Note To Klaus, Justin and Francois

Bring it on global reset build back better pieces of shit criminals:

I will NOT:

-Eat bugs.

-Not own property.

-Give up my car and guns.

-Take your shitty dangerous and ineffective 'vaccines'. 

-Condone your treacherous behaviour.

-Live in a tent or 'micro-home'.

-Download an app being enforced ILLEGALLY.

-Social credit.

-Digital anything that is NOT passed through oversight and hearings.

Understand you assholes?

If you want to go full tyrants invest in some black and brown shirts and let's see what you've got.

You're lying to the people and using sleazy cynical politics to swindle the population into accepting your nefarious agenda.

The only Agenda 2030 WE'RE GOING TO FIGHT FOR is to see you all in prison and we regain, reaffirm, and reinforce our RIGHTS. 

Again. Now go fuck yourselves.

1 comment:

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