Sex To Save The Friendship

"This is a good moment to advocate greater executive branch power because we’ve just seen a monumental example of executive branch incompetence: the botched Obamacare rollout. It’s important to advocate greater executive branch power in a chastened mood. It’s not that the executive branch is trustworthy."

Take a bow David Brooks.


You're in the running for dumbest statist comment of the year.

Yes, the Obama roll out was botched because there wasn't enough executive power.

Jesus Christ.


Cleveland Browns: A Joke

Seriously, firing a coach not even one year into a four-year contract after a challenging season?

Man, this unjustified firing shows how they exude incompetence.

And players are lashing out.

New York Times: Liars


Not surprising though.

It's pretty asinine to maintain the video story about Benghazi.

Just who are they serving?


Overthrow Capitalism Through Video Games!

And they say the Tea Party is crazy?

Not as long as The Guardian is around to publish pure rubbish like this penned by one Paul Mason titled "How computer games can help us overthrow capitalism."

Nice little communist this piece of shit is, eh?

I'm gonna guess, like anything progressive/communist, it won't have much of a market to sell to. 

Obamacare And Taxes

It's not a tumor. But it is a tax.

The Shaving Cream Racket And Gaining My Freedom Through A Single Blade

From Ludwig von Mises Institute.

Since my new found freedom of working for myself and not for some evil hobbit or troll, my daily routines have become, well, less routine.

I don't have to go into an office at any specific time so if I choose to go in the morning, I can pretend I'm a 9 to 5er sipping coffee, talking in a serious tone and reading the "newspaper." 

If, for whatever reason, going in early doesn't tickle my fancy (which is often) I just stand outside my door in my underwear scratching my ass while gently smirking at the front door neighbor's wife. Not sure if that falls under covetous behavior but it's freedom to me.

The one major grooming irritant I do much less of regardless of my decision is shaving. Boy, does it feel phenomenal. I think I use a blade every three weeks or so using the clipper the rest of the way to make sure I don't look like Samsquanch. Although I have let my beard grow out a couple of times.

I am a man hear me roar.

The one major delight is the fact (aside from saving money from having to buy cans of cream and gel promising all sorts of results for "sensitive skin" and the sort) I save time and don't need to put my skin through such an evil process. And much like this article, I've come to discover - or perceive - that my skin is tougher since my strategy is usually to clip, pass an electric razor briefly to just reduce thick whiskers and simply pass a blade (usually a single blade Gillette which I buy in packs of 12 or so) over damp skin.

Like a real man.

It burns sure, but I get less cuts that way. I used to buy those Mach's and quadruple blades for an insane amount of money and never really got that "close" shave. I find the single blade does a good enough job  - and I have a thick beard.

In any event, I'll give the baby or mineral oil strategy a whirl.

Maybe after I'm done creeping out the neighbor.

Gun Control: Social Fallacy

Gun-control is a social fallacy.

Nothing more, nothing less.

This is what I've come to conclude. Yesterday I was talking to an RCMP officer, during our conversation we came about gun-control. In his opinion it's not a useful tool - at all. He seemed to confirm the standard belief that "law-abiding people register but not criminals who will ALWAYS have the guns."

Statistics after statistics, data after data after data, essay after auditor-reports and the like all point to one thing: At best, the results have been inclusive if not downright poor relative to the vast amount of resources we pour into it; whether it be through public discourse and debate or money.

Yet, here in Quebec the province is insisting on fighting Ottawa to be able to keep its gun-control registry. New York state, for its part, is losing its fucking mind with its Safe Act bull shit. Know what will happen there? People will be thrown in jail for the most innocuous of actions, that's what, and then they will turn around and tell the public "see, it's working!" They will succeed by turning people into criminals through faulty policy.

Don't want to be American? Well, their crime rates have been coming steadily down for decades whereas it's been increasing in Europe. Canada's violent crime rates are actually worse (eg assaults) than the USA.

Logic. Use it. Emotions. Ignore it.

This video focuses on U.S. and UK rates.

Horrible Quotes In 2013

“Until we fully understand what turned two brothers who allegedly perpetrated the Boston Marathon bombings into murderers, it is hard to make any policy recommendation other than this: We need to redouble our efforts to make America stronger and healthier so it remains a vibrant counterexample to whatever bigoted ideology may have gripped these young men....And the best place to start is with a carbon tax.” 

Thomas Friedman.

Intellectual extraordinaire.

Linking domestic terrorism to the environment via a carbon tax.



Sounds like something Justin Trudeau would say.

Bad (liberal) quotes of the year.

And there are some doozies.

Too many, really. I mean, you got Oliver Stone, Michael Moore and this chooch Bill Maher:

"This has become a kind of conventional wisdom — that the Republican Party has gone so far right, Reagan himself wouldn’t fit in....Ronald Reagan was an anti-government, union-busting, race-baiting, anti-abortion, anti-gay, anti-intellectual, who cut rich people’s taxes in half, had an incurable case for the military-industrial complex, and said Medicare was socialism that would destroy our freedom. Sounds to me like he would fit in just fine....Both sides really should stop pretending he was something other than the man most responsible for our decline.”

Yes. Because the 1970s never happened.  

Jesus. Christ. Did he really just pick ONE person responsible for a decline of a nation? Wow. Someone needs to read up on his Roman history. I assume Maher does little reading - and if he does he somehow manages to miss the point.

Anyway.  No excuse for this piece of ignorant trash. There's plenty of information about the 1970s.

Last, as for Martin Bashir's own historical retardation, Sarah Palin is right. Excessive debt IS slavery. It's a term we used in the financial world all the time. The general point being you work to pay your loans and/or credit cards - your metaphorical masters.

Benghazi: Intelligence Breakdown According To NYT


New York Times reports no evidence Benghazi linked to al-Queda or any terrorist groups.

"The newspaper said the "fixation" on al-Qaida possibly distracted intelligence experts from "more imminent threats," including local anti-Western militia leaders such as Ahmed Abu Khattala, and the angry reaction to an American-made video denigrating Islam." 



Concussions And ACL Injuries

I heard on the radio the other day that youth football inscriptions in the USA are down. A couple of things. One, I can't find an article corroborating this assertion and two, if the same is happening in Canada.

No doubt linked to the concussion issue.

Does this mean baseball has a chance at regaining its preeminence on the sports landscape? Or is this soccer's chance to explode? Are downward inscriptions even a trend yet?

About the murky world of concussions.

It's hard to know if it's an epidemic but know what is?

ACL injuries.

Just last week I played soccer (me and my two surgically repaired ACL's) and witnessed a friend fall to the ground grabbing his knee in  what looked to me to be an ACL injury. We'll see.

Saturday Night Music

With Peggy Lee and Mel Torme.

Just Go Away

Far-left progressivism is just plain nuts.

"Could rationing hold the key to today's food crises?"

The lesson from the 40s is that to fix a public health problem – whether obesity or hunger – you need big government.

The lessons of the 40s? You need big government?

These people need to go away.


And thankfully, slowly, they are.

Just a guess on my part but can it be Progressive radio has failed miserably because it evokes a mental image of this turd Pajama Boy?

