Broken Record Segment: Masks

Like the masks did jack shit in 2020, it's resurrection in certain parts will equally do jack shit in 2021.

Enjoy the contained pseudo-scientific nightmare. 

With an extra dose of 'show papers' please.

An abhorrently horrific nightmare.

Disturbing Turns In France And Australia

With Macron's authoritarian decree on July 12 which read straight from the globalist play book and Australia's 'permanent lockdown' strategy, July has been a troubling month for democracies of civilized nations. As if this wasn't enough, Sydney has moved to bring in the military now.

For 236 cases and 2 deaths.

I don't care what people who support this madness think, NO health problem demands such an outrageously totalitarian response.

Has Australia been captured? What is going on exactly?

If you're not asking questions, you really are asleep. 

I can't stress this enough. This is not about a virus.

Canada. Will you stand on guard for thee?

I get a really bad feeling we're about to enact worse measures than we did during the height of the crisis.

Now, man is the virus as we prolong the crisis further with our heavy handed anti-science measures.

Where will you draw the line? 

Ivermectin: The Little Miracle That Could

Ivermectin has earned its Nobel prize.

Not only is it effective against Covid, it's actually potentially helpful with post-vaccination syndrome.

Not bad for a cheap drug.

Alas, it stands in the way of a well-thought out plan and scam to enrich criminals.

This Covid timeline is one for the history books. In 100 years, all who partook in this scam will live in infamy in print.

I firmly believe this. 

Every person and company involved will be recorded as such. Here in Canada they include Moore, Williams, Arruda, Henry, Shaw, Hinshaw, Strange, Tam, Trudeau, Ford, Kenney, Legault and others. Their legacy will not look good in the future. That's the karma we can hope for.

Great discussion on Ivermectin here with the FLCCC.


Pretzel Logic Result Of Lies And Fake Science

 For the new narrative in its infamous illogical glory, listen to Jen Psaki here.

Nothing they're saying is true. And where it is, it's vastly over exaggerated. 

At its peak, the pandemic did not result in excess deaths or was slightly above previous years in a number of countries including the USA and Canada (with the latter being basically neutral).

Now, a transmissible but not necessarily deadlier varian (aka scariants) is supposed to lead to mass death?


The play here is to demonize the unvaccinated and sacrifice them to the wolves. This pandemic is still going because people aren't vaccinating is the claim.

This is partly true but mostly not. 

Some quick reasons:

1) Vaccinated people ARE dying of it too.

2) Vaccinated people ARE being hospitalized.

3) The 'vaccines' do not confer full protection. But officials use the 'immunize' misleading the public into thinking they're getting full protection.

4) Authorities still command masks be worn and blame unvaccinated people for this. However, the hole in that logic is if the vaccines work, then why the need for masks? That's the point of 'immunization'. Except this isn't giving you full protection so mask up. Follow? This is followed up with the vaccines 'save lives' except we have very little data on this. We do know vaccinated people have been dying of Covid AND after getting vaccinated. And Psaki makes clear none of these requests are based on science but 'fuck you because we said so'. Even if the unvaccinated get vaccinated they will still tell you to wear a mask. They will still tell you boosters and 3rd shots are required. Bottom line is they arbitrarily moving along winging and adjusting their commands but it's all useless and counter productive. Sweden shows just how foolish and pathetic we are. 

5) The vaccines DO NOT stop the spread as we plainly see and may not be effective against variants.

6) The vaccines are NOT 'safe and effective'. This is driven less by data and more by dogma at this point. But they will never admit it and will always search for scapegoats. It's up to us to not buy the bit. 

Public health officials have completely lost the plot and will keep us all in chains and masks if we don't say enough. Stop listening to them. They DO NOT know what they're doing.

Use your noggin and start trusting your hunch.

This thing is getting way out of control to the point even the plotters lost the plot. All they do is attack people. That's not a strategy and that's not science. 


Today has been an interesting day. It seems the more the government double downs, the more the other side triples down and not taking this propaganda lying down. People have questions. 

Here's one example. And another. Oh dear. This is a problem. 

Dr. Malone goes after fact checkers.


Sweden is right. Australia is wrong (and just plain incomprehensibly irrational). India has lotsa natural immunity.

The vaccines are over rated and failing. 

Here's a glimpse into what's happening. Media hates you. They think you're stupid. 

Hey Barclay. You look like an idiot with that useless bacterial amulet on your chin. If you think masks work, then I won't take your information on vaccines seriously. 

Traditional And Social Media Complicit In Maintaining Culture Of Medical Tyrants And Criminals

We're all aware of the dystopian throttling of the free flow of information Twitter, Facebook and Youtube.  But they're hardly the only ones. PR Newsire, Medium, Vimeo, LinkedIn are actively engaging in censorship and trafficking in misinformation.

You heard me. They're the purveyors of fake news.

The question is, who is forcing their hands? 

Why are they all moving in lockstep?

In deciding they will only listen to regulatory agencies, media are ignoring a gigantic mass of science and this will prove to be one of the all-time great journalistic error. What if these bureaucratic institutions are capture by pharma or foreign agent? This is why it's essential to keep the flow of information and debate free and open. It's ludicrous to listen only to the CDC/WHO. 

Thankfully, there are options but their reach is much smaller but growing. I invite people to support all platforms not engaging in lies, propaganda and disinformation. These include Gab, Bitchute, Odysse, Rumble, Brighteon, Parler and so on. None of these places are perfect but they're committed to keeping speech free.

There are alternatives. You just have to take extra steps to get to them.

You know there's a sinister massive problem when some of the world's most prominent, respected, and cited scientists and doctors are being silenced and threatened.

Again. The question is by whom and why?

I don't know if these platforms engaging in censorship are doing so of their own volition but it doesn't matter. They're doing it. Someone told me it wasn't Bruce Springsteen who asked for a segregated audience along vaccinated lines but it was the venue and concert promoter. 

Bull shit. If there's anyone who has earned the right to dissent it's Springsteen. He's as big as Dylan and The Beatles and he could have taken a stand just like Van Morrison, Roger Waters and Eric Clapton have.

Instead he chose not to and bent. To me, his legacy is tarnished. Springsteen now shills for the very establishment he criticized and sang against. Just like how people all of a sudden now think Pfizer are heroes after years of skepticism towards big pharma. 

By only accepting the 'official' government line, this is communism by other means. One may joke about Pravda or Izvestia, but media in the West practices its own version of state sanctioned propaganda.

At this point, who in their right mind who is a free thinking individual could possibly follow a single pseudo-scientific guideline from the CDC or any health agency including Health Canada or Sante Publique?

These people have completely lost the plot and are acting irresponsibly teetering on malfeasance and medical malpractice. 

As for we the people. there's a naive if not childish notion that the state will suspend political machinations when faced with a crisis. This assumption rests on the belief politicians will suspend personal greed and motive and 'do the right thing'. On the contrary, it will maintain if not increase its power grip. They will only do what is right in terms of political expedience. 

The state will always look to aggrandize itself.

Don't be fooled into thinking they're sitting around the table culling all the literature and dedicating all their time in seeking the truth. 

If they did, they wouldn't still be peddling masks like pimps.

What a sordid, sad mess.

And still going strong.

Never under estimate the role in media in all this. They're no guardians of the truth. They're not gatekeepers of objective information. 

They've given us some crucial information but have chosen to toe the company and state line.

