Judges Misbehavin'

Michel Doucet.

You know it's bad when you know the names of the judges.

Before today I never heard of this guy but apparently, he's a judge.

But you wouldn't know it perusing his Twitter account which reads like a left-wing political diatribe.

Seems like Tucker Carlson triggered, Doucet. So much so it elected this shocking response. 

How is this permitted? Is this not beneath the bench? 

It is unacceptable to take to social media and use such language because you disagree with an opinion. Is there no damn integrity and dignity left in Canada?

And for the record, Carlson is not that off the mark. At the moment. this is a despotic country. And seeing this guy is in New Brunswick, it doesn't surprise me. New Brunswick was one of the more restrictive provinces with useless, unethical,  unscientific and pathetic mandates.

Good luck to anyone who doesn't share his views. I doubt they'd get a fair hearing. 

I don't know very many judges who take to Twitter to show their political colours but Doucet shows his 'red' bonafide quite well. By that, I mean arrogantly and without class.

But hey.

It's Canada.

Land of the smug self-righteous dopes.

There's nothing particularly progressive or impressive about Canada.

Michel, get off the far left high horse. It's a bad look, buddy.


Rouleau ruling to brief Cabinet before release to the public

You read it right.

Just when you thought we had some semblance of a democratic and transparent process distracting us from the suspicion we don't have good governance, in comes this.

The Rouleau commission is slated to be released on February 20. However, two weeks before on February 6, Trudeau and his Cabinet will have access to its findings.

Let that sink in.

Still, think this is a democracy?

I shouldn't have to tell you why this is bad.

The poor optics is the least of our concerns.

The problem here is you're giving the defence - which is what the government is in this case - a chance to spin the ruling in its favor. It will then work on its mutts and hacks in the media to convey its propaganda to the population.

A largely apathetic population that either don't care or even knew there was a public hearing into the use of the emergencies act.

So it should be very easy for the government to manipulate.

The other potentially troubling aspect is that they can attempt to influence or pressure the commissioner to change some or all of its rulings. In the interest of 'democracy' and 'population health' of course.

And if there's one thing we've learned about the Liberals, they're all about petty authoritarian politics.

Would not surprise me if staffers go in and defend the Queen. Judging by their testimonies at the inquiry, this is almost a given.

There you have it.

It's all banana republics and garbage. 

Canada isn't a country.

It's a club. 


Critical Thinking For Dummies

Scott Adams wants an explanation for how people read the whole Covid scam properly allowing them to decline the 'vaccine' which he now admits are a failure and dangerous. 

He says 'you won'.

But it never was about 'winning'.

These people just don't get it. They see this in some kind of odd Darwinian-binary calculus of 'right' and 'wrong'.

It's impossible to explain how we got it 'right'.

Many factors went into it. Different people arrived at their conclusion for different reasons.

Maybe down the road I'll attempt to make a go of it but not here. It's just too enormous a task.

But let's go with one simple measure.

They said the 'vaccines' were '95% effective'.

At that point, it was incumbent on YOU to reattach and investigate it. But people chose instead to remain in fear and follow orders from public health officials never once asking if they were competent or genuine in their orders.

The fact they pushed so hard through mandates was another red flag.

By the time the 'vaccines' rolled out, we knew the virus wasn't an existential threat (despite the deaths likely over counted). 

By April of 2020, studies were already published saying it would end up being in line with the flu. Never mind Dr. Ioannidis of Stanford (one of the most cited scientists in the world) he conducted the study. One Anthony Fauci - Mr. Sciency himself - concluded the same after his assessment of the Diamond Princess incident.

By 2021, we knew it had a 99.985% survival rate.




What's better?

Natural immunity.


When I put it this way to a friend, it was like seeing him arise from the dead.

And what about the utterly useless boosters?

Notice, that this was such a deadly pandemic that excess deaths were higher in 2021 than 2020 and now 2022 higher than 2021.

How does that happen?

Aren't viruses supposed to weaken over time?


Always have.

Gee, what other factor could be in play here?



And better speed it up because the scammers want to install a medical tyranny.

For our health.


Reject it.

One way is to exercise your brain and mind.

Covid won't kill us.

But our reaction and policies will eradicate our civil liberties.

Starring At Yuk Yuks: Justin Trudeau!

I hold no punches here.

Justin Trudeau is a clown.

A big one.

Like Bozo.

Except he's not funny.

But he thinks he is.

He also fancies himself a statesman.

Which he obviously is not.

Last week he was pandering to his Liberal base giving his spiel and pitch. In one part of the "off the cuff" speech, he attacked Pierre Poilievre.

Apparently, Poilievre engages in divisive and offensive speech.

Hm. Funny guy that Justin! Always accuse those of that which you are guilty.

We see that with the Democrats - the empire - do that all the time. They're often guilty of the scandals and crimes they accused Trump of. All in the open too. You just have wipe the fog from your spectacles and gently use a QI-Tip to remove some wax that may block your hearing.

Again. Just in case. Because it astonishes me how people are so flippant about what this government did to people. He chose for political expediency to divide people through mandates and divisive rhetoric that - to me - crossed over into hate speech. His words were repugnant. He acted like a jerk. And that will absolutely be recorded as such in the annals of history.

And he appallingly continues to do so. His underhanded, passive-aggressive, smug shots are precisely what a true statesman and intelligent leader avoids. Instead, he pours gas over it because his ego is bruised. A character trait and flaw of the quintessential dictator. The more he does it, the more they will protest - and get louder. 

I would ask for a refund from McKinsey. But that's me.

The people protesting Justin aren't mentally ill. They're angry. They see something that is being lost by this government. The Liberals are fast tracking this country into tyranny.

The usual comeback is, as Stephane Guilbeault recently told a reporter (I paraphrase), "have you been to countries with no freedom?" to which the reporter responded "I'm from Turkey and know all about it">

Stephane had no comeback.

That's because the Liberals are ideologues.

They're unprincipled and valueless. 

