Cruel Canada Continues Its Clown Ways

Canada is redefining the term stupid.

The latest communication from the Transport Minister.

The answer is more screening capacity. Not ENDING THE MANDATES.

This farce is a nightmare. 

Money quote:

“The Government of Canada recognizes the impact that significant wait times at some Canadian airports are having on travellers. It is great news that more and more Canadians are choosing to travel."

Canada. The world's gaslighting troll.

Notice how this communication ignores that six million Canadians are not permitted to board a plane because reasons.

This poorly worded and tone-deaf paragraph is par for the course for this ignorant party. 

However, ignoring the pain and plight of unvaccinated Canadians is a form of dehumanization. 

It's remarkable they wrote that.

They should be ashamed. But this would presume they have inner-core values and principles.

Meanwhile, the world is passing us by leaving this country as an outlier. And then there's the contradiction of this scenario at Peace Bridge. Canada is the only nation in the West that still has a 14-day quarantine for unvaccinated people - this only ended in March for the vaccinated. The quarantine days were cut down to 5 in 2021 in the world but Canada still operates on 2020 information.

Does this make sense to you?

Justin and his brain dead lemming in the party can deceive and obfuscate all they want in Parliament and the media can give him all the cover in the world but he can't escape world opinion and institutions or organizations that monitor the health of democracies.

For example Freedom House (via the WEF of all places) wrote:

"Freedom House finds that the pandemic has clearly contributed to an accelerated global democratic recession, mainly accounted for by struggling democracies and authoritarian states. The proportion of “Not Free” countries (scoring low in political rights and civil liberties) is now the highest in the past 15 years. Only very strong democracies saw less vulnerability to democracy erosion. Yet, even strong democracies are now acting more authoritatively in relation to public restrictions and vaccine mandates. For example, Canada’s parliament decided to extend and broaden its emergency powers that enabled police to stop “dangerous and unlawful” anti-vaccination protests, to now also allow the freezing of protesters’ bank accounts."

This will be his legacy.

His lazy and authoritarian legacy.

More on Justin. He's too toxic even for the WEF: He has lost all credibility and it's definitely tied to the Emergencies Act and the vaccine mandates and travel bans. Mandates that even Bill Gates questions going as far as to now oppose passports! 

"Why is Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wandering throughout Canada getting heckled when he should be in Davos, Switzerland attending the "Great Reset" deliberations at the World Economic Forum (WEF)? Clearly even the globalists have given up on Trudeau as a credible leader. And as he loses support among new immigrants and blue collar workers, that might be his most loyal constituency.  

The absence of Trudeau at the WEF might be the best evidence that this group does not possess any grand strategy to take over the world but is just a bunch of international leeches who will drain the coffers dry of any country or any international organization. Because, believe me, if the WEF was looking for a perfect globalist candidate to infiltrate a major Western democracy it would be our own Justin Trudeau who has consistently promoted a socialist world view that should be in sync with the WEF."

Like I said. Justin is going to run out of safe spaces to hide. He will have to come out and account. Like a man.

I get the feeling he and Chrystia misread the entire room. They perhaps had the delusional vision that their ' policies would be a model that would be the envy of the world. "Look at Canada! Wow!" as they entered the room. When in fact, they're being ignored and subjects to murmurs and snickers behind their backs.

No country can impose such travel bans and garner respect.


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