"31 Teams Hate The Patriots"

So says Terrell Suggs of the Baltimore Ravens.

Of course they do.

Being the most successful football franchise for, what, coming on 15 years, will raise animosity.

Sure, allegations of arrogance, Belichick and the spying don't help, but the bottom line is if they call players will run to play for the Patriots.

It's the same old story played out in sports. It's a universal theme. Hate the successful. The Montreal Canadiens went through it, the Boston Celtics experienced it, the New York Yankees know it too well, Ferrari witnessed it during its periods of dominance in F1 and so on.

Journalists were equally as vicious with their vitriol as fans were.

It's the way the world turns.

In politics, populists urge people to lash out by demanding the successful pay their 'fair share.'

Me? Personally? I love dominance. Empires. Dynasties.


What's bigger (more costly): Social or corporate welfare?

Fraud is more rampant in social welfare.

Glorious Leader

It's Complicated

NY governor Cuomo and his strict gun laws are proving to be quite complicated.

The 2nd (for most of the time and for some of the people) amendment.


'You will not lose your coverage if you like it.'

Remember that line? As funny as revenue neutral.

Or even funnier, you have to pass the bill in order to know what's in it.

Comedians those Democrats.

Buffoon Michel Beaulieu: Canada's Lyndon LaRuche

Some guy from the St. Jean Baptiste Society is claiming that all these stories that surfaced about harassment faced by restaurants at the hands of the OLF is an...get this...anglo media driven conspiracy.

Where logic is absent, charge conspiracy.

Where evidence is absent, claim conspiracy.

It's easy.

Moreover, Beaulieu has the arrogant gall to ask we have a 'discussion in a civil manner.'

What's to discuss exactly? That an on/off switch button (true story at Holder's restaurant) is unacceptable and that we must be 'understanding' of the insecure Quebec plight?

That we should just pipe down and pay our taxes....quietly? That we should just let other people step on our communities? Is this joker insane?

Nationalists - like Jean-Francois Lisee - come speaking in peaceful and smooth tones. It's the benevolent double-speak of despots. The sad humor in all this is the people it's directed at usually have come from war-torn places where oppression is real. They see a sheep in wolf's clothing from a mile away. This is how the Parti-Quebecois -  and all its nationalists branches that support it from UQAM to the SJPS don't quite grasp because their too myopic - are viewed. Like petty little despots unhinged.

As one line from a Polish paper covering the embarrassing affair put it, "language vigilance first, racial purity next."

Do NOT laugh. It's the next logical progression for these people on this slippery slope begun in 1961. For a party elected in 1976 and almost managed victory in 1995 in the referendum.

If they're going after words, who is to say they won't direct their attention to words we wear on out t-shirts? The music we listen to in our cars? After all, playing victim offer endless permutations on how to suppress free citizens. You can justify anything at that point.

In a larger sense, Quebec is battling itself if not a shadow. In order, for it to 'survive' it will have to ban ALL LANGUAGES at some point at which point it will commit suicide. On the other hand, human history is BUT an evolution of civilizations changing hands and Quebec will be no different in this way. Quebec will have to face the inevitable maturely and honestly at some point.

That's why Bill 14 is evil. It's not a 'balanced' bill. It's a piece of shit bill written by pieces of litter who are looking to further suppress minorities. And if you're a member of the CAQ and you vote for it, then you belong in the same litter box.

It's no longer 'just' about English now. The PQ and its cohorts WILL go after the great communities of this province - and quite frankly that God it remains a province without an army.

They already have.

Moderate Quebecers will ask us to ignore it. That the PQ are dead, for all intents and purposes in a global world. Perhaps, but here's the problem. These actions by the OLF ARE STATE-SANCTIONED.

Name me ONE jurisdiction in NORTH AMERICA - even Europe - where one group of people are accorded the right to harass another in the interest of 'protecting' the majority?

Name. ONE.

Any lawyer or philosopher removed from the situation in Quebec would call all this for what it is: Prejudice by other means. Tyranny of the majority. Suppression of civil liberties in a society claiming to be pluralist and democratic.

As for Jean-Francois Lisee. Already I reject him as my 'anglo' representative (get out of here), but he showed his true colors in this mess. Here was his chance to PUBLICLY state this was unacceptable behahior and that enough is enough.

He didn't.

He can't.

He's a PQ nationalist.

The role is mutually exclusive to the issue.

What I find hilarious is how backwards the PQ are as they felt the need to anoint Lisee to such a post. As if we're a bunch of 'Picts' needing to be coddles and subdued. Their fricken 'what's the problem my Anglo friends' attitude is begin to grate and rub the wrong way.

It reflects just how far removed they are from the reality that there is NO French-English problem at the citizen level. We live in linguistic and respectful peace. The PEOPLE free of government intervention find ways to live in harmony.

It's when the government sticks its fat, ignorant, nose in our affairs things start to become toxic.

Yes, the PQ are toxic to the soul of Quebec.

Oh. Quebec is an Algonquin word.

When will they be changing that?


OLF Week

Letter of the OLF...SENT TO AN ENGLISH school.

My daughter is part of the WLSB. How has it come that in our own institutions we're not allowed to speak our own language?

This is Quebec when the PQ come into power. And the Liberals have to answer for this since they increased the number of inspectors before being booted out last year.

What a mess.

What's Happening In Quebec?

The Hee-Haws from the PQ were elected that's what.

People fight back when they feel pinched.

We officially made NPR. America's version of the CBC.

Well-done Quebec. Take a bow.


What French Quebec nationalists don't understand is that immigrants who faced REAL persecution come here and laugh. Laugh hard at our behavior.

This OLF thing has gone viral. Poland, United States, Australia, England, Indonesia, India are some of the countries who have picked up the story. Italians in particular are not impressed.

Italians tend to bite back so it's not surprising it went this far. Imagine. The so-called third solitude wasn't safe from the bigoted arms of the OLF. Personally, I wouldn't allow them in my restaurant. They love Italian food but offended by our words? Fuck off, really.

No dogs or anglos blog is doing a good job of furthering the cause and I agree. Businesses should band together on this issue. Challenge the OLF because organizations as petty as this one is indeed a paper tiger.

Even youtube has the OLF on notice.

What a public relations nightmare.

That's right. Shish-taouk is not safe. And the guy is right: Fix the god damn corruption, spending, and ruined inrastructure you clowns.


And Diane De Courcy is a big fat liar. It's NOT AN ISOLATED incident. This shit happens all the time. It's just that most people just shut up and pay the fine. They stew in silent anger.

I have the scars to prove it.

I swear, I'm minutes away from asking everyone to send me their stories to put in a book.

Open Letter To The OLF

Dear Meanies at L'Office de La Langue Francaise,

You think you're better than me?

Ha, ha. Kidding. I know you're not.


Seeing that you cowardly have declared war on Italian words (nice to hide behind coercive laws, eh?) I have some questions lest I run afoul of your gang of word thugs.

Now that the words caffe, ristorante and (nearly) pasta are considered affronts on the French language (imagine that, one of the world's most mellifluous and beautiful languages and Latin sister is an enemy of Quebecois French), I was wondering if the following words will be (arbitrarily) targeted and be forced to be translated:

Espresso, parmiggiano, risotto, tartufo, pizza, vino, Caffe Italia, Milano, gelato, Minestrone, Casa d'Italia, liberta, Leonardo da Vinci, Cicero, Ferrari, Catelli, tiramisu, San Pellegrino, Roma, bruschetta, panini, latte, mangia cake, 'gnorante, salam, prosciutto shemi, Azzurri, Cicciolina, Sofia Loren, Picola Italia, Roberto Baggio, Juventus, zuppa, zuppa strunzo, and facia culo.

I always like to know where I stand with ignorant, hick bigots who trample on civil liberties.

And you're not the American deep south circa 1949 how again?

Grazie...oops! Merci!

Mangia merda.

Sincerely and respectfully,


/kneels, head down.

P.S. is this payback for the Charbonneau Commission? If it is, remember it's the majority that set the rules to the racket. Best to remember that. Capiche?

Defending Liberty With...


What else?

Here's the thing, you DON'T have to answer ANY question posed by law enforcement on the grounds of being 'cooperative.'

Hey, just answer the question and be on your way! No, this is how tyrannical states function. Honestly, these guys have guts. I don't know if I could be so poised and confident. Good for them. In fairness, I understand there's pressure to deal with the illegal immigration issue in the USA thus putting stress on Federal agents, but, really, must it come at such a high price?

