The Liars Are Back

Like last year, Quebec's psychopaths are back and have plans.

They plan to pretend this is still 2020.

Francois Legault was at his usual best lying to the public about this utterly disastrous and ineffective vaccines. He needs you to gamble with your life to protect a shitty second-rate public system he did absolutely nothing to bolster.

It's actually quite despicable watching him go up there pretend to speak on behalf of HCW. He's nothing but a sleaze ball. I don't see what people see in this guy at all.

Meanwhile, our favorite shill quack Dr. Don Vinh from McShill is out there benign the "vaccine" and masks drum. No mention of risk and natural immunity. He just repeats the same bull shit over and over. 

I fully expect come October 3 when he gets reelected (I know. It's a shame but Quebecers like this idiot) he will go full 2020. Quebec is full on the vaccine gulag train and won't get off it. I worry that I own't be able to survive four years of this buffoon and will be forced to speed up my plans to escape Quebec - and eventually this incomprehensibly cruel country. 

I'm too simply at a loss for words at this point.

My only plea is DON'T TAKE THE SHOT.

There's more at stake here.

DO YOU RESEARCH. Stand your ground. 


Canada is finished on so many levels that the only way out is to leave. I don't think there's any coming back from ANY of what's happened in the last two years. None. There's simply no umph in Canadians. If the stuff we've learned about Justin isn't enough to get Canadians outraged nothing will. We're just a limp country. Hockey is just the laser pointer to keep them distracted. Wooooo we're #1 Even then, not so much anymore. Whatever will we do when we no longer dominate hockey?

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