Hamlin's War

We were waiting for when the moment would come.

It was bound to happen.

North Americans up until now, continued on their normie la-la land still somehow trusting the authorities and the myth of 'safe and effective' and 'rare and temporary;. 

The way I saw it, the only way to get Americans to wake up as if something happened in the NFL and for Canadians in the NHL.

Up until Monday night, it was all on the periphery. Former NFLers were dying. Not even the retirement of JJ Watt - due to a heart condition - was enough. The list of athletes who died suddenly or was forced into retirement tended to be sports North Americans don't watch or are passionate about: Soccer, cycling, marathon running, cricket and others. 

Our bread and circuses are the Big Four (and soon to be five with MLS). These are the sports we attend and televise. A Running Man epiphany is needed where people are forced to take their thumbs out of their asses and head out of the sand. 

Let's get one thing straight. Anyone still peddling the Covid narrative as a threat to humanity is a corrupt liar likely on the take. Anyone still pushing these shots not only poses a danger to themselves but to the rest of us.

It was the case all along. THEY stole the right to informed consent and mandated policies that saw people lose their careers, lose their mobility rights and were injured or died from the shots.

We know who these people are.

They tell us people questioning things are horrible and that none of this is because of the 'vaccines'.

Then what is it? All they offer up is 'it's not the vaccine' and then normalize whatever new disease afflicts us without more explanation.

Just like Anthony Fauci did during his reign of terror at NIAID. Diseases exploded under his watch without any explanation. 

Apparently, humans are just supposed to get sick. Or in the case of autism, it's normal the rate of cases exploded in the last 30 years. Uh-huh.

No one is saying it's the vaccines per se. What they're saying might be and we need to investigate in a fair, just, and scientific manner.

But public health refuses to touch or broach the subject. It's their Holy Grail of human medical achievement. If that goes, their sense of achievement and credibility goes with it. They weirdly attached their self-esteem to vaccines. I had warned a family member a few years ago sensing a ramping up of vaccine dogma to not treat these serums as a means to a medical end. 

A dogmatic cult (the greatest cult leader in world history) has formed around vaccines. It's only gotten more fervent. It's not the 'anti-vaxxers' the problem. All they want is to be left alone. They pose no threat to the rest of us despite the claims that vaccines are irrefutably effective. The bottom line is millions can't or won't be submitted to a medical procedure they deem unnecessary or a threat to their personal health - as is their moral and legal right. 

And here we are. Know how many vaccines they pump into kids? Look it up and see the visuals. Now tell me that's normal.

This is all more about money and less about health. When Peter Hotez talks, you must consider the $95 million he gets from Bill Gates. The normalization of conflicts of interest must end. Public health is but a revolving door captured by big pharma and rewarded with a job in the private sector. 

Not. Good. 

Good for Fauci, Gottleib, Birx etc.

But not for you or your family.

Birx and Fauci lied to your face. 

The mRNA spike attacks the organs - especially the heart.

Now it happened.

In the biggest sporting venue and sport in the world before a live audience.

The Romans in the Coliseum witnessed what the shots do.

The attack dogs took to Twitter screaming 'Collotio cordis!'

An injury that is rare than vaccine injuries and mostly impacts kids under 15 I learned.  Moreover, it's a diagnosis of exclusion. That is, if there's a plausible explanation other than this, it should and must be investigated. They didn't tell people that because they LIE. 

So they purposely mislead you again. It's all about laser pointing. The more trusting and lazy among us will accept this and be relieved and content to keep that thumb up their ass.

But not for our growing ranks. 

Politicians better forget taking their marching orders from McKinsey (hello Francois!) and the WEF and begin to read the room. Soon people are indeed going to connect the death of children to gene editing mRNA.

They're gonna need someone to blame.

And they're gonna need a bigger boat.

Justin Trudeau is correct when he fears for his safety.

A government not afraid of its people is tyrannical.

This is precisely what we have at the moment. An arrogant government secure in its cynical politicking in a de facto democratic dictatorship. Chretien was accused of running a 'benign dictatorship' and past Presidents have been accused of ignoring their actual Constitutional powers, but Justin and Biden have taken this to new heights. Way past anything Harper and Trump did.

Now a young star athlete has likely lost his life and his spirit finds itself in the middle of a war.

Because this is a war.

They want to keep pumping you with these low-quality products. Not only that, they want to keep producing more and more for more and more 'alleged' diseases. That's the point of ending medical autonomy and informed consent. They have no time. It's a perpetual emergency. 

Why do you think they're building more facilities like the Modena one here in Quebec? They're moving on to mRNA before any evidence of its safety and usefulness has been fully established. 

They keep saying pandemics will become normal. Ever ask yourself why? Are you paying close attention to what the WHO is planning? Go read up on it. It's there in black and white in their working papers. They say so in public. The only thing that gives me some hope for optimism is that these people aren't intelligent or wise. Clever perhaps but not smart. Peter Principle writ large. 

Anyway. Hint: It's not in your best interests.

Gates said you have to keep taking the shots (though I think it was before he admitted in his sloppy way they don't work) until 'better' vaccines come. 

You're on his conveyor belt. 


Responsible people correctly want to wait for the evidence to come in.

The problem is, they will never disclose it.

This is big enough that it wouldn't surprise me if the U.S. government and Pfizer agents showed up at the hospital. 

Too much is at stake in this medical racket.

Trillions of reasons.

And even if an autopsy is performed, it has to be done so with the intent of targeting the vaccines. Not like;y. 

No one wants to look for the markers. This allows them to keep the 'See? It's not the vaccines! Can you please stop!" game going in circles. 

Everyone wants to keep their heads in the sand and up their asses as I keep reminding them.

Will the Hamlin incident shift things? Probably not. But it did get a lot of people talking.

This was desperately needed.

To those doctors who belittle, bully, cajole and chastise people who question it I submit it are you the truly terrible, horrible people because you're allowing for this scam that's hurting millions to continue.

Ignorance is bliss perhaps.

And deadly. 

Welcome to Hamlin's War. 

A war not just for health but the conscience of man. 

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