrative here (which I take with a grain of salt), it's mostly VACCINATED people swelling the hospital ranks. And by all accounts despite the panic around Delta, the hospitals don't seem to be 'overwhelmed'.Stretched but not overwhelmed. As mentioned, what's happening in those places (and may happen here) is the ADE censored 'alt' doctors warned about.

And if one takes it and the vaccine dissipates after six months, what then champ? Boosters for life? Is this the game?

They never had a chance. By the time the vaccines came they were already obsolete. But officials and experts staked their reputations and spent money banking on its success and they must see it through. Hubris and lies is now leading this charge. Not science and truth. 

They know this crap is failing. But they need to make US the scapegoat. Imagine force jabbing tens of millions for nothing?! 

That our officials have segregated society for this and now starting to mandate it is irresponsibility personified. It's the epitome of incompetence in what has been 18 months of staggering stupidity, panic and incompetence.

This won't end well for them. But we still have a shot at redemption. 

Say no.

You have to or else this will never end. 

You took your double dose. You feel entitled to your passports. They presented to you a false dilemma lockdown or this. Now they will say you must take the booster. It may not be your choice.

Call their bluff.

And the wicked puppet master Gates goes away.

All this is adding up to is a divided nation and a loss of civil liberties.

You're not safe and the vaccines won't save us.

We will.

By not giving into the fear and threats anymore.

Health Canada Update On Adverse Reactions


We're slowly catching up to other countries like USA, UK, and Israel.

As kids go for their second dose, expect the injuries to rise.

Despite the seriousness of the injuries, Health Canada maintains the CDC line of 'benefit outweigh the risks'.

Blah, blah.

Remember. The CDC recommends people don't eat raw fish. That's how extreme their lack of common sense runs.

The most relevant of all the stats is, and this is the bottom line, this virus has a survival rate in the neighbourhood of 99.86%.

The adverse events suggest it's 99.98 safety for the vaccines in Canada. Quite frankly, I'm sure it's much lower than that as many events go unreported. 

I see no benefit other than it may lower severity of symptoms.

The vaccines will not halt transmission.

There is no risk reward benefit.

These stats tell me I'm better off going all natural in this fight. I have no idea where this mRNA technology will take me.

And the government is pressing forward with the campaign to the point of restricting rights.


The Canadian Government Is Incoherent And Unethical

Canada continues to stand out for its stupidity.

Not as bad at whatever the fuck is going on in Australia but close enough.

But Justin Trudeau and Joe Biden are just about the two most vile individuals around at the moment.

With data coming showing vaccine efficacy against delta below 60% (and quite frankly, I'm pretty sure it's worse than that), and looking like they offer six months 'protection' we now learn that NIH is saying ADE is likely a possibility. Never mind studies are saying the vaccines won't do much - if anything - with Lambda.

The 'alt' censored doctors are looking like they were right.

They said all along the vaccines would be ineffective (Dr. Racaniello said it would be money wasted back in 2020), lead to variants through suppression and trigger auto-dependency enhancement. 

We are here.

What the government is characterizing as 'pandemic of the unvaccinated' and are ramping up the vaccine war drum and wasting time and money on unethical passports (which in the end will cost us our rights and liberties) the data is showing these decisions are wrongheaded and doomed to fail.

What did you expect?

It's the government egged on by incompetent experts.

We have to adopt Sweden's approach.


Or else this gets progressively worse with no good outcomes.

We can not win this 'fight' or war' with vaccines.

No way in hell.

To believe this is to be arrogant and foolish.


The Resurgence Of Eugenics And Feudalism

They weren't kidding when they said 'new normal'.

I'm still sitting here stunned trying to make sense of all this.

Where the average person thinks this is about a virus and that vaccination will lead to a resumption of life, I - like many others - don't think it's in the cards.

It's a combination of incompetent and deliberate planning that brought us here as I've repeated in several posts.

Looking back on the eugenics movement, this vaccine push has all the dogmatic academic traits of the eugenics movement. The elite class is in control of our bodies. One of the greatest trick they've pulled is to convince people to think they still have health autonomy.

They don't. They were pushed into a corner through duress, stress and coercion.