Who is pajama Boy?  One Ethan Krupp:

“I am a Liberal Fuck,” Krupp wrote in one post. “A Liberal Fuck is not a Democrat, but rather someone who combines political data and theory, extreme leftist views and sarcasm to win any argument while make the opponents feel terrible about themselves. I won every argument but one.”

So punchable.

Or 'heart-wrenching' stories by Vanessa Powell who, among other things, has this to say about her travails:

"I feel it's sort of -- I hate to say it -- beneath me, but at the same time, I'm grateful. For anything. I mean, yeah, it's dirty work and often demeaning work, but at least it's work."

This is exactly the sort of thinking I have to steer my daughter away from.
Remember folks. These are the people that want your money. Taxes and civilization. 

Abandoned Places On Earth

Belgium has its share of creepy spots.

Fall Of The West Reason 96977878

Twit Labour Minister in the UK says...

"Mary Creagh described the lack of female train drivers in Britain as a "national scandal" and said that children's television shows and "negative stereotypes" are partly to blame.

She called on train companies recruit more female drivers by advertising in magazines such as Good Housekeeping and Women's Own, and suggested that they need to offer more part time work."

Lord, has the sun set poorly on Britain.

Just outrageously sad that this is a 'national scandal.'

If these people were armed...


Quebec A Laggard Economy

From Le Quebecois Libre:

"...I also take it for granted that in the history of mankind, freedom has been the exception. Prior to the Industrial Revolution, the average human lived on between one and three dollars a day. But from that point on, for the first time in human history, per capita income in a few European countries and particularly in the USA began to grow rapidly. This was the result of economic freedom, which enables entrepreneurs and small businesses to flourish. The free-market system proved to be the greatest engine for prosperity and opportunity. Doubt about the effectiveness of policy is of course rejected by advocates of state planning. At the same time, this belief in government is far from the demonic perception of the free market by "warmists," who often claim that endorsement of free-market economics implies rejection of climate science.

As far as the distribution of income is concerned, the political left in Quebec (and to a lesser extent elsewhere) counts on the hand of government to move people up the economic ladder. In fact, this never works, despite its good intentions. Conservatives and libertarians by contrast understand from experience that the only way to help people climb the economic ladder is to provide them the opportunity to pull themselves up one rung at a time. Studies consistently confirm that countries with higher levels of mobility and economic freedom have poverty levels as much as 75 percent lower than countries that are less free. Quebec and continental Europe show that more government is not the way to do this. Both have had higher levels of public spending than the United States, and both have had lower GDPs per capita."

"Quebec is a lagging province to the extent that its share of the Canadian population, of GDP and of the labour force has declined since the Quiet Revolution. The population’s movement and its corresponding change in GDP indicate that in a provincial economy, integrated into a national economy, adjustments are realized by quantities, not prices or income per capita, except for the price of land and local services. Because land is a resource in fixed supply, its price increases faster in Ontario than in Quebec. The adjustment process continues until real income per capita has equalized across the two provinces. The wide divergence in total growth between Ontario and Quebec has been entirely capitalized in the price of land and local services. Thanks to people's mobility and lower growth of the Quebec population, Quebec residents have participated in the rise in the Canadian standard of living. This result entails a drawback however: To the extent that less mobile Quebecers have not suffered from lower per capita income, they are less likely to resist state control."

Canadian Aeronautical Relics

The Tutors were a cool line of planes.

Elegant aerial view here.

Of course, we all remember the Snowbirds.

Video Clip: Choose Your Fire Wood With Care

You Can Leave

There is no 'social contract.' Metaphorically or otherwise.

A contract you haven't signed can't be enforced.

Yet...in this case, it is.

Learn To Cook With Penny Wisdom

How long can Chloe keep up that cherade before her husband figures out she's as useless in the kitchen as most people are today?

Kitna Signs With Cowboys

With Tony Romo out and Kyle Orton taking the QB reign, Jon Kitna signs as a back up for the Cowboys and will donate the $53 000 he will be paid to charity.

Cool story aside...

I'm betting the Eagles will pulverize the Cowboys on Sunday turning them into tiny bits of dust. Their ashes to be lost only to be found by Pixies looking for prey to chastise and humiliate.

A&E Brings Back Phil Robertson

Fucken-A - A&E.

Right move. They should never have taken this route to begin with but it's the right move.

As for the rest of youzzz, freedom of speech.

Try it sometime, assholes.


Fall Of The West: Reason 59596969667: Faces Of Totalitarianism

Here's one.

She sets the tone for insane reactions going around as a twitter vigilante  basically ruining lives for not kowtowing to her vision of what constitutes a civil society.

Trouble-making snitch. 

Bunch of wackos.

It's not a healthy world. Nope. It's a dark age of sorts. And liberty is on the run folks.

Ask Steve Martin.


Tesla: Corporate Welfare Queens

So argues Watts Up With That.

Worse, is it fraud?

Just like the endless stream of now defunct green companies who managed to get government coins for dreams not even unicorns could envision.

Make money? Profits? The narrative trumps the bottom line! Don't be so greedy. 

Somewhere a former Green CEO is enjoying a pina colada on a beach.

Bitcoins Worries U.S. Government

And when the government gets nervous about anything it goes into action robbing and coercing. It will rip to shreds any person.

Why did they steal this kid's bitcoins and destroyed his life?

Let's see (/flips through pages), ah, there it is. The little known amendment:

"Fuck you, that's why."

Elegant and direct.


Article Of 2013

An awesome smackdown of TSA in Cracked - of all places.

"That's all bullshit. The TSA couldn't protect you from a 6-year-old with a water balloon. What are my qualifications for saying that? My name is Rafi Sela, and I was the head of security for the world's safest airport. Here's what your country does wrong."

Two priceless lines:

 "The TSA treats each traveler the same because of some stupid idea that everything needs to be fair."

"Of course, after a little while it came out that these scanners were useless. I could strap a bomb capable of taking down a 747 to my body and walk right through a body scanner. Nobody would catch me. I'd rather not explain exactly how, but this German man was able to sneak a fake bomb through the same scanners without being caught. And he did it in Germany, a country where "airport security officer" isn't a synonym for "failed Walmart cashier."

Steyn On The State Of Liberty

Mark Steyn knows a thing or two about facing the evil forces of censorship.

Phil Robertson? He's Small Potatoes To Liberal Intolerance

Some perspective.

Buried In Snow

The snow has been relentless this season. In fact, I can't recall a winter with so much in snow in recent years.

Literally minutes after I shovel my pathway is covered in the white stuff. It's to the point I have no where to put it anymore.

And we still have January, February and March left!

ESPN Sports Almanac Long Gone

Every few years I would buy ESPN's sports almanac. The last time I purchased it was in 2006. So it was about time to buy a recent edition. Alas, much to my dismay ESPN discontinued it back in 2007. The only almanac available is Sports Illustrated and despite being "American's best-selling" (mostly because it's probably America's "only" such book) almanac, it's not as good as ESPN's. I bought it nonetheless.

Oh, well.

Life must go on.

The World's Coolest Hot Sauce


And how suddenly, after 30 years, their product is a "health risk" in California.

Of course, it's all bull shit. It seems they pissed off some greedy politicians.

So much for the capitalists are greedy narrative.

