Superstition Continues In Canada

MPs masked in Parliament.

Oh, the theatrical stupidity of it all.

You fools. 

Justin Supports Protestors In China

Aaaaaand right on cue.

Justin is some piece of gaslighting work ain't he?

Crush 'em here in Canada though, eh Justin?

Canada: Kill Yourself

Comment from the CBC: "I believe in MAIDS".

Welcome to the death cult. 

With retail company Simon's wanting to open up a 'discussion' by cynically 'celebrating' a person's decision to end their life in their ads, you know Canada has come full circle.

In hell that is.

I was reading a debate between two people where one of them used the term 'assisted suicide' which raised the ire of one of the debaters. It showed 'bias' and the appropriate term now is MAIDS. 

Like a good obedient lackey of the state, you will obey whatever terms we declare.

You will believe

This is what it has come to in Canada. A complete degradation of the intellect and soul.

It's still assisted suicide no matter how you dice it.

I think it's telling Canada is one of only seven counties with loose rules and laws where assisted dying is concerned. 

Already stories are coming forward where medical soldiers of death are offering the option of suicide.

This happens to countries that rapidly descend into a void abyss of nothingness. No values. No morals. No principles. 

There's nothing compassionate or progressive in the promotion of death. 

Indeed, in a cost-centric system that's essentially collapsed (and about to get worse), the possibility of shifting to a patient-centric one is all but lost. The Colleges and Orders that oversee medicine like mafia fiefdoms have no interest in reforming health choosing instead to protect their money flows. 

The shittier your system the more you will accept suicides are a cost-saving measure.

Ironic we've spent 2.5 years trying to avoid death and in that time frame decided to become more permissive of suicidal death (on the rise because of the isolation caused by the futile and grotesque lockdowns) for people who want it. 

Except, that's not what's going to happen. The 'net' will expand into people who can be saved with support. We will become a little aggressive in promoting it. We will, well, 'nudge' people into taking this decision. They want to add 'mature' children to the mix.

It's not a coincidence that a Prime Minister who, to me, suffers from some kind of mental illness has taken us here. A PM who used the word 'serene' to describe his decision to freeze bank accounts.

A strange choice of words for an action that caused trauma, angst and anger?

Serenity now!

Comment: "I know we're not able to provide the care you paid half of your lifetime earnings to pay for. But have you considered just dying instead? It's super easy, we just hook you up and quickly kill you and then you don't have to worry about bills and stuff. It would really relieve a lot of the pressure on us healthcare workers if you did it. Anyway, I'll just leave this pamphlet here on your bedside table."

Pst. Your chronically ill. Kill yourself. Consider it. Here's our brochure. Subscribe to our newsletter!

No More Safeguards

Have you noticed?

I have.

In a society that has permitted the misapplication of the precautionary principle as well as accepted the doctrine of 'preventative medicine', does it not strike us as odd if not hypocritical we're removing safeguards that help to prevent death and injury?

When it was announced that the need for trials would be waived for subsequent boosters, the authorities charged with protecting public health removed a key safeguard in place in order to minimize potential side-effects triggered by the new experimental mRNA injection.

Of course, this decision hinges on the presumption that 'safe and effective' is rooted in irrefutable science. Same with 'the benefits outweigh the risks". 

However, what we're discovering is that's not true.

Never was.

And how do they measure any of this anyway?

What if the benefit is a 2:1 ratio? So for every two you 'save' one is injured? Extrapolate that figure over millions. We saved 20 million! But we injured, maimed or killed 10 million! The next logical question would be what would Covid had done without 'vaccine' intervention? Would it have been more or less than 10 million? I use arbitrary numbers. And it's been argued the ratio is far worse than that. More like 1:17. In other words, for every life saved, it cost 17. I forget the exact figures but I've seen several articles from prominent experts discussing the fact they do more harm than good.

I'm convinced they're right.

Much of it seems arbitrary and the clinical trial data have been subjected to years of manipulated data and fraud to the point we probably have no idea what the true picture is about all vaccines.

The real raw data are hidden and suppressed from public view.

Know where else we can see the removal of safeguards?

With the Liberal party of Canada.

The manner in which the Emergencies Act was invoked was troubling and without any justification. It appears the government accorded itself the right pick and choose how to interpret both the CSIS and Emergencies Acts to suit their narrative. Worse, Justin refuses to waive Cabinet privilege and allow for the redacted portions to be seen by the public.

The Liberals are perhaps the least transparent government in Canadian history.

Here, they removed any safeguards that would protect civil liberties and permit the state to invoke draconian measures against citizens.

As if this development isn't bad enough, Justin is now gaslighting telling the world he stands by the protestors in China because of the draconian measures they face.

This from a failed leader who said the protestors were 'breaking the law' in Canada (meaning their made-up interpretation of existing laws) and that Canadians could protest so long as they don't expect him to listen to them.

He's about as defiantly despotic as any leader in the West. 

In fact, Justin Trudeau is indeed the most despotic leader in the West.

No more need for 'vaccine' safeguards. Or to protect our democracy from abusive political power. 

They argue these things take time and when faced with an 'emergency' time costs lives.

The whole purpose of the safeguards is to weigh the costs of potential abuse against damage done to civil liberties and health. 

What can possibly go wrong? 

Why have laws or clinical trials, right?


Self-Congratulatory Flatulence

Did you hear that fart?

That was Canadians congratulating themselves for putting on a public inquiry posting to how super duper democratic we are.

Except, to anyone listening intently - as Cicero did all those years ago - we have a serious problem in this country.

The precedent has been set where the government can now amend laws on the fly to fit a contemporary narrative.

If this be the 'new norma' why have laws at all?

Why have a Charter if the courts won't apply it and defend rights?

A government now can declare a state of emergency and do whatever it wants now.

When Col. David Redman went public stating he contacted all the Premiers to ask why they weren't following the pandemic playbook that was already in place and ratified by Parliament a few years ago and got no response, I knew there was a serious problem.

Justin took this country off track and the longer he remains, the more it will veer further adrift. 

We had a chance to neuter this so as to have a chance to get it back on track. But the electorate decided to give him another shot (largely thanks to the uselessness of the Conservatives) and strong mandates to the biggest offenders Legault and Ford. By the time the conservatives regain power (and it's not a sure bet of course), the country will have gone so far off it will be almost impossible - or very difficult to reset it. Where do you start? Reversing the gun freeze, reinstating plastics. slowing down the climate scam agenda, eliminating the carbon tax, ending MAIDS, transgender legislation mutilating children, ending the legalization of fentanyl, the need to strengthen to Charter, booting the WEF, reducing our commitment to the 'One World' global agenda, holding Parliament to account and making transparency a key part of our democracy, reversing all precedences set by the Covid response, and so on.

Justin lay one big piece of shit on us and if he were to get re-elected again (I don't even want to think about it) his policies will make Canada Venezuela north. Canazuela. 

Attentive people aren't stupid. 

They know a dud and a problem when they see one.

Question for CTV's Don Martin (who was on the wrong side of passports). He conceded there were full of holes in the government's claims (understatement of the year) but said the cross-examining lawyers failed to poke bigger holes. 

1) How much bigger do we need, Don? The holes that were present, seems to me, were sufficient.

2) If they had any chance do so, it was quashed by key information being redacted and not allowed to be unredacted.

It wasn't the fault of the lawyers they failed to poke more holes, it was the cynicism of the government's redactions and the refusal to call them out on it.

The farce can be summed up in this meme:

The Difference Between Science, Reality And DISINFORMATION

Here it is from HHS:

“The lifting of mask mandates and indifferent attitude toward masking and social distancing typical in many public and private places further isolates people with Long COVID,” they said. As a result, policymakers should “encourage or mandate policies and protocols regarding masking and social distancing in public spaces."

