Canada's IFR Is Higher Than Sweden

The infection fatality rate is an important and key measure into Covid morality.

It differs from the popular 'case fatality ratio' in that it considers actual infection rates whereas CFR just calculates cases into death to come up with a ratio.

This is where governments will play with the stats and go with the better number to sell to the public. Which ever looks better they go with.

Just like like pharmaceuticals prefer to use RRR over ARR because it always skews in their favor.

'95% effective' was the RRR. Relative risk.

The more accurate ARR gave an effective rate of 1%-3%. 

For Canada, Justin Trudeau keeps making the (false) claim his highly restrictive (and dubious) measures translated into Canada doing better than 'most' countries.

We're better than most!

Like with anything that comes out of this government. you should be skeptical.

Even before the vaccines, Canada did indeed have a lower CFR. At the time, it was higher than Sweden. The pariah of the Covidians.

The prevailing view was the harder you lockdowned, masked and social distanced the more caring and successful you were.

This was never a claim supported by science or evidence.

It was a declaration.

They merely declared it so. Just like Justin is just declaring he made magic for Canadians. 

The idea 'Zero Covid' ever had a chance was condemned to fail from the start.

China makes this clear.

No country did more to psychotically try and 'end' Covid than China. Oh, how the media cheered them on! Why can't we do this in Canada they wondered?!

Because it doesn't work?

And comes at a catastrophic high cost?

Everyone loves to point out how smart the Chinese are for wearing masks and being draconian but forget this is a country that destroyed its demographic health with its one-child policy they recently reversed after realizing their irreversible mistake.

So I'd be careful about who we praise.

Another country that showed us hard draconian responses don't work was Peru. And Chile for that matter. Italy, France and Germany weren't impressive either. All with high IFRs.

Sweden on the other hand. It was public enemy #1. The one country media and leftists loved to point out its outstanding and caring welfare state.

Sudden;y they were monsters for not locking down and wearing masks.

Sweden, as we knew it then, was simply following the actual data and science.

We went ahead and tried to reinvent the wheel and came out with a square as a solution.

Canada in particular has nothing to brag about given the deadly fiasco in nursing homes.

Something we continue to ignore as we pretend to be Covid 'winners'.

Oh, Of course, Sweden didn't go as far as we did with domestic travel bans, martial law and mandates.

Canadian journalists smugly dismissed Sweden and definitely fooled themselves into thinking we did 'better' than those dastardly bastard Americans.

Despite all the restrictions and all the effort going into defending them, Canada at the end of the day didn't outperform the USA or Sweden.

In fact, Sweden was better and we ended up at the same point as the USA.

We trampled protestor rights and prevented people from travelling within their own country as a bonus.

Good job, Justin.

Be proud Canada.

See the IFR table here.

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