Daily Derp: Canada Remains Derptarded

Experts are skeptical of 4th shots. 

NEJM. Efficacy of 4th dose not very good. 




Fauci's royalties and conflict of interest.

But don't you dare question the highest-paid bureaucrat and his quack wife!


Of course, there should be extraordinary accountability for cynically and without evidence invoking the Emergencies Act but there won't be.


mRNA vaccines showing danger signals according to Danish study.


Funny headline:

Triple-Vaccinated ABC News Correspondent Tests Positive for SARS-CoV-2 After White House Correspondents Dinner.


Teacher's communications about masks in schools. Total chaos.

Cowards gonna coward.

Biggest cowards of them all: Academics and professors at universities.

Bullies to in some cases.


Microplastics in masks.


Forecasting for Covid has failed. You think?


Well, this hasn't aged well.


Pharma's powerful political reach.

FDA is a mess.


Canada is rogue as we know. Now they want to give an already unpleasant border experience with agents who think they're doing you a favor letting you back into your own country more power. Allowing them to seize your phone is a very bad idea. And one only Justin Trudeau could embrace. 


May 27, 2022. Canada is the ONLY nation on earth with a 14-day quarantine and travel ban for unvaccinated humans.

Canada is a human rights violator.


Disturbing: Too many Canadian politicians believe the unvaccinated are a threat and an obstacle to ending the pandemic.

This country has not evolved one iota since 2020. In fact, it has gone backwards and fallen into a pit of stupidity, ignorance, fear and cruelty.


Medical ghostwriter explains how it works.


Interview about pilots and vaccines.


Why no one is talking about Sweden.

Why is Sweden ignored? Because it shows how wrong, cowardly and foolish we were.

McGill and the University of Toronto led that charge.


The illusion of evidence-based medicine.

Or rationalism for that matter.


Speaking of which, the quack Dr. Njoo is recommending masks and social distancing for monkeypox.

I think Canada has 25 cases or something.

Pop. c. 38.4 million.


If you follow this advice, you're a complete fool and a blathering idiot.


These are the people who created a global health failure of unprecedented proportions. 

Keep believing the mandates and lockdowns did anything. Keep pretending the unvaccinated threaten you.


Manipulated Covid data.

But we knew this from the get-go, right?


Americans must reset their expectations about vaccines say experts.

You think?


Covid response by province ranked. Quebec comes out on top as the worst.

Quelle surprise!


That primal clarity lives within us still, and you can only sedate a giant for so long.

The primal giant will rise, will crush the machine and the CIA black sites, will crack open Gitmo and devour Hollywood, will defecate on the Pentagon and wipe its ass with Langley, and will howl at the moon and banish the narrative matrix to wherever deleted files go.

And we will be free. And we will be vast. And we will look at each other with unpolluted eyes for the very first time.

And we will go out into the world, the real world, the original world, walking with our original feet and looking with our original eyes.

Our seeds now great forests.

Tortured no more."

--Caitlin Johnstone

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