Toyota Bails On EV

One of the world's largest auto manufacturers is getting out of the electric vehicle game.

A few days ago I laid out why the future isn't EV.

It's economically and environmentally not feasible.

The market clearly isn't that into them either or else we'd have seen a major spike in sales.

Left to their own choices, the consumer still prefers regular cars for obvious reasons.

The EV plan is hype. 

The 2030 target is not going to happen and politicians better face the music now.

Or else they will condemn our economy to hell.

The Liberals and NDP are economic illiterates and supreme hypocrites. So they'll continue on this destructive path.

You will pay THREE carbon taxes and it won't result in any green revolution of any kind. When this realization happens, they will ask you for more concessions - READ RESTRICTIONS ON YOUR RIGHTS - to achieve their objectives. At this point, all this is has to be viewed as nothing more than crony politics. 

There is no 'climate' consensus. There never was one. Anyone peddling it, is on the take or just a rube.

In a previous post I asked what happens when major auto makers shift? Will Canada ask them to leave? Or double down forcing them to exit the market? If it's a Liberal government, you can bet on the latter.

Right now, Toyota is out while Honda never warmed up to EV. These are two very popular brands in Canada. Is our government so delusional by this climate change nonsense to allow this to happen?

I've just about had enough of 'we gotta save the planet NOW or else we're all gonna die so you can no longer drive' stupidity.

Covid and climate are two peas in a pod. These two 'events' have allowed for an obscene expansion of government power. Keep the masses in fear, reap the power rewards.

I'm happy about this development.

It's a small step back towards sanity. 

Let's hope it grows. 

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