Judges Misbehavin'

Michel Doucet.

You know it's bad when you know the names of the judges.

Before today I never heard of this guy but apparently, he's a judge.

But you wouldn't know it perusing his Twitter account which reads like a left-wing political diatribe.

Seems like Tucker Carlson triggered, Doucet. So much so it elected this shocking response. 

How is this permitted? Is this not beneath the bench? 

It is unacceptable to take to social media and use such language because you disagree with an opinion. Is there no damn integrity and dignity left in Canada?

And for the record, Carlson is not that off the mark. At the moment. this is a despotic country. And seeing this guy is in New Brunswick, it doesn't surprise me. New Brunswick was one of the more restrictive provinces with useless, unethical,  unscientific and pathetic mandates.

Good luck to anyone who doesn't share his views. I doubt they'd get a fair hearing. 

I don't know very many judges who take to Twitter to show their political colours but Doucet shows his 'red' bonafide quite well. By that, I mean arrogantly and without class.

But hey.

It's Canada.

Land of the smug self-righteous dopes.

There's nothing particularly progressive or impressive about Canada.

Michel, get off the far left high horse. It's a bad look, buddy.

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