Shout Out To Pauline And PQ Hacks

I just ordered pizza....


Is that bad?

Did I insult the person taking the order? Did I desecrate the French language? Oh please tell me I pissed you off! Please tell me I was disrespectful.


I shouldn't blog laced with maple flavored bourbon.

Quebec Empowering Assholes

Loonwatch reported this exchange between a xenophobic Quebecer and some poor woman in a hijab.

“This is our home! With Marois, we’re going to take off your hat.”

Before you go off and say this is "isolated' I'm gonna counter with it's not.

This shit has been going on for decades.

If I would sit and collect data from my circle of friends and family, there would be a story of similar incidence for the majority of them.

I've been victim of such people.

During the 1995 referendum, my father went to collect his rents from tenants. One of them told him before handing over the cheque, "enjoy your last rent before we take over."

My father responded "I'll burn MY building to the ground before you degenerates touch it."

And believe me, old school immigrants who worked a lifetime for what they owned who know all too well what happens when nationalists take over, they would torch things before seeing in the hands of the PQ and its hordes of xenophobes.

I'm not kidding. This is the base - the lowest common denominator - the Parti Quebcois continuously and dangerously panders to - with the aid of the Liberal party when it's acting like a bunch of cowards.

Most mature societies try to isolate such people. Not in Quebec because apparently they represent a huge voting block.


I'm not for the hacker group Anonymous playing the role of social vigilante. Aside from not being an elected body, they likely are a bunch of highly skilled, smart kids without much real real life experience couple with remedial philosophical skills and abilities to understand history and complex political issues.

However, I must admit I smiled maliciously when they threatened the political-deviant and deliciously deceptive Pauline Marois and her retarted Charter appealing to retarded assholes.

Assholes like we see in the video.


Speaking of assholes, Bernie Landry has choice words for Maria Mourani - an ethnic kicked out of the PQ for voicing her opposition to the Charter and turning Federalist. I never understood how any person of non-Francophone heritage would ever join the ranks of the PQ. They will NEVER be accepted by them. First, all the old horses have to die off and hopefully a more moderate wing of the PQ take over. Until then, all you are is "les autres" and will be used as a pawn in their ethnic-tribal-nationalist game. They're no different than nativist right-wing parties in Europe or extreme American organizations on the fringes of American political discourse. The irony is Quebec's tribal impulses have currency in elections, in America they're treated as aberrations of the political process as they should.

The PQ are a disgusting bunch at the moment.


Gun-Control Dying

Slowly but surely rational and logical thought is being restored in the gun-control debate.

After Newtown, the shrill reaction and rush to ram laws without a single thought was not healthy.

Amazing what one year can do to force people to think.

Saskatchewan Hummus Maker Draws Hanes Underwear Attention

Trademark and logo laws sometimes enter the realm of absurd if you ask me.

No company should have the right to copyright words.

Brazilian Unsportsmanship At U-17 Friendly

I saw this video the other day and was not surprised by its content.

Setting. U-17 soccer friendly between Brazil and USA eventually convincingly won by the American 4-1.

That wasn't the end of it. The Brazilians protested referee decisions by simply not playing at one point in the game.

It was a shameless display of poor sportsmanship.

Alas, this is par for the course for the supremely skilled giants of world soccer.

Brazil is so accustomed to winning a sort of 'self-entitlement' has set into the mindset. When they lose, they tend to lash out petulantly and aggressively. It was the same scenario in 2010 at the World Cup during a loss to the Netherlands.

This behavior has always been there only it was overlooked because of their genius. We tend to do that with people in general. If they're smart or good looking we ignore glaring shortcomings.

Imagine if the Americans had done this the reaction around the world.

I think people should get used to it. The Americans are coming. Just like they've crashed the Russia-Canada party in hockey and sit comfortably as a world power in that sport, the same is happening in soccer.

Good for the game I say.

Will they win a World Cup in my life time? I don't know but they will be in the discussion I reckon.


At the 2013 Confederations Cup we got a glimpse at the enormous pressure Brazil is under to win the World Cup. It grabbed you through the screen and punched you in the gut and face it was so pulsating. The only thing that rivals it to my mind in North America is the heavy weight of national pride pressed upon Canada's men's hockey team. The country falls into a manic state of delirium expecting to win everything in site whenever our team enters a competition - particularly the Olympics and World Junior tournament.

We demand victory.

I wish we'd be this committed to excellence in other areas like education and health. Whatever. I digress.

Getting back to Brazil, I'm afraid people were ignoring the ugly side of Brazil during that tournament. While they gleefully spoke of "beautiful" soccer (which in contrast to past Brazilian teams it simply didn't measure up), the Brazilians were playing a rather brutal style of soccer with cleats up, diving at will and tacking ruthless.

That's how bad they wanted to win. And win they did.

The refereeing was second-tier at Confederations so they got away with it. While I expect Brazil to get some favorable calls, I don't think it will be as often as we saw at Confederations. It won't be a cake walk. The competition is fierce. I just hope it will be free of horrendous officiating.

Either Subsidies For All Or None

Don't accept Federal cash or subsidies and you will be richer for it.

Richer in the sense you will not have to put up with their bull shit.

Once you accept their cash, you're their slaves.

I'm in that predicament at the moment. The pressure to fight for a subsidy is great. The thinking is "hey, if they're stupid enough to give "free" money out why shouldn't you get some?"

I get that. Principles in business sometimes gets challenged as I've been trying to ignore this part for a few years now. I know all too well what getting taxpayer dollars means. It means being beholden to whatever political correct fad or piece of quack code dreamed up by a bureaucrat. That's what I mean by slave.

It's like anything else in life. The person giving out the cash usually has conditions and strings attached - as they should. Would you lend $5000 to someone without signing a contract highlighting conditions and terms?

In the case of government subsidies, it's a one-way street. They will not consult with you of any changes they're mulling over largely because you don't figure into their calculations when it comes to votes and social policy.

As you know, I've taken the position that all of this is just an illusion of "social progress." I don't believe for a second we're any better off with subsidized daycare anymore any industry is enhanced with a subsidy. Usually, the companies and people getting the money are players who know how to get the money, companies in losing industries that have political connections (to save jobs! and in exchange for votes) and companies jumping on a social policy bandwagon ie "Green" products and technology.

Why should, as it's been asked, the government engage in picking winners and losers? Is saving one job 'worth' more than another? For example, they say they prop up companies like Pratt and Whitney is to preserve jobs but what about the kid who may lose theirs at the local depanneur? After all, isn't the present day narrative to help such people who can't possibly live on such wages? The living wage nonsense has been sufficiently covered on this blog. If you can't see by now why it's dopey that's your problem. If the Tea Party was astro-turfing, then the living wage hysteria is all driven by unions; the scourge of the modern economy.

All bull shit. If a capable entrepreneurial person of free and sound mind with access to capital (in whatever form) determines and calculates it's not feasible to build, say, an electric car, based on basic supply and demand as revealed by a free-market, then chances are the profit motive suggests it's not a viable project or enterprise. It doesn't mean it can never be, just that the market (including costs associated with technology etc.) is simply not ready. You can't force this stuff.