Stephane proved he doesn't;t care about liberty because none of them ever actually pondered it and take it fro granted. As long as we're not 'those countries" (though Canada absolutely acted like an authoritarian regime. You don't remove God given mobility rights of Canadians banning one portion of the population from domestic travel. That wasn't something they did for their health or science, that was punitive and it was disgusting. The act of petty authoritarians(, we're all good. 

As we inch more and more to a civilization abandoning all principles related to liberty (Canada is sinking into the St. Lawrence in the democracy index fund), Canadians are engaging in infantile relativism by plucking out extreme cases and comparing us to true authoritarian and totalitarian regimes. 

We're not Saudi Arabia.



Another subject Justin attacked Poilievre on was the economy.

He mocked and chastised him for telling Canadians to invest in crypto as a hedge against inflation. He correctly said had people listened, they would have  lost 'half' their investment.

It is true 2022 was a terrible year for crypto. Its reputation as a possible Ponzi scheme rose (especially after the SBM disaster scam). As a result, trust in crypto has dropped.

However, Justin didn't say crypto. He said Bitcoin. As usual, this party likes to conflate and confuse.

A good example of this is conflating anti-mandates with anti-vaxxer. The former can be both against mandates (and they have all the facts and science on their side by  the way) and be in favor of vaccination. But the government - and media - lumps everyone into one basket. Another example is someone can be for immigration but against illegal immigration. But they're often tagged as 'anti-immigration'. Want to reform education? You hate teachers. And students.

Right. The same students cowardly teachers and adults through under the bus and used as human shields during the hysteria.

You get the picture.

Just thought to make that distinction. Crypto is its own entity and you can follow some of it at Coindesk.

Politicians shouldn't be giving investment advice and Poilievre perhaps should have avoided it. At best, he could have pointed people towards more traditional avenues to hedge against the dollar and inflation through gold and silver.

However, this pales in comparison to what Justin has done.

Poilievre's "indiscretion" was a hypothetical. Very few people understand crypto let alone ran to follow his advice. 

Justin was trying to highlight how irresponsible Poilierve and how his fiscal policy make look like. 

Weak sauce but there you go. Yuk Yuks.

Now compare Poilievre to what the Liberals have actually done.

They've outspent any government in Canadian history. They have imposed two carbon taxes and others. Their lockdown measures have resulted in the inflation we're seeing and the rising interest rates used to combat it.All the while refusing to sell our natural resources to countries - like G7 partners Germany and Japan - to help get us out of this mess.

In other words, Justin's policies have dented our wealth, prosperity, and purchasing power. His policies have done way worse damage than anything crypto could.

In fact, the OECD has pegged Canada to be the worst-performing
economy for the next 40 years.

A bit of a long-term frame but still.

Canada, as noted, dropped five spots from the Democracy Index.

This is not a country on a good track.

Time to turn on The Light.

And never invite back this jester.


Stupid People Are More Dangerous Than Misinformation

The world is filled with stupid people. 

Stupid, self-entitled, bratty, people. 

Take Gerald Butts.

A train wreck of ignorant hubris litters his Twitter account.

And this is a guy that found his way into the PMO because he's buddies with another spectacularly stupid person Justin Trudeau.

Stupid is far more dangerous than misinformation.

But the two combined, well, that's toxic to the point of being a direct threat to the democracy they claim to protect.

No, Jerry.

The government doesn't 'grant' anything to humans. Negative rights are bestowed upon us under the authority of God.

Here, the faux-progressive notion that somehow rights are 'granted' is to reduce rights to a mere mortal concept. That way, authoritarians can control the flow of rights and ultimately liberty.

I don't know if it's by design here, but even that would demand some level of intelligence. Communists were clever and intelligent propagandists.

But this bunch of liberals?

They're just stupid.

And arrogant about it.

That makes them far more dangerous than the unvaccinated or truckers. 


The Magic Of Vulgar Science

The detachment of medicine from reality, reason, and science has been an interesting fallout from the Covid hysteria.

You can't go four minutes without a doctor waving flawed studies du jour around. They will cite any paper that confirms their bias and narrative and summarily ignore those that don't. Moreover, they appear incapable or disinterested in realizing medical journals are captured echo chambers rooted in pharma propaganda and junk science. 

It's fascinating watching it unfold because this is a class that's been revered and respected in society and culture.

However, these past three years have exposed major problems within the field. Trust has eroded significantly as people have become warier about what's going on in medicine. They will say it's because of 'misinformation' and 'disinformation'. 

It's not.

We all can hear, see and feel what's going on.

And it's a shame.

Medicine has gone full corporate and woke while maintaining its usual monopoly on arrogance.

For example, here's a comment I found. 

"...Medicine is quite clearly (and without even so much as a hint of shame) altogether detached from science, biology and reality in general. It now strives first and foremost to reflect wokeness and the narrative-du-jour. If you need further proof of just how highjacked it has become, my daughter is in second year med school. This year, her class was taught that proper Labour and Delivery terminology now replaces 'breast feeding' with 'chest feeding', and 'mom' with 'pregnant person' ... cause ya know, men can have babies.... So are we really surprised that the good Professor spouts utter BS? After all, he's among those teaching it. God help us."

This is what we call quackery. Or what I call 'Vulgar medicine' or 'Vulgar science'. 

When I sat to write this post, I said to myself it would be great to know what doctors are learning in school these days.

There you go. Buckle up because we're about to see woke-medicine go to a whole new level.

Medicine is reduced to one solution now: Vaccines. 

Flu. Covid. Moderna. Pfizer. Bivalent. Multi-valent. And many others. 

Those magical potions that somehow 'saved millions' and 'lowered hospitalization' without stopping tranmission or preventing infection for a virus with a 99.985% survival rate. 


Recently, the Canadian public was introduced by the CBC to 'Stroke season'.

Clot season! Heart attack season! Cancer season! 

Rabbit season! Duck season!

Avoid all this by taking as many vaccines as you can! It doesn't matter which. Just take 'em!

The claim, made by one Raj Bhardwaj, is that flu vaccines can help prevent strokes.

Who knew?  Isn't science grand?