Notice the sly shift to focusing on the nebulous 'long covid' demographic. A condition that has never been properly nailed down and defined. It's a spin on the opaque 'protect the vulnerable'. Moreover, it's looking more and more 'long-Covid' is more of a psychological issue than a medical one. Gee, how convenient for the authorities. If you're paranoid and have high anxiety gripped with fear chances are you're in it for the long-haul. I personally know people who have ruined their lives adjusting it in an effort to 'not catch Covid'. A phrase doctors were using when the failed mRNA shots rolled out. When pressed up against the wall, their fall back was 'you don't want to get it'. Lovely.  Allopathic medicine was the first to stick its head in the sand, shove a thumb up its ass, run away like cowards while lining its pockets through murderous protocols which includes (or included) Remdisivir and ventilators. Did you know hospitals got paid to follow these protocols and to tag all deaths as Covid? Here, Justing Trudeau handed a contract to a crony friend who made millions off ventilators. 

Using the passive-aggressive phrase "Indifferent attitude" is designed to continue the process of attempting of stripping people of their independence and agency.  It's actually offensive particularly given masks do literally nothing. They do to stop transmission or protect you from transmission. As it stands, people wearing masks are doing so less about being a 'good citizen'  and more about letting the psychosis entrench itself into their psyche that a loose-fitting, garbage piece of polyethylene mask stop a virus. I think it's safe to assume, at this stage, these people ain't the brightest tool in the shed.

As if peddling masks like a bunch of obscene superstitious morons isn't enough, they go in and repeat the absolute lie about social distancing. For the love of God, Redfield and Birx admitted they made that shit up.

What about Japan and South Korea? The constant citing of these two countries as if they're a) more considerate and b) scientific is dubious. First off, I care little about what they do. Different cultural mores and circumstances govern those societies. Second, they're experiencing an explosion of cases despite widespread mask compliance in a society that already naturally distances itself socially.  "Cases would be higher! If they didn't wear masks" is a distraction and not rooted in rational statistical logic. Either the masks work or they don't. It doesn't work haphazardly. It would reflect in the stats. It's just a convenient ploy. If cases go down (without considering other factors) masks work! If they go up, they slowed the spread and....flatten the curve. Nonsense like that they use. The graphs make clear masks don't work.

Don Vinh, Mathew Oughton, Christopher Oughton er al can all 'follow the science" off a cliff for all I care.

Any scientist or medical expert who ever pushed this crap should not only be ashamed, but they are the ones who should have their bloody licences removed. It's the height of irresponsibility and stupidity to not only pimp this nonsense but to maintain it in the face of facts and reality in the name of an "abundance of caution.'

Know where that kind of thinking lands you? Where Canada found itself in with the Emergencies Act. Based on nothing but hypotheticals, the government spun itself a narrative that in any other era would have been seen as paranoia. That's just a taste of where medical tyranny will lead us. The government had no qualms in using a medical emergency to squash a protest that was largely legal except for a couple of spots that were already being dealt with. 

We, as a society, need to nip this shit in the bud. Fast. Future Canadian governments will need to undo the colossal damage done by Justin Trudeau. The healing will not begin until he and his sowers of discord are out of Ottawa. 

The concern about isolating people with long-Covid perplexes me. How does wearing a mask make them less isolated? Or social distancing? Which is premised on the absolute falsehood (ie DISINFORMATION)  of asymptomatic spread being a driver of any outbreak. Above all, where was this concern when the cruel, inappropriate and futile lockdowns (which have created the inflationary environment we're mired in) for people who suffered under it? As social beings, social distancing isolate people as well. 

I find them using this to be hypocritical. They have selective compassion and empathy. 

I don't know why officials are incapable of observing a result that has clearly failed (and it's not like we didn't know given the body of evidence going back decades. We've always known this to be true. So what happened? How did superstition triumph?) allowing for them to course correct. Is it hubris? Fear? Ignorance? Some sort of agenda of control as we've heard? Klaus Schwab, who holds considerable influence over several politicians and countries (Hello, Canada!) it would appear has said no one is safe unless everyone is vaccinated, and that we need a one-world government (remember when NWO was a "conspiracy theory"?) as Macron explicitly said, and that China is the model to follow - even as that country begins to unravel as people have begun to rebel against its psychotic Zero Covid idiocy.

Idiots abound. 

The longer this goes on, the more the medical will move towards its authoritarian power grab. I don't believe they have our best interest at heart at all. They're just as corrupted as any class and addicted to power and control - more so even. Three Ontario doctors are fighting against this as the College there is looking to emulate California in its attempt to revoke licenses for doctors who speak out against anything about Covid essentially. Now, in California the proposal was deemed unconstitutional which is welcomed news but what will Ontario decide and rule? 

Notice a pattern here. Doctors are hostile against medical freedom - freedom itself. They've made this clear repeatedly. Just listen to Anthony Fauci. Worse, they've abandoned all sense of ethics that once governed them. One example of this is seen from the Mayo Clinic.

If they won't budge on failed measures such as masks and social distancing, what chance do we have if they will back off on the mRNA 'vaccines'? 

Last, this phenomenon seems to be mostly restricted to North America and Australia I might add. Interesting is it not?

"The science" is corroded as it denies reality. This permits officials to sweep in with disinformation to keep the people in a state of irrational fear. It softens them up.  There's your Covid calculus for control. 

It's 2023 soon. And the alleged freest country in the world, home to some of the most advanced scientific minds and institutions on earth still refuse entry to the unvaccinated.

Let that sink in. 

As one lad at a bar once told me, "it's all garbage."


The Illiberal Party Of Canada

You may have noticed Canada is turning into a dystopian medical tyranny.

CPSO is advocating psychotherapy for people who decline to take an experimental mRNA injection while MAIDS is all the rage now.

To the point infants can now commit suicide or be killed.

It's a murderous game. Bioethicists have triumphed in their keen ability to justify murder and demean the human existence.

Say what you want about Christianity, it's not that into secularism's addiction to death. The irony is the West fears death. It has an unhealthy and uncomfortable relationship and fascination with it. 

They fear death yet embrace murderous state policies.

Progress something, something.

This is not a progressive and advanced civilization where spirituality and philosophy are concerned. I no longer accept that allopathic medicine is cutting edge.

I think it's stale and regressive. 

Out goal should be to enhance, protect, and save every single life while providing unfettered protection to the rights and dignity of people to maintain their medical autonomy.

This must not be negotiated with.

It should be absolute.

Anyone telling you it should be otherwise is regressive.

It's time to rebrand the Liberal party as Illiberal.

It doesn't protect free speech or expression. 

It's not interested in the free enterprise system.

It doesn't value the sanctity of human life submitting it to faux rational human computations.

It has not values to speak of.

Just anti-human and vacant policies.

Hence, the Illiberal Party of Canada.


You can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave.

The Lawless Leviathan: They Make It Up As They Go Along

Quick post before I get to Justin's scandalous testimony of lies later on.

The government combating disinformation is a fight with itself.

We absolutely do have a serious problem of lying to fit narratives.

This is because the ruling elites have lost the plot and have no more answers - if they ever had any.

They led the greatest Ponzi scheme in world history these past 80 years. The system isn't about the breakdowm, it is broken.

That's the reality. 

It was the butler all along.

Covid should have made you realize this. 

It's broken.  That's why they're turning on their own citizens. That's why they want to take guns and suppress speech and dehumanize everyone in sight.

The pitchforks and torches are being made as we speak.