They do this by suppressing voices and opinions.

Not when you're being manipulated.

Be aware. 

By now, that nagging voice should be getting louder.

Heed it. Listen to it.

Trust your instincts.

Research. Question. Read. Question. Observe. Question. 

Don't be bullied. Don't take information from one source.

Do it.

Come September Be Prepared

Back in the summer of 2020, Legault, in his usual Orwellian manner, proclaimed 'masks are liberty' while Dr. Doom Arruda said lockdowns weren't in play. By October, they proceeded to lockdown until end of May.

This time around they say unethical 'vaccine passports' will be used to avoid lockdowns but my guess is they will do it anyway just like they lied in 2020. I don't believe for one second they will only react where there are outbreaks and that hospitalizations and deaths will be the metrics. We know hospitalizations will go up because they always do during flu season. Deaths remains to be seen but, again, they tend to spike during influenza season. So I fully expect them to over react regardless. 

This government is too addicted to the pseudo-scientific script to reverse script.

Worse, even with a high percentage of the population vaccination (around 82% one dose and 60% double), they will still use divisive rhetoric and come up with unnecessary onerous rules to avoid the over hyped Delta variant.

It's Canada.

I wouldn't expect anything less but fear and panic.

Come September, I'm not hopeful about what they have planned. 


Humans And "Science" Are Making The Covid Situation WORSE

And with deadly and long-term consequences.

Daily Derp: Mandatory Derpination For The Greater Good

Just a reminder. You were warned Quebec and Canada. Plenty of scientists have advised against mass vaccination. You are irresponsibly messing with mother nature. 

They will not be able to say 'we didn't know!'


Sweden recorded zero deaths. 13% of the population is fully vaccinated.

Think about this.

Now contrast this with the obscenity going on Quebec and Canada. Full blind throttle into vaccines.

Sweden always had it right from the onset. They allowed for natural immunity and they will emerge from this in the long-run in far better shape than Canada, their European neighbours and Australia and New Zealand. We got it wrong. And continue to get it wrong.

The vaccines are designed for a spike protein that no longer exists. Officials somehow think the vaccines are going to be effective against variants - likely caused by mass vaccination. Rather than pivot they now have increased their dangerous rhetoric to blaming the unvaccinated. 

Sweden proves this is WRONG.

Australia, Iceland, Israel and UK all have increased 'cases' (whatever that means). Three of those countries have among the highest vaccination rates in the world. Australia is a curious case. They have low vaccination rates, and still the vaccinated are filling their hospitals. 

Contrary to the specious claims being peddled by Fauci (how in the world is this unethical, unseemly, and shady criminal still allowed to speak publicly?) and media (that's why. Media and its army of mealy mouthed dimwitted journalists), the vaccinated are being hospitalized. They say this variant is now effecting all age groups. Yes, because WE didn't allow for natural immunity in those groups. Think of it, last year when the virus was 'rampant' those groups weren't effected. Now that we've erroneously unleashed a mass vaccination campaign, they're in danger? 

That's not the virus. That's us who created the Frankenscariant. Just my perception.

The mere fact we're not allowing for honest debate makes be skeptical and suspicious. 

Biggest medical miscalculation in history.

A bungle so big, I can't see how they're going to right the ship. Other than attempt to scapegoat healthy and innocent unvaccinated people acting with their conscience and of free will.


A study in Emory says surviving Covid confers lasting immunity to various diseases.


RSV kills more kids than Covid.

But vaccinate the kids.


Very odd what's going on with Health Canada. Not surprising. I long knew Canada just copies the United States but to admit it in this way is a first.

So, in effect, we have to wait for the highly political and corrupted FDA/CDC to make our calls.


Recall, the vaccines can only be given under an emergency. Once it lifts, the vaccines must not be administered because they're not approved. So Canada is acting unethically by stretching the emergency trope in order to vaccinate as many people as possible. Quebec is the worst - surprise - offender.

So many codes and laws have been broken, I can't even keep up anymore. We will definitely regret this.


Regulatory and monetary capture of alleged independent public institutions by corporate pharma interests a problem.


The Bizarro-Far Side-Twilight Zone effect continues to evolve.

The UK will consider people who took the placebo during trials as 'fully vaccinated'.

Blatant and pure corruption right there. Methinks officials took the placebo as well as they look to exempt themselves from the vaccine passports.

You fools who are again being hoodwinked into thinking this is intelligent and will be applied justly, once again show you're naive. You're too bust directing your anger at the wrong people who are merely tying to alert you to the fact this is not going to go as you think.

We're all going to pay. Except the criminals pushing this agenda.


Tess Lawrie explains the importance of Ivermectin on Bret Weinstein.

Great interview but they still haven't accepted science is broken and corrupted. They'll get there.


Australia and New Zealand in terrible shape. And not because of the virus.



Rockefeller money corrodes the University of Toronto. U of T gets both Rockefeller and Gates grants.

Both Rockefeller and Gates have roots and connections to the eugenics movement of the progressive era.

They are not our friends.

And neither are Canadian institutions who take their money. 


Lasting immunity for asymptomatic and mild infections to Covid.

Another example of why the vaccination program is a catastrophe in the making.


Interesting article on the Mennonites in Manitoba and the vaccines.


They told you to stay in.

Where transmissions are known to occur.

Save lives.

Like many things they ordered you to do, it was wrong and stupid.

And they're doubling down on the stupid.

It's not a stretch to think they're wrong about the vaccines either.


My daily reminder Drunko Dube, Officer Arruda and Boss Hogg Legault are buffoons.




ARS among the vaccinated.

Did I mention this is a disaster in the making?

Noble white lies are still lies.


Court in Spain rules lockdowns unconstitutional.


Up until now, small victories have been sporadic. We need more to build momentum.

Canada has not done its part. As usual, we're laggards and followers.

Not a nation of leaders.


France erupts in massive protests. Macron must pay.

Allez France! When will it be enough for you dear citizens of Canada?

Will you drop your indifference and fear and fight for your liberty?

In fact, protests have been increasing in frequency and have taken place from Madrid to Bratislava to London to Berlin to Turin to Athens to Paris and even here in North America. 



Where are the autopsies?

Good question.

Here in Quebec they ordered to not perform them in 2020.


The Devil's Grip On Australia And France

The reaction to Covid-19 has plunged Western nations into crisis.

A crisis of conscience and liberty.

This is not about a virus. This is no longer about public health.

How can it when millions of people are suffering way more though asinine lockdowns and now an abnormal amount of vaccine injuries and deaths?

We are way past the cure is worse than the disease stage.

And it's not abetting nor are there signals officials plan to end this abdominal assault on civil liberties.

This is what you get when you let medical bureaucrats (and epidemiologists who stand one rank about astrologists these days) take the reign. You get precautionary principle chaos. You get dogmatic edicts and orders. You get a Covid Gulag. A Covid Inquisition.

The medical orders governing states and provinces are parochial outfits that behave no differently than the mafia. They have threatened, suspended licenses, and outright fired doctors who dare break the narrative ranks. I accuse these orders of breaking their oaths and acting in bad faith. They are doing great harm to the public through their instrangiseant  behaviour and obtuse refusal to speak out about treatments. 

Instead, they cling to outrageous and failed pseudoscientific bull shit like lockdowns and masks. 

These are our doctors. Products of an ostensibly advanced medical culture.

They're behaving more like hacks and hoodlums.

