Daily Derp: Monkeyderp

Painful realities; 

Doctors are cowards and must never know where the guns are.

Same with lawyers and judges.

They're sticking to the shitty mRNA 'works' narrative and that's that.

And they will turn their backs on the injured without much difficulty. They will not help. 

It's all in your head.

It's the 'Fauci effect'. Overturn decades of established scientific evidence and turn it on its head. Get ahead of the story and narrative. Forget the evolving real-world data.

I am Fauci, therefore science. 


Duty. Indeed.


The shots could impair the long-term ability to fight infections.


U of T scientists show CDC study on masks fails to replicate.

Confirms what any sane and rational person has known for two years: THEY DO NOTHING.

They forced a change of social habit based on nothing but fear-mongering and NO EVIDENCE.

Despite this embarrassing failure, the sons of bitches still recommend masking.


The Lancet shows masks in schools were.....


Shocked face.


Applying the public health model and shootings is a bad idea.

Especially with the crop of boneheaded losers who fucked up the Covid response. 

Wanna know how full of shit Fauci (and evidently his wife) is?

Early in the pandemic around February and March he was calling for calm and wasn't calling for measures. Trump followed HIS lead. 

Recently, he blamed Trump for not having intervened early, quickly and decisively enough. That's Fauclighitng at its finest.

The science 'evolves' and 'changes' when it suits his objective and needs. 

His full of shit.


I've been saying since 2020 experts revealed themselves to be irrational jackasses.

No Speech, No Protests, No Travel, No Guns

Do you see what's the game? 

Do you see how this plays out?

For now, you're ok. Tomorrow you won't be.

It's the story of totalitarianism. 

Not about health or security.

It's a power grab. 

Wake up Canada.

Vaccines Are Different From mRNA

There's a clear distinction between what is a "classic" or traditional vaccine and mRNA injections.

Generally, vaccines are sterilizing products. That is, one-shot is administered. One and done.

mRNA requires multiple 'boosters', Meaning, they are treatments and not a 'vaccine'.

These are "leaky" non-sterilizing vaccines.

Basically, you're condemning people to a series of experimental injections with no long-term data.

It will be impossible to achieve herd immunity or halt transmission. This is why the demand for these products has collapsed according to Moderna and Pfizer.

Yet, governments keep promoting these stale and mediocre shots.

Logic and common sense say it won't end well.

Justin Continues His Reign Of Terror: Now Takes Dead Aim At Hand Guns

 “There is no reason Canadians need handguns in their everyday lives”

Once again Justin is being the usual presumptive piece of shit tyrant that he is.

No good reason?

Sports shooting is the #1 sport in Canada.

How about that Justin you asshole.



In case you didn't notice, Justin you worthless son of a bitch, the Texas massacre that you're cynically capitalizing on (because you're an immoral piece of shit totalitarian and I hope your sons read this one day) happened because LAW ENFORCEMENT failed. 

Worst, not only did they fail in their duty to confront, they refused to go in and allow parents or others who were willing to do so to save lives!

I have ZERO trust in the medical, legal and law enforcement system in Canada after what I've witnessed these past two years.


Without protection as the last line of defence people die and that's due to the policies of anti-gun politicians. But you have protection right you fucking asshole?

The Trudeau family is the worst thing to ever happen to Canada.

This Liberal/NDP alliance is going to be the destruction of Canada.



Message To The Unvaccinated

These are hard times. We can no longer rationalize the irrational. Canada is firmly in unreasonable and irrational mode.

A friend told me he feels 'crazy' now.

My message is don't be.

He's not crazy.

And neither are you.

They're the crazy ones.

The medical establishment, Liberals, NDP and Bloc Quebecois.

They're supporting the untenable. The unethical. Unscientific. 

No nation on earth is acting this way.

This makes THEM rogue.

It is THEY who are the true extremists and peddlers of misinformation.

Keep this in mind.

Stay strong.

Believe that there will be justice. 

Cruel Canada Continues Its Clown Ways

Canada is redefining the term stupid.

The latest communication from the Transport Minister.

The answer is more screening capacity. Not ENDING THE MANDATES.

This farce is a nightmare. 

Money quote:

“The Government of Canada recognizes the impact that significant wait times at some Canadian airports are having on travellers. It is great news that more and more Canadians are choosing to travel."

Canada. The world's gaslighting troll.

Notice how this communication ignores that six million Canadians are not permitted to board a plane because reasons.

This poorly worded and tone-deaf paragraph is par for the course for this ignorant party. 

However, ignoring the pain and plight of unvaccinated Canadians is a form of dehumanization. 

It's remarkable they wrote that.

They should be ashamed. But this would presume they have inner-core values and principles.

Meanwhile, the world is passing us by leaving this country as an outlier. And then there's the contradiction of this scenario at Peace Bridge. Canada is the only nation in the West that still has a 14-day quarantine for unvaccinated people - this only ended in March for the vaccinated. The quarantine days were cut down to 5 in 2021 in the world but Canada still operates on 2020 information.

Does this make sense to you?

Justin and his brain dead lemming in the party can deceive and obfuscate all they want in Parliament and the media can give him all the cover in the world but he can't escape world opinion and institutions or organizations that monitor the health of democracies.

For example Freedom House (via the WEF of all places) wrote:

"Freedom House finds that the pandemic has clearly contributed to an accelerated global democratic recession, mainly accounted for by struggling democracies and authoritarian states. The proportion of “Not Free” countries (scoring low in political rights and civil liberties) is now the highest in the past 15 years. Only very strong democracies saw less vulnerability to democracy erosion. Yet, even strong democracies are now acting more authoritatively in relation to public restrictions and vaccine mandates. For example, Canada’s parliament decided to extend and broaden its emergency powers that enabled police to stop “dangerous and unlawful” anti-vaccination protests, to now also allow the freezing of protesters’ bank accounts."

This will be his legacy.

His lazy and authoritarian legacy.

More on Justin. He's too toxic even for the WEF: He has lost all credibility and it's definitely tied to the Emergencies Act and the vaccine mandates and travel bans. Mandates that even Bill Gates questions going as far as to now oppose passports! 