They see it and try to get ahead of it.

Canada was the little guppy swimming ahead of the whale. The collapse of an illusion is happening here and in the USA.

Watching the public inquiry hearings I kept saying to myself, 'this is no good.' 'See that there? Lametti and Mendocino playing GI Joe like they're on a play date? No good. Freeland getting emotional and exaggerating threats? Pas bon. Omar just being there? Not good. Justin? My Lord. RED ALERT not good..

The only one there that showed any level of humanity was Anand. Poor Anita. A true believer useful idiot who probably is the best candidate to break with Cabinet solidarity. She's in a cult and she knows it. But can't get out. 

First, because they're all cowards. Second, what is she going to say?

Something is keeping Justin propped up. By that, I don't mean the cynical machinations of coalitions. I mean something beyond Canada.

It's sorta kinda obvious, no?

The biggest worry to come of this was the idea that they have accorded themselves the right to make shit up as they go along to fit their narratives.

Because it's all broken. Garbage.

They're indeed manipulating ALL data. Everything.

They're spreading dis AND misinformation at the same time.

You're not the problem. You reading alternative sources is not a crime. They want you to think it is. They want to make it a crime. 

They have to keep their shell game going.

It's so easy to make stuff up. We just saw it with our own eyes during the public hearings.

I don't care what Rouleau will write up. 

I heard it with my own ears. I read between the lines.

How about those redactions, eh?

They think you're stupid. You are the commoner who must submit.

Did you not see or hear? They said it to you. It was as much a declaration of their intentions and beliefs as it was a revealing of the plan that they know you can't stop.


About those conspiracies.

Yeh. It's probably all nothing.

Klaus. Gates. Soros. Digital ID. Health passports. mRNA corruption.

But who are these people exactly?

I think they already told us.

We're just not listening.

Here. Look.

Look you will.

Look you must.

Ultimately, we have to pity Justin Trudeau and his Cabinet. I believe something is happening in the world. Something perhaps of a paradigm shift and force control on the population is the only way they know how to respond. Free thinking threatens them. It really does.

Notice all Justin does is mock the people. His policies expand state power and weaken the power of the people. It eradicates personal agency and sovereignty. He sells it as 'protecting' the health and security of people but only an inattentive fool would and could believe such nonsense. Justin is an ideologue. A vapid vessel symbolizes the corruption of man in its current state. 

Justin will leave nothing of value to us. 

That's what Covid showed. Maybe it was God's way of revealing to people they have free will and must use it. 

Freeland positions herself of being 'esoteric' and as some kind of 'profound' politician who cares.

She's not symbolic of anything spiritual or philosophical.

A person who freezes bank accounts and shows no remorse for it; worse made it permanent can't be.

She's part of the Leviathan and must act accordingly.

Smirk away, Justin. In the end, you just represent a dead entity. You will be recorded as such in the future.

Let's continue to aim and try to be above him.

Keep fighting.

Yes, The Government's Gamble Paid Off; For The Wrong Reasons

Unfortunately, the lawyers representing the convoy dropped the ball thus making CTV News' job of shielding the PM so much easier.

They didn't have the gumption to prey on the fact the government set up a completely false narrative about the convoy. They focused too much on redactions and didn't zero in on the government's tactic.

Canada is made up of imaginative and timid people. Notice the discomfort Brendan Miller presented to the Commission. We're incapable of an actual and genuine inquiry. It's all 'thank yous' and excessive polite vapidity. 

They showed too much respect to incompetent arrogant sociopaths that infest the Cabinet and brought to its grotesque manifesting heights in Trudeau's smug smirk and comfort posture.

He never was in any danger. They didn't even get him on the ropes.

Justin does one thing right. Playing the game of shameless politics. He has no self-honour or dignity or inner core principles and values. So it's easy to go up there and believe in the lies he spews without rhyme or reason.

It was the lawyer's job to expose that. Even with the interference of hack government lawyers and Rouleau. 

Canadians aren't polemicists. We have nothing. We don't have heroes to come and shake the entire tree and bring down the broken branches and dead leaves. That's what polemicists do. 

Canadians leer sarcasm and jeer satire. 

The wretched formulaic nonsense of it all.

You saw in the demeanour of Rouleau the tone of hyper-mundane Canadian mediocrity. 

I expect Rouleau to buy into the government's utter banal argument of 'if we did nothing, all hell was going to break loose' even though there was ZERO evidence of that presented. In fact, the evidence shows quite the evidence. The lies about American foreign money, cache of weapons and children as human shields (he probably means about the 'vaccines') barely got challenged even though those were all shown to be false or dealt with. But the government was so confident and filled with self-righteous hubris, it had no qualms about repeating the falsehoods. Right there, you got to see how the government uses disinformation and misinformation to work for them.

Listen. Justin Trudeau. Prime Minister of Canada, who spewed some of the most venomous and divisive hate speech I've ever heard from a leader of a so-called 'compassionate' and 'advanced' society testified he never did that claiming there was a distinction between anti-vaxxers who had legitimate concerns. He didn't even have the courage to own it. 

Utter lies. He generalized and grouped all Canadians who declined this 'vaccine' into one basket of hate. 

And he'll get away with it. Because the media are complicit in the lies. 

The government presented Canadians as if we have the cavalier spirit and fierce independent edge of lawless Americans. We don't. 

And it's stupid to believe it.

Rouleau will roll over and defer to the unfortunate development in our culture of 'better safe than sorry' as Justin presented. 

Once again, like the public got played with Covid and everything else tied to it, they just got played by sociopaths who couldn't care less about 'granny' and the families of hypothetical dead officers. They had an agenda and saw it through.

When and if (and it's an 'if' on my part) Commissioner Rouleau determines and confirms involving the Act despite the non-sensical convoluted justifications without evidence presented, it will signal it's ok for Canadians politicians in the future to make up stuff and rewrite laws and regulations on the fly to fit a perceived threat and narrative. You can use the full force of the law and 'tools' of government based on nothing but perceived threats and hypotheticals.

A perpetual state of fear and emergencies. Welcome to Eastasia.

It will be Canada's gift to the world.

On what not to do to run a healthy, strong and free society and country.

For me, listening and taking notes during this inquiry, at least confirmed what I've observed and suspected all along.

We're run by incompetent, arrogant cowards and sociopaths who personify the Peter Principle in real-time.



The Public Hearings Into The Invocation Of The Emergency Act Concludes

Redaction controversy aside, Commissioner Rouleau did run a decent inquiry. I will not be critical of how he handled it because it was overall fair.

It's the result that will matter.

I've expressed my skepticism but I will await Rouleau's conclusions.

My thoughts on Trudeau's testimony will follow.

Thoughts On Freeland's Testimony

Want to get out my thoughts on Chrystia 'Chrissy' Freeland before Justin Trudeau takes the stand and shits all over it.

I stand by Canada is run by emotional buffoons and Freeland embodies this characterization. 

How's that for coming out swinging like Mike Tyson?

Freehand, skillful pearl clutches that she is, laid it on thick with the economic threat to Canada posed by the blockades, particularly on the Ambassador's Bridge. While questioned by the government, Freeland was in lecture mode giving her 'esoteric' (even tearing up talking about how emotional she was caring so much for Canadians) thoughts like a soliloquy. Chrystia wanted you to know she was a deep thinker.

The more she spoke, the less you saw a spiritual and philosophical person and the more you saw just another calculating and controlling politician.

Under cross-examination, she suddenly lost memory and wasn't so 'profound' (a word she used a lot along with 'um'). She claimed to not be a public health expert but said the 'vaccine' mandates worked. She claims to not be an intelligence expert but put into evidence she jotted down in confusing handwriting that the truckers needed to be designated as terrorists. This apparently came at the behest of CEO's of banks in order to 'act quickly'.