Why the dickens is excess mortality above the average? WE DON'T KNOW but we know it ain't the vaccines! Why are people getting a stroke? WE DON'T KNOW but this study shows get the flu shot!

Gee, I remember when aspirin was a good way to prevent strokes. 

No more in Canada. The Magic Men - oops sorry People - say flu shots do the trick.


My, my how lucky we are to be living in such an advanced nation with all these magical vaccines.

Do you believe in magic?

And now we have convicted felon Bill Gates warning Australians the next pandemic is going to be worse. How does he know? How fucking useless and gutless is the media to not ask this simple but crucial question?

I tell ya.

What an obscene mess.

We're now swimming in what I call the era of 'Vulgar science'.

This is where you get studies linking coffee to climate change, flu shots prevent strokes, unvaccinated people cause car accidents and 'incubate variants' etc. 

And Canada is a world leader in this vulgarity.


That doesn't mean good science isn't being conducted. It's just being ignored and pushed aside by ideologues and politicized science.

One day it will be rediscovered and it will be safe to once again engage in sound, rational, independent science. Alas, this Renaissance has to wait a little longer. It may not even happen in our lifetime but it will. It has to. 


The Permanent State Of Exception Must Be Reversed

Giorgio Agemben wrote about the emergence of the "state of exception" whereby governments temporarily assume or appropriate more power on the declaration of an emergency. 

The thinking, so it goes, is to temporarily invoke state power under the guise of protecting national security. Except, what really happens is a new baseline is created establishing a more permanent state of emergency. It becomes a permanent exception.

Think Quebec rolling over its 'state of emergency for two consecutive years' every 10 days. 

This creates a doom loop of constant emergencies driven by fear and falling prey to propagandized science. 

You're always at war with Eastasia. 

Currently, humanity is under a duo onslaught of Covid-19 and 'climate change' perpetual emergencies. The crafters of emergency narratives use the clever ploy of having people they manipulate always look into the future. It's where you hear the need to eat bugs, go full electric and digital ID.

We need to be in a constant state of 'preparedness' (read: paranoia) against future pandemics. Bill Gates - felon turned "philanthropist" - is a big fan of 'preparedness'. 

The Trojan Horse to more power. 

Climate change, with its origins in specious Malthusian science carving up a cottage industry in its infant stages, has evolved into a dogmatic religious movement completely detached from reality.

The Science (TM) in both cases doesn't adjust to real-world reality. 

The state of exception needs both existential threats to sustain itself. 

It has nothing to do with science, data, reality, and ultimately,  truth. 

In fact, we now have a situation where pandemics and climate change are being mischievously linked together into a vicious chimera of what's called 'safetyism' directed by the caring arms of the government. 

In our current state, dialogue's rhetoric is being driven by the need to be 'safe'. The best way to ensure safety is through a series of 'preventative' measures which coincide with the application (often misapplication) of the precautionary principle. 

In essence, we've witnessed troubling developments that threaten to weaken - possibly permanently - democracy as we've come to understand it in Canada. We've added the idea that obedience and safety are to be treated as values. 

As Amegben observed, as others have in history,  "....a society that lives in a constant state of emergency cannot be free."

Indeed, that's why the strategy by the powers that be is to attack the concept of freedom as being a threat to the common good. 

Stated otherwise, never give up freedom for security. Libertarians warned of the dangers of this thinking in the aftermath of 9/11 when the United States introduced the Patriot Act and with it the creation of the Department of Homeland Security. Leviathan grew bigger, badder....but not necessarily stronger. American freedoms were significantly curtailed (it gave birth to TSA) which continues to this day. Worse, what was to defend against terrorist activity has merged with the 'war on pathogens'. 

A government that can step in and order and coerce its citizens into a medical procedure is a menacing one and can only exist in a constant state of fear and paranoia.

In Canada, the Prime Minister often asserts it's his job to keep Canadians 'safe'. Except that is not the job of any politician. 

This is the nanny-state writ large. It is the height of hubris to assume such a role which can only result in authoritarian policies. The role of the government and law enforcement is to protect the freedoms of Canadians as prescribed in the Charter. To the extent, the Charter has any relevance anymore. 

Trudeau's job is to protect the rule of law. Here, we've seen he has failed in spectacular fashion. His government, in its shameless pursuit of ideological ideals, has forsaken the rule of law. It has acted outside it conditioning Canadians - already flippant and weakened after three years of Covid policy tyranny - to accept their masters indulging in hypocrisy and corruption. The complete lack of accountability and transparency has eroded public trust and confidence in the institutions of democracy here. What we have is a "Demockery."

Truckers didn't do this anymore Covid didn't ruin the economy or lead to civil disorder. Our decisions and subsequent policies in reaction to those events did. 

Instead, what we have is a government that shamelessly exploits loopholes in the wishy-washy language of the Charter 'reinterpreting' the law in its favor. as it sees fit  It's one thing to do it through the normal process of Parliamentary politics, but quite another when it's done in secret behind Cabinet and refusing to disclose their decisions by hiding behind Cabinet privilege Omertà. 

This is precisely how authoritarian governments operate. 

A politician's ultimate calculus is to maintain power. If that power is threatened, they will seek ways to preserve it. In this case, the Canadian government is cynically preying on the fears of Canadians (largely created by the state and corporate media that relies on state subsidies and corporate sponsorship including the pharmaceutical industry) to preserve its power claiming it's for their safety. As soon as safety doesn't provide the power it needs, it will abandon it. Machiavelli explains all this very well. 

Where the United States Constitution is written in absolute and strong terms, the Canadian Charter is a watered-down version of it. Where Americans - ostensibly - have a commitment to the ideals of freedom, Canadians have shown to be fair-weather bystanders too apathetic to defend the tenets in the Charter. 

For example. the Notwithstanding Clause, promoted by its supporters as a quintessential example of Canadian cooperation, can be perceived as a cop-out. In the state of exception, we're seeing how a jurisdiction (in this case Quebec to whom this ill-advised clause was designed) can use it. The Legault government has on more than one occasion threatened to invoke it on matters that shouldn't qualify. Like language and immigration.

