"Science Will Win"

So goes the caption on Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla's Twitter account.

Strange caption if you ask me.

Win against who? Science is a contest against who? Mother Nature? Anti-vaxxers? 

Do pray tell, Al.

Are you suggesting Pfizer will 'defeat' Covid? With Paxlovid? You're funny, Al. 

Of course, it's not about 'winning'. Science is not a hockey game or tennis match.

It's not adversarial.

It's a process to reach the truth.

Pfizer's 'vaccines' have been a complete catastrophic failure that injured and killed millions. Same with the spook creation of the deep state Moderna. 

Is that an example of 'science winning', Albert.

We were told take this shitty concoction and stop the pandemic! You won't get infected!

Sounds like you got your ass kicked.

Alas, what do you care? You have immunity. Excuse the pun. No one can get to the Big Bad Pharma in bed with the Blackrocks and Vangaurds of this world. You have it all figured out don't you, Al? The FDA is nothing but your rubber stamp whore led by that prostitute Arnold Monto and other sluts like him.

Kill on brother. 

Pharma keeps us all sick. That's the business model.

And now, they think they've come up with the best model yet with the indefinite junk booster conveyor belt. Helps to have sinister and criminal fraudsters like Trudeau, Biden and Legault on your side I reckon.

The scale of this hysteria is unprecedented. But it's no longer hysteria.

It's horrifying.

The number of 'sudden' deaths everyone playing dumb to is shocking and astonishing and most definitely can be attributed to these ''clots shots'

You have to be one brain dead sheep to not connect these gigantic obvious dots.

'She dies suddenly. So young and fit! What could it have been?' 




So screen shot this Tweet. It will be a keeper. This idiot made an impossible claim based on zero evidence except on eight mice. 

This is how deep this criminal racket runs. And make no mistake, this is an extortion and racketeering scheme with all levels of power involved from governments to our dear friends at Sponsored by Pfizer.

You work for Pfizer or Moderna?

You're a criminal too.

You all crossed a line. A massive line with mandates and usurpation of rights ruining lives.

You will be held, hopefully to account. 

If not in this world.

In the next.

But you will. 

The dead souls of millions will make sure of it.



 The side that said:

-Masks work and don't come with harmful impacts.

-HCQ and Ivermectin kills people.

-Remdesivir works.(And actually kills people).

-Boosters will work despite NO clinical human trials to back the assertion up.

-Refuse to acknowledge the all-cause mortality spikes.

-Refuse to look at the rise in Non-Covid excess deaths. 

-That the virus is from nature.

-The unvaccinated posed a danger to everyone.

-Overstated the benefits of the 'vaccines'. 

-Discriminatory and unjustified institutional mandates. 

-Asymptomatic as a main driver of spread was real.

-The 'vax' 'would end the pandemic'.

-The 'vax' would stop transmission.

-The 'vax' saved 20 million lives'. 

-There was a pandemic of the 'unvaccinated'. 

-Paxlovid works.

-There never was going to be passports.

-There never was going to be isolation camps or quarantines.

-Lockdowns worked.

-The kids weren't safe regardless of the evidence.

-Closed schools and places of worship without evidence.

Are the same derelict deranged monsters accusing us of DISINFORMATION when all along they LIED and were WRONG.

Time for you all to snap out of the cognitive dissonance and come to the realization the 'experts' don't know jack shit. 

Of Course He Would

One good thing about idiotic ideologues is they're predictable.

A recent video clip of an Alberta couple verbally attacking Chrystia Freeland in a building has caught the eye of internet.

The usual 'OMG!' pearl clutching from the media ensued. This from the same media who had no trouble holding water for 'experts' as well as editorializing about the need to shame the unvaccinated thus ruining the civil order for decades to come.

Put a mask on a kid to their developmental detriment no problem,

Yell, at a politician and that's a Rubicon we can't cross.


The Montreal private school brat groomed to be an enemy of Canada posing as a PM only hanging to power because of a cynical and weak leader of the NDP, wasted no time doing his Vaudeville shtick.

Standing in front of ridiculous rainbow flags that have lost all meaning or seriousness, Canada is a racialized country or some stupid shit. We're ALL racists now. 

No, you don't get it. When you fabricate hate to divide and conquer society, eventually they come for everyone including YOU.

Story of the 20th century. Read up on it. 

Here's the problem.

It was just a man who did the talking.

Remember up top I said it was a couple?

Well, there was a woman who also had words for Freeland.

Nice little omission there, Justin. How convenient, eh?

Par for the course with this weasel. He has no regard for the intelligence of Canadians. At this point he just emotes ideological gibberish like a brain dead fish.

That goes for the entire Liberal party. At this point, he speaks for you clearly so you're all culpable in this sorry state of affairs.

The citizen-governemtn relationship is a caustic one right now in Canada.

It was all avoidable.

Alas, one man chose not to avoid and has us on a collision course with a bleak future. 

Canada is not on a good path. It will decade decades to repair the governmental, legal, bureaucratic, and civil disorder he has brought upon a peaceful country.

An apathetic population now must shake itself from that apathy and stand for their nation. 

The media and Ivory Tower government frighteningly refuse to ask WHY people are constantly protesting and verbally attacking Chrystia and Justin.

If they'd do so, they'd see why.

Chrystia and Justin, to borrow from Dante's 'Infermo' are 'sowers of discord'.

Their place in hell awaits. 


The Brasserie Bandit Strikes Again: Legault Shows His Class Once Again

Francois Legault referred to Liberal leader Dominique Angled as 'cette madame'. That lady.

Keep showing your class Frankie.

You truly are one of a kind. Distinct and unique. 

You are the Brasserie Bandit.


Inverted Realities

There are no coincidences.

But there are conspiracies.

Everything they're telling you - and have told you - was a lie. 



A Morally And Ethically Broken And Bankrupted Country; The Pathetic Projection Of Chrystia Freeland


Canada is broken.

And I'm not even sure if it can be repaired. We've lost all sense of logic, faith and humanity. 

We threw out the bonds of common decency and ethics for experimental and ineffective mRNA injections that didn't stop the pandemic (to the extent there's still one let alone an emergency). It didn't do anything remotely what was promised.

The vaccine program is a complete and colossal utter failure and catastrophe.

Since we have cowards and narcissists in power, don't expect humility and a reversal. Expect this ship to get shipwrecked.

The above quote was not lost on me. Which is why I stopped giving blood and took out of my will consenting to organ donation while no longer signing my driver's license. 

Want to be depraved assholes? Well, NO ONE will get my blood and organs. 

How much more shortsighted, cruel and callous can this place be?

Decisions about our health are being made by ideologues not driven by science but hard cynical politics. The Liberals have charted a bad path for this country and nothing short of a complete philosophical awakening to reverse this trend will suffice.

The recent euthanasia laws were bound to get out of control to anyone of sound and moral mind. Many people will die unnecessarily because of it. Physicians are cowards and won't defend the right to life. Just like how the mRNA are doing staggering damage to fellow humans.

Canada is basically one big death panel now. 

One in which I want no part of.


Freeland is some piece of work.

Poor thing.

She's upset that she was characterized as 'difficult' and 'frustrating' by Jared Kushner in his book.

Judging by what I've seen of her over the years, I can totally see this.

Freeland, being the thin-skinned viper she is, hit back calling Trump a 'bully' during the negotiations. 


It's very possible and probable Trump was a bully. Maybe because he didn't have much respect for Canada. I can see Canada coming to the table with self-entitled demands without considering Trump's agenda. They very likely misread the room - and we have a huge track record of this government misreading rooms - and set the tone for difficult negotiations.

And who says negotiations have to be smooth anyway?

I don't know how much bullying went on. Keep in mind, this is a party who called truckers rapists and racists without proof so it's very possible they mistook a simple disagreement as being 'bullying''.

These are woke ideologues remember.

But here's the thing.

