Labos's Lament Part 2; Hysterics Continues Apace In Canada

During the pandemic, the refrain was Canada was no better or worse in their response than most countries in the West. The Restriction Index indicated otherwise, but this was the common defense.

Now that we're in 2022, we still remain in a closed loop logic in Canada that several countries have broken out of - though the stink of Covid-19 illegal mandates and over reach remain.

I don't think one can mount much of a rebuttal that Canada by far is stuck in 2020 in the way it approaches not only Covid-19 but all diseases now.

Our greatest fear of simply succumbing to fear and reactionary superstitious 'layers of protection' as a normal approach to health is coming to fruition.

Common sense is completely out the window.

In the Globe & Mail today two doctors - those voices of reason - ar hyperventilating screaming about how 'the kids aren't alright' and that mask AND flu vaccines should be required.

What was never needed or a common health approach is now being forced upon people in real time. 

Are we going to react this way every time a perceived public threat challenges us?

Are we going to seriously use kids as human shields - for their protection they tell us - to protect society and a dysfunctional public health system that apparently will crack if a lady bug sits on it?

It's complete madness at this point and I hope parents start to listen to the little voice in their hearts and minds telling them this is all excessive.

RSV is not a major threat to children. And one must ask themselves why this is happening? Don't break your too hard. I think the fatality rate is .00047% for kids. I've been reading from experts not in the throngs of big pharma or corrupted by politics or clouded by a distorted precautionary principle stance, that RSV will rip right through the population and recede just as fast.

They once again warn against over-vaccinating in the middle of an outbreak lest it delivers more cases.

In other words, human intervention will make it worse just like it did Covid-19.

I don't see any Western nation reacting like Canada is.



Our favorite hyperventilating shill cardiologist from McGill. A while a ago I posted Labos's Lament and here's another as I multi-task juggling work.

He's out there peddling masks again.

Like many of our TV Dinner Experts (TM) are. 

I'd take Labos seriously if he wasn't so obnoxiously obvious in his cherry-piecing of data that misleads his viewers. Who these people may I don't know. CTV News - and CJAD and The Moooontreal Gazette - has been a champion purveyor of bad information from day one.

Just a couple of examples.

Naturally, as predicted, he ran with the Boston mask in schools study. A study that has been ripped to shreds by independent researchers and experts. 

Masks don't reduce transmission and never will.

That's what the real data shows.

Even if it does 10% - and for argument's sake let me concede this - it more than loses its edge with the harmful negative impacts they can cause.

Which people like Labos completely neglect. 

The other important part of the equation is did you ever hear him cite RCT studies from Finland, Barcelona, Tennessee and North Dakota which firmly refute his claim?

Did you ever him talk about the RCT study from Johns Hopkins from earlier this year that concluded lockdowns and restrictions were largely ineffective? Or the largest RCT mask study to date from Denmark also showing their negligible effectiveness?

Of course not. He has to sink with this ship as he's dogmatically invested quite a bit of his street cred into this nonsense. 

The Boston study is not an RCT study and therefore not as solid in its findings.

Or how about the fact Europe stopped masking kids and have zero intentions to reignite this divisive issue because it accepts they had a negligible impact while at the same time did likely pose some pernicious impacts.

Nordic countries, for the most part, kept their schools and daycare opened since 2020.

Labos laments. Let him wail in his pool of superstitious pseudoscience. 

Nowhere is this an issue. Not in the EU or U.S.

Yet the drum beat of fear and hysterics continues apace in Canada.

Why is that?

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