"Why is Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wandering throughout Canada getting heckled when he should be in Davos, Switzerland attending the "Great Reset" deliberations at the World Economic Forum (WEF)? Clearly even the globalists have given up on Trudeau as a credible leader. And as he loses support among new immigrants and blue collar workers, that might be his most loyal constituency.  

The absence of Trudeau at the WEF might be the best evidence that this group does not possess any grand strategy to take over the world but is just a bunch of international leeches who will drain the coffers dry of any country or any international organization. Because, believe me, if the WEF was looking for a perfect globalist candidate to infiltrate a major Western democracy it would be our own Justin Trudeau who has consistently promoted a socialist world view that should be in sync with the WEF."

Like I said. Justin is going to run out of safe spaces to hide. He will have to come out and account. Like a man.

I get the feeling he and Chrystia misread the entire room. They perhaps had the delusional vision that their ' policies would be a model that would be the envy of the world. "Look at Canada! Wow!" as they entered the room. When in fact, they're being ignored and subjects to murmurs and snickers behind their backs.

No country can impose such travel bans and garner respect.


Russia Was Never Going To Lose

Once again, you were duped.

Like Covid and the subsequent mRNA shots, it was all rooted in obfuscation and lies.

Ukraine was never 'holding off' the Russians and Russia wasn't committing 'war crimes'.

Know who was?


For eight years they bombed and killed 14 000 people in the Donbase.

The Donbase is the largely Russian-speaking region of Ukraine that voted in a leader the U.S. later deposed allowing Ukraine to conduct a war on terror in the region. Then the West courted Ukraine to enter NATO violating an agreement with Russia. The West then egged Ukraine to fight Russia promising them 'lawyers, guns and money,  Russia had to step in. They had a legitimate grievance.

That's what happened. And you fuckers with Ukraine flags never gave a shit. 

Then we began a campaign of bull shit virtue signalling barring Russia from everything. 

How's it all going? 

Not too good. Not as the West planned. 

And know what else?

Nazis DO make up a significant part of Ukraine's' army'.  Actual Nazis. That is, classic Nazis raping and murdering. Zelensky is talking tough refusing negotiations because he knows they will try and assassinate him. He pushed himself into a corner he can't come out of and the West will abandon him. As I mentioned in the past, the U.S. will do to them as they did the Kurds when it gets too hot.

The fact countries are paying Russia in rubles for gas and oil tells you all you need to know. Sino-Russia trade is up significantly as well. 

Moreover, the BRIC nations have and will not condemn Russia. Only Western countries did that. So there's no global effort to stop Russia. The world sees this for what it is and won't interfere. Canada and the USA, for their part, have financial interests in Ukraine they'd like to conduct. That could explain why they're hung-ho.

What exactly are we 'breaking'? That they actually believed Russia was losing makes you wonder what the smoke in the political beltways of various countries. All I see is egg on the faces of Western countries. Given Justin Trudeau tried to make Ukraine his launching pad to be some sort of democratic leader is also a clue into what nonsense this all is.

NATO and the EU are actually weaker and more divided now. This miscalculation could not have come at a worse time as China flexes its muscles. The West weakened itself by getting involved in Ukraine. 

Food shortages, inflation, possible interest rate hikes, a weaker U.S. dollar, and a stronger ruble. This is what we got.  This is what these geniuses (who are ramming ineffective mRNA injections down our throats based on little science and data at this point) have given us.

Any questions? Still better than Trump? 

Now you know why I took dead aim at that Wonkette-dunce Melanie Joly talking tough against Russia. These people have no clue. Their unfettered ignorance is dangerous. 

Your tax dollars went to support NAZIS. All to please Justin and Chrystia Freeland. Chrystia's War boner as it were. 

Feel stupid yet?

You should be.

Twice now the psychopaths in power fooled you.

The Liberal And Democrat Establishment Has Completely Lost The Plot

What do inflation and isolation leading to violence have in common?

They're tied to lockdowns and the continuing policies of vaccine segregation.

You can't shut down an economy and life and not face consequences.

Those consequences are inflation and isolation. 

The inflation and economic downturn have manifested themselves at the pump and soon possibly interest rates.

A toxic combo.

But the Democrats and Liberals continue to live in an irrational dream world attacking 'assault' weapons when in fact it's their failed miserable Covid policies and their idiotic gaslighting that's getting more and more people angry.

They're going to run out of scapegoats (guns and the unvaccinated' at some point. 

These people have to lose elections - and fast. They will add more enormous damage to our lives.

I do expect violence to increase in North America. 

Sagan On Infallibility And Humility

 "We've arranged a society based on science and technology in which nobody understands anything about science and technology. And this combustible mixture of ignorance and power, sooner or later, is going to blow up in our faces. Who is running the science and technology in a democracy if the people don't know anything about it?... Science is more than a body of knowledge; it's a way of thinking, a way of skeptically interrogating the universe with a fine understanding of human fallibility. If we are not able to ask skeptical questions to interrogate those who tell us that something is true, to be skeptical of those in authority, then we're up for grabs for the next charlatan, political or religious, who comes ambling along."

Now, pay close attention to how the 'The Science' is treating the vaccines. Do you see any ability to apply skepticism? Are you seeing 'experts' act with any humility? Ethicists with any ethical integrity?

I see charlatans dogmatically and foolishly clinging to an ideal and fetish.

They're incapable of open inquiry and free debate.

Instead, we get a lot of censorship and 'end of discussion' even when it's clear the vaccines are no longer working by simple observation and real-world data. 


Christopher Sun - Anyone Like Him - Is A Narcissistic Monster


As I've repeatedly argued here, we're mentally ill as a collective. 

I stand by this.

Leading the charge have been the 'expert' class and the politicians.

They've all lost their fucking minds over these stupid, useless vaccines.

They just say stupid shit at this point. Nothing to back up any of their claims. 

I've just about had it with every single one of them and their lies.

Know why they lie?

Because they're incompetent.

More importantly, they're cowards. 

Fucking cowards.

The ones who still parade in masks or recommend them sit at the pinnacle of the coward chair.

Imagine two years later and they refuse to acknowledge that these measures do not work.

They refuse because they lack humility. They can't admit they're wrong.

They'd rather enjoy their pathetic 15--minutes of fame and mask and jab kids.