Free citizens don't have to prove their citizenry any more people have to defend their right to own a gun or in the case of Quebec to have to express themselves in a god dang language they god dang choose.



I see Piers Morgan is still a smug asshole attempting to mock people for a right protected in the 2nd amendment. Last night the bully-prick was assaulting some shlep who was offering 15% off a pizza slice in his shop if you had a gun.

At this point, people should just stop going on television to try and make their case with progressives. Just do what you gotta do and move on.

The faux-logical argument of "you really believe your government will turn on you?" is utter drivel. Gee, immigration check points between states and threatening Americans they can't freely travel if they don't 'cooperate' is the first step to something more I reckon. If anything, it does erode freedoms.

No one has to answer what is already enshrined in an amendment.

You can't pick and choose which amendments you like or still think is relevant in a "modern" society. You can apply anti-2nd amendment logic to any of the amendments if you really want to.

Obama is Bush 2.0. Far more aggressive on issues the left dreaded Bush for.

Do you get it now?


Ode To Cinema Paradiso

One of the most moving films of all time in my view.

The Tornatore/Morricone partnership is divine and sublime.

When Letters Attack. More OLF Discrimination

"One's man cultural protection is discrimination for another." T.C.

I always thought the purpose of the OLF was to promote French (at the expense of English).

We were assured in open and tolerant society like Quebec communities would not be targeted.

So much for that slippery slope not happening. Remember the assault on Chinatown a few years back?

Now it's the Italians it looks like. The 'Pasta' fervor forced the idiots at the OLF to back down but it didn't stop them from hitting up Caffe Conti in Quebec City.

Apparently, carrying an extra 'f' in a word threatens French.

As in, the OLF has forced Conti's to change the Italian spelling of 'Caffe' to 'Cafe.'

Talk about changing the flavor of a restaurant. So now international wording threatens French? Big difference from the fear of English we were fed. How in the world, can anyone demonstrate, this helps the French language? By suppressing other languages this makes French strong? How petty and mad are these people?

Now, remind me, how is this NOT state-sanctioned discrimination again?

It's a shame the place complied because now is the time to confront the OLF. From what I hear, the owner has already spent $20 000 refconforming to the OLF's arbitrary application of Bill 101 (Wal-Mart and Costco is challenging this as they should and as all small-businesses should in a class action suit because it's IMMORAL for the government to force you to spend like this). Furthermore, they have NO RIGHT to infringe on the basic rights of people and their own culture. I don't know of any jurisdiction in the world that goes this far.

It's sad and shows how full of shit the OLF really is.

Quebecers should be embarrassed. Honde. All of us.

Quebecers need to ask one simple question: If the tables were reversed. In the interest of civil liberties, how would they feel?


What's next for the OLF? Censoring blogs? T-shirts?

Don't laugh, they're tyrants and tyrants know no limits as to how they assault civil liberties.

Quote Of The Day: Fall Of The West Reason 59496877

"The ultimate result of shielding men from the effects of folly, is to fill the world with fools"

Herbert Spencer


Defending A Language

I was speaking to a French-Canadian person today. Hardly a nationalist, and a fine and intelligent, bilingual chap he expressed something many moderate Quebecers may hold.

That they believe language laws are necessary because left to their devices, Quebecers will not diligently defend their culture and merely let itself be absorbed.

If so, why are punitive measures directed at the rest of us?

That's all you need to know.

The solution of legislating one language against another will can go so far.

Alas, I think the sober thought said by the gentleman reveals a truth and reality. If it were to pass, the disappearance of French-Quebec would be sad but not the first for a culture in world history.

Personally, I think it's noble to want to protect the French language and it gets my support. The majority of non-Francophones would concur I reckon.

But not at the expense of civil liberties. This must not be accepted in a just, free and liberal-minded society.

In the end, it's French Quebec that needs to look at itself in the mirror.

Off To A Great Start


Now that's a threesome to kick start American resurgence.


If Condi Rice made such a gaffe...

It's ok, he has great mentors in his pals in the Triumvirate Redux leading Unicornistan.

Middle Class Shaft

Obamacare is set to begin collecting taxes before services being rendered.

Interesting article.

Only time will tell if this plan will reign in health care costs which some feel is the major threat to America's fiscal sanity. If so, and it does act like a tax, representing 1/6th of the economy, it's not that much of a stretch to assume it will stagnate growth.

Welcome to Canada, America.

Really? Oscars Jump The Largest Shark On Record

"Hey, babe. The economy is pretty shitty these days and I just pulled a stunt scaring the shit out of people about this sequestration but I totally believe my policies (heh), and gamemanship is going to pay off for my legacy, make that the people. So would you mind not showing up at the Oscars? It might, you know, look bad. I think a certain Presidential decorum needs to be maintained, or some shit like that. No? You waited all your life to stick it to the people? Yeah, I see what you mean. Knock 'em dead, babe. I'll be waiting in satin and slippers smoking when you come home. We're the coolest Prez couple evah! Peace."

I didn't watch The Oscars. I still don't know what won best picture. But when I ripped open the computer I was surprised by the appearance of Michelle Obama.

Really? The Oscars asked a First Lady to present a shitty award?

Wonder if liberal pundits will rail against Michelle's expensive dress as they did with Ann Romney.

Commenter in threads on Reason:

"At some point I will cease being surprised by how base and lowest-common-denominator political culture really is, but inviting the obnoxious wife of a glamorous, economically illiterate killer into an incestuous industry-only circle jerk is a new low that even I couldn't foresee."

Banking And America: An Uncomfortable Relationship

I watched a reports about the financial meltdown in the U.S on CBC'S The Passionate Eye last night. It focused mostly on why Wall St. executive bankers never did jail time. While clearly bankers committed fraud, I would have liked if PE delved into the role of government in the catastrophe.

If you read American history, the 1800s were defined by its debates about the distrust the public and politicians had of central banking. Thomas Jefferson mused about it and Andrew Jackson railed agaisnt it.

Then 1913 came along and changed all that.


A few years back porn star Jasmine St. Claire announced on Howard Stern that she'd no longer engage in gangbangs. I make my own proclamation  today. No more rants! Except against the PQ and OLF. Hey, a man's got live, right?

But ranting is soooo much fun.


Quote Of The Day: Obama's America

"You just made a great point that you ARE greedy, don't care about poor people (nor understand what it's like to be in that position), that you think McCarthyism was a good thing, and that bragging about your business owner credentials means anything to the average person. Those days are done pal, go back to your boardroom and brag there. The average American doesn't like people like you. Wake up dude, owning a business isn't that impressive, it's more of a liability these days (and don't spew out more numbers without citing sources to try to show us how smart you are, anybody can do that), . Helping the greater good is what the American people want, which you obviously do not care about."

How's that for quality commenting at Huffington Post?

The person he (it?) attacked, turns out, is a...daycare owner. In my opinion, the original comment didn't 'prove' he was greedy nor did it have a McCarthy quality to it. As for citing facts, no one on Huffington cites facts except those that confirm their ideology. He made a comment not a factual statement. Namely in response to someone who demanded $11 /hr be mandated. He asked why stop there and go to $20?

That apparently makes him greedy to the guy and 'immoral' to another commenter I read.

It was just a projection hit piece by a hyperbolic left-wing nut job.

No rhyme or reason to the point made.

It made me think of this pic posted at Skeptical Eye awhile ago. I think you need to add 'greedy' in there as well.

Anyway, the 'owning a business is not that impressive' line is priceless. Dude has issues.


'The Most Transparent Administration in History'

It is to laugh.

I'm pretty sure that (if) Obama watched Lincoln he saw himself as Ole Abe.

Quote Of The Day

"You have a choice. You can have laissez-faire capitalism where the strong crush the weak at every turn or you can have regulated capitalism that is a democratically elected government that uses the rule of law to manage the needs of a society that chooses through the voting booth how their society is to be shaped. If you do not believe in a managed society, then you support chaos and anarchy. You either believe in civilization or you do not. Civilization is a shared set of values that are managed through some form of government. If you do not like the rule of law that supports the shared values of a society or civilization, then I suggest you move to Somalia. They have exactly what you are looking for there."

Oh my. Oh me, oh my. /stabs eye with spoon.

I believe the above quote is from Paul Farell.

I hear variations of this logic on the radio here in Montreal. A local commenter - Anne Lagace-Dawson tends to argue  'taxes are the base of civilization' and that 'you're delusional if you don't think we're in this together.'