There's no end in sight. They have succeeded, through another bunch of quacks - behavioural scientists - in forming behaviour and bending it to their needs through fear. Nice people.

The entire scientific structure and the institutions than house, train and educate this bunch is broken and corrupted. This 'greater good' and 'you don't want to catch it' and 'you don't want your grandmother' nonsense are designed to manipulate emotions to get people to follow their rules.

Their anti-human and unnatural rules.

And the political class, not one to be strong and courageous, broke down before these medical zealots who know what's good for us.

It's very simple.You're sick with this bio-engineered disease? If you're doctor doesn't administer Ivermectin, they're guilty of medical malpractice. Period.

This safe, inexpensive, Nobel prize winning drug that's been for decades and part of the medical patrimony alleviates hospital pressure and saves lives.

More than any damn idiotic mask could. Lockdowns kill. 

Nations (politicians and citizens alike) that still have this insane 'strategy' as part of the arsenal and option to 'combat' the disease, are criminals.

There is no justification as the literature makes crystal clear this is a diabolical and irrational tactic containing immeasurable collateral damages that will last years if not decades.

It will last even beyond once this virus with a 99.98% survival rate disappears.

When all will be said and done, we will have NOTHING to show for what we did. Take names. 

Quebec and Canada have been utterly disappointing and have shown they are more than willing to skirt and outright ignore rights and the Charter. In Quebec, officials have essentially admitted they're subverting natural individual rights for the 'collective public health'. This country showed its true colours. From an ignorant police class not aware of their duty to uphold the Charter, to courts and judges that have refused to protect our rights to a corporate media (those constructors of fairy tales) the political system that has meekly whimpered and abandoned to serve.

My fellow Canadians. We have quarantine camps. Just like we interned Japanese and Italian Canadians we're now in medical apartheid territory. 

Bludgeoning people with illegal edicts is not serving the public.

But! They have public support! Manipulate people enough and they believe the Jews - and now disturbingly the unvaccinated - are a threat. 

This public support is due mostly as a result of having manipulated people into believing they're sick and a threat turning a population into paranoid hypochondriacs. The derelict and deranged manipulators use these tactics to obtain arbitrary vaccine objectives. 'Scare, threaten, and scare more' is the play. Quebec has been by far the worst offender of this across the continent. They constantly, like mobsters enforcing a protection racket, chastise, cajole and threaten people with Orwellian double-speak. 'If you want your liberty back, go get your vaccine' is their favourite line. A more unethical and unconscionable phrase one can't conceive of. Liberties were STOLEN to the point it only comes back if one accepts a medical procedure they would otherwise refuse?

These foul weak men of low character are on par with mafia hoodlums. 

We're being led down a dangerous path by knave, fools, clowns and buffoons. Criminals and incompetent naifs abound.

We've lost our moral and intellectual compass. It's broken and may not be repaired. That people still swallow this is bizarre and quite remarkable. Perhaps the deception has become their reality. There are people who are now aware but what to do? 

The United States is the country that helped to create this man-made virus through NIH and Fauci. They're also going to come out of the mess first. They're now on a trajectory to find out just what went on. Will the DOJ look into it? Who knows? In my view, all these actions we've endured during this largely self-induced nightmare do rise to a level (deaths caused through lockdowns, refusal to administer treatments and forced inoculation are good reasons, no?) where the Nuremberg Trials should be rebooted. But this is not likely to happen. I fear the baseline has been drawn and the perpetuators who have erased established scientific knowledge and engaged in censorship against brave experts who spoke out, will press on as they swim in a dark and scummy pond of corruption and nefariousness. 

All this acrimony, stress and angst would have been avoided if we were strong people led by strong leaders truly guided by wise scientists.

But this is far from the case.

Wipe that smug 'I follow the science' from your face.

This is not about science or public health.

Several nations are guilty in the West. The UK, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Austria, Italy, Portugal, and Spain along with Canada form the main block. But by far the three most offenders are France (a country Quebec copies), Australia and New Zealand.

These three have jumped into another world.

In New Zealand, it's at the point their leadership says the only source of truth is through the government.

As everyone knows, the government's track record on truth is sterling. 

This assertion was perhaps among the most troubling and glaring examples of how deep the rot runs.  Australia is on par with New Zealand. Two nations that have gutted all remaining vistages of reason and logic in a suicidal commitment to an unhinged suppression strategy. They literally are letting a virus control their lives. Which is why they will fail. There's no coming out of this. How? The government is now chirping 'No regrets' as they press on with more rounds of lockdowns without a single care of what it's doing to overall public health. 

I'm not sure they can even spend their way out of this without running into the arms of China. 

They're stuck in a vortex condemned to a life of chicken before the egg logic. They're even talking of 'permanent lockdowns'. See, the cases are low because of lockdowns. So when ONE case arises, we shut down and it doesn't spread. Keep doing it until we 'eradicate' it.

Has anyone bothered to ask: At what price?

Science see?

Trying to understand what happened in these two places is one for the history books at this point. 

It matters because Australia and New Zealand are part of the Commonwealth and so what happens there could influence, with the UK being the kingpin, Canada. Canada's only saving grace is we share a border with the United States and this keeps us somewhat honest and balanced - barely. 

It's quite astonishing Australia and New Zealand are seen as success stories. While Sweden a failure. It's quite the opposite. Australia and New Zealand are spectacular failures when you look at other metics other than cases and deaths. Sweden will prove to be the most sane of all Western nations.

France, for its part, is also directed by a fool.

Macron's recent declaration was quite shocking and inexplicable. It's impossible he didn't know he would plunge France into instant protests and rioting. The French, perhaps more than any Western nation, are rebellious and quarrelsome by nature. Watching France sink to such a level is shocking but necessary.

We need to shake the apathy out of people. Our sense of personal liberty as atrophied. We've been trying to flex those muscles as the media and mocks those who do as 'conspiracy theorists' and other divisive language and labels they care to apply.

What happens in France in the coming days or weeks matters. 

Australians too have taken to the streets but are being faced with a tyrannical police force. 

The friction is growing. France and Australia's lesson put plainly this is not about public health.

Sadly, it was all avoidable had we been stronger. Alas, the devil manically dances, gripping our heads between his ungodly palms as he shakes out memories of our sense of duty, dignity, reason and honour. 

The West was faced with a challenge.

It compromised itself; its values.

It failed.




Remember When....

They told you you can't put any tracking devises on pedos or criminals because it would violate their rights?

Now they roam free while the vaccine passports roll out.

Let that sink in.

The entire world is upside down.

Regain your minds.

Know The Pitch

As they lie to you about the stupid Delta variant 'attacking' the unvaccinated (it's actually the vaccinated), know how they manipulate an increasingly untenable position.

One, is "vaccines aren't perfect but still...blah blah".

Two, "you don't want to catch it".

No vaccine is perfect we know but you're selling it as if it is by saying it's the only way out. 

And it's a little more problematic and serious than them not being perfect. The deaths and injuries have been substantial. 

No one wants to catch any virus. But the probabilities of you catching are low and if you do the odds are overwhelming in your favour you survive it through natural immunity.

In any event, you can still contract Covid with the vaccines so not sure why any vaccine pusher would use this line. 

It's all marketing. Doctors are salesmen when they need to be. 

Daily Derp: One Dose Is Enough Of The Derp

"Fear is the parent of cruelty."