Because they're fucking cowards.

And they know who they are.

But please, allow me to name a few:

Boguch, Juni, Fisman, Furness, Oughton. Vinh, Labos, Day, Tam, Njoo, Boileau, Legault, Ford, Henry, Hinshaw, Justin, Jagmeet, Noah Gibney (I haven't forgotten what you said about people who work in the private sector should lose their jobs) asshole "ethicists' saying it's ok to deny medical treatments to the unvaccinated (and Russians), behavioural scientists, and all the politicians that stick to these utterly deranged mandates - notably in the NDP and Bloc Quebecois. 

And of course, the media. Oh, how we must reserve vicious scorn for these lazy, arrogant, and gutless scribes. 

You're an embarrassment. No nation is acting like you buffoons. Take the harmful and futile masks, social distancing and vaccines and shoved them up your respective asses. 

This is our 'medical' and professional class spewing unethical and immoral nonsense. 

It has brought us to this piece of shit Sun. As far as I'm concerned, Sun is in you all. 

Fuck you.

Every single one of you.

Send In The Clowns

Starring Boguch, Njoo and Boileau. 

Anyone. And I mean anyone who listens to these quacks is a fool. A fool.

I don't know what Boguch said and don't give a rat's ass. I've had enough of his arrogant musings after two years. That he's a committed Zero-Covidian who supports passports and lockdowns is enough for me to outright ignore him whenever I see his mug playing TV dinner expert.

Tam flunky Dr. Njoo (a flunky serving a flunky. Together they form the Monkeyflunky duo) said in an interview the government will take a 'targeted' approach with monkeypox. 

Golly gee. What does he mean by 'targeted'?

By recommending, get this, masks and social distancing across the country. Even though there are only 25 cases in Quebec. Canada is a pretty damn big country. But they want to 'get ahead of a slow-moving static disease that can easily be traced and stopped  I read comments from people saying the government needs to step in and do this. Once again revealing the utter ignorance of the average Canadian.

With diseases like monkeypox, you can apply the traditional methods of contact tracing and quarantining because it moves, as mentioned, slowly. You don't need all this bull shit theatre of masks and social distancing. 

Alas, it's what the circus and clowns demand.

Oh. He also said something very interesting. Moneypox didn't come by way of travel but they're unsure how it did. That to me is strange. Apparently, they traced it back to a gay bathhouse in Montreal. But let's not stigmatize! You can only do that with truckers, anti-maskers and the unvaccinated. Them you can ruin their lives.

I don't know how accurate the claim it's the mRNA shot but who knows at this point?

As if this wasn't enough, Quebec then says it will use the smallpox vaccine for it. 

This place. This place turned out to be the most ridiculous and absurd of countries.

Absolutely brutally shocking how idiotic we are.

For those of you consoling yourself that at some point they will all face justice (and I hold out some glimmer of hope they will) and/or get elected out of office, I'm not so sure anymore. In Quebec, forget it. Legault is going to win. Quebecers want to be governed harder. There's no ability to think critically here. For the love of God, you have mainstream low-information CJAD radio hosts shilling for....Jean Charest as leader of the conservative party. A known corrupted has-been. Yeh, that's the answer.

I'm seeing a troubling trend. In the UK, a couple of key elections saw Labour come in and in Australia, Morrison lost but again, Labour was voted in. Labour is NOT the direction you want to go in. And in the USA, it appears the DNC will pull further left if a couple of those primary results I saw are any indication. Even Trump's endorsements hit a bit of a wall. 

Of course, here in Canada, we're being held hostage by a cockwomble with mental illness as the Liberal/NDP (both minority parties led by two WEF stooges) joined at the hip in an anti-democratic coalition. 

May you live in interesting times.


There Never Were Ethics


Let's see if I get this straight.

A public official taking a bribe is illegal.

But public scientists are allowed royalties and even patent their creations?

Scientists in a private company don't get royalties but the spooks at NIH can?

The funniest part? Fauci claimed he'd donate his royalties to charity. If you believe that.....

Ethics my ass.

See here.

Vaccine Obsessed Quebec Set To Use Smallpox Vaccine To Combat Monkeypox

The medical corruption is on full display in Quebec.

The geniuses running the show will use the smallpox vaccine in a low prevalence environment. There are 25 cases here. 

This runs the risk of triggering a small pox outbreak. This is well known in the literature. Both the CDC and Fauci have made such warnings in the past.

Good job Quebec. 

We're once again about to likely make things worse.

Daily Derp: Canada Remains Derptarded

Experts are skeptical of 4th shots. 

NEJM. Efficacy of 4th dose not very good. 




Fauci's royalties and conflict of interest.

But don't you dare question the highest-paid bureaucrat and his quack wife!


Of course, there should be extraordinary accountability for cynically and without evidence invoking the Emergencies Act but there won't be.


mRNA vaccines showing danger signals according to Danish study.


Funny headline:

Triple-Vaccinated ABC News Correspondent Tests Positive for SARS-CoV-2 After White House Correspondents Dinner.


Teacher's communications about masks in schools. Total chaos.

Cowards gonna coward.

Biggest cowards of them all: Academics and professors at universities.

Bullies to in some cases.


Microplastics in masks.


Forecasting for Covid has failed. You think?


Well, this hasn't aged well.


Pharma's powerful political reach.

FDA is a mess.


Canada is rogue as we know. Now they want to give an already unpleasant border experience with agents who think they're doing you a favor letting you back into your own country more power. Allowing them to seize your phone is a very bad idea. And one only Justin Trudeau could embrace. 


May 27, 2022. Canada is the ONLY nation on earth with a 14-day quarantine and travel ban for unvaccinated humans.

Canada is a human rights violator.


Disturbing: Too many Canadian politicians believe the unvaccinated are a threat and an obstacle to ending the pandemic.

This country has not evolved one iota since 2020. In fact, it has gone backwards and fallen into a pit of stupidity, ignorance, fear and cruelty.


Medical ghostwriter explains how it works.


Interview about pilots and vaccines.


Why no one is talking about Sweden.

Why is Sweden ignored? Because it shows how wrong, cowardly and foolish we were.

McGill and the University of Toronto led that charge.


The illusion of evidence-based medicine.

