Christopher Sun - Anyone Like Him - Is A Narcissistic Monster


As I've repeatedly argued here, we're mentally ill as a collective. 

I stand by this.

Leading the charge have been the 'expert' class and the politicians.

They've all lost their fucking minds over these stupid, useless vaccines.

They just say stupid shit at this point. Nothing to back up any of their claims. 

I've just about had it with every single one of them and their lies.

Know why they lie?

Because they're incompetent.

More importantly, they're cowards. 

Fucking cowards.

The ones who still parade in masks or recommend them sit at the pinnacle of the coward chair.

Imagine two years later and they refuse to acknowledge that these measures do not work.

They refuse because they lack humility. They can't admit they're wrong.

They'd rather enjoy their pathetic 15--minutes of fame and mask and jab kids.

Because they're fucking cowards.

And they know who they are.

But please, allow me to name a few:

Boguch, Juni, Fisman, Furness, Oughton. Vinh, Labos, Day, Tam, Njoo, Boileau, Legault, Ford, Henry, Hinshaw, Justin, Jagmeet, Noah Gibney (I haven't forgotten what you said about people who work in the private sector should lose their jobs) asshole "ethicists' saying it's ok to deny medical treatments to the unvaccinated (and Russians), behavioural scientists, and all the politicians that stick to these utterly deranged mandates - notably in the NDP and Bloc Quebecois. 

And of course, the media. Oh, how we must reserve vicious scorn for these lazy, arrogant, and gutless scribes. 

You're an embarrassment. No nation is acting like you buffoons. Take the harmful and futile masks, social distancing and vaccines and shoved them up your respective asses. 

This is our 'medical' and professional class spewing unethical and immoral nonsense. 

It has brought us to this piece of shit Sun. As far as I'm concerned, Sun is in you all. 

Fuck you.

Every single one of you.


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