They all needed to 'act quickly'. 'Acting quickly' is a euphemism for ignoring and rewriting laws on the fly.  Or like how 'fast developing' is a euphemism for 'we made up our minds'.

Much like how the unaccountable and lawless CPSO does when they pounce on a doctor they want to crush. 

Chrystia obliged. The law trailed the events as Chrystia put it. For such a deep thinker, she would know this is the very nature of law. It moves at the organic pace of human events dictated by human laws and nature. Politics generally understood this quirk in human affairs and adjusted. After all, many over the years have been lawyers.

But a new attitude is afoot. A generation of politicians who view laws, constitutions, charters etc. as suggestions if not quaint pieces of paper too antiquated for the fast pace world they operate in. In other words, they're above the law.

They not only acted accordingly but said so in their testimonies.

And made no apologies for it. 

Remind me who threatens democracy again?

Freeland's tactic was to depict the protestors as a direct and real threat to the Canadian economy. While there's no doubt the impacts were immediately felt in Windsor, it's not easy to see how that would have played out across the country. She focused on the compromised 'supply chains'. Suddenly, the Canadian government - as Algabra attested- was concerned for it and Canadian jobs. The 'supply chains' had long been in jeopardy. 

The Canadian Trucker's Alliance voiced concern that as many as 24 000 truckers were going to be removed from transport due to the mandates. When this was brought up, she said she followed the data of the experts. Except, you know, not the actual truckers. No, Chrystia prefers the expertise of the academic parasite class who produce nothing and offer little. Except to come up with bad models and find ways to mess things up.

Chrystia absurdly retorted that 90% of truckers were vaccinated and that didn't matter in a manner of speaking. But it flies in the face of her 'supply chain' concerns because the transport fleet was already in a difficult position, to begin with, and could ill-afford to lose so many truckers. I speak to truckers all the time, and her assertions were weak, especially considering they had been working throughout the pandemic (sitting in their trucks upon deliveries) since 2020. In other words, it was government action that closed the borders to solo drivers thus exacerbating the supply chains. This a classic example of the government making things worse. 

In any event, Would have been nice if they showed such concern - ahem - for the hundreds of thousands if not millions of Canadians who lost their jobs and careers due to mandates.  

Freeland's account of the precariousness of the Canadian economy was so thick and dramatic that it made you wonder if we're a one-trick pony economy. It, well, sounded so colonial. A, well, banana republic economy. We're, after all, a banana republic political entity at the moment. Changing laws, I remind, on the fly to fit a narrative is the very manner in which a banana republic under a dictator or despot operates. 

She was 'heartbroken when a "Canadian Bank CEO told her the "Government is a “Banana Republic. I won't invest another red cent in your banana republic in Canada”

If it quacks like a duck....

So she responded like a tin-pot despotic minion would do. Give the banks a list of 'mischievous makers'. This is one interesting twist of irony. During her activist days as a Ukrainian nationalist fighting against the Soviet Union, the Soviets referred to her as a 'trouble-maker'. No doubt she was the label proud.

Esoteric, n'est pas?

Freeland spent some time discussing her exchanges with the Americans. Keep in mind, the Biden administration is a pseudo-Mafia outfit busy making sure it allows the Department of Defense this mRNA experiment on the population. They're busy creating a perpetual state of emergency (as Colorado just did) while maintaining EUA's to keep the flow of injections going. So you're not going to get good governance advice or information from the Americans at the moment.

She discussed about how the deal with electric vehicles - I'm willing to bet EVs aren't going to be the main mode of transportation in the future - is key to her 'green transition' plan. The same vehicles, it should be noted. depend on several key components that need oil in order to extract. The government plans to have a battery manufacturing plant in Ontario. How very green. Go read how lithium batteries are made. She mentioned EVs because her goal was to show the protestors threatened this fantastic economic plan that Canada absolutely depended on. In her feisty 'fight' for Canadian interests, she told the Americans Canada wasn't looking for a free ride. Except it's still American technology. They just want to get to put a 'Made in Canada' sticker on it.

So.... a free ride by other means. But whatever.

The threat to our economic well-being was likely overstated as I've stressed. They needed to get the EMA invoked. They had to show they were tough and in the process sneak in some permanent features into legislation. Never let a good crisp go to waste.

I would love to read the Cabinet minutes. I can just imagine the shit show of genius sprouting off the mouths of their flapping heads.

The mandates are the poison. Not the protestors. Or as they say with contempt right down to even a disinformation runner like Katie Telford, 'occupiers'.

I kept looking for the witch's broomstick behind her. Her cool stance on uttering such phrases was chilling.

On hypotheticals. Every Minister charged they don't deal in hypotheticals. Except their entire premise rests on....a hypothetical. 

That is, the situation was so 'volatile' (Lametti is still shaking I hear) and about to explode in blood and violence; a powder keg ready to blow them to the moon they had to 'preemptively strike'. For Canada.

Preferably with tanks as Lametti and Mendocino 'joked'.

But Freeland, being a deeply introspective individual, testified they warned everyone. If you don't go home, we're prepared to block your mortgage payments.

You know, incentives. 

To Chrystia, abhorrent coercive actions like freezing bank accounts and vaccine mandates are 'incentives'.

"We had to find a way to bring it to an end'. So we ended the mandates. Oops. Better to freeze bank accounts." /wipes tears.

Just to recap. The protests came against the backdrop of the Canadian government fighting for 'democracy' in Ukraine (and as a good Ukrainian nationalist Chrissy helped herself to a good dose of Putin ranting. Know what Chrissy? Say what you want, Putin - heck, Trump for that matter, never froze bank accounts. You may think it was a 'measured' and 'proportional' response but sound minds endowed with a sense of ethics know it was not)  and working on a green transition through which critical deals with electric cars with the United States. 

Excuses to use the EMA. This was a carefully manufactured narrative being performed on stage in real-time. Freeland made for tragic theatre. 

The EMA = protecting jobs. Martial Law is needed to protect jobs, eh? Who knew?! Oh well, Trudeau 'saved jobs' by flouting the rule of law in the SNC-Lavalin case thus setting the tone of this government's approach ultimately manifesting in using the most aggressive 'tool' (a word they sure love) in the 'toolbox'.

Not sure who the flathead was. Chrissy or Justin. But we do know they all love hammers.

There was no mention at all of the mandates and concerns of actual Canadians. Freeland expressed profound appreciation for 'bonding' with lawyers and Canadians over the matter of protecting the economy, empathy for protestors and their cries to be listened to? Not so much. 

Freeland plays favorite with her children.

Freedom Corps. lawyer Brendan Miller got Freeland to admit the mandates were to force people to take the vaccine. Her tone and body language suggested this was an appropriate position for a government to undertake. 

When it was put to her people related to the protestors but not part of the protests had their bank accounts frozen nonetheless, she essentially shrugged her shoulders. You could almost hear her want to say, 'don't be related to criminals. We warned them. Too bad, too sad'. Like her colleagues, they claim this wasn't the intent but for such an 'esoteric' person she didn't consider 'unintended consequences?

Doesn't anyone read Bastiat anymore? Anyone?

We got a glimpse into the arrogant mindset of Freeland in her exchanges with someone named Flavio who was, I believe, a contact in the auto industry.

When he attempted to point out the mandates were causing the problem, she made clear it wasn't his place to say so. Opinions are bad with masters, understand? 

She just wanted to hear how bad the situation was so she could freeze bank accounts.