Or rationalism for that matter.


Speaking of which, the quack Dr. Njoo is recommending masks and social distancing for monkeypox.

I think Canada has 25 cases or something.

Pop. c. 38.4 million.


If you follow this advice, you're a complete fool and a blathering idiot.


These are the people who created a global health failure of unprecedented proportions. 

Keep believing the mandates and lockdowns did anything. Keep pretending the unvaccinated threaten you.


Manipulated Covid data.

But we knew this from the get-go, right?


Americans must reset their expectations about vaccines say experts.

You think?


Covid response by province ranked. Quebec comes out on top as the worst.

Quelle surprise!


That primal clarity lives within us still, and you can only sedate a giant for so long.

The primal giant will rise, will crush the machine and the CIA black sites, will crack open Gitmo and devour Hollywood, will defecate on the Pentagon and wipe its ass with Langley, and will howl at the moon and banish the narrative matrix to wherever deleted files go.

And we will be free. And we will be vast. And we will look at each other with unpolluted eyes for the very first time.

And we will go out into the world, the real world, the original world, walking with our original feet and looking with our original eyes.

Our seeds now great forests.

Tortured no more."

--Caitlin Johnstone

Evil Pervasion

It's estimated 75%-80% of kids have been infected with Covid. That's essential herd by the classic definition.

But this is the age of Covid hysteria and criminality. All established science has been redefined on the fly by bureaucrats. 

Despite this, Peter Marks and the FDA went ahead and approved boosters for children 5-11. A product claimed to be '91% effective' for a population that is batting essentially .1000 against Covid. It's more likely the efficacy is well below 50%. It failed with adults but let's give it to kids.


Justin's Impossible Hypocrisy

Is there a bigger global village idiot and hypocrite than Justin Trudeau?

There are challengers for sure. But he has to be at the top.

There hasn't been a more universally reviled and ridiculed by people with normal brain capacity and ethical and moral principles Canadian politician in my lifetime. 

Justin is out there trolling the country yapping on about needing to protect freedom and democracy.

Two points obliterate any semblance of sincerity in his claim.

1) He's helping an infamous clown and dictator in Zelensky. Moreover, it's clear the Nazi (and I mean for real, straight up nasty Nazis) element in the Ukraine "army" is significant. Ukraine has been commuting atrocities against the citizens of Donbase for eight years now. This is who Canada is supporting. 

Ukraine is not about democracy. It's another game of realpolitiks involving oil and gas. The West doesn't give a shit about Ukraine. 

In case you haven't noticed, several countries including Germany and Italy are now set to pay Russia in rubles. This means the U.S. petro-dollar is threatened and with it U.S dollar dominance. Ukraine was never 'heroically' beating the Russians back. 

My advice is to stop watching corporate media. 

As noted here, we were never going to 'win' this war. Russia was not only ready for it, but had legitimate grievances against the West. We were the aggressors in goading Ukraine into the war. It all makes Joly's sophomoric proclamation that they were going to 'suffocate' Russia all the more sophomoric in its stupidity.

As I stated then, she has no business being Mayor of a risky dink city like Montreal let alone foreign affairs minister taking on seasoned nations like Russia. Canada must be a laughing stock behind the scenes.

Justin and Joe have been playing checkers - poorly- and not chess. 

2) Travel bans. The right to mobility is enshrined in not just the Charter but Bill of Rights. Not that those matter anymore evidently in Canada as judges continue to inexplicably refuse to enforce the LAW.

Canada is the ONLY nation on earth maintaining mandates. Mandates even Bill Gates just said are pointless at the World Economic Forum.

Now we know for sure this is starkly political and punitive.

And cruel.

Be proud of your country Canada.


Australia And UK Going The Wrong Way

I've got some good news and some bad news.

Which do you want first?


The good news is Scott Morrison and the conservatives lost the election in Australia.  

The bad news is the far-left, China-friendly Labour won.

In the UK, Johnson's conservatives lost three key elections to...Labour.

I give up. People want pain. 

You're going the wrong way! 


What Does An Evil Megalomaniac Look Like?

There you go.

May your rot and burn in hell Albert.

Billions took your shitty product. Many by choice, many through coercion. Millions were hurt by it.

It didn't stop transmission or stop infection.

What this vet asshole is saying is this. Multiple injections enhance the virus's ability to infect. Then blame those who choose to not play. Is that how you want to play it you degenerate criminal? 

What the fuck are you talking about your literal piece of shit?

Justin's Cynical Hypocrisy Is Tiresome And Insulting

How do you drive a people angry?

I mean, really, really angry? 

Gaslight them.

The last few days Justin has been talking about how we need to protect the rights and freedoms of Canadians.

Yet, all he does is table legislation to curb free speech while denying Canadians their BASIC RIGHT to mobility via travel bans.

He's a rank hypocrite and totalitarian light.


World Health Organization Global Coup?

Sounds like it. 

While we're at it, let's give the guy who has been accused of genocide in his home country of Ethiopia and is a Marxist and is not a doctor the power to control global health for sovereign nations.

What can go wrong?

The world is run by unserious clowns and the mentally ill.

Cowards Are Not Letting Go Of The Lies And Narrative


Look at it. Look.

That's YOU. The coward. 

Anyone still peddling this garbage mRNA product is a coward. 

Health Canada Are Liars

 Here. See for yourself.

First read this.

We've been hearing this a lot for the last few months. Even Pfizer has admitted as much. Bill Gates too! The two entities at the top of the 'vaccine' food chain are saying they don't prevent infection and are mediocre against 'severe disease'.

World prominent experts and studies are showing this.

Everyone knows the mRNA injections have failed and are no longer working. It's an open secret. The government knows and PHAC knows it. 

Yet, Health Canada is lying to the public.


Look at this. It's an open secret.


What Do Logical Questions Look Like?

They want you to accept it's ok to deny your fellow citizens the right to board a plane (because they believe you're immature and cruel and want this for having obeyed them) but allow unvaccinated Ukrainians into the country.

Pfizer's mRNA injection is no longer effective in adults but officials say it will work for children who have a near 100% survival rate. If you have a high survival rate that's higher than the alleged efficacy - a relative risk of "91%" - do pray tell how this logic works?