It's moonbattery at its finest.

About the latter, we're all inter-connected and have reason to cooperate voluntarily with each other.

This, I accept.

 The issue is COERCED action into pushing the socialist agenda.

That, I reject.

Can't wait to get my Sirius radio set up and find more sane things to listen to.

Mandatory Classes In Entrepreneurship Now!

Alright. That does it.

Mandatory lessons on how to run a small-business for Huffington Post writers and reader.


It's the only way they have a 'Matt Yglesias' moment and see what it's like to be pushed into coerced action in the interest of the 'greater good.'

Start with Quebec.

I get people who don't own businesses making all sorts of false statements but the ones who claim to own businesses and support government action, them I wonder about.

Yes, tax me and increase the minimum wage! If you can't handle the increase you shouldn't own a business!"

Kinda way beyond the point, no?

Free-Form Middling Musing

Driving into Plattsburgh, New York we were talking. My wife was asking stuff like 'are English signs allowed in Germany' in discussing about the madness of the OLF and its pygmy staff. They not only are free to do so, but because they're part of the EU, they can (have to in some cases) do so in 15 languages including English. I don't know how many Germans speak English but I do know the percentage is high. Not bad when you consider the Germans and English don't see exactly eye to eye.

Then the tought occured to me in a non-sequitur moment. Can it be that when it comes to guns, specifically people who own them, all liberals see are the caricature of inner-city street gang thugs? Does it enter their mind that a clean cut, person from the suburbs can responsibly pack heat?

Just musing.

As for Plattsburgh. I've said before and will say it again. The choice is staggering when compared to what we get in Quebec and I'm convinced a lot of it is due to the language crap. Heaven forbid we're free to import Rao's tomato sauce if happens to be in English only.

An array of choice from cooked beans to marinades. To borrow from my liberal friends, "how many marinades do you need?"

Yesterday? I needed four bottles. Can't wait to use them.

Free-markets are subservient to tyrants you know.

Speaking of which, on what planet does one have to live on to believe it's conservative/libertarian principles that make a mess of things? Last I checked liberal, left-wing dogma and policy has dominated Western culture for most of the last century and continues to hold a magical hold on minds with a passionate narrative. Obama did a great job scaring the shit out of people about sequestration didn't he with all those cops standing behind him. I can't understand how any one with a mild functional brain can't see the cynical ploy and play on emotions of it all.

Obama the community activist is in full high gear.

Anyway. What you see for the most part is governance of liberal traditions conflating with corporate interests. Note corporate interest does not equate to conservative/libertarian philosophy.

Basically, what you have is liberalism merging with corporatism.

Which of course is how fascism is defined - without the liberalism.

Conservative governments have been complicit in the arrangement as well. Which is why you're seeing a civil war within its ranks. There's a new breed rising.

Libertarians are merely bringing all this to your attention.

Thankfully, the message is getting through from Mozambique to Italy.

Canada needs to step it up as well.

Keep Fighting The Good Fight

Unions and liberal hypocrites.

Who knew?

Interesting interview with Gary Polone. He sounds rational and reasonable. But to liberals, he's 'extreme.'

Comment from the thread:

"The Democrats know how to do it. Barack Obama has fundamentally changed the country. There are more people getting a government check then ever before. People getting a government check will not vote to cut government. Some might, but 90% will not. They never stop moving the ratchet. Every chance they get, they take more and more power for the State. When the GOP is in charge, they collect taxes and administer the State. It never gets smaller, we never recover lost liberty. With the sole exception of gun rights, we are less free now then we were 20 years ago, 40 years ago, 60 years ago. The Republican Party is a scuttling turnkey who changes the straw and oils the chains in the prison the Democratic Party has built. Anyone who thinks they're going to break through the walls is nuts."

Obama has fundamentally changed the nation's mindset. For the worse if you ask me.

All I can say is keep pushing. More and more Polone's will begin to step up and eventually take over the GOP.


Parti-Quebecois: Ruinous, Hick-Hacks Of A Continent

Such petty words from petty minds. Now it's Pierre Duchesne's turn. 

When it comes to "thinking" the PQ can only masturbate with itself.

The PQ are not an outward, forward looking party. People who vote for them vote for losers. As in a one-way ticket to loserville.

Look. Look at how these people think and reason.

It's not normal in this day and age to be this wickedly mean-spirited.

"What does the Quebec nation have to gain?"

Scolta, salam. You have within our borders one of the world's great universities and all you Dennis the Menace wannabes do is piss on it by dreaming up ways to screw it over. Moreover, when McGill says it will go on its own, you prevent it from charging full tuition. Evil.

We stand to gain A LOT. It's just that, you know, it's not pure-laine crap. So you think Quebec gains nothing. Pu bon! Sont tous riches! Envoy moi ca!

Vive UQAM!

Let me rephrase and rework that for ya Mr. Dufresne. What has the continent gained from the provincial province of Quebec? How to punish success when it's not in your language? Dream up punitive laws to get 'les autres' in line?

Fuck I loathe the PQ. They're the ones that are gonna, ironically, sink this province further than it has since 1976.

Tiresome, embarrassing, divisive.

What You See Doesn't Deceive When It Comes To Private And Public Health Services

It need not be a private versus public debate. BOTH can live side by side in harmony. Arguing against this reasonable and sensible approach is pure dogma.

The author's experience mirrors my own. Public hospitals are often rickety and plain stressful and depressing to go to. Just by plain simple personal observations and experiences we know it's a much more enoyable experience on the private side. When I went for a private MRI (the wait time on the public side was much longer. I got a an appointment the next day with the private clinic) on my knee it was a calm and relaxed atmostphere listening to classical music.

From Le Quebecois Libre:

"..One day, two eye doctors, two eye clinics. In the morning, a public hospital: run down, aging, understaffed and crowded. In the afternoon, a private clinic: state-of-the-art, spacious, efficient, and just pleasant to be in. To be clear, I have only praise for the doctors and staff at the hospital. They were generous with their time, patient with me and highly professional. I could not have asked for better or timelier treatment. But how quickly could I have seen them absent my mother’s intervention? Ironically, it is the private clinic and not the public hospital that is open to the masses. To get into the former, you need only ask; to get into the latter, you need a referral or connections.

On top of it all, the public system consumes ever-greater resources, year after year. Between 1997 and 2009, Quebec’s health budget went from 6.8% of GDP to 8.2%, with total spending more than doubling over the last two decades. In contrast, between 1998 and 2004 the average price of laser eye surgery went from $2,200 per eye to $1,350 and by 2011, had dipped to about $1,100. At the clinic I visited, prices started as low at $490. Incredibly, these figures are not even adjusted for inflation!

The private vs. public healthcare debate won’t get settled by my personal anecdote. But why does the public system feel dilapidated and the private clinic like such a marvel? Why can I get my eyes redone by one of the top surgeons in Canada by calling a reception desk, but I can’t see even a mediocre ophthalmologist about a potential emergency without getting a referral, spending the night in the ER, or having a connection? Why do I feel so grateful to a public-system doctor for agreeing to examine me, as if he were granting a favour and not providing a service? Any why does the thought of paying for a doctor offend some people so very much when it is the most normal thing in the world to pay for food, shelter, medication, higher education, and so forth?

I won’t claim that every public healthcare facility is failing, any more than I’ll argue that every private clinic is a success. Naturally, quality varies in both systems. But everything about the public hospital, from its budget to its equipment to its administration, is determined in the legislature, at the cabinet table, and in government offices. What the actual patients think affects literally nothing; they have no power or influence except to lobby the machinery of the state and hope for the best. Conversely, a truly private clinic has no way of getting funds except by convincing someone to part with them. They can only try to persuade us to give them our money in exchange for something we want in return.

In one system, those in charge know that patients are a captive market, with no alternative to their services. In the other, they know that their continued employment depends on whether they can please their clients. Personally, I know which group of people I would rather entrust with my health."

Sowell On Intellectuals

It's a wonderful discussion.

One in particular applies to Quebec. Sowell discusses how David Hume encouraged his fellow Scotsmen to learn English in order to pull itself out of the fringes of European civilization. Scotland soon contributed, despite being one of the poorest and backward nations in all of Western Europe, some of the finest businessmen and intellectuals to Western culture. Pound for pound they truly punched above their weight. Cultures learning from others is nothing new in history.

They all borrowed from one another. To borrow but one precious example, England too was backward in comparison to Italy during the Renaissnace. It was only when they began to import Italian thinkers, artists, musicians, merhchants, architects, chefs etc. did it become a part of the progress propelled by the Renaissance.