A state of exception can lead to erosion and eventually fall of pluralistic democracies. 

We're in a race to the bottom now and left in irresponsible hands, we can easily find ourselves in a constitutional crisis. 

Ultimately, in short, in the U.S., the people have the final say. In Canada, the Charter was written in a way that ensures the government has the final say.

Brian Peckford, the last remaining author of the Charter, may disagree but to me, where the framers failed was to trust future governments to behave in the spirit in which they wrote it. In other words, they didn't account for the messiness of human nature which the Founding Fathers in the U.S. did. The foundational principle for them was that the natural default position of humanity is tyranny and as such a political system should be designed to protect its constant gaze. From there, it takes the 'eternal vigilance' of a free people to protect it and 'nourish the tree of liberty'.

It takes work to be free.

Perhaps down the road, Canada will be forced to revisit the Charter and strengthened its language in defence of free peoples. Indeed, by all accounts, when measured and compared to other constitutions, the Canadian version appears to be shallowest and weakest. But such an endeavour will have to come from the people. At the moment, Canadians seem all too willing to allow the state to take care of and protect them. 

They're not ready to nourish the tree of liberty. 

And so it is.

Anything qualifies as an emergency now. 

During the public hearings into the Emergencies Act, a spin on the 'state of exception' or perhaps an inevitable product of it, we heard how the political classes will handle whatever emergency they claim to be faced with.

Whether from Lametti, or Freehand or Trudeau, we often heard them say 'we had to act quickly'. The laws in place were not adequate to allow them to step in and swiftly save the day. Therefore, they had to rewrite the laws on the fly behind closed doors. 

Recently, Freeland reiterated this troubling mindset only this time applying it to climate change.

Action is required immediately to keep up with the United States. 

The problem with this thinking is that it claims current laws are too slow to keep up with their narratives.

So they bypass and amend the law without proper Parliamentary oversight or debate on the fly.  A good example is how the definition of a vaccine was changed at the CDC after the long-established traditional definition was seen as 'problematic' according to leaked emails or the definition of what qualified as a pandemic changed in 2009 by the W.H.O., this government is eroding public trust in the justice and the law. 

Just like banana republics do.

This is the precedent that has been set by this government and it needs to be reversed.

State of exception, in short, means the complete capitulation of liberty.


Quote Of The Day

"....That is especially true when it comes to the climate crisis, which is why we will work together and continue to work together to address these issues, to tackle these challenges, and to work together as we continue to work, operating from the new norms, rules, and agreements that we will convene to work together on to galvanize global action." 

V-P Kamala Harris.

Vaccine injured. 

Neurological damage.

"Layered Approach". Uh-Huh.

"If the tests work - why the false positives? If the masks work - why the 6 feet? If the 6 feet work - why the masks? If all 3 work - why the lock down? If all 4 work - why the vaccine? If the vaccine is safe - why the no liability clause?"

Because it's 'layered".

As in, "layered approach."


Canada Is A World Leader In Pseudoscience

Canada has become a very dangerous country to world health and science. 

It's a country that peddles in pseudoscience and has suddenly become a war mongering state.

Not a good combo.

And I haven't mentioned the abuse of power and abuse of the rule of law and endless stream of sleazy scandals.

Have you noticed how many recent 'studies' have been coming out of here that are pure junk science riddled with conflicts of interest?

Recall Firman's 'model' claiming the unvaccinated pose a threat to Canadians. A deliberately flawed study that was referred to by one dope - Adam Van Paddlehead Koerverden - in Parliament. How about the notorious unvaccinated are more likely to cause automobile accidents? 

Or check this priceless nonsense from - of course, CBC (Calgary) - where some quack goes on to cite some study about how if you inject yourself with more vaccine chemicals the less you are susceptible to a stroke. Why are we talking about strokes and heart attacks?  I think the more sober and honourable people recognize the shots are injuring people but the shills and hacks will try and distract you like this doctor is doing on the Rob Brown Comedy Hour starring Dr. Raj Bhardwaj. 

I want you to listen carefully to what's being said there in that clip.

Remember when they used to say an aspirin a day prevents strokes. 

No, no. It's the flu vaccine it turns out that does that. 

Aside from that, I always like perusing the Twitter accounts of these guys because they always tip their hands as to where they lie politically. Raj is no exception. Just like Jonathan Jarry. Just so we're clear, they lean what we call 'left'.  Surprise, surprise. 

Yet, these same people would think nothing of claiming science is too politicized without recognizing or admitting their own part they played in it.

It's really something to behold how captured Canada is. It's thoroughly concerning and depressing. 

We know Canada completely embraced the eradication of informed consent and medical autonomy all to now at the altar of their mRNA god. A more obscenely corrupted scenario I scarce conceive.

We also have taken to bragging about organ harvesting through MAIDS. Nice country. 

Now that the criminals are attempting to shift the blame the carnage caused by 'vaccines' and the excess mortality it's likely causing over to climate change, expect more quackery from Canada. 

This country is the stupid lap dog that does the bidding for its masters giddily and gleefully thinking 'they done good'. 

Climate change is the rage and linking it to our health is one way out of the mRNA catastrophe.

For example, the University of Chicoutimi - a noted beacon of science - has claimed coffee contributes to climate change.

Everything causes climate change (the world is no longer warming but entering a cooling stage) from cow farts to coffee. 

Eat your bugs. Stay home and don't move.

Al Gore needs to add to his $500 million fortune he made on this scam.

Greta - Pippilongstocking - is nothing more than a grifting fraud. She learned well from AOC on how to stage an arrest as she recently did in Germany. 

They're all lying to you. 

Climate is not posing a threat to us anymore than it has since this pathetic species (humans) have walked the earth acting like a dumbass like John Kerry.

And Klaus.

And the rest of the Bond villains including Justin and Chrystia.

Know the game.

Time to stop.



Freeland's Puerile, Cliched, Hypocritical And Cynical Musings On Democracy Is Nauseating Bordering On Sickening

There she was. 

Chrystia Freeland - Ukraine's favorite Canadian daughter -  praising the importance of Ukraine as a symbol of democracy at the worthless World Economic Forum.

