Public Inquiry Commission For The Emergencies Act

We've come to the house stretch of the hearings with Mendocino, Freeland and Trudeau set to take the stand next week. Doug Ford chose to not do his duty and face the Canadian public. Which says a lot about him.

Here are my observations thus far and what it could mean for what we'll see during their testimonies.

So far, I see a government that created a narrative and stuck to it. They give the impression of being in a bubble and assessing the events within it.

How else to explain what appears to be a distorted perspective of what the true threat was?

Law enforcement agencies made it clear there was no threat but the government of Canada thought otherwise.

There seems to have been a disconnect between the facts on the ground and what the government was perceiving. There was a lot of meetings and talks but little listening. 

I believe the government, and the way they've behaved thus far only solidified this thought, had made the decision they were going to invoke it prior to all facts came in. They had an agenda and that agenda may not ever be revealed. Cabinet privilege makes it hard to get at the truth.

The strategy from the government's perspective was to paint this an illegal protest with dangerous truckers. They furrier made claims that Canada's reputation was at stake.

What wasn't acknowledges was that it was the Federal government who doused gas on the fire. Had there never been specious mandates to begin with, none of this happens. Instead, rather than loosen their grip on the population Ottawa tightened it and they went too far. Government should never interfere in the sanctity of our God given rights to live our lives as we see fit. Their mandates ended careers, families, friendships and even lives.

Government bureaucrats clearly fail to appreciate this fact. There was no sobering account of any of their actions.

Horns, trade disruptions and parking violations do not rise to a national security threat.

This government is charting a course for this country whereby anything could be construed as a 'threat' to national security. Covid and truckers in this case.

It's preposterous on its face.

They tell us our reputation was on the line. A reputation that already laid in tatters in the first place which is partly why there was a peaceful uprising. And let's not mince words here, the protests were peaceful.

No violence like we see with BLM and Antifa.

Even if we concede our reputation was questioned, it still doesn't justify Martial Law.

Reputations can be repaired. Crushing ciivl liberties while dividing Canadians for a long duration erodes trust and respect in the fabric of the civil order and our institutions. This is much harder to repair. If at all. And this government is showing no signs of grasping the damage they've done on a spiritual and philosophical level.

They kept talking about the 'rule of law'. What rule of law? Justin Trudeau flouted it on two occasions (SNC-Lavalin and Nova Scotia shooting scandals). If they cared so much for it, this PM would have been dealt with long ago. As in removed.

But this is not about any of that.

They paid lip service to our rights.

Sabia's testimony as well as Thomas's came off as flippant and not based in reality. These were people's lives they were messing with and they seemed to have no concept of 'unintended consequences'.

They need to brush up on their Bastiat.

They also don't like to be questioned. They're our masters after all.

Justin's bad habits settled into the mindset of our civil servants.

They probably don't like to be called servants.

They act like Civil Masters.

The tone set was that the truckers were unseemly criminals waiting to turn violent and they needed to be dealt with.

They used a howitzer to get a mouse.

So the stage is set. It's the Sicilian defence in chess. All the pawns came out and did their thing to protect the Queen. Government lawyers will pick up and run with this.

Cross-examining lawyers should be aware of this and adjust their game plan accordingly.

I don't expect any of these three to be sincere. Have you seen them in the House of Commons?

Prey on this weakness. Expose them.

We have a problem in our world. People know there's no justice. The lack of accountability is the doom of our civilization.

If the people perceive there are no consequences to failed actions, then it undermines the democracy government claims to protect. 

This is why we see them double down and blame the people. They never face any accountability. It's why they view the people as potential 'domestic terrorists. It's precisely what you'd expect from sociopaths and psychopaths. 

And this is the true threat to our democracy and liberty. 

The ultimate irony is they say the truckers engaged in an illegal occupation.

But they committed an even bigger crime. 

The illegal usurping of our rights


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