Quebec is falling behind once again in the knowledge based, globalized world. Its political and intellectual classes (weak as they are) seem incapable of grasping the basic notion of harrassing free citizens on the basis of language is counter-productive, and futile (to say nothing of discriminatory). Stubborn, pig headed nationalist sentiment looks to preserve a shell of culture that will not partake or contribute to the larger world around them. They will be worthless. It's a choice they're making. Everyone around them is pleading to not do so. It's an obvious mistake, yet, they do. A Scottish revelation is far behind.

We have to appeal to sensible Quebecers who understand shutting itself down is cultural and economic suicide. The people want to learn English. Its IMMORAL for its politicians to prevent them from doing so. That means allowing them to go to the schools of their choice, that means pulling the plug on the OLF, that means putting an end to linguistic warfare they feed off.

While we move forward, they'll have to wait for their 'Second Quiet Revolution.'

And then well say, "told you so." Again.


Obama Trash Talks Better Than Reggie Miller

He never lets up with the class warfare crap.

And what has Obama done to "bind" the nation?


He's trying.

Everyone else's fault.

The People Behind The OLF

These are the names of the people who make Quebec a laughing stock from Wiki. The Cultural Brown Shirts if you will:

  • Louise Marchand : Présidente-directrice générale de l’OQLF (CEO of the OQLF)
  • Gordon Bernstein : Vice-président de Bernstein Delambre (Vice-President of Bernstein Delambre)
  • Daniel Boyer : Secrétaire général de la (FTQ) (Vice-President of the Québec Federation of Labour)
  • Monique C. Cormier : Professeure titulaire au Département de linguistique et de traduction de l’Université de Montréal(Professor in the Department of Linguistics and Translation in the University of Montréal)
  • Gilles Dulude : Président de Synergroupe Conseils en ressources humaines inc. (President of Synergroupe Conseils en ressources humaines, Inc.)
  • Marie Gendron : Directrice générale de l'opération sociétale de la Fondation Lucie et André Chagnon (Managing Director of the Lucie and André Chagnon Foundation)
  • Jacques Beauchemin : Sous-ministre associé responsable de l'application de la politique linguistique (Junior minister responsible for the application of linguistic policy)
  • Marc Termote : Professeur associé au Département de démographie de l’Université de Montréal (Professor with the Department of Demography at the University of Montréal)

  • They decide on important matters like whether 'Ristorante' is an acceptable word.

    It is across the planet but not in Quebec.

    /face palm.

    Music To PQ Ears

    "I don't feel oppressed but sufficiently annoyed that I think this absurd stuff is a sign it is time to move on and leave mtl. The end of the end. Which I have known for a while. There have got to be saner places is my thinking. Where people like us have our talent encouraged and valued not relegated to some 2nd tier mkt."
    I can't tell you how many times I hear this. This from an author friend of mine.

    And sadly, it happens.

    It is time to move on.

    No sense in hanging around this place.

    My only way out is through my daughter.

    Whenever the PQ come into power they're a drag on our soul.

    God, I loathe them with all my heart.

    Quote Of The Day

    "...the most worthless of mankind are not, afraid to condemn in others the same disorders which they allow in themselves..."

    Edward Gibbon, The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire.


    Obama Fact Checked

    Deconstructing Five Myths about Obama from The Week.

    Fair is fair.

    'Ristorante' Interdit! Vive Le Pasta Libre!

    Oh, the humanity of it all. Cost to change a sign? $20 000. The damn government should pay for it if they feel it's so important to 'protect' a language.

    Man. One can only shake their heads. We're so friendly to small business. Right.

    Best to open this post with a reminder from the UN's Human Rights Commission who reviewed Quebec's discriminatory language laws in 1993.

    It's right here for all to see in plain text.

    All that time and money wasted. Sad.

    Quebec rails about how 'Canada Anglais' disrespects it. Yet, it's OUR province that has a UN record violating basic rights. Not the other provinces who don't remotely come close to the draconian laws we have here.

    Still, I'm encouraged by the comments; for Le Journal de Montreal anyway. The paper that employs 'hombriste' Sophie Durocher who once deplored the 'Bonjour-Hi' greeting in Montreal. Hick. Yet, she worries about Quebec's international standing? What, her rant against a friendly and humanistic 'Bonjour-Hi' doesn't? Did I mention hick?

    I think the majority of Quebecers are sensible about this insanity.

    Some of the comments are hilarious and tongue in cheek.

    "Chianti? On écrit ca comment en francais pour faire plaisir aux carrés rouges de l UQAM?"

    (How do you write this in French to pleace the red squares at UQAM?)

    "Je pense qu'on devrait sortir dans la rue avec des boites de Barilla pour faire du bruit. Je suis pas mal certain qu'elle finirrait par venir dans la rue avec nous."

    (I think we need to go outside in the streets with boxes of Barilla pasta to make noise.) Referencing the stupid pots and pan noise making by student protestors in which twithead Marois took part in.

    Except for that history student from UQAM 'Marie-Pascale Giroux' she's out to lunch. But hey, it's UQAM. One step above high school and in love with 1917.

    This one captures it all perfectly:

    "pire que communiste ..c'est fascisme..
    on ne defense pas une langue en interdisant une autre !!!"

    (Worse than communism, it's fascism. We don't defend one language at the expense of another.)

    Truer words can't be spoken.

    Un jour, tout cela va se retourner contre les francophones et vous perdrez votre langue pour toujours. La plupart des gens qui vivent dans une société libre ne veulent pas qu'on leur dise ce qu'ils peuvent faire quand il s'agit de la parole. Vous pouvez le voir déjà. Les jeunes francophones apprennent à parler l'anglais et ça fait trembler les purs et durs. Vous n'avez personne à blâmer que vous-mêmes si la langue française disparaît au Québec.

    Too long to translate but it's a good one.

    A Quote On Christianity's Influence On Rome

    Re-reading Gibbon's Decline as you can tell.

    I don't know who the editor is in this edition; for some reason it isn't disclosed but he made a nice point in the footnotes:

    "...in most savage times, and the most corrupt courts, since the introduction of Christianity there have been no Neros or Domitians, no Commodus or Elagabalus."

    Rome and Christianity - indeed, the West and Christianity - makes for quite interesting reading.

    So full of contradictions, misunderstandings, blood and glory.

    Language Discrimination And On Civil Disobedience

    We may be hitting a tipping point on the language zealotry of Quebec.

    For the longest time people accepted the fact Quebec wanted to protect its language and for the most part - with some complaining here and there - Canada went along with it. Thus we tolerated anti-liberty laws like Bill 22, 101 and the Notwithstanding clause passing them off as 'great compromises' in order to protect Confederation.

    What we've seen is, in plain black and white, it's not just about protecting language. Quebec hard core nationalists want more. They want nothing more than to eradicated not just English off the map but, as we learned, ethnic languages.

    They've reached a maximum point of control. If they want more they'll basically have to outlaw English outright. No English internet, no English TV, no English radio etc.

    Of course, that's not being discussed and honestly don't believe it will ever come to that. Most educated and moderate liberty leaning Franco-Quebecers themselves aren't all that thrilled with the PQ's behavior.

    The great 'Pasta' scandal really hit a nerve, and once again the Italians flexed their muscles. Nationalists, it seems, didn't learn during the St. Leonard Riots - don't mess with cultures older and deeper than yours. They will fight back. Many of this communities escaped persecution to find a better life here. They don't need to be subjected to our petty quarrels.

    What we're seeing is push back and all the communities are jumping on it. Indians, Greeks, English, Jews, Irish, Portuguese, Polish, Chinese etc. All are coming forward with their stories of outright bigotry and harassment.

    Greeks have been asked to change souvlaki to 'brochettes.' To anyone with a mild grasp on international cuisine would know souvlaki is NOT a brochette. An English merchant sells 'Fish and Chips' (the lifeline of English cuisine) and was asked to make a direct translation. It's an illogical request that insults a national heritage.

    What right does a government have to demand this of ANY CULTURE? I ask, what self-respecting Charter or Constitution would condone this?

    HUMAN BEINGS should not have to answer to such nonsense. They're attacks on who we are. I don't need to justify why I use the word pasta to ANYONE.

    Why does French have to prevail at all cost? Are they "two-times" better than the rest of us? Why do we have to cater to every single one of their sensitive needs but few bones thrown our way?

