Covid: What's In A Name; A Label?

In the age of Covid theatrics and hysteria, naming variants isn't as harmless as some Twitter scientists claim. 

I beg to disagree.

I think it was deliberate labelling the latest Covid variant the 'Kraken'. A mythical sea monster.

Just so we're clear. There is no evidence to show this variant results in more deaths or hospitalizations. 

We just went straight to OMFG panic and fear mode.

Gotta keep that narrative moving along.

So naming it 'Kraken' was not a coincidence.

We don't even name hurricanes and tornadoes after such violent mythical monsters. 

I think behavioural scientists had a chat with virologists and epidemiologists and they agreed to up the fear ante to eleventy.

So to speak. 

Next up: Godzilla.

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