The World Is Run By A Fringe Minority Of Mad People

From Germany:

"The new recommendation is a “precaution against coming as-yet-unknown waves of infections”, explained paediatrician and STIKO member Martin Terhardt … Reinhard Berner, director of the paediatric clinic at Dresden University Hospital, also a member of STIKO, put it this way: “We dare to look into the future, and we want to prepare children for a third Corona winter, so that they come through this time as safely as possible.”

Read that very carefully.

You're always at war with Eastasia now.

I can't think of anything more frightening than preventative medicine and its hysterical misapplication of the precautionary principle for something that may come in the future. 

This is the very definition of dystopia.

This is exactly how the health technocrats operate here in Canada. 

And we're going to kill kids because the unelected and unaccountable authorities in charge are maniacs and mentally ill. The vaccination of children who are not in danger is one of the great medical crimes of our times. Kids who had Covid should not be given boosters which are all risk and no benefit. 

The FDA is not even consulting with its panel of experts anymore and just going straight to approval with very little evidence. The CDC and FDA want to do away with clinical trials altogether!

You can bet favours are being exchanged for that major move. 

A fringe minority is threatening the core of our democracy, freedom and ethics and it ain't the truckers or unvaccinated. 

Arkham runs Gotham pre-Bat-Man.

Prepare for battle.

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