    These are questions that deserve to be asked now.

    The OLF is a state department that will increasingly be irrelevant and likely to face hostility. That we fine people for speaking a language runs contrary to our collective Western conscience of freedom.

    To any mind of intellectual worth, this is self-evident.

    Worse, it demeans the French language and culture. It creates hostility towards it. English conquered the world because it's a highly flexible language.

    People don't put up French signs with a smile. They put them up out of fear and to shut the idiots up.

    No one wants to face an OLF inspector lest they be thrown in jail for punching them in the face.

    Such is the reality of life in Quebec. Did Marois mention this on her New York junket?

    It took an Italian word to spark this outrage. It's symbolic of the anger that lingers beneath the surface.

    We just can't believe in a province we call home and want to remain a part of can sink so low.

    Turns out the PQ are blaming an inexperienced inspector. What hogwash. This is a mentality issue. It attracts such people. If you have inspectors that naturally arrive at such a conclusion then that's the natural state of your mentality. Sadly, these fonctionnaires have the force of the law to back it up.

    It's unreal to have to defend words in the interest of defending a majority culture wallowing in self-victimhood.

    Quebec needs laws to protect its culture at the expense of others? Really?

    There's a certain 'we're 82% of the population so why don't you just be quiet and accept our paternalism for your own good?' attitude among nationalists. The cold hard fact is we don't respect nationalists.

    You know, India accepted English as a common language. A nation with five thousand years of cultural and spiritual legacies found itself a colony of the British empire as did large parts of the world including Canada. India didn't fall apart and come up with 'Je me souviens' slogans in the post-war era.

    Instead, it pragmatically forged ahead, absorbed and incorporated English into its mammoth cultural heritage creating the world's largest democracy along the way.

    Did Indian culture disappear?

    Neigh, some may argue it's stronger than it has ever been.

    I think there's a lesson for Quebec in there somehwere.

    Quebec thinks its perfectly acceptable to force two English speaking people working for a corporation to communicate to each other in French as Bill 101 demands.

    In any other jurisdiction this is discrimination (perhaps a benign form of persecution). In Quebec its defending the culture.

    No it's not. The corporation enforces it to avoid punitive damages.

    I ask. Who handles it better? Quebec or India?


    Business owners should organize a one day event. Put English only signs for ONE day in protest. Hopefully, this can send a peaceful message to the government and its snitches: Back off.



    Legalizing assisted-suicide is an on-going debate in North America and Quebec is moving forward on this issue.

    There are ethical and legal factors to consider of course.

    We're assured that the legal framework would not permit the killing of people without proper consent and such.

    Does anyone really believe that?

    All I can offer (if anecdotal) is what I witnessed in the ICU while my father was there for several months a decade ago.

    The doctors were pushing hard to end his life. It took the full force of the family to protect and save him. I remember seeing patients in ICU in not so fortunate a position and wondering who would fight for their lives? My mother observed and asked, "those poor people. No one speaks for them."

    In the end, it takes the full power of the family to take on the system.

    Pasta's Boiling Water Spills On OLF's Face

    I'm so "glad" and "thankful" the god damn Quebec government is allowing Italians to use their own fricken word on menus in their own effen restaurants.

    /face palm.

    It Ain't Freedom If It Doesn't Hurt Or Offend

    Thanks Matt.

    David McGimpsey:

    But The French ARE Slackers

    I say good on Maurice 'The Grizz' Taylor. Finally. someone has the balls to tell it like it is. I've been reading the French reaction and all I can is the truth hurts.

    France is always on strike. Like Quebec. And Italy. Interesting how Canada makes the bottom of the list as well. Denmark too is facing serious economic issues these days.

    Productivity is not where it should be.


    The quarelsome French are master sophists these days.

    (Vapid) Comment Of The Day

    Byway of Joe Biden - Obama's greatest insurance policy as one commenter at Reason put it.

    "Get a double-barreled shotgun. Have the shells in the 12 gauge shotgun. And I promise you...as I told my wife...we live in an area that's in the woods and somewhat secluded. I said, 'Jill, if there's ever a problem, just walk out on the balcony here, walk out and put that double-barrel shotgun and fire two blasts outside the house. I promise you whoever is coming in is not going to...You don't need an AR-15. It's harder to aim, it's harder to use and in fact, you don't need 30 rounds to protect yourself. Buy a shotgun, buy a shotgun."

    How many felony charges are in there anyway?

    Joe Biden: The eighth member of the Magnificent Seven, gun expert extraordinaire, smirkiest colloquial speaker of ours times!

    These are the folks charged with running the affairs of a nation? To control guns?


    North America is bad, bad shape, man.


    Biden, in an interview on NBC, said he's for red light cameras and not speed cameras because he "speeds."

    Liberal mindset in one, neat sentence.

    You Can't Do That! Only We Can!

    Something tells me these people didn't give a rat's ass when Bush was "disrespected."

    This faux moral indignation is comical.

    The Natural Flow Of Cultural Tyranny

    Quebec's language laws are rightly under increasing scrutiny. The province is losing its common sense when it comes to its badgering of small business.

    The fact we even dispute words like 'pasta' and 'ristorante' (Italians restaurants have been targeted for using the Italian word) points to the lack of common decency we possess at the public servant level.

    Which is contrary to what the law is about, namely to diminish English.  I didn't think Italian words were threatening too. It's astonishing what's becoming of this place.

    I blame the politicians for it is they who create this antagonistic atmosphere.

    Public servants in Quebec have waaaayyyyy too much power and influence on the affairs of small business. I can't tell you how many times I've heard them say to me or to other people "it's ok if you sell or move another person will take your place."

    The social and fiscal costs associated with this instability (loss rent to property owners, loss of employees, mortgage payments disruptions, bankruptcy etc.) doesn't factor in their minds because that's who they are: Myopic, and unaccountable public servants who earn a salary through the taxes collected off businesses. I know, I talk to them everyday. Believe me they could use a damn course in business and economics not inspired by leftist drivel.

    It's as if we live for them.

    The general outrageous ignorance about entrepreneurship and its rightful and healthy place in a society is rampant in Quebec and certainly points towards a leftist mentality.

    Small business is not in a position to prosper in Quebec. It's one of the worst places to start a business not only for the lack of support both institutional and cultural but for taxes and the OLF.

    In the bigger picture, Quebec is going to lag in the 'knowledge based' economy. They keep this ridiculous and childish attitude up and people will close up their laptops and move. It's that simple now. I know of plenty of people who live in Quebec but register their businesses elsewhere. They cite the fact that if their language isn't good enough for the tyrants who tax them then they won't get their money.

    It's civil disobedience at its finest and I wish I could do the same. I feel that way as well. I honestly feel I would be right to not pay my taxes for their discrimination.

    Each time I hear politicians (including Obama) make empty proclamations that small business 'is the backbone' of our economy, I laugh my ass off.

    It's a nice thing to say (because it's true) but practically they do squat to help it. If anything, they crush it because their policies often run contrary to our needs and values.

    Quote Of The Day

    "...the most wealthy families ruined by partial fines and confiscations, and the great body of his subjects oppressed by ingenious and aggravated taxes..."

    Edward Gibbon on Caracalla in The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire.

    It's a pretty straightforward axiom, over tax and the wealth flees leaving us with little or nothing since the weight of taxes prevents the next class of potential ambitious minds from coming in.

    The arguments of 'paying your fair share' are meaningless. It's red-square gibberish.

    One can argue the rich (whoever they are) don't pay high taxes at all but that's another matter. Those are loopholes and have a lot to do with complications in the tax codes and is a sign people are telling the government they take too much.

    I forget who conducted the study but when you add up ALL taxes (sale, gas, food, income, property, school etc.) North Americans pay around 75%!

    75%! And then they wonder why little is left at the end of the month? Do the exercise, suppose you half the tax load look at how much more you have.

    The rates demanded of taxpayers are too high. Once taken, political leaders give the money not to run the nation but to give 'free' things to voters. And don't be swayed by the slickster argument of "it's only a 1% raise or $4 on your pay cheque.' Pro rate the figure and then see if it's 'only' 1% I can't stand politicians and pundits who use this line of bunk and junk.

    When you over tax, and over regulate all you do is suppress people in the lower classes who have the ability, interest and work ethic to make it into the next level of success. You basically enslave them. We basically say, "look, you can never achieve real monetary success so here's a government cheque to keep you off the streets and keep to that job you currently hold.'

    History repeats itself they say.

