Quick Math And Logic

4.1 million "cases" of Covid in Canada.

In 2 1/2 years.

We know "cases" are not infections. Actual infections are lower. Likely much lower. Under 1 million even. I base this on various reports over the last 30 months saying about 10% of "cases" are infections.

That would mean 410 000 infections in Canada.

No, the vaccines did not prevent cases or infections. We know they were never designed to do so. At best, if you're lucky, they reduce symptoms for a very short period of time. Which is why they want to boost you every three to nine months. Ask yourself why.

It is not normal to take an experimental and ineffective mRNA injection with growing safety risks indefinitely. The experts sound so sure of themselves. All the more reason to question them. Government, medical doctors and academics getting things wrong is more the rule than the exception throughout history.

They're trying to fool and manipulate people into believing and thinking without the vaccines it would have been worse. Yet, just observing the data and graphs the truth is this virus was never going to over run us. Again. It's worth repeating TWO basic data points: Less than 1% of people regardless of vaccine status are hospitalized. The virus has c. a 99.985% survival rate.

Still think this justifies still hearing from various infectious disease doctors and epidemiologists babble incoherent gibberish about masks and vaccines? That's all they've got since they ignore the role of diet, exercising, early treatments and natural immunity. It gets in the way of their shitty narratives. At this stage, it's not a question of if we should investigate them but a question of we must.

Does this sound like a pandemic to you? Even if you factor in the deaths and hospitalizations, the injuries and deaths from the vaccines are quickly off setting it. Not to mention negative consequences of lockdown which are enormous and catastrophic. And outrageously continue to be ignored from the government officials and the TV Dinner Class adhering to The Science (TM).

At this point, with all the information, data, evidence and literature clearly showing the measures, strategies and approaches failed spectacularly, it's inexcusable  This is why there's a global army of people archiving everything. 

We're living in a nightmare with unnecessary (and suspicious) apps likely posing as Trojan Horse, and persistent unethical mandates that has fractured the civil order.

This is a lie.

Take a stand.

Do not get manipulated and bullied.

Follow the 20% of Canadians who see through all this. They've been warning us all along. They care more for you than any of these fraudsters, criminals and incompetent buffoons do.

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