On Justice: Where We're At In Canada

A Bosnia court last month deemed the Covid restrictions unconstitutional. A judge in Sicily did the same.

"Ontario Superior Court Justice Hugh McLean said Hillier and his lawyers had agreed to the conditions and “acknowledged (their) need” when they were originally set.

“Your client, shall we say, has an interesting record of not following the law. He has a record of not listening to laws that were legally passed,” McLean said to Hillier’s lawyer, referencing the fact that Hillier has broken provincial rules related to the COVID-19 pandemic."

Gee, Hugh. Do regale us all with your tales of bias. This guy is some piece of work.

So mandates are law, eh? And notice he's speaking in this manner to an ELECTED official. 

Question Hugh. Does Justin not have an interesting record of not following the law? But you get to choose because...black robe and all that, right?

The justice system is a joke in Canada. A corrupted joke made up of arrogant racquetball judges in the pockets of the parasite class.

Canadian justice is not what we think it was. When a former communist state - Bosnia - and an Italian region known for the Mafia, render better rulings, you know things are bad in Canada.

It's broken.

Canada is an organized and functional banana republic. 

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