Irony. Buffalo Shooting.

It's the same loop over and over. Mass shooting take place. The media and left make false claims about right wingers and Fox. Blame guns. Calls for gun control. 

Then, as facts trickle in more often than not we find out shooters are often on the authoritarian left and vote Democrat. It also comes to be discovered often the FBI failed to do its job in heeding known red flags (too busy being political and going after parents who challenge critical race theory in schools) and in this case, a school principal who failed to act on a previous threat by the alleged shooter.

This is a social-system break down. Another example of the people in charge are unserious, hyper-political and incompetent. The concept of personal responsibility is absent preferring to assign blame where there is none.

Until we take ownership of our actions, this will continue.

And as long as we have mentally ill people like Justin Trudeau and career hack cronies like Joe Biden in power and all their ilk, we will continue to devolve in an abyss of unethical and immoral actions and behaviour.

There's your irony. The left calling for gun control because one of their own do the killing.


$40 billion for Ukraine but there's no baby formula.

They say Republicans lack compassion but listening to the responses from talentless creatures like Psaki and Buttegeig on the crisis shows a dark side to how the elite left really see life.

They're more worried about sidewalks and bike lanes.

Like I said. These are unserious people with no inner-core values.

Speaking of bike lanes.

And speed limits.

It occurred to me the cult of security has triumphed. It has gotten a lot harder to zip from Point A to Point B with all the bike lanes, speed limits and general traffic obstacles like speed bumps littering an entire city. While it's a good thing to control dangerous driving, I think we've gone over board.

Too  often I'm stuck behind someone doing 25 in a 30 zone. Which means I'm driving at 20 for 3kms. To give you a sense of how slow this is, a recreational biker cycles at 15. A good one at 25 and strong ones 27 and up.

We're at the point cyclists past cars on road. And this is not safe. 

Slow and over prudent or cautious driving is just as dangerous as aggressive driving.

People doing 60 on the left lane in a 100 zone is nothing new but in the context of contemporary driving, it's a norm now. We've given power to incompetent driving. 

The days of people proceeding on a yellow (which is a warning to clown down and not stop) are long gone. People not only abruptly stop as if it's a red, they also have a bad habit of stopping in the middle of the street where there are no tops to let incoming traffic in. There's no logic of safety anymore. The person waiting to get in will get their chance. Stopping to let them in stops the flow of traffic and this is a key component of good ethical driving: Keep the flow of traffic going.

It's part of that 'I'm a good person' bull shit gripping society. You're so good and compassionate you put other people in danger. 

The problem with a precautionary existence (masks anyone?) is it dulls our ability to react quickly. It bludgeons our quick thinking senses and prevents us from maintaining sharp attentiveness. 

Look at people who drive excessively 'chill'. Often they're young and have a zombie like quality to them. 

Me? I have to hit the accelerator and go around them as they rest their heads on the head rest driving as if they have nowhere to go.

Or exist. 

Fin rant.


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