Trump NEVER froze the bank accounts of his citizens based on a total fraud and lie. Nor did he look to put it permanently in law. He never aggressed on the civil rights and liberties of citizens and actually respected the Constitution - at leas in comparison to past Presidents.

Chrystia, on the other hand did.

She ruined a good number of people with her autocrat impulse. Which is not surprising given her, erm, Nazi, erm, background.

And therein lies the truth.

It takes a bully to know a bully. She merely engaged in projection with her response. 

Chrystia Freeland is worse than a bully.

She's a criminal bully who attacked FREE CITIZENS. 

That's far worse than anything Donald J, Trump ever did while President. 

The Moment Of Truth Is Coming

I'm noticing data from insurance companies who are reporting higher disability and death claims (injuries so serious it will permanently distort the labour force), and actuarial reports showing excess and all cause mortality clearly on the rise. These facts seem to be corroborated by what funeral homes, embalmers and pathologists are seeing on the ground. As well as brave physicians willing to speak out.

Folks. The mRNA shots are having a devastating impact on life. It's not 'Long-Covid' (whatever that is. They can't even properly define it). It's what experts outside the closed loop logic of the current narrative have been saying would occur with non-sterilizing, untested experimental mRNA injections during a pandemic.

It makes no sense deaths are above the baseline while Covid deaths have dropped. So what's causing these 'mysterious' deaths including here in Canada which officials and the media are desperately and obviously trying to hide?

I think we all know. /wink.

The moment of truth is coming. How will people and society at large react?

The all-cause mortality angle is the one thing they won't be able to hide.

In the meantime. our governments are moving full steam ahead in using Covid as a laser pointer to distract from the fact they're attempting to usher in a climate tyranny to sit by the medical tyranny. 

Except, there is NO CLIMATE EMERGENCY anymore there's a Covid one.

Saying this isn't a conspiracy. In fact, the real conspiracists are the ones lying to us that these issues pose a mortal and existential threat which they clearly don't.

But people's brains are fried now. Thanks to incessant lying from ignorant infectious disease dopes and epidemiologists like Isaac Boguch, David Fisman, Horacio Bach, Matthew Oughton and Don Vinh - let's throw Tam and Chris Labos in there for good measure because they all talk outside their lanes and asses -  people think 'ventilation' purifies the air of viruses. These doctors who keep saying the only tools to 'combat' Covid are masks, boosters and 'better ventilation' are not only stuck in 2020 but don't even have scientific and ENGINEERING evidence to back them up. Open th

Just a reminder:

-This was very likely indeed engineered in a lab.

-The plan and scam is to 'soup' up viruses through gain of function in order to create vaccines for profit. The Hegelian Dialectic in motion. Create the problem, and offer the solution.

-The narrative was carefully and manically orchestrated. 

-The Canadian and Quebec governments made this about politics and not health.

I could go on but will stop here.

Just remember. There's nothing mysterious about these sudden deaths.

We all know what's causing them.


Don't Play, It Goes Away: Regain Your Medical Dignity

Rumours are swirling in Canada at a dizzying pace. It's all but taken for inevitable that the futile, pointless, and damaging measures and restrictions are about to come back from masks all the way to the re-booting of passports in Quebec. There's also concern that 'voluntary isolation camps' (as posted on the government's own site' won't be voluntary. 

Quite frankly, given how our governments have behaved since 2020 this is not a stretch to believe at all.

We've already crossed all sorts of unethical and illegal rubicons so what's one more round of fear mongering assaults?

Don Vinh has been shooting his idiotic mouth off since fucking May about the fall. They will not have the decency to accord you the right to peace of mind because of their dystopian, sophistic and pseudoscientific adherence to nudging you along a path to medical obliteration  for your own good.

One day they will be held to account but that day isn't now. And when it comes, they will all steal a page from the book of Fauci's book and claim, 'it wasn't me' and 'I didn't say that'. Mark my words, Tam will find a way to skirt responsibility. Hinshaw is doing a fine job of trying to do exactly that. But someone should tell Deena committing perjury isn't the way to do it. Turns out every single leader and official knew masks do jack shit but they did it anyway and she pretended she didn't know despite court documents clearly showing otherwise.

Yes, Francois Legault likely knows about those facts but also did it anyway. Worse, that fool went out and ordered 30 million masks fro a population of 8 million. It's been two years of wiring about the sheer criminal, unethical, stupid, cynical and often illegal behaviour of officials. Still, they continue. I have no doubt Legault has something up his sleeve. Nothing that actually helps society of course. Just the usual bran dead idiocy to protect his sorry ass. 

Of course, we have the receipts. We can roll the tape back. We have the screenshots.

They will not be able to wiggle their way out of shit. 

The story at the border is also pretty galling, embarrassing and destructive. The stories I'm hearing of how agents are acting ranges from hilarity to disappointment. A real clown-shit show.

Which only adds to the notion Canada is not a serious country.

The only way out is civil disobedience.

TWO phrases should guide us:

Don't play, it goes away. 

Silence and compliance enable tyrants.

And always, always remember what I've been saying for 2.5 years now. NO GOOD CAN COME OUT OF PANIC. Making decisions based on fear is sure to come with all sorts of negative consequences. 

Tell them all - Duclos, Tam, Legault, Justin etc. - to FUCK OFF. 

Ideologues Have Hijacked Science

Do you not see the concerted effort to radically alter our lives under the guise of protecting 'public health' and the environment?

It's a full assault on medical autonomy and agriculture now.

Climate police are on the horizon.

Europeans are preparing for a winter of discontent. Think that can't happen here? You really are oblivious.

Canada can and will do so as long as ideologues remain in control.

Notice the push for us to eat bugs (if you think they're going to eat bugs, again, dangerously oblivious. They will stick to meat) and the caps on fertilizer (nitrogen). That's done on purpose.

Ideological purposes. 

Not science.

You can't make any of this up.

No. Bugs aren't a healthy alternative for proteins in an advanced society. 

From the PC ad:

"Made with crickets farmed right here in Canada, this 100% cricket powder is a nutritious, versatile food that is high in protein and an excellent source of vitamin B12. Finely ground with a mild taste, it can be added to smoothies, sauces, chili, curries and baking batters. CAUTION: PEOPLE WHO ARE ALLERGIC TO CRUSTACEANS AND SHELLFISH MAY HAVE AN ALLERGIC REACTION TO CRICKETS."

Canadian crickets. That changes everything! If the Canadian government were to ever ban beef (and this gang of brutes and thugs in Ottawa sure loves to ban a lot of things like guns and speech), what are the millions of people allergic to various proteins to do? Starve? Ah. You think they wouldn't do that on purpose? Google 'Lenin', 'Stalin', 'Kulaks', 'Holodomor', 'Five-year plan'. 

Read up on it carefully. What do you think they're trying to do? Except right now it appears Marxists have indeed infiltrated many governments including international institutions like the WEF. Everything you hear and say from them is MARXISM. 

The most recent blatant example is 'Health' Canada (a fully captured agency) now has warning packages on beef.

It/s 2.5 years I'm warning people.

The barbarians are at the gates.

All you need to do is be aware.  There are people ready to fight on your behalf.

We just need you to be aware and stop being aloof. Most importantly, to stop complying.


Some epidemiologist germ chasing hack from UBC Horacio Bach was whining like the pseudoscientific bull shitter he is about the need for measures to come and to DOUBLE MASK.

At this stage, given all the evidence about the futility of the measures they pimped, anyone peddling this garbage needs a psychiatric evaluation.

Or a full investigation into who they're serving.

To be obsessed and gripped with fear is unhealthy. They pose a far more dangerous threat to overall health than this virus ever could.

We're now living in a time where people feel they have a right to not get sick.

This is a highly troubling development and if not treated properly and soon, we could very well see some barbarianism unleashed upon people.

Nothing is more frightening than a coward who fears for their life and has access to the levers of influence and power.


See where all this can go?