You're at -9% if you take the vaccine for your kids.

Who are these maniacs pushing this crap?

Anyway. These are just two examples of logical questions we're all capable of asking. 

Now we must have the confidence in demanding answers. 

Simple Arithmetic

Compassion + Politics = Tragedy. 


Compassion + Politics - Empathy = Evil. 

Unethical Authoritarian Cowards

If you at any point supported or expressed coercion against others, you are an unethical authoritarian coward.

Many were deceived and manipulated by propaganda. Some realized they were fooled and changed their minds.

Perhaps they can be forgiven.

For those who continue to advocate for such futile and anti-human policies, your moral and intellectual compass is broken. You speak from fear and not science.

Or truth.

The groups with varying degrees of influence on society that most committed these offences against humanity are corporate journalists telling tales of distortion, academics, lawyers, medical practitioners and scientists (notably epidemiologists).

If the word 'mandatory' slips from your lips without thought, remember. You are an unethical authoritarian coward.

You do not care about people.

You're chasing the impossibility of the 'greater good' shadow. There is no 'greater good.' That phrase comes from the collectivism of political communism.

There is only a greater YOU.

And a greater version of you cannot support what has happened to people under these mandates.

Pain, angst, suffering it has unleashed. 

This is not about public health.

To believe this at this juncture is to be a gullible and naive fool. 

Lockdowns and masks are the tools of oppression.

Look at the words. Research them.

Get informed. 

Be brave and fearless.

Obedience is not a virtue. 

Rebellion is obedience to God. 

Benjamin Franklin.


Jagmeet Singh Is A Liar

And bitch of the WEF.

Just like his smooch bro Justin.

Jagmeet claimed the majority of Canadians support mandatory vaccines and passports.

While I don't doubt there are a significant amount of Canadians who do (because Canadians lack inner-core values and principles or courage), I doubt it's a majority. Every 'vote' poll or survey I've seen on various news sites show a majority of Canadians do NOT support what Jag claims.

Singh is a liar.

They all are.

And people who vote for these two men condone lying and consent to unethical actions that are coercive and hurtful to their fellow citizen.

What Spook Paranoia Looks Like

"Dr." Germ Bill Gates:

“It’ll take probably about $1 billion a year for a pandemic Task Force at the WHO level, which is doing the surveillance and actually doing what I call ‘germ games’ where you practice.” Gates said in 2021, Sky News reported. “You say, OK, what if a bioterrorist brought smallpox to 10 airports? You know, how would the world respond to that?”

And they have the nerve to call others paranoid or conspiratorial?

I know that bio-warfare has been a concern for nations for at least 20 years, but what is the actual level of threat?

If China is the main concern, then why does the West continue to do massive business with the one country that deliberately has a bioweapons program?

This is all about controlling the world's population.

Simple as that.

Don't get sucked into Gates' 'aw shucks whadda imma gon' do with all that data? demeanour. He knows damn well what he's going to do with it.

As all nations.


Medical tyranny has arrived. 

All because you consented to wear a mask. All it took was for them to take advantage of your fear and willingness to do 'right' and away they went. 

The Trojan Horse that usurped our liberty. 



Justin was defending his payout to terrorist Omar Khadr on the grounds he has Charter rights. 

Yet, Justin is willing to illegally revoke those rights to law-abiding taxpaying Canadians who chose to not get vaccinated.

You can't pick and choose when to apply the Charter.

They call this a banana republic when that happens.

And Canada is acting like a banana republic under this goofball.

The World Is Run By A Fringe Minority Of Mad People

From Germany:

"The new recommendation is a “precaution against coming as-yet-unknown waves of infections”, explained paediatrician and STIKO member Martin Terhardt … Reinhard Berner, director of the paediatric clinic at Dresden University Hospital, also a member of STIKO, put it this way: “We dare to look into the future, and we want to prepare children for a third Corona winter, so that they come through this time as safely as possible.”

Read that very carefully.

You're always at war with Eastasia now.

I can't think of anything more frightening than preventative medicine and its hysterical misapplication of the precautionary principle for something that may come in the future. 

This is the very definition of dystopia.

This is exactly how the health technocrats operate here in Canada. 

And we're going to kill kids because the unelected and unaccountable authorities in charge are maniacs and mentally ill. The vaccination of children who are not in danger is one of the great medical crimes of our times. Kids who had Covid should not be given boosters which are all risk and no benefit. 

The FDA is not even consulting with its panel of experts anymore and just going straight to approval with very little evidence. The CDC and FDA want to do away with clinical trials altogether!

You can bet favours are being exchanged for that major move. 

A fringe minority is threatening the core of our democracy, freedom and ethics and it ain't the truckers or unvaccinated. 

Arkham runs Gotham pre-Bat-Man.

Prepare for battle.


Monkey Business Pox

Slowly they're grinding the fear porn. The fear pornographers at the WHO are having an emergency meeting. No doubt to figure out how to steal more power for its benefit. They did such a wonderful job with Covid-1984, right? 

But at least it continues to generate humour from critical thinkers.


Saw a meme today that said

Can’t believe it’s monkeypox season already.

I still have my Ukraine decorations up.

The goes with:

It's pronounced Money Pox. The 'K' is silence.



They Dehumanize Because They're The Extremists

When Justin gets up in the House of Commons and flaps his stupid gums about 'extremists' and 'racists' remember why he does that.

He knows they're acting like a bunch of totalitarian dicks. As he ruins Canada, he needs scapegoats.

He's not in it for you or Canada.

Always keep that in mind.

Justin Trudeau is an extremist and a bigot. 

Daily Derp: Monkey Derp

 Just some quick monkey business takes.

Remember. It's pronounced Moneypox. The 'k' is silent. Hat tip to the person who came up with this.

The message will be along the lines of: We don't want to scare but we're gonna scare you with this mild disease.

Already the WHO's regional director for Europe is playing the 'large gatherings can amplify the disease' game. Right out of the Covid playbook.

These people are MANIACS.


Promises are meant to be broken.

They promised you it would work. Never forget.

They either were too excited in a panic or they lied.

As for Tony Fauci - he's an incompetent narcissistic liar. And his wife a grotesque monster.


All planned

How else to see this?

