The Judiciary Insanity Continues

I'm at a loss for words for what's happening in Canada. Chalk another one up for the Charter being completely neutered and irrelevant.

An Alberta appeals court has upheld that AHS and Alberta transplant doctors can deny transplants to unvaccinated candidates.

Much to unpack here.

One, as said over and over here, Canada is one cruel, backward and ignorant place.

Two, those doctors are unethical monsters.

Three, AHS, like most health agencies, is corrupt and incompetent.

Four, the courts are extensions of the government thus rendering them useless and pointless.

If Alberta (as of yet no other province is doing this) chooses the medical apartheid route, then unvaccinated Canadians should have the right to opt-out of paying taxes for public health.  Not only that, if you're an organ donor and give blood, take your name off the list. I removed the organ donor clause in my will as well as stopped giving blood. I didn't sign over my organs on my driver's license 

They want to play this way, this is the best way to voice disapproval. 

It will be interesting to see if Danielle Smith weighs in on this unconscionable decision.

Above all, what this ruling says is doctors and public health trump Charter rights.

I'll let you digest why this is a horrible development in Canadian affairs.

This ruling should sicken all Canadians.

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