Roughly 80% of Canadians have taken the plunge to get vaccinated despite no long-term data (which matters but has been dismissed). They did so in the context that they believe there's a vicious virus and that the vaccines will provide protection. Some erroneously believe it stops transmission. Both groups will tend to support passports which will have no impact of any kind. If the vaccines wane (and even Moderna admits it does so after six months) and don't stop transmission then the passports are rendered moot. So why spend the money and roll them out?

This is where I grow concerned. Is it, as been asserted, they expect people to take 'booster' to participate in society? If this be the case, then all liberty in civil society is gone. Thankfully, for now, not everyone is on board and it remains to be seen where this goes. If enough countries and jurisdictions resist, then the program should collapse. For example, if eight provinces say no and two say yes, eventually the two will kill the program because it's no longer tenable in an ostensibly free nation.

The passports have no basis in science and can be challenged I reckon.

Of that 80%, how many of those were coerced into doing so under duress? I'm willing to go as high as 40%. So in reality, the vaccination program was a dud and people are likely more skeptical than we think. Even if it's just 20% it joins the 25% who have so far steadfastly refused. 45% is a sizeable minority.

There's a pulse there we can use to fight back.

The reason why is, aside from the fact our constitutional heritage is all but destroyed, there are actors in play looking to restructure the global system under the 'The Global Reset' while China eyes to replace America as a super power.

There's a war and people in the West remain asleep selfishly thinking of themselves not realizing that the liberties they enjoy can easily be taken.

They already have in 2020.

The Reset includes getting people used to the government taking care of them financially via the CERB (which is basically UBI), moving people off the the private property ethos which is unique to the West and turn them away from land ownership and into rental living. and installing a single, one-world suprastructure that will resemble less a democracy and more a totalitarian regime. 

The part of keeping people off the land means it robs them of their independence.

This is the neo-feudal part. You will rent to your corporate Lord and be happy.

You will serve them in some capacity and it may even be though being forced into accepting the terms of a...medical tyranny.

As I've mentioned, we've been on a very bad path fo decades. But it looks like we're at the end game point.

The war has come to you.

Whether you like it or not.

Calling Out Julius Grey: Where Are You?

Growing up Julius Grey was a constitutional lawyer  the face of challenging laws that infringed on the rights of people.

It was Grey this. Grey that.

Decades later and with a fat bank account I'm assure, you would think Grey would step into the ring and help in the fight in preserving our constitution and rights.

But he's been silent.

Clearly money talks.

I don't care about all the little rules and laws these class has where they can find ways to not do the right thing.

At some point there comes a time in everyman's life who has the power to make a difference should.

Lest he be a coward.

Grey's input would be, if anything, a great boost to the 'anti-Covid measures' camp which is at the moment dispirited and fragmented.

Where are all the lions? 

Witnessing The Death Knell Of What Was Left Of Western Liberal Heritage

Unless we somehow band together to protect our civilization, it's done for.

The massive collusion between the 'black robes and white coats' and media, social media and tech companies, Gates, GAVI, WEF, Rockefeller, Blackrock, Vanguard and whoever else you want to add, is a formidable alliance seeking to usurp the fundamental constitutional ethos that define our existence.

It's all about to go up in smoke.

And all they needed was to take a virus and make you so afraid of it, you'd lay down your rights for it.

The future is bleak unless we mount some kind of counter attack.

The odds were against the American revolutionaries and they got it done.

We have to draw on this example for inspiration.

We need to preserve our liberty and civilization from the neo-feudalist forces seeking to turn us all into serfs.

Message To Vaxx Pass Supporters

You are all broken in inside.

You run around on Twitter talking about how 'we've always had cards' and how this is 'legal as fuck' clearly having not thought through what you're saying.

The former is especially ridiculous. Yes, we have 'cards' from when we were born but when was it ever needed to do anything? Are you seriously this stupid and depraved to pull that shit out? What about travel? I travel a lout. Save a few countries, this is NOT THE NORM.

As for the law. The books are filled with bad laws. Just because sneaky lawyers can find a way to justify it doesn't make right or moral.

In this case, passes are 'papers please' and nothing else. You are hiding behind a false sense of righteousness and arrogance thinking this is justified. 