There are already calls to diagnose resistance to vaccines as a mental illness. But in reality, it's the other way around. People who push for it as if it's a panacea (especially knowing full well how ineffective they really are) are the ones with mental illness. 

When I see Don Vinh on TV I see a jerk-off on the take with mental illness. 

You've been warned.

Ignorance is not an excuse. 


Quote Of the Day

Just reading up on the Nazi regime. Remember them? The lessons to be drawn from that period are important and absolutely do apply to the crimes being committed with the experimental mRNA shots. I see a lot of similarities in the mindset and rhetoric from the period to today.

A key to being able to get people to go along with a nefarious plan and plot is to erase their autonomy. To detach them from their own self-awareness. To make it easier to control our thoughts and emotions through propaganda and manipulation.

Look for all the buzz words and phrases. Anytime they make spurious correlations or analogies be attentive. That's your cue to go research, investigate and ask questions.

This brings me to this quote in John Steinbeck's ' The Grapes of Wrath' (a novel my daughter has come to love) the quote.

"The bank is something else than men. It happens that every man in a bank hates what the bank does, and yet the bank does it. The bank is something more than men, I tell you. Men made it, but they can't control it."

Apply this to our medical institutions. 

Canada. A Fearful Backward Stupid Cruel Covid Country

Shifting narratives. Planning exit strategies. Mistakes were made. Need more transparency. 

Expect all the usual and predictable phrases from the cast of incompetent, not to bright weasels we've all come to loathe and loathe some more these past couple of years. 

The CDC now realizes it has to holy shit for real catch up to the data. Reality bites, amirite?

In Canada, where laggards come to thrive, the TV Dinner Expert clown circuit are confused that the CDC would abandon such reasonable and cautious science like masks and embrace dangerous biological facts like natural immunity.

Crazy eyes Canada:

*Actual face of a terrified paediatrician in Ontario. There aren't enough masks for her.


Poor Don Vinh He's been lapped. 

All of Canada is lapped.

If this was musical chairs, Canada would be the one left standing. 

Because we're idiots.

Arrogant, cruel idiots to boot.

Even Australia is starting to get it.

Someone told me she 'believes in the vaccines'.

Not sure what she's seeing but 'belief' has nothing to do with it. 

Science isn't a fucking belief system. It's a process. 

It can't afford to become dogmatic yet here we are. Paying a huge, massive catastrophic price because 'we believe!" Baby Jesus....Weeeeeee weeeeeee beeeeleeeeve!

Now they have 'bivalent' vaccines. Know what those are? Repackaged garbage from the original garbage with a cuter label.

At this point, you may as well put engine oil in your blood.


Let's visualize how stupid people in power are. Let's take Christian Dube. A more feckless, reckless and dimwitted a public figure is hard to find. 

If you don't find that cringe.

You can draw with stick people and Dube still wouldn't get it. He's the ultimate NPC bot.

Christian Dube


Of The Spirit Of Punk; Fire Anyone Part Of The Skinner Nudge Gang

Turns out the true torch bearers for critical thought, freedom and the questioning of authority were the people who resisted all the propaganda and psychological terror thrown at them. Trillions of dollars worth of junk science and psychology. was spent as well as boundless human energy. 

They absorbed, challenged and fought off the unseemly and unethical hate from journalists to mindless people to TV dinner experts.

Not to mention public officials who got up in front of cameras and lied right to the faces of citizens. 

They saw the snake oil aspect to all this.

Without their courage and intelligence, what was left of our heritage as free peoples would be all but gone.

The resisters - the so-called 'recalcitrants' - are the true spirit of punk.

Sorry Rage Against the Machine and Dave Grohl. You guys are nothing but establishment shills with no balls. Behind your flopping hairs and bopping heads is nothing but a dickless Ken doll.


All the TV dinner experts and health officials who comprise of the  Skinner Nudge Gang should lose their jobs and be held to account. Get them out before they can spin this story more to avoid getting into trouble. They underestimate the catastrophe of their 'recommendations' about lockdowns. One epidemiologist told me the damage is being 'exaggerated'. 

Ok, pal. Let's fire you and see if you think it's 'exaggerated'. Don't overrate yourself.

I don't need to hear Skippy from McGill and Todd from U of T  'Ronasplainin' to us how all the damage is in our heads like that corrupted fool Fauci did. 

Why not give them all the boot? We put millions out of work for being 'non-essential'. So it's not like we care about jobs. A good case can be made that redundant bureaucrats are pointless and costly.

A vast majority of bureaucrats are redundant anyway.

They are assumed to be 'essential' but in the end, they ended up being useless.


Francois Legault's Act Of Deception

 I think it's pretty clear how this is going to play out in Quebec.

They're stating publicly that they have no intentions of bringing back measures - wink - but that's how they play it. They say they won't do something and then do it 'because things change.'

Especially The Science (TM).

Just like that Poptart Lasagne Justin did. Lie to the face of the people and then do the opposite. Somehow this is a winning formula politically.

Legault is playing it cool because there's an election on October 2. Once he secures his victory - and it's really a question of how many seats he will manage to hoodwink from a parochial population too naive to grasp they're being played and manipulated but incompetent buffoons - he will revert to all the worst restrictions have to offer.

Name it, and Quebec will report for duty.

People don't realize we're still officially in a 'national emergency' in Quebec through Bill 28 which is supposed to expire on December 31, 2022. Don't count on it not being renewed because January 1, 2023, will still be a 'pandemic' and influenza season. 

So they have no intentions of leaving us alone.

He's already begging people to take the booster for the second-rate public system he did nothing to bolster. Expect more segregation and masks come the fall.

Why else have emergency power if you can't use it, right? 

Legault and his CAQ minions are liars and deceivers.

Don't be fooled into thinking otherwise.

At this point, we can but hope somehow a miracle happens and Duhaime and the Conservatives manage to dent an increase in Legault's power by removing seats from this tyrant.

Or else it will be a very difficult four years for democracy, freedom and The Awake.

Of Selfishness And Resistance

The last 2.5 years should have been an opportunity to ponder life and what's going on around us.

I hope people took advantage.

I fear they haven't.

Except for, as usual, the few who have.

All day long I review research and consider all that's transpiring during this medical hysteria.

One of those that popped into my head is the claim that people who chose to not vaccinate or opposed lockdowns are 'selfish' The infamous charge of wanting to 'kill granny'.

I've gone over this on and off for months so here's another quick go-around.

I reject this position was selfish. 

In fact, it was the opposite. It was selfless and considerate.

People who questioned the decisions and motives understood that it was done so under duress and panic. Still, others viewed this as an obvious pre-planned episode which we will not delve into here.

From my perspective, it was not difficult to grasp that locking down humans was a terrible idea bound to unleash catastrophic unintended consequences.

Where this has been devastating to the overall general health and state of our economy, the stunning stubbornness of our 'experts' to cling to such futile and outrageous measures is outright dangerous.

And this is where I contend the ultimate act of selfishness.

It's impossible by now they don't know the masks and vaccines have failed spectacularly. But they continue to deceive the public because they're either corrupt, incompetent, or foolish. Or all of the above.

Experts and people who call for such measures are steadfast in their refusal to consider the trade-offs - or simply downplay the damage showing they just don't care 'because Covid'. They're paralyzed by tunnel vision.

For such people, no draconian or cruel restriction is enough.

The psychological terror of 'nudge theory' rooted in fear to exert control, is an abomination we must extricate ourselves from. 

But how to know who is 'nudging' us given it's so subtle?

Simple. It's the ones who make idiotic analogies to, for example, antibiotics in an effort to force you into boosters. Or still calling for masks. Or any other 'strategy' that is simply used to control your activities and movements. 

Remember. This respiratory illness has been circulating since 2019. 

There's nothing left to do but live life.

Sans all the terror.

We've spent tax dollars and hurt the human spirit to a point it will take a very long time to repair.