-James Anthony Froude.


When all is said and done when we confirm all the unethical, illegal, incompetent and immoral actions, normies will then accept it and say, 'never again!'

And then they will promptly forget and the cycle will resume.


Meet Dr. Leane Wen. She's on CNN. She likes to spread medical hysteria. She wants to make life difficult for people who choose not succumb to the fear mongering she peddles. Leane is a good example of a medical authoritarian who knows what's best for you and a virus with a very high survival rate. Leane doesn't like your right to choose.

Who is Dr. Wen? A superficial research reveals she's part of the Brookings and Milken Institutes. Both institutes receive large grants from Bill Gates. Michael Milken is the founder of his institute. Milken makes an appearance in the Fauci emails and interviewed Dr. Francis Collins of NIH revealing their relationship. Milken, like Gates, is a convicted felon.

All march to the same vaccine tune.

When you listen to Wen, you can see Gates's hand up her ass.

Follow the money.


Wen isn't the only one either shilling or gaming Covid. Right here in Canada the very TV experts you see have some dubious side gigs. Shawary - Captain Doom Mask  himself - makes some coin through speaking engagements. You would think CTV would disclose this sort of information because it can be perceived as a conflict of interest. Boguch consults for the NHL - sweet gig eh? Interesting given he advised sports be closed to children. Nice guy. I'm sure he has a perfectly sound moral and scientific explanation for retarding the development of children. Both are proponents of lockdowns and they're far from the only ones. 

Among the most vile individuals out there is David Fisman. This piece of smug work shills for Ontario unions and had no problem advocating the shut down of schools.

These experts, in my view, have brought disrepute to their discipline. They have helped ruin the lives of children under the guise of public health while profiting from it. Next time you hear unions and teachers scream for masks on Kindergarten children, know the epidemiologists who set the tone for this pseudoscience madness.

Don't expect Fisman to debate anyone. He's lazy and dishonest enough to go straight to ad hominen attacks.  You know, the usual 'you're a racist' cackling used as last refuge by scoundrels.

Time for them to be held accountable.

I've already mentioned Canadian universities (of which U of T and McGill get a nice bundle of joy) that get Gates Foundation grants in the past.

Now to look into this Matthew Oughton character. 

It's very simple now. Follow the money and cui bono?


Long-Covid in children more about complaining than facts.



"Our study provides evidence that the airway epithelial and mucosal immune cells of children are pre-activated and primed for virus sensing, resulting in a stronger early innate antiviral responses to SARS-CoV-2 infection compared to adults."

But keep them in masks, away from in-person education and physical activities.

Right, Isaac and David?


Ah. Never change Quebec. Always good at being the worst.

Legault may be popular with the clueless flock, but he's a complete failure both as a politician and man.


How useless is the PCR?



Obesity and Covid.


Talk from Panda.


Remember when they laughed at Trump for saying they should look into UV rays?


Vaccines during Spanish flu.

And here.


"Covid-19 has a higher mortality rate than flu in all age groups, except perhaps children under the age of 12. The long term effects of coronavirus can also be severe - and it's more infectious than flu."

From the BBC. I said....


Story on PCR fraud from Portugal.


With all this magnetism in the vaccines talk this was interesting.

And this regarding cell phones from Cell.com.


Moderna had vaccine candidate in November 2019.

Puts into perspective what Fauci meant when he said Modena had the inside track for a vaccine in the spring of 2020.

Insider stuff. Nothing to see here.


Evidence for use of Ivermectin as prevention and treatment is overwhelming. Every day we don't use it should be viewed as manslaughter or even murder.


Pulled this from the Internet. Forget where. Apologies:

"Hypnotherapists have been noticing blatant hypnosis and NLP techniques being used by the government and state-controlled media:

You get them to do something not once, but again and again, increasing the level of intensity each time. Usually you do it 3 times. (At the first lockdown I said - watch out, there'll be a 2nd and a 3rd!) This increases compliance - you're much more likely to get them to do whatever you want.

 A 'Yes' set:
Get them to say 'Yes' to something small at first (just two weeks to "flatten the curve") then gradually increase (months of lockdown, Christmas cancelled, socially/economically coerced into vaccines). In this way they're much more likely to keep saying yes. (There would've been riots if they'd said in March lockdowns will carry on through Christmas.)

Keep them in a constant state of uncertainty. The conscious mind responds to this by 'going offline' as it searches for the appropriate response for something it has no precedent for. Then it's much easier for the manipulator to gain access to the unconscious mind and change belief systems. For example, lockdown rules are changing on practically a day-to-day basis; we're living in a world we've never lived in before, everyone's stumbling about with no idea how to behave. We've no energy left to fight our oppressors.

Repeat the same information over and over (see any newspaper / TV news for evidence of this!)

 Illusion of Choice
Make them believe they're in control by giving them 2 choices, both of which lead to the same result. For example, 'Do you want the Pfeizer or the Oxford?' or 'You can choose to be good or bad. Bad = more lockdown. Good = more lockdown.'

"Social Proof"
"Look, all these great celebrities are backing it!"

"You'll have to wait your turn for the vaccine... we might be running out!"

And so many more... All classic psychological control techniques. Once you see it, you can't un-see it!
Check out the book 'Influence', The Power of Persuasion' by Robert Cialdini - all the methods he talks about are being used daily in the news and other media.'

The organisation to go and look at that's doing all this is The Behavioural Insights Team and SPI-B , these same techniques are being used all over the globe by their respective "Teams". The UK Column have done a lot of work exposing this and other dangerous fifth column organisations like Common Purpose, who are also global.
Behavioural Insights Team - Mindspace Doc. https://www.bi.team/publications/mindspace/

Article- The Psychological Attack On the UK, UK Column - https://www.ukcolumn.org/article/psychological-attack-uk

Here is the literature that is given out by the NHS for convincing cohorts




Vaccinated cricket players collapse on the field.

Remember kids, the flunkies tell us the benefits outweigh the risks.


As mask mandates begin to lift in Canada (joining most of North America), it's always worth reminding they accomplished nothing and do pose health problems.

Quebec of course (we're distinct) remains the only major region with a mandate on the continent. The reason for this is not related to health but to cynically keep people in line to force them into a vaccine. It's not hard to read how tyrants think. Plus Sante Publique tends to be a laggard when it comes to realizing facts and data.

I mince no words on what I think about Sante Publique. They peddle pseudoscience like no other. And where places had the decency to end it, we cling to the superstitious and dated 'mesures sanitaire'.

In the end, it will reflect poorly on them.  


Medical censorship should worry everyone.


Fauci is liar. No seriously. He's a narcissistic twat who has been caught and isn't decent enough to come clean.


UNC to tenure shyster behind 1619 Project myth.

It must all collapse.

The rot is too advanced.


It would appear 'they' are erasing the inventor of mRNA technology Dr. Robert Malone from the history books. But it's ok. We have sourced and catalogued the truth. Like the Monks of the Middle-Ages, it will be revealed in healthier time. Right now, it's poisonous.

That's how communists work. This is a coordinated assault where communists and eugenicists have joined forces.


Step right up get your vaccination exemption card right here. Step right up! Watch your step ma'am.


EbMC, an evidence-based consultancy organization, is calling for the cessation of the vaccine roll-out in the UK.


Vaccines: "We made a huge mistake".


Bill Gates is a problem for humanity and human liberty.