One of the most arrogant comments I've ever heard uttered from a politician (aside from L'il Hobbit Marois making the patently false claim that subsidized daycares get less complaints and are more secure) is President Obama asserting he wanted to bring insurance premiums down $2500 per family.

When I heard that, I thought to myself what an arrogant, ignorant man. That was the red flag for people considering his proposal but they failed to read it (or did and still felt it justified anyway) as they elected him again.

It's a red flag in the sense no one person can force market prices in any direction lest they, well, take it over. Which is in essence what he did. Only problem is prices shot up. When will people learn government should not intervene in the market? All it does is distort. It takes an imperfect scenario and worsens it.

A subsidy (be it to Bombardier or given to "middle-class" families for Obamacare) is a tool of financial sophistry. All it amounts to is borrowing off your line of credit to pay your Visa. But hey, $7 a day! In the case of Obamacare, I read somewhere that a family with an income of $62 000 per year does not qualify for the subsidy and must pay $4000 premium whereas a family earning $60 000 qualifies and pays mere hundreds.

How is this arbitrary decision made? How does this help the middle-class? Seems to me it succeeds in creating a middle middle-class. where arbitrary cut-offs determine if you're "rich" enough to pay (or interpreted another way redistribute your income) the increased costs forced on you.

Where's the incentive to get a raise? Suddenly, that family may want to earn less just to pay for insurance! "Honey, I can't believe I'm amount to suggest this but you think you can ask your boss to pay you less? It will save us money!"

Americans have seen the cost of insurance is going up (the fault of insurance companies no doubt) and companies are responding by cutting hours.

What of cost savings over the long-run? The plan is so rotten at this point (filled with hideous exemptions and ridiculous taxes and fines) and the initial costs increasingly impossible to calculate any figure the government will pimp should be met with skepticism if not outright hardy Friar Tuck laughs. Indeed, I've stopped linking to stories because there are simply too many negative stories leaking out - and they're not all from "right-wing" sources.

As if this is all not enough, the amount of people signed up so far is so miniscule it's almost pathetically criminal. If young people don't sign up, then the concept fails. I read last night that 44 people had signed up in uber-left-wing Oregon. 44! All this for....44 people? If there was so much pent up demand wouldn't that number be, like, 440 000 by now?

These are the unintended consequences of government hubris and folly. Of course, to them, it's collateral damage and people will eventually 'learn to love it like they did SS.'

That's how easily fooled we are. Financially illiteracy is a major problem I reckon.

Alas, I could be wrong. I may be misreading the whole thing. Doubt it though.

We should be more like Hillsdale College.

Sink or swim with private money. If you can't, you're not viable.

There are other reasons. 

Fin rant.

Democrats Have No Credibility

Know what's worrisome at the moment?

I'll tell you.

That an idea like Obamacare said to be the 'law of the land' is subjected to so many caveats, decrees and edicts and exemptions, it's no longer a law. It's sort of a law-law; to borrow from Goldberg's sparkling revelation it wasn't 'rape-rape' during the sad Polanski rape story.

In other words, Obama now operates in a vacuum whereby he will adjust - always coming off as pragmatic and caring of course - the law as he sees fits as the administration tries to navigate through the tide of unintended consequences it inflicted on people.

I have a feeling it will sink. A few on the inside are already abandoning ship.

The thing is such a mess now, run by a collection of Keystone Kops, that it hardly possesses credibility. 'It will get better' is not justification for such a poorly thought out and executed law.

In other words, Obama and the Democrat party are so inept they've managed to make the USA - the mightiest of nations - look like a banana republic.

I thought this stuff was reserved for Central America and Africa (and Quebec when run by deranged nationalists who are so bad at Machiavellian politics their deceit exposes so nakedly)!

I know, I know. All the fault of GOP obstructionism.


A&E And Duck Dynasty Roe

We watch Duck Dynasty. One of the most popular show on TV and a hit monster for A&E. I also enjoy the thought of a smug progressive cringing each time they pull out their guns and go hunting.

 /cue left-wing violin about how stupid people are for watching it. Cry me a creek.

Not surprised by this decision.

We don't live in a free society.

It's a totalitarian one where we must all fall in line.

No one has to agree with each other but motherfucker we should accept a man's right to free speech. It's irrelevant the content of what he said. The point is his right to express it.

He was in an interview. He expressed a view. We may or may or not agree. That he's on TV is immaterial and certainly doesn't give the right of those offended to make demands on A&E, who in turn, can do whatever they want as a broadcaster. 

What I do find rather interesting is that all these groups attacking Robertson (holy crap some chick on Morning Joe was batshit insane over it. They really should have her wear a helmet), is that they were pretty silent about Alec Baldwin who said far more nastier things about gays. 


My daughter asked about this. I explained to her freedom speech is a tricky thing and there will always people who will try to muzzle opinions. I further explained she will hear a lot of bad things in her life but that's it not her place to suppress an expression or speech. We have to find it in us to accept freedom is unconditional and that we must take the good with the bad.

The most hideous justification (nay, excuse) for suppression we've come up with is the notion that somehow the "majority" of people can determine what's proper and improper speech. Hence, we have 'hate laws' and Human Rights Commissions. To me, those are Inquisitions. Tools of state power to crush individual free speech. 

I want her on the right side of that equation.

Demolition Man. Perhaps the most prescient movie in the history of the universe. We're well on our way to the world of naive stiffs depicted in the film:


Article Of The Day

Huffington Posts publishes a lot of nonsense.

Oh, look. Here's one. 

The Valhalla of shrill progressive gibberish. I began to challenge it and got tired and fed up. I have a 2000 piece puzzle to get to. But this line really pissed me off:

"Conservatives answer that question by saying it's a matter of personal choice -- of charitable works, philanthropy, and individual acts of kindness joined in "a thousand points of light."

And? Your point? I think such action is awesome. Or is there not enough coercion for you? That's it, huh? It wasn't forced action through the barrel of public social policy.

I don't find our public action to be kind or compassionate at all. It completely disregards unique situations and runs the danger of enabling people.

But that leaves out what we could and should seek to accomplish together as a society. It neglects the organization of our economy, and its social consequences. It minimizes the potential role of democracy in determining the rules of the game, as well as the corruption of democracy by big money. It overlooks our strivings for social justice.

In short, it ducks the meaning of a decent society."

Lame Depot is that way.

Needs more government. Top men must decide what's 'decent.'

No, pal.

The rest of it is just typical 

Fairness Progressive Style

$193 000 and Harry Reid will take his subsidy thank you very much.


Honorable guy him. 

My hatred for subsidies grows by the second.

The Messiah Apparently Has Come Back

“I shouldn’t say this at Christmastime,” Barbara Walters told Piers Morgan on his show Tuesday night. But despite her best judgment, she went on to say it – and it was quite a controversial statement.
What exactly was it?
“We thought that he was going to be – I shouldn’t say this at Christmastime, but – the next messiah,” she told Morgan.

That's pretty much all you need to know about the Obama cult.

How about this, Barb. It's never appropriate to say that.

He's not a fucking messiah.

He's just another run of the mill politician.

Remember folks, these people are/were your journalists. Your intellectual masters as it were.

