The Magic Of Vulgar Science

The detachment of medicine from reality, reason, and science has been an interesting fallout from the Covid hysteria.

You can't go four minutes without a doctor waving flawed studies du jour around. They will cite any paper that confirms their bias and narrative and summarily ignore those that don't. Moreover, they appear incapable or disinterested in realizing medical journals are captured echo chambers rooted in pharma propaganda and junk science. 

It's fascinating watching it unfold because this is a class that's been revered and respected in society and culture.

However, these past three years have exposed major problems within the field. Trust has eroded significantly as people have become warier about what's going on in medicine. They will say it's because of 'misinformation' and 'disinformation'. 

It's not.

We all can hear, see and feel what's going on.

And it's a shame.

Medicine has gone full corporate and woke while maintaining its usual monopoly on arrogance.

For example, here's a comment I found. 

"...Medicine is quite clearly (and without even so much as a hint of shame) altogether detached from science, biology and reality in general. It now strives first and foremost to reflect wokeness and the narrative-du-jour. If you need further proof of just how highjacked it has become, my daughter is in second year med school. This year, her class was taught that proper Labour and Delivery terminology now replaces 'breast feeding' with 'chest feeding', and 'mom' with 'pregnant person' ... cause ya know, men can have babies.... So are we really surprised that the good Professor spouts utter BS? After all, he's among those teaching it. God help us."

This is what we call quackery. Or what I call 'Vulgar medicine' or 'Vulgar science'. 

When I sat to write this post, I said to myself it would be great to know what doctors are learning in school these days.

There you go. Buckle up because we're about to see woke-medicine go to a whole new level.

Medicine is reduced to one solution now: Vaccines. 

Flu. Covid. Moderna. Pfizer. Bivalent. Multi-valent. And many others. 

Those magical potions that somehow 'saved millions' and 'lowered hospitalization' without stopping tranmission or preventing infection for a virus with a 99.985% survival rate. 


Recently, the Canadian public was introduced by the CBC to 'Stroke season'.

Clot season! Heart attack season! Cancer season! 

Rabbit season! Duck season!

Avoid all this by taking as many vaccines as you can! It doesn't matter which. Just take 'em!

The claim, made by one Raj Bhardwaj, is that flu vaccines can help prevent strokes.

Who knew?  Isn't science grand?

Why the dickens is excess mortality above the average? WE DON'T KNOW but we know it ain't the vaccines! Why are people getting a stroke? WE DON'T KNOW but this study shows get the flu shot!

Gee, I remember when aspirin was a good way to prevent strokes. 

No more in Canada. The Magic Men - oops sorry People - say flu shots do the trick.


My, my how lucky we are to be living in such an advanced nation with all these magical vaccines.

Do you believe in magic?

And now we have convicted felon Bill Gates warning Australians the next pandemic is going to be worse. How does he know? How fucking useless and gutless is the media to not ask this simple but crucial question?

I tell ya.

What an obscene mess.

We're now swimming in what I call the era of 'Vulgar science'.

This is where you get studies linking coffee to climate change, flu shots prevent strokes, unvaccinated people cause car accidents and 'incubate variants' etc. 

And Canada is a world leader in this vulgarity.


That doesn't mean good science isn't being conducted. It's just being ignored and pushed aside by ideologues and politicized science.

One day it will be rediscovered and it will be safe to once again engage in sound, rational, independent science. Alas, this Renaissance has to wait a little longer. It may not even happen in our lifetime but it will. It has to. 

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