Excess Mortality

It's all the rage.

Countries are experiencing astronomical increases in excess mortality and low birth rates on the back end. 

Check out this headline from the BBC:

"Excess deaths in 2022 among worst in 50 years" say the BBC whilst at the same time concluding "no evidence of vaccine effect"

Sure BBC. Sure. So what's causing it? Too much paprika in the chicken? 

They tacitly have accepted and confirmed this is happening and are blaming it on everything under the sun from stress to exercising to gardening to video games to diet and of course, their favorite boogeyman du jour climate change.

But notice what's not mentioned.

The mRNA shots.

The most likely candidate causing all this mayhem.

So destructive to the overall health of citizens and disruption of the civil order, it has grotesquely led to a MAIDS epidemic in Canada (likely a result of the lockdowns. It's all intertwined).

The explosion in cancers and SAIDS is not spontaneous. They're attempting to normalize collapsing athletes and journalists before our eyes with obtuse and insulting excuses that should anger people.

Worse, in Canada and the USA (by far the most corrupt nations when it comes to Covid), they're simply either no longer reported data regarding vaccination status (don't want the public knowing that it's them - the vaccinated - filling up the hospitals thus preventing from healthy unvaccinated people from getting care other than those induced by vaccine injuries) or erasing data. 

Are you that stupid?

Are you that asleep?

Well, wake up normies.

Simple logic. Excess deaths were flush in 2020 with previous years. 2021 and 2022, however, were above 2020. By a wide margin.

What was rolled out in 2021?


Stop acting like you have Stockholm Syndrome. Stop gobbling this 'follow the science' garbage. 

Stop being the battered wife.

And fucking think. 

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