Baby Jesus in a manger this is plain nauseating: 

TNR Has Pajama Boys Back

No, The New Republic, the guy looks like a fucking douche.

A smarmy, smart-alec douche I'd smack across the face.

He's an OFA employee?

Well, that explains it all.

Fall Of The West Reason 489677: Hang Whitey

For art.

Caravaggio approves!

Video Of The Day: Celebrating Retardation

Warning to those easily offended. That is all.

I wonder how long before a group of busy bodies want to censor blog content.

For the children.

Of course.

Rodman Returns To See Buddy Mini-Me

It would be quite the spectacle if Mini-Me would arrest and imprison (or worse) Dennis Rodman - who has perfect timing returning to North Korea after Kim-Jung something something executed his uncle - should he not fulfill his duties as basketball teacher extraordinaire.

Fuck you Arec Bahdwin!

One Half Of Quebec Shows True Colors; Creepy London Gushes Over Obama; Fuck You Defend Free Speech

I have no patience for the likes of the St. Jean Baptiste Society.

They can dish it out but they can't take it.

I find it most unsporting that in a province that's done nothing but offend minorities in recent months succumbing to 'tyranny of the majority' that they would then turn around claim 'francophobia' is on the rise in Canada.

The fucking geniuses running the little nationalist camp seem to confuse legitimate criticism of appallingly disgusting laws with "Quebec bashing."

Let's call this 'boy cries wolf.' The SSBS and the OLF make a living harassing us so fuck them.

This whole divisive mess has revealed a) Quebec politicians are void of values and principles and b) are nothing but slaves to votes.

Imagine my profound disappointment when Liberal leader (and I use the word loosely) Phillippe Couillard basically said his party agrees with "large parts" of the Charter.

The. Fuck?

Et tu brute?

If there's any clear example that there is NO party in Quebec represents the interests of non-Francophones this is it.

The bottom line is, while Marois gayly trots European lands lying her way through claiming we're 'unique', I will counter we're anything but. On the contrary, as I've oft repeated, Quebec is not unlike the deep south.

The only difference is they mix it in with progressive gibbberish.

Quebec plays with the rights of all its citizens (of which I'm currently ashamed) just like any banana republic ruled by a tin pot dictator. No surprise given its natural appreciation for South American totalitarians like Che, Castro, and Chavez - to say nothing of Arafat when he was alive.

Tinpots are gonna tin pot. What? Did Marois not cynically take to the streets banging on pots during the stupid student protest?

In any event,  not to go Godwin on this post or anything, but I think Marois looks cute in a moustache.

You want a divided Quebec?

You're gonna get it.



The London arts community doesn't seem to recognize Obama is probably the least transparent and most dictatorial President in history. Not surprising given how much they loved communists and fascists back in the day. Mind you, when you have soft tyrannists,  faux-conservatives like David Brooks calling not for less concentration of power in the executive, but more, you know liberty has lost the plot.

Obama has been called, not unfairly, Bush 2.0, Black Nixon and Mulatto Nixon.

Now try and tell me this is not weird and creepy. Notice the picture of him wedged between Jefferson and Washington.

Word is Lisee asked for a similar set up in Quebec's National Tyrannical Assembly.


We have to kill business to have more business.

It's the French way.

France. Holy shit what a shit hole of socialist garbage that place has become. Income can be taxed as high 110% in France.

People are fleeing with good reason.

"We are French," Montebourg said. "Wehave a tradition to help people, to protect people. The questionfor us is to find a good balance between protection and what youneed."

Where have I heard this drivel before. Hang on. Oh, Quebec!

The mythical balance! Problem is when you try to balance things one side eventually starts to take over and tip the whole fucking thing over.

Quebec's 'model' as Marois put it, is predicated on other people's money. When it's gone, she gone.

Same with France.

And Europe as a whole.


Speaking of the myth of 'balance.' Just like I don't think a real 'balance' can ever be found in economics (what is the equilibrium point of reference?), I don't believe you can do the same for free-speech.

Only arrogant, naive progressives can accept such folly.

All around me people are attacked mercilessly for opinions by organizations and opportunists.

The latest is Phil Robertson; patriarch of the Duck Dynasty clan.

I won't bother getting into it here but while the left tolerates all sorts of horrible opinions (Matthews comparing the GOP to North Korea, idiot actresses like toy girl Jennifer Lawrence calling for the ban on the word 'fat' (did I not call this?) and whatever derogatory phrases they have for people they generally disagree with including the Catholic Church and religion as a whole) they sure go on the smug offensive when they hear things they don't like.

As you all know, I'm uncompromising on matters of free-speech.

You can't muzzle free-speech. All you do is allow private thoughts to fester in the minds of people - which I argue is far, far worse to society.

I'd rather hear right up and front what people think that way, as a free and open independent mind, I can choose what I agree with and not.

Ah, therein lies the rub.

We can't have that in today's hyperbolic, paternalistic, politically correctness driven, skin-thinned sissy, pussy society we're constructing in the mold of what nanny-state statists believe it should be.

Honestly, who gets to decide what's "proper" and "acceptable" free speech? How can we possibly believe this is achievable? Mark Steyn, you must explain yourself to the gargoyles and the Human Rights Commission, but Chris Matthews, you're okay? It's retarded.

As it stands,  our intellectual discourse has degenerated so much that I don't believe we can turn back without a tipping point of some sort. We make enemies and criminals of people who exercise their right to FREE SPEECH.

Is anyone listening?

I'm the enemy in such a world.

That's why I give the big middle finger to anyone who attempts to justify suppressing freedom of expression and speech in all its marvel.

That goes for pieces of shit nationalists in Quebec and their intellectually and morally defunct apologists in their ranks and media, and any entity, persons, organization, lobby group that seeks to suppress and coerce rather than debate in the halls of liberty.

Fuck them all.


Engineers Successfully Launch Human Powered Helicopter

Human powered helicopter pulled off by Canadian engineers.

Da Vinci would approve.

Not Their Kind

Liberals do understand, as they insanely and inanely attack the Koch brothers, that their own resident billionaire - George Soros - made his fortune off the misery of nations and their collapsed currencies, right? He's a pirate currency.

The Koch brothers mistake? They're in stuff like petroleum and chemicals. Ew!

Fall Of The West Reason 285869494

History loses. Again.

U.S. War Army College decide Lee and Jackson are not worthy.

How long before the PC Army decide to censor Linus's meaning of Christmas speech?


Socialism And Communism: Misunderstood

Got that?

No, pal.

They were social miscreants. An assortment of narcissists, sociopaths, dictators and murderers who inflicted nothing but misery among their subjects.

They're all better off dead.

James Moore Needn't Apologize

"Moore had told the radio reporter that it isn't up to the federal government to help children who don't have enough to eat.

He said British Columbia's child poverty rates aren't the responsibility of the federal government, and it won't "usurp" the province.

"Is it the government's job — my job to feed my neighbour's child? I don't think so," Moore said.
"Obviously nobody wants kids to go to school hungry … but is that always the government's job? To be there to serve people their breakfast? Empowering families with more power and resources so they can feed their own children is I think a good thing," he said."

In principal, John Moore and doesn't have anything to apologize for.

Alas, we live in a time where the government is the point guard in our lives.

