Canada: Kill Yourself

Comment from the CBC: "I believe in MAIDS".

Welcome to the death cult. 

With retail company Simon's wanting to open up a 'discussion' by cynically 'celebrating' a person's decision to end their life in their ads, you know Canada has come full circle.

In hell that is.

I was reading a debate between two people where one of them used the term 'assisted suicide' which raised the ire of one of the debaters. It showed 'bias' and the appropriate term now is MAIDS. 

Like a good obedient lackey of the state, you will obey whatever terms we declare.

You will believe

This is what it has come to in Canada. A complete degradation of the intellect and soul.

It's still assisted suicide no matter how you dice it.

I think it's telling Canada is one of only seven counties with loose rules and laws where assisted dying is concerned. 

Already stories are coming forward where medical soldiers of death are offering the option of suicide.

This happens to countries that rapidly descend into a void abyss of nothingness. No values. No morals. No principles. 

There's nothing compassionate or progressive in the promotion of death. 

Indeed, in a cost-centric system that's essentially collapsed (and about to get worse), the possibility of shifting to a patient-centric one is all but lost. The Colleges and Orders that oversee medicine like mafia fiefdoms have no interest in reforming health choosing instead to protect their money flows. 

The shittier your system the more you will accept suicides are a cost-saving measure.

Ironic we've spent 2.5 years trying to avoid death and in that time frame decided to become more permissive of suicidal death (on the rise because of the isolation caused by the futile and grotesque lockdowns) for people who want it. 

Except, that's not what's going to happen. The 'net' will expand into people who can be saved with support. We will become a little aggressive in promoting it. We will, well, 'nudge' people into taking this decision. They want to add 'mature' children to the mix.

It's not a coincidence that a Prime Minister who, to me, suffers from some kind of mental illness has taken us here. A PM who used the word 'serene' to describe his decision to freeze bank accounts.

A strange choice of words for an action that caused trauma, angst and anger?

Serenity now!

Comment: "I know we're not able to provide the care you paid half of your lifetime earnings to pay for. But have you considered just dying instead? It's super easy, we just hook you up and quickly kill you and then you don't have to worry about bills and stuff. It would really relieve a lot of the pressure on us healthcare workers if you did it. Anyway, I'll just leave this pamphlet here on your bedside table."

Pst. Your chronically ill. Kill yourself. Consider it. Here's our brochure. Subscribe to our newsletter!

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