The FDA is a mess. I like to think it's bitterly divided on the vaccines.


ISAG are the Zero Covid cultists who told its Irish chapter to ramp up the anxiety and uncertainty among people.

Rabid psychopaths.

Know thy enemy.

Remember there's a source to this eugenics by other means insanity. It doesn't take much to trace it all. Just follow the money.


Dr. Ioannidis. A public health response disaster of the highest order.


Content Authenticity Initiative.

Fancy way of saying: Fake news you can trust.


Let the lawsuits fly!


The spectacular and epic lies of the megalomaniac Tony Fauci and his seedy team of corrupted and crooked scientists.

It really is a scientific reign of terror. 

Two videos on the subject from The Highwire.


Time will tell if Dr. Bhakdi is correct.

Unfortunately the excellent video I had lined up has been removed by the censorious clowns at youtube. 

Incidentally, I've reduced my youtube intake drastically. Heck, it's down to basically zero.

I'm on Rumble, Bitchute, Brighteon and Odysse.

Fuck youtube. Leave it to the cunts.


I didn't realize authoritarian-technocratic clowns worked at MIT.

Jesus what a bunch of arrogant 'bow to the gatekeepers' poppycock nonsense.

“It’s a very striking finding,” says Lee. “It shows that characterizing antimask groups as data-illiterate or not engaging with the data, is empirically false.”

That's what happens when you're presumptuous. From the onset 'anti-maskers' (ie the sane and logical) relied on science and data. And this mislabeled group attacked by fake news and an assortment of lunatics, is more highly educated and literate than the media portrayed them. Of which I'm part of that group.

The term 'anti-maskers' is divisive implying they were a bunch of ignorant illiterate. In reality, they're extremely informed, well researched and self-taught. They didn't take the word of 'experts' at face value and the 'experts' didn't like that."

The most intelligent and honest discussion on Covid has NEVER been with the authorities or its shills on social media or TV.  All they peddled was fear.


What happens when you react to bad modelling? You panic and waste money.


People are buying the little sleight of hand - again - about alleged hospitalizations in unvaccinated people.

First off, duh. Second, the vaccinated are ALSO being hospitalized - and at a higher rate in fact.

What a mess. Link from Berenson.


Prediction: The Vaccines Will Fail

Out of thousands and thousands of blog posts since 2005, I've rarely - if ever - ventured into predictions or prognostications. 

But I'm gonna make an exception here.

The vaccines will fail. In fact, I think they have already failed. 

In fact, it's going to be a catastrophe. 

Let's look at some reasons.

First off, they are NOT 'safe and effective'. 23 000 deaths and over 1.6 million injuries reported from the EU/USA VAERS data systems all but conclude they're not safe. Myocarditis and blood clots are not side effects you want to take a chance on. 

And this doesn't consider there is NO LONG-TERM data so we do not know what else can happen.

Does that sound 'safe'?

So, to me, experts, media, and national governments are acting irresponsibly claiming they're safe.

As to effectiveness, it's hard to know because they've not been around long enough, but early data is indicating antibodies dissipate as early as two weeks while literature is showing antibodies through natural infection can last years. This may explain why the booster shots and potential '3rd shot'. The Canadian government has committed to purchasing over 65 million doses over the next couple of years. My guess this is premature and money misspent.

Which bings me to my second prediction. The consistent refusal to administer Ivermectin will reveal how scandalous and incompetent public officials have behaved. 

In terms of transmissibility, the vaccines do not stop the spread. Yet, we're grotesquely segregating society into those who have been vaccinated and those who have not. We're preventing people from travelling unless they're vaccinated. But if the vaccines do not stop transmissions isn't this a pointless if not punitive measure? The only selling point of the vaccine is it may reduce symptoms but it won't prevent you from catching Covid-19. Hence, experts who peddle this increasingly farcical situation have as their weak pitch 'you don't want to catch it'. By PHAC's own admission, the vaccines do NOT prevent you from catching it.

So, to me, health care professionals, media, and government are acting irresponsibly in violating informed consent and the alleged effectiveness of vaccines.

I am not saying anything that's not already been publicly disclosed by experts, science journals, and public officials lest I be called an 'anti-vaxx conspiratorial racist'. All this is readily available information on reputable news sources and channels for those who care to look it up.

Let's recap the falsehoods and faulty premises that have brought us here.

-In early 2020 it was asserted this was a 'novel' coronavirus to which we had no immunity. This has since been proven false. Studies have shown we likely already had prior immunity to it notable through T-cells.

-It was believed - mostly in the stubborn medical field - droplets were the main mode of transmission. Now we know it's aerosolized.

-It was thought asymptomatic spread was prevalent and a driver of outbreaks. This was patently wrong.

Yet we have not adjusted public health guidelines clinging to pseudo-scientific nonsense of masks and social distancing. EVEN IF YOU'RE VACCINATED.  

If they vaccines are effective, why are you subjected to these guidelines and possibly vaccine passports?

These are questions the public must ponder. In the United States, the public is ahead of the curve. They're seeing the vaccines aren't worth the hype. The only play left for government after a intense barrage of unethical coercion is to use even more heavy handed approaches including mandatory vaccines. The harder they push, the more they break the public trust. 

And we haven't even broached the subject that this was a bio-engineered virus (via one Anthony Fauci) and that we're being put through a stressful episode likely to permanently psychologically and physically damage millions of people. This is not a natural phenomena. It's a man-made one and the men who did this want you to buy their solution. Man is the virus. Not nature. And hell hath no fury like Mother Nature scorned. I say we fully and richly deserve whatever she plots in revenge.

We're a morally and intellectually broken species operating in a broken social system. We selfishly tolerate discriminatory solutions just because we feel entitled to go to on vacation or go to a concert. We can't see beyond our own superficial desires to consider the Faustian Deal we're entering. Greedy, jealous and pathetically weak, wretched creatures we are.

Cheer on those vaccine passports. Go ahead. Do not ever claim, then, to be virtuous or believe in liberty or science. You have forfeited this right. You're nothing but a scared, myopic, and easily manipulated rube.

One of the biggest miscalculations in medical history was to mask up society on the promise the only way out was through vaccines while completely disregarding natural immunity and making it illegal to administer truly safe and effective treatments like Ivermectin.

The people tasked with protecting society have created a social and economic nightmare we may never emerge from.

Fools and knaves. Fools and knaves.

I'm already on record since April of 2020 this was one of the all-time great medical hysterias in history.

It's a full blown moral panic.

The Scapegoating Of Unvaccinated Has Begun

This is something we spotted from a mile away. We knew from the spring this was going to be their play. Continue the campaign of lies and fear mongering and this time it's through scapegoating Jews the unvaccinated.

Don't fall for it.

The CDC doesn't track vaccinated people anymore. Only the unvaccinated so naturally they're going to overplay and distort this.

We also know vaccinated people are actually dying more than the unvaccinated in the UK.

Quebec, naturally, has jumped on this theme (there is no junk science Quebec isn't ready to accept). 

The interesting part is there's full blown confusion if not chaos as to whether this vaccine is working at all against the variant (s). Which would be surprising given it was designed to attack the master (original) strain. As we know with flu vaccines, it's hit or miss every year and so it appears to be the case here with Covid-19 - a bio-engineered coronavirus we have no experience with. They literally can spin and play this virus in so many ways.

Please. Spare us the sob stories. Every time a person dies and a treatment wasn't used that's on the HOSPITALS AND GOVERNMENT. 

