Starring At Yuk Yuks: Justin Trudeau!

I hold no punches here.

Justin Trudeau is a clown.

A big one.

Like Bozo.

Except he's not funny.

But he thinks he is.

He also fancies himself a statesman.

Which he obviously is not.

Last week he was pandering to his Liberal base giving his spiel and pitch. In one part of the "off the cuff" speech, he attacked Pierre Poilievre.

Apparently, Poilievre engages in divisive and offensive speech.

Hm. Funny guy that Justin! Always accuse those of that which you are guilty.

We see that with the Democrats - the empire - do that all the time. They're often guilty of the scandals and crimes they accused Trump of. All in the open too. You just have wipe the fog from your spectacles and gently use a QI-Tip to remove some wax that may block your hearing.

Again. Just in case. Because it astonishes me how people are so flippant about what this government did to people. He chose for political expediency to divide people through mandates and divisive rhetoric that - to me - crossed over into hate speech. His words were repugnant. He acted like a jerk. And that will absolutely be recorded as such in the annals of history.

And he appallingly continues to do so. His underhanded, passive-aggressive, smug shots are precisely what a true statesman and intelligent leader avoids. Instead, he pours gas over it because his ego is bruised. A character trait and flaw of the quintessential dictator. The more he does it, the more they will protest - and get louder. 

I would ask for a refund from McKinsey. But that's me.

The people protesting Justin aren't mentally ill. They're angry. They see something that is being lost by this government. The Liberals are fast tracking this country into tyranny.

The usual comeback is, as Stephane Guilbeault recently told a reporter (I paraphrase), "have you been to countries with no freedom?" to which the reporter responded "I'm from Turkey and know all about it">

Stephane had no comeback.

That's because the Liberals are ideologues.

They're unprincipled and valueless. 

Stephane proved he doesn't;t care about liberty because none of them ever actually pondered it and take it fro granted. As long as we're not 'those countries" (though Canada absolutely acted like an authoritarian regime. You don't remove God given mobility rights of Canadians banning one portion of the population from domestic travel. That wasn't something they did for their health or science, that was punitive and it was disgusting. The act of petty authoritarians(, we're all good. 

As we inch more and more to a civilization abandoning all principles related to liberty (Canada is sinking into the St. Lawrence in the democracy index fund), Canadians are engaging in infantile relativism by plucking out extreme cases and comparing us to true authoritarian and totalitarian regimes. 

We're not Saudi Arabia.



Another subject Justin attacked Poilievre on was the economy.

He mocked and chastised him for telling Canadians to invest in crypto as a hedge against inflation. He correctly said had people listened, they would have  lost 'half' their investment.

It is true 2022 was a terrible year for crypto. Its reputation as a possible Ponzi scheme rose (especially after the SBM disaster scam). As a result, trust in crypto has dropped.

However, Justin didn't say crypto. He said Bitcoin. As usual, this party likes to conflate and confuse.

A good example of this is conflating anti-mandates with anti-vaxxer. The former can be both against mandates (and they have all the facts and science on their side by  the way) and be in favor of vaccination. But the government - and media - lumps everyone into one basket. Another example is someone can be for immigration but against illegal immigration. But they're often tagged as 'anti-immigration'. Want to reform education? You hate teachers. And students.

Right. The same students cowardly teachers and adults through under the bus and used as human shields during the hysteria.

You get the picture.

Just thought to make that distinction. Crypto is its own entity and you can follow some of it at Coindesk.

Politicians shouldn't be giving investment advice and Poilievre perhaps should have avoided it. At best, he could have pointed people towards more traditional avenues to hedge against the dollar and inflation through gold and silver.

However, this pales in comparison to what Justin has done.

Poilievre's "indiscretion" was a hypothetical. Very few people understand crypto let alone ran to follow his advice. 

Justin was trying to highlight how irresponsible Poilierve and how his fiscal policy make look like. 

Weak sauce but there you go. Yuk Yuks.

Now compare Poilievre to what the Liberals have actually done.

They've outspent any government in Canadian history. They have imposed two carbon taxes and others. Their lockdown measures have resulted in the inflation we're seeing and the rising interest rates used to combat it.All the while refusing to sell our natural resources to countries - like G7 partners Germany and Japan - to help get us out of this mess.

In other words, Justin's policies have dented our wealth, prosperity, and purchasing power. His policies have done way worse damage than anything crypto could.

In fact, the OECD has pegged Canada to be the worst-performing
economy for the next 40 years.

A bit of a long-term frame but still.

Canada, as noted, dropped five spots from the Democracy Index.

This is not a country on a good track.

Time to turn on The Light.

And never invite back this jester.

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