It's plain wrong.

It's no different than what we saw in the segregationist south and Nazi Germany.

In essence, people supporting this would have been the very same people who would have sided with the forces who enacted Jim Crow and Nazi laws. They were legal after all, right?

This isn't just a question of legality. It's one about our sense of justice and understanding on what it means to be human in an ostensibly free society. 

It's often said people claiming they're on the 'right side of history'.

Not on this one they are.

And I'm almost certain history will record it as such.

As I've said all along, nothing good comes from a moral panic.

We're on a very dangerous trajectory.


In any event, you will be vaxxed with an ineffective vaccine, masked up, showing papers like cattle and still will end up in lockdown.

This government is incapable of any kind of proper response or guidance. 

All it knows is force, overreaction and coercion.

If you don't stop buying into it, you will be varianted out of a meaningful life.

How many 'boosters' will you be willing to take?

Always remember. How did Hitler and the Nazis ultimately gain power?

Through scapegoating (swap Jew with unvaccinated) and emergency powers (threat of Jew to the Aryan  race. Unvaccinated, in the current zeitgeist, are a threat).

CDC/NIH: Threat To The Health Of People

The CDC has gone rogue during this pandemic and under Walensky, it has gotten worse. 

Two groups of people should NOT be vaccinated: 0-19 year-olds and pregnant people.

But what do the authorities do? Vaxx these two groups.

It's a total and utter shit show at the moment.

And then you have another lunatic in Fauci babbling about mandates and boosters for a virus he helped fund.

The criminality is astounding and astonishing.


They're turning lives upside down for vaccines that are already waning and not effective.

The benefits do not outweigh the risks. If the study mentioned in the article is correct, there's no way to justify this obscene program of coercion for mass vaccination. It must be halted immediately.

Between the deaths, injuries, low efficacy and the possibility it's the vaccines causing the variants, this mad situation must end.

The Petty, Tiresome Mind Of Francois Legault

I'm getting weary of writing about this man.

But he never fails to shock me. 

Today, speaking to the useless, divisive, lying corporate media, he repeated the unsubstantiated 'pandemic of the unvaccinated' (Quebec cases have been slowly inching up but hospitalizations, ICU capacity and deaths are low). This is a phrase that probably comes from 'on top' as several idiot leaders blindly repeat it.

This is a troubling phrase because it further cements the tribalism forming increasingly dividing people pitting them against vaccination lines. 

This is unconscionable. It's hard to believe a man in his 60s could utter such words without thinking it could be dangerous. 

If officials continue to use this language blindly following the vaccine gods, there will be bloodshed at some point.

Story of history.

The the silver lining here is that we will know exactly who did it and why.

Also, Legault continues to cynically sport a mask outside like a buffoon. That he does shows the contempt he holds for Quebecers.

No intelligence, wisdom or respect is to be found anywhere. Only cold-hearted, political manipulation and machinations.

One example, a crucial one that should worry all Quebecers, is the continued emergency powers. We finally got some kind of explanation as to why he keeps them in place.

And it's a whopper.

He says he has to keep them because debates in Parliament would send mixed messages to people.

Yup. The leader of a free province in Canada said this out loud. At least he said what he was thinking. We all suspected a petty tyrant lived inside Legault. Now it's out in the open.

It gets right to the source of how his parochial mind works. He must control the entire narrative and he need not provide evidence for his decisions. He's running this like a small, second-rate company.

More to the point, that he denies opening up debate points directly to the fact he's incompetent and without ideas. With the opposition grilling him, he'd be forced to produce facts for his actions. But he can't. So keeps the province in emergency servitude. It's a form of domestic terrorism and threatens Quebec democracy.

I'd say Ottawa should step in, but they never would because Justin is PM and holds similar dictatorial instincts and couldn't care less it weakens Canada's moral authority. So this is not likely. Better to let Quebec tarnish Canada's reputation - rinse and repeat - than challenge it. 