This is to be continued.

And if you don't start smelling the coffee, they're going to continue this for months if not years.

Are you ready for that?

We're not on a good trajectory. 

The Vatican On Board With Passports; Bruce Springsteen Is A Coward

I need crazy pills. 

The Vatican now asks for passports.

My question is: What would Jesus do?


Springsteen has retuned. To Broadway.

But it may as well be Mississippi 1961.

Bruce will be performing before an elitist crowd he has all but become too comfortable with as the venue demands FDA approved vaccination papers.

It's something I never thought I'd ever see.

Bruce preached through his massive musical legacy about doing the right thing and here he stands ready to perform before a segregated crowd?

And don't give me none of that 'he had a contract it's the venue' crap. He's Bruce FUCKEN Springsteen. The Beatles refused to perform before a segregated crowd using their power to force change. Eric Clapton and Van Morrison won't do it. 

Bruce is not aging well and this Obama nonsense is not helping.

What a shame.

Springsteen is a coward.

I want to spit into the face of these badlands indeed. 

All for a vaccine that doesn't stop the spread. 

This is on your record - excuse the pun - Bruce. It's a stain.

And no, saying it was for 'public health' ain't gonna cut it.

Critical Thinking Vaccine Propaganda

Came across this article from McGill University (an institution that receives grants from the Gates Foundation. Sorry, follow the money folks) by Jonathan Jarry (who once attempted to defend high PCR ct cycles during a local CTV news broadcast). The content in of itself is what you'd come to expect during this moral panic. That is, the vaccine is the only way out and all these signals and adverse events are blown out of proportion.

Are they?

I argue no.

On a simple double standard application, the very side who invoked manipulative emotional pleas like, 'if it can save one life' or 'we must save granny' or 'what if it was your grandmother or mother?' aren't extending this logic - or lack thereof - to the injuries caused by vaccines.  We can reverse these claims by stipulating: What if it doesn't save a life and actually leads to deaths? What if it's your child who is injured? What if it's your grandmother who dies from a vaccine shot?

The vaccines are clearly not 'safe and effective'. This slogan will go down in flames in the annals of history is my impression. 

A safe vaccine does not claim over 20 000 deaths and 1.5 million injuries. It is true given the total doses this represents a small percentage but so do Covid deaths. Funny how they play context with vaccine injuries but refuse to contextualize the deaths and survival rates from this virus. Moreover, the 'experts' do not put into proper perspective those demographics at most risk. Nor do they disclose a vast majority of people who end up in ICU or hospitals are obese or are afflicted by other underlying health conditions.

They complete disregard the role natural immunity has to play in all this (Vaccine Ho!) but this is hubris tempting the wrath of Mother Nature.

On a percentage basis, deaths will always be low but that's not the only metric to be used. In this case, the gross numbers tallied can't be ignored. As history has shown, vaccines have been pulled with far less dramatic results. 

Can it be we're blinded by panic?

As for efficacy, all we have are short term bits of data. There's no way to prove its effectiveness except in real time and this can be misleading. It's similar to a mutual fund or stock. However, we do have studies showing and explaining the conflation of the RRR and ARR. When properly deciphered, you learn the '95% effective' claim is misleading. It's closer to 1%-3% as a recent study published in The Lancet revealed. 

You don't monitor the daily price to make a long-term judgment because it would be too volatile. Unless you're a high risk day trader, you want mid-to-long-term data to make a calm, sound and rational decision.

The same applies to vaccines. Where one can lead to a loss of money or returns the other can result in damaging health consequences. 

I've also detected a disingenuous double standard about Ivermectin. Where the potential (very low) risks are blown out of proportion for its use (contrary to the massive body of evidence to the contrary), vaccine injuries are being severely downplayed. One has shown and proven to save lives, while the jury is still out on the other. 

The belief is the vaccines are our only way out and this claim must be questioned.

But the 'experts' want you to ignore this and just take the jab to 'get your life back'.

Enter Jarry cautioning using VAERS to judge the vaccines.

What drew my attention is Jarry is listed as a science communicator and added a 'critical thinking' label to his article. I will attempt to point out a couple of logical fallacies committed by Jarry.

I assert this article is designed to be an ad hominem from the start using cherry picking as its straw man.

Another one he offers is false dichotomy. That is, the truth lies in only two extremes. In this case, vaccinate or not vaccinate.

If you don't take the vaccine you're an 'anti-vaxxer' implying you're 'anti-science'. It gives the impression a person has no other option available.

Think 'you're either with or against us'. It takes a complex situation and gives the false impression there are obvious and simple choices.

In this case, it comes with the nebulous ' take the vaccine for the greater good'.

People don't necessarily share or agree this sentiment.

Nestled in this logical fallacy crack is the false equivalence. Not all vaccines are made the same. We know mRNA are a new technology not yet approved by the FDA that has never been injected into humans with no track record or tested with established standard safety protocols. These are not traditional vaccines but the public, in violation of informed consent, is being asked to ignore these facts and distinctions on the basis this is an emergency which itself can be challenged. Just like one is committing a logical fallacy in equating the dangers of marijuana with heroin, one can apply this error in asserting all vaccines are safe and come with the same risks. 

The term 'anti-vaxxer' is unhelpful and is employed to set up a 'us versus them' logical fallacy. Specifically, it commits an ad hominen fallacy. A person can have perfectly acceptable and valid reasons to not take a vaccine and still not be against vaccines in general. For example, there are people who would prefer to prudently wait and see rather than rush into taking a vaccine. They're not against vaccines but are potentially deferring getting one. Yet, such people are regularly labelled 'anti-vaxxer'. All this does is to cause angst and division among people. 

Moving from logical fallacies, we move to context. While it's important to contextualize the data on VAERS as Jarry points out, we do not see this applied to Covid and the profile of people it impacts. Despite the clear evidence of a certain demographic, in a particular setting with underlying conditions making up the overwhelming number of deaths (to the extent we can make sense of them), public officials are grouping all demographics (and confusing the notion of herd immunity in the process) into one as though they all face the same risks. Moreover, within those underlying conditions, patients or victims obesity tends to be the dominant condition. 

People do not share the same risk profile. Children in particular. This is a piece of data often omitted in the one-sided discourse.

He offers no analysis of the actual data. He just explains how the data could be misused, but offers no alternative analysis himself. He suggests that so 3/4 of the reports are not filled out with adequate information to make a proper assessment. Fair enough. Then eliminate those and explain how underreporting also leads to 1-10% of adverse events actually being reported. 

For instance, in the United States, over 6000 deaths have been reported (recall it's a felony to file false information and the CDC does monitor VAERS). Given only 1-10% of adverse events are reported, that total could be substantially higher. It's worth noting officials pulled the swine flu vaccines in 1976 after 25 deaths were reported in 45 million doses administered. Does that not compensate for the over-reporting? 

And whether or not VAERS is a useful tool with regards to experimental vaccines currently in trials and being rushed out indiscriminately to the public does not address the fact that there is still no mid or long-term safety reporting whatsoever despite the claims of them being 'rigourously tested'. 

Has become highly politicized to the point of absurd and gives the impression corporate profits must be protected at all cost.

He's not alone. One of the biggest offenders of mixing politics and political jabs - excuse the pun - is Dr. Peter Hotez. In reading and listening to Hotez, you get a dogmatic scientific-religious sermon demanding blind faith acceptance of its virtues from people. To Hotez, there are no good reasons to question vaccines.