If at all.

Again I ask. Who were the ones who were selfish again?


The resistance. The resistance cannot be violent. It must be of a higher state of being above the official narratives.

Keep telling and speaking the truth until it becomes undeniable.

I am partial to the concept of 'parallel societies'.

It has to all be rethought, reformed and reinvigorated. From our legal, academic and medical institutions to our Charters and Constitutions.  

People disgusted with our institutions, manner of thinking, propaganda, lies and sheer stupidity are dropping out of the current system and going off to set up 'societies' of cooperation. Like independent media offers a more stable and accurate view of reality, we must do the same for our food sources and of course, how we deal with health.

It cannot go on like this where pharmaceuticals, allopathic medicine and government form a fascistic alliance to not only control health but apply coercion and extortion in order for people to accept their products.

That model is depraved, broken and evil.

You can't burn down Pfizer, Orders of Medicine and NIH.

But you can create your own reality rooted in freedom, and common cooperation sharing similar values and ethics. 

That's a true and advanced progressive world I want to be a part of.

Not this shit peddled by medical, journalistic and political hacks, shills and criminals who all belong in jail.

And we know who they all are.

You are indeed in a war. 

Be attentive and attune to it.

Do your part.

Only then will we achieve true selflessness and liberty. 

True strong communities and an existence rooted in truth.

Reject all the climate and Covid garbage.

All of it.

They do NOT care you or nature.

Remember. They continued to live their lives for 2.5 years with no regard to your health or Mother Nature.

They are hypocrites of the worst kind. 

Disengage from their lies.

And criminality. 

Stay true, strong and free.

You are sovereign and belong to no one or any single 'idea'. 

Do you understand what I'm telling you?


Note To Klaus, Justin and Francois

Bring it on global reset build back better pieces of shit criminals:

I will NOT:

-Eat bugs.

-Not own property.

-Give up my car and guns.

-Take your shitty dangerous and ineffective 'vaccines'. 

-Condone your treacherous behaviour.

-Live in a tent or 'micro-home'.

-Download an app being enforced ILLEGALLY.

-Social credit.

-Digital anything that is NOT passed through oversight and hearings.

Understand you assholes?

If you want to go full tyrants invest in some black and brown shirts and let's see what you've got.

You're lying to the people and using sleazy cynical politics to swindle the population into accepting your nefarious agenda.

The only Agenda 2030 WE'RE GOING TO FIGHT FOR is to see you all in prison and we regain, reaffirm, and reinforce our RIGHTS. 

Again. Now go fuck yourselves.

Quick Math And Logic

4.1 million "cases" of Covid in Canada.

In 2 1/2 years.

We know "cases" are not infections. Actual infections are lower. Likely much lower. Under 1 million even. I base this on various reports over the last 30 months saying about 10% of "cases" are infections.

That would mean 410 000 infections in Canada.

No, the vaccines did not prevent cases or infections. We know they were never designed to do so. At best, if you're lucky, they reduce symptoms for a very short period of time. Which is why they want to boost you every three to nine months. Ask yourself why.

It is not normal to take an experimental and ineffective mRNA injection with growing safety risks indefinitely. The experts sound so sure of themselves. All the more reason to question them. Government, medical doctors and academics getting things wrong is more the rule than the exception throughout history.

They're trying to fool and manipulate people into believing and thinking without the vaccines it would have been worse. Yet, just observing the data and graphs the truth is this virus was never going to over run us. Again. It's worth repeating TWO basic data points: Less than 1% of people regardless of vaccine status are hospitalized. The virus has c. a 99.985% survival rate.

Still think this justifies still hearing from various infectious disease doctors and epidemiologists babble incoherent gibberish about masks and vaccines? That's all they've got since they ignore the role of diet, exercising, early treatments and natural immunity. It gets in the way of their shitty narratives. At this stage, it's not a question of if we should investigate them but a question of we must.

Does this sound like a pandemic to you? Even if you factor in the deaths and hospitalizations, the injuries and deaths from the vaccines are quickly off setting it. Not to mention negative consequences of lockdown which are enormous and catastrophic. And outrageously continue to be ignored from the government officials and the TV Dinner Class adhering to The Science (TM).

At this point, with all the information, data, evidence and literature clearly showing the measures, strategies and approaches failed spectacularly, it's inexcusable  This is why there's a global army of people archiving everything. 

We're living in a nightmare with unnecessary (and suspicious) apps likely posing as Trojan Horse, and persistent unethical mandates that has fractured the civil order.

This is a lie.

Take a stand.

Do not get manipulated and bullied.

Follow the 20% of Canadians who see through all this. They've been warning us all along. They care more for you than any of these fraudsters, criminals and incompetent buffoons do.


Of Bugs, Wills And Charades

You may have noticed the drive to get you to normalize eating bugs is intensifying.

Again. This is coming from the same class of psychopaths forcing useless and dangerous experimental "vaccines" on people. All ostensibly for climate change and health.

To those awake, we know it's not about that at all.

Eating bugs is not normal. It's not a normal part of the human diet. It only is so in certain parts of the rural world where food sources are scarce. 

We've attained this level of habits for a reason through natural evolution. Like they deny the biology of natural immunity they're trying to convince you how you eat is not part of the human diet.

It's all bull shit and don't fall for it like you did the 'vaccines'.

It's all part of an overall plan and agenda to send us back to the stone age not because of the environment but to control your essence through what we call the bio-medical and capitalist surveillance state.

Start connecting the dots. For now you're playing along thinking you're a good citizen or have 'nothing to hide' but eventually that 'privilege' will end. They will come for you. The unvaccinated today but everyone else to tomorrow.

It's the story of humanity. Not conspiratorial thinking. Humans DO conspire and this is the latest scam to wrestle control from people's lives.

Let's keep this simple. leave aside the human digestive system is not meant to process bugs (we're not birds. We're mammals), and look at the two most recent ancient civilizations in the West of Greece and Rome. I must have missed the part they ate bugs as part of their diet. 

Did you?

What about Asian cultures? Perhaps it's a little more common but probably not a feature. Nor do I care really. But we've all had Asian friends. I myself have had Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Burmese, Japanese, Sri Lankan and Indian friends. Let's throw in Arabs including Lebanese, Syrians and Egyptians. 

Have they ever offered you a good plate of crickets and tarantula when you visited their homes?

Don't eat bugs, and for God's love, don't take the boosters. The evidence is all but irrefutable that they are dangerous and ineffective. The data is all for us to see. Don't follow the laser pointer from the government and its arrogant experts. Being wrong is a FEATURE when it comes to government and the expert class.


A court ruled it's ok for hospitals to take people off the transplant waiting list. 

Canada = cruel and unusually stupid.

There will be unintended consequences and I'm glad I'm not the only one who decided to remove myself from any organ donor's list. 

In my will, I removed the part where they could take my organs. You want to be inhumane and treat the unvaccinated that way no one gets a piece of me. And then they’re gonna cry we don’t have enough organ and blood donors without realizing the consequences of their short-sighted and cruel actions.

Same with blood.

I will not donate blood anymore.

Keep going on this track Canada. Keep believing we're advanced and compassionate.

You will do so right into hell.


As you know, I'm no fan of Francois Legault. I find him a despicable, dishonest sleaze ball.

So it's not surprising being the deceptive degenerate he is, he would once again play up the charades of going to a vaccine clinic in a mask in a pathetic attempt to get people boosted (DO NOT DO IT. GO LOOK AT THE STUDIES SHOWING THE RISKS ARE NOT WORTH IT. DO NOT FOLLOW GOVERNMENT DIRECTIVES. LET THEM THREATEN YOU. STAND YOUR GROUND).

I've yet to see a single Premier or Governor on the continent (outside a couple of mental cases like Hochul in NY) who are sticking to the 2020 playbook.

It's all but over everywhere.

Not in Quebec. Where it has staked its financial well-being in low-quality vaccines produced by spook companies linked to the U.S. deep state. 

