Sober Thoughts

About that unconscionable Alberta ruling.

Let me see if I understand Canadian compassion and empathy right.

Covid death - which is natural and hard to stop - is bad. But purposely and consciously denying life-saving treatment because of a medical procedure is good.

Your champion doctor's logic at work right there.

They can now deny medical treatment for whatever they want.

Let's be blunt. That woman is going to die. How is this not 1st-degree murder by the state? It was premeditated because they consciously denied her a right to live. Murder.

Yes, I am accusing the Alberta judicial and medical system of murder.

This is the result of a shitty cost-centric public health system run by shitty people who refuse to fix shitty universal care.

Canada's public health system is in moral, ethical and medical disrepair.

Take a bow assholes.

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