Yes. The country that banned political parties, Churches and journalists is a beacon of democracy and freedom worthy of endless streams of our (and American) tax dollars.

That same country with a strong attachment to Nazism.

As if this wasn't bad enough, Canada's democracy under Justin Trudeau and Freeland has taken a hit not only on the Democracy Index but also with how others countries perceive it.

Canada has slipped a few notches since Justin took over while Ukraine is ranked below Russia.

We've taken a hit because this government isn't transparent, has abused the rule of law, speciously invoked the Emergencies Act while Freeland preyed on free citizens by freezing their bank accounts. 

Is this how Chrystia envisions democracy?

There isn't a more insufferable scene than listening to such stark and rank hypocrisy. 

Chrystia Freeland, like your boss, you lost the moral authority to govern. 


Enough of these antics. 

Canada Now Bragging About Harvesting Organs

There isn't a single RCT study showing masks are effective in hospital settings. Ditto for community settings. ZERO. The ones the media peddles are all usually in lab-controlled environments or mathematical models. 

In other words, garbage. 

And now we're killing people based on junk science.

We're at such an irrational and illogical point in Canada where hospitals have goons patrolling their rickety and dank halls enforcing masks.

Canada is without common sense, empathy and intelligence.

Read the story of the killing of Stephanie Warriner.

Good job Canada's hospitals. 

Doing us proud.

How bad is it in Canada?

Read this article about how we're harvesting organs through MAIDS.  The article attempts to frame it as though Canada is at the forefront of a 'rising trend'.

Yet,  I don't see other countries doing it. Let alone brag about it. 

China is into harvesting organs though.

Welcome to the Hotel Canada.  

Covid: What's In A Name; A Label?

In the age of Covid theatrics and hysteria, naming variants isn't as harmless as some Twitter scientists claim. 

I beg to disagree.

I think it was deliberate labelling the latest Covid variant the 'Kraken'. A mythical sea monster.

Just so we're clear. There is no evidence to show this variant results in more deaths or hospitalizations. 

We just went straight to OMFG panic and fear mode.

Gotta keep that narrative moving along.

So naming it 'Kraken' was not a coincidence.

We don't even name hurricanes and tornadoes after such violent mythical monsters. 

I think behavioural scientists had a chat with virologists and epidemiologists and they agreed to up the fear ante to eleventy.

So to speak. 

Next up: Godzilla.

Example Of The Peter Principle: John Kerry

Says the swift boat steering, freeloading gigolo who married into the Heinz family never having to work an honest job in 50 years.

These people are frightening. Their hubris and arrogance will cause a lot of unnecessary pain and misery.

Stupid people shouldn't be anywhere near a mic. 

Stupid because Kerry actually thinks he and his cohorts can beat Mother Nature.

Oh. And if you think he's giving up his private jet and yacht, I got a safe vaccine to sell you.


The WEF And WHO Are Dangerous. Both Threaten Human Health, Liberty And Dignity.

Comic book villain weirdo Klaus Schwab made an appeal to the faithful adherents of the Peter Principle in attendance to 'Master the future'.

Always look ahead in order to control the present.

Never live in the now.

Or else, you can't manipulate people through fear to achieve your agenda.

Master the future.

Tickle me skeptical.

Sounds ominous in fact. 

It coincides with the SEERS pandemic simulation they have planned for 2025.

Their shitty mathematical models were wrong about everything yet they seem to be able to predict to the year when a pandemic will hit. Funny how pandemics generally come once every 100 years or more but now are expected to be a common thing.

Bill Gates has the WHO by the balls.

Not sure how we get normies to not buy into the next planned attack. The next response could potentially be far worse than what we witnessed.

It will be the same but on steroids and with forced vaccinations and camps.

It could get very, very ugly. 

The challenge will be to get normie to understand it's not a conspiracy theory (since it's been broadcast) but a conspiracy. Big difference. 

You believed this will all go away?

You actually think they will let it go away?

Not with all this money on the table.

This has nothing to do with your health and everything to do with money.

Pandemics are big business now. And you can stop it.

First step, stop looking at this through the lens of partisan politics. 

The Liberals/Democrats are not better people who care more about you than Conservatives/Republicans.

The next step, get the latter in power because they will a) be less vulnerable to the scam and b) will not give up sovereignty to the WHO as stipulated in their agenda. 

We have two years to stop the expansion of WHO power, and the next planned pandemic. 

Finally, we need to weed out the politicians who are part of or sympathetic to the WEF.  In Canada, we have a huge problem with Justin, Chyrstia and Jagmeet being loyal soldiers to the WEF.

They will put globalist interests above Canada and sell it as if it's good for Canada.

No, it isn't.

I expect other countries to wake up to this before Canada does.

The WEF is poison and is dangerous for the future of humanity. 



Scenes From Night Court

"Biden went off-script talking to Fox News’ Peter Doocy about the security of his garage by claiming that is where he keeps his “Corvette.”

“Classified material next to your Corvette! What were you thinking?” Doocy said to the President in response. Biden defended himself by saying, “My Corvette is in a locked garage, OK? So it’s not like they’re sitting out on the street.”

Jesus help us all.

So let me see if I get this straight. Trump gets his house raided by the FBI based on a specious order to steal UNCLASSIFIED documents he took as his right as President. 

This Irish hoodlum takes CLASSIFIED documents while he was V-P and therefore not his right. Yet the media barely flinches and the FBI doesn't swarm his house? Not to mention the usual suspects trying to pretend this is a nothing burger.

My Lord. 

Is there any integrity left?

Why Is Canada Sudden;y A War Hawk?

Watching this government lose its mind over Ukraine makes me wonder what its ulterior motive is.

It can't be about democracy because Ukraine is a quasi-democracy that bans political parties and journalists and ranks below Russia on the Democracy Index. 

Makes you wonder. I see Canada (and the U.S.) as nothing but meddlesome troublemakers in the region. Get out. Now. 

Oh right. They're not done laundering money.

Justin's government is so filled with inner demons and contradictions, he no longer has the moral authority to govern.

