The Illiberal Party Of Canada

You may have noticed Canada is turning into a dystopian medical tyranny.

CPSO is advocating psychotherapy for people who decline to take an experimental mRNA injection while MAIDS is all the rage now.

To the point infants can now commit suicide or be killed.

It's a murderous game. Bioethicists have triumphed in their keen ability to justify murder and demean the human existence.

Say what you want about Christianity, it's not that into secularism's addiction to death. The irony is the West fears death. It has an unhealthy and uncomfortable relationship and fascination with it. 

They fear death yet embrace murderous state policies.

Progress something, something.

This is not a progressive and advanced civilization where spirituality and philosophy are concerned. I no longer accept that allopathic medicine is cutting edge.

I think it's stale and regressive. 

Out goal should be to enhance, protect, and save every single life while providing unfettered protection to the rights and dignity of people to maintain their medical autonomy.

This must not be negotiated with.

It should be absolute.

Anyone telling you it should be otherwise is regressive.

It's time to rebrand the Liberal party as Illiberal.

It doesn't protect free speech or expression. 

It's not interested in the free enterprise system.

It doesn't value the sanctity of human life submitting it to faux rational human computations.

It has not values to speak of.

Just anti-human and vacant policies.

Hence, the Illiberal Party of Canada.


You can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave.

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