There Are Elected Traitors Among Us.

Some disturbing revelations have surfaced about Canada.

To be frank, to those of us paying attention, we've been aware of these concerns for a while now. It's blatantly obvious this is not about public health at this point.

First up, is the discovery that the mandates were forced for political reasons with no basis in science whatsoever. In other words, he forced people to take a vaccine for political reasons and to expand his power. This is very serious.

Next up, the Toronto Sun has reported that according to investigations by both CSIS and the RCMP there are a significant amount of elected officials at the municipal, provincial and federal levels who are compromised. Foreign entities have infiltration our government placing officials on their payroll to work against Canadian interests. Problem? Canada has no laws to do anything about it.

Now we know why they're desperate to censor and imprison people for 'disinformation'.

The attack on the truckers makes perfect sense now in this context.

Disinformation IS the conspiracy. 

It all makes sense now. ArriveCan is the Trojan Horse for Digital ID. Destroy food supplies by ruining truckers and farmers for 'climate change', This is Agenda 2030 and Event 21 rolled into one smokey room and Canada is the smoking gun. 

Meanwhile, Canada continues its free fall as one of the worst performing nations in the West. And it's getting worse. 

There's no way we're going to be able to pay off the debt incurred under Justin in one generation. We barely got out of the mess his father put us through but Mulroney and Chretien managed to pay the debt and clean the bools - somewhat.

But Pierre had nothing on his son when it comes to spending.

This will take a couple of generations to pay off - if we're lucky. It will take serious commitment. 

My take is Canada has abandoned its traditional role as a stable and strong democracy. It has charted a course that will bankrupt the nation and ruin morale.

Canada should be kicked out of the G7 - it never really was an economic power - and it (along with Quebec) should be placed under trusteeship until we can sort this mess out.

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