In fact, I posit and submit, based on their own words, they didn't care. It wasn't even up for discussion that at the root of all the mayhem in the civil order and 'supply chain' problem were the futile, cruel, vindictive mandates not rooted in science or data. 

Bottom line?

This is a government that played favourites. It was willing to dehumanize a segment of the population to get what it wanted.

Onto Justin Trudeau.

Please respond to my compassionate incentives. 


Disinformation And Misinformation: What's The Difference?

Very simple.

Disinformation is knowingly disseminating false information. Otherwise known as propaganda. Who are experts in propaganda?

Think 'occupiers' and 'threats to public safety'. The entire anti-truckers narrative was propaganda.

Misinformation is unknowingly spreading what could be erroneous information. Otherwise known as opinion. 

Neither are a crime but the government of Canada is conflating the two and basically saying citizens are guilty of both. Government are kind, honest and benevolent and would never lie to the public. In effect, the government should be censoring itself. 

And Justin Trudeau is a disinformation guru. 

In essence, the government is simply looking to silence opinion. Also referred to as freedom of speech and expression.

Understand the dirty tricks they play.

'Save Millions' The New God Complex Phrase Of Our Civil Masters

Have you noticed the latest trend among Criminal-ACME Anvil Inc? They like to say, 'we saved millions' a lot now. It doesn't have to be the 'vaccines'. It can be, for example, from  a certain Minister of Finance - I'm looking at you Michael Sabia -  saying the freezing of bank accounts was appropriate because there were  'illegal activities' and 'we saved millions of jobs.' Without citing a single source for the claim.

This nonsense of hyper-hubris all too typical in the new abnormal state of Covidistan began - as far as I can tell - with a mathematical model that claimed the 'vaccines' saved '20 millions lives'. Then Mannequin Jared Kushner promulgated this ridiculous claim with Larry Kudlow who played his 'yuk, yuk' part to a tee.

Sabia didn't save millions of jobs - mostly because the threat to the Canadian economy was over stated especially given the Ambassador's Bridge was opened before the EMA was dubiously forced on Canadians - just like the mRNA injections did not save 20 million people. In any event, that figure gets offset by the deaths and injuries it caused anyway. 

We're ruled by incompetent maniacs who are playing out the Peter Principle in real time and on our dime.

About That Reputation

Apparently, the reputation of Canada matters to the Liberals. It matters so much, they're willing to destroy Canadian rights to protect it,

Leave aside the endless stream of monumental scandals and the catastrophic failed restrictions and measures that led to curfews and an internal travel ban - a first in history - on unvaccinated Canadians. 

Sorry, Katie Telford. The vaccines don't stop transmission nor prevent infection. I suggest you throw away your 2020 manual and upgrade and get with the times and actual data.

Look at the secondary impacts of our hysterical over-reaction has done. 

Look at the CPSO which is now garnering international attention for turning us all into Randal McMurphy as they play the part of Nurse Ratched.

Allopathic medicine has completely lost its mind or common sense - assuming it ever had any.

Or the interesting lesson of Bill Blair. If Blair learned from G-20, how did he repeat a similar fiasco by supporting the Emergencies Act?

What about the more complex issue of the trucker's convoy. The Canadian government managed to extract the wrong lesson to focus on here. The perceived drop in reputation had long been set before the truckers. Had they loosened their mandate grip and shown intelligence, wisdom, courage and empathy, all this is avoided. 

But they just couldn't let go of the obsessive 'vaccine' narrative - and impulse to control.

If one thing we learned from the hearings, Lametti, Mendocino and Justin took it personally. And acted accordingly. The privileged bullying over grown boys had some toys to play with. My apologies 'tools' and they used them.

And then there's this forceful letter from Youtube scolding the Canadian government for its unnecessary and despotic Bill C-11 proposal.

Earlier this year, The Online Streaming Act (Bill C-11) was introduced in Canada with the stated goal of supporting the creation and promotion of Canadian content. We wholeheartedly support Canadian creators and Canadian storytelling, and we’re proud of the work we’ve done to-date to foster the creator economy in this country. New research from Oxford Economics shows that in 2021, YouTube’s creative ecosystem directly contributed $1.1 billion to Canada's GDP. This continued growth comes from access to an audience of billions, where Canadian creators can find an audience here at home and around the world. In fact, over 90% of watch time on Canadian channels comes from outside of Canada.

But what’s deeply concerning is that the current version of the Bill has the potential to disadvantage the Canadian creators who build their businesses on our platform, and change the personalized experience of millions of Canadians who visit YouTube every day.

We have a responsibility to our Canadian viewers and creators to inform them of changes to their online experience. And we think it's worth standing up for our viewers’ interests and creators’ livelihoods.

Let me explain why this is so important.

YouTube is a personalized experience for everyone, built on the principle of helping you find the videos you want to watch and will be valuable to you. And we use many signals to do this, including clicks, watchtime, shares, likes, and more. This helps us introduce viewers to new content and creators they may not have thought to look for.

In its current form, Bill C-11 would require YouTube to manipulate these systems, and surface content according to the CRTC’s priorities, rather than the interests of Canadian users. Put into practice, this means that when viewers come to the YouTube homepage, they’re served content that a Canadian Government regulator has prioritized, rather than content they are interested in.

When users are recommended content that is not personally relevant, they react by tuning out - skipping the video, abandoning the video, or even giving it a ‘thumbs down’. When our Search and Discovery systems receive these signals, they learn that this content is not relevant or engaging for viewers, and then apply this on a global scale. This means that globally, Canadian creators will have a harder time breaking through and connecting with the niche audiences who would actually love their content. That directly hits the bottom line of Canadian creators, making it harder for them to build a sustainable business.

In the spring we saw tens of thousands of Canadian creators raise their voices to share their concerns, but their concerns were not addressed. What’s more, millions of Canadians aren’t even aware of the bill, or that their online experience could potentially change.

Respecting the individuality of every user who comes to our platform and meeting their unique needs is a key part of what makes YouTube so special. Does it make sense for a regulator to curate your experience on YouTube to reflect the government’s priorities? We believe that the diversity of content, creators, and users is our strength and we want to preserve the rich experience that Canadians enjoy today.

This is a conversation that impacts so many. YouTube creators and Canadians must be made aware of what could change, and given the opportunity to ensure their voices are heard.

OpenMedia, a community-driven organization that works to keep the Internet open, has done significant work in this space to keep Canadians informed on the Bill. Canadian users and creators: If you want to add your voice to the conversation, you can sign Open Media’s petition here.

You were saying about reputation?  

It's All Academic Now

With Justin Trudeau set to grace the public hearings with his regal presence tomorrow, here are my final thoughts on the whole theatre show.

It's quite clear the government created itself a magical narrative and won't ever deviate from it or change their minds. Listening to the three runners for the PM tonight, that became apparent to me. Katie Telford made the ridiculous specious claim the mandates were rooted in science when we all know they weren't. We all know the government never consulted the real science or PHAC for that matter. They had a narrative - propaganda - to peddle. Otherwise known as disinformation.

None of this was rooted in anything really. It's been truly an eye opening experience to realize we're a country with not standing principles of any kind.

A country that's willing to amend the law on the fly because it 'takes too long' to do it through the proper ancient channels of law which forms the basis of legitimacy, is willing to ignore all the established scientific and ethical documents and charters we created in the last 70 years protecting medical rights and informed consent.

They simply ignored it all. In the process, they abused and made a mockery of the rule of law.

Worse, the soul of the country.

In the end, I don't expect much from Rouleau. He's too tepid and in deference to the government, it feels. 

This was just entertainment. Without the kangaroos. And smoking monkeys. 