They are criminals. 


Smallpox vaccine is a bad idea.

But 4 in 5 corrupt doctors say, 'They're great!'


Very strange stuff with the pox and mRNA.

Know the game.

Don't be played.

Passports, masks and lockdowns they want.


Stand strong, firm and FEARLESS. 

Governments Are About To Over React And Triple Down On Insanity

Now the media is pumping monkeypox.

I truly hope people aren't this stupid as to take the bait. 

Recall that fictitious planning was done in the previous post where the authors conclude governments should apply a 'no regrets' approach.

You're about to see it in action.

It's coming by way of using the smallpox vaccine (which was dangerous even when it was heralded and first used in the 20th century) to be used to fight monkeypox.

The smallpox vaccine led to more deaths and cases. They don't tell you that. They just tell you 'safe and effective. See, most of these diseases recede naturally on their own. And when they're below the baseline and petered out, that's when they give the vaccine. To 'prevent' more outbreaks. And then declare victory. 

Know the scam.

It's classic snake's oil salesmanship. 

It's absolutely brilliant. 

Psychotic. But genius how they've pulled it off.

Pharma companies no longer have scientists as CEOs like they used to. They have SALESPEOPLE.

Know the game.

Can't you see they're denying approval of helpful medicines but giving the ok to vaccines left, right and centre despite the obvious lack of data and possibly even fraudulent data? Can't you see the revolving door politics? That it's Ottawa and Washington who have taken over public health? This is what we call medical tyranny. And there is no shortage of corrupt and criminal scientists willing to play for a price. Pay close attention the next time you see FDA or CDC officials resign and see where they end up. Usually with a comfortable job with a pharmaceutical company. The conflict of interests is staring right at you. 

I'm sure a similar pattern happens in Canada except we don't notice. Maybe we should. 

As it stands. we're seeing more cases of Covid because of the vaccine. We're not seeing very good evidence it does prevent infection or hospitalizations or death. 

The same is about to happen with monkeypox.

I'm not an expert. I'm just an observer sitting on top of the mountain following the flow. I caught the wave having done my historic research. 

This is what the pattern shows.

Follow. The. Money. And always ask: Cui bono? Always.

We'll see.


Flailing Sophists And The True Extremists

 "The tyrant will always find a pretext for his tyranny" Aesop. 

Justin Trudeau is a tyrant lite. Joe Biden represents an oligarchic force that relies on tyranny.

The two are sinking our nations.

One thing the Ancient Greeks didn't have was a compliant mass corporate print and social media willing to disseminate state or government propaganda in order to manipulate the masses. 

We can add lazy, sluggish and arrogant media to it.

There are sophists among us. Did you know? Just not the kind you're being told.

You may have heard that 'domestic extremism' is on the right, allegedly, in North America if you listen to the Liberal and Democrat establishment who walk and work in rhetorical and policy lockstep.

The media brings words to the flapping gums of politicians and their lies.

Academia, who revealed themselves to be authoritarian cowards in masks embracing unethical diktats from rogue elements in the Canadian and American body polity. partnered with media to act as court jesters. 

Recently, I read some journalists in Winnipeg arguing freezing bank accounts of protestors is not enough after they gave Jagmeet Singh a piece of their mind.

Journalists are clutching their pearls demanding people be polite.

Except, as free sovereign citizens we don't have to be polite to civil servants who we perceive to be breaking their oath to the Charter and to its people. 

In fact, Singh got what he richly deserved. As does Justin Trudeau. And media. They all deserve to be told to 'fuck off'.

The premise is that journalists and academics have accepted vaccine mandates as acceptable and reasonable. But millions of Canadians have seen their lives ruined and beg to differ. Canadians are also questioning how it's come to be where we've uprooted and ignored decades' worth of ethical and moral standards and mores.

We're at the point medical experts, scientists and journalists think it's time to eliminate religious exemptions for vaccines. They argue it's ok for someone to lose their career and deny them the right to earn a living for....vaccines.

Vaccines they erroneously and possibly maliciously maintain 'protect others'.

The vaccines do no such thing.

At best, they may reduce severe disease. Now, there are concerns they may be triggers for other diseases.

And then they wonder why anger simmers and stews?

Just who are the extremists exactly?

When BLM/Anitfa, protested, were they not 'extreme' in their tactics? I don't seem to recall journalists reacting in outrage and moral indignation when Rand Paul was beaten and ended up in the hospital or when Steve Scalise was shot. Both at the hands of Democrat extremists.

Rather, they applauded and whistled in approval for the most part. 

Conversely, parents who protest critical race theory, gay propaganda, and pornography in grade school are considered 'extremists' by the White House and FBI. Truckers, canary in the coal mines if you ask me, demand an end to vaccine mandates and are treated like criminals for honking and committing parking infractions. Any person who rails against rising inflation created by government irresponsibility and baby food shortages is also monitored. Unvaccinated Ukrainian refugees are allowed in but unvaccinated Canadians remain prisoners denied access to transportation. 

Try and make logic of this.

Up is down.

Evil is good.

In the sophist clown world.

No. The mandates are not reasonable and are not rooted in science.

They are cruel and punitive and they are unscientific. 

I do question someone's morality if they support them.

What the ruling classes are refusing to notice is that they're creating this atmosphere of animosity and angst. 

Not truckers. Truckers just want to work.

As do the people who outrageously lost their jobs. Let's not forget the Federal government fired them around Christmas.

Try and tell me they have empathy and compassion.

The government is incapable either because psychopathy drives it.

Any honest person possessed with moral and intellectual clarity can see it's the government who has ruptured the civil order. 

I think the sophists and the buffoons are flailing in their sophistry. There's a pushback. That's why they call for more censorship and draconian government coercion and aggression against fellow citizens. 

They're slowly losing grip and the plot.

They have to. 

Their outlook and positions are unnatural, irrational and unreasonable.

They would have sided with the British in 1776 and the Nazis in 1939.

Benjamin Franklin once said, 'Rebellion is obedience to God'.

The reaction we're seeing was inevitable. And it may grow more.

It has to. 

When it does. Get out of the way. 

We need to nourish the tree of liberty. 

The middle finger is a good start. 


