It has not been a good week for Obamacare at all. First major unions across the country are increasingly voicing opposition to it as they realize the actual costs, companies continue to cut hours, and now this:

"A senior Democratic senator who helped write President Barack Obama's health care law stunned administration officials Wednesday, saying openly he thinks it's headed for a "train wreck" because of bumbling implementation.
"I just see a huge train wreck coming down," Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus, D-Mont., told Obama's health care chief during a routine budget hearing that suddenly turned tense.
Baucus is the first top Democrat to publicly voice fears about the rollout of the new health care law, designed to bring coverage to some 30 million uninsured people through a mix of government programs and tax credits for private insurance. Polls show that Americans remain confused by the complex law, and even many uninsured people are skeptical they will be helped by benefits that start next year."

Pelosi's startlingly arrogant and patently ridiculous "you have to pass the bill to know what's in it" was an obvious red flag signalling they were completely incompetent. It should live forever and a reminder of state over reach.

And these are the people who are pushing a gun-control bill?

I'd be wary.