The government of Canada under the Liberal party crossed the Rubicon. They invoked an act that wasn't needed and froze bank accounts. They believe it worked like they 'believe' the 'vaccines' work. Magical thinking passing off as virtue and science.

It's all academic now and they know it. They won. They made clear they never cared about what the protest was about. They reject it was about the relevance or effectiveness of the mandates and kept referring to protestors as 'occupiers'. I suppose some were but the vast majority of people were indeed protestors and the historical record - honest accounts anyway - will show this. This government chose to dehumanize and divide and it worked. They should be proud. Score one for realpolitik.

I never believed Canada to be a 'nation'. A nation to me is what we see in Europe or even the USA. Blood and guts spilled to form an identity. We were given a country, like Australia, and act accordingly. Like colonials with cuff links. Freeland's empty 'raw raw' pep talks are exactly what you'd expect from a colonial mindset. You can't rally a people with apathetic impulses and fair-weather pride. This is why we obsessively brag about vapid political symbols like public health.

We're a country with all the bells, whistles and appearance of democracy but with inner core values or principles. We're just people living on a piece of land. 

Duddy Kravitz's grandfather would say to him a 'man with no land is a nobody'. On these words, Duddy killed himself to get a piece of land and when he showed his grandfather he got one, he learned the grandfather actually meant a man with no NATION to attach himself to is without identity. That is a man without a homeland is not a man.

Many of us feel that way now.

That's Canada ironically, and I don't think that occurred to Richler when he wrote that. Or maybe he did? I don't know. 

Or care.

About 'Democratic' Ukraine

Ukraine isn't a democracy. At best it's a quasi-democracy.

The fact that Zelensky outlawed 11 political parties proves this.

Russia is an oligarchic authoritarian state.

Yet, interestingly, Russia ranks ahead of the Ukraine on the Democracy Index.

Canada, meanwhile, saw its ranking fall. And it has been slowly dropping under the despotic Justin Trudeau.

I mention this because, throughout the public hearings, government ministers kept referring to Ukraine as a democracy. It formed the backbone of their narrative and how it fit into the trucker's convoy.

They keep framing it as though it's a 'democracy v. non-democracy' scenario when it's simply not the case.

As for NATO, a pointless organization Freeland is apparently tagged to lead, it's best to remember it was designed to be a DEFENSIVE alliance against Soviet aggression.

It has changed its posture to an aggressive one now.

And that's not a good thing for democracy.

Right up Chrissy's alley. 

Freeland's Testimony

I'm going to prepare a post about her disastrously comical testimony of lies later but just wanted to make a quick comment.

One, Freeland's 'esoteric' shtick and disingenuous croc tears  point to a guilty conscience in my view.

I will explain how her testimony made no sense and didn't support the facts. The government is simply spinning the narrative into another direction. This time about trade and saving the economy that was allegedly so precarious it needed an EMA to freeze bank accounts.

On its fact it's absurd and Rouleau would have to be a fool to believe it.

I think her focus on the economy is not only debatable - we have not heard actual evidence from what the Americans said. Just second hand sources from the testimonies of Ministers - but actually undermines her entire premise.

She claims she was worried about jobs and businesses.

Where were those tears for the thousands, heck, millions of Canadians who lost their jobs and careers due to the mandates?

It's clear it's the mandates that caused all this anxiety and nothing else. There would be no need to hatch a plan to force an EMA had it not been for these loathsome mandates.

This never seems to factor in their heads.

The mandates caused the friction created wholly by the government of Canada.

Freeland (holding back tears): "If I may be personal. On my way here I saved a puppy....and a kitten, fed a homeless man a McMuffin (with the money I saved from losing the Disney + channel), helped a little old lady crossed the street that was once blocked by the blockading blockeaded truckers.....and saved a pinky toe....I love Canadians so much. That's why we froze their accounts."

Me: "It's so nice for you to care, Ms. Freeland. Chrissy if I may? But when the vaccines were shown to have been ineffective against transmission and infection, should the government not have course corrected? Rather, you chose to double down on the cruel mandates to stick it to the truckers. This only emboldened and angered them more, no? Is this the 'esoteric' thinking that went into your decisions?

Freeland (straightens up). Um, I don't understand, um, your question. 

Convoy lawyer Brendan Miller was especially on the ball today having none of her antics. All of a sudden, Freeland had memory lapses like Frank Pengangeli. She didn't know who Lich, Marazzo and Daniel Buford were she alleged. Simply not plausible. This government keeps saying they follow the news and boy were they all in the news. Bulford in particular as part of the RCMP security detail team for the Prime Minister. So, yeh, she was lying. 

I'll stop here.

The Public Hearing Into the EA Is Already Compromised

It took until the government liars showed up to spew their bull shit for Judge Rouleau - a Liberal-appointed judge by Trudeau. Hey, it's Canada. Did you expect fairness? - show his colours tipping his hand where all this will land.

I wanted to be fair but the fact he has denied several requests from Convoy lawyers to submit evidence and call witnesses suggests the fix is in. Or at least, he's doing his job with the 'pick and roll" tactic on behalf of the government. 

It was a good try but the government should never have dibs on who oversees these things.

Onto the National Citizen's Inquiry. It is there we will see the truth of what their actions did to people.

And it won't be pretty.

In fact, it will be hard to listen to.


Couple Of Thoughts

 I find it ironic some of the biggest pushers of the 'vaccine' are cardiologists. Ironic because of the heart side effects. 

On disinformation, the government wants to fight.

f I understand the term 'disinformation correctly, it's deliberate misuse and transmission of wrong information meant to deceive, correct? Isn't this what we call 'propaganda?' 

And if so, who are the biggest pedlars of propaganda? The state, no? Followed by corporations partnered with the government or state - aka fascism. The merger of state and corporate interests. Of which, the media is a corporate entity that plays into this.

In effect, then, the government should be shutting itself down. 

Oh, the ironies of it all!

Lametti's Farcical Testimony A View Into The Soul Of A Weak Country With A Cruel Despotic Impulse

Putting all that I've heard from David Lametti into a coherent post is going to be a challenge. His testimony is one of the most eye-opening moments for me as a Canadian. For a couple of years I've lamented something is off with this country and to me, Lamett wasn't just giving insights into the mechanics of an Emergency Act but it allowed us a privileged journey into the mindset and soul - or lack thereof -  of this government. 

Through the testimonies of people like Bogden, Sabia, Jacques, Blair, Algabra, Anand, Mendocino and Lametti we see a group of individuals without any principles whatsoever. It's a government that is governed by a coterie of not just cabinet privilege - which is bad enough - but cabinet solidarity. What I'm seeing is a mafia-like entity within the government. A closed-off Cabinet that has been criticized for not even listening to its own caucus.

The disinterested body language, choice of attire and testy reactions to questioning all point to a group that clearly sees itself above scrutiny and perhaps even the law.

In fact, I've repeatedly argued this is a rogue government. An imposter democracy.

As I've said for years now, they're ideologues masking as nationalists. 

Before Lametti, we heard from Sabia who revealed the flippant indifferent nature to which our civil servants - and that's what they are servants - viewed their heavy-handed responses to what was clearly not a national threat no matter what they claim.  It's easy to lose sight of the fact the protests exploded because of the mandates created by the government. That the 'tools' such as freezing bank accounts were an obtuse, noxious and repugnant overreaction to threat. This is why the strategy from the government thus far has been to over-exaggerate the threat to national security. The response was not proportionate to the threat. Their lack of obligation to discourse made sure of this.