With the recent denouncements by CAQ President Stephane Hamel, perhaps a good old fashioned Parliamentary rebellion is in order. Party members need to step up now and be accounted. They've been hiding for 18 months now collecting a check while doing absolutely nothing. If they care about the CAQ and Quebec, they'd oust Legault. Sure he appears to be popular but his actions can be perceived to be a threat to the sanctity of our institutions. But what good will their careers be if they're constantly frozen out of the democratic process and are never consulted? All they've become are executers and apologists for a tyrant.

They can't win either way so may as well do the noble and honourable thing and speak out. It's time.

I've also agued that this province should be placed under trusteeship because I do feel not only is our democracy threatened but our medical and personal rights as well. 

Legault is one fascistic move away from really causing trouble.

As I've said all along, this is a weak man who doesn't know what he's doing.

Combine this with an ego and we've got a toxic combination. 

Francois's shtick has become stale.

He should resign. 


A Plea To All Quebecers

Do you not see where this is all going?

Do you not see these new round of measures are even more incoherent than when whatever this virus is was circulating in 2020? Does it make sense to you that despite all your concessions we're essentially back to point zero? Do you not see the hood they pulled over you? This time they managed to install yet another abhorrent and unethical measure in order to avoid a lockdown? Lockdowns that should no longer be a part of our vocabulary given its destructive outcomes? They constantly shake you down. And you constantly believe their lies. At some point you will need to stand up.

For now, it is the 'conspiracists' doing the fighting. But in the end, these are just people fighting for all Quebecers because they understand where this is all heading. We already see it in other countries and Canada is full on board with this 'globalist' train. It's all planned out folks.

The whole Covid plot is the greatest crime against humanity ever undertaken and it's not even remotely close to being a conspiracy. It's in your face. If you pay attention. Pay close attention, we have NO LAWS at the moment. We've undermined Charters and Constitutions and set up illegal shadow governments not unlike what we see in banana republics. Legault isn't an elected official anymore. He's your dictator.

Do you understand? And they're not done destroying the democratic process. 

And yet you still sleep and believe 'because killer plague'.

We are well past the stage of this - Delta notwithstanding - being a health threat. 

We're now in the restructure of the Western world order.

Liberty is out. Tyranny is in.

You still believe you have rights. Some of you remain full on board believing the state 'has your back'. Which is spectacularly naive despite a history of examples throughout the ages that in fact the state is nothing but a self-serving entity filled with psychopaths. War is the rule and norm. Violence and coercion are not the exception but a feature.

It's why we say 'eternal vigilance' is necessary to protect your liberty. It's come to a point where people outwardly derisively decry the calls of liberty 'for the moment'.

There is no 'temporary' loss of freedom anymore there's no such thing as protecting speech.

There's just a loss of it. Period.

For thousands of years people have fought and spilled blood to be liberated. What makes us any different? It's just our turn now. Pampered as we are. I'm not even sure we deserve an ounce of liberty. Maybe we deserve the neo-feudal world order being designed at the moment. 'You will own nothing, eat bugs and be happy'.

You seem all oblivious to the dark curtain descending upon us. An iron curtain far heavier than the one the Soviets unveiled.

We're on a collision course of some kind in this third world war. This war for the conscious; for our minds and soul.

This is indeed war.

How far are you willing to accept this constant badgering and stalking from medical bureaucrats and politicians? You the 'vaccinated' are my friends and family. You do not hold the moral ground just because you believed by getting jabbed you did your part. You were blindly following orders.

Think a little. They still will keep you masks. You will still need to show negative tests. You held your end of the bargain. They didn't. Ah! It's because of the 'unvaccinated!' They do this to you! And again you swallow that load. So you tolerate passports. They threw you a bone to shut you up. They've scapegoated a group to protect themselves from their unethical and illegal behaviour. Jew or unvaccinated. What's the difference? 

Here. You're special. You accept the invisible Scarlett Letter put on your fellow man. Now, you're on par with the people who turned a blind eye to Nazi atrocities. Those who were silent during the Jim Crow era.

The got you in that machine of amorality. But you're not immoral. You're free and just but they have caused a crisis of conscience.

And they smile as they do it while the media giggles like a pack of hyenas.

When and will you start to question authority?