Legault is an idiot for all times and I will keep saying it.

These people pose a threat to not just health but freedom as we understand it.

Dante would definitely have a place in hell for them all. 


The Science In Don Vinh's Head

McGill infectious disease doctor Don Vinh is on a war path.

He wants you boosted and in masks.

He also makes irrational analogies to antibiotics.

And thinks the CDC is dumb.  I love when Canadians say it's 'politics'. And it isn't here?

Just another parochial lost Canadian farting into the wind. 

The CDC basically has fallen in line with Europe. So Vinh is saying Canada is better than those two. Do you believe that? I don't. The CDC has recognized natural immunity. As has the EU.

Know who hasn't? Don fricken Vinh and the clowns at McGill and this clown government in Quebec City and Ottawa.

I don't know what he drinks at night but all I saw for two years is Canada mimicking the CDC policies and guidelines.

To the point they're indistinguishable. Vaccines, masks and no treatments. There. That's Canada's 'strategy'. 

To suggest a) we had a different approach and b) a better approach is laughable.

If the CDC is incoherent, Canada is downright out of its mind.

Vinh's plea to 'follow the science' and that it shows masks 'work' belies the facts, literature and evidence that show otherwise.

To go up there and talk like a fool is par for the course for the TV Dinner experts in Quebec who languish six months behind.

When you watch Don Vinh, you're not watching science. Because 

You're watching The Science (TM) in his head.

Environment AND Climate Change Canada


Stephane Guilbeault is a Scooby-Doo villain and convicted felon for eco-terrorism,

Yet he's addressed as 'Honorable'.

First off, since I'm in a vulgar mood as you notice.

Congratulations Laurier-Ste. Marie for voting for this criminal TWICE.

But it's a riding in downtown Montreal so I wouldn't expect anything less from clueless city grunts. 

Hipster-climate-woke zombies.

Always remember this whenever you see:

Environment and Climate Change Canada.

All together now: Go fuck yourself Stephane! 

Francois Legault: GO FUCK YOURSELF

It's coming on three years you're repeating the same stupid message. Same with the assholes at McGill.

You've all lost your fucking minds treating the experimental 'vaccines' as a panacea. The world kinda knows the jig is up but you morons remain clueless.

Or perhaps not. Cui bono? 

How much are they paying you Francois?

Out with it.

No way you ink a deal with a spook creature of the American deep state without being greased.

Same with McGill and their ties to Bill Gates.

Be up front.

Be men.

We'll respect you more.

You're a big 'homme d'affaire' Francois? GO FIX THE FUCKING SECOND RATE HEALTH SYSTEM. You too Vinh. Take that mask and shove it up your ass.

The audacity to tell the public to take a chance with their health with an unsafe and ineffective 'vaccine' to 'protect' the health system is retarded on levels I can no longer rationalize.

The inability to evolve and pretend this virus poses a threat is shocking and astonishing to levels I can't comprehend.'

I've had it. BRING IT ON. Send your gimp Dube out. Send that dimwit Boileau into the mix. Heck, bring out Guilbeault and her police armoury. Bring it all on. That goes triple for that piece of shit Justin and his gang of traitors.

You all are sowers of discord and dangerous.

Are you ready for a real fight? 



If You're Still Boosting, You're A Fool

If you're still buying into this utter gibberish nonsense at this point you're simply not paying attention, care about your health or humanity.

And not very bright.


Give yourself a shake.

The "vaccines" do NOT work. 


Canadian experts continue to steadfastly ignore natural immunity. One of the few, if not the only, countries in the West left to do so.

Our science is difference here.


The silencing of professor Paradis is all connected to the fact Moderna is setting up shop in Laval.

It has to be.

Can't have anyone telling the truth about how useless and dangerous these shots are based on facts and evidence.

Does the Canadian and Quebec governments understand Moderna is a deep state spook company with heavy ties to DARPA and NIH?

The Liars Are Back

Like last year, Quebec's psychopaths are back and have plans.

They plan to pretend this is still 2020.

Francois Legault was at his usual best lying to the public about this utterly disastrous and ineffective vaccines. He needs you to gamble with your life to protect a shitty second-rate public system he did absolutely nothing to bolster.

It's actually quite despicable watching him go up there pretend to speak on behalf of HCW. He's nothing but a sleaze ball. I don't see what people see in this guy at all.

Meanwhile, our favorite shill quack Dr. Don Vinh from McShill is out there benign the "vaccine" and masks drum. No mention of risk and natural immunity. He just repeats the same bull shit over and over. 

I fully expect come October 3 when he gets reelected (I know. It's a shame but Quebecers like this idiot) he will go full 2020. Quebec is full on the vaccine gulag train and won't get off it. I worry that I own't be able to survive four years of this buffoon and will be forced to speed up my plans to escape Quebec - and eventually this incomprehensibly cruel country. 

I'm too simply at a loss for words at this point.

My only plea is DON'T TAKE THE SHOT.

There's more at stake here.

DO YOU RESEARCH. Stand your ground. 


Canada is finished on so many levels that the only way out is to leave. I don't think there's any coming back from ANY of what's happened in the last two years. None. There's simply no umph in Canadians. If the stuff we've learned about Justin isn't enough to get Canadians outraged nothing will. We're just a limp country. Hockey is just the laser pointer to keep them distracted. Wooooo we're #1 Even then, not so much anymore. Whatever will we do when we no longer dominate hockey?


Always Remember.....

Justin said of course it was necessary to curb the rights of unvaccinated Canadians even though the government's own experts did not support vaccination for travellers despite claiming they're following 'the science'. 

He assaulted civil liberties for politics.

Not health. He and his band of sowers of discord and traitors couldn't care less about your health.

This matters because they set a future agenda for a non-existent problem based on LIES.

Never forget.


They Want Your Soul

Do you really want to give up your privacy rights and medical autonomy to faceless tech giants and the scientific-technocrat class?

Think about this hard.

They're stripping us of our agency.

All that's left is the soul and even that they will aim to extract and steal from you.

You have nothing to hide?

That's not up to you to decide.

They will.

And they will act upon it.

Don't you see?

You have everything to hide.



There Are Elected Traitors Among Us.

Some disturbing revelations have surfaced about Canada.

To be frank, to those of us paying attention, we've been aware of these concerns for a while now. It's blatantly obvious this is not about public health at this point.

First up, is the discovery that the mandates were forced for political reasons with no basis in science whatsoever. In other words, he forced people to take a vaccine for political reasons and to expand his power. This is very serious.

Next up, the Toronto Sun has reported that according to investigations by both CSIS and the RCMP there are a significant amount of elected officials at the municipal, provincial and federal levels who are compromised. Foreign entities have infiltration our government placing officials on their payroll to work against Canadian interests. Problem? Canada has no laws to do anything about it.

Now we know why they're desperate to censor and imprison people for 'disinformation'.

The attack on the truckers makes perfect sense now in this context.

Disinformation IS the conspiracy. 

It all makes sense now. ArriveCan is the Trojan Horse for Digital ID. Destroy food supplies by ruining truckers and farmers for 'climate change', This is Agenda 2030 and Event 21 rolled into one smokey room and Canada is the smoking gun. 

Meanwhile, Canada continues its free fall as one of the worst performing nations in the West. And it's getting worse. 

There's no way we're going to be able to pay off the debt incurred under Justin in one generation. We barely got out of the mess his father put us through but Mulroney and Chretien managed to pay the debt and clean the bools - somewhat.

But Pierre had nothing on his son when it comes to spending.

This will take a couple of generations to pay off - if we're lucky. It will take serious commitment. 

My take is Canada has abandoned its traditional role as a stable and strong democracy. It has charted a course that will bankrupt the nation and ruin morale.

Canada should be kicked out of the G7 - it never really was an economic power - and it (along with Quebec) should be placed under trusteeship until we can sort this mess out.