This government has now purchased a missile defence system from the U.S, for $500 million (which they will then donate to Ukraine) and has procured a deal with Lockheed to purchase F-series jet fighters. The same series Justin mocked Harper for and subsequently killed seven years ago). Now they're buying the at a much higher price. Harper was going to buy them for $135 per jet. Justin is paying $215 million. What does Justin care? It's not his money. 

In both cases, heaven forbid we create and manufacture our own damn products. For such an anti-American country we sure do rely on their tech eh?

American experts are going to have to come in and train our military to use and maintain them. How much is that gonna cost? 

Where is this money coming from? Justin has already outspent pretty much any leader in Canadian history surpassing even his father. 

Don't get me wrong. I've always maintained it was a source of national embarrassment we never maintained our military over the years. With a sensible budget with rational leadership, we could have not only strengthened our military. but even have invested in a home-grown tech manufacturing base.

That's how you truly invest in yourself.

This is not an investment and I highly doubt they did proper due diligence here. This is a government that made a mess of ArriveCan for crying out loud. 

As it stands, under the undemocratic alliance of the Liberals/NDP (one day the Conservatives and PPC will form an alliance and watch how the left will howl in derision), is a loser country. 

Anand's comments about this 'investment' were preposterous and won't provide any kind or major boost to our economy long-term. This will, like any government-private deal, be a drain on taxpayers.

Canadians aren't buying it either. 

What an incredibly incompetent government. 


Either our government is really incompetent and stupid or it's corrupt.

Or all of them.

For some reason this video about the corruption of Lockheed's F series was not found but you can view it here.

This has Bombardier-like cost overruns written all over it.

Toyota Bails On EV

One of the world's largest auto manufacturers is getting out of the electric vehicle game.

A few days ago I laid out why the future isn't EV.

It's economically and environmentally not feasible.

The market clearly isn't that into them either or else we'd have seen a major spike in sales.

Left to their own choices, the consumer still prefers regular cars for obvious reasons.

The EV plan is hype. 

The 2030 target is not going to happen and politicians better face the music now.

Or else they will condemn our economy to hell.

The Liberals and NDP are economic illiterates and supreme hypocrites. So they'll continue on this destructive path.

You will pay THREE carbon taxes and it won't result in any green revolution of any kind. When this realization happens, they will ask you for more concessions - READ RESTRICTIONS ON YOUR RIGHTS - to achieve their objectives. At this point, all this is has to be viewed as nothing more than crony politics. 

There is no 'climate' consensus. There never was one. Anyone peddling it, is on the take or just a rube.

In a previous post I asked what happens when major auto makers shift? Will Canada ask them to leave? Or double down forcing them to exit the market? If it's a Liberal government, you can bet on the latter.

Right now, Toyota is out while Honda never warmed up to EV. These are two very popular brands in Canada. Is our government so delusional by this climate change nonsense to allow this to happen?

I've just about had enough of 'we gotta save the planet NOW or else we're all gonna die so you can no longer drive' stupidity.

Covid and climate are two peas in a pod. These two 'events' have allowed for an obscene expansion of government power. Keep the masses in fear, reap the power rewards.

I'm happy about this development.

It's a small step back towards sanity. 

Let's hope it grows. 


The U.S. Won't Be Stupid Forever; Will Canada Get The Memo?

Chrystia keeps saying how we have to 'act quick' to keep up with the Biden administration's 'green' initiatives. The federal government plans to do this in two ways. One is through the Canada Growth Fund.

A racketeering slush fund if I've ever seen one. 

Never have I seen a bigger bunch of corrupt cronies like the Liberals.

The other is through regressive taxes - ie carbon tax.

This morning I read how the House in the USA is wasting no time repealing several toxic Biden proposals, and bills.

"NEW: House Republicans to vote on a bill that would abolish the IRS, eliminate the national income tax, and replace it with a national consumption tax."

If that happens, I will be jealous. Meanwhile, the Canadian Tax Payers Federation just published a report whereby Federal AND Provincial taxes are shooting up. Here's a fact they dropped: Quebec is the highest-taxed jurisdiction in North America. And in the OECD, the 7th highest.

Spend and tax our way into oblivion.

If Canadians don't read the room right and shift gears, we'll be paying a heavy price real soon.

But not before our own Chrystia flies out to another WEF conference - how many conferences has she and Justin attended since 2022? Every time I see a headline they're everywhere but in Ottawa. They must be leaving some carbon footprint, eh?.

More WEF nonsense coming our way indeed.

Thumbs Up
If that happens, America's prosperity is going to increase, while Canada will fall way behind

Relevant Covid Stories

From the Epoch Times.

"A tenured professor at the University of Toronto has resigned his post on Dec. 31 over the institution’s currently suspended mandatory vaccination policy, saying that such measures to compel injections or face termination “go against my beliefs.”

Alexander Andrée, professor of Latin and Medieval Studies, addressed a letter to students and colleagues on Dec. 29 which explains why he said he was compelled to “leave a tenured position at one of the world’s foremost universities.”

Andrée recounted that while on leave to conduct research in his home country of Sweden in 2021, he received letters from the university asking for proof of COVID-19 vaccination or face forced leave or termination.

“Apparently, tenure was worth noting in face of these mandates,” he wrote.

Andrée’s arguments centre around the theme of bodily autonomy and he also links it to the question of academic freedom, questioning why only one perspective has been accepted as the truth.

This is “unscientific and unworthy of a University that claims to promote intellectual freedom,” he wrote.

Andrée also remarked that it made little sense for the measure to apply to him since he was on leave thousands of kilometres away, saying it denotes the university’s desire for “total compliance.”

The professor is critical of the fact that the termination threats he received have not been retracted and that the university has only “paused” the mandates.

The overall take away from Andrée’s letter is that he cannot work for the institution in good conscience even if the vaccination policy is put on hold....

The university, which faced a human rights complaint over the vaccine requirement policy, still recommends all members of its community receive vaccination boosters and it made it a requirement for students living in residence.