    Problem is we pick and choose what we want to repeat.


    Places like California, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Illinois, Quebec have made their beds. They have to keep charging high taxes for their luxuries. It's a quiet suicide pact. We see it with Rome - spend more than you have (and distribute it with corruptions) and you will eventually fall.

    Luckily, we don't have lunatic, lustful (ok, Clinton and Kennedy challenge this) and murderous Emperors who erect statues of themselves but we're not that far from it when we see how Obama or Clinton are 'deified' in the press.

    Quebec in particular has a distinct added of feature to heavy taxes discouraging real achievement: Language discrimination.

    What about our public masters? Has anyone noticed how they rape and pillage the public coffers to go along with all the fraud? The abuse is criminal.

    Alas, to exert pressure of this sort in demanding accountability is an 'extreme' view now.


    We're screwed.


    Gun Control: What Can Go Wrong?

    Always remember this when liberals say "oh please you're paranoid" when you engage in slippery slope discussions.

    Liberals would dismiss the notion that the government could take your guns. Well, step one.

    Law 5737 in Seattle.

    The coming tyranny?


    It's already come.

    Look, remember Pelosi's "you have to pass the bill to know what's in it" illogical gibberish? Democrats apparently take this to heart. The bill was passed without a reading.


    Be wary of anyone who advocates the repealment of the 2nd amendment.

    Yes. Because law enforcement in Los Angeles showed with the Dorner how professional cops under duress can be.

    Dick For Dick's Sake

    Ashu Solo is a dick.

    My freedom of speech at work.


    Mandated Language Discrimination

    Here it is.

    For all to see.

    State sanctioned discrimination under the guise of protecting a language while harrassing another.

    Welcome to Quebec.

    We're all complicit in this behavior.

    As for the Italians, 'pasta' is an Italian word so I would love for them to somehow send a nice letter to the OLF reminding them that Quebec has no international jurisdiction to that word.

    I find it amusing that Quebec doesn't like it when others mess with its culture but they find it perfectly legitimate to piss on other cultures. The Natives were right all along about Quebec.

    Another contradiction with Quebec. To hard line nationalists Quebec must do what it needs to to protect itself and if this means looking bad in the eyes of the international community so be it.

    It's sort of how Israel justifies its actions. That they're in a sea of Arab hostility and they alone have to protect themselves (along with American help) since the UN clearly won't.

    Yet, Quebec (and its history of anti-semitism) politicians continuously march along side Palestinian supporters.

    I find that hilarious.

    If anything, one would think Quebec would find sympathy with Israel.

    Quebec Continues To Humiliate Itself: When Words Are The Enemy

    Just when you thought the ignoramuses at the OLF couldn't sink any further into stupidity, they manage to outdo themselves.

    This victimhood nonsense has to end one would think at some point, no? Just how weak is Quebec culture at its core?

    The offensive word of the day?


    I kid not.


    The tyrannical OLF visited Buona Notte restaurant in Montreal - based on a complaint (and if you've been to Buona Notte, it's not the sort of crowd that would complain about nonsensical bull shit so it's possible there never was a complaint and even if they were the idiot probably belongs on Hochelaga or Ontario St. in the poor end of the city) circled the "errors" in the menu.

    I don't know how they refrained from slugging the OLF Brown shirt.

    Apparently, in Quebec, pasta needs to be "pates alimentaire."

    As an Italian, I can proudly proclaim to Quebec: SCREW YOU. The word doesn't belong to you. It ain't 'pates alimentaire' so I hope Buona Notte shoves the fine up the OLF's ass. Just from a marketing stand point it's absurd for this to even be discussed.

    Aside from the fact it's an ITALIAN word, the idea that one of the most universal words in the world is under attack in Quebec once and for all should show the cultural depravity we witness on a daily basis.

    I support Buona Notte in their fight against the OLF.

    To my American friends, sadly, this is what Quebec wastes its time on. Quebec on its own mocks Canadian values of open tolerance.

    Not only that, they're out to reopen the long-gun registry in a province with low gun violence and despite the inefficient costs as shown by the Auditor-General.

    I wonder if Marois was honest enough to tell New York business people what they will face once here in Quebec.

    Of course not. She's a shameless twit.

    Good luck to Buona Notte and if you want to support them go to the Facebook page.

    Fight the good fight. Ironically, (and sadly) it will be up to us non "pure laines" to save Quebec's dignity.

    Make your voice heard.


    It's an attack on civil liberties.


    Lying Neo-Con! Wait...

    Thanks Pete (via SDA).

    So much to say. Think.

    America's Teflon Man

    Remember the hysteria that followed Romney's 'binders of women' comment during the debate? Yeah well, that's pretty tame compared to Joe Salazar's vapid sexist comments about guns on campus.


    Oh. What about the same media who went off like banshees on Romney?


    I mean, Salazar is, you know, a Democrat.


    Now they get it?

    Look, the left's fascination with tyrants is nothing new. 18th and 19th century poets romanticized Caesar. We all know about their infatuation with 20th century socialism and communism.

    The intoxication for Obama was too much for the lame duck press. No one forced them to become sycophants to Obama's vapid philosophy that amounts to nothing more than entitlements. They alone allowed themselves to be deceived. Honestly, it wasn't that hard to spot Obama's shtick from a mile away. Moreover, if that first debate wasn't enough to realize he's an empty suit, nothing would have jolted them out of their teenage crush.

    Now they're (Politico) shocked - Shocked! - that Obama manipulated them?

    The left truly are useful idiots.

    The parts of the media who grovel under Obama without scant ability to critically assess him can go fuck itself for what they created and above all their abandonment of journalistic integrity.

    Enjoy the next four years of nothingness.


    I thought Sequestration was Obama's baby signed back in 2011?

    Oh well.

    Keep golfing!

    The Effects Of Minimum Wages

    "This paper provides evidence on a wide set of margins along which labor markets can
    adjust in response to increases in the minimum wage, including wages, hours, employment, and ultimately labor income, representing the central margins of adjustment that impact the economic well-being of workers potentially affected by minimum wage increases. The evidence indicates that workers initially earning near the minimum wage are adversely affected by minimum wage increases, while, not surprisingly, higher-wage workers are little affected. Although wages of low-wage workers increase, their hours and employment decline, and the combined effect of these changes is a decline in earned income.

    We also delve into the political economy of minimum wages, attempting to understand the vigorous support of labor unions for minimum wage increases. Using the same empirical framework, we find that relatively low-wage union members gain at the expense of the lowest-wage nonunion workers when minimum wages increase."

    The Effects of Miminum Wages Throughout the Wage Distribution
    by David Neumark, Mark Schweitzer, and William Wascher.
    Obama has a superficial, if not infantile view on business and economics. His speech to the Union on mimimum wages made that all too painfully clear.
    We see this time and again with progressive measures. The people it's said to help actually get hurt by them. It's a broken record that keep skipping. It keeps repeating itself over and over.
    "The reason is simple: although minimum wage laws can set wages, they cannot guarantee jobs. In practice they often price low-skilled workers out of the labor market. Employers typically are not willing to pay a worker more than the value of the additional product that he produces. This means that an unskilled youth who produces $4.00 worth of goods in an hour will have a very difficult time finding a job if he must, by law, be paid $5.15 an hour. As Princeton economist David F. Bradford wrote, “The minimum wage law can be described as saying to the potential worker: ‘Unless you can find a job paying at least the minimum wage, you may not accept employment."
    "Several decades of studies using aggregate time-series data from a variety of countries have found that minimum wage laws reduce employment. At current U.S. wage levels, estimates of job losses suggest that a 10 percent in crease in the minimum wage would decrease employment of low-skilled workers by 1 or 2 percent."
    Yet we cling to minimum wages and superficially set wages (like in subsidized daycare) as if it's an empirical fact.
    What about rent controls?

    Quote Of The Day

    "Altough the wounds of civil war appeared completely healed, its mortal poison still lurked in the vitals of the constitution."

    Edward Gibbon, The History Of The Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire.

    Thought its was about American history, eh? Sike!

    Quebec's Destructiveness And The Alouettes Choose Their Man

    I heard that Build-A-Bear closed all three of its stores because of the excessive language legislation in Quebec and not because of low sales.

    It's what I "hear."

    It doesn't surprise me because I know for a fact companies do decide not to come here because of Quebec's regressive and aggressive language laws.

    It shouldn't surprise anyone that companies consistently choose not to be hassled. Wal-Mart and Costco are preparing to take the yokels in the government to court.

