The Spooks Are The Authoritarians

Know that whenever you see a loser 'expert' or pundit on TV - particularly on the left - babbling tedious gibberish about how 'right-wing extremists' are trying to bring authoritarianism to our world, remember that it is they who violate our rights.

If you don't see the path they've led us on, then you're complicit and deserve what's coming. 

Some of us don't agree and will fight.

Unfortunately, if we prevail, your sorry asses will benefit. You 'benefit' in your complicity and you benefit when others fight your battles. 

Smart little weasels.

Look at the activities and actions of the global elites.

These aren't people dedicated to protecting your rights or health.

These are people dedicated to power and control.

And don't overlook this.

They're the authoritarians. 

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