I know.

Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much has happened and is happening since September.

Truth is, I hit a wall. It only took 19 years. The scale of what's facing our civilization has been challenging to process. 

I can't even keep up with the weekly scandals from this Mafiosi Trudeau government. I've been, well, gobsmacked by how deep the corruption runs in this colony.

Oh. Right. I've concluded in observing the behaviour of this 'country', that it's a colony beset with a colonial mindset.

It goes a long way in making sense of why Canadians are so apathetically immature. Few nations - that is, real countries - would have tolerated such insolence and incompetence from its leader and the party he leads. Greater men have fallen for far less.

And our institutions. What can be said of them?

A reflection of its colonial heritage I reckon.

The courts have proven to be absolutely and abjectly useless where upholding the Charter rights of Canadians and their medical autonomy are concerned. Worse, they've repeatedly and openly shown bias. 

Law enforcement, for its part, is incapable of protecting the rights of Canadians. 

Now we're seeing mayhem in the streets because of October 7. Real mayhem. Not the disorderly conduct of Canadian citizens justifiably protesting unethical and punitive mandates. The Canadian government, the bastards that fill the red side of the House, set a new low threshold for what constitutes a national security threat. They painted themselves into a corner and we're seeing why it was a really stupid fucking idea to invoke the EA and freeze assets.

But we're ruled by spectacularly stupid people. Mendicino, Lametti, Freeland, Joly, and of course Captain Poptart Lasagne and his drama queen act Trudeau. 

Despicably untalented and smug stupid people.

They've made a mess of our country. 

Are Canadians capable of rising to the task of finally emerging from their arrested development to become a mature and strong COUNTRY?

I'm not convinced.