When all is said and done, there's no way Rouleau can conclude honking and parking violations rise to a level of national security threat. But I reckon he'll find a way. He'll mimic the government's 'loose' attitude to the law and the rule of law itself. The fact they keep referring to the rule of law only confirms they're willing to abuse it as they've done for seven years. 

This points to my last post about the voices in their heads. 

It matters little what Lametti personally believed - although I submit I believe he did make it personal when he said he tipped his hand revealing his overt contempt for the protests as not being legitimate and referred to them, as his comrades have, as 'occupiers'. Indeed, he barely accepted the peaceful protestors as legitimate because they were blocking streets and honking horns. When asked if there were legitimate peaceful protestors he said, 'I grant you that possibility'.

This is less a righteous man but one who believes himself a king it would appear. It's par for the course with this thin-skinned and arrogant Liberal party. Wholly unlikable. 

Alas, perhaps I'm being too hard on David. In a message to Mendocino he said 'Chief Slowly needed to act 'quick, quick, quick'. A line from his 'favorite movie' meant to be humorous. I had tagged to be a fan of 'Elf'. They all sit on a throne of lies, no? The situation was so 'dire' (to borrow a term from Anand's testimony" and Lametti so 'threatened' he had time to 'joke' about sending tanks. It was amateur hour at Yuks, Yuks starring Dave 'I'm just a human' Laaaaametti! /cue Vaudeville tune.

But he and Mendocino joking about tanks as they plotted to lie their way into Martial Law is no laughing mater.  On the contrary, it's stuff to take down despotic governments. Of which this one clearly is. Don't listen to me. Listen to their testimonies and read between the lines.

This sham of a testimony didn't end there. And here I thought Sabia and Mendocino were bad enough.

He said he had to split his time between Ottawa and Montreal saying, "I'm often alone and I would have been vulnerable". This from a privileged politician with a security detail. He made sure to keep reminding his staff is made up of women. All to create a setting where their safety was threatened. It was another example of the key tactic that has been the single key to this government's style of ruling: Through fear.

Just like any despotic cowards do.

It's worth reminding Justin Trudeau escaped Ottawa during the protests. Rather than stay and face it like men, Justin and David chose the passive-aggressive route. David's job was to beat the shit out of the Charter and EA and make it fit the narrative. He went as far as to admit his dictums extended to Americans when he said, "you ought to be worried' if you supported the protest in any way.

What a clear picture of the soul of this government.

He claims the invocation was narrow and short in duration but my guess is they had no intentions of keeping it short. The clear abuse was plain for the international community to see. The Europeans and Americans likely had concerns about the decision and some expressed it publicly. Canada's 'reputation' was being tarnished not by truckers but by the government itself. A government that lacked the humanity and humility to lay off mandates that had only political currency and did absolutely nothing to protect the overall health of Canadians.

Right. Like they did when they decided who was 'essential' and 'non-essential' destroying the lives of thousands if not millions through their mandates. The claim they worried for small businesses is a clear example of stank and stark hypocrisy.

It's quite remarkable alluding to 'mental health' Lametti claims the truckers hurt some people for a short period, which was never extended to the millions of Canadians who suffered through Trudeau's vindictive and cruel mandates which were the source of the protests in the first place. They act as though people aggrieved (and millions have been hurt directly by these ridiculous mandates) have no right to protest and then whine when they're questioned.

As an aside, I don't want to hear a public official say, 'good question'. It wreaks of paternalistic arrogance and presupposes they're our masters. Let's get one thing straight: Lametti, Mendocino, Anand, Freeland, Justin et al are servants.

And they must be deferent to us. That means having to answer all our questions and concerns without resorting to claims of 'misinformation' or feeling 'threatened'.

I really couldn't care less about David Lemetti's feelings of vulnerability. That he brought it up is something he needs to deal with as a man.

This can't be stressed enough.

He asserted, ironically, about the mental health aspect which I will delve into later. He further promulgated the usual disinformation tactic that the protests were blocking access to hospitals when in fact this was never a major issue as it was dealt with early on in the protests with police. 

David Lametti is a man of many hats and faces as he made sure to mention. He could conveniently weave around any line of questioning that got too close while getting full protection from government lawyers and ultimately Commissioner Rouleau. 

Indeed, lawyers cross-examining Lametti had time constraints and where they thought they could build a case, were stifled by typical government legalese about "solicitor-client privilege". Government lawyers could continue to repeat lies about the truckers (established to have not been true) without any resistance or objections.

All that was missing were actual kangaroos in the room. And a smoking money with a typewriter. 

It was clear we were not going to get at the truth with Lametti except for when he spewed the same overwrought claims Mendocino did yesterday. Which was - there were hypothetical threats.

It's quite interesting to hear him decline to answer hypotheticals when the government's entire premise rested on hypotheticals about the convoy degrading into violence. 

Which were never proven. 

But it never was about proof of anything or public health. Lametti himself basically said, smugly, the government can 'fill in gaps' between provincial and federal powers. I suppose laws evolve when you're busy not letting a crisis go to waste, eh Dave?  In other words, my characterization of this government playing Calvin Ball was correct. This is not a democracy. This is a banana republic. A regime.

Recall that Lametti is the Attorney-General that said Canadians have no property rights. At least I think that's the hat he was wearing at the time. The many faces and hats of Lametti indeed.

In the end, if the fear felt was sincere, well then Lametti et al. need to brush up on human nature. It is the government who accosted the people first. It coerced an experimental and failed gene editing mRNA technology into the bodies of millions without proper informed consent. They mauled Charter rights to pummel people into the desired outcome. 

This is the stuff of cowards and despots. 

As such, the principle of ethical reciprocity in the face of actual aggression applies I argue They claim to have been driven to not escalate the problem (even though it was Trudeau who engaged in counter-productive hate speech against the unvaccinated and truckers) and were looking for a "peaceful" end to the protests but in the end, they were looking for trouble. The tactic was to dehumanize truckers and the unvaccinated.

Always remember. ALL FOR A VIRUS with an overall 99.985%.

All this mayhem. For shame.

You didn't look good at all, David.

Onto Chrystia Freeland.


Please forgive if this post seems too free-form or disjointed, I did it in one draft and had to move on.

No time to proof-read.

Quick Comment On The Public Hearings

To those principled and astute enough capable of reading the proceedings and testimonials while further exploring the world of 'between the lines', know that this government wanted to invoke the act and made up shit to make it happen.

This is the tone I decode from the testimonials of people like Sabia, Laemtti and Algabra.

They all made sure to express their personal fears and to characterize the truckers as 'occupiers'. They all didn't seem to know precisely what the grievances were nor did they express they cared to know.

Because, in my view, it was pre-planned to invoke the Act. I bet that if we had access to the Cabinet minutes that's what it would show.

This government invents words (Algabra kept using the word 'blockaders') and narratives like it does laws.

The very definition of a banana republic.

The lack of wisdom, empathy and accountability on their part is unfortunate, disheartening and sad.

This government crossed a Rubicon they don't seem to be aware of.

Worse, or care.

The Lies And Misinformation From Canadian Officials Continues Anand Edition

Minister of defense Anita Anand made the claim that Ukraine is a democratic nation.

Ukraine is not and never has been a democratic nation.

It's a vassal state with the trimmings of a democracy but behaves authoritarian.

For example, Zelensky outlawed 11 political parties.

Our leaders fail on the basic level of truth to promulgate their pathetic war-mongering narratives.

The Difference Between Smith And Alberta And Legault An Quebec.

One is a true leader Beth dignity and integrity with a real action plan who cares and will protect Alberta.

The other is a whore who is selling the rights and privacy of Quebecers at any price to everyone.

Guess which is which.