If you do, you're an icky crazy conservative. 

Jarry is more subtle. Jarry's piece is designed to discourage people from questioning vaccines. Be it their efficacy or safety. In fact, I posit that this episode in medical history may well damage the public trust with the medical establishment, science as an institution and whether vaccines have been a dogmatic means to a medical ends.

Perhaps Mr. Jarry should consider less on why people are hesitant borne of free choice and more on his own role as to why perhaps this is occurring? 


Breaking The Ethical Spine Of Canada

The Covid moral panic has broken Canada's ethical spine as the country sees no problem with announcing moving towards a segregationist society along immunization lines.

This isn't 1943 or 1961 folks. It's 2021 in an ostensibly free and moral nation claiming values of human rights and pluralism. 

This is a malaise of conscience.

Two recent items further cemented my view of Canada having lost its moral compass.

One, the province of Quebec (who else?) hoodwinking and pulling a bait and switch on the population. What was originally sold as needing 70-75% of the total population immunized has suddenly become 75% in each age category regardless of risk.

This is politicized pseudo-science and is extortive in its make up.

This makes the Quebec government complicit in unethical crimes against humanity. Again, this is an experimental vaccine using a brand new mRNA technology never been used in humans which has resulted in a large number of adverse events (that's been reported) for a bio-engineered virus with a very high survival rate.

Moreover, the vaccines aren't designed to stop transmission (and clearly we're seeing it play out that it doesn't). The claim is it lowers symptoms those potentially preventing people from overwhelming hospitals. Except, we're seeing it barely achieves this as well and it's unclear if they're effective against the variants that allegedly according to a number of scientists (microbiologists, vaccinologists, immunologists etc,)  arises through....are you ready?.....mass inoculation

People. They're forcing us into an unproven, experimental vaccine with no long-term track record.

As it stands, roughly 22 000 people in the EU/USA have died possibly relating to the vaccines and over 1.3 million adverse events have been recorded - that we know of. We now know the vaccines do run the risk for myocarditis and blood clots. These are life-altering side-effects. 

We're going to possibly irreversibly hurt innocent children. A demographic that poses no threat and is in no danger of Covid! 

And for what exactly? They still tell you to social distance and wear a mask and that you'll need indefinite shots.

Let all this sink in. 

This should shake you out of the fear that permitted this madness to take root.

We're fraying the social order for this?

What on God's green earth are public officials thinking?

Assuming there's any thinking going on. And in Quebec, there's very little of it. 

The next item is the Canadian Human Rights Museum joyfully announcing they're opening to the public.....for the fully vaccinated only.

I don't think 'human rights' means what they think it means. 

I hear they will have a Covid-19 exhibit next to the Warsaw Ghetto and Mississippi segregated lunch counters. Right by the Japanese and Italian internment camps pavilion. 

The Covid moral panic broke the ethical spine of Canada. 

We should ALL feel embarrassment and shame.


Totalitarian Conditioning

We're being conditioned to accept authoritarianism under the guise of pubic health.

Not content to have destroyed the economies of the West via lockdowns, governments now seek to segregate people along 'passports'.

We find ourselves in a new realm of authoritarianism in the West and people are allowing themselves to be conditioned to accept totalitarian measures via benign medical rhetoric.

It's quite unsettling to watch unfold as people continue to shrug their shoulders.

Australia and New Zealand are hands down the worst offenders. I don't know what's driving them but the 'No Regrets' policy is a product of a nation that bought the pseudoscience bit. Canada has shown itself to be impossibly incompetent giving the impression of being ruled by people other than our government but Australia has literally turned its country into a prison. 

For their own good. 

Western Europe, save for some countries like Sweden and Norway, are not too far off the bonkers train. Canada is one bad panic move away from falling into the trap. 

The only country putting up a fight is the United States and heaven forbid we copy them.

We're al in a bad spot.

The choice is simple. Do you want to live like this? Or do you want to have a LIFE?

Don't give up your life of liberty for this stupid-ass virus. 


This Can't Be Good: Soros And Gates Team Up To Buy UK Covid Test Company

Two of the most vilified men on earth are teaming up to buy a Covid test company.

What can go wrong?

Here's a scenario. With PCR already a controversial means of testing along with the absurd continuing of testing asymptomatic people, these two troublemakers can keep Covid going in perpetuity to sell vaccines.

It's obvious and not to hard to see what's at play. 

Gates through his laundering-buy-influence "Foundation" and Soros through his various scam non-profits have cornered academic institutions and media. In turn, he uses them to promulgate a perpetual 'positive Covid' scheme to peddle vaccines he has his hands on. 

Basically, the calculus goes like this: Show positive tests, fool the population there are variants that threaten them, use shills in academia from doctors to epidemiologists to pimp the lie, and assure the scared  population after a round of fear mongering they have vaccine to 'save' them. Profit!

Moreover, Gates is now the biggest private farm land owner in America while Soros is a powerful financial player.

When will people realize these two ain't Bruce Wayne?

A scam only the devil could love.

Hardly conspiratorial 


What People Don't Get About 'Vaccine Passports'

Let's be blunt and to the point.

Vaccine passports are immoral and unethical no matter how it's rationalized.

It's segregation by other means. A problematic division of society along medical lines.

A toxic mix far worse than a virus.

To support it is to be a fool.

I'm not sure why people let themselves be deceived so easily. Fear, we know, is so primal an emotion, it erases any thought of common decency when confronted with a perceived threat.

The problem with a passport is it opens a Pandora's Box. In a health and moral panic that has opened numerous Pandora's Boxes, this is yet another irresponsible attempt to 'control' a spread of a virus under the guise of keeping people safe.

It will achieve neither. The premise to which our 'solutions' derive is faulty and bound to fail. Reality and truth will prevail at some point.

A passport will not stop at a 'virus'. It's an intoxicating tool of control. Quebec already opened a very dark door with QR codes and adding this will only entrap and ensure this province further under a delusional state of creating illusions of safety. 

Once you have a 'papers please' system in place, medical bureaucrats (not the most thoughtful bunch) apt to emotions before science can and will entice public officials to expand on it on the concept of 'preventative medicine' or the precautionary principle.  'Hey, make sure that person's psychological evaluation is on the passport. Wouldn't want them snapping on us at a hockey game!' 

Ot what of lobotomies or other unwanted medical procedures?

We've been blessed and protected by ethical codes and standards since WWII via the Nuremberg Codes, Helsinki and Geneva conventions and Charters. We had medical privacy while no one could force you into  anything you didn't want done to you.

Now, under the fog of fear, derelict and unhinged 'experts' are running rampant sounding less rational and more like Nazis (liberally. Read anything from that twit Josee Legault - as a small, insignificant sample that she is - and feel the hair rise on your arms) all this is being ripped to shreds.

Lunatics run the asylum during this panic.

Passports are door into a devilish and deranged opening it us to a nightmare.

Don't consent to it.

It's just another measure devised that will fail to achieve its stated goals but succeed in dividing and robbing us of decency and basic humanity. 

Quebec, in undertaking this initiative, is rogue and signalled to the world it lacks intelligence, decency and ethics. 


All Those Involved In The Covid Moral Panic Must Face Justice For Their Crimes

I firmly believe crimes against humanity have been committed.

