The side that said:

-Masks work and don't come with harmful impacts.

-HCQ and Ivermectin kills people.

-Remdesivir works.(And actually kills people).

-Boosters will work despite NO clinical human trials to back the assertion up.

-Refuse to acknowledge the all-cause mortality spikes.

-Refuse to look at the rise in Non-Covid excess deaths. 

-That the virus is from nature.

-The unvaccinated posed a danger to everyone.

-Overstated the benefits of the 'vaccines'. 

-Discriminatory and unjustified institutional mandates. 

-Asymptomatic as a main driver of spread was real.

-The 'vax' 'would end the pandemic'.

-The 'vax' would stop transmission.

-The 'vax' saved 20 million lives'. 

-There was a pandemic of the 'unvaccinated'. 

-Paxlovid works.

-There never was going to be passports.

-There never was going to be isolation camps or quarantines.

-Lockdowns worked.

-The kids weren't safe regardless of the evidence.

-Closed schools and places of worship without evidence.

Are the same derelict deranged monsters accusing us of DISINFORMATION when all along they LIED and were WRONG.

Time for you all to snap out of the cognitive dissonance and come to the realization the 'experts' don't know jack shit. 

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