Self-Congratulatory Flatulence

Did you hear that fart?

That was Canadians congratulating themselves for putting on a public inquiry posting to how super duper democratic we are.

Except, to anyone listening intently - as Cicero did all those years ago - we have a serious problem in this country.

The precedent has been set where the government can now amend laws on the fly to fit a contemporary narrative.

If this be the 'new norma' why have laws at all?

Why have a Charter if the courts won't apply it and defend rights?

A government now can declare a state of emergency and do whatever it wants now.

When Col. David Redman went public stating he contacted all the Premiers to ask why they weren't following the pandemic playbook that was already in place and ratified by Parliament a few years ago and got no response, I knew there was a serious problem.

Justin took this country off track and the longer he remains, the more it will veer further adrift. 

We had a chance to neuter this so as to have a chance to get it back on track. But the electorate decided to give him another shot (largely thanks to the uselessness of the Conservatives) and strong mandates to the biggest offenders Legault and Ford. By the time the conservatives regain power (and it's not a sure bet of course), the country will have gone so far off it will be almost impossible - or very difficult to reset it. Where do you start? Reversing the gun freeze, reinstating plastics. slowing down the climate scam agenda, eliminating the carbon tax, ending MAIDS, transgender legislation mutilating children, ending the legalization of fentanyl, the need to strengthen to Charter, booting the WEF, reducing our commitment to the 'One World' global agenda, holding Parliament to account and making transparency a key part of our democracy, reversing all precedences set by the Covid response, and so on.

Justin lay one big piece of shit on us and if he were to get re-elected again (I don't even want to think about it) his policies will make Canada Venezuela north. Canazuela. 

Attentive people aren't stupid. 

They know a dud and a problem when they see one.

Question for CTV's Don Martin (who was on the wrong side of passports). He conceded there were full of holes in the government's claims (understatement of the year) but said the cross-examining lawyers failed to poke bigger holes. 

1) How much bigger do we need, Don? The holes that were present, seems to me, were sufficient.

2) If they had any chance do so, it was quashed by key information being redacted and not allowed to be unredacted.

It wasn't the fault of the lawyers they failed to poke more holes, it was the cynicism of the government's redactions and the refusal to call them out on it.

The farce can be summed up in this meme:


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