The U.S. Won't Be Stupid Forever; Will Canada Get The Memo?

Chrystia keeps saying how we have to 'act quick' to keep up with the Biden administration's 'green' initiatives. The federal government plans to do this in two ways. One is through the Canada Growth Fund.

A racketeering slush fund if I've ever seen one. 

Never have I seen a bigger bunch of corrupt cronies like the Liberals.

The other is through regressive taxes - ie carbon tax.

This morning I read how the House in the USA is wasting no time repealing several toxic Biden proposals, and bills.

"NEW: House Republicans to vote on a bill that would abolish the IRS, eliminate the national income tax, and replace it with a national consumption tax."

If that happens, I will be jealous. Meanwhile, the Canadian Tax Payers Federation just published a report whereby Federal AND Provincial taxes are shooting up. Here's a fact they dropped: Quebec is the highest-taxed jurisdiction in North America. And in the OECD, the 7th highest.

Spend and tax our way into oblivion.

If Canadians don't read the room right and shift gears, we'll be paying a heavy price real soon.

But not before our own Chrystia flies out to another WEF conference - how many conferences has she and Justin attended since 2022? Every time I see a headline they're everywhere but in Ottawa. They must be leaving some carbon footprint, eh?.

More WEF nonsense coming our way indeed.

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If that happens, America's prosperity is going to increase, while Canada will fall way behind

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