The Disinformation (Propaganda) Of Mendocino.

The government thinks this is a one-way street.


They don't get to lie. 

Mendocino, who was out spreading this government's authoritarian censorship plans at the G7 or whatever pointless international summit they seem to hang out at, simply sat on his ass lying to the Canadian people today.


Law enforcement never supported this government. 

Here are the receipts.

This government has never been honest with the public.

Mendocino was a train wreck. It promises to get progressively worse with Omar, Anand, Freeland and Justin.

Government lawyers will stall and Rouleau may interject but the truth is coming out.

Yes. I am saying the biggest threat to public safety and freedom of speech IS the Liberal party of Canada.

That much is clear.

But they want to silence the people and their voices. 

Not gonna happen Marco. 

Bring it on. 

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