Legault and Justin are hatching a disgusting plan where Legault sells our privacy rights to Justin who then gives it to the WHO.

Good job Quebec. You gave 90 seats to a greedy whore.

Listen to Smith.

Now look at the shit we have here.

You should be envious, sad and disgusted.


Fauci's Gone But He Leaves Behind A Record Of Mayhem And Corruption

Not going to get into here but I just wanted to send my salute to Anthony Fauci.

Your mendacious lying won't be missed.

You will hopefully face the justice system or God's judgement.

Good riddance and take your brand of scientism with you.

I wish someone of high character replaces you but I'm not holding my breath.

NIH/NIAID needs a massive overhaul as do the fully captured FDA and CDC.

Now I wait for the day Tam leaves.

Fauci and Tam were the Peter Principle in real time and action. 

The Disinformation (Propaganda) Of Mendocino.

The government thinks this is a one-way street.


They don't get to lie. 

Mendocino, who was out spreading this government's authoritarian censorship plans at the G7 or whatever pointless international summit they seem to hang out at, simply sat on his ass lying to the Canadian people today.


Law enforcement never supported this government. 

Here are the receipts.

This government has never been honest with the public.

Mendocino was a train wreck. It promises to get progressively worse with Omar, Anand, Freeland and Justin.

Government lawyers will stall and Rouleau may interject but the truth is coming out.

Yes. I am saying the biggest threat to public safety and freedom of speech IS the Liberal party of Canada.

That much is clear.

But they want to silence the people and their voices. 

Not gonna happen Marco. 

Bring it on. 

What They Lied About


Vitamin D.

Natural immunity. 

They didn't want you to know.


Well, that's what an investigation is for.

We need to find out why. 

Public Inquiry Hearings Question

The invoking of the War Measures Act during the October Crisis in 1970 is now seen as an overreaction despite kidnappings and the murder of a politician during the October Crisis.

If murder wasn't enough to rise to a national security threat, what makes you think honking, illegal parking and a 'longer duration than we thought' rises to the triggering of the Emergencies Act?

Sr. and Jr. invoked the two most drastic acts in the governmental 'tool box'.

Sr. and Jr. wanted to come off looking like strongmen but were and are in fact sowers of discord. 

We're Ruled By Lying Psychopaths Who Spread Disinformation; We Know Who They Are

 Forbes. September 2020:

     "What would a normal vaccine trial look like?

Prevention of infection must be a critical endpoint. Any vaccine trial should include regular antigen testing every three days to test contagiousness to pick up early signs of infection and PCR testing once a week to confirm infection by SARS-CoV-2 test the ability of the vaccines to stave off infection.

Prevention of infection is not a criterion for success for any of these vaccines. In fact, their endpoints all require confirmed infections and all those they will include in the analysis for success, the only difference being the severity of symptoms between the vaccinated and unvaccinated. Measuring differences amongst only those infected by SARS-CoV-2 underscores the implicit conclusion that the vaccines are not expected to prevent infection, only modify symptoms of those infected."

Didn't tell you that, huh?

We did though.

Instead, they said, 'Take the shot, end the pandemic."

People still think this and that the virus swirls because a handful of people chose to decline the mRNA lie.

They read through it. You didn't.

You should be angry.


Know why? Because they continue to abuse, bully, and LIE. 

Their spins are so out of control that none of it makes any sense. One infectious disease doctor from McGill - let's call him Don Vinh - arrogantly proclaimed you take the shots until you don't need it like antibiotics.

I'd rather deal with a used car salesman. At least I only lose money wth him.

With the experts, your health is in jeopardy and your dignity challenged.

Oh. It was never meant to stop transmission! Just prevent infection!


Ok, they lower 'severe disease'!

Ok, chump.

Ask yourself this, if you get Covid how do you know? 

You don't.

That's the power of the propaganda - DISINFORMATION.


They lied to you. There's no way they didn't know this early on.

Even Deborah Birx, Madame Lockdown Lunatic, admitted this in her book of strange admissions. It reads like she's repenting in parts. 'Go easy on me with the lashing!'

Always remember one key statistic that was in your face you should have heeded before downloading the passport app and listening and trusting assholes like Labos, Legault, Bombardier, Dube, Patrick Lagace, Josee Legautl, Don Vinh and everyone else who supported this vile tool of social engineering including Isaac Boguch, Colin Furness, David Fisman, Kieran Moore, and Peter Juni (who is employed at Oxford now fuckijng shit up there with his incompetence), Heather Mallick, Diane Francis, The Montreal Gazette, CTV News, Ottawa Citizen, Global News and everyone in between the rotten crevices of stupidity and still many others to numerous to name here including ultimately provincial health Ministers, Theresa Tam and Justin Trudeau, that the 95% effective claim was the absolute risk ratio (ARR). the overall survival rate always was around 99.985%. Your immune system was already telling you to calm down. How does a man-made product (for a virus created n a lab I might add) supplant God's immune system? It can't - and never will. The relative risk (RRR) which is the more accurate figure was 1%-3% effective. Yes, re-read that. That's why as time goes on, it enters negative efficacy and the propaganda demands you get boosted comparing your body to a dirty battery. 

Vaccines are a lie. All of them. Come to terms with it.

It's imperative that you understand they destroyed the civil order dividing Canadians along medical status lines culminating into the invocation of the Emergencies Act. It's easy to scoff at the truckers for their 'sanctimonious' rhetoric. But the reality is mandates were coerced on the premise everyone must take a medical procedure (in many cases against their will) even though the government likely knew they were not going to work. And the media danced and cackled like witches alongside these crimes against humanity. People lost their jobs over this. You can't overstate the depravity of what we did.

You should be appalled and horrified at what they've done.

The smart ones shut their mouths once it became obvious the 'vaccines' were a catastrophic failure.

Ask yourself this.

If the mRNA does none of what's claimed. And that they wane after a few months and you have to keep taking them like a treatment increasing the risk/reward/benefits/risk calculus and odds against you with each passing shot and given the facts above....

How in the world could it have saved '20 million lives'?


It didn't.

Now they want health certificate passports. They want to pump all kinds of vaccines into you. Flu, Fentanyl, whatever. It's a financial bonanza. The more they sell, the more McGill gets from Bill Gates. The media gaslights you and solicits 'expert' advice from the same pool of corrupted pseudoscience.

Civilizations of the past often cut down business leaders who got too big for their societies be it a tribe, Kingdom or city-state. Bill Gates and George Soros are two men who should be at the top of the list to confiscate their fortunes.


Because their behind every single vile project known to man. Soros purposely rigs elections in an effort to weaken democracies to profit off them. Gates is working on various forced vaccination schemes including micro-chips and Q-dots, 'Morality pills' to induce compliance and supported by bio-ethicists, and even climate change scams and schemes like blocking the sun which the Biden administration is set to attempt.

These people are going to destroy the human species. They're so blinded by hubris, they think they can control and defeat Mother Nature.

So deluded in their arrogance, it's not a surprise they will always scream for masks. They won't stop.

Only when you show you are strong, free and fearless will they back down.

This time, however, it won't be enough.

We will need to make an example of them.

Justice we want.

And we want real justice.

For the sake of humanity and our future.

Say no to the bio-security medical tyranny they're creating.

You can start by one simple step: BE AWARE.

Once aware, you stop repeating their jargon to informed people.

You sound and look like an idiot saying, 'wear a mask' to (insert whatever nonsense here).

You sound and look like an idiot repeating their cynically crafted lies.


The power really is in your hands. 

You can engage in direct action too.

The National Citizen's Inquiry is one way.

Get involved.


Shake the walls.