They Think You're Stupid. Are You?

The gaslighting arrogance is on a scale too difficult to keep track. Once again, the Daily Derp has gone into a lull because there's simply too much out there. I've kept the link but with other things on my plate, it's been hard to keep going. I notice I'm getting more views than usual. Maybe people are searching for the truth or looking for different opinions. Orrrr, I'm being monitored by Covid Criminals Inc.

Either way, I'll keep going until they force me to drink hemlock.

I'll get to the DD. I like it too much. But for now, a couple of stories.

Like I said. Follow the money. FOLLOW. THE. MONEY.

At this stage, you cannot say 'you didn't know'. It's too in your face. They're giving you a wedgie and a face wash and still, you stand there blinking your eyes blankly wondering 'why? Oh, why?!' 

The first story is the revelation that "Dr." (and they should all be in parenthesis because doctors are trained monkeys free of any critical thinking abilities0 Deena Hinshaw raked in over 600k last year (over 200k of it in bonuses). What the hack is a civil servant doing getting a taxpayer-funded bonus? $600 000 dollars to be a fool and a dumbass. Nice gig.

Just to put that figure in perspective. "Dr." Anthony Fauci (who hasn't seen a patient in 40 years) earns a base of $474 000 (USD). Plus all his little racket side deals through royalties. Scientists + royalties = No good can come of that.

I don't know if this is a case for the Auditor-General to step in, but it stinks.

Another story is Albert Bourla  - you know, the CEO of Pfizer - bragging about his company's record profits.

People are getting injured left, right and centre and this depraved low life is happy and oblivious as they come. We're seeing 'Turbo cancers', SADS, Vaxxidents' (a term where people get heart attacks while driving), myocarditis and pericarditis, blood clots, infertility (it's ok, it's temporary says. Dr. Death Fauci!), and a long list of other paternally long-lasting side-effects from these useless shots that we never needed.

Alas, we have a bigger problem on our hands.

There is a psychological and psychiatric paradigm - or if you prefer - 'medi-digm' - undercurrent to all this.

A number of social observers and commentators - including myself - have warned that there'd be severe consequences to our actions. I call it the 'Boomerang effect'. For example, the inflation we're seeing is directly correlated to futile lockdown policies. It seemed like a good idea at the time but if you don't learn to catch the boomerang upon its return, you will get hurt.

A more bleak and grim outcome will be the violence. You can only coerce and push people so much. The quacks in the 'Nudge theory' camp probably know this but because they're lunatics, they don't care.

Anyone and I mean anyone, still peddling masks and lockdowns at this junction is not only incompetent but poses a direct threat to overall public health. They should be investigated full stop. It's inexcusable to still go up on TV and repeat the same measure of action three years on. 

All the scientific busy body quacks need is a vulnerable dim-witted idiot politician to fulfill their bad ideas. Like this guy.

What is it with Germans anyway? Watch the clip carefully. What is it reminiscent of? This is the person in charge of health in Germany. A person basically, infections disease expert and local vaccine Montreal Dr. Vinh of McShill can get behind. Vinh said 'Germany taking the lead' on, well, being authoritarian in all matters of useless shadow boxing with a virus. This is what passes off as 'expert' opinions now.

We can see with our own eyes the fall of science and allopathic medicine. It's nothing but a corrupted pill peddling machine for pharma. All roads lead to the 'vaccines'.

Their credibility has been shattered. They may not know or see it but it has.

I don't want to delve into this aspect of what's going on. Rather, I want to briefly touch on another issue brought up by many people. That is one of the coming "socia outrage".

When people who went along believing to be good citizens but have been hurt only to be left to dry wake up, watch out. They will go straight to blind rage. When they do, get out of the way.

People are beginning to snap. 

We're starting to see signs of this. 

How angry? Pretty fricken angry.

Why are they snapping?

It's one thing for blind doctors to coerce people into taking a shot by denying them informed consent, it's quite another when they gaslight them robotically repeating fabricated mantras of 'safe and effective' and the benefits outweigh the risks' by gaslighting them.

We know this is simply not true anymore - if it ever was.

People don't like to be forced to do things against their will. They especially don't like to be told it's 'in their heads' when they're injured by that act.

Doctors turning their backs on patients is just about the most cowardly thing to do to someone. 

Equally problematic and damaging is doctors refusing to consider any kind of alternative treatment. Several doctors are recommending people to conduct a D-Dimer test to see if blood clots are forming in the blood given blood clots are associated with the vaccines. Despite this sensible and precautionary advice, doctors are denying patients - from anecdotal stories I've read and heard - the right to this potentially preventative option.

Apparently, they'd prefer their patients get the blood clot and then tell them it wasn't the vaccine.

So much for all their talk of 'precautions' and 'preventative medicine'.

I'll close it here for now because there's so much more to get into but I've got to catch up on some reading. 

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