You think this passport will stop here? What if they restrict people - who for whatever reason can't take the vaccine (and please spare us all of this 'you can get exemption' nonsense. As we saw for the masks, they will not honour it and besides, how do you ask someone to constantly explain to someone their medical history? This is part of the medical privacy laws they have obliterated and it will impact your too sooner or late. We're in direct violation of the Nuremberg Codes) - from going into essentials? You can't possibly be this disconnected and self-absorbed to not see this arc.

How can a passport possibly achieve any kind of success? The vaccines DO NOT stop transmission! I've heard a number of people say 'I did my part and took my double but won't take a 3rd or booster'.

You think you will have a choice? You're in The Matrix now. They can easily say, 'Sorry. If you don't you can't go to The Keg. See?' 

You've sealed a world of control for YOUR CHILDREN.

In your state of continued blind fear and Stockholm Syndrome stubbornly refusing to see this is not going away, we're cowardly dropping the torch our forefathers left for us.

How can your stand and honour fallen soldiers on Remembrance Day with any sense of honour? They died for our sins and all we do is piss on them.

How can one take seriously a person who insufferably drool over MLK but tolerate segregationist measures like passports?

At some point this cognitive dissonance and hypocrisy will have to explode.

It can't happen here?

It can and it will.

It doesn't take much to bring a democracy to its knees. We have several examples of this in the 20th century.

Don't be manipulated from scientists and doctors who make historical analogies. They're very bad at it. They manage to draw all the wrong lessons, well, because they're doctors. And often, they come with a dash of mad arrogance.

They're too myopic a group to listen to in full measure.

It's why Socrates said don't let the doctors rule. A rule of doctors is a rule of the flesh and the only way to control the flesh is with the iron fist. They do not consider the soul on any level.

If they did they would by now be conscious of the damage masks has caused. They would see their advice is likely to leave a permanent scar on society. They'd see the collateral damage.

But they don't.

They're doctors. If they could, they'd have you locked up in your house indefinitely.

They offer no balance or wisdom. That goes for the class of scientists at the forefront of all this including epidemiologists who have been the biggest culprits in the fraying of the social and economic order.

Masks remain in schools. Despite a high percentage of kids vaccinated. It was not enough to have taken the gamble on vaccinating kids. Nope. Keep them enslaved and in fear.

This is two years of social engineering that will rear its ugly head for posterity. We taught children horrible lessons. We've weakened their immunity and their spirit. We laugh them to bow to authority and be fearful. 

We've enfeebled our future.

None of this is good or will end well. The 'pandemic' will pass but the wreck it will leave behind will be with us for years and all but confirms our future is not going to be one of bravery and freedom.

We will have to fight for that once more.

My plea is simple: Say no.

The passports are a bridge too far and a mechanism that will in the end hurt us all. 


Vaccine Passports Are Pointless And Discrimination Under The Mask Of Public Health

It's simple. Let's keep this short.

It's clear the vaccines do not stop transmission or prevent infection. 

So what's the point of vaccine passports? All you're doing is further fraying the social order.

To support it is wrong, illogical and immoral.

Now get lost.

History Into How The mRNA Technology And Vaccines Evolved

I appreciate this article from Stats News bringing some perspective into how Pfizer and Moderna got on the path to this experimental vaccine.

It's from November 2020.

Some may be surprised I link to it since it somewhat contradicts my overall position that this is a moral panic and question the use of vaccines but as I've repeatedly said, it's not because I don't think the virus is dangerous or I oppose the vaccines, it's just that we're operating in a chaotic moral panic and this makes us prone to mistakes that could prove costly.

But in the end we're about the truth here.

The article also offers an interesting insight into the who 'inventor of the mRNA technology' debate. Dr. Robert Malone is a figure who seemingly came out of nowhere and declared himself the inventor. I posted an interview he and Bret Weinstein did. Malone claims he invented the 'vaccine technology platform' and possesses patents to back up those claims.

But the article seems to contradict his claim focusing on Katalin Kariko as the pioneer in the field. It appears Malone did some key work building on this. Which is nothing to sneer at either.

In the end, it doesn't really mater other than to use it as an argument in the vaccine debate.

Francois Legault Is A Literal Wannabe Tyrant

Canada has its own little tin pot dictator in its rank. His name is Francois Legault.