It says that “Vaccination is the most important way that individuals can protect themselves against COVID-19.”...

Reached by email, Andrée told The Epoch Times that this experience has changed his perception of Canada.

He saw Canadian society go from displaying an “almost whimsical freedom” to one going for “complete control.”

“It is my conviction that when it comes to things like medical treatments, everyone has to make his or her own choices,” he said.

“Forcing medical products on people on pains of termination is, to my mind, unthinkable, and will inevitably lead to the slippery slope to dictatorship.”

The former professor has now permanently relocated to Sweden and works as the director of research at the Museum of the Middle Ages in Stockholm.

When asked to comment about the singular path that Sweden charted to deal with COVID-19, Andrée did not heap praise on his native country.

“From steering a very sensible course at first, Sweden tried for a short while vaccine passports, to access larger public events, not to keep your job. Yet it was disgraceful and created much discontent,” he said....

While making arguments about bodily autonomy and academic freedom, Andrée also expressed his doubts about the COVID-19 injections in his letter, which he remarked were admittedly never tested to prevent transmission.

The university’s premise for imposing them was hence never valid, he says.

“It doesn’t matter that there never was any basis for this ‘policy.’ It appears that it was always the question of a test of obedience to authority,” he wrote.

“Well, I failed the test and will continue to do so for as long as I live. Therefore, U of T is no place for me anymore.”

Andrée says he’s received “quite surprising” reactions to his farewell letter, “Ranging from colleagues who secretly deplore the mandates to those have done the same thing as I and left the University and Canada.”...

Any questions?

What a national disgrace we've become.

Mayhem Of The Vaccinated

A curious thing has happened.

Remember when early in 2022 it was the pandemic of the unvaccinated and how they were going to be taxed as it was claimed they were clogging and hogging hospitals? People were screaming for them to be denied services of any kind and applauded passports and travel bans.

That'll learn 'em.

One year out, and as predicted, the situation has reversed itself. A 'flipenning' has taken place whereby the vaccinated are making up not just the majority of hospitalizations and deaths. They're making up 100% of those.

As in, there are ZERO unvaccinated people making it to the ICU.

Should we ban the vaccinated from society?

I could use a vacation. Imagine the small lines to get onto a plane! Or getting to choose whatever table you want in a restaurant. It will be the one lane highway on Seinfeld. 

Alas, I dream but not entirely not serious. 

Tit for tat.

Eye for an eye.

In response to these shocking figures, Australia and Canada have responded by not reporting data based on vaccination status.

See? It no longer exists. 

And they will think nothing of lying t to the public. Why not? They've been doing so for three years now without a single complaint from normies.

They claim 'misinformation' kills.

No. Lying and censorship kills.

Don't let yourself be treated this way.


Sadly, people are too ill-informed and lazy to see.

I had to deprogram a buddy of mine who claimed the vaccines 'saved lives'. He looked at me stunned at everything I was telling him. And believe you me, what I was telling him was very tame. I know you have to ease them into the alternative dissenting views. He  simply had no idea about anything I was telling him. All verified facts.

I realized then and there the massive mountain we have to climb in order to repair all this mess the authorities and authoritarians have made.

It will take all the will we can muster to fight this.

It's daunting.

It may be futile.

But fight on we must.


Some Things I Learned About Quebec Law

 Code de Procédure Pénale article 141.1

141.1.Un juge peut, sur demande à la suite d’une déclaration faite par écrit et sous serment d’un agent de la paix ou d’une personne chargée de l’application d’une loi, décerner un mandat ou un télémandat général l’autorisant à utiliser un dispositif, une technique ou une méthode d’enquête, ou à accomplir tout acte qu’il mentionne, qui constituerait, sans cette autorisation, une fouille, une perquisition ou une saisie abusive à l’égard d’une personne ou d’un bien.

A judge may, on application by a statement made in writing and under oath by a peace officer or law enforcement person, issue a general warrant or telewarrant authorizing him to use an investigative device, technique or method, or to perform any act he mentions, which would constitute, without such authorization, an unreasonable search, search or seizure of a person or property.

Welcome to justice in Quebec.

The mRNA Experiment Failed And Came At A Great Cost

"Pfizer CEO Admits No One Wants the COVID Vaccine Anymore, Predicts More “Severe Disease” Coming

“The waves that will be coming will be coming with higher clinical manifestation of severe disease and more hospitalizations.“

Yes, because the shots weakened people's immune systems over the long term. 

Not to mention this whole Ig3 and Ig4 scandal.

What a preposterous disaster this is.

Far from saving lives (remember, that claim was based on garbage mathematical models), these shots have done possibly irreparable harm to the civil order and human health.

The 'vaccines' may have saved some lives in the very beginning and prevented some hospitalizations but it's rather dubious to claim they saved millions of lives; let alone continue to be remotely effective.

Excess mortality suggests negative efficacy.

And yes, I'm taking the plunge here and making a logical claim that the mRNA shot played a significant role in those excess deaths. Those heart attacks we're seeing all over the place aren't normal no matter what the criminals, shysters and shills tell you.

Pfizer and Moderna have been complaining about poor sales for some time now.

What we need is for criminal charges to be laid for fraud and their stocks to collapse.

I know. This scam is bigger than pharma with the DoD likely being the orchestrator with Fauci as their show (and perhaps fall) man.

End the madness already. 

The damage is done. Permanent.

The healing has to begin.

And justice must follow. 

The Spooks Are The Authoritarians

Know that whenever you see a loser 'expert' or pundit on TV - particularly on the left - babbling tedious gibberish about how 'right-wing extremists' are trying to bring authoritarianism to our world, remember that it is they who violate our rights.

If you don't see the path they've led us on, then you're complicit and deserve what's coming. 

Some of us don't agree and will fight.

Unfortunately, if we prevail, your sorry asses will benefit. You 'benefit' in your complicity and you benefit when others fight your battles. 

Smart little weasels.

Look at the activities and actions of the global elites.

These aren't people dedicated to protecting your rights or health.

These are people dedicated to power and control.

And don't overlook this.

They're the authoritarians. 