Why THESE Lies Matter

Politicians lie. We know this.

It's a law of human nature.

But political lies were just that for the longest time, political lies. While they sometimes have an impact on our lives, they rarely crossed over into infringing on our civil rights.

We had laws to keep them in check.

Covid obliterated any lines of ethics and etiquettes in politics and polite society. 

The lies perpetrated by the Liberal government of Canada - and let's be frank, every single one of those 159 MPs are LIARS at this point -  are quite grave.

The reason is the government had a political agenda it wanted to implement. It asked unelected bodies it created and other unelected officials to find evidence to justify their mandates. They couldn't find any. But they forced the mandates anyway. Not only did it not get them a majority, but they're also now swimming in a pond of irrational scum now. They fractured the civil order for what?

It matters because they forced you to take a specious experimental medical procedure not based on evidence-based medicine but on POLITICS. 

It was political. 

You took a risk with your health (and a mighty gigantic one it's looking like) for a garbage mRNA product that is NOT protecting you in any way.

It was never about health. 

Worse, we learned society isn't all that interested in enforcing our Charter rights. In turn, the courts simply are concluding the government is acting within 'reasonable limits' because it's an 'emergency'.

Everything we're living (those of us that have suffered through these insidious and maniacal mandates that eviscerated medical autonomy and notions of informed consent), is built on a foundation of LIES.

That's why it matters. 

There's No Walking Back From This

Canada and the USA's response to Covid is a complete and utter destructive disaster. 

And the scary part?

We have experts who are still calling for similar 'strategies' come the fall!!

The world - including the USA - is now moving on leaving Canada in the dust.

We're still harassing people coming back into the country. 

We still are forcing apps on people.

We're still clinging to masks.

We still are considering mauling the children with restrictions and masks.

PEI is talking about closing its borders off again! Think how completely unhinged we've become.

We have the head of Toronto health - De Villa - who claims the 4th booster is even better than the 3rd when we all know this is simply not true. We have incompetent and corrupt officials simply going up there and lying to the public. That's what happens when you don't base your policies on sound science and common decency. You start to believe in your own deception and lies. And you keep going.

Canada is lying to itself to dangerous levels.

It's enough to make one take crazy pills.

But it's not us that's crazy.

It's them. The misapplication of the precautionary principle has ruined and continues to ruin the lives of many. This irrational obsession of believing we can prevent people from contracting disease has gone way too far.

This will come with consequences that will last years and years.

When all this is done and we assess the damage the media and public and academic health officials and professionals, as well as professionals, have done, there is no doubt Canada and the USA will be the chapters in the book that will discuss what not to do in a time of public health crisis.

Sweden and Scandinavia (and other countries who kept their scruples and minds screwed on straight), will be the chapters on what to do.

Canada is now an outlier. 

It's appalling. 

Please. I implore you. Inform yourselves. Look around the world. STOP COMPLYING. 

That includes not taking ANY BOOSTERS. They do NOT work.

There's no walking back from any of this mess.

We made our bed. We will have to lie in it.

There was a small window in the summer of 2021 where the government could have begun preparing or at least setting things up so that they could alleviate the Covid fear in full blown psychosis making it easier to pivot if need be.

Instead, Justin chose the divisive and unscientific route. He turned the country into a psychological gulag with the organs of the state acting like the Cheka at our airports.

This has had a historic negative impact on our nation.

Name me ONE country with disastrous airports, confusion at passport offices, a labour force in free fall, and an overall economic scenario as grim?

In just six to nine months Justin and the Liberals have us on a path to Venezuela.

And wait until the nitrogen caps on farmers kick in as well as other idiotic climate change laws and rules that will backfire.

That bed better be comfortable.

Justin Loves First Nations

So much Justin Faketears loves them he put 1100 of them up in Nunavut out of work because, you know, climate change.

A shut down of mines or anything related to oil and gas will do NOTHING to 'save' the environment. 

But these decisions will hurt our country.

This sort of decisions hurt productivity and is why the OECD ranked us dead last when it came to their projections for the next 40 years.

That's how bad his decisions are.

What are we going to do with 1100 unemployed workers up north?

Did they even think about the consequences of such an action? Probably not. 

Because Justin is a cruel idiotic ideologue.


CDC All But Ends Covid; Canada Left Standing

The CDC abruptly changed Covid guidelines effectively ending the emergency.

That leaves Canada as the last retard left standing.

As many of us predicted it would.

We're the only country in the West with excessive mandates left.

Quite the accomplishment Canada.


Take a bow. 


The U.S. acknowledged - finally - natural immunity. It finally caught up with biology and reality. 


No thank you. We're gonna boost our way out of this. We'll show you. You'll see. 


RIP Vin Scully

Just a quick note to mention the passing of Vin Scully.

I went cold turkey on sports in 2020 after decades of being a junkie. 

I had had enough of all the bull shit, wokism and general state of sports culture. Especially the insufferable writers.

I always made it a point to listen or watch Dodgers games when Scully was calling the games.

I had the pleasure of having watched live his call of the Buckner error and Gibson home run.

Both iconic moments that left my mouth gaping.

All the way here in Canada. 

Pure class. Pure talent. Pure joy. 

Baseball purity.

RIP. Thanks for the memories.

The Decline Of Canada Is Accelerating

OECD predicts Canada will be the worst performing nation in the industrialized West.

Hey. At least everyone was wearing masks, right?

That's what counts. We care soooooo much more than other countries. Our science is soooooo special we force mandates and apps on people.

We're so damn obedient who cares about the economic wealth of our nation?

We're leaving our kids in the worst situation that we inherited. The prospects for their success are bleak.

We'll be the 'sick man' of the West within 5 years. The only way to somehow reverse this is to 1) REMOVE Justin Trudeau and b) have the conservatives take bold steps to improve productivity. 

All this was avoidable. We were blessed to live next to the most powerful economy in human history. To become Venezuela North (Canazuela) with our human and natural resources is INEXCUSABLE.

It's a source of shame and utter and complete embarrassment.

Will love watching the 'ugly' smug Canadian brag and boast with braggadocio about this country now.

Until then, mask up and take your nth booster Canada! We're in this together!

This Not About Politics Anymore; America On Its Knees

Count me in as one of those who are shocked, dismayed and disturbed by the raid of 30 or so FBI agents of President Donald Trump's home.

This is not an act of politics but of a form of terrorism by the state. It was as much a show of authoritarian force as it was lawless and without justification. 

No sooner than the raid was conducted, we come to find out the Judge who signed off on it was an Obama donor with ties to Jeffrey Epstein.

Folks. Friends. Fellow compatriots of Canada and America. Our governments are turning on their people.

And they're doing it by fabricating lies about citizens turning them in 'domestic terrorists', From truckers who protested mandates (No! It was a coup attempt the government cried!) to parents in the USA challenging critical race theory in schools (No! They are dangerous racists!).

One way to spot a decaying civilization is how it internally behaves towards its citizens. With the unjustified invocation of the Emergencies Act, the raiding of Trump's home, show trials set up to attack freedom of speech and expression, endless manufactured wars like Ukraine and so on are all examples of a falling and collapsing political culture. 

This act brings America one step closer to civil war. And it's looking like that's what the Democrats want.

Hilary, meanwhile, being the wicked wench that she is took the opportunity mock Trump without regard for how bad this is for the United States of America. Of course, what does she care? Her loyalty is to her greed. 

In all this, we mustn't forget China is watching. It is timing itself to capitalize on when best to usurp American global hegemony. It has made no secret of this.

China has never been stronger and with internal dissent in the CCP and China as a whole growing, it's now or never for them. By contrast, the USA has never been weaker internally with dissent pretty much having divided the country. The Trump move is a good signal for China to pounce militarily. Not saying it will happen but thems da optics they may be reading.

May you live in interesting times.