Now Is The Time To Reaffirm Our Values And Commitment to Freedom, Democracy And Ethics

We're in a free fall.

It doesn't need to be.

Clearly mentally ill and/or corrupted criminals are using public health to usurp power from the people.

They're writing articles about how we need more punishments than freezing bank accounts for people who dare be impolite to politicians who richly deserve their comeuppance. They're writing papers about how it's 'ethical' to ostracize people who decline medical procedures or that it's ethical to deny a person's right to earn a living.  There are doctors who want to eliminate exemptions for vaccines and 'bio-ethicist' who says it's ok to not give medical services to civilian Russians.

We're broken in the heart and in the head.

And the medical class is playing a huge part in uprooting our sense of ethics and morals. 

These are just a couple of disturbing examples. We've taken a troubling darker turn for the worse.

It's happening right before our eyes yet too many sleepwalk.

The time now is not to submit to unresponsive and unelected global entities surrendering our rights and values to elites who claim to want to protect us but don't care about anyone other than to preserve their power.

It's an opportunity to straighten the CORE VALUES we've forgotten. We should not be going along assuming this is how things will be. We should be asking harder questions more than ever. We should be galvanized into action to demand our civil rights and ethics and morals remain intact. 

We should be enacting laws that reject the current medical tyranny trend. We don't need to give those up for public health. Truth is, other than forcing you into a vaccine or some other medical procedure or sending you to a camp, there's not a whole lot they can do to protect you. Lockdowns and masks do nothing but they will continue pushing these.

It's only when WE the people put a stop to this that will they stop. 

It may be too late. I don't know. 

However, what will you tell your children or grandchildren when they read about freedom and yearn for it after they ask how did this happen?

'Sorry kiddo. I took the shot because they threatened me with a passport to travel. I wasn't thinking beyond my own self-entitled and selfish calculus".

Now they have plans for us after what they've gotten away with.

This is why we must never forget. It was NOT normal what just happened - and continues to take place.

It's not public health or safety.

It's the usurping of the democratic element. 

The Boy-Men Who Run Canada

In this pic you will see Marc 'We have a strong mandate bullshitter' Miler (third from left), consiglieri Gerald Butts (to Justin's right) and the goofball with the grimace is Sean O'Regan. How he looks there pretty much summarizes his career as a Minister. Of course, the one being held up is - cough - Castro's - cough - son wishing he be fed grapes. 

There they are. The Fab Four Bozos. Wo the country that allows this crop to rise to the top.

Real men don't vote Liberal.

Remember that. 

Time to recover Canada from these talentless extremists. 

Here We Go: Global Criminal Inc. And Monkey Pox

They fooled you the first time.

Did you think they were going to stop?

Heck, you gave them the world: YOUR BODY.

They will keep this infernal psychotic pandemic scam going until you wake up and say no.


This is precisely the game plan.

Keep you in perpetual fear in lockdowns and masks until you either say 'Uncle' or hit back and stop them.

Those are the only two options.

There are no political solutions. Your government hates you. And I mean even single one of you. 

The ones who complied with the Covid vaccines may want to pass on this magical monkey pox vaccine (the company that developed it was given $100 million from NIH/NIAID. Who rules NIAID? One Dr. Anthony Fauci. The dots connect themselves now. It's in your face. You can choose to ignore it but medical tyranny and the medical pharma complex is in full bloom and they want your body)  will find out soon enough they never had the choice the day they consented to the forced cab and passports.

And you were indeed forced into it. Stop deluding yourself. They manipulated the living daylight out of you. Fear, FEAR and MORE FEAR. Then they played with the data with classic 'don't look here, look there' tactics.

You were asleep. There will be consequences.

But there's no time for that.

Notice they're already prepping you.


It's the same exact playbook only this time they will refine their 'response'.

This is imply about money, power and control. That's it.

Nothing complicated. Universal vices in the laws of man.

This is a new-feudlist world now.

But there's hope IF you don't bite. That means you will not be able to enjoy life for a while. They will squeeze you to the point of stealing your life.

You must stand strong like the people who read the Covid scam from the onset who tried to warn you. You ignored them believing the true purveyors of fake news. Corporate media and the government.

Now is a good time to go in and get off your lazy asses and go read up on all those names you've been hearing about but who have been disparaged and unfairly and inaccurately maligned by the Global Criminal Inc. They're the heroes in this plot. They're your Jeff Goldbloom. Fauci is your menacing monster.

Still think there are coincidences and conspiracies?


Never mind world nations are about to sign over our sovereignty where public health is concerned over to the W.H.O. (the notion they will be given more authority but no power is wrong. They will be able to flex their muscles. All we need are 'WHO friendly' leaders and they will get what they want. It's naïveté on Trojan Horse levels) in a couple of days. Naturally, Canada is on board because Canada no longer exists as we once knew or understood it. You re-voted for a globalist criminal bully, remember? You slept and were to concerned about your trips to Santa Banana to care that there's a global coup unfolding before your eyes.

They have been planning this for decades.

Notice in the following document how they never talk about PRIVACY AND CIVIL RIGHTS in their recommendations. 

Here you go from 2021. An example (bold mine):

  • Develop and institute national-level triggers for early, proactive pandemic response
    • National governments must adopt a “no-regrets” approach to pandemic response, taking anticipatory action—as opposed to reacting to mounting case counts and fatalities, which are lagging indicators.
    • To facilitate anticipatory action on a no-regrets basis, national governments should develop national-level plans that define and incorporate “triggers” for responding to high-consequence biological events.
What if they anticipate wrong? We all know how terrible experts are on their prognostications and assessments. What can possibly go wrong?  Oops? Sorry we killed those innocent people or threw them in a gulag.

This is absolutely frightening garbage. 

It's a new spin on 'preventative' measures applying the precautionary principle in that it's saying do whatever it takes (and you can bet your bottom dollar it will go into dark places like gulags and camps. Look at China. This is what they want) for there will be no consequences.

We fought hard for our rights and they want to steal it under the guise of 'public health'.

Know the game.

Fight back.

And tell them to fuck off. 


Monumental Misclaculations

Mass vaccinations and Ukraine.

Two miscalculations the West will come to regret.


Message To The Governor General Of Canada

You must do your duty and dissolve this government.

