The Lawless Leviathan: They Make It Up As They Go Along

Quick post before I get to Justin's scandalous testimony of lies later on.

The government combating disinformation is a fight with itself.

We absolutely do have a serious problem of lying to fit narratives.

This is because the ruling elites have lost the plot and have no more answers - if they ever had any.

They led the greatest Ponzi scheme in world history these past 80 years. The system isn't about the breakdowm, it is broken.

That's the reality. 

It was the butler all along.

Covid should have made you realize this. 

It's broken.  That's why they're turning on their own citizens. That's why they want to take guns and suppress speech and dehumanize everyone in sight.

The pitchforks and torches are being made as we speak.

They see it and try to get ahead of it.

Canada was the little guppy swimming ahead of the whale. The collapse of an illusion is happening here and in the USA.

Watching the public inquiry hearings I kept saying to myself, 'this is no good.' 'See that there? Lametti and Mendocino playing GI Joe like they're on a play date? No good. Freeland getting emotional and exaggerating threats? Pas bon. Omar just being there? Not good. Justin? My Lord. RED ALERT not good..

The only one there that showed any level of humanity was Anand. Poor Anita. A true believer useful idiot who probably is the best candidate to break with Cabinet solidarity. She's in a cult and she knows it. But can't get out. 

First, because they're all cowards. Second, what is she going to say?

Something is keeping Justin propped up. By that, I don't mean the cynical machinations of coalitions. I mean something beyond Canada.

It's sorta kinda obvious, no?

The biggest worry to come of this was the idea that they have accorded themselves the right to make shit up as they go along to fit their narratives.

Because it's all broken. Garbage.

They're indeed manipulating ALL data. Everything.

They're spreading dis AND misinformation at the same time.

You're not the problem. You reading alternative sources is not a crime. They want you to think it is. They want to make it a crime. 

They have to keep their shell game going.

It's so easy to make stuff up. We just saw it with our own eyes during the public hearings.

I don't care what Rouleau will write up. 

I heard it with my own ears. I read between the lines.

How about those redactions, eh?

They think you're stupid. You are the commoner who must submit.

Did you not see or hear? They said it to you. It was as much a declaration of their intentions and beliefs as it was a revealing of the plan that they know you can't stop.


About those conspiracies.

Yeh. It's probably all nothing.

Klaus. Gates. Soros. Digital ID. Health passports. mRNA corruption.

But who are these people exactly?

I think they already told us.

We're just not listening.

Here. Look.

Look you will.

Look you must.

Ultimately, we have to pity Justin Trudeau and his Cabinet. I believe something is happening in the world. Something perhaps of a paradigm shift and force control on the population is the only way they know how to respond. Free thinking threatens them. It really does.

Notice all Justin does is mock the people. His policies expand state power and weaken the power of the people. It eradicates personal agency and sovereignty. He sells it as 'protecting' the health and security of people but only an inattentive fool would and could believe such nonsense. Justin is an ideologue. A vapid vessel symbolizes the corruption of man in its current state. 

Justin will leave nothing of value to us. 

That's what Covid showed. Maybe it was God's way of revealing to people they have free will and must use it. 

Freeland positions herself of being 'esoteric' and as some kind of 'profound' politician who cares.

She's not symbolic of anything spiritual or philosophical.

A person who freezes bank accounts and shows no remorse for it; worse made it permanent can't be.

She's part of the Leviathan and must act accordingly.

Smirk away, Justin. In the end, you just represent a dead entity. You will be recorded as such in the future.

Let's continue to aim and try to be above him.

Keep fighting.

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