Of Selfishness And Resistance

The last 2.5 years should have been an opportunity to ponder life and what's going on around us.

I hope people took advantage.

I fear they haven't.

Except for, as usual, the few who have.

All day long I review research and consider all that's transpiring during this medical hysteria.

One of those that popped into my head is the claim that people who chose to not vaccinate or opposed lockdowns are 'selfish' The infamous charge of wanting to 'kill granny'.

I've gone over this on and off for months so here's another quick go-around.

I reject this position was selfish. 

In fact, it was the opposite. It was selfless and considerate.

People who questioned the decisions and motives understood that it was done so under duress and panic. Still, others viewed this as an obvious pre-planned episode which we will not delve into here.

From my perspective, it was not difficult to grasp that locking down humans was a terrible idea bound to unleash catastrophic unintended consequences.

Where this has been devastating to the overall general health and state of our economy, the stunning stubbornness of our 'experts' to cling to such futile and outrageous measures is outright dangerous.

And this is where I contend the ultimate act of selfishness.

It's impossible by now they don't know the masks and vaccines have failed spectacularly. But they continue to deceive the public because they're either corrupt, incompetent, or foolish. Or all of the above.

Experts and people who call for such measures are steadfast in their refusal to consider the trade-offs - or simply downplay the damage showing they just don't care 'because Covid'. They're paralyzed by tunnel vision.

For such people, no draconian or cruel restriction is enough.

The psychological terror of 'nudge theory' rooted in fear to exert control, is an abomination we must extricate ourselves from. 

But how to know who is 'nudging' us given it's so subtle?

Simple. It's the ones who make idiotic analogies to, for example, antibiotics in an effort to force you into boosters. Or still calling for masks. Or any other 'strategy' that is simply used to control your activities and movements. 

Remember. This respiratory illness has been circulating since 2019. 

There's nothing left to do but live life.

Sans all the terror.

We've spent tax dollars and hurt the human spirit to a point it will take a very long time to repair.

If at all.

Again I ask. Who were the ones who were selfish again?


The resistance. The resistance cannot be violent. It must be of a higher state of being above the official narratives.

Keep telling and speaking the truth until it becomes undeniable.

I am partial to the concept of 'parallel societies'.

It has to all be rethought, reformed and reinvigorated. From our legal, academic and medical institutions to our Charters and Constitutions.  

People disgusted with our institutions, manner of thinking, propaganda, lies and sheer stupidity are dropping out of the current system and going off to set up 'societies' of cooperation. Like independent media offers a more stable and accurate view of reality, we must do the same for our food sources and of course, how we deal with health.

It cannot go on like this where pharmaceuticals, allopathic medicine and government form a fascistic alliance to not only control health but apply coercion and extortion in order for people to accept their products.

That model is depraved, broken and evil.

You can't burn down Pfizer, Orders of Medicine and NIH.

But you can create your own reality rooted in freedom, and common cooperation sharing similar values and ethics. 

That's a true and advanced progressive world I want to be a part of.

Not this shit peddled by medical, journalistic and political hacks, shills and criminals who all belong in jail.

And we know who they all are.

You are indeed in a war. 

Be attentive and attune to it.

Do your part.

Only then will we achieve true selflessness and liberty. 

True strong communities and an existence rooted in truth.

Reject all the climate and Covid garbage.

All of it.

They do NOT care you or nature.

Remember. They continued to live their lives for 2.5 years with no regard to your health or Mother Nature.

They are hypocrites of the worst kind. 

Disengage from their lies.

And criminality. 

Stay true, strong and free.

You are sovereign and belong to no one or any single 'idea'. 

Do you understand what I'm telling you?

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