The reaction, as usual, is hyper relative to the point made.

Quote Of The Day

Commenter Anne Russel: Rather than padlock virginity devices upon our daughters (I have 4, and 5 granddaughters) and cloak them in burkas or performing genital mutilation on them, I suggest that we address the Penis Problem which results in so much rape, child molestation, procreation of children abandoned by their fathers, porn addiction, use of prostitutes, sex slavery. Let us civilize our males into learning to control their baser selfish instincts, rather than behaving like wild animals. If we must, let us padlock male genitalia to prevent inappropriate erections.

I hope Anne is a satirist.
It's a dying art form.


CPP Increases Will Erode Personal Wealth

From CFIB:

Trouble for small business The employer portion would also increase by about $1,100/year per employee. That means a company with 15 employees would be paying an additional $16,500 per year. The self-employed, who pay the entire premium themselves, would be paying an additional $2,200/year.

This is insane. The cost of these 'social benefits' already has a big impact on my bottom line

Trouble for families A typical family of four is missing out on an extra $3,110 a year (where both parents are working) to put towards their own retirement. Why? Because public sector employees are currently compensated between 25 to 42 per cent above their private sector counterparts, making it a two-tiered system.

When will people learn the best way to prosperity and freedom in terms of financial security is to have more money in their own pocket to manage? $3100! Flushed away. Give me the $3100 I guarantee I can invest it more appropriately according to MY NEEDS.

Worse, $3100 away from you and towards the public sector. A subsidy for someone else if you prefer.

Trouble for the economy Higher labour costs, with no increase in productivity, would lead to job losses or reduced hours for many workers over the first 10 years of a CPP increase, and wages would go down by 1.5%. Many Canadians would go without work for years. Some might escape unscathed, but everyone would be at risk. 


Misguided Government Policies Inflate Cost Of Education

Fantastic interview by Nick Gillespie at Reason with Mike Rowe.

I meant to link to Rowe a while ago about a lecture he gave somewhere but never got around to it but this will do.

This is for all you young folks out there who believe your only way out or solution is to make education free. Don't follow that path. Don't follow those people; especially politicians who are only out to get your vote. You will lose in the long-run. Wise up. No one owes you anything and they most certainly don't deserve to subsidize other people's education where costs are largely due to government regulation.

We all have our own problems.

Mike Rowe is definitely a likeable guy and Dirty Jobs and Deadliest Catch are among my favorite shows on TV.

My wife loves the guy. Even likes it when I wear caps.

Colorado Shooter Politics Doesn't Fit Narrative

Oh, look, Colorado shooter wasn't a Tea bagger or right-wing nut job or anything.

/media sad eyes.

I mention this because there's usually a rush to judgment by the left in hopes to pin shocking crimes to the right. After all, they don't care about people and are all armed it's only natural they become killers, amirite?

But he was a left-winger and big gun-control advocate and no fan of Adam Smith.

Interesting debate among Colorado natives. 


You too may have a degree in baloney.

Make post-secondary education "free" and watch baloney degrees soar.


Graveyard Discovery In Italy

"The layer spoke of bodies tossed into a pit and hastily covered with lime. Could this trench hold victims of the Black Death, the plague that killed half of Europe in the Middle Ages?"

Always Right

Not me. I know I'm always right. Bastiat:

According to these writers, it is indeed fortunate that Heaven has bestowed upon certain men — governors and legislators — the exact opposite inclinations, not only for their own sake but also for the sake of the rest of the world! While mankind tends toward evil, the legislators yearn for good; while mankind advances toward darkness, the legislators aspire for enlightenment; while mankind is drawn toward vice, the legislators are attracted toward virtue. Since they have decided that this is the true state of affairs, they then demand the use of force in order to substitute their own inclinations for those of the human race.

Open at random any book on philosophy, politics, or history, and you will probably see how deeply rooted in our country is this idea — the child of classical studies, the mother of socialism. In all of them, you will probably find this idea that mankind is merely inert matter, receiving life, organization, morality, and prosperity from the power of the state. And even worse, it will be stated that mankind tends toward degeneration, and is stopped from this downward course only by the mysterious hand of the legislator. Conventional classical thought everywhere says that behind passive society there is a concealed power called law or legislator (or called by some other terminology that designates some unnamed person or persons of undisputed influence and authority) which moves, controls, benefits, and improves mankind.

Bastiat. Always right.

Fall Of The West Reason 5968787877

Staple through finger. Retire at 29 with $2 million police pension.
Not. Fair.

Wonder what left-wingers like Obama think of this.

The other issue here is a moral one. The officer is correct when he states he "followed the law" regarding his pension. But hiding behind an obviously unfair law doesn't absolve you from having a moral compass.

That's the problem with living vicariously through legislation (as progressives obsessively do). It erodes your personal moral code.

Oh. One other thing. Ban staples! Or, store them under lock and key away from officers.


Canada Posts Blows Home Delivery Out

Canada Post, as a Crown Corporation is a monopoly.

Did I mention a monopoly?

That it's shedding unionized jobs doesn't bother me much. The last time they went on strike pissed me off it was such an inconvenience.

Some clown was trying to make the claim this is the work of the 'free-market.' What free-market? Canada doesn't have a "free-market" in several industries.

Believe me, privatize all these dead-beats FREE OF CRONYISM and we'd get better service, choices and prices. I guarantee you won't see no insidious $1 per stamp. Someone tried to claim it would be $2. Idiot. Competition DRIVES PRICES DOWN through efficiency, economies of scale etc. If a business attempts to price gouge, especially in this day and age is committing suicide.

The ignorance. It hurts. Hard.

We've been so conditioned to be skeptical of business we don't have a healthy view or understanding of what business is anymore. La, la, la.

The one thing that concerns me, aside from the inconvenience,  is the vandalizing and identity theft associated with community boxes. In short, I simply don't trust the government to do it properly.

And don't give me the 'save environment' crap. Mailmen may not use them anymore but where I didn't have to get into a car to get my mail, may be the case now.

When Cops Are Right

Fair is fair.

In this arrest captured on video and gone viral, I don't think the cop did anything wrong here. The girl was making it hard on herself. She was resisting and he needed to exert force.

Politifact's Lie Of The Year: If You Like Your Plan, You Can Keep It


The thing is he said it so often and with such confidence one has to wonder if he knew all along he was lying or if he was ignorant of a bill 'that had to be passed to know what's in it.'

My Lord, among the many gaffes with this administration, the Democrats really goofed on this one. Worse, they tried to spin their way through it, then tried to change the subject and used their classic strategy of blaming others - this time insurance companies.

"...Obama’s ideas on health care were first offered as general outlines then grew into specific legislation over the course of his presidency. Yet Obama never adjusted his rhetoric to give people a more accurate sense of the law’s real-world repercussions, even as fact-checkers flagged his statements as exaggerated at best.

Instead, he fought back against inaccurate attacks with his own oversimplifications, which he repeated even as it became clear his promise was too sweeping.

The debate about the health care law rages on, but friends and foes of Obamacare have found one slice of common ground: The president’s "you can keep it" claim has been a real hit to his credibility..."