You are the final arbiter of a stable and just Canada.

We're not being governed with truth, justice and mercy. 

We have a rogue Prime Minister who clings to minority status (and as such does not have a strong mandate) in an anti-democratic alliance with the NDP. 

You must do your job and preserve the sanctity of Canada.

It's All Done On Purpose

When the price of oil was well above $110, gas prices were never any heard the levels we're seeing. Now the price is around $94 and it's at $2.10 a litre. 

This is not the laws of supply and demand at work.

This is an agenda and done on purpose.

They're crashing the economy deliberately folks.

The more Justin talks about the middle-class the more you know he's out to ruin it for the WEF.

The more they answer questions with 'conspiracy theory" the more it's over the mark.

There are no conspiracy theories.

Now we're in full conspiracy mode.

As the saying now goes. Conspiracy theories = spoiler alert. It's all plain for those who want to be awake can see. 

I accuse the Liberal government of Canada along with the NDP of traitorous action against the Dominion of Canada.

They are not serving the interests of Canada but of global organizations.

We're at the point the military is finding ways to ignore its own commands and directives. 

Canada is a card-carrying member of the New World Order which they've been very open about. Justin used the term himself: Global reset. That's NWO in drag.

My fellow Canadians. You're watching a coup unfold before your eyes and the courts and RCMP are allowing it to happen.

Canada is surrendering its sovereignty to the UN, WHO and WEF.

On May 22, it will all be formalized.


If the WHO does manage its health coup, it will be in the hands of a man who has been accused of genocide in his home country.

I want you to sit back and think if this story is accurate, what it will be like with him ruling the health of Canadians.

We already got a glimpse of it. 

Do you think you did the patriotic and 'right' thing? Wait what's in store. All you did was give them the ok to move forward with the plan. You showed them how easy it is to manipulate in order to usurp power.

This isn't about health. It's about power, money and control. Period. 

And medical tyranny in the hands of power-hungry and greedy maniacs is the ultimate aphrodisiac.

You will not have a say in what goes into your body. Right now you feel vaccines are meaningless but wait until you're forced to take something you don't want to take.

It's all on the table now. These are not paranoid ideas.

We're swimming in that pool.

Unless we all WAKE UP. 


Justin's Continued Folly. I Know. Par For The Course.

Why has Justin made Ukraine his pet project?

Not a week doesn't go by where he's somehow - there. Taking pictures. Maskless. Looking like a complete fool.

Why is Canada poking the Russian bear?

I can understand if a nation that can defend itself would do so (and why would you give Russia's capable nuclear arsenal) but Canada? With our pitiful military?

I speak not of our quality. Many countries have quality soldiers and special forces like Canada does. I speak of our defence capabilities and hardware.

We're useless on this front. A function of freeloading off the United States.

Sorry, Gordie. It's true. Don't take offence. We're loud mouth'd shnooks. 

At least the Americans can back up their braggadocio with power. 

Worse. We can't even be bothered to meet the 2% threshold in NATO.

Talk about not paying your fair share. But there we are in Ukraine. Poking fingers in the eyes of Russia.

What happens if Russia hits back? Will we run behind the United States screaming, 'hold me back!"

What kind of stupid diplomacy is this?

Right. Liberals. I don't know who is whispering in Justin's ear connected to his empty brain. Whoever they are, they should learn to code. 

Irony. Buffalo Shooting.

It's the same loop over and over. Mass shooting take place. The media and left make false claims about right wingers and Fox. Blame guns. Calls for gun control. 

Then, as facts trickle in more often than not we find out shooters are often on the authoritarian left and vote Democrat. It also comes to be discovered often the FBI failed to do its job in heeding known red flags (too busy being political and going after parents who challenge critical race theory in schools) and in this case, a school principal who failed to act on a previous threat by the alleged shooter.

This is a social-system break down. Another example of the people in charge are unserious, hyper-political and incompetent. The concept of personal responsibility is absent preferring to assign blame where there is none.

Until we take ownership of our actions, this will continue.

And as long as we have mentally ill people like Justin Trudeau and career hack cronies like Joe Biden in power and all their ilk, we will continue to devolve in an abyss of unethical and immoral actions and behaviour.

There's your irony. The left calling for gun control because one of their own do the killing.


$40 billion for Ukraine but there's no baby formula.

They say Republicans lack compassion but listening to the responses from talentless creatures like Psaki and Buttegeig on the crisis shows a dark side to how the elite left really see life.

They're more worried about sidewalks and bike lanes.

Like I said. These are unserious people with no inner-core values.

Speaking of bike lanes.

And speed limits.

It occurred to me the cult of security has triumphed. It has gotten a lot harder to zip from Point A to Point B with all the bike lanes, speed limits and general traffic obstacles like speed bumps littering an entire city. While it's a good thing to control dangerous driving, I think we've gone over board.

Too  often I'm stuck behind someone doing 25 in a 30 zone. Which means I'm driving at 20 for 3kms. To give you a sense of how slow this is, a recreational biker cycles at 15. A good one at 25 and strong ones 27 and up.

We're at the point cyclists past cars on road. And this is not safe. 

Slow and over prudent or cautious driving is just as dangerous as aggressive driving.

People doing 60 on the left lane in a 100 zone is nothing new but in the context of contemporary driving, it's a norm now. We've given power to incompetent driving. 

The days of people proceeding on a yellow (which is a warning to clown down and not stop) are long gone. People not only abruptly stop as if it's a red, they also have a bad habit of stopping in the middle of the street where there are no tops to let incoming traffic in. There's no logic of safety anymore. The person waiting to get in will get their chance. Stopping to let them in stops the flow of traffic and this is a key component of good ethical driving: Keep the flow of traffic going.

It's part of that 'I'm a good person' bull shit gripping society. You're so good and compassionate you put other people in danger. 

The problem with a precautionary existence (masks anyone?) is it dulls our ability to react quickly. It bludgeons our quick thinking senses and prevents us from maintaining sharp attentiveness. 

Look at people who drive excessively 'chill'. Often they're young and have a zombie like quality to them. 

Me? I have to hit the accelerator and go around them as they rest their heads on the head rest driving as if they have nowhere to go.

Or exist. 

Fin rant.