No. It was not Covid that 'made them do it'. They and they alone chose to react to it. Citizens who supported and even demanded such outrageously anti-science measures should not escape culpability either. 

Canada has been abhorrent and atrocious throughout a nightmare they continue to promulgate with divisive and dangerous rhetoric. They're maniacal in their constant beating of this fear mongering drum.

And Quebec and Ontario are by far among the worst on the continent for this obscenity and sad, sordid state of affairs.


Greatest Profit Taking Scam In History: Being Forced Into A Planned Vaccine For A Bio-Engineered Virus

Please watch Dr. David Martin explain and bring into focus what is one of the most egregious assault on our personal health in history. 

All for profit.

Here in Quebec, the situation is so out of control and troubling, the CAQ is incredulously following in lockstep France in its vaccine obsession. A 'vaccine' that is NOT  a vaccine by any established clinical or legal definitions or standards. 

A situation whereby we have to watch a doctor tell people 'vaccinate to get our liberty back'.

How is this NOT CHALLENGED by the media? By people? Where does Arruda get the arrogance to say this? How is it his damn place -  a lousy bureaucrat doctor - to threaten and coerce us this way?

He's been acting like less a doctor and more an authoritarian since May of 2020.

People. We have a very serious problem in Quebec. 

It acts like it's not a part of Canada and seems to take its pathetic and incompetent cues from a country like France.

I'm very concerned about where this is going. Once can assert this is 'just politics' but I'm not so sure. They literally believe they control our liberties. This is what happens when you get lulled into a lie like 'flatten the curve'. You get boxed and slowly but surely they take your trust and use it against you stripping you of your rights 'because safety'.

The propaganda slogan is now 'We continue to protect ourselves'.

From a wholly man-made virus and variants that are not a threat.

Welcome to your dystopia folks.

We're caught in an authoritarian vortex and the only way out is to to STOP playing along. We did EVERYTHING that was asked and still 17 months on it's not enough and even getting worse?

Do you not see how they shift the rhetoric and demands?

I keep pleading.


My conscience is clear. I've done all I could over 17 months to expose the LIES.

These are lies and crimes.

And Quebec is front and centre enjoying partaking in this under the bandits running the CAQ under one sketchy Francois Legault. 

Quebec: Distinct Indeed

True to its 'We embrace the shittiest and most tyrannical ideas', Quebec revealed to the public a vaccine passport will be available on September 1 but not functional. It will only be put into use if the Delta scariant overwhelms the system.

The *thinking* (to the extent the word apples in Quebec) is they don't want to lockdown erg we're gonna curb non-essential activities.

They claim it's temporary and to avoid a lockdown. That this discredited 'strategy' remains an option in Quebec proves they're not following the literature on the pseudo-science that is lockdowns. Neither of these measures are logical or reasonable. None of the measures installed have proven to be effective by any empirical evidence be it restrictions, masks, curfews or any other draconian imposition. These things, if they have any chance of succeeding, have a very short window of success - perhaps two weeks- and then the laws of diminishing returns kick in.

It's unethical and immoral but here we are. 17 months later fighting an epidemic (not a pandemic) that is endemic. It's shadow boxing at its finest. 

Did I mention 17 months later? In the pantheon of idiots Australia and New Zealand sit at the pinnacle. A more grotesque pair of pseudo-science tyrants I could not dream of. France and the UK sit very close to them. As do Germany, Italy, and Spain. For a period Canada did too but we're a skip away from returning to the madness.

So far British Columbia and Saskatchewan have lifted their emergency powers bringing them in line with U.S. states. Alberta may soon follow which means so will Manitoba. None of these provinces are introducing, to their immense credit, a vaccine passport. They seem to have limits. At the moment, Quebec and Ontario are the only two jurisdictions on the continent that insidiously maintain emergency powers. Which is very discomforting.

There is no emergency. Just fear mongering.

Quebec sees no limits to their emergency madness. They join Washington and New York as the only place to have one. 60 jurisdictions and Quebec just couldn't resist being part of possibly the single worst state during the pandemic governed by Cuomo. 

All I asked from the beginning was Quebec not be the worst and to stay in line with other states and provinces. Instead, it bafflingly and idiotically keeps its head tilted towards Europe and France in particular. Quebec doesn't have anywhere near the threat France faces. But in the mindset of its incompetent medical and political apparatus, it considers its values in line with Europe. That's just immature cultural nonsense. We're NORTH AMERICAN and have much more in common with Canada and USA for obvious reasons.

I don't know what will come of this. I'm told Quebec doesn't really have the operating system to pull this off. I don't know. If Ontario avoids the passport, come the fall, I just may find myself simply driving over the border for 'non-essential' activities. And gladly and proudly so.

None of this is surprising. Quebec is the hub for discriminatory laws. It's home to Bill 21, 22 and 101 after all. They consider these 'protect our culture' laws. To the rest of us and people outside the Quebec bubble, it's just plain ole discrimination and segregation by other means.

Alabama North as we say.

Quebec bashing?

You bet it is.

Quebec deserves all the bashing it gets and a good tongue lashing thrashing. 

"Distinct society" indeed.

Distinctly foolish. 

Medical Class Failing Their Patients

In the many things that have outraged and disappointed me throughout this moral panic and hysteria, watching doctors cry on the news (and of course dancing nurses on social media) about how difficult it is to watch their patients die.

I don't doubt the sincerity but I do question the professionalism.

 I'd cry too if someone died under my watch and I didn't give them Ivermectin knowing about it.  Crocodile tears from a class who are failing their patients. They're not doing everything in their power. Them downplaying all these injuries and deaths connected to the vaccines is also obtuse. Don't cry about a Covid death if you're not going to cry about a person dying from the jab. 

They're doing their best but not administering treatments is a crime.

Can it be not allowing for treatments would mean ending the EUA for the vaccines from the FDA?


Type 2 Diabetes Explodes In Children Due To Restrictions

Usually these posts go into Daily Derp but I wanted this one to be free standing.

It tell the tale of diabetes rising in kids.

And do not be fooled into saying Covid did this. WE did this. WE chose to place these restrictions on children when it was unnecessary.

We stopped them from their usual routines.

This is another example of UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES.

The same people who did this are the same one obsessing over vaccinating kids - and that includes Medscape.


All of you.


Are we talking more about children than the elderly who are in most danger to this virus? And why are focused on the children who are in less danger by several orders of magnitude than the elderly and unhealthy being forced into a vaccine? And why are we spending so much time acting as if the vaccine is a panacea and not on treatments?

Should the narrative calculus not be: A series of strategies complementing each other should be employed. Encourage diet and exercise. Treatments and vaccines. Vaccines and natural immunity will help get to herd immunity. 80% vaccinated targets are likely to fall flat and not be necessary if this multi-pronged attack is employed. 

They want 80% (and they will move those goal posts) because they believe it's the only solution.

This is where we're making an error.

And there will be unintended consequences.  


If we see a wave or surge of hospitalizations in Quebec and Canada in the fall and do not administer early  effective treatments like Ivermectin on patients this would constitute an unforgivable act of medical malpractice.

We have plenty of scientific evidence showing Ivermectin works.

Why Health Canada is denying it is a mystery.

Which begs the question why are governments so adamant about the vaccines?

If we'd administer the treatments this would alleviate any pressure on the health system and save lives. Are we not interested in achieving both?

Something is very off with this picture.