Kim Jung Un Kill's Uncle; Declares Family Stronger Than Ever

Remember kids, dictators are just misunderstood philosopher kings.

Dennis Rodman could not be reached for comment. But I'm sure he'll hook up with his pal Mini-Me soon enough.

Families Destroyed, Teenager Gets Slap On Wrist

'Affluenza' defense gets kid who got behind the wheel drunk and killed three people gets off.

Take a bow judge. Take a bow.

Bring Back The Expos. Here Are T.C's Modest Conditions

Talk of baseball returning to the big M.T.L. is heating up again thanks largely to the efforts of former Expos outfielder Warren Cromartie.

I'm all for it under the following conditions:

1) The brand and logo of the Montreal Expos remains.
2) The stadium be entirely PRIVATELY funded. If it's a good business proposition then business will invest and we'll buy the tickets. None of this funded by taxpayers nonsense.
3) The stadium be state of the art. Contract bids MUST BE OPEN AND TRANSPARENT lest it becomes another typically Quebec scandal. There's no reason why we shouldn't strive to build a cost-efficient, state of the art, unique stadium like the one Juventus built in Turin for its legendary soccer club.

Are we capable of achieving this? I gotta be honest, I at the moment I have little confidence we can.

From Wiki:

"The construction project aimed to ensure a low environmental impact of the work of the construction site via the use of advanced environmentally sustainable technologies. This stadium is constructed to reduce energy consumption from non-renewable energy sources by reducing waste and optimizing the resources available. The stadium can produce the electricity it needs using solar energy captured through photovoltaic panels; it produces warm water which heats rooms, changing rooms, kitchens and football field through a network of district heating, heats hot water for the dressing rooms and kitchens of restaurants using solar thermal systems. These alternative energy sources are aimed at helping stadium meet the criteria dictated by the Kyoto protocol by generating multiple results:
All the concrete from the old Stadio Delle Alpi demolition have been separated and reused for the new building; other materials left have been divided into types, in order to be recycled, resold or reused throughout the new stadium’s construction. The reinforced concrete used for the steps has been crushed down and reused as a supporting layer of the soil, with almost 40,000 m3 (52,000 cu yd) of concrete put towards the construction of the new stadium’s foundations. Around 6,000 tons of steel, aluminum and copper were recovered, the re-use of which provided savings of more than one million Euros.[10] The implmementation of this sustainable construction policy has ensured a global savings of approximately €2.3 million."


What happened to Syria?

In the news cycle that is. Suddenly, nothing. Yet the civil war rages on.

This Is How You Save Money

You have to spend money to save money in the long-term.

$4.5 billion (say it in Dr. Evil's tone) to promote Obamacare. 

Some of it going to this guy - Adam Levine. How insensitive towards ugly people.

No word or response yet from The American Ugly People Association of America.

Anyway. Don't sell the idea. Sell the hype!

/Mad unicorn gives middle finger.


Presidential Links

A British MP once made the remark of PM Gordon Brown being a "devalued leader of a devalued government."

One can easily apply this of President Obama.

It's ironic to listen to his speeches on Mandela only to watch him be as void of statesmanship as ever.


Someone made a joke about the fake interpreter doing a good job since Obama speaks vapid gibberish anyway.

Anyway,  I haven't stopped laughing like Homer.


Seems like he can't do nothing right.

Selfie! Smile!

I keep hearing about how it was a 'day of celebration' for Mandela. Only problem is no one seemed to be festive (funerals tends to damper the need to swing and dance) except for The Three Stooges.

I don't know.

It all depends on what your definition of what a leader or statesman is. All I know is it ain't President Obama.

Elizabeth Warren's Shallownomics

"If we made no changes at all to Social Security," Warren said, "it would continue to make payments at the current level for about 20 years," meaning there is no immediate crisis facing the program, which assists some 58 million Americans. "Modest adjustments," she added, "will make certain… we could increase benefits for those who need it most."

If this woman is tipped to run in 2016 good luck to America. This gal is to the left of Obama.

20 years is not a long period at all.

Modest adjustments like? And why not fix it for good?


If cops keep this up, the day will come when the public trust of police officers will disappear.

NYPD beats up a family and kills a parakeet. 

Like, I said.


More like the 'c' word.

Not that one.

The other one.


Best Western Primrose Does Right By Customer

When I have a bad experience with a company I use the power of this blog to recount the story.

It's only right to do the same when you receive great service.

Due to an illness and death I could not make my intermittent trip to Andy Kim's Christmas Show in Toronto. This meant I had to cancel my hotel reservation. I missed the 6pm cut off to notify the hotel of my cancellation by a couple of hours and was a long shot to not have the room charged to my credit card.

I called and first spoke to an agent who then - after learning of my story - connected me to customer service representative who in turn was in communication with the manager.

Long story short, the manager allowed the cancellation to go through without a charge.

It seems these people understand life gets in the way sometimes and though policies should be respected it shouldn't necessarily come at the expense of customer satisfaction.

All I can say to Brian and John over at Best Western Primrose in Toronto, thanks.

I generally always stay at a Best Western (or Hampton or Holiday Inn depending on vacancy) especially in Toronto (five times in the past six years) and this only solidifies my trust and satisfaction with them.

I'll be back. 

There Are No Heroes

Interesting take on modern American politics under the Obama reign.

The MacGuffization of American politics.

Micro-Aggression Happens Every -1 Seconds

These one can't be too sure if this is satire or real.

Lord, I hope it's not real because it's hilarious.

Then again...

Micro-aggressions. What a term!

Clash Of Generations; Rethinking Dodd-Frank

Kinda like a 'duh' article from Robert J. Samuelson but apparently some commenters at WaPo are refusing to accept it.

This is no 'red herring.' It's fact.

The real red herring is the one Obama and his supporters keep selling about the rich v. middle-class.


Barney Frank saw Barney Frank and Barney didn't like what he saw.

/face palm.

Mandela: On The Other Hand

From 1997 New York Times:

"...South Africa's governing party admitted today that it used torture, executions, and land mines during its fight against apartheid, opening a new chapter in this country's efforts to come to terms with its past.

Senior officials of the African National Congress also said they could have done far more to stop the gruesome practice in the black townships of ''necklacing'' people suspected of cooperating with the South African security forces. Such people were pinned inside a car tire, doused in gasoline, set on fire and left to die.

Party officials had long resisted appearing before the commission, saying their actions were excusable because they had been fighting a ''just war.'' Today's testimony before the Truth and Reconciliation Commission represented a major step toward holding the winners in the struggle against the white apartheid Government accountable for their share of atrocities...."

"...Last year Archbishop Tutu told President Mandela that he would resign unless A.N.C. members recognized that they had committed gross violations of human rights and needed to apply for amnesty.

The Congress appeared before the commission last August, but at that time it made only a formal written submission. This time, the party also submitted another 139 pages of written testimony before answering questions. The testimony includes 33 pages of responses and requests for elaboration by the Truth Commission, including more details on deaths at the Congress's bases in Angola, the use of land mines in border areas and details about 15 Congress members who were executed for spying and mutiny.In submitting testimony to the commission, the Congress said it would take responsibility for 500 bombings over 11 years, and perhaps for another 95, but it could not be sure of the precise number...."