    Basically, they'll have to ask Quebec to grow up.

    The French media should get off its ass and report on stuff like this because WE ALL LOSE in the end.



    The Montreal Alouettes hired Dan Hawkins to replace head coach Marc Trestman who left to lead the Chicago Bears. Before introducing Hawkins, Popp explained the rigorous process of selecting a coach for an organization committed to excellence. He went as far as to claim the Als are the most successful pro sports team in Quebec and Canada. I think he's right. There's no doubt since the departure of the Expos, it's the best run sports franchise in Montreal. The Canadiens made their choice in deciding to let politics run their affairs. The result is in the pudding as they say.

    The Als do it right because they exhaust every possible candidate. The Habs do it wrong because they restrict the pool of candidates.

    I support the former and not the latter.

    Flake-Control Now!

    We've all met flakes in our lives.
    I used to work with one at the securities firm.
    She was nuts.
    Like an almond.
    Which is not fair to the almond. They help to make great cookies!

    Flakes tend to go off on you when you try and explain things with rational arguments, facts and statistics.
    To them, shouting you down with the equivalent force of one thousand knives is a legitimate tactic. Flakes are insane. Flake-control I say!

    To say I don't pander or fraternize with flakes is an understatement.
    The beauty about flakes is they're extremely easy to spot.
    If they go right, my advice, you go left. And fast.

    You may ask, now, if you should have sex with a flake. I say if you can delicately meander you're way out once bitten and done. Ssssssssssss.


    I love Frank Zappa. He's so wicked good.....Zappa is the right tonic to fight off Obamadise.

    Flakes, flakes
    They don't do no good
    They never be workin’ when they oughta should
    They waste your time
    They're wastin’ mine
    California’s got the most of them
    Boy, they got a host of them
    Swear to god they got the most at every business on the coast
    Swear to god they got the most at every business on the coast
    They got the flakes

    Flakes, flakes
    They can't fix your brakes
    You ask ‘em, “Where’s my motor?”
    ”Well, it was eaten by snakes”
    You can stab ‘n’ shoot ‘n’ spit but they won’t be fixin’ it
    They're lyin’ an lazy

    They can be drivin’ you crazy
    Swear to god they got the most at every business on the coast
    Swear to god they got the most at every business on the coast
    Take it away, bob

    I asked as nice as I could if my job would somehow be finished by Friday
    Well, the whole damn weekend came n went, Frankie
    (Wanna buy some mandies, bob?)
    You know what?
    They didn't do nothin’ but they charged me double for Sunday
    Now, you know, no matter what you do, they gonna cheat and rob you
    And then they'll give you a bill that’ll get your senses reelin’
    And if you do not pay, they got computer collectors that’ll get you so crazy ‘til your head’ll go through the ceilin’
    Yes, it will

    I’m a moron and this is my wife
    She’s frosting a cake with a paper knife
    All what we got here’s American made
    It’s a little bit cheesy but it's nicely displayed
    Well, we don't get excited when it crumbles and breaks
    We just get on the phone and call up some flakes
    They rush on over and wreck it some more
    And we are so dumb, they're linin’ up at our door
    Well, our toilet went crazy yesterday afternoon
    The plumber he says, “Never flush a tampon”
    This great information cost me half a weeks pay and the toilet blew up later on the next day

    Blew up the next day
    One two three four

    Flakes, flakes
    Flakes, flakes
    Flakes, flakes

    One two three four (Flakes)

    We are millions and millions, were coming to get ya
    Were protected by unions so don't let it upset you
    Can’t escape the conclusion, it’s probably gods will that civilization will grind to a standstill
    And we are the people who will make it all happen
    While your children is sleepin’, your puppy is crappin’
    You might call us flakes or something else you might coin us
    We know you're so greedy that you'll probably join us

    Were coming to get ya, were coming to get ya
    Were coming to get ya, were coming to get ya
    Were coming to get ya, were coming to get ya
    Were coming to get ya, were coming to get ya

    T.C. Mad

    I'm a little fed up of organizations and people busting my ass to sign on to Twitter and Facebook in order to get simple information or quick access to an article or whatever.

    Join Twitter, why don't you join Twitter, we're still waiting for you on Twitter, where's your account you some kind of Luddite?, come on and join us on Twitter! Sign in with your Facebook account, etc.

    Screw off already.

    T.C. Mad!


    I came across a list ranking the Top 50 SNL cast members of all time.

    I was floored and stunned that Joe Piscopo wasn't on the list. Whoever compiled it deserves to be banished to Elba.

    Piscopo was easily Top 10 he and Eddie Murphy carried the show in the 1980s. CARRIED IT.

    Dude who compiled this needs a clue.

    T.C. Mad.


    Massachusetts is considering 'Roadrunner' by The Modern Lovers (Jonathan Richman) as their official state song.

    Rock on.

    T.C. (not so) Mad.


    Matt Yglesias.

    T.C. Mad.


    A couple of miserable political criminals who embezzled ridiculous amounts of money.

    Rita Crundwell who stole $53 million over 22 years and Maureen O'Connor....$1 billion.

    They have just gots to be a couple of Democrats. O'Connor is.

    T.C. Sarcastic but also Hungry.


    Apparently Saying It Makes It So Under Obama

    Remember when the President said he had the "most transparent administration in history?" The link could have mentioned Benghazi as well.

    Of course, it isn't that special when it comes to transparency but this is a president that's so arrogant he claimed in an interview to be among the greatest presidents ever.

    It reminds me of a quote by Daffy Duck: It is to laugh.

    So much for that.

    I do find it hilarious for a community organizer with an 'eat the rich' default leaning golfs with millionaires and billionaires.

    President Obama is no 'super brain.' To me, he's reminiscent of the mediocre emperors that lead Rome as it declined.

    Living In Quebec

    My wife and I have become quite annoyed with 'Not available to Quebec residents' when it comes entering contests in North America. We're the only jurisdiction that has no right to enter them. My daughter loves Disney and every contest offered is restricted.

    Pretty shitty if you ask me.

    Ah, the perks of living in Quebec.

    Knowing this province, it probably has something to do with language.


    As for perks, I love when people say the cost of living in Quebec is low as compared to other places as if it's a plus. Not really. Afterall,  if it's cheap to buy, it's cheap to sell, no?

    It's not cheap here because of our ability to market ourselves, or because we manage money well, or because we have a booming economic and business model.

    It's cheap because of our politics. We have to keep, for example, real estate down to offset the political climate.

    And what we "gain" in depressed real estate (and honestly, once Quebec (if ever) matures, its prices will have to come into line with the rest of the country), we lose in lower income, higher taxes, high union memberships, less disposable income and lower productivity rates.

    And don't get me going with the debt.

    Personally, of all the jurisdictions to move to, I'd consider Quebec last.


    Been angling for my family to buy land in the United States. It would help us navigate around Quebec's bull shit communistic laws.


    Speaking of language, I've seen food products in ONE language other than French. Italian, Arabic and Chinese dialects in particular.

    But you will NEVER see in English only. In fact, Quebec won't allow it.

    No siree Bob.

    Spanish a-okay. No problem.



    C'est le francais icite!

    I know because a lot of American products don't come here so I have to go down there to pick up.

    Quebec are masters at shooting itself at the knees and then blaming others for their backwardness.


    When will the "ici on parle en francais" crowd come to the realization Montreal ain't a unilingual French city?

    Podcast Of The Day

    Freakonomics talks about gun control.

    Honestly, none of it should surprise anyone who has a logical and reasoned grasped about guns and gun control in America.

    It basically is an indictment of how futile gun control is and the general ignorance about guns.

    They don't say in the podcast but that's a liberal problem of reacting emotionally to guns.

    Statistically, it's pretty much what I've posted here over the last couple of months so I feel vindicated. Sites like justthefacts.com help out.

    However, I disagree about their assertion that America is more violent than all developed countries. As I've posted and shown, America in fact has less total violent crimes rates than the EU members of the G7 as well as Canada.

    Canada has high rape rates but there's little debate about that.

    Montreal in particular is the crime capital of North America. Drug trafficking, credit card fraud, car theft, marketing scams, you name it, we have the biggest crime operations.

    Luckily, we have very low murder rates.


    T.C's Espresso Machine

    The Commentator family would like to announce and welcome to our family La Pavoni Domus Bar espresso machine.

    I finally got a chance to buy a new espresso/cappuccino machine after 11 good years with my Saeco.