Sleazy Paddlers Don't Get High On Their Own Supply

None of the CEO's of the three pharma companies - Pfizer, BioN Tech, Moderna - have taken the shot as well as the creep Tedros at the WHO.

Bill Gates likely isn't vaccinated either.

Let that sink in. 


Tam's Fraudulent Behaviour Must Come With Consequences

I want to briefly revisit Tam's 'study' claiming restrictions saved the world.

I wish we could just ignore this nonsense but the fact is this is what's in control of our lives at the moment and it's based on shoddy, shitty science.

The mathematical model - garbage in, garbage out - says up to 34 million infections were prevented.

This claim would be strengthened if it permanently prevented infections. But as we know, we're all going to get it so having prevented it at one point in time is pointless as it is useless since it only delayed the inevitable. You cannot prevent transmission of a respiratory illness and this goes to show how far up her ass her head is.

The assertion is further weakened when we realize under 1% of people infected - vaccinated or not - end up in hospital. Or stated otherwise if we assume 1% - 380 000 people.

They're severely overestimating Covid's threat as they've done since 2020 and refuse to pivot from this erroneous baseline assumption.

The shady study claims up to 800 000 deaths were prevented. 

On its face, this is an outrageous claim. In a population of c. 38 million, this claims a 2.15% death rate! We know Covid deaths are in line with the flu with a survival rate in the range of 99.985%. Or .15%! 

Moreover, we also know over 80% of deaths came with 2 or more co-morbidities. Yet, Tam insists on not focusing on this and pretending she can apply a blanket zero-sum risk profile to the population.

Last, the mountain of actual evidence from meta-analysis reviews from places like Johns Hopkins as well as dozens upon dozens of articles has shown the measures had a LIMITED impact. Next to 0% as in, tops 2% impact. We also see in low vaccination countries as well as those that didn't impose restrictions, none of these catastrophic claims ever came to pass.

Just to cite a recent example(and there are more and more experts reaching the same conclusions) from someone who actually knows what they're talking about, the vaccines are killing in 1 in 800. Do the math. That's roughly 48 000 deaths. That's hard math. Not this flippant crap of 'we saved 800 000' people based on a model.

What I'm saying is the 800 000 figure is not real. The 1 in 800 is.get Covid. We're pretty much at that point. So to make any claims of 'we prevented' is MOOT. As mentioned, it only delayed the inevitable But what were the costs of that delay? This is the part of the trade-offs Tam and her merry band of Covidian twits refuse to acknowledge. Can it be because of the cost-analysis benefit would the restrictions were catastrophic? 

Also. And I think most important is everyone is going to get Covid. So that it prevented 34 million cases is a red herring and irrelevant. Regarding hospitalizations, it ignores that the vast majority of people admitted into hospitals are people 'up to date' with their vaccinations. So much so it's been called a 'pandemic of the vaccinated'.  More here.

What a farce Canada has become. 

This is a dereliction of duty in my view to continue misleading in this manner. I don't expect anything to happen but this is a classic and lame attempt at 'CYA' 

I'm guessing had we done little to nothing, we'd have less all-cause mortality deaths, less damage to the population caused by these terrible vaccines, less inflation, less 'rebounds',  and less of everything while keeping the civil order intact and our rights secured as well as our moral and ethics.

THIS is Tam and her Covidian hysterical brethren have achieved. Medical mayhem. 

I'm guessing they set up the model to provide desired outcomes.

What else is new in the realm of fraudulent science?

And there it sits on a government website.

Theresa Tam must be investigated and forced to resign. 

She's a fraud. 


Never Forget

 Who the true pseudo-science extremist quacks were.

Plastic Minds

Resident Scooby-Doo villain and convicted eco-terrorist felon Stephane Gulbeault announced single-use plastic will be banned in 2023. He boasted we won't be able to find them anywhere in 2023.

Stock up.

Bamboo and metal straws aren't gonna cut it.

For the environment.

Except we have a rogue government leaving a carbon footprint the size of earth with the way this derelict PM and his minions travel.

Ban the plastics.

But turn a blind eye to the devastating impact masks have had on the environment. To the point it negates any measure they push now. The stark hypocrisy and sheer arrogant stupidity is getting very hard to tolerate.

People with plastic minds are ruining the environment.

And in the process, our lives.

Public Health = Death

I don't say this lightly, but it's looking like the people in charge are either psychopathic serial killers or so deliberately blinded by their own dogma that they're killing everything in their path.

Either way, it's not good.

It's depraved, heartbreaking, shocking and simply too hard to accept.

When they announced they would start jabbing animals a few months ago, those of us opposed to the 'vaccine' campaign had a sick, sinking feeling that this wasn't going to end well.

And so it has begun.

Gorillas, pandas, snow leopards are all sacrificed by humans blinded by hysteria. 


There are rumours Quebec is vaccinating cows but I have to verify this. Wouldn't surprise me if they are one bit.

Again, the sons of bitches are acting surprised.

I'm at the point now they all know what's going on and rather than tell the truth they're lying and fabricating fraudulent 'science' like Theresa Tam just did. She should be investigated and arrested for fraud causing harm.

Here's what she's doing.

She's presenting herself as a savour by overshooting how many people she allegedly saved to shield from the deaths her measures and vaccines have caused. Claiming 800 000 people were saved shields and dwarf whatever deaths were caused by the vaccines. So now she can say, 'Yes, 10 000 people from the vaccines. But we saved 800 000. This is the thinking of a murderer. These people are legit serial killers.

Except she didn't save shit.

She caused misery, heartache and pain.

She broke social cohesion.

Not that she and her ilk are any kind of legal trouble. Bureaucrats are so well protected it's not even funny. She doesn't have to fear about anything. 

As have all who support her and her actions.

Call it what you want. 1st, 2nd degree murder, manslaughter - whatever.

It all ends up with the simple calculus of public health = death.

Theresa Tam: Dangerous, Idiotic, Incompetent Pseudo-Scientific Buffoon

Tam has chimed in with this priceless work of a dogmatic piece of propaganda. 

This, of course, flies in the face of a Johns Hopkins META-ANALYSIS that showed the exact opposite. As usual, the response is swift and devastating. 

Hm. Meta-analysis versus Tam's stupid models that have been wrong since 2020. It's ok. Paddle head Van Koeverden and other dimwit MPs will run with this. SCIENCE.

We're living a lie. A medical tyranny nightmare where health officials are hellbent on destroying the country through their sheer stupidity. 

Thankfully, the Twitter responses are having none of it.

RESIGN THERESA. You fucking psychopath loser.



Tam is a criminal.

A liar.

And if you listen to her your health will suffer.

Just look at these two links.

And there are many more where these came from.


Here's the first of a renowned Dutch expert calling for the cessation of the vaccine program. He joins a growing chorus of experts who are arriving at the same conclusions.

Another about the sham about the claims of 'safe and effective'.

They LIED to us. Do you understand? They LIED to you in order to take a highly suspicious and experimental 'vaccine'.

Yet, Tam ludicrously keeps to this travesty. Recall Tam is NOT a vaccine expert nor does she treat patients. She sits in an office on her ass all her day figuring out ways to lie to the Canadian public. She's a political operative. 

Are you angry? You should be. 

They Think You're Stupid. Are You?

The gaslighting arrogance is on a scale too difficult to keep track. Once again, the Daily Derp has gone into a lull because there's simply too much out there. I've kept the link but with other things on my plate, it's been hard to keep going. I notice I'm getting more views than usual. Maybe people are searching for the truth or looking for different opinions. Orrrr, I'm being monitored by Covid Criminals Inc.

Either way, I'll keep going until they force me to drink hemlock.

I'll get to the DD. I like it too much. But for now, a couple of stories.

Like I said. Follow the money. FOLLOW. THE. MONEY.

At this stage, you cannot say 'you didn't know'. It's too in your face. They're giving you a wedgie and a face wash and still, you stand there blinking your eyes blankly wondering 'why? Oh, why?!' 

