The Science In Don Vinh's Head

McGill infectious disease doctor Don Vinh is on a war path.

He wants you boosted and in masks.

He also makes irrational analogies to antibiotics.

And thinks the CDC is dumb.  I love when Canadians say it's 'politics'. And it isn't here?

Just another parochial lost Canadian farting into the wind. 

The CDC basically has fallen in line with Europe. So Vinh is saying Canada is better than those two. Do you believe that? I don't. The CDC has recognized natural immunity. As has the EU.

Know who hasn't? Don fricken Vinh and the clowns at McGill and this clown government in Quebec City and Ottawa.

I don't know what he drinks at night but all I saw for two years is Canada mimicking the CDC policies and guidelines.

To the point they're indistinguishable. Vaccines, masks and no treatments. There. That's Canada's 'strategy'. 

To suggest a) we had a different approach and b) a better approach is laughable.

If the CDC is incoherent, Canada is downright out of its mind.

Vinh's plea to 'follow the science' and that it shows masks 'work' belies the facts, literature and evidence that show otherwise.

To go up there and talk like a fool is par for the course for the TV Dinner experts in Quebec who languish six months behind.

When you watch Don Vinh, you're not watching science. Because 

You're watching The Science (TM) in his head.

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