What Does Racketeering Look Like?


Pay close attention to Freeland's absurd response.

'Run by professionals'.


The Growth Fund is a scam.

Like George Costanza's The Human Fund.

Again. Become engaged citizens.

They're robbing the future and taxing us to death. Naturally, Quebec is fully on board with this. One of the highest taxed jurisdictions in the entire OECD.


The Liberals are flat-out stealing YOUR - OUR - money for a pie-in-the-sky green scheme that will explode.

And not in a good way.

Excess Mortality

It's all the rage.

Countries are experiencing astronomical increases in excess mortality and low birth rates on the back end. 

Check out this headline from the BBC:

"Excess deaths in 2022 among worst in 50 years" say the BBC whilst at the same time concluding "no evidence of vaccine effect"

Sure BBC. Sure. So what's causing it? Too much paprika in the chicken? 

They tacitly have accepted and confirmed this is happening and are blaming it on everything under the sun from stress to exercising to gardening to video games to diet and of course, their favorite boogeyman du jour climate change.

But notice what's not mentioned.

The mRNA shots.

The most likely candidate causing all this mayhem.

So destructive to the overall health of citizens and disruption of the civil order, it has grotesquely led to a MAIDS epidemic in Canada (likely a result of the lockdowns. It's all intertwined).

The explosion in cancers and SAIDS is not spontaneous. They're attempting to normalize collapsing athletes and journalists before our eyes with obtuse and insulting excuses that should anger people.

Worse, in Canada and the USA (by far the most corrupt nations when it comes to Covid), they're simply either no longer reported data regarding vaccination status (don't want the public knowing that it's them - the vaccinated - filling up the hospitals thus preventing from healthy unvaccinated people from getting care other than those induced by vaccine injuries) or erasing data. 

Are you that stupid?

Are you that asleep?

Well, wake up normies.

Simple logic. Excess deaths were flush in 2020 with previous years. 2021 and 2022, however, were above 2020. By a wide margin.

What was rolled out in 2021?


Stop acting like you have Stockholm Syndrome. Stop gobbling this 'follow the science' garbage. 

Stop being the battered wife.

And fucking think. 


Quote Of The Day

 "....counter measures continue to work...." De. Maria Van Koeverden (WHO) speaking about a Covid sub-variant.


Canada Set To Buy Second Hand F-35 Jets From The U.S.

The same jets Justin said didn't work or something to that effect. Now he's going to buy them after all because reasons. 

Heaven forbid we build our own.

We're a G7 country that doesn't build its own cars and planes. 

What countries manufacture and invest in their own jet fighter program?

Obviously,  the United States and their F series.  

Also obviously Russia with the MiGs and Sus.

The UK, France Germany and Italy have a tradition of building fighter jets. They were involved in the Eurofighter Typhoon collaboration along with Spain (but not France). But they have each built their indigenous fighters France has the Dassault Rafale for example.

Even small nations like Israel (not surprisingly), Czechia and Sweden (Saab) construct jets. 

In Asia, China has its J lineup in Asia, while India has HAL and Tejas (among others), South Korea, Pakistan, Taiwan and Japan (Mitsubishi) also build their own. 

Know who's not on the list?


Stats Canada: Fine Me Or Kiss My Ass

I got a survey request from Statistics Canada this week.

Given how Health Canada is obviously manipulating data to the point of simply no longer reporting vital information along vaccination status (gee, I fricken wonder why?), I'm more reluctant than ever to respond.

In the past, I ignored surveys and the last survey we got I had no plans to respond but my wife  - being the diligent soldier normie - did it.

Next time out, I'll be sure to tell her the story of the birds and the bees and CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE.

The survey is the National Travel Survey to 'better understand and serve Canadian travellers'.

Does that include the millions of Canadians who had their mobility rights restricted and downright callously removed for choosing to not vaccinate?

Will Stats Canada look into how wealthy Canadians were able to fly out to see dying relatives whereas those less fortunate down on the income scale couldn't because of the travel bans?

Instead of wasting my fucken time with bull shit pretending things are normal, why don't collect REAL INFORMATION relating to the unethical and catastrophic anti-human mandates this gang of bums imposed on Canadians.

Until then, you can fine me or kiss my ass. 

Let's Talk

The Bell, without irony, 'Let's talk' campaign for mental illness awareness has begun.

One word for Canadians:


Until this situation is rectified, Let's Talk is a farce.

Canada is making it too easy to give up on life.

Let's talk about that.

Shameless, Anti-Human Pseudoscience In Quebec Continues

 The Quebec government is running a PSA - courtesy of taxpayers - to advise people that wearing those shitty, useless, bacterial traps known as surgical masks is a good idea in public spaces.

No it's not.

It's bull shit.

And it's not good for your health.

Quebec, like Ottawa, is a peddler of lies.

Shameless liars.

Anti-human clowns.

Pseudoscience pimps. 

Resist and ignore. 


Why Such Anger?

Normies still don't understand why people are angry.

A combination of indifference, ignorance and selfishness permits them to remain oblivious to sitting down and examining what was done to not just unvaccinated Canadians but ALL Canadians regardless of medical status.

Why such anger?

Here's why.

In two tweets.

COVID-19 travel restrictions for China arrivals 'not effective,' 'little bit absurd': infectious disease experts

Remember when CTV criticized the same restrictions imposed on FELLOW CANADIANS?

Me either.

For you normies, there were millions of your fellow Canadians who were forbidden to get on a plane, train or boat to soothe your sorry asses with useless leaky 'vaccines' that didn't stop transmission or prevent infection.

What about the roster of CTV experts? Did they ever step in and defend science and do the ethical thing and denounce those measures?

Of course not. The gang of Labos, Vinh, Oughton, Boguch etc. all supported them including passports.

But now Boguch is saying this is a dumb thing to do.

If the goal is to slow the introduction of Omicron to 🇨🇦, a policy of testing on arrival & quarantine until negative will help. Of course it is not perfect (USA = gaping hole) but this will slow things down. Focused travel restrictions to various African countries less helpful.

Science. There it is. In all its glory.
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