    We had a small ceremony in honor of 'Sacki' and tossed her into a box forever banished. Exiled like Cicero.

    The Pavoni I purchased has a neat 'art-deco' bar look to it. I placed my rossoneri AC Milan cup on top of it and it makes a nice clash with the stainless steal. I'm all about aesthetics sometimes.

    The cost was a reasonable $850. Not bad for a well-constructed with main body (chassis) being made of polished steel and the interior parts (ie heater and hydraulic parts) importantly made of brass. I say that because many machines are actually made with plastic. If you're looking for a machine make sure it's made with brass parts.

    The problem is, once the sales tax was figured into the price, it swelled to $977. $127 in taxes is outrageous.

    No wonder I keep shopping in Quebec to a minimum. When you add up 15% each time you're giving away (more like confiscating) way too much of hard earned income. People should really condition themselves to factor this in whenever they debate whether taxes are too high - especially those who somehow defend higher taxes.

    15% is an absurd and totally unacceptable amount.


    It's All Arbitrary

    Someone could have explained to Greenfield that when you classify people according to their income that in itself is an arbitrary act.

    When Obama says he will tax all people earning over 250k, that's an arbitrary cut off he or his people determine. Why 250 and not, say, 240 or 260?

    It's the same with his minimum wage proposal. Why stop at $9? Why not first define what you (arbitrarily) think is an acceptable wage and quality of life and then work from that point on?

    The whole notion of government being a "great equalizer" is arbitrary and possibly a myth.

    Bill 14 - Quebec's Contribution To Western Thought

    Disturbing details in Bill 14 are beginning to emerge.

    I was listening to a Human Rights lawyer on the radio who essentially ripped the Bill to shreds.

    Let me take it further, all it amounts to is an assault on the English community - PERIOD.

    The logic the PQ uses is "we like English people, honest, it's just that the English language threatens us" is intellectual gibberish. Rather than work alongside citizens, the PQ consistently looks to solve a perceived problem with punitive action.

    That's what parochial reactionaries do.

    The irony - and unfortunate - sadness to all this is that the English-speaking communities are on board with helping to preserve French even though we're under no obligation to do so. We sympathize with the precarious nature of French on the continent.

    However, you can only go so far. Italians, Greeks, Portuguese, Chinese, Jews etc. thrive without much help from the state and its best French-Canadians begin to stand on their own two feet without interfering on the civil liberties of others.

    Realistically, over the real long-run, their fears may be justified as French will eventually likely disappear. Unless they eradicate the English-community and create an insular society (which is already half-way there), the battle will get harder and harder. I applaud the attempts to take measures, but the measures taken are completely misguided, poorly thought-out, contrary to Western concepts of civil liberties and predicated on treating others as "enemies."

    Quebec will have to become more enlightened than what's being pimped out by the PQ.

    The PQ, in fact, weaken the core and soul of the French language with their obsession. I don't see much on the level of improving how French is taught in schools which at the moment is a disgrace. Rather, I see how to "protect" it at the expense of English.

    That's what we see on the other side of the language divide and it's primarily why we see little merit or choose not to respect the Parti-Quebecois.

    The PQ think we're stupid. When using terms like "cultural communities" as opposed to minorities, they attempt to circumnavigate the fact that the former has legitimate rights in international law whereas the former has no meaning - so they use it in hopes of not being sued or chastised for their tyrannical views.

    Problem is, when you push as hard as Marois does, you will attract the attention of enlightened minds around the world who seek justice for minorities and this will expose Quebec's real intentions.

    The Liberals and CAQ would be out of their cotton-pickin' minds to support the PQ on this atrocity of a Bill. A bill that has all the ugly overtones of the deep, segregationist American south of the 1950s.

    The PQ speak of balancing rights but that's more nonsense when you look at the aims in the Bill. It's "rights" up to a point as they arbitrarily define them in the context of a cultural majority. It's essentially tyranny of the majority.

    The part of the bill exposed today was the notion that the government has the right to "negate" a child's education if they deem or find that they gained access to an English school through "trickery" (as they worded it) or through any means not acceptable to the government.

    I know. Scary.

    In effect, they can choose to ruin a child's life because of the actions of their parents AND to protect a language. Specifically, if you're kid does, say, five years in Grade school, the government will not recognize it thus setting you back five years.

    A more ugly example of the state intruding on the lives of private citizens than this you can't get.

    Yes, let's do it for the children. La societe!

    This is how depraved these hicks have become.

    It's intellectually immoral.

    That's all it is.

    As the lawyer put it, she does not know of ANY COUNTRY IN THE DEVELOPED WORLD that goes that far.

    Congratulations Quebec. You're fast going on the "watch them on what not to do" list. We will become case studies in UN Human Rights courses on how democracies quickly crush civil liberties.


    Is there a difference between having a welfare system and being a welfare state?

    How much is too much (or too little) "welfare?"

    There's confusion as to what libertarians think. While they're rather a mixed bunch, overall, they accept that welfare is necessary. It's the degree and how it's administered they differ from liberals and perhaps even conservatives. Waste and fraud is one thing libertarians take way more seriously than liberals who push for more and more welfare.


    Wrestling Out At The Olympics

    The IOC blew out wrestling for the 2020 games.


    Clearly ping-pong and trampoline and taekwondo are Olympic sports worthy of inclusion.

    Wrestling is like the Marathon. It's a classic.

    I don't know why they did it. Maybe it's not a money maker but something tells me it's political cronyism that led to this decision.

    Quite a joke the IOC are.


    Obama's Wager

    Yesterday's SOTU was rather pedestrian. But a couple of things did catch my attention. One, was Obama's silly positive take on the economy and its "recovery." Please. It is to laugh.

    Two, was his proposal to raise the minimum wage to $9 an hour to help alleviate poverty. That one was bizarre on so many levels. $9 won't do much. Why not, say, $20? That families with kids earn $14 500 a year is not the fault of rich folks or capitalism unhinged, can it be part of the issue is the PERSONAL CHOICES we make? But liberals tend to discount that. Anyway, it was a rather meek idea and points directly to Obama's rather childish views on the economy.

    Three, a proposal to make available to families pre-school facilities to help prepare for the future. Just what the Americans need, yet another layer of bureaucracy not for any practical reasons but for ideological purposes. This is Obama's method of "creating" jobs.

    My wife's first instinct - it should be noted she is an elementary teacher of 20 years with a Double Major and  Masters in Early Childhood Psychology - was "that won't do anything. They're children. You can "educate" them to a point."

    The point is pre-school kids need to be cared for, fed and above all PLAY.

    You don't need a paternalistic bureaucracy getting in the middle of the educator-family relationship. Sadly, it sees no trouble in coercing itself into the doctor-patient one.

    Sign of the times.


    Where are you, Calvin Coolidge!

    The country needs real wisdom!

    Crass, Middling Commentary Courtesy Of Mulcair

    Ok. I'll bite and go out on a limb and say that religious organizations have done more for people than the government.

    Whoa! What?

    Where is this coming from?

    It stems from NDP leader Thomas Mulcair and his recent rant against evangelical Christians claiming they are "unCanadian" and don't share "Canadian values."

    As if Canada is one gigantic homogenous one-view Utopia.

    Socialists would love to beat it into us (literally) but humans are a hard bunch to rally sometimes.

    The NDP don't represent Canadian values. There. Two can play that game. I certainly don't agree with them. Does that make me less Canadian?

    Anyway, when you consider the work religion does to help people it's quite impressive and the reason why I argue they do more is because they're not enablers. I suppose someone can argue they indoctrinates people but so does the government - with a dash of propaganda to boot.

    Christian groups go into places where, if anything, societies are intolerant to the point of death for homosexuality and have helpe to MODERATE those places. Ironically, the NDP are generally silent on the treatment of gays and women in radical Islam found in some Muslim countries.

    On a personal level, my staff is predominantly Evangelical and lemme tell ya I'll take them ANY DAY over a staff of unionized, non-religious workers. It's not even a debate.

    Mulcair can go fuck himself.

    He ain't gonna tell me what's "Canadian" and what's not.

    I recognize their views on matters of gay issues may not align with progressives (I likely don't share it but it's never come up) but that's the ultimate Canadian value: FREEDOM OF THOUGHT, RELIGION AND SPEECH.

    Mulcair is a fool for attacking Christians. An idiot. He represents a socialist political entity that which has had a checkered past when it comes to God, religion and humanity as a whole.

    Socialists come in peace...with a machine gun.