It's no wonder he and Justin have a bromance going at the moment as together they plot their plans. The pandemic is boon to their power and more than any leader in the Confederacy, they seem to be enjoying it a tad too much.

This blog has been sounding the alarm since July of 2020 there's something off with the CAQ. It was clear  Legault was looking to consolidate power into l'etat c'est moi. The continuance of the rolling over of emergency powers without Parliamentary debate is a testament to this clear abuse of power.

He has turned Quebec into a banana republic and has effectively ended democracy.

Legault doesn't care about liberty or rights or even public health per se. 

He's only out to consume power for its own sake.

Do not cross, as expected of a dictator, Francois Legault.

He's 'le boss'.

Boss Hogg if you ask me.

Interesting interview with one of the founding members of the CAQ Stephane Hamel. He's had enough and had the courage to speak out. He put his career on the line and knew likely could be kicked out of the party. For now he his role as President has been terminated. 

Legault is as predictable as ice melting. You can spot his shtick and MO from a mile away. He's no Machiavelli. 

When you can read them, they're not good at their jobs.

And with Legault it's very simple. He says he won't do something but does it. He lies. The vaccine passports are the perfect example. He got his lackey Arruda to say it's to only be implemented in areas of outbreaks and if hospitalizations rise. They're introducing them in September breaking that claim but mere weeks later. His lying is not even coherent anymore. And why in the world is a DOCTOR like Arruda introducing these foul and unethical measures?

This whole saga and ordeal has gotten way out of control.

Hopefully, more members of the CAQ calculate it's not worth it anymore being part of this. What use are you if the party leader doesn't consult the party choosing instead to issue decrees by fiat? Why would you be part of a party that's easing Quebec democracy?

Time to separate the courageous from the cowards.

The cowards stand by Legault. It's who can control.

He can't control men of integrity and dignity.

In the last couple of posts, I may have been too hard on this government but the lack of transparency and lying is cause for concern. 

I personally applaud and thank Mr. Hamel.

He's doing right by Quebec.


Indoctrination Is Complete, Sir

A vaxx pass, can only pass if a society has been fully beaten down.

Look at these images in France first.

Papers please is now a reality.

How utterly demoralizing is this? We've sunk to new levels.

The problem with this is outbreaks were already low in cafes so chances are, there won't be outbreaks with the vaxxed (I could be wrong maybe it can) and they'll assume and declare they work. Like everything else, they will mix causation and correlation and get it wrong.

One thing you can tell pro-vaxx people. Next time they watch a movie they should always be sure to understand they're the ones who would side with the Nazis. So in effect, if you were watching, say, Inglorious Basterds, they'd cheer against them. They'd snitch on Anne Frank. Not protect her. They have to accept Goebbels medical theories; not refute them.

Is the time coming where unvaccinated people may play tit for tat? I can see now families and friends splintering. 

Fauci Is Why Informed Consent Exists

I was recently reminded there are still people out there who believe Fauci is the king. 

He is. Except he's the kind of monarch that abuses and mistreats his subjects. 

Anthony Fauci is an incompetent, unethical, megalomaniacal pathological liar. 

And he's a direct threat to the Unites Staes and the world.

His rhetoric is out of line, out of control and downright should be investigated immediately.

Enough of this maniacal elf.

Let me remind you who this loathsome, false idol is.

He's the man who funded the Wuhan lab where gain of function research took place creating this virus. While we don't know if it was deliberate, it likely escaped from the lab suffering from lax safety protocols. He did so with the help of Peter Daszak - a vet - and Dr. Ralph Baric. NIH owns the patent on various SARS-CoV coronaviruses dating back 20 years. NIH is in partnership with one of the key mRNA manufacturers in Moderna.

Good enough for you to see already this is a problematic and troublesome picture? This is a cess pool of outrageous conflicts of interest.

But wait. The little Italian from Brooklyn has a dream and that dream was a universal flu vaccine and he's just about on the cusp of achieving this dream. This whole orchestrated mess that created a moral panic and sent the world into a psychotic convulsion over a flu that 'acts weird' lays at his malignant feet. It's all about the vaccines and he's not happy with getting a majority of people. No, he wants it all. He wants you, your neighbours, the pets and your kids.