Mandela knew of the atrocities.

No one is perfect. Which is why we should always be careful how much praise a man.

So by all means, raise a statue. Gloss over the ugly parts. You'll do so knowing full well innocent people paid a price.

Miserable Cuba

Anyone, and I mean anyone, who plays pseudo-intellectual trying to spin Cuba in a positive light is a clueless asshole. Those people truly lack compassion.

Nothing more, nothing less.

Here. Read.

Not pretty. Worse, in fact, than you think.

That's why people like Michael Moore and other apologists are pieces of shits.

Don't Forget To Thank Your Tax Paying 'Rich' Neighbour

The top 40 percent of households by before-tax income actually paid 106.2 percent of the nation’s net income taxes in 2010, according to a new study by the Congressional Budget Office.
- See more at: http://cnsnews.com/news/article/terence-p-jeffrey/cbotop-40-paid-1062-income-taxes-bottom-40-paid-91-got-average-18950#sthash.01qM4qyu.dpuf
The top 40 percent of households by before-tax income actually paid 106.2 percent of the nation’s net income taxes in 2010, according to a new study by the Congressional Budget Office.
- See more at: http://cnsnews.com/news/article/terence-p-jeffrey/cbotop-40-paid-1062-income-taxes-bottom-40-paid-91-got-average-18950#sthash.01qM4qyu.dpuf
"The top 40 per cent of households by before-tax income actually paid 106.2% of the nation's net income taxes in 2010." This according to the CBO.
The top 40 percent of households by before-tax income actually paid 106.2 percent of the nation’s net income taxes in 2010, according to a new study by the Congressional Budget Office. - See more at: http://cnsnews.com/news/article/terence-p-jeffrey/cbotop-40-paid-1062-income-taxes-bottom-40-paid-91-got-average-18950#sthash.01qM4qyu.dpuf


That's the sound of Obama's class warfare teleprompter crashing to the ground.

I have a question.

/taps mic as Marx looks down from a screen above me.

106.2%? Is that it? Why do people have to be so greedy all the time?

Where There's A Will

...Altogether now! There's a way!

No. That can't be, can it?

Why (furiously flips through pages) this isn't supposed to happen this way!

Seems like the anti-gun controllers have a point when they claim if you ban guns people will simply resort to other weapons and objects to carry out their crimes. Like, I don't know, knives.

As seen in the United Kingdom.

More here and here. Dated but relevant I reckon

Yankees To Erect Mandela Monument

Mandela jumps the shark?

Fall Of The West Reason 48586868

Duty to the children.

Mother Mary shoulda worn a helmet.

Why don't they just pave the roads with rubber?

What about the donkey? Shouldn't it have a helmet too? Won't anyone think of the donkey?

Fearing For The Democrats

The left fears Socons (despite limited power) and the alleged "extremism" of the Tea Party in the GOP, while the right fears the increasing influence of the "hard left" in the Democrat party.

The media tends to focus on the extremism and (also alleged) obstructionism of the Republican party but no so much on the expansionist welfare wing of the Democrat party.

The interesting thing is The Tea Party doesn't profess to be "centrist" but progressives pain themselves as such - which rubs people the wrong way. It's the same thing here. Progressives assume they have a "rational" position that everyone should go along with. And if we don't, you know, coercion for your own good.

Personally, the left scares me more. They have the power to legislate and the politics of "appealing to emotions" is powerful and they have that angle down pat. All the Tea Party talks about is "smaller government" and lower taxes. The left want to legislate policy to control large pockets of individual life.

I recognize this is largely perception, but just my take.

How To Save Taxpayer Dollars: Into The Minds Of Des Moines Councilmen

"This is the fair and best thing to do for the tax payers of Des Moines. It will save them money of all the options in front of us,” council member Chris Coleman said.

Chris Coleman. Take a bow. Take. A. Bow.

Let's see.

The city of Des Moines illegal collects taxes from people so you tax them more to save money? Worse, it's "fair?"

That's where we're at, huh?

How about this? Just cut everyone a a check for the money owed. It wasn't your money to begin with and take a loss? Why not? Government wastes so much on corruption why not waste on doing the right thing?

The key here is this:

"The city approved bonds to pay for those refunds but now must find a way to pay off the bond.
City leaders say it has just three options to pay for that refund:
  • Cut city services with the biggest cuts coming from police and fire protection
  • Raise property tax rates for 20 years
  • Raise the franchise fee for seven years"
In other words, once you get past the trickery, the taxpayers will pay the bond off through higher fees. I fail to see how taxpayers are made whole here.

 Stop reading economics for dummies - the one with Obama's foreward. Obamacare will save the middle-class by tripling premiums! Know how? Your plans were soooo bad that when you actually get sick you won't go broke, that's how! Magic is illusion and illusion is magic.

While you're at it, your idea of civics and ethics is skewed beyond recognition.


Chomsky Chomps At The Libertarian Bit

"If you care about other people, that’s now a very dangerous idea. If you care about other people, you might try to organize to undermine power and authority. That’s not going to happen if you care only about yourself. Maybe you can become rich, but you don’t care whether other people’s kids can go to school, or can afford food to eat, or things like that. In the United States, that’s called “libertarian” for some wild reason. I mean, it’s actually highly authoritarian, but that doctrine is extremely important for power systems as a way of atomizing and undermining the public."

Blah, blah, yah, yah, yap, yap.

Oh, dear. Noam and is socialist sophistry is at it again.

I've never read anywhere in 300 years of classical liberal literature a person claim they don't care about the children.

That's one gigantic mozza-strawman he hurled up there for some to bat out of the sky.

In my view, it's normal to care about other people and even to help people without relying or believing the government should exact its power to force everyone else to help them too.

We officially live in a double speak world when left-wingers claim libertarians are "authoritarians." If anything, I argue it's the absence of authoritarianism that hurts libertarian principles in politics. 

Last, I'd like to know how they can be for small, decentralized government and be authoritarian at the same time.

The Specious President

.."Every dollar we invest in high-quality early education can save more than seven dollars later on by boosting graduation rates, reducing teen pregnancy, even reducing violent crime.”"....

Does he really believe in the crap he spews?

Bad Analogies

Rick Santorum drew an apartheid, Obamacare analogy calling both "injustices."


One actually imprisoned, raped and murdered people. The other is just stealing money to give to other people. As improper as it is, it's not apartheid.

Twisted Version Of Liberty

Freedom and liberty as the left sees it.

I don't know of the ACLU is liberal or leftist, but in this instance they're following the script in the contradictory attitude towards liberty.

A religious institution should be left alone. It's already been shredded to bits in the "secular" world. It's a little like saying to someone "look, you can't smoke here since it's a public space" to which the person reluctantly agrees. Alas, it it's not enough. Then they will turn and say, "listen buddy, you can't smoke in your house because, you know, pipes and all that. You do understand right? Children. Your rights? Ha, ha. Don't be unreasonable. You're the one with the bad habit. We're actually looking out for you. And oh, your rent is due. If you don't pay you will be evicted. You're not subsidized? Oh, well. You're not one of the lucky ones, eh? Ok. I went off a little but you get the picture.

The pigs and tyrants want blood I suppose.