J'Accuse! Lay Criminal Charges Against PHAC, Ontario Ministry Of Health, And Orders of Physicians For Misinformation Endangering Public Health

When asked (about Kieran Moore partying maskless holding a drink in one hand), the Ontario Ministry of health responded by saying "He follows many layers of protection including screening daily for symptoms of any respiratory infection, practicing good hand hygiene, staying up to date on immunizations, masking when necessary and distancing when possible."

It is shocking and astonishing that this remains the narrative in Canada.

None of these 'recommendations' have been proven to work.

We're 2.5 years into this. We've had multiple studies showing most of these measures or NPIs are futile. 

We know excessive hand washing is not healthy. And that several hand sanitizer brands are made with toxic chemicals posing threat to human health.

We know social distancing is a farce. Deborah Birx and Robert Redfield admitted it publicly. Moreover, that it never had any basis in science as it originated in a high school project.

We know excessive testing only fuels fear. We know PCR testing at high cycles distorts and conflates cases and infection. We know PCR generates a high false positive rate.

We know masks are completely useless as the scientific literature overwhelming points to their ineffectiveness. Fauci knows this as does Tam. Evidently, Moore agrees. They've said so publicly prior to the lockdowns. It is not lost on me that just prior to the global response our public health experts were following established science. Then they switched in a matter of weeks. The question is: Why? Worse still, we know surgical masks were invented for bacteria and have absolutely no ability to protect from viruses. 

So-called experts, usually physicians, paediatricians, and infectious disease doctors, aren't industrial hygienists and therefore mask experts. Just like how the medical establishment refuses to educate the public on sterilizing and non-sterilizing vaccines so as to release tension in the public, they do not explain the difference between aerosolized and droplet transmission. Given that this virus is aerosolized, and therefore renders hand sanitizing almost moot, they also render masks moot. If they'd explained this, maybe we wouldn't see people wearing masks outside in the fresh air and alone in their cars.

What about KN94 and N-95 masks? They wear them in Japan! And? It's beside the point. That's cultural. The West doesn't hide their faces and science was on our side all these years. This obsession and fascination about assuming how 'respectful' and intelligent Japan and Asia are when it comes to respiratory illnesses is mostly a hit job to get people to comply with a noxious social habit. It's a form of social engineering using cherry-picked data and information. The concern here is we've allowed an assumption to become a fact. Hence, this is why you're not seeing a mea culpa about masks but rather calls for cultural change to accept them.

Based on junk science.

These masks were created for dust particles used on construction sites predominantly. They are not meant to be worn all day long and need to be swapped every couple of hours. They're not healthy alternatives. Last, masks in community settings are a bio-hazard. We know this. Improper handling of masks - of which 100% of people are guilty, especially children - only exacerbates health risks as they could lead to more infections all the while not stopping transmission.

Anyone making this claim is ignorant, misinformed and not being honest.

In a recent video, Tam revealed the depth of how regressive public health is when she claimed she wears a mask to prevent asymptomatic spread. We know asymptomatic spread is rare and poses no threat to public health and has never been a main driver of outbreaks. This ceased being an issue in most places in early 2021 yet it seems to continue to persist in the closed-off realm of PHAC?

I will leave aside the foul and cruel push to mask children aside as it also could constitute criminal charges on its own.

"Extra layers of protection" is another vacuous phrase - medical 'verbal virtuosity like 'flatten the curve' - dreamed up by our health officials and behavioural scientists. It's alleged 'staying up to date' and masks are 'extra layers'. Neither on their own provides protection so how can both suddenly offer protection? 

The idea your immune system is a battery that needs charging with man-made 'boosters' is absurd on its face. Our immune system is far more complex, mysterious and powerful than that. Public health officials demean the power of the immune system - thus ignore natural immunity in the process - in order to promulgate a dubious public health narrative.

On the vaccines, Canada finds itself in a precarious situation. The College of Physicians for Ontario sent a memo to doctors suggesting that if people decline vaccination that they should be put on psychiatric medication. Imagine what they would do to me for writing this post! In fact, we're in a situation where exercising your right to bodily autonomy while holding different opinions from the prescribed and official narrative makes you a threat to 'national security. This isn't just unethical. It's evil. It's the state and the medical establishment joining forces to pummel our personal sovereignty. We should all be worried. Very worried.

Furthermore, continuing to ignore providing beneficial advice outside the scope of the pharmaceutical machinery also constitutes malpractice and enters the realm of malfeasance.

To wit:

We know antivirals like Ivermectin do help to reduce symptoms when administered early. 
We know Vitamin D and C are useful in maintaining a healthy body.
We know sleep and exercise are important.
We know, above all, natural immunity is real and is a biological fact. 

If natural immunity is not real, how did we survive as a species until the roll-out of 'safe and effective' vaccines - the alleged miracles of medicine - prior to mass immunization in the 1950s. Do pray tell how childhood disease exploded in the 1980s and 1990s as we expanded the vaccine schedule?

It is time to revisit and rethink our positions and long-held beliefs which appear to be less rooted in science and evidence and more in faith and dogma. 

Yet, public health and academic experts continue to ignore these simple preventative options and refuse to update their protocols choosing instead to use questionable 'vaccines' as a means to a medical end and selling them as though they're a panacea. 

Why do they continue to not publicly state this?

Taken on the aggregate these useless recommendations distort the reality of the threat. Public health continues to not properly inform Canadians that the mRNA injections are non-sterilizing and therefore cannot stop transmission and do not prevent infection which they promised was the cases and the basis for mandates. Indeed, small and fraudulent clinical trials never tested for transmission. Citizens continue to be divided due to the conflation of non-sterilizing and sterilizing immunization. This crookedness has led to a global response that has shattered Constitutions and Charters and (allegedly) protected civil and human rights and ushered in a bio-medical security state (including potentially global vaccine certificates that violate medical autonomy) in its place. Otherwise known as medical tyranny.

There is no excuse for public health on any level to be peddling these pseudoscientific and superstitious anymore as they ultimately damage the psychology of people.

Canadian public health along with behavioural scientists and Orders of Physicians across Canada are experimenting with Canadians and are engaging in a campaign of misinformation.

If they can't adjust to the facts and course correct, then I demand the resignation of all public health officials who continue to mislead the public in this manner. They must cease and desist from their campaign of fear through these obtuse and obscene claims immediately.

If they choose to continue to engage in lies, I submit criminal charges should be laid for reckless endangerment causing bodily harm to the well-being of Canadians.

The hysteria must end. And it begins with holding people to account for their actions that fuelled the chaos in our civilization.

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