Why Is Canada Sudden;y A War Hawk?

Watching this government lose its mind over Ukraine makes me wonder what its ulterior motive is.

It can't be about democracy because Ukraine is a quasi-democracy that bans political parties and journalists and ranks below Russia on the Democracy Index. 

Makes you wonder. I see Canada (and the U.S.) as nothing but meddlesome troublemakers in the region. Get out. Now. 

Oh right. They're not done laundering money.

Justin's government is so filled with inner demons and contradictions, he no longer has the moral authority to govern.

This government has now purchased a missile defence system from the U.S, for $500 million (which they will then donate to Ukraine) and has procured a deal with Lockheed to purchase F-series jet fighters. The same series Justin mocked Harper for and subsequently killed seven years ago). Now they're buying the at a much higher price. Harper was going to buy them for $135 per jet. Justin is paying $215 million. What does Justin care? It's not his money. 

In both cases, heaven forbid we create and manufacture our own damn products. For such an anti-American country we sure do rely on their tech eh?

American experts are going to have to come in and train our military to use and maintain them. How much is that gonna cost? 

Where is this money coming from? Justin has already outspent pretty much any leader in Canadian history surpassing even his father. 

Don't get me wrong. I've always maintained it was a source of national embarrassment we never maintained our military over the years. With a sensible budget with rational leadership, we could have not only strengthened our military. but even have invested in a home-grown tech manufacturing base.

That's how you truly invest in yourself.

This is not an investment and I highly doubt they did proper due diligence here. This is a government that made a mess of ArriveCan for crying out loud. 

As it stands, under the undemocratic alliance of the Liberals/NDP (one day the Conservatives and PPC will form an alliance and watch how the left will howl in derision), is a loser country. 

Anand's comments about this 'investment' were preposterous and won't provide any kind or major boost to our economy long-term. This will, like any government-private deal, be a drain on taxpayers.

Canadians aren't buying it either. 

What an incredibly incompetent government. 


Either our government is really incompetent and stupid or it's corrupt.

Or all of them.

For some reason this video about the corruption of Lockheed's F series was not found but you can view it here.

This has Bombardier-like cost overruns written all over it.

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