Just listen to his constant idiotic skating, scapegoating, flip flopping and deceiving noble lies. He fully admitted he lied at what he thought was a herd immunity threshold to the NYT and no one cared.

Fauci may be able to talk infectious diseases but he's a fool regarding everything else. I guarantee you he cares a whit about vaccine deaths and injuries. He's so sure the FDA will approve he went on TV to basically gloat and tell America their forced medicine and vegetables are coming. 

He's evil as just about as evil gets.

But hang on. There's more!

In order to have even set the conditions for this delirium and sleazy and criminal power and profit grab, he needed the pandemic to take on the feel of a plague. He knew natural immunity was going to be able to handle this virus. We all but saw this by June 2020. And the vaccine fiends knew it and needed this crisis to continue. Figure it out.

And figure it out he did.

Mask the population. Dial up the fear tone Tell them the only way out are vaccines. 

That's the psy-ops part.

As if that's not immoral enough, he took it up a notch. A notch that puts him in a very disturbing place among medical figures in human history. 

Anthony Fauci, already accused of causing harm of death during the AIDS epidemic through his heavily criticized at the time foolish policies, decided to deny early treatments for patients. Notably, hydroxychloronquine.

He seized on the utter stupidity of politicized doctors, journalists and an assorted fleet of clapping retarded seals who could only blindly see Trump and not the value of a well-established and safe medicine known to be effective. 

Trump said it's good? It's bad! Ban it!

That was the calculus. This is how simpletons process complex issues. 

And ban it Fauci did. With it, the denial included another medication that was still far more effective: Ivermectin.

Fauci was at the centre of the 'we need more empirical evidence' brigade for a Nobel prize winning anti-malarial in use since 1953 posing little to no danger to humans. We had 67 years of experience with it and still we have people shockingly and appallingly still say we need more studies?

Well, now we have you damn studies. It confirms it works. Not only does it work but it's practically miraculous as Dr. Kory and Dr, Malok - two prominent critical care physicians - have been demonstrating for months.

By denying the treatment, countless people lost their lives. That means he's guilty of medical malpractice causing death. 

I'm not so sure this wasn't calculated. And if it wasn't, then he grossly negligent and incompetent and should have been fired or resigned.

But only noble men with a sense of shame, duty and dignity do these things.

Fauci is none of these things.

Fauci is a little man not just physically but emotionally as well.

He let his hubris and greed get in the way of doing the right thing.

So the numbers swelled and swelled. All the while he kept chastising Americans (a tactic all leaders in North America disgustingly applied) for not listening to him. He blamed innocent people for the chaotic hell he created.

The man who created the virus was in charge of defeating it.

This is stuff you thought could be only in the movies or comics right?

Think again.

It's your reality. All our reality.

Good people are trying to right this but they're out numbered and out gunned. But not out matched at the moment. We must relentlessly hunt them all down like they're relentless harassing and stalking people with their threats. We must pursue everyone who consented to this and were complicit like we did after WWII and bring them all before a court and held to explain and account for their actions.

There is much talk about firing up the Nuremberg Trials. I don't know how realistic this is, but through his - and others-  actions, Fauci absolutely qualifies as an example for doing so.

He - and people like him - are the very reason why we have medical privacy laws and informed consent. 

Fauci wants to eradicate this precious protection against medical tyrants.

He wants to control your body.

This is not conspiracy. This is obvious in plain sight.

For now, he and the CDC can still do a lot of damage and much of it could be thwarted had Congress not become such a sad, hard luck bunch whose only role appears to be to perform grand stand antics on committees. There are some legitimate things going on for sure, but none of it can take Fauci down for the time being. 

The Covid tyranny is like a rabid dog that needs to be put down.

Start with Fauci. Perhaps it can stretch into Canada with Tam and hopefully a domino effect takes place across the West investigating all actors who had a part to play in this. 

Haul this man into a court of law already.

Laws Of Diminishing Returns Kicking In With Vaccines

You heard the line, 'it's because it's working!' whenever bad outcomes reveal themselves with the vaccines.

It's become a bit of a comical Vaudevillian gag. It's reminiscent of Bart Simpson's 'I didn't do it!' routine during a 15-minutes of fame part of his life.

Something is happening with the vaccines that's just not right. And it's not just Fauci giggling about the prospects of mandates furthering dividing the nation (this narcissistic man has no moral compass and is just about out of control with his dogmatic rhetoric. He wants his universal vaccine at any cost).

Rather it's in the form of what's happening in Iceland, Israel and Gibraltar and not happening in Sweden.

Recall, the narrative and strategy became 'there's no natural immunity therefore the only way out is vaccines'. This statement made in 2020 should have set off alarm bells in the minds of people because this indirectly meany mass vaccination despite not fully allowing for the virus to run through the population to see what we're really up against.

Instead it was dive right into an experimental vaccine program with the thinking we can stop its spread and eventually eradicate it.

Scientists believe this. I'm not a scientist and can see this is wishful thinking.

For one thing, there's a fatal flaw in this position. It denies natural immunity which we know is real. It's simply a fact of human nature. We have natural immunity. Or else we'd all be dead by now. There would be no humans. 

It also presupposes the vaccines are the right recipe.

But as plenty of prominent virologists and immunologists and other scientist have consistently pointed out, we may be getting it wrong and we're definitely over shooting with a mass vaccination program.

It's looking this way in those three countries.

We're also seeing in closed settings acting as types of control groups experience the same phenomena.

That is, despite fully vaccinated cohorts, the virus spreads - and spreads more aggressively.

This is precisely what people like Dr. Vander Bossche, Dr. Bhakdi, Dr. Montagnier and Dr. Yeadon have argued would happen - with an added dismal feature of mass death because of the potentially deadlier variants emerging due to enormous pressure in the form of mass vaccination being put on the virus.

It's not the unvaccinated doing this. It's the vaccines. To a certain degree, there is truth that unvaccinated people give it to vaccinated people but the same is true in reverse. All the vaccine does is provide the chance of not getting mauled by the virus.

But this is not a reason to mandate it. A vaccine has to offer FULL PROTECTION and demonstrate it can stop the spread. It is simply not the case here. This is not smallpox so not sure why even some microbiologists refer to this example. This is a respiratory illness. Alas, they're caught up in the moral panic. They simply believe the 'big picture' is this is a deadly virus period and we must do this. They further continue to bafflingly believe asymptomatic spread is a main driver of outbreaks. 

They're miscalculating and wrong in my opinion. Certain facts can't be ignored. For example, again, natural and acquired immunity. Considering risk factor is another. In this way, the justification for coercing kids into is plain wrong and without justification. 

Iceland's head epidemiologist has basically shifted the county's Covid strategy away from focusing on vaccines towards natural immunity. He declared the vaccines have not achieved herd - which ostensibly was supposed to be its purpose - and with it stopping the spread despite very high vaccination rates. In other words, he just joined the Great Barrington Declaration without knowing it. 

No one should dismiss 3rd shots and boosters as mere actions as a cost of doing business in society. Neve sway off forgetting this is a bio-engineered virus - meaning it's man made. Do you want to lose your medical rights and privacy because rogue scientists thought they could outsmart a virus way smarter than them?

We're seeing the vaccines are waning in efficacy and that time duration appears to be about six months. Hence the boosters. So, Pfizer and medical bureaucrats knew this was going to be the case. Which makes passports all the more alarming because they can force you into taking the booster in order to participate in life. In other words, every six months you have to go get a shot. They say all things in moderation, right? Well, I don't know about you but 2 shots a year in perpetuity for me isn't 'moderation'. 

This can spin into all sorts of bad directions leading to further worse outcomes. In fact, man has already made the situation worse. Because man is mad and wretched, it seems to enjoy the mayhem that comes with prolonging pain. It's the rule and the exception of the human experience. 

Israel is now experimenting with boosters (and please take a moment to thank Israel for volunteering to be the world's petri dish. From being slaves to the Egyptians, to experiencing genocide by the Germans to slaves again to the Covid panic it's been quite the ride for Jews) and like they were the first to report myocarditis in children and waning vaccine efficacy, they're kinda coming to the realization even the boosters appear to be counter-productive. We'll see how they manage that.

We've inadvertently set back trust in vaccines through these aggressive policies.