The first story is the revelation that "Dr." (and they should all be in parenthesis because doctors are trained monkeys free of any critical thinking abilities0 Deena Hinshaw raked in over 600k last year (over 200k of it in bonuses). What the hack is a civil servant doing getting a taxpayer-funded bonus? $600 000 dollars to be a fool and a dumbass. Nice gig.

Just to put that figure in perspective. "Dr." Anthony Fauci (who hasn't seen a patient in 40 years) earns a base of $474 000 (USD). Plus all his little racket side deals through royalties. Scientists + royalties = No good can come of that.

I don't know if this is a case for the Auditor-General to step in, but it stinks.

Another story is Albert Bourla  - you know, the CEO of Pfizer - bragging about his company's record profits.

People are getting injured left, right and centre and this depraved low life is happy and oblivious as they come. We're seeing 'Turbo cancers', SADS, Vaxxidents' (a term where people get heart attacks while driving), myocarditis and pericarditis, blood clots, infertility (it's ok, it's temporary says. Dr. Death Fauci!), and a long list of other paternally long-lasting side-effects from these useless shots that we never needed.

Alas, we have a bigger problem on our hands.

There is a psychological and psychiatric paradigm - or if you prefer - 'medi-digm' - undercurrent to all this.

A number of social observers and commentators - including myself - have warned that there'd be severe consequences to our actions. I call it the 'Boomerang effect'. For example, the inflation we're seeing is directly correlated to futile lockdown policies. It seemed like a good idea at the time but if you don't learn to catch the boomerang upon its return, you will get hurt.

A more bleak and grim outcome will be the violence. You can only coerce and push people so much. The quacks in the 'Nudge theory' camp probably know this but because they're lunatics, they don't care.

Anyone and I mean anyone, still peddling masks and lockdowns at this junction is not only incompetent but poses a direct threat to overall public health. They should be investigated full stop. It's inexcusable to still go up on TV and repeat the same measure of action three years on. 

All the scientific busy body quacks need is a vulnerable dim-witted idiot politician to fulfill their bad ideas. Like this guy.

What is it with Germans anyway? Watch the clip carefully. What is it reminiscent of? This is the person in charge of health in Germany. A person basically, infections disease expert and local vaccine Montreal Dr. Vinh of McShill can get behind. Vinh said 'Germany taking the lead' on, well, being authoritarian in all matters of useless shadow boxing with a virus. This is what passes off as 'expert' opinions now.

We can see with our own eyes the fall of science and allopathic medicine. It's nothing but a corrupted pill peddling machine for pharma. All roads lead to the 'vaccines'.

Their credibility has been shattered. They may not know or see it but it has.

I don't want to delve into this aspect of what's going on. Rather, I want to briefly touch on another issue brought up by many people. That is one of the coming "socia outrage".

When people who went along believing to be good citizens but have been hurt only to be left to dry wake up, watch out. They will go straight to blind rage. When they do, get out of the way.

People are beginning to snap. 

We're starting to see signs of this. 

How angry? Pretty fricken angry.

Why are they snapping?

It's one thing for blind doctors to coerce people into taking a shot by denying them informed consent, it's quite another when they gaslight them robotically repeating fabricated mantras of 'safe and effective' and the benefits outweigh the risks' by gaslighting them.

We know this is simply not true anymore - if it ever was.

People don't like to be forced to do things against their will. They especially don't like to be told it's 'in their heads' when they're injured by that act.

Doctors turning their backs on patients is just about the most cowardly thing to do to someone. 

Equally problematic and damaging is doctors refusing to consider any kind of alternative treatment. Several doctors are recommending people to conduct a D-Dimer test to see if blood clots are forming in the blood given blood clots are associated with the vaccines. Despite this sensible and precautionary advice, doctors are denying patients - from anecdotal stories I've read and heard - the right to this potentially preventative option.

Apparently, they'd prefer their patients get the blood clot and then tell them it wasn't the vaccine.

So much for all their talk of 'precautions' and 'preventative medicine'.

I'll close it here for now because there's so much more to get into but I've got to catch up on some reading. 


Fauci And Birx Take Gaslighting To Another Level

Just to show you the scale of the problem with the "vaccines", Tucker Carlson is the biggest show in America. Laura Ingraham is second - or at least in the top 3-5. Both hammer the vaccines now. Yet, it's not getting through to other parts of the media like NYT, WaPo and WSJ. Forget it getting to MSNBC. 

Here in Canada, it's even worse. CTV, CBC and others are still pimping out one sophomoric piece of propaganda junk after another. All of the legacy media seem to be in a race to the bottom defending the government while scorching anyone with a critical mind who dares to question the whole pathetic and orchestrated saga.

Yes, we still see 'journalists' and lawyers - who for some reason get prominent space to spew nonsense and showcase their general shocking low grasp of the evolving data that all but debunks and demolishes the ongoing prevailing narrative - attacking people with baseless claims of being 'anti-vaxx' (which most aren't) and 'conspiracy theorists (who have been more right than wrong since 2020).

As for Birx, I knew she was like the others when she was caught with her family celebrating Christmas in Delaware in 2020 while she pushed for a blanket, long-term lockdown and masks. She did neither.

She was a huge promoter of the 'vaccines'. Yet, she recently went on TV and said she always 'knew it wasn't going to stop infections.'

Let that sink in. Getting it?

Since her book came out where she basically admits to everything she does people have been reviewing and investigating her further. I didn't realize just how noxious a person she is. I mean, these people are literally certifiable. She wanted China 2x. The entire country had to be shut down and in masks. 

These assholes - Walensky, Collins, Topol, Fauci, Tam, etc. - are either downplaying the catastrophe or skating back saying. 'Oh, we overplayed it'. as Birx said.

You think? The problem for them is this. Maybe they didn't think if they pushed so hard, it would have significant health consequences. They were wrong. Very wrong. it did. And they may not be able to talk and lie their way out of it. They shouldn't anyway. IF these side effects are permanent (and it is with clots and myo-pericarditis), particularly infertility, these people not only have to be prosecuted but the death penalty has to be on the table.

And what about our favourite government spook-grunt Tony Fauci aka Dr. Science? 

This guy can't help himself. He reminds me of serial killers who can't stop killing even when they know it's wrong and want to stop. So they leave a trail of 'evidence' to allow them to be caught. They beg to be caught but won't turn themselves in because the sensation to kill overpowers them. I get the feeling something like this is happening with Fauci, Birx et al. They created such a spectacular history-making catastrophe they can't turn themselves in. We have to do it. 

 That goes the same for Tam here (she's part of the 'science cabal' that includes the likes of Chris Whitty in the UK).  


The Vaccination Campaign Must End

These 'vaccines' are not working. They worked for 15 minutes and the claim they saved 20 million lives is specious and sloppy science then used for propaganda. 

Not only do they fall in inefficacy to below zero with every single shot they appear to be leading to a rise in aggressive and strange cancers (as predicted would happen by a naturopath friend in early 2021 who treats cancer patterns), heart attacks, blood clots, strokes and infertility.

All the issues 'conspiracy theorists' had warned about.

If you read an article in the media - and they do still exist if you can believe it - saying stupid things like 'safe and effective' and 'conspiracy theorists' run.

Run like hell.

At this stage, only idiots, fools, shills, assholes, ignoramuses, and callous people would defend these utterly dangerous and useless shots.

This madness must end.

The government needs to look at itself, find its courage, admit it was duped and made a mistake then look at pharma and ask: What did you do? WHAT DID YOU DO?

Then, heads must roll. Everyone involved in making lives miserable and ruining the lives of millions must face justice. Some should, an my opinion, face the death penalty. 

We need a slow reform of all our institutions from the legal to medical.

Let all this gunk pass. Give these criminals their pensions and let them walk out into the sun never to be seen again.

The